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General Discussion / Read only if you are serious men!
« Last post by DorisGew on Today at 00:41:51 »
Write only if you are serious! Jess. Age 26.
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Rules and such / Re: [6e] Deferring actions
« Last post by Redwulfe on Today at 00:16:19 »
Well i was starting to try and find out if this was possible and found this thread.

At several points it seemed to go back and forth and then I heard that there was no need for a mechanic and I would have to disagree. since the person i disagree with seems to be someone that occasional has the ear of people higher up the food chain I think it is important to concede adding a Mechanic, and yes we can hope that their will be one in firing squad, whenever that comes out.

The reason a mechanic is needed is because without it you are punishing players for doing well especially in Missions play where different GMs will allow or not allow tweaks to the system. The following scenario is why I think that it is important to allow a mechanic to delay an action.

Player group sets up their safe house to get alerted if NPC group tries to attack. NPC group triggers the alert GM tells everyone to roll initiative. PC group rolls well and NPC group is outside. PC groups losses first actions because they did well and played smart. NPC group gets to go first and shoot at PC group which could be deadly to this combat.

There should be a way for the PC group to get their well deserved fist attacks without having to shoot prematurely through a barrier. In this scenario which has happened in a few games i have been in the PCs would have been punished for doing good if the GM had not houseruled it. but in Missions play you can not guarantee your GM will do this, So a mechanic allows the player the option to at least point out the GM that the book allows them something.
Hi guys,

the title says it all. I will be using 5ed rules because I have them. The one thing I will houserule is that I will not use noise. They will all meet in a van or Hotel rum and then go online. The entire thing will take place in the matrix. I not sure about marks. Should I houserule that one mark is enough ?

All characters will be either deckers or technomancers ( I told my players that, and they can disign their avatar and programms however they like).

For starters I am thinking about a classic simple datasteal. Meet the Johnson, gather info, break in and then leave.

For those who have used the matrix....any tips or recommendations.

Cheers Seras

Gamemasters' Lounge / Re: The New Adventures of Insect Spirits
« Last post by cantrip on <04-03-20/1150:32> »
Or he isn't infested by anything, and just got offered one big golden parachute. Oops!
Ha! That's great-so many shenanigans and potential repercussions.  ;D
Gear / Re: 6E Gear PAKS
« Last post by Shadowhack on <04-03-20/0929:07> »
Because at the time I was making the pack I had a vision of an 8'6 485 pound troll wielding them. But your right. For a human sized person it makes so sense.
Anyone making a Shadowrun character generator is going to have to make some rules calls along the way.  I don't believe any of them have any special channel of communication to CGL for clarification.  At least no better than anyone else does.

Like I said, you could argue the RAW for either case for multiple qualities.  Whatever works for you table. 

For the build, reducing or eliminating Negative Qualities "just" reduces Karma available.  Exceptional Attribute Agility would be the first to go as it's a pure luxury pick, which frees up an Attribute point for either Str or Logic which frees up 10 Karma as well.  You could do this build without Impaired Attribute at all if it's banned at your table if you replace Exceptional and Impaired Attribute qualities with three Negative Qualities, and only loose one point of Agility.  Not a big deal.
So, I offer two things: A bit of light in the current dismal quarantine and the invention of the slap patch.

Coronavirus Vaccine?
Doesn't specifically limit or enable multiple attributes.  I'm good with either interpretation at any given table.  But Allergy and Addiction are similar, they don't specifically enable or prohibit taking multiple times.

I'm just going off of what HLO allows since they are pretty much on the ball with these things.
Errata / Re: [SR6] Sixth World Core Book Errata File
« Last post by Michael Chandra on <04-02-20/1412:49> »
Guess Hardy forgot about uploading it after the long weekend. -,-
Errata / Re: [SR6] Sixth World Core Book Errata File
« Last post by skalchemist on <04-02-20/1404:58> »
It seems that the document was released after all.

EDIT: to be clear, I'm taking complete credit for this, since I sent a message to Catalyst Game Labs on Facebook two days ago asking about this file.  You can thank me now.   ;D
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