[SR5] Raising attributes with Karma at character creation

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I have a group of 3 completely-new-to-Shadowrun players I GM for, and this question came up straight out of the gate during Character Creation. I kept it simple, and House-Ruled that spending Karma on Attributes, Skills, Contacts and Nuyen was the last step in the Creation process. I view it as the stat points you gain from the Priority Table establish your character's raw Baseline of Ability, or Inherent Potential. Spending Karma is a conscious act of focusing on specific portions of the character for improvement. I feel this leads better into Spending Karma during Gameplay, with a consistent conceptual model of how Karma works.


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That's how I handle it, generally.  To my mind, it's simpler to just do all the baseline assignments and then the Karma represents the experience the character has acquired before the game begins.
Feel free to keep any karma you earned illicitly, it's on us.

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If you're going to power-game, reaching for Knowledge skills or Contacts points isn't really the way to do it. The RAW are ambiguous, but I consider this a non-issue. As a GM, I'd personally rule in favor of the player.

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Now getting your GM to houserule Initiation at chargen and going for Magic 9 with Quickening, Centering and Shielding...
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