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Hello everyone,

I don't know if I should post it here but it looked like the best place to do so. I would like to know what kind of music you like to play in background during your game and if the player likes  the feeling it gives to the game(even if you don't play music usually feel free to give your ideas)

Here are some music group/songs that i usually play during my games:

"Johnny Mnemonic Movie Soundtrack" is a good starter
"Grendel" - Harsh Generation, Void Malign, Remnants and Dirty
Some good ol' "Daft Punk" - a lot of their songs can fit in the setting I believe
"Harmony Steel" - all the free songs she shares from her website
For a little more matrix style music there is "Machinae Supremacy" - Fury, Seventeen, Sidology Episode 1,2,3 , Legion of Stoopid
For those who played the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis Shadowrun games, the song in the games, even if old, bring kind of a nice nostalgic feeling(well, for those who played)
Also "Static-X"- Black & White, Shadow Zone, Cold and many others
And a lot of other songs that I happened to find on the net.

Please feel free to had more to the list, since everyone's  taste for music is different

I was thinking on this the other day. It mostly depends on where the runners are. If they are in clubs/bars, I try to match the music to the atmosphere (Goblin rock = Russian/Slavic Death Metal; Elvish trance = Enya or likewise; Techno = Techno...)

If it's on the run time, I'll grab music from various movie soundtracks like Serenity, Dark Knight, Star Wars (if I want to be blatant about the mood), or some classical stuff that instantly recognizable (like Oh Fortuna).

I've used the Ghost in the Shell soundtracks (movie and TV seasons) to good effect.
Garbage 2.0 works pretty well for some portions of the game.
Back in the day, Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime was essential listening for those of us who wanted to get that oppressive corp/dirty streets feeling.
Catalyst by A Dark Halo provides some interesting techno/industrial/death metal mix.  Good for forays into the bowels of industry (unsurprisingly).
Oddly enough, Butthole Surfers does a good job with lawlessness.

Oh, and Billy Idol: Cyberpunk is a great album. No matter what anyone else thinks.

Man I always thought way out of the box on this. I'd grab some Celtic Mood stuff, throw it in with classic Clash or Sex Pistols, and then look up some Steve Vai solo albums or some experimental rock from classic 80s icons who are still in the biz. Guys I know still talk about listening to Paul Simon singing an acoustic Sound of Silence. Mix the obvious with the not-so-obvious.


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