Stacking armour effects?

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« on: (04:24:38/04-22-14) »
The highest armour value you are wearing applies, that much is clear from the rulebook. So you can't combine a Armor jacket and vest for some 20 armor points.

But say that I wanted to stack an effect from some armour, such as a ghillie suit from run and gun, but keep my armour jacket under it so I won't die from someone looking at me meanly? Wouldn't this still make the character concealable and armoured? How much would these two weigh together, as in, should I receive penalties from encumbrance?


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« Reply #1 on: (08:18:45/04-22-14) »
You use highest armor of the two and tje "effect" of the outer layer. GM will slap you if you start to combine too much.

I would rule that you can wear some form of body fitting armor under the suit, like a vest, but not full body armor.