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Title: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Chalkarts on (23:22:10/01-13-19)
I had a concept I was tinkering with.
I cant decide if phys ad or street sam, but he carries a small pouch(Fanny pack) with a couple hundred ball bearings.
He can throw them with enough force to overcome armor and throw through walls, tables, people, to hit targets behind.
Is this possible via the rules, or will I have to house rule it with my dm?
Title: Re: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (23:35:04/01-13-19)
There's already rules in place to mechanically deal with such through-barrier ranged attacks... but shotgun scattershot is absolutely terrible at doing it.

If you're gonna throw ball bearings with force in the neighborhood of rifle bullets, I think that's probably going to end up requiring house rules.
Title: Re: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Marcus on (04:55:18/01-14-19)
An adept is your best option, their throwing game is stronger. Punching holes in things is a question of damage. Hitting multiple people would symbolized by dice pool splitting. So you would need a huge throw skill, the adept throwing powers, and giant pile of strength. As to a ball baring there are not stats for it, so you will have to reach those with your GM help.
Title: Re: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Reaver on (08:49:03/01-14-19)
The adept power 'throw anything' would be perfect for what you want....


Now that I actually at my computer, and not my phone:

SG page 172

In the hands of an adept with Missile Mastery, everyday
items such as bottles, credsticks, tools, empty clips,
flashlights, cooking utensils, and so on can be turned
into deadly weapons. Such improvised weapons have
a Damage Value of (STR)P with an Accuracy of 3. The
adept can also declare whether these weapons do
Physical or Stun damage. Additionally, adepts with this
ability have a greater affinity for throwing weapons. For
ranged attacks with non-explosive throwing weapons,
the adept gains +1 die and adds +1 to the weapon’s
Damage Value.

Why carry 20lbs of ball bearings, when you can carry 2 decks of cards, at 3oz each,and 104 rounds of "ammo" :P

And before you ask, yes I have done the build, yes it is incredibly fun when done right :D
Title: Re: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (11:49:38/01-14-19)
You're still going to have to have ridiculous strength in order for (STR)P to punch through barriers.

Which is possible.  So Missile Mastery is a great foundation, but it'll probably still need more than that to do what the OP describes.  Either ridiculous strength, or some kind of rule that grants evil amounts of Armor Penetration.

You could look at modeling throwing a handful of ball bearings on flechette/shotgun attacks, but that's going the wrong way on the goal of punching through things.
Title: Re: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Reaver on (15:22:43/01-14-19)
not, but it shows where the foundation lies.

A troll, with 8 Str. (average for a troll), and scores 3 hits on a throwing test is doing 11 damage with a playing card! And that is still enough to penetrate armored glass or less (armor rating 6) and still so a fair bit of damage to the target behind it. For a playing card!

Lets be real here, this isn't a bullet, nor will you EVER be able to match the kinetic power of a bullet with a thrown object :D

Title: Re: Throwing through stuff
Post by: Tecumseh on (16:44:55/01-16-19)
It is possible to make someone who throws like a gun. For example, I have a STR 12 ork (due to enhanced cyberlimbs and the Redliner quality) who can do 13P -1AP with a throwing knife. That's like an Enfield AS-7 shotgun (minus the burst fire). You can throw through weaker barriers, like drywall and maybe ballistic glass. If barriers are a concern, punching them is a better option.

I've had a draft kicking around for a couple years of an "ork adept with a cyberarm" who focuses on throwing hard and punching harder. Resources C will let you get a maxed-out cyberarm (AGI 9, STR 11) with some extra tricks up your sleeve (like armor, a shock hand, and a cyberspur). Couple that with Missile Mastery and Smashing Blow and you have someone who can match that 13P throwing knife above, plus can punch through barriers like a champ. Smashing Blow is an underrated power, and if you're rocking STR 11 + Critical Strike + unresisted hits from an AGI 9 Unarmed attack test, you're looking at ~29 DV against a barrier. That should reliably break through anything shy of a blast bunker. It isn't subtle, but it opens up a tremendous number of possibilities. I GM'd someone with the power and they had a lot of fun knocking down trees, making new routes through walls, and generally making a mess.