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Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Neo-Tokyo FAQ Discussion
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 16:34:43 »
I think a clean slate is a good choice. Chicago really wants different characters then Neo-Tokyo. I liked Chicago fine, but I ready for new things!

I'm super excited about making a katana packing adept, I just haven't determined from which angle to approach from.

I think the Modern Shin-sen-gumi may have to be reborn, or maybe a character based off Bushido Gourmet, wander around Neo-tokyo while on runs eating at famous food carts? Perhaps something a little more anime? I'm not sure yet. But I will keep at it until the concept exactly where i want it.
Rules and such / Re: [SR5] House Rules
« Last post by Lorebane24 on Today at 16:12:59 »
I'm a huge fan of sum-to-ten as well.  I'm dealing with the biggest issue (doubling down on priority A) by adding a cavaet that everyone is limited to a single priority A.  There are a few concepts that are made more workable that might prefer 3x B instead of havine one A.

I was also thinking of doing a street level thing that, instead of using the wildly imbalanced street level rules, has the players use sum to ten but they arent allowed to have priority A in anything.

I also feel like the higher "special point" values allow for some weird monkyshines, and was just going to nix any entry above a race's minimum priority+1 (humans can have only E or D in race, elves can have only D or C, etc...)
Character creation and critique / Re: Ork Cyberface
« Last post by Ogrepot on Today at 16:10:26 »
Cyberware, Bioware and Geneware in Chrome and Flesh
Face in Cuting Aces
Orks in complete Trog (the Nasty Trog quality increases intimidation ...)
Run Faster for extra qualities
Rules and such / Re: [SR5] House Rules
« Last post by Nelphine on Today at 15:50:26 »
Next area I'm focusing on: skills for different archetypes.

Specifically, skills of a mage vs a street Sam.
Generally the priority difference between a mage and street same is magic vs resources. However, for both, utility in ability to do things other than their focus is highly important. This usually ends up in the skills category, which both then need to take at some priority depending on utility desired.

However, a mage can simulate most skills via spells.

The most extreme version of this is actually NOT utility, it's pure combat.

A mage can attack in melee, attack at range, and do area attacks, all on one skill. In fact they can also do almost all of their utility on that one skill as well.

A Street Sam on the other hand required at least 3 skills (melee, ranged, throwing or heavy weapons) in order to do all the combat things a mage can - and could actually be using upwards of 9 skills depending on the weapons involved. And then even more skills for the utility.

So my assumption is that the skill balance between Mage and street Sam (or more accurately, mage and any other non awakened non matrix type) is far from balanced.

To start, I change the 5 specialties of spellcasting into their own individual skills (and then break up those into distinct specialties - for example, the combat spellcasting specialty becomes the combat spellcasting skill, with specialties in touch, direct, direct area, indirect, indirect area).

However, is this enough for balance? The mage now has extra skills, and already had quite a few utility skills, but the street same still needs as many as 9 combat skills to match the mages combat spellcasting skill.

That being said, the mage will probably want at least one of those combat skills themselves, and has 5 other mage specific skills as well. So it's pretty close. This change makes it so, assuming both mage and street sam have one basic combat skill in common, the mage needs up to 9 other skills to do everything, and the street Sam needs up to 8.

It's not the same split, but at least it's a pretty similar split.
Character creation and critique / Re: Ork Cyberface
« Last post by Thawmus on Today at 15:40:25 »
Ugh, OP fail.

Didn't mention I only have SR5.  Definitely should be in the OP, fixing now.

I can borrow some other books from my GM but since I don't own them they're difficult to browse.  If you're talking about stuff outside of SR5, please let me know at least which book they're in so I can hunt them down.
Rules and such / Re: Multiple Attacks + Shiva Arms
« Last post by Nelphine on Today at 15:33:15 »
I actually take my house rules a step further and allow multiple attacks against the same target. Since I do division without allowing allocating to make one attack more accurate, there's a much better chance of missing entirely. That balances the extra base damage.

