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Title: Sice of the MicroWeave drone
Post by: Draca on (03:34:09/03-15-12)
Hi I noticed, that the sewing fluff drone in Attitude p. 163  a small drone is  >:( . That means this drone is as big as a toaster or a dog. Which I find quiet big for a sewing drone. Even today travel sewing machines are smaler than my toaster. Does an errata exist which makes it a minidrone?

Title: Re: Sice of the MicroWeave drone
Post by: Xzylvador on (09:00:59/03-15-12)
Given its stats (namely, a body of 1), it should be a minidrone, same as the flyspy or iBall.
Seems like whoever wrote the text forgot this size classification between micro and small.