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Shadowrun: Anarchy / Re: Exploration and Infiltration Montage
« Last post by Gingivitis on Today at 03:32:56 »
Play tested with Group 1 tonight. It worked really well though we didn't start the Crawl Montage until later in the night, and we only got through one round of Narrations. We will pick back up next time. It worked like this:

I set a Threshold of 15 because they had to get to the 15th floor and it seemed natural. I set the difficulty at Average (8).

I Tagged the Scene: Arcane Lab, Elemental Damage, Signs of Panic, Intermittent Power, More Fragging Stairs? The Threats are Boston CFD Head Cases (Shamblers and Ragers) because this is Boston Lockdown.

Everyone paid their Plot Point.

The Street Sam Infiltrated (Agility), the Mage Explored (Logic), the Adept Explored (Strength), the Decker Explored (Logic). I rolled ridiculously well on 8 dice and got 6 hits. After spending Edge the net hits, in order, were Decker 0, Sam 0, Mage 1, Adept 1. Then the narrations began:

The Decker makes no progress into the building and sets-up the encounter which is a Mag-Lock (a Challenge). She said that the Intermittent Power (tagged) was making it hard to hack because it kept resetting. She makes a Hacking + Logic Test and gets past it this time and is awarded a Plot Point because she hit a Tag.

The doors open to the first floor which is a museum of magic. The Street Sam is a little snarky and says his challenge is to jump over the turnstile to avoid paying. The Adept slow-claps this feat of agility. I play a Plot Point for Surprise Threat and the Sam gets charged by three ragers drawn by the noise of the slow-clap. There is a fight and the runners win.

The Mage narrates finding some stairs but they are torched and unsound (Elemental Damage tagged) so they find some other stairs. At the top of the stairs he says is a Spirit of Man. It was an Exploration so I narrate first. The Spirit of Man uses Control Thoughts on the Street Sam to make him go pay at the turnstile. He does and the encounter ends with the Mage earning a Plot Point for hitting a Tag, and getting to the second floor.

The Adept narrates the second floor (which are classrooms and reading rooms). He tested Exploration (Strength) and narrates pushing over a stack of book shelves because he is having a hard time winding his way through; he is a big troll. I narrate first and have a shambler start to step out from behind a bookshelf and get pinned by the tipping stacks. Immediately 3 spirits appear (Greater Air, Lesser Man, Lesser Beast) and they attack, protecting the shambler for some reason (there is a reason, but they don't know it yet). There is a fight and the runners win.

That was the end of the night's session. The team is on the second floor, a bit damaged and down some resources, wary of spirits and CFD head cases, and ready to keep going. We will start the next session with a recap, Tags, Tax, and Test. I expect that I will not roll 6 hits on 8 dice next time, so it should be faster progress. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It filled the whole night, the player's decisions made a difference, and I still got some pre-planned encounters in there.
What the author was going for was probably the fact that sprites that the TM compile have the same "resonance signature" as the TM, sprites are under the control of the TM, the TM is the "owner" of the sprite, if you track their physical location you end up with the location of the TM and the fact that TMs have a special sprite-TM communication link. However they are not a PAN in the true SR5 sense (in fact SR5 explicitly say that "Sprites are personas, but not devices; they can't be part of a PAN or WAN").

Having said that, it might or might not be able for a TM to slave her physical devices to a high firewall physical commlink, giving her a matrix PAN like any a regular person. Most TMs want to hide the fact that they are TMs and almost all TMs probably have a commlink that can broadcast a fake SIN anyway (also if you have Data Trail then you equip your commlink with a stealth dongle for a sleaze rating to make your PAN harder to spot when you run silent). Some TMs might even get a cyberdeck for the purpose of disguising as a decker rather than a TM.
Sigh. I do miss 4th edition TM's. Usually when you see the big bad, you can atleast take moment to marvel at how very deadly their build is, or just powerful it is or something. But PAX in 5th just made me sad, Firewall 12? Like that's your secret deadly power. PAX could get beat up by some gangers with baseball bats. Sure she could decker revenge them real bad afterwards. Was there any other shadowrun master villain who couldn't take some club packing gangers in a street fight?

