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Rules and such / Re: Magic fingers and foci
« Last post by catrone3 on Today at 20:24:22 »
Magic fingers are controlled and in possession by the mage and thus them controlling/having possession of a weapon would mean the mage is controlling the weapon, this is implied by any skills used with magic fingers use the mages skill level for it. This is also similar to how if there was an illegal substance in the car with you and you own the car, then you would get charged with possession because at that point it was in your possession. That is why I would say it is still in the magician's possession.
A look at what Aztecnology could become. And if nothing else some really cool examples of Heavy Milspec armor for the Jaguar Guards.

Ive just gotten ahold of the "book of the lost" it also featutes a lot of tarot stuff..... but im not quite sure what to make if it yet.
Does it have anything to do with your SWT book, and what is SWT?

... yes I know, no answers or suggestions for you- just questions :) but Im also intruiged by the tarot concept- just dont know how to handle it yet
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Neo-Tokyo FAQ Discussion
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 17:18:50 »
Yeah this negotiation topic is one of those things that gonna be awkward for awhile, right next to players are gonna wanna to pull swords instead of guns as the default plan B response.

But characters have etiquette on the sheet for a reason. 
Where is the beginner friendly AI Ok, then :)
You should definitely also have a B&E character also.

Im also a fan of the face, great concept. But she has weak immune system listed as a positive quality.

Im in general not fan of the more obscure allergies. Cotton for instance, or even gold wouldnt be any issue very often- or so rarely that a new player would have forgotten all about it after a dew gaming sessions.
I think the damage track of the shaman looks confusing with all them colours.
Rules and such / Re: Magic fingers and foci
« Last post by Kiirnodel on Today at 17:03:58 »
Personally, I would rather approach this from the other direction. What part of Magic Fingers qualifies as still within the Magician's possession? Yes, the item could be considered "possessed" in the demonic/spiritual sense, but the whole point of Magic Fingers is that it allows the magician to remotely manipulate an object outside of their direct possession.

Magic Fingers lets you manipulate an object "as if it were in hand." That doesn't mean it actually is in hand, nor in the magician's direct possession.
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Neo-Tokyo FAQ Discussion
« Last post by tequila on Today at 15:23:00 »
"That is a fair and generous offer, Tanaka-san, but..."
Rules and such / Re: Magic fingers and foci
« Last post by catrone3 on Today at 14:37:35 »
I would agree with the word change needed firebug, as possession as a word just means within one's control. And while I had been told that it has to be on your person by others, it let me rereading the book and noticing that in core the context about it is not there. This isn't the first thing I have noticed like that within core, where people always play it one way yet the context for that play is missing.

It would also be good to define aura and astral signature since you can track down someone by the astral signature even though their person only gives off an aura in the astral plane until they move.
Sounds to me like you still negotiate payment terms.  The FAQ is giving roleplaying tips on how negotation is actually handled in-character.  You'd come across as a crass gaijin if you just demanded mo' money rather than "reminding" Tanaka-san about your expenses and risks.
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Neo-Tokyo FAQ Discussion
« Last post by evilaustintom on Today at 14:23:11 »
Here's a question/concern...

The Missions FAQ draft seems to suggest that when getting hired for missions, you won't be 'negotiating' with your Mr. Johnson.  In Japanese cultures of Neo-Tokyo, it's considered 'bad form' to ask for more money - they give you what they give you (the best they can) up front.  If they feel generous after the fact, they might reward you with more later...that seem to be the gist at least.  Am I getting that right?

If so, that might be something to stress to potential face characters.  Also, the negotiation skill becomes much less important (although still useful in OTHER negotiating scenes). 

Unless I'm understanding it wrong, and there IS still a negotiation with Mr. Johnson (or rather, the Japanese equivalent)...but it's done in a completely different way - all subtle, and perhaps 'unspoken' (so you still roll to see how well you do, and your successes can adjust the pay for your job).

So...I guess my simple question is...which is it?
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