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Rules and such / Re: Is Quickening Metamagic a trap?
« Last post by brombur on (23:09:30/03-19-18) »
So I didn't see any restriction noted about spells that have sustain limits, ie Control actions/Thoughts. Could a mage use quickening on those sustain spells and create an army of permanently enslaved zombies? what about mob thoughts?
The Secret History / Re: MRU-13 and TRU-13
« Last post by firebug on (21:21:35/03-19-18) »
I love it when a freelancer is able to come on to the forum and give a bit of extra detail about something they wrote.  Shows how much you guys care.
General Discussion / Re: Dwarven Spacefarer's Guild
« Last post by Frost on (20:22:07/03-19-18) »
Nice, thanks! I came up with a dwarven corp-clan called the Cullstone's which are the pretty much the epitome of a dwarven culture in my game. They built a home/community inside of a mesa in the North American desert but have also purchased Diamond Head Crater in Hawaii. 
The Secret History / Re: MRU-13 and TRU-13
« Last post by Mystic on (20:05:50/03-19-18) »
Same unit, new name. Things change. But as the one who wrote that section, look at it this way: when the previous CO was "retired" for cowardice, the unit designation was changed slightly to remove the "taint" of the old one.

My two cents. Sorry it wasn't included, but word count sucks.
Gear / Re: Trolls and Goggles.
« Last post by dragonslayerclan on (19:43:40/03-19-18) »
OK me and my GM went over this in long detail.
Page 281 core Magic section

"Any technological visual aid that digitizes or augments the visual input
for you (a camera, electronic binoculars, Matrix feeds,
etc.) doesn’t work—you’re looking at a generated image,
not the light from the real target. Spellcasting by visual
targeting is subject to normal visibility modifiers. You can
use visual targeting to target astral targets when you’re
in astral space (you’re not technically seeing them, but
the analogy works).

Do to in the book  on Page 444 core VISION ENHANCEMENTS
is where the Samrtlink is it is not an overlay it is an digitize  VISION ENHANCEMENTS. YES image link is in the same part.
However Imagelink states out right you can see though it. so there for it is not a digitize vision.

With this being a HUGE misunderstanding. He is allowing me to do a complete rework of my Adetp Troll
That is an ok middle ground for me for now.

So now I am reworking him
things that have to stay the same:
Troll Adept
Shotgun user
with a little Demonlition
nothing over  Availability 19, 19r or 19f

I am keeping his body at 10 and going to get it to a 14 (though Adept power so i get extra hit boxes)
out side of that i have free rain to do a total rework.
b10/14 a4 r4 str5 will5 log4 cha 2
Skills and cyber/bioware and adpet powers (out side of body +4) are open to be played with.
He is not a melee or unarm monkey.

Any ideas would be helpful.
I only want to take 1 point of magic and ess lost. so not to cray on bio/cyberware. do to the fact i am keeping my body at 14
Bonelaceing is out. He feels it count to you aug body and really like having the extra hit boxes and overflow.
I like the Adept way the athete's way because I do plan on upping his Agility and Reaction to the max as well and that makes it cheaper to do so

thinking about these cyber/bioware.
Pain editor (no wound pen and +1 will while it is on)
Platelet Factories (- one damage sounds nice)
going to make them Deltaware if I can. the Suprathyriod Gland wound be Cool just the nuyen cost is to high. i will not have the nuyen to get it.
Gear / Re: Trolls and Goggles.
« Last post by Spooky on (17:23:35/03-19-18) »
So for my 2 nuyen on this: Natural lowlight or thermographic are always on, ie you always see better than other in lowlight conditions or you always see the heat profile of whatever you look at. Using cyber eyes, you instead have vision modes of normal, lowlight, and/or thermographic. You can only use one mode at a time (see the gear section on cybereyes for the printed specifics). Smartlink and Imagelink work like a HUD (Heads Up Display) system, creating an overlay of information on the mode of vision you are using. So if you want to use liwlight and thermographic at the same time, you need to have one in your eyes, and one on a screen (glasses, contacts, goggles, helmet's faceshield) in front of your eyes. This is how my character can use lowlight/thermographic, smartlink, and ultrasound simultaneously. Lowlight/thermographic and smartlink in the cybereyes, and ultrasound via imagelink on his helmet's faceshield. So he uses (for example) thermographic vision mode with smartlink overlay, while looking through the faceshield's imagelinked display of ultrasound imaging. Not perfect, but good enough to maneuver and fight in complete darkness, relatively unhindered.
Hope this helps.

PS since I am AFB right now, I can't give page numbers, but most of this comes from reading the gear section's descriptions of sensors and cybereyes.
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Neo-Tokyo FAQ Discussion
« Last post by tequila on (17:13:01/03-19-18) »
Are the following two official errata going to be used for Season 9+?  They are not in an errata PDF nor in the current printing of the the core rulebook, but significantly improve the lives of Technomancers.
Gear / Re: Trolls and Goggles.
« Last post by firebug on (15:02:15/03-19-18) »
It's kind of BS that your GM can use "what makes sense" to him but not to you.  Nowhere in the books does it say what you're looking at is a screen that blocks vision.  He's just assuming that.  The parts you shared is the evidence, but if he's not going along with how the game works, then I don't know what to say.

It does not have to be plugged into your brain to use those options.  It says "if you have a smartlink".  That's what that part of the sentence means.

The "balance" for smartlink is that you paid for it, that it's vulnerable to hacking.  Not that it blocks your vision...

Except... how would you have AR with something like Zoom?
This is why you have optical binoculars.. specifically so that you could use magical/adept powers while enhancing your vision.
Otherwise you must "replace" your vision with the new image. Hence a "screen".
Now extend this to something like low-light. Every pixel in your vision has to be "covered" by AR essentially blocking any normal vision.

Optical binoculars exist, yes, which is why the zoom feature makes sense for an argument, but not the other enhancements beside Vision Magnification.  It probably doesn't completely replace your vision, but shows you a picture-in-picture type box with the zoomed image.  Where does it say that becomes the only thing you can see?

Seeing as you can even have these vision enhancements added directly to your eyeballs via cybernetic enhancement, I think that makes it pretty damn clear that they don't stop you from seeing.  I have nothing more to add for both of you.  Overbyte, if you want to say people are blinded when they use Vision Magnification in your games go ahead.  Dragonslayerclan (who I almost typed as "dragonslayer-chan"), I'm sorry your GM seems to have an odd issue with this...  You may just have to accept that he's wrong and is going to force the game to work his way, or else find another GM.  If it's happening with something as basic as a smartgun, be prepared for it to happen many times over the course of the game.  I hope it isn't run into the ground because of his unbending attitude.
Character creation and critique / Re: Newbie friendly pre-gens.
« Last post by ShadowcatX on (14:49:51/03-19-18) »
For the Ork I do not believe you can purchase the full body helmet (or the chemical sealing) without the full body armor, they are additions to the body armor not entries in and of themselves.
Character creation and critique / Re: Newbie friendly pre-gens.
« Last post by Marcus on (13:16:24/03-19-18) »
I don't have serious effect issue with the Sami, stat wise it works fine.

As a side note you may want to consider swapping away from guns into melee weapons as we begin the transition into neo-tokyo.

If you insist on having a TM, then I'd just keep it strictly pet method, and add more drugs for more options. Pet method lets the GM handle it a little more, and gives the player the old team work options to help out with their pools. Add some light combat drugs, and maybe some social drugs, and at-least give a little more to do at the table.
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