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General Discussion / Re: Chummer5 Support
« Last post by kyoto kid on Today at 18:44:13 »
...and a new one (as wall as one I was afraid of happening which is why I asked about drug grades being added). 

Went into the Gear XML file for .198, converted the file to .txt and added Pharma and Designer grades for the drugs needed (as I've done many many times before after each time the programme was updated),  saved, changed back to the Chum5 extension, opened up the programme clicked on the "Add Gear" tab, and the drop down menu was entirely blank. 

I changed nothing in the file header that would cause this to occur and made sure the Gear.xml was in the Data folder.  So basically I ended up breaking something somehow, but not sure as to what as the only edits I made were to the individual drug records.  The only recourse I have is to re install the entire programme again and find some other way to do this as apparently what I have so many times done before seems to have triggered an unforeseen error.
Honestly I never even thought of toxic zones that could work very nicely thanks for that suggestion.

@Sphinx and Reaver
Ok seems I do need to post facility details.

Power and food are both taking a page out of the Renraku arcology specifically fusion reactors to provide power and a Delta sector with various aquariums and hydroponic farms so its mostly self sustaining if I read the renraku arcology supplement correctly. Its raw materials (metals, electronics and the like that need to be shipped in).

Officially the facility is a bio/cyber research facility dedicated to trying to figure out way's to reduce the impact that they have on metahumanity. Specifically if you get a cyber arm or a bio treatment how to reduce the essence cost of that. Unofficially its studying the CFD problem in order to find a reliable cure. However the person in charge of that research is a sociopath who believes its the way to create the perfect society. Use it on the masses and magicians to create obedient drone workers controlled by a central computer system programmed by the elite. The problem is a new hire misunderstood what they were doing and thought it'd be a perfect way to turn his attractive secretary into an obedient toy so he dosed her with one of the samples. Since the central controlling computer hadn't even been set up yet this resulted in a similar situation to Boston. That is rapid infection and homicidal attacks causing it to spread rapidly through Omega section (more on that in a moment). The players are there when delta gets opened up and the infected start spreading through the main facility. I'm thinking a sort of horror themed game with infected "zombies" moving around not only presenting a hazard in the terms of attacks but also that each attack could infect you. They need to avoid them, get through the facility and escape before its destroyed. Obviously this would be an intro meet the party type scenario so that if a character does die/get infected they haven't got a huge amount of time and resources invested in them yet.

Now on to the facility itself the design is basically a central core with linking passages to 4 outer towers/sectors that each have their own purpose. The core is the largest tower with 6 levels while the outer towers for Beta, Charlie and Delta are all 4 and differ in actual physical size as well. Omega sector is only 2 levels. They are linked together with access ways think an O with a + inside for general shape.

Beta Alpha Omega

First off is Alpha sector which is the central core of the facility. On level 1 (probably sub level below ground for toxic wastes) there's the power generators two fusion reactors providing power for the whole facility. Level 2 is the security command centre for Alpha, Beta, Charlie and Delta sectors, the armoury, sleeping quarters/meal room for security and detainment cells if needed. Level 3 is the medical facilities where injuries are treated and is also capable of installing Cyberware/bioware if desired of standard and Alpha levels. Level 4 is a garden area and level 5 is living quarters and meal rooms for the base staff. Level 6 is the communications array. Level 3 (2 if power is a sub level) has access corridors to all sectors with security checkpoints, high security and more scans if your going to Omega Sector. This allows quick access to medical facilities if there's an accident in those sectors. Similarly level 5 (4 with a sub level has access to Beta, Charlie and Delta for staff.

Beta sector this is the only way into the facility (short of blowing holes in the outside) and has an entrance facilities/vehicle storage (bit vague yes because the actual entrance depended on the environment and I'll need to think up a design for a toxic location). There's two entrances here on level 1 a freight one and the personnel one. The freight one has large elevators to level 2 and 3 of Beta sector while the personnel one has smaller elevators to level 4. There's also parking for vehicles here. To get to the elevators in the personnel parking area you need to go through processing (scans, decontamination and a security checkpoint), freight has much the same only its aimed more at vehicles than staff. Level 4 is the meeting rooms and VIP visitor facilities (meal room, bedrooms, conference rooms). There's also a security checkpoint and access corridors leading to Alpha, Charlie and Delta sectors on this level. Level 2 and 3 are warehouses with raw materials and processed materials (wiring, computer chips, metal, etc.) stored here for use by the facility. Level 2 also has linking corridors and a security checkpoint to Alpha, Charlie and Delta Sectors.

Charlie sector is the manufacturing and food storage area. Its got facilities to produce most types of cyberware, computers and the like from the materials stored in Beta Sector as well as extensive hydroponic gardens and Aquariums. Levels 1 and 2 are manufacturing while 3 is the gardens and 4 is the Aquarium. Access on level 2 and 4 leads to Alpha and Beta sectors with again Omega being sealed off on lvl 2.

Delta sector is the main work area for the staff providing offices, conference rooms, open work areas, meal rooms, stores of office supplies and the like. As with Charlie sector access on level 2 and 4 is provided to Beta and Alpha sectors but Omega is sealed off on lvl 2.

Omega sector has its own dedicated security centre on level 2 and the research facilities on level 1. Research facilities include storage, labs, offices and the like.

