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Play-by-Post / Re: The Found Arcana Chapter 2
« Last post by Jack_Spade on Today at 07:26:46 »
Bobby „MadCat“ Walker (Amerindian)     
Karma Award: 29/30 (5 from Remaining Karma) 

8k reward turns to 6800 after taxes - all that goes to reduce the In Debt quality down from 30.000 to 23.200
Spending 4 Karma to reduce the quality down to In Debt II. (End of the month the debt will still rise by 2320 Nuyen to 25.520 Nuyen)
10 Karma go to Flesh Sculpter quality, 15 Karma go to Taboo Transformer, leaving me with 1 Karma

BOD   5   
REA   2(5)   (10 Karma)
AGI   2   (10 Karma)
STR   3   
CHA   4   
INT   6   
LOG   3   
WIL   5   
EDG   2   
MAG   7   
ESS   6   
Phys   6   
Ment   6   
Soc   6(7)   
Exceptional Attribute MAG   14   
Quick Healer   3   
Agile Defender   3   
Mentor Spirit (Beast aka: Shark) – Mentor‘s Mask   5   
Taboo Transformer
Flesh Sculpter I
Super Human Psychosis   -2   
National SIN (Sioux)   -5   
In Debt 2     
Did you just call me dumb   -3   
Impassive   -7   
Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)   -4   
Stealth   6   
Outdoors   4   
Unarmed (Tooth and Claw)   6(   +3
Spellcasting (Manipulation)   6(   
Gymnastics (Dodge)   6(   
Perception   6   
Intimidate (Mental)   6(   
Armorer (Armor)   1(3)   
Piloting Ground   1   
Pistols   6   
Assensing (Aura Reading)   4(6)   
Knowledge Skills:     
English (N)     
Lakota   6   
Arcana   6   
Magical Threats   4   
Underworld   3   
Zoology   5   
Military (Sioux)   3   

Fighting Styles:
 + Sweep
 + Counterstrike
Talismonger (Bill Wildwater) 5/2     
Captain Razak (SDF) 4/3     
Lysander (Info Broker) 3/1
Livewire (Neo-Anarchist hacker) 3/3       
Adept Powers (Sioux Tradition):     
Killing Hands     
Increased Reflexes  3   3,5   
AGI Boost   0,25   
BOD Boost   0,25   
Astral Perception   1   
Adept Spell (Shapechange, Fetish)   1   
Heightened Concern   0,5   
Critical Strike   0,5   
Elemental Strike (Electricity)   0,5   
Demara   0,5   
Equipment   26000   
Fake SIN 2   -4000   
Armored Jacket   -1000   
 + ShockFrills   -250   
Critter Armor 12   -600   
 +Electrical Insulation 6   -1500   
 +Chemical Protection 6   -1500   
Critter Googles R6   -300   
 +Persona Mod (2 Electronic Packs)   -500   
 +Flare compensation   -250   
 +Low Light Vision   -500   
 +Visual Enhancement R3   -1500   
Comlink R1   -100   
Trodes   -70   
Respirator R6   -300   
Survival Kit   -200   
Fetish   -2000   
Livestyle Medium (Shared)   -1900   
1/4 of the Team Car -4000   
Reagents 50   -1000   
Stealth Tags 30   -30   
Medkit R3   -1500   
Miniwelder    -250   
Defiance Ex Shocker   -250   
 +Laser Sight   -125   
 +Quickdraw Holster   -175   
 + 20 Taser Darts   -100   
 +Peronalized Grip   -100   
Luggage (good) (Backpack)   -100   
 + Roll of duct tape   -5   
Amorer Toolkit   -500   
Microtransceiver -100
Money on Hand   1925   


Recruiting Interview with Specialist Robert Walker:
Son of War Shaman Yanni "Dark Crow" Walker and Environmental Engineer Elisabeth Miller (official resident).
Born August 12th 2051 in Cheyenne.
Developed strong physical magical talent during highschool, was recruited into Sioux Defense Forces at age 17, recommended for special training at 18. Completed tour of duty at [Classified] and [Classified], talent for infiltration and scout duties. Recommended for special operations, recommendation rescinded due to disciplinary problems.
Barred from further promotions, honorable discharge in 2073. Assessment by Shaman Bill Whitewater indicates severe totemic influence over personality and/or corrupted totem (Hunger/Wendigo classification).
Self employed tourist guide, private detective and suspected mercenary work.
Currently in debted to the Tiošpaye.

