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Gear / Re: SR6 Custom Sniper Rifle and Accessory Questions
« Last post by Crystalnix on Today at 01:40:04 »
Thanks SL. Ill take a look at the different combos. In all actuality, Im designing this weapon for not one, but for two of my characters. The plan was for each of them to have a copy of the setup I settle on and have the two of them working together. I was looking at the Eagle Eye not only of the attack rating buff at the ranges I wanted but also for it automatically coming with the ultrasound sensor. But I will definitely take what you have said under advisement. Thanks again SL.
Gear / Re: SR6 Custom Sniper Rifle and Accessory Questions
« Last post by Sir Ludwig on <11-28-20/2213:04> »

Welcome to the forums.

So Eagle Eye on FS page p73. 

We had a dwarf snipper that tricked out a Barrett.  He came up with a better build using a combination of accessories (CRB p251-257) and weapon modifications.  The only thing I remember was barrel extension.  I believe he had done the math and he was better off doing that then getting the Eagle Eye.  He also liked it better because it fit the shooter knowing his weapon.  You may want to look at some combinations to see if you get a better mouse trap.


Gear / SR6 Custom Sniper Rifle and Accessory Questions
« Last post by Crystalnix on <11-28-20/0450:31> »
So I was looking over the Ranger Arms Eagle Eye Targeting Sensor Suite and if Im understanding this right, the sensor suite would need its own accessory slot even if you were connecting it to a weapons imaging scope. So the whole setup would take two of the three accessory slots found on rifle type weapons(the top and bottom slots). Im not sure if I got this right and wouldnt mind the clarification. Trying to build a long range, high-power rifle for both late game and character generation type characters since there are certain things not available at character generation that are better than some of the initial options that are available at character generation. This weapon is for an extremely specialized long range assassin type character Im working on. Long and extreme ranges are where Im hoping for this type of weapon to excel
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: Slip Streams is out
« Last post by Beta on <11-27-20/1517:41> »
It has probably been available for a while, but I can confirm I picked up the hardcover in my FLGS last weekend.

And I asked this elsewhere but I'll try in this thread too: inside the front and back cover of the hardcover is a stylized map, looks like of some port city.  Anyone know what city is?
To be precise, two of them. FfF/FvV and SU. Also the only two I know of.
Previous Editions / Re: SR5 Image/Soundlink
« Last post by Hanzo on <11-26-20/0108:51> »
Wow ! I've completely forgotten about the Internal Router ! Thanks for the tips !
Previous Editions / Re: SR5 Image/Soundlink
« Last post by Xenon on <11-25-20/1327:07> »
Accessories typically share the same icon as the device they are part of.

Note that your cybereyes are connected via your nervous system (not to be confused with DNI). No wireless connection is normally needed. Unless your augmentation provide you with a wireless bonus that you need (in the case of cybereyes perhaps a smartlink accessory if you want to get a positive dice pool modifier while firing your smartgun).

Also.... If you have an Internal Router then you will still benefit from the wireless bonus even though your augmentation is wireless disabled.
General Discussion / Re: Riggers
« Last post by Finstersang on <11-25-20/1043:21> »
Drones get 3 dice so 1/4 Actions, which is fine to me, but I want them to be able to go higher, even if expensive. You can go higher with augmentations, drugs, magic, cyberjacks, but Pilot programs cannot ever be boosted further. That's why I'd want some way to make them even faster, for the one Rigger drone/vehicle that really needs to be able to handle itself.

Im mostly on the same page here: With the right mods, a Drone should be able to get to 4 or even 5 dice, along with the corresponding Actions. Im just critical of the fact that their default score is already so high, so that theres less room for such modifications (and Control Rigs!) to shine and less variation among drone speeds. Thats why I would have preferred a smaller default ID count for Drones, about 1-2.

That being said: "Nerfing" the default ID scores in a later supplement is certainly not a good idea, because it will rub players the wrong way. However, there are still ways to introduce "slower" drones: Besides Mods that add ID, there could also be options that subtract  them:

  • In 5th Edition, Riggers could also reduce attributes to make room for more Modifikations. That could be extendended to the number of IDs as well.
  • Some Drone Modells might also have this trait by default.
  • Likewise, cheap "Second-Hand"-Drones might come with variable flaws, including slower Autopilots

Side note: Stuff like this is an often overlooked design space. When you ask players what they want to see in the future, they will mostly list upgrades, but "voluntary" downgrades and restrictions in exchange for price reduction or other perks can be just as important to make things more interesting. In the same vein, Id really like to see a comeback of Geasa in a Magic Supplement.     

Something else I want: Formalizing that all drones function by Grunt Group, some just are better at it.

Good idea! The F-B Blackhawk already has this trait. Could be formalized as the effect of an Autosoft or Upgrade that the Blackhawk already has by default. 
Previous Editions / Re: SR5 Image/Soundlink
« Last post by Hanzo on <11-25-20/0245:48> »
Thanks for the idea with the DNI!

In the first hand I was wondering not about how to get Image/Sound link, but if those mods (as well as all other mods for cybernetic aymentations like cyberhands, cyberears, cybereyes) put the augmentation itself at risk of complete bricking.

Fo instance Basic cybereye system comes with the Imagelink mod. I can turn in off and on. If a decker see its icon in the Matrix, will brick only the mod, will he put down my entire cybereyes system?
Off-off-topic / Re: Cyberpunk-Black Friday deals?
« Last post by cantrip on <11-25-20/0045:01> »
Ooh - Nice!  8)
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