Staff for the facility is 70 people divided up between. . .
Reactor staff
6 technicians, 2 per shift.
Security staff
20 total security officers. 8 people for 2 shifts and 4 for the night shift.
Manufacturing and food facility staff.
5 staff 1 rigger, 3 farmer types and 1 Aquatic specialist (I need to look up an appropriate discipline)
1 rigger to run the manufacturing facilities. 3 people to maintain the hydroponics and garden areas of the facility. 1 person for the aquarium maintenance.
Research Staff
15 scientists working in Beta Sector.
Maintenance Staff
3 Janitors, 2 electricians and 1 decker.
Omega Sector Staff
3 security officers
5 research scientists
Facility Director
Facility Directors personal assistant
2 secretaries shared amongst the research staff.
1 Medical Doctor

Supplies are delivered quarterly unless a special request is made for something by the facility director. PC's are part of an annual staff turnover for health reasons. They'll be slotted into one of the above categories depending on their roles and will be attending an induction (putting them all together) when things go wrong. I'm hoping to have them run through Alpha either Charlie or Delta and Beta sectors in their escape. I'm also considering having them being SINless test subjecs in delta who didn't get used yet but that's a bit more difficult to work. On the other hand it lets me have the facility be completely overrun and working incorrectly as they try to get out of a completey uknown area. Plus it allows for other procedures to have been conducted on them before hand.
General Discussion / Re: Chummer5 Support
« Last post by kyoto kid on Today at 17:44:04 »
Really odd one here. 

Imported an older character into ver .198 and several of the negative qualities were messed up.  WQHne I open the character in Chummer it shows the following for Negative Qualities:

Addiction (Mild) (Performance Drugs)
Faceless 2 (-? there is only one version of this quality)
SINner (National) (UK).

For some reason it is also applying Faceless twice (for -12 karma value instead of -6) and completely ignoring "Impassive" (-7) which the character also has. When I tired to add it again for no cost just to fix the character sheet in the programme, a message box popped up saying the quality was already added even thouhg it was not showing.

This prompted me to open the actual character file in notepad.  On doing so, everything was correct, the value for the Faceless Quality was -6 (there was no duplicate entry either) and the Impassive quality was there as well.  Looking at the actual record for the quality, nothing is out of place, no dropped delimiter no missing variable, or anything like that.    For some odd reason it just refuses to appear when the character is opened in the programme or on the HTML character sheet.


Went back into the file again and took another look.  Apparently when I imported the file in for some reason the ID for the Faceless Quality was also applied to the "Impassive" one.  I changed it. then opened the character again and everything showed properly in the character record the way it should. Not sure if that occurred during the import, as there was a pop up message about data needed converting which required my interaction before the programme would open the file and the last time I played this character, nothing was amiss.
Rules and such / Re: Bull's Eye Double-Tap / Burst
« Last post by PiXeL01 on Today at 17:34:57 »
I must admit I never understood the difference between before and after the errata. It seems the same to me.

Would anyone be kind enough to provide a calculation for the two, say using an Ares Alpha?
Rules and such / Re: Can mundanes see Sustained Spells?
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 17:34:21 »
Some very good points MB. Sadly i doubt your logical will make will give the other side pause.
I fear as with many topics the question may have become more Ideological then Logical.
General Discussion / Re: Shadowrun: Kurzfilm RUN (2017)
« Last post by SmilinIrish on Today at 17:27:04 »
awesome.  Thanks!
Rules and such / Re: Can mundanes see Sustained Spells?
« Last post by mbisber on Today at 17:20:32 »
So, I've looked through the posts twice on this topic. While the F-6 equation (p.280) was, no doubt, well-intended, it's wording and description is unfortunate.

Like some such equations in SR, it's a generality for flavor. In the first place, what's so sacrosanct about F-6 in a Magic context!? Why not F-5 or F-7? Is it just arbitrary or is there an explanation? If it is arbitrary, then GMs should just house-rule their sentiments in one way or another, up or down. If there is an explanation, then let's have it!

While it may be comforting to have arbitrary rules in RPGs, I am playing Shadowrun rather than D&D, because I like rules to make more sense rather than less.

Then there are words like obvious, noticing, performing, spotting, etc. All of these terms are mostly visual. Please explain to me how smell, hearing, touch, and taste are all related to F-6?

It is not my purpose to go through the posts here, idea by idea, or even limit addressing Perception to visual. If one looks at Concealment, p.395, it subtracts dice for all senses. So, the equation on p.280 is, as I say, unfortunate.

Like many equations in SR, there are words/variables often left out, which may be found elsewhere. Sometimes 'Counterspelling' appears in spell equations and  sometimes it does not; but it is almost always implicit.

I'm sure that there are other words/variables missing in SR equations elsewhere as well. But, in my opinion, if Magic causes shimmer, chills, dread, etc. then why do we have something called Assensing?

Shadowrun: Anarchy / Anarchy Podcast
« Last post by Navigator on Today at 17:04:53 »
Do you feel you need more Anarchy in your life?
Have you ever wondered what happens when runners try to steal an 8’ stunt mecha?
Or had daydreams about tasering that estate agent? (I won't judge)
Just want some mission notes to fall back on?

Don’t worry, chummer. Nathan Blade’s “The Talent Agency” has your delinquent needs covered.

Mission Notes can be found here:
Character creation and critique / Re: Technomancer for possible novel
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 16:16:12 »
What's your status with this Manchuwook?
Gonna re-make in alternative generation method? Tough it out?
Megaldons would require a freaking epic amount of food. Like blue whale sized. So make sure you keep your facility well supplied. You don't want rogue megaldons going out for snackies!! Oh no. That would be bad!
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