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Rules and such / Re: Defense tests and environmental modifiers
« Last post by Xenon on Today at 10:49:14 »
Keep in mind that if the defender is unaware of the attack there's no defense test at all!  (Snipers are deadly...)
...but if the target happen to be behind partial (or full) cover it will roll 2 (or 4) dice as a pool of its own. This pool also apply to inmate objects that normally are not allowed to take a defense test.

But yes. Snipers are really deadly.

Consider this:

Sniper with a dice pool that is close to 20 dice take a shot at a wall where he suspect that his target might be behind but he doesn't have visual confirmation, in a blistering snow storm and in total darkness while located close to 1500 meters away... and not using a scope.
- Target unaware but roll 4 dice as a pool of its own
- Attacker take a -10 environmental modifier
- Barrier rules apply (as long as modified DV is higher than armor of the barrier then the barrier take 1 box of damage while the rest hit the unaware target behind the barrier).

Now you say "wait a minute!".

"In order to take the Blind Fire modifier he must have some idea of where the target is located, right?". Wrong.

Pay attention. This is the part where it get really interesting :)

Blind fire seem to only be applied when you have really no freekin idea at all where your target is located... as soon as you get any indication on where your target is you are no longer firing blind. Even the slightest indication seem to be enough.

For example:

It make total sense that you cannot use your big pool of dice to attack an invisible target if you can't sense him in any way (it will be totally random if you hit or not... use supressive fire and other AoE attacks, right?) and it make total sense that if you hear an invisible target... then you have an idea of roughly where the target is but you still can't see him so you take the blind fire modifier and try to hit him. Right`?

Crunch wise you take the blind fire if you can't smell him or in any other way sense where he is. When you have NO idea where the invisible target is. If you have a rough idea where your target is (because you friggin smell his deodorant or whatever) then you don't take a negative modifier at all. This is RAW.

It make total sense that you cannot use your big pool of dice to attack a target behind a wall if you have no idea where behind the wall your target is located and it make sense that if you have a rough idea where behind the wall your target is located because you have a drone to spot for you then you take the blind fire modifier to try to him.
- Wrong!

Crunch wise you take the blind fire if your target is 100% hidden from you. If you can see even 1% of him then you get a rough idea where behind the wall your target is located and you no longer use blind fire. In fact you no longer take negative dice modifier at all (but the unaware target get 4 dice to oppose you which i guess can count as a negative dice pool modifier of sorts). If you have a drone behind the wall to show you where the target is then you are not totally unaware where your target is located and you should no longer fire completely blind.

SR5 p. 178 Blind Fire
Whether due to darkness or cover, if the shooter doesnít know where the target is, they apply the Blind Fire modifier. This modifier is the same as the Total Darkness modifier and as such is not cumulative with it, but if strong winds or extreme range are also involved an additional -4 penalty can be applied. Some additional rules apply if the attacker is shooting through cover (see Shooting Through Target Barriers, p. 197).

(If you don't know where the target is at all you take this modifier)

SR5 p. 188 Defending in Combat
Note that even stationary or inanimate targets may have a defense dice pool if they have Partial or Good cover.

(stationary or inanimate targets behind more than 25% but less than 50% cover get 2 defense dice as a pool of its own and 4 dice if behind more than 50% cover)

SR5 p. 189 Defender unaware of attack
If the defender is unaware of an incoming attack (he does not see the attacker, the attacker is behind him, or he is surprised), then no defense is possible. Treat the attack as a Success Test instead. This does not apply to defenders who are already engaged in combat (see Character Has Superior Position, p. 187). If the defender is behind cover, the defense dice pool is determined by the cover, according to the Defense Modifiers table.

(Unaware Target behind more than 25% but less than 50% cover with or without taking a Take Cover action get 2 defense dice as a pool of its own and 4 dice if behind more than 50% cover)

SR5 p. 190 Defender/Target has Good Cover
If the Defender uses a Take Cover action to get behind something where more than fifty percent of the defenderís body is obscured by intervening terrain or cover, he gains a +4 dice pool modifier to his Defense roll against any attack. This modifier can also apply to prone targets that are at least twenty meters away from their attackers. This modifier is applicable to both Ranged Combat and Spellcasting.
Note that this modifier does not negate the Blind Fire modifier the attacker suffers. Both the modifiers to the attacker and to the defender would apply when firing at a target that is totally concealed (one hundred percent behind cover).

