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General Discussion / Re: Street lethal is live
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 04:04:02 »
Just looked it over and it seems at first glance pretty good. Not happy with the future tech section but it does have some interesting metaplot style stuff in there. Can hardly wait to read the corpsec and mercenary stuff.

The Directed energy stuff, the gravity stuff, a good chunk of the book is clearly just GM plot gear. We had a thread talking about prototype tech in here awhile back, which these like all perfect examples of.

I do think we got a lot of cool gear out of the book we can and will use, and it's is really great to see the small unit tactics rules back in action.

Rules and such / Re: DV vs AV
« Last post by Marcus on Today at 03:28:31 »
As a long time exalted player I can totally understand the impulse.
Rules and such / Re: Qualities dictating a Young Character
« Last post by fseperent on Today at 02:09:04 »
Might I offer a suggestion for building a young character?

Life Modules with Nationalities, Formative years, and possibly Teen years modules only.
Can only add 2 to any skills or attributes after life modules.
Maximum Availability at 6 or 8.
Play-by-Post / Re: [5e OOC] Black Trenchcoat
« Last post by Csjarrat on Today at 01:32:33 »
Matrix clarifications look good. Will gen up a character!
General Discussion / Re: Street lethal is live
« Last post by kyoto kid on (23:59:10/06-23-18) »
...need to wait until next month.  From what I have already gleaned, has some wonderful toys that will really work well in Missions Season 9.
General Discussion / Re: Chummer for 5th Edition
« Last post by kyoto kid on (23:45:44/06-23-18) »
Can't replicate it on a 5.200.2 equivalent. What build version are you on?
... 5.198.
Rules and such / Re: Qualities dictating a Young Character
« Last post by Marcus on (21:26:22/06-23-18) »
Am I the only one who remembers otaku?

I haven't forgotten Otaku, and yes i can recall probably half a dozen maybe sight less otaku NPCs. There were issues with them being children. Admittedly not all of them. They were never popular with the peeps i played with in 3rd, and honestly My memory of that time and those rules is not strong and I would have to  go digging for much of those rules.

But it's not mistake that Otaku were replaced with TM in 4th, and were no longer subject to the rules otaku were.

Looking for Games / Runner in Scotland looking for game
« Last post by MarkAColes on (19:14:35/06-23-18) »

Returning player to Shadowrun looking for an online group to play and learn more about SR5.

Can anyone help a runner out?
Rules and such / ""
« Last post by ThurmanWeiva on (18:33:56/06-23-18) »
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Hah.  Now I need a breakdown of the drones.  Those sound fun to play with. 
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