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Title: Augmentation Bundle Grades
Post by: blackshade10 on (17:07:55/06-26-18)
So, looking over Chrome Flesh, and it mentions Alpha-quality, so does that mean that Augmentation Bundles are ALWAYS considered Alpha Quality, but Standard price and availability, but unable to be Betaware or Deltaware? 

Was reading over Cyber-Snob too, and realized that it kind of makes the two mutually exclusive if so. 
Title: Re: Augmentation Bundle Grades
Post by: Redwulfe on (02:58:34/06-27-18)
Bundles are reliable like alpha-ware even though they are not alpha. This is what they are referring to. They do get a .9 essence reduction on top of what they would get for the grade they are.
Title: Re: Augmentation Bundle Grades
Post by: Gorstavich on (11:07:52/06-27-18)
Just to make sure I am reading this right...

If I take an augmentation bundle and pay extra for the Alpha grade level, the total essence impact would be 0.7 times normal?  (Or 0.6 times normal with the Biocompatibility quality?)
Title: Re: Augmentation Bundle Grades
Post by: Redwulfe on (11:40:01/06-27-18)
With GM permission to buy them at a higher than standard grade yes. .8 multiplier for alpha and then another .9 for the bundle so all in all .7.

Your GM may have more bundles they have personally designed and work with your GM if you are designing your own.

The worse thing about a bundle is that you can never turn the wireless off, so characters that use stealth as a part of their primary function should realize that you are broadcasting icons all the time; the bundle unlike everything else can not run silent. This is very important because most people use AR and you will be a floating icon even if you are chameleon suited to the gills. "Why does that bush have Wired Reflexes?"

The bundle is somewhat treated a a single piece of cyberware. Specifically where cost and availability is concerned. Check with your GM when looking at things like upgrading parts of the system or for qualities like Restricted Gear. In my games this is typically never allowed as it tends to be used to break availability restrictions. I treat them as individual pieces that use the same control modules so you can upgrade individual parts but to be a part of the bundle the new ware replaces must be of the same type. So you can not replace wired reflexes with a move by wire system and expect to get the bundle bonus but you can upgrade the wired reflexes component from rating 1 to 2 and get the bundle bonus. The new piece of gear has the same restrictions of course; the wireless is always on.