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Rules and such / Re: Narco Geneware
« Last post by Stainless Steel Devil Rat on Today at 20:15:27 »
It increases the numeric benefit of a drug by 1.

For example, Jazz gives +1 Reaction, but with narco you get +2.  (doesn't work with bonus dice tho, so still only +2d6 to initiative)

Geneware is a new class of augmentation.  It costs essence just like cyberware and bioware, but it's neither cyberware nor bioware.  Fluffwise, it's getting your DNA edited.
Rules and such / Narco Geneware
« Last post by Chalkarts on Today at 20:10:25 »
I'd like to make a Juicer.
In my inquiries elsewhere I was told I needed to look at "Narco Geneware" from Chrome Flesh.
I don't have access to CF, would anyone be so kind as to tell me what Narco and or Geneware is and why I need it?
General Discussion / Re: Unaugmented.
« Last post by Mirikon on Today at 19:01:20 »
Could a completely unaugmented human make it in the shadows?

No magic, no Cyber, no Bio, no drugs, just a dude with high,skills,attributes,and cash.

What kind of build could survive?
How is Hawkeye Still alive?

A completely unaugmented mundane Elf Face is a perfectly survivable character.
Gear / Re: Using the Matrix as a sniper weapon: Dataspike away ?
« Last post by PiXeL01 on Today at 18:47:58 »
Only highly professional people would do that.
I think we need to consider that rule 0 applies to wireless functions too.
Character creation and critique / Mental Giant Adept?
« Last post by Chalkarts on Today at 18:43:29 »
I was looking at the following list of Adept Powers

Eidetic Sense Memory
Improved Senses
Astral Perception
Magic Sense
Motion Sense
Piercing Senses
3 dimensional Memory

It seemed like a character with this kind of focus on mental acuity and perceptiveness would be a really cool character, but also strikes me as a virtual non-com.  Would this make a playable adept? He wouldn't be a Face or a Face Puncher, but he'd be able to lie detect, deduce, and solve any code, puzzle or cypher put before him. Is there something out there like that that I could look at?
Bold of you to assume anyone would ever set their cybereyes to wireless for any reason other than smartlink.
Gear / Re: Using the Matrix as a sniper weapon: Dataspike away ?
« Last post by PiXeL01 on Today at 18:01:21 »
That’s why you “go for the (cyber)eyes, Boo!”
A key thing to remember about Detection spells in 5E is they're typed as either Active or Passive.  And lots of them (Detect Enemies, notably) are Active spells.

That means you only gain the magical ability to detect enemies while you're spending a simple action to use the sense.  If you sit there at the meet with Mr Johnson and it's been a couple of minutes since you last "pinged", then his assassins have had a couple of minutes to get into position without the spell tipping you off.
Character creation and critique / Re: Detection Mage?
« Last post by Tecumseh on Today at 17:24:51 »
Getting back to the original question, I think that Detection mages are great. That said, I don't think that every spell needs to be a Detection spell. If you start with 10 spells and 4 or 5 are Detection spells then that will cover most circumstances while still giving you some other spells to diversify your utility.

But I'd also like to reinforce the points that Beta is making, namely that Detection spells are great for the player but can be a real chore for the GM. I have a love/hate relationship with Detect Enemies; as a player, it seems like a no-brainer, but as a GM it can ruin a lot of fun surprises.

Similarly, a lot of awesome spells like Catalog and Spatial Sense can be very burdensome for the GM. As a player, you have to accept that the GM is not a computer who can crank out highly-realistic results on the fly for every situation in which a spell might be used. It just requires too much processing power. If you can accept that the results will occasionally be "nothing interesting" then you might be able to find a happy balance that's fun for everyone.
Gear / Re: Using the Matrix as a sniper weapon: Dataspike away ?
« Last post by AnotherUser on Today at 17:12:58 »
It's a free action to do either one specific item, or all of them.

Turning everything wireless off as a free action is a death spike into combat hacking's viability.


Allright, so it´s first strike or no strike. Still, very much possible, but inconvenient.
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