Assessment: Ready for recruitment

Cpt. Razak: Mr. Walker, how are you? It's been a while since we met.
Robert Walker: Yeah, long time no see... Could be better, could be worse. Anyone still alive from the 16th?
CR: The 16th never dies - though no, no-one you'd know is still around. I heard you had some trouble recently? Something about a lost consignment for the extended Family?
RW: You looking for trouble? Cause asking stuff like that is a quick way to getting digested by coyotes. I've got nothing to do with those assholes since Charlie took over.
CR: Fair enough. But you are still looking for gainful employment, aren't you? See kid, I always had a week spot for you and your abilities. A real shame that those pencil pushers couldn't overlook that little scuffle you had with Seargent What's-his-name.
RW: Ha. Asshole deserved it.
CR: Well, maybe you didn't have to turn into a Chimpanzee, knock him out and throw your own feces at him.
RW: Didn't have to - wanted.
CR: *Sigh* - Just for your information, it took me considerable effort to prevent them from just throwing you into prison and losing the key. The honorable discharge was the best I could do for you.
RW: And my eternal gratitude it has ensured. What do you want? I've got a child's birthday party to entertain and need to get into character soon.
CR: How would you like to work for a real PI agency? In Seattle. A regular income, no troubles with the NAN authorities, interesting jobs and a new start?
RW: Yeah - what's the catch?
CR: From time to time you'd be approached by someone who gives you a job you can't refuse - still payed of course.
RW: So black ops on forreign soil? Eh, what the hell, I'm in. At least it can't be as boring as the shit I do right here...
Play-by-Post / The Found Arcana Chapter 2
« Last post by gilga on Today at 04:14:01 »
The next chapter will be approximately two weeks after the first one. So no need to pay rent/interest of debt just yet, but debt is still serious as we do have serious jobs all the time.

Please post here your updated characters, and spend the karma with whatever you think was reasonable to accomplish within two weeks. As for rewards we get: 32k split 4 ways which are 8k each, and a used Dodge Xenon. We need to decide what to do with the Dodge - keep or sell. 

For Sell: It is worth 18k new, so 25-50% of the sticker price for selling it used. (does that make sense?

AM would suggest us keeping it, and using it as a secondary car in case we need to split up. She would argue that we can always sell it later if we're short on cash and must repay the debt.

He raises his hands briefly.  "Yes, fine.  32,000 nuyen, and a used Dodge Xenon - paid upon delivery of my son, reasonably unharmed.  I know that these groups, these... Halloweeners, are not gentle men.  I know..." He looks away and massages the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.  "I know they may have already hurt him.  He may be scraped and bruised.  They may have taken that ridiculous hand of his...  But I expect him to be protected, and delivered in a condition no worse than when you find him."
In one of the older corporate books, there was a troll sitting by a pool with a group of girls with barcodes reading Ellen's Escorts. Perhaps that picture will help?
Rules and such / Re: Immunity to normal weapons and armour vests?
« Last post by Marcus on (12:34:37/11-17-18) »
For the sake of argument say the average runner packs an Ares predator V with ex-rounds for a 9P AP -2 they have by whatever gear, stat, skill a shooting pool of 15 that gives them 5 success on average. Scaling damage up to 14P AP -2

If hardened armor target is holding still and not dodging they can punch a hole in hardened up 13, so possible something along the lines of force 6 spirit is about the top of that range, if you figure back in dodge rolls.

7 is pushing, and 8 is gonna pretty much mean they can't hurt it.

Now if you add body armor over ItNW, and start messing around with order of operations things can get more predictable as long as AP applies to non hardened armor first. In the other direction it more to player advantage.
Play-by-Post / Re: The Found Arcana OOC
« Last post by gilga on (12:09:48/11-17-18) »
Okay, in that case, I'll have AM as an NPC. Mainly to give you matrix support. I'll have some post ready soon. If you change your mind Lorebane I'll write you into the story.
Drakes are in howling shadows... but they have some issues :)
I dont know if we have a stat block of one though.
Rules and such / Re: Immunity to normal weapons and armour vests?
« Last post by Marcus on (11:59:29/11-17-18) »
Nothing in the rules specifies order of operation.
The RAW is pretty clearly says it stacks, but beyond that it doesn't say anything else.
Which to me says it' GM discretion.
We don't actually have drakes stated in 5th do we?
Oh Yeah, forgot body score as additional soak Dice.

yeah the body armor would end up munching all the AP.

Attacker hits with 12P -4ap attack.

First he soaks with armor jacket rating 10: 10-4ap=soak of 6. He nets two soak successes on average reducing the damage from 12 to 10p.

If the attack is mundane then continue against his itnw power conferred armor:

itnw armor of 10 up against that 10P damage code.
He get 5 auto successes reducing it to 5p damage.
His armor of 10 nets 3 successes on average reducing the damage code to 2p.

Hhmm in your example what would happen if the mundane armour managed to soak 1 more dmg, thus dropping the remaining dmg below the ItNW armour value. Technically it would be immune to the remaining dmg.

I Think I would prefer the hardened armour to be affected first by the AP,  thus lessening its power somewhat. (Though, Of course that would mean that Drakes are less powerful as well).

So the spirit would have an armour value of 20. (10 of those are hardened and 10 are normal). Any AP is applied to the hardened armour first.
If the dmg value is lower than the modified armour value, but equal to or higher than the modified hardened armour, then the damage is stun.
If the dmg is lower than the modified hardened armour, then No damage is dealt.
Very interesting...nice find!!
Looking for Games / Re: GM Seeking Players for Discord PbP
« Last post by AJCarrington on (09:04:41/11-17-18) »
I’d be interested...will drop you a note on Reddit
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