Question regarding bound spirits

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« on: <03-05-14/0640:02> »
Heh so I'm fairly new at shadowrun in actually playing it, and first time running a Mage type. I started my chargen with 2 bound spirits. I know that spirits have numbers of services to perform but what happens to a bound spirit once those services are used? Do you look the binding? Do the become unavailable for some time?

Thanks for any responses

Ps I should note this is using 4th ed


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« Reply #1 on: <03-05-14/0814:44> »
In terms of fiction, the spirit goes away until you rebind it again.  You can choose to rebind the same spirit if its available.

In terms of game crunch, the spirit leave when the number of services are up.  However, you can rebind a spirit again and again during its term of service.  Just follow the same rules that you used before and the spirit will never leave.  I'm sure that will make it super happy....