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Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Drop in Missions for GMs to use.
« Last post by Beta on Today at 11:58:08 »
Oh, this one has me intrigued.  Not quite sure that it is a good current fit for my games, but will try to find a way to pull it in. 
Errata / Re: Daedalus Wing Suit missing table (Street Lethal)
« Last post by Kincaid on Today at 11:41:27 »
Gott sei Dank!
Character creation and critique / Re: Leadership?
« Last post by Hobbes on Today at 11:15:12 »
Edit:  And only after posting this did it click that's about teamwork rather than Leadership.  Ah, well perhaps some of the same writers' intention applies to Leadership as well, particularly the second half.

Leadership tests are Teamwork tests so it applies.
Living Campaign and Conventions / SRM at DragonCon?
« Last post by KarmaInferno on Today at 10:37:32 »
Hey all,

I realize that event prereg is over, but are there SRM events running at DragonCon 2018? The event listing page does not seem to have ANY of the Organised Play events in their database, which I figure is a mistake. Just trying to find out what is running when.
Since its a real-life company, it's probably been in the interest of the various regimes of Powers-That-Be running Shadowrun to not make a big deal about their fictional version.

At any rate I don't recall anything ever giving a definitive answer to your question.  You're probably quite in the clear of any dangers of crimping established canon by making up your own answer for your game's purposes.
Character creation and critique / Re: Leadership?
« Last post by Stainless Steel Devil Rat on Today at 09:48:14 »
Of possible interest: the SRM FAQ 1.1 lays out some guidelines on limiting Leadership shenanigans.  That may or may not affect your game or your GM's sensibilities about what's (not) allowed.

I just searched through FAQ 1.1 and I couldn't find anything about this. If you can provide a page reference, or copy-and-paste the relevant passage, that would be wiz.

pg 31:

Quote from: Combined SRM Section 8: Shadowrun 5th Edition (pg 31)
What are the limits to making teamwork tests?
Any test involving a skill + attribute is potentially eligible for a teamwork test per the rules on page 49, SR5, unless specifically disallowed elsewhere in source material. Rules for specific types of teamwork tests, such as the Direct or Inspire action (SR5, pg 142), Melee Teamwork (SR5, pg 188), Group Summoning (SR5, pg 300), Combat Teamwork (R&G, pg 98) etc. take precedence over the default rules on page 49.
GMs may limit participants in any given teamwork test, down to zero, based on conceivability of assistance. For instance, a shadowrunner with Gymnastics could not assist another runner with a Gymnastics + Agility or Gymnastics + Strength test if they were not actually present. Only two, maybe three, individuals could work together to open a mechanical lock without getting in each other’s way.

Edit:  And only after posting this did it click that's about teamwork rather than Leadership.  Ah, well perhaps some of the same writers' intention applies to Leadership as well, particularly the second half.
Character creation and critique / Re: Leadership?
« Last post by Myriad on Today at 09:46:56 »
I love it, and don't think it's too game breaking inside combat.

* Rally even with the best leadership check is maybe 3 to 5, so unless a lot of characters are at the cusp, and gives a face type something to do in combat besides shoot.
* Inspire is the same, assuming they have max ranks, it's 6 extra dice.. or on average 2 hits.  Great for the very dodgey targets.
*  Commanding voice, I'm usually not a fan of save or suck things but I tend to be biased as adepts aren't mages and it only lasts unail their neXT action.  That said, adding it to a mystic adept is kinda bad since usually a spell is better. 

Outside of combat is where you need to be cautious and say...

* Does the person view them as a leader?
* if not, you need to make the one time check to force them to view you as such.
* leave it to roleplay not rollplay.
General Discussion / Need Info on Yamaha Corporation
« Last post by Lewis Greywolf on Today at 07:25:37 »
I thought this would be a simple research item but it's kicking my hoop. Does anyone know where information on Yamaha would be?

I can't find a single thing. I'm looking for info on the Corporation itself as background for a run I'm writing up. Info from any edition would work for me. Mainly wanting to find out if it's an independent AA or a subsidiary of another Japanacorp?
Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: Drop in Missions for GMs to use.
« Last post by Reaver on Today at 06:23:05 »
Seek and Fetch
(Note, this one ends open, and left room for a continuation that I did for a Robin Hood group... will post the other parts if people are interessted)
<tie ins left open> <magical rituals> <Robin Hood?>
Tacoma, Bellevue, Auburn, Redmond.

