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Rules and such / Re: Master and Slaves
« Last post by Xenon on Today at 05:14:48 »
My player-hacker wants to slave the PANs of the other three members of the team
You need to decide at your table. There are basically two routes here:

  • Rules as they are written (RAW): You may only only slave data process number of devices. This indirectly mean that each member of the team will have a small PAN that they themselves defend (and that most of their devices will not be protected by a firewall at all). It also mean that if each individual network are running silent then someone need to successfully need to take individual opposed matrix perception tests to spot them and if a hostile hacker gain access he will only gain access to one of the networks at a time
  • Rules as the author originally intended them (RAI): You [house] rule that PANs may be daisy-chained to create one big network that normally the team's technology specialist (decker, rigger, living network technomancer) is defending. This indirectly mean that if the network is running silent and someone successfully take an opposed matrix perception test then this someone will spot the whole silent running network. It also mean that if a hostile hacker gain access then he will be considered to be on the inside and have access on the whole daisy-chained network at once.

If I have an NPC hacker that decides to data spike the samurai's cybereyes, how is the device rating of cyberware determined?
The common device rating table is missing in SR6. Odds are it will be included in the upcoming errata. Until then use the following ratings (from SR5):

SR5 p. 234 Device Ratings
TypeRating  Boxes  Examples
Simple19General appliances, public terminals, entertainment systems
Average29Standard personal electronics, basic cyberware, vehicles, drones,
weapons, residential security devices
Smart310Security vehicles, alphaware, corporate security devices
Advanced410High-end devices, betaware, military vehicles and security devices
Cutting Edge511Deltaware, credsticks, black-ops vehicles and security devices
Bleeding Edge  611Billion-nuyen experimental devices, space craft

Which mean the standard grade cybereyes in your example would have a device rating of 2 and a total of 9 matrix condition monitor boxes.
Rules and such / Re: 6E-Preparations
« Last post by Michael Chandra on Today at 04:40:26 »
The only thing I can guess is that the rebalance happened with the Vault of Ages and other advanced alchemy boosts in mind.
Rules and such / Re: 6E-Preparations
« Last post by Ech0 on Today at 03:35:07 »
I started to read that chapter hoping that 6E did something to increase the standing of alchemists in Shadowrun...

But someone must have gone through the 5E rules for alchemy and deemed them too much fun to play, too powerful and in desperate need of a nerf, because a troll could not throw a baby through a car in 5E without hitting an alchemy mage, right? Favorite spellcaster type all around, followed by ritualists.  ???

Preparations now take -hours- to complete, are still resisted by the preparation, still have a higher drain and you can only use 2 dram to counteract this? So as an alchemist youĎll be hard pressed to start a run with more than one preparations, because the first one probably wonít last until you are finished with the second?

Help me out here, I donít quite get the appeal of it... Or are we simply not supposed to play alchemy mages?
Rules and such / Re: 6E Brand new players
« Last post by Singularity on Today at 02:54:37 »
I think two of my group had experience with previous editions, with one of those having experience back to first or second edition Shadowrun. The rest of us had experience with other RPGs, but hadn't tried Shadowrun before. I ran a test combat so that we could all see the rules in action, and we would pause to look up those things that we weren't sure of (especially needing to look up some of the card typos in the main rulebook). The most experienced guy caught a step that we were missing from 6th Edition, but none of us were all that confused by it; we just didn't particularly care for the system ourselves after testing it.
Rules and such / Vehicles vs magic
« Last post by Leith on Today at 02:16:15 »
What's up with combat spells vs vehicles? Are they going up against object resistance or piloting+reaction?
Rules and such / Re: 6E Brand new players
« Last post by MercilessMing on (21:16:43/11-16-19) »
I have three players in my group who are brand new to Shadowrun. So far though I havenít pressed them to read the CRB, opting instead to teach them myself. Honestly, Iím kind of embarrassed by this book and want to present this game I love in the best possible light.
Rules and such / Re: Master and Slaves
« Last post by Leith on (20:28:55/11-16-19) »
Cyberware in SR5 would have a device rating based on its grade. 2 for basic. In 6 I cannot find any reference. I don't know that it would make a huge difference if you just gave cybereyes a device rating equal to the cybereye rating since in SR6 its main function is to determine matrix condition monitor and gets used in very few dicepools.
SR5 PANs can have device rating x 3 devices slaved to the master device. Obviously the device rating of the master is used for this. Pretty sure ownership isn't a requirement.
Rules and such / Re: Master and Slaves
« Last post by Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (20:18:55/11-16-19) »
Another question occurs to me...

If I have an NPC hacker that decides to data spike the samurai's cybereyes, how is the device rating of cyberware determined? I know there are different levels of cybereyes but that isn't really meant to be the device rating, is it?

Rating is not the same thing as Device Rating.

It's left to GM fiat to assign Device Ratings to most devices.  My recommendation is to continue to use 5th edition's yardstick for Device Ratings:

DR 1: cheap, expendable goods (cans of soda, clothes from a vending machine, etc)
DR 2: standard consumer goods and standard grade cyberware
DR 3: security/police grade hardware and alphaware
DR 4: military grade items and betaware
DR 5: cutting edge devices and deltaware
Character creation and critique / Re: [6E] Excel Character Generator
« Last post by Bookwyrme on (17:45:54/11-16-19) »
Thank you for making this. We have 4 new players, two are basically brand new, and this has been a huge help. Your work is much appreciated.
I found a few errors while helping folks make characters. 
Stun Grenades are missing their status effects in the notes
The electronics tab has several issues-
The capacity and rating are in the same column as one number, but aren't always supposed to be the same number, either or is listed, but some have both.
An example of the issue is the single sensor, which has a capacity of one, but it has a cost of ratingX100. There is nowhere to change the rating. Several enhancements and sensor housings have either this cost issue or don't have a capacity listed. 
The select sound filter does not have an availability listed.
Spatial Recognizer in the electronics tab has the wrong wifi bonus and note.
Thank you again! My apologies if I have misunderstood how something works.
Rules and such / Re: Master and Slaves
« Last post by CigarSmoker on (17:39:31/11-16-19) »
You are denying your player his core role purpose  ???

if you are refering to 6th edition your player can at minimum defend devices equal to his decks "data processing". There are lots of threads about this topic in this forum.
Read one of the newer ones regarding 6th edition... 5th Edition i pass :P
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