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Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Bug nest questions
« Last post by Michael Chandra on Today at 14:18:51 »
With a bunch of players at Magic 8~10, I threw them a Background Count 4. Of course they were already walking around in MilSpec by then, so they could handle by being careful, but it did damage their default spirit-army approach.

As for 'Big Bad', my players feared friendly SWAT NPCs more than most other things. =P Something about a PR6 team using all the tricks the books offer just terrified them.
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: How much do you pay your PCs?
« Last post by Michael Chandra on Today at 14:12:52 »
I mostly follow the official rates with a few tweaks, and my players are excellent at negotiating. They did 1 run a month and I had a bit of downtime activity in as well. We tended to do 1 session per 1~2 months (some players went foreign at some point), 4~5 hours for 1 run.
General Discussion / Re: Shadowrun: Sprawl Ops Boardgame
« Last post by Michael Chandra on Today at 13:58:35 »
Without breaking the NDA, I can tell you that this game already was real fun to play in playtesting, and they made several changes during and after that make it even better. As they mentioned at one point, when they switched from 'first place all, then execute all' to 'execute most actions immediately', that was a really wicked change.

As for the comparison to Crossfire, the game can easily stand without expansions with plenty of replayability. The Final Missions all are different, which also impacts what people will mostly fight for on their way there. The Extra Locations will also really help, since you can add 1 and replace some for a big difference in the way you play the game.

Of course I would like a bit more info about some things, but already it's looking great and I went straight for the Mr. Johnson pledge when I found out about both 5-6 players and Co-op. 8)

Now the Add-Ons are a bit out of my wallet's reach right now, since I got a big expense going on named Wedding+Honeymoon, but if you really love metal dice or metal nuyen coins, they sure sound awesome! I'm considering getting some extra normal dice instead, for use in normal games. (A nice addition to my Q-Workshop dice! ;D)
General Discussion / Re: How smart would the kids be
« Last post by Overbyte on Today at 13:51:22 »
Well that comes back to what Overbyte said does it give you the body or the appearance. Most people I think are like you and go with appearance only. Me I treat it as a full physical change. Because to me it seems simpler for the spell to alter your DNA than to keep that the same but give you hollow bones (bird), ability to extract oxygen from water (fish), change your skin colour (chameleon) or dozens of other animal abilities (scent, venom, heat sensative tongue, etc).

I actually think that all those "extras" are just done with magic, like pixies flying.
ORO, the founding company that eventually became Aztechnology, was big in "agri-business"... if you consider Narco-cocaine empires being agri-businesses...
General Discussion / Re: How smart would the kids be
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 11:47:59 »
Why are you supporting discussing illegal sexual acts on a forum where children are allowed to participate?

The only one discussing Illegal sex acts is you ShadowcatX. No one else addressed it from that point of view, and you're still just making it worse. Get over your issues and move on man.
I was thinking about this the other day and thought it might be good to create an everyman skill list. Everyman skills where used in Hero system they where basically the free skills you got for growing up in a certain culture or environment. for example everyone should have a computers of 1 or 2 just growing up in a modern shadowrun world so that should be an everyman skill.
General Discussion / Re: How smart would the kids be
« Last post by ShadowcatX on Today at 10:53:15 »
ShadowcatX, there no need to make it personal. It's just rude and unnecessary. If Senko wants to consider some idea for some special plot then let'em, it doesn't hurt you or anyone else. Lots of great games come from random question like this, that was previously not in the rules. Just look at the tarot book.

Why are you supporting discussing illegal sexual acts on a forum where children are allowed to participate?
The Secret History / What corps were big in early SR Agri-Business?
« Last post by Beta on Today at 09:27:49 »
By the 2050s most people were eating soy, and I'm pretty sure that it was stated that most of the still viable farmland was run by big agribusinesses.  We know that Aztechnology has always been big in the food sector, but presumably they'd never have bought up the whole North American mid-west, etc.  (although they were controlling a lot of the AMC lands, IIRC).  But for the most part when talking about the megas the focus has been on weapons, decks, vehicles, 'ware, and other things of more game interest, or creation/ownership/(mis)-management of large infrastructure (powerplants, arcologies, etc). 

I was just working on some local background for a secondary city and wanted a reasonable answer of who had been controlling the countryside around it, and found it surprisingly hard to figure out.

So, any suggestions on who may have been buying up farms and planting soy as far as the eye can see, back in the 2030/2040 time period?  (I'm looking in the UCAS, if it matters)
General Discussion / Re: Chummer5 Support
« Last post by cotilla on Today at 05:25:07 »
Can't replicate the issue with the MAG attribute going missing.
Location deletion should have been fixed in the latest build along with the previous issue with locations not being stored properly.
As for the druid tradition, I'm honestly acting on the assumption that they screwed it up again, but it's more likely that I just overlooked it originally. Since there's no actual different name for it I'm a bit stymied about what to do.

Couldn't there be two druid traditions, one labelled "druid" and the other "druid (updated)" or something like that?
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