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Shadowrun: Anarchy / Anarchy Podcast
« Last post by Navigator on Today at 17:04:53 »
Do you feel you need more Anarchy in your life?
Have you ever wondered what happens when runners try to steal an 8’ stunt mecha?
Or had daydreams about tasering that estate agent? (I won't judge)
Just want some mission notes to fall back on?

Don’t worry, chummer. Nathan Blade’s “The Talent Agency” has your delinquent needs covered.

Mission Notes can be found here:
Character creation and critique / Re: Technomancer for possible novel
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 16:16:12 »
What's your status with this Manchuwook?
Gonna re-make in alternative generation method? Tough it out?
Megaldons would require a freaking epic amount of food. Like blue whale sized. So make sure you keep your facility well supplied. You don't want rogue megaldons going out for snackies!! Oh no. That would be bad!
In previous years, when I've played Shadowrun Specials at Gen Con (I certainly haven't played the specials every year), the organizers provided pregenerated characters.  Since Gen Con's special this year takes place in Neo-Tokyo, I thought I'd ask, just to make sure...

Are y'all providing pregens for the event?  Or do we get to use Shadowrun missions character from Neo-Tokyo?  In the unlikely event we can use Missions characters, will we get logs for playing the special event?
What the facility is for will help determine where it should be. And, don't forget the logistical side of things either! While it sounds really cool to have a facility in space to keep it safe, the logistics of that say "Hell NO!" Especially if what happens in the facility has nothing to do with space.

Generally speaking, the things you have to worry about are:  Power, Water, Food, and housing.

Building a facility somewhere there is no electrical grid is a huge problem as you now have to figure out how to power that facility. Do you build your own power generating station? What type is it?

People need Water to survive, and a lot of it! On average you need around 2 liters a day per person... which weighs about 1kilo per liter.
People also need to eat! on average, a person eats 2 to 4 kg of food a day.
And, people need to sleep, shower, and all the rest of it which means housing... a cramped jail cell is still 3 meters by 2 meters.... which people can live it.. unhappily.

All said, this is a HUGE expenditure for a Corp to set up, and we haven't even talked about maintenance and upkeep, or staffing or the equipment in the facility or to build the facility!

So, know what the facility is going to do, THAT will tell you where it is located, and from there, you can turn that environment to your advantage.   
Or (at least for a pure research type facility), borrow a page from the Deathlands series, and put it under something like Lake Mead, with underground access through the Dam itself. Just a thought.
Rules and such / Re: Bull's Eye Double-Tap / Burst
« Last post by Spooky on Today at 15:17:01 »
Or for when you need to take down that assault troll, use the Barrett......
Alright guys, if you have any characters you wanna discuss, just send them to me, I'll have a look.
Living Campaign Discussion / CMP 2017-09 thru CMP 2017-12
« Last post by mbisber on Today at 14:46:43 »
I note that there are four CMPs that I've never played. Will they be available: where/when?

Pepka  Series:
CMP  2017
09  Winter’s  Mirror

CMP  2017
10  Seelie  Rivalry

CMP  2017
11  Treasured  Possessions

CMP  2017
12  Fae  Safari
Rules and such / Re: Bull's Eye Double-Tap / Burst
« Last post by Tecumseh on Today at 14:08:10 »
That's a good use too, especially since high-Force spirits can be dodgy little fraggers that can be hard to drill with a -4 modifier. So much the better if they don't get to dodge at all.
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