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Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: What are your typical jobs you GM ?
« Last post by Overbyte on Today at 05:22:04 »
I run what appears to be (judging by these boards) a very atypical campaign.
There are only (currently) 2 players and a lot of what they do is not "runs". Instead it is more "stuff happens" cause you lead interesting lives and know interesting people.

For instance, an NPC shaman friend wants to Initiate and is going to do a walk-about, but wants protection from the Troll Samurai. They go walking in some pretty unsavory places and a whole series of events unfold.. they accidentally interrupt a drug deal between a Mob guy and some gangers and end up killing all of them (cause that's what happens when you take a shot at a Troll with a ton of cyberware). This gets the attention of the local mob boss who calls them in for questioning since he didn't know about the deal, and them the gangers want to know what happened to their buddies. This leads to more encounters with mobsters and gangers and a job from the gangers to kidnap the chemist responsible for making the designer drugs. No Johnsons, or fixers or legwork. Just stuff happening.

I do however, throw in "real shadowrunning" in between usually using some pre-made SR missions but alter the background (and adventure sometimes) a little to better fit in with the characters. I try to play to both my characters strengths (so they can command larger payouts) in terms of job generalities, and their weaknesses (for more interesting dice rolling) in terms of adventure details.

I don't usually give my guys many choices, because that would mean I would have to make up all the adventures they MIGHT take and as Trevor Noah says "Ain't nobody got time for that!".
Gamemasters' Lounge / Order of St Sylvester Stats for 5ed
« Last post by belaran on Today at 03:42:23 »
Hi all,

is there a book (maybe a mission) somewhere with sample stats for member of the Order of St Sylvester? I will be happy to not have to come up with those :)
Play-by-Post / Re: [5e OOC] Black Trenchcoat
« Last post by blackshade10 on Today at 01:57:38 »
I'm working on my character now.  Got qualities and stuff mostly worked out.

Very heavy cyborg, sneaky and stuff.  Has raptor feet and digigrade legs!

How does the crew assemble?  How do we meet?
Rules and such / Re: DV vs AV
« Last post by Streetsam_Crunch on Today at 01:16:49 »
Welcome back to the shadows!

Yup, I think anyone would be rusty after a few years away. Heck, I just finished a 4th ed. campaign so I keep getting the rules for 5th mixed up in my head with 4th.

No shame here. You weren't the first, nor will be the last, and it gave you a reason to hop in here and talk with the rest of us, so that's something, right? :)

The Secret History / Re: CAS/Aztlan border (Street Lethal spoiler)
« Last post by Opti on Today at 00:49:15 »
There  is no buffer zone. Yes, the PCC was given a chunk of what used to be Texas by Aztlan, but there is still a western (southwestern, really) border of the CAS that butts up against Aztlan. It happened in Dirty Tricks, "On August 7th, Aztlan president Enrico Silva sold a chunk of Aztlan territory that was once a part of New Mexico and Texas to
the Pueblo Corporate Council (or, more specifcally, to a consortium of Ute investors). It runs from the PCC down to El Paso, follows the Rio Grande, then heads straight north as it gobbles up Kermit. Aztlan keeps Odessa. " So basically, if you draw a line straight down New Mexico's eastern border down to the Rio Grande, that is now PCC. But Aztlan still hits the CAS. Things have been frosty between the CAS and Aztlan for a while, if "frosty" means things aren't good.

Regarding buying weapons from the Azzies... tensions have been high, but business is business. If they can get weapons at the right price, they will make deals with anyone. And it is mostly just Texas that has a big problem with the Azzies. They mostly stirred stuff up with Texas while they were a solo nation. Of course, Texas rejoined the CAS, but the damage had been done. Azzies are making an issue out of things by giving that land to the PCC, which was seen as a slight and is now causing the CAS to have a more fractured and insecure southwestern border.
The Secret History / Re: CAS/Aztlan border (Street Lethal spoiler)
« Last post by PiXeL01 on (23:53:25/06-24-18) »
Same. Iím pretty sure thatís a mistake from the authorís side. Aztechnology could just snap their fingers and CAS weapons would fall apart or at least keep sending faulty equipment 
I just realized that I didn't mention that this is for 4th edition. So some or all of your advice may be wrong. I am terribly sorry if it is.

To reiterate this is for 4th edition. There I said it, i'm sorry I didn't note that above.
Gear / Re: Street Lethal - New toys, few gems
« Last post by Kincaid on (22:35:43/06-24-18) »
Two quick notes:

The Alta's Availability should be R, not F.  That will be reflected in errata.
I think you're underestimating having a (cy) grenade launcher with an ammo select system.
Living Campaign GM chat / Re: Origins - Neo Tokyo
« Last post by Hobbes on (21:44:12/06-24-18) »
Why Edge? Are Masking,, Spellcasting, Stealth, etc, all irrelevant?

Sneaking skill likely won't matter, Masking would matter for sustains, I would say if a player is throwing spells with a Force 3 or 4 points lower than their Spellcasting the GM shouldn't be asking for an Edge check.  That's a tough spell to notice unless the spirit/security mage/whatever was Astrally right there to see it. 

Also note "...GM can..." so it's pretty much GM whim.  If you don't irritate the GM, you'll probably be fine.  Bring snacks, that helps.
Gear / Re: Street Lethal - New toys, few gems
« Last post by Hobbes on (21:34:17/06-24-18) »
I thought Penetrating Fire could also have some niche use against high Force Spirits for a group of mundanes.  Once they get big enough that even your APDS isn't doing anything, just pile it on until someone gets through.  I do like that the highest net DV gets the boost, so one person Edges to get their DV up, everyone else just needs one net hit to contribute to the AP. 

The Cavalier Flash scratches a very specific itch for which I am grateful, thank you.

And the Red Dot sight is going on every Gunslinger Adept ever.  And every Samurai with an Internal Router.  Wireless?  Never heard of it, sounds stupid.

I do wish some of the Krime stuff had some slightly better stats, as it stands its pretty much an RP choice.  I hate being penalized for choosing flavor, however minor. 
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