(If the target is covered by less than 100% then then blind fire modifier does not apply).

SR5 p. 197 Shooting through barriers
If the defender is completely hidden behind the barrier, the attacker suffers a Ė6 Blind Fire dice pool modifier for not being able to see his intended target, but the hidden defender is considered unaware of the attack. If the barrier between the attacker and defender is transparent, like bullet resistant glass, there is no cover or obstruction to sight, but the attack must penetrate the barrier to reach the defender (see Penetration Weapons, p. 198).

(If you don't see the target at all, then you take the blind fire modifier)

SR5 p. 198 Shooting through a Barrier example
Wombat is hunkered down behind a concrete barrier reloading his Ares Light Fire 70. An Ares security goon makes his best guess where Wombat is and takes a shot with his Defiance T-250. With the Blind Fire penalty, he only has 4 dice but scores 2 hits. Since Wombat is behind the cover, the barrier takes the hit first. Base damage is 9P, modified by the 2 hits to 11P. This is far less than the Armor rating of the concrete, which is 20, so the shot stops dead.
When Wombat moves behind a security door (Armor 12) he stops for a quick breather. The goon takes a shot and scores 3 hits this time (lucky goon). The modified DV of the attack is 12P, equal to the Armor of 12, so the shot punches through. The door takes 1 box of damage, and 11P passes through to hit Wombat.

(the guard don't know where behind the concrete barrier or the security door wombat is so he take a -6 blind fire penalty and just fire away)

SR5 p. 291 Invisibility
The subject is completely tangible and detectable by the other senses (hearing, smell, touch, and even taste, if it somehow comes to that). Her aura is still visible to astral perception.
Attacks against invisible targets suffer the Blind Fire modifier if the attacker is unable to see or otherwise sense the subject of the spell.

(if you don't sense the target at all then you take the blind fire modifier and just fire away. If you do sense the target with one of your senses, such as hearing, then blind fire does not apply).
Oh look the ORO corporation...

Cartel 2045

Nice find!

I'm looking forward to these:

Hotel Artemis

Equalizer 2
...this is also why Fake SINs don't incorporate your real DNA...

There are fake SINs that give you a complete alternate life, including, but not limited to; Valid biometrics (even with samples). For reference, see SR5 - Fake SIN Details p. 367.

But from a game mechanics point of view, what makes them worth the extra karma? 

Game mechanic wise they don't really come into play. It is 100% up to the GM to role play them. They are great background hooks.

Having a Legal Corporate Limited SIN while working in the shadows should basically be as hard to live with as for example having a Moderate allergy to something common, such as sunlight (which also give you 15 Karma). Having a full Corporate SIN while working in the shadows should be as hard to live with as for example a Burnout Addiction (25 karma).

If the GM neglect to play out the negative qualities then you are basically looking at 15 (or even 25) free Karma.
Psyche works for upping Sleaze too  ;)
Well the nature of Missions play is that the pre-generated runs won't really give the GM full flexibility to employ the "background hooks" on negative qualities like Corp/Corp Limited SINs.  But then again, I suppose whether those SINs should be legal for Missions play is really a question for the Missions forum.

Still, on thinking about it I did come up with a pure rules mechanic impact of a Corp/Corp Limited SIN, and it's actually a potential doozy:

You gain a Criminal SIN if you're seriously caught/busted/etc.  In the case of SINless and National SINner Runners, it's no big deal.  Just gain the Criminal SIN and in the case of the latter, lose the pre-existing National SIN.  Now in the case of negative qualities being rendered moot in play, you're required to buy them off (see the example of a Blind runner getting Cybereyes implanted).  So in losing a National SIN to gain a Criminal SIN, you not only gain the "worse" quality but it costs you 10 karma to buy off the 5 Karma National SIN quality!  Now think of how bad it is for those spoiled Corp Kiddies playing in the shadows getting busted and slapped with a Criminal SIN...

Rules and such / Re: Manifesting & Senses
« Last post by Overbyte on (23:49:04/04-19-18) »
The short answer is b/c the system says so "a psychic effect that lets you make yourself visible and audible on the physical plane through an act of will." Given that it is described as a Psychic effect, I assume your speaking directly to their minds, as your not detected by electronic sensors. But it is an interest question if you can be "overheard", I would assume so, so long as eves dropper is alive and present listen in. Without more information to contradict that point.

Yes. This is clearly one of those very "hand-wavey" things.