Fixer calls the group, he has a Johnson looking for team that can be moble, stealthy, and good at tracking. Are they interested?

The Johnson will handle the meet in person, at a bar in Redmond the next night if they are. <Generic Bar.> The Johnson can be identifed by a red tie, and human in his mid 40s.

<The Johnson should be easily idenifiable in Redmond to the runners, as he is the only one in tres chic clothing>

The Johnson is awakened, intiated (c+4) <Ritual power focus 3, voodoo, tie clip>. And will greet the runners professionally.

He is looking for a group that can find 3 individuals and retrieve a personal item from each person.
the item must have DNA on it in a large enough sample size. (several hairs, blood, sweat, etc). He has the names, and believed professions, but nothing else.

The Johnson doesn't need the targets accosted, so they can lift samples from their homes if they so choose. The items collected don't matter as long as their is DNA, and in a large enough size to sample. (several hairs, tootbush, hairbush, soiled clothing)

Willing to pay $3500 for each sample collected and returned.
They are to contact the Johnson when they have all the samples, but they only have 3 days.

1: "Its a professional matter, related outside of the shadows."
2: "Sorry guys, I have a client too, just trying to get my part done, but I can't till you do..."
3: "I was told its a legal matter, inheritance type thing. "
4: "From what I understand, one is trying to cut out the other 3 somehow."

The targets are:
Sarah Mathews 21, student
Alice Kaggio 23, accountant
Susan Lafferty 22, model

<Percpetion checks>
1: The Johnson is extremely self confident.
2: Everyone in the bar is on edge.
3: While everyone is on edge, they are more worried then anythign else...
4: The is a very attractive woman sitting alone ajdacent to the Johnson
5: The woman is "a little too real" when you look close... odd.
6: The is a spirit hiding in the dark roof corner where it can keep a ssteady eye on the Johnson, and the runners.

<Astral perception>
The woman in <P4/5> is an Alley Spirit to the Johnson, (c-1) will not do anyting unless the Johnson is attacked.
The Spirit in <P6> is a fire spirit, it clearly belongs to the Johnson.
The Johnson is awakened and inititated (c+4) and is making no effort to hide the fact. also has a heavy pistol and a ritual Foci (3) tie clip. Always wears a red tie. <Note details. Normally Human, heavy build, mid 40s). Almost completely matrix illtirate.

Tracking the targets down shouldn't be hard, as they are normal people. <Matrix texst>.
Sarah Mathews is a student attending a Horizon tech school in the downtown area, but lives in the Tacoma Projects. She lives alone on the 4th of 6 floors in a 1 bedroom unit. SMR 4/2/4 she doesn't work, attends class from 9 to 3 Mon to Fri. (its an hour commute) weekends she goes clubbing, studies, and has the occssional hook up.
Alice Kaggio works and lives Bellevue. She opperates a private accounting firm out of her studio appartment. This means that she rarely leaves, except to get house hold good. She does goto to the local gym 3 days a week for an hour. She is also likes to attend poetry readings (so says her Matrix profile).
Susan Lafferty works out of the Horizion downtown office, but lives in a 2 bedroom appartment in Auburn that she shares with her disabled brother. She works 10 hour shifts 6 days a week (holding objects for pictures to taken of for marketing.) and spends the resst of the time caring for her little brother who is wheel chair bound and non responsive after a car accident (parents dead).

**should be 2 enounters for the 3 locations. pick from list**

1: gangers up to no good (p2)
2: Cops on partol (p3) <evade/con/buff/distract>
3: Someone else is there! buglar? Boyfriend? (p1)
4: Shooting next door! Cops are everywhere! (p5) <evade/con/buff/distracr/wait>

Once they have the samples and contact the Johnson, he will arrange a hand off of the samples for a certified credstix, after comfirming the sample sizes..
<If the decker is checking for taps, the call WAS tapped on the Johnson's end.>

The location is a parking garage in Redmond late at night.

