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Title: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Redwulfe on (11:01:28/06-02-18)
should you be abel to upgrade equipment by paying the difference in cost +30%? for example going from one comlink to the next level or from a rating 3 maglock passkey to a rating 6. I know this is explicitly allowed for cyberware, bioware, RCCs, and cyberdecks but shouldn't this be across the board?
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (11:05:21/06-02-18)
I'm not sure why you should be able to.  SINs are implicitly impossible to upgrade, and arguably most other gear would be too.

IIRC there are optional rules for building your own cyberdecks, so those could be used to represent upgrading your existing 'deck rather than selling it and buying a newer/better/faster one, which is what the core rulebook is presuming.
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Redwulfe on (11:09:32/06-02-18)
I guess I was just looking at the justification for cyberware as trading it up and thinking this should be applied to everything. The most expensive things seem to be covered so shouldn't be that bad.
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (11:12:42/06-02-18)
Fair point on the augmentations... but since they are so expensive I think that's more of a meta thing to help make playing a mundane be more attractive.  If cyber/bio isn't reasonably playable.. then all anyone ever will play is someone who doesn't need cyber/bio... e.g. a magician.  If it helps, in SRM Cyberdecks do get the same treatment.  So probably isn't hurting anything to throw that same bone to Deckers.
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: catrone3 on (12:07:26/06-02-18)
I always figured the ware was being upgraded at a reduced cost because you were reselling the old stuff at the same time as getting the new stuff. At least that is how I make sense of it.
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Marcus on (14:38:42/06-02-18)
I'm 90% sure SRM has rules of upgrading at cyber-decks and I think more then that. Further in a home game it makes perfect sense for your vendor to sell upgrades, even at a decent discount, it encourages repeat business, and the vendors that serve the shadows don't give fly F  what sin is attached.
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Reaver on (17:04:49/06-02-18)
This is a complex issue that rally has no straight answer, and probably one that the answer changes with what you are talking about.

Some things you can look at and answer quickly because we can compare them to real items. Other things, we have no real world comparison, and trying to "reverse engineer" or even try to compare similar items doesn't work. (Am I am guilty of this all the time too)

Take the question of "I want my pistol to carry more ammo so I don't reload as often". Depending on the weapon, the solution is easy: "Buy the magazine upgrade mod". Some times its not so easy (like revolvers), and the solution is a whole new item (an automatic). Now, does that mean that automatic costs: [Automatic Purchase price]-[revolver purchase price] =Cost +30%?? Or does it mean he has to buy the automatic and later sell revolver for whatever he can get?

Now why am I bring this up when this is about equipment?
Because they are related. A gun is still a piece of equipment, just like a commlink. And Just like there are many guns, there are many commlinks.

Why would a Business, that is in the market of selling goods, buy a USED item from you for the same price they sell a NEW one for?  Yes, they get to make a sale of a more expensive item, but they now have a used item that they have to sell for more then a brand new item to recover their costs. And that's assuming you can find a dealership that is willing to buy your old stuff in the first place. And then there is the "cross brand" thing to worry about. (Chevy isn't going to give me the $65,000 I paid for my Mustang if I want to buy a Corvette.)

Sadly, when it comes to the purchase of a new piece of equipment, it's what the equipment costs, modified by any regional pressures. They are free to sell the old equipment to whomever they can find to buy it however. (standard fencing rules).

But keep in mind some equipment can accept modifications which usually cost a fraction of the price of a whole new device.
Title: Re: upgrading Equipment
Post by: Hobbes on (11:30:25/06-04-18)
Missions has rules for upgrading Augmentations and Foci, and of course you can always add the assorted Mods for a piece of gear with capacity.  Anything else is sell the old one and buy a new one.  I would suggest that upgrading a cyberdeck is not likely for a Missions character, Deckers are better off increasing edge anyway.  50k to 100k to increase a limit by 1 is simply not worth it (IMO).  Get drones or upgrade your Augmentations or get a tricked out Van.  Whatever. 

Erika or Little Hornet and a couple program carriers.  Lots of Noise reduction from gear and augments.  Increase Edge with your Karma.  Hack the world.