A question about Fingertip Compartments and Chemicals

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« on: <08-17-14/0037:50> »
So, I had this idea for a character to have all his fingernails replaced with compartments that held Disposable Syringes that are filled with toxins. First, is this allowable (within the rules, obviously anything can be with GM approval)? Second, what kind of attack would it be to try to stick a needle from my fingernail compartment into someone's body (to inject a toxin)? Third, as someone who has only played SR5, there don't seem to be many toxins; are there other toxins available at Chargen that are different than the standard Narcoject and Tear Gas?


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« Reply #1 on: <08-17-14/0155:14> »
I'd say it's a distinct possibility, rolled with Unarmed Combat like other melee cyber-weapons.  There's nothing in the rules saying it's impossible. 

As far as toxins go, you aren't going to be injecting someone with tear gas, but there are other chemicals in Core, Stolen Souls, and Run & Gun, last I checked. 

By the way, though, you could just conceal a slap-patch inside the compartment and smack it onto someone, thus avoiding the problem to an extent.
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« Reply #2 on: <08-17-14/1108:26> »
nice idea. i put a monofilament whip in mine. with the needles you should be able to penetrate clothes and armor, a slap patch cant do that.