"Manifesting is a psychic effect that lets you make yourself visible and audible on the physical plane through an act of will... You appear on the physical plane as a ghostly, hazy image of your astral form and may freely communicate with physical characters. Unlike the Materialization power of spirits (p. 314), manifesting doesnít give you a physical form, so you canít interact with anything physically (or be harmed by physical attacks). Itís a psychic connection, so you canít cast spells on targets on the physical plane while youíre manifesting. For the same reason, technological devices canít detect or record you."

So I have to agree with you. Since no devices can see or hear you, you must not be using sound or light. It is psychic (read magical) projection into peoples minds that allow them to see and hear you.

This does bring up all sorts of other questions about LOS and willingness, etc.. but that's for another day.  :P

I've never met a PC yet who was like "Oh, that person's sin says they are Mr. Smith, that's obviously their real ID and I definitely shouldn't do any further digging." And if that's how PCs are, what makes you think NPCs who have more experience in the shadows aren't the exact same way, only better at it. Mages can read it in your aura, Decker's can find it in the 'trix, and a face can charm it out of you during a night on the town, samurais can discover it after a night in.

And then what you ask? Then anything. You're fucked, massively most like, but how is up to the whim of whoever found out. You are one of the enemy, after all. You pay taxes to your Corp. Hard earned creds. You think anyone is going to believe that's all you send back to them every month?

And then, ya, there's the Corp. You are one of, at most, a handful of thousands of people with a Corp SIN. You're someone. Your actions, if you are called to account for them, will reflect on your Corp. Do they want you back? Want you dead? Want to use you where you are? Probably all of the above depending on who you talk to. Whatever happens, you can bet it isn't good for you. 
So the question is what does a Corp sin Represent?

The Down side of the Criminal SIN and the normal sin is fairly obvious. The Normal sin, your in the data base to be found. It just means that at some point, your gonna have something go wrong and there will trace some piece of evidence back to your SIN. Now that doesn't mean they can find you, or that your gonna end up guilty as charged but it makes it a big step easier. The Criminal SIN is the largely the same, but now your an Ex-Con, and so your already on the usual suspect list. You might get brought in just b/c you did something similar to a crime that was just committed. In the eyes of the Authorities your already guilty as charged, they just haven't connected all the dots yet.

Ok. So that's easy to understand the danger they represent are the Authorities.

This brings us to the CORP SIN. If you have one these odds are you grew up in Archology, educated by and for the CORP, raised to be part of the corporate Elite. Someone who would ether was will someday a valued member of Mega corporation. The haves of the world. The character could maybe even by part of the 1%. But now here where it gets dangerous. Why is someone who could be making great money in corp world, running the shadows? Can you actually believe the SOB story the character tells about falling from grace, running away from her/his super rich family? Or is just another trap by the corps, a corp agent, looking to jump a couple play grades line by spending sometime in the Shadows spying for his/her Mega? Maybe you do believe their SOB story, but your team has run go wrong, and you need to get your hands on some cash in a hurry, a Corp SIN means someone is probably willing to pay for you. Maybe your characters parent, or maybe character parent's enemies. But a CORP SIN, means people with money might well pay attention and spend more the just attention on the character.

So the threat from the CORP SIN, isn't from the authorities, though there maybe some degree of that, depending on whether the character can be used a pawn in someone agenda. But mainly the danger is your fellow runner, deciding that your a better pay day then whatever Mr.Johnson is promising. There are other layers to it as well, the character's family is now fair game to come up as whole set of issues, and odds are have the resources to be a serous problem, if the GM wants them to be.

Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Contract Nuyen
« Last post by Reaver on (22:03:50/04-19-18) »
My base pay rate is $71.75/hr.
x1.5 after 8 hours.
Weekends doubletime.

Even with only a 40 hour week (which I haven't worked in YEARS!) I make a little over $11k a month.

Need me to be a Foreman? 20% more.
Need me to be a safety officer?  15% more.
First Responder? 35% more.

The wages are high because no one wants to be tradesmen anymore. They all want to study "Gender Studies" And the "humanities" and pour coffee at Starbucks for $11/hr.

(So if you are young, and looking for a career, consider the Trades!) 
General Discussion / Re: DarkLloyd's Thread of Shadowrun themed stuff
« Last post by DarkLloyd on (21:50:36/04-19-18) »
Oh look the ORO corporation...

Cartel 2045
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