I'm sure there's multiple reasons for not allowing multiple attacks against the same target, but until some other more coherent rule allows attacking with multiple types of weapons (especially ones without burst fire) against the same target, I think it needs to be permissible.
Character creation and critique / Re: Ork Cyberface
« Last post by Ogrepot on Today at 15:18:10 »
I would not run with this guy...
1 in LOG means (as previously written) Dumb as a Rock, you can even take the Illiterate quality, it would fit. You need at least 2 in LOG.
For a Face, having Wired Refexes is not an obligation, you can get 1D6+1 with the Geneware for 0.3 essence and bump it with reaction enhancers and Cerebellium boosters, that should do it, get you a second pass or an interrupt action.
Instead of buying all the mods for eyes, just buy cyber eyes...
There is a cyber implant that gives a +2 to intimidation, i guess he would have picked it (fits the character) and he could have taken a spec in Con and Intimidation (Physical maybe).
I might have taken a hardwire skill for unarmed combat (for a guy that doesn't know how to fight, but wanted to make the boxing look good)... but that is accessory.
Dump the skilljack, useless with your comp (though having 1 at rank 6 without skillwires really shows this guy has LOG 1).
Rules and such / Re: Magic fingers and foci
« Last post by catrone3 on Today at 15:09:27 »
It's the GM's game man, it's their job to do whatever they need to tell the story they wanna tell.

Yea, see this should never be the case, the GM's job is to create a setting in which the players can create a story. If you run a game as it the GMs story, deal with it I bet you change players often because that is railroading and players are not fond of that. Players are there to have fun and play their character and build their character's story, that is the point of any RPG game regardless of the setting.

As to drain forget it, the dragon won't take any at force 20+, reagents are cheap.  Dragon's scale better and have greater base values and basically unlimited resource, I care nothing about armor it's easier to make sure the characters miss, and there lots of way to do that. Combat sense is just the most simple and efficient method.

I try to forget the FA reagent rules because those are stupid and make reagents way to powerful, plus would a dragon really be willing to destroy some of its own scales to cast a spell, much less use reagents? Remeber, dragons find reagents distasteful to use. Either way, making a character always miss always upsets players because eventually, they will just say fuck it was dead and leave the game. A thing we as GMs should be trying to avoid, especially as good players are a rare find.

Dragon can have whatever resources the GM feels is appropriate, pushing a 24 casting pool to 36 in single spell category is very easy to do at that level. As a GM you should know it's not hard, if you want the result to be 12 then take the steps to make it 12 or 14 or 18 it's not a mathematical challenge, pick the average you want and get the pool 3 times result; Problem solved.

You are right, they can have any stats you want if you just up their magic rating when it comes to spellcasting. However, making something a challenge instead of a "welp the dragon/baddy is here, we are all now dead" without a chance of survival is more around the math, because multiplying the successes isn't always the best way to go since you may base the successes you need off of the average you have seen a player roll in terms of successes and those all just happen to be really good rolls and not the statistical average.

It's also worth noting any time a team has trigger the summon dragon condition the party has epicly screwed the pooch, so kids gloves are off the team gets whats coming to'em TPK or otherwise.

If this was the case, then adventures that are written for your average runner (not prime runner) would not have a dragon coming after them as something that could happen on two of the four possible options. Especially while also having it be possible to get away from the dragon, so having it where the gloves are either on or off is bad GMing. The gloves should never be on in the first place, it should always be a challenge, but one where it is the player's story and you as the GM just fill in the pieces.

But there's no shortage of more intrusive and destructive methods to reach the same result. Come on now I've been gaming for decades man, I've seen all the tricks.

I am guessing you are referring to killing a dragon with this, but why would you want something more pink? The idea would be to end it quickly and disappear not leave even more evidence than you already are that you were there.
Rules and such / Re: Multiple Attacks + Shiva Arms
« Last post by firebug on Today at 15:04:37 »
You couldn't do multiple attacks on the same target, so I don't think there'd be an answer.

For the record, the rules do suggest you simply cannot use different weapon skills when making multiple attacks.  Though I know that's kind of useless to say, as it just changes the thread to "what would work as a house rule to do it".  Nelphine's suggestion is probably the best and most rules-accurate way to do it, though.

Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Neo-Tokyo FAQ Discussion
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 14:51:53 »
While i understand the logic, cutting off All the CMPs from previous years to "Japan" characters seems like a bad move, i might suggest that you open up either 2017 and maybe 2016 CMP Missions, or maybe just the sets published like London Falling and Firing Line to Japan Characters. Otherwise i honestly don't see playing any of the old CMPs ever again which is honestly quite a disappointment. It would likely completely kill most of my local Shadowrun missions group since we would have no missions to play locally except the 6 SRMs which if they are being released at the speed they are may as well be a year delay between Origins and PDF release.

You can keep running Season 5, 6, 7 CMPs and such until a big enough backlog of Season 8 Missions builds up.

I don't think the release schedule is changing so if the Season 5,6,7 material was keeping pace with your Missions group swapping over to new setting should be fine.  If your  group was re-running the older stuff anyway you'll have to juggle for a bit.  Heck just run the Tennessee suite series, that should take care of any season 5 survivors.  : )   
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