Rules and such / Re: Defense tests and environmental modifiers
« Last post by Xenon on Today at 02:06:38 »
Blind-fire is applied any time you cannot get a fixed position on a target due to lack of sight or anything else that precisely locates a target.
Yes, but how would you explain the Invisibility thing I just quoted...?

It's also worth noting that in that "guard dive behind a desk" sitation, that the guard does not suffer from the...
The defender does not get to take a defense test against an incoming attack if:
1. He does not see the attacker
2. The attacker is behind him
3. He is surprised.

There are two exceptions.

1. Defender that is already engaged in combat and a melee attacker is:
- sitting over the defender's back in a grapple.
- attacking from behind.
- attacking from above.
(In this case the defender of the melee attack get to take a defense test and the melee attacker get a positive dice pool modifier of 2 dice from the melee modifier Character Have Superior Position)

2. If the unaware defender happen to be behind cover, the defense dice pool is determined by the cover, according to the Defense Modifiers table.
(In this case the unaware defender roll 2 or 4 dice as a pool of its own)

...with Cover bonus...
If a defender that is aware of an incoming attack actually spend an action to Take Cover then he get a positive dice pool modifier of 2 (or 4) dice to his defensive test ("Cover bonus").

If a defender that is aware of an incoming attack happen to be behind cover (due to normal movement or whatever) without actually spending a Take Cover action then he does not get a positive dice pool modifier to his defense test (but he still get to take a defense test).

If a defender that is unaware of an incoming attack happen to be behind cover, the entire defense dice pool is determined by the cover, according to the Defense Modifiers table. It is rolled as a pool of its own. No need for Taking Cover.

The attacker either doesn't get a negative dice pool modifier at all or he get a Blind Fire Environmental penalty (if he can't see or otherwise sense an invisible target, total darkness or 100% of the defender is behind cover, also see barrier penetration rules).
Also, bear in mind that this mission released very quickly after 5th edition dropped. Just like Splintered State there are a few things that are likely based off of assuming a rule or effect would be the same or similar to the previous edition.

As Memory services a TM cannot make PAN (Personal Area Network), b/c she/he cannot slave devices to his/her Biological Deck.

A registered sprite, is connected to a TM. So my money says the author just interpreted that being part of the decker biological PAN. I don't really have an issue with that language, if that how the author like to think about it. But I would not take it any further then that. It shouldn't be read to mean or imply you can build a normal PAN with a TM's bio-comp.
So awhile back I ran the Shadowrun Missions Chasin' the Wind. In it there was a Free Sprite named Remo. I thought Techno's couldn't be part of a PAN. But in the adventure it says
"Her biological PAN is still (barely) active. Her formerly registered sprite, Remo, resides in her biological PAN. Remo is a Level 6 Free Data Sprite. He remains out of loyalty to her former self."

Also, wouldn't a free sprite attract the attention of GOD and get squished after a short period of time? And what does a free sprite do in it's s[are time?

Or was all this just meta-plot mugguffin for the story background?
Well like I said... realizing that a PC would be on the hook to pay off the Corp/Corp Limited SINs if a Criminal SIN is ever gained is actually "worth" the bonus karma, even if the GM never does (or never has opportunity to) enforce the roleplaying downside to those qualities.  15 or 25 free karma now at the cost of having to lose 30 or 50 Karma if you're ever busted...
Forum Business / Re: Catalyst Demo Team Usergroup
« Last post by FastJack on (21:53:01/04-20-18) »
#898 Field Agent Lewis Greywolf
Done! Welcome to the Matrix!
Looking for Games / Re: Looking for Players
« Last post by Henzington on (20:56:44/04-20-18) »
I have been looking for an online game.
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