<If the Runners scout the area, or recon the location.>

P3: There are some people milling about a fire several roofs over.
p4: There is someone in a Sniper's roost 3 blocks over with a clear line on the garge meeting spot.
p5: There is 2 people on the garage roof in "stealth" gear.
p6: The Fire Spirit from the Bar is back, hanging out well above the parking garage.

Once the runners arrive, the Johnson shows up a couple seconds later (the spirit tells him). The Johnson and his ally spirit will get out of a sedan and approach the runners professionally.

This is when an ambush happens!

The spirit will manifest and attack the 2 people in stealth suits - avoiding any sneak attacks <unless wanted>
The Johnson will be surprised and unssure, but will shart throwing spells at the attackers.


2 humans in "stealth" gear at medium range (P3) <Spirit take out to avoid surprise?> <Black ops tmeplate>

4 orks at medium range on the rooftop (the fire barrel). (p3)

1 Sniper at Long range in the sniper roost. (p2)

***Remember, while the Johnson is Powerful, this a PC shine time, let them handle as much as possible. Johnson/ally/spirit should be window dressing.

They are a professional black ops team, it will take work to crack them...
1: Its a job. just business
2: supposed to hit the site when a guy in a red ite showed up.
3: "Red tie" is the target.
4: The pay was $40,000 on proof of death.
5: have the number for the Fixer
6: Have the number for the Johnson.


The Fixer is a just that, a Fixer. He had a job come in for some wet work, he assigned a team, took his cut and that's the end of it as far as he cares. As a Fixer, he is not going to say much more then that - professionalism. <tie in?>

The Johnson doesn't answer. If the number is traced, its a "burner" number bought from a corner store that doesn't have any ssecurity cameras..

4 days after the job, all 3 women are on the news as "Missing Persons" stories.

10 days later, all 3 women are found dead. <Tie In?>
Rules and such / Re: [SR5] Rules Clarifications and FAQ
« Last post by Reaver on Today at 04:57:33 »
Hi All!

I have questions about the metagenetic ability "natural venom".
In the "Run Faster" p117. there is the original table with severity with effects but here it is:

SEVERITY / KARMA COST / SPEED               / POWER    / EFFECT                                                      / PENETRATION
Mild         / 3                   / 1 Combat Turn   / 8             / Disorientation; Stun Damage                       / 0
Moderate  / 5                   / 1 Combat Turn   / 12           / Disorientation; Nausea; Stun Damage         / –1
Serious    / 10                 / Immediate         / 10           / Disorientation; Paralysis; Physical Damage   / –2
Deadly     / 15                 / Immediate         / 12           / Nausea; Paralysis; Physical Damage            / –2

So if somebody has Moderate severity natural venom, she gets all the effects or only one?
Can somebody has double natural venom ability? Like a moderate spat and a Mild inhalation?
Does somebody know hows inhalation works in this case? Like distance, diameter of the poison "gas" etc...

Thanks your help and clarify.

It doesn't list a range for any of them.
But, how far can you spit? 2 m? 3m? Sounds like a melee range.
same thing with exhaled poisons.... maybe a meter...

The difference is in how they work as that can make the difference in if they are effective. but they all appear to be a melee range attack option.

Thanks! But what about the effects? Do you get all effect for the venom in the same row or only one?

Just to make sure we are all on the same page and understanding everything... because some of us have been drinking. (ME!)

The way this all boils down is:

If you want a contact vector poison, AND you spend say 15 karma on this (deadly) what you have is:

A spit ( 5 extra karma) poison that has a SPEED of immediate, a Power of 12, causes Nausea; Paralysis; Physical Damage and has a Penetration of -2.

All that costs you a total of 20 karma.

The only thing that the Spitting/exhaling/injecting has to do is with the delivery method of the poison; And thus what protects against it best for a modifier.
a Spitting (Contact vector) poison is only good if you can land it on skin..
A exhaled (Inhalation vector) poison is only good if they breathe it in...
A injected (Injection vector) is only good if you can break the skin...

The rules for poisons can be found in the CRB page 408, as MC pointed out. Refer there for which poison does what by how and what does it. 
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