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Title: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <12-03-12/1301:19>
Come join us at Ohaycon 2013!

We will be running Shadowrun Missions and CMPs (Convention Mission Packs) to go along with the conventions theme:  Zombies (and horror)!

Where:  Great Columbus Convention Center
             Columbus, OH
             Room assignment:  TBD

When:  18-20 Jan 2013, various times

To purchase a badge, please visit:
 - NOTE:  Shadowrun events are free to attend as long as you have an Ohayocon badge, but you must have the badge.

To see what we're running and to pre-register, please visit:

To get more information on Shadowrun Missions, please visit:
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <12-10-12/1543:02>
Here is the current schedule for Shadowrun events at Ohayocon 2013.  We will have additional Agents on hand to run pick up SRMs/CMPs, so come on out and have some fun!

Day   Date   Time   Event
Friday   18-Jan   1200   Welcome to the Sixth World
Friday   18-Jan   1400   CMP 2011-03 Threads of the Past
Friday   18-Jan   1800   CMP 2012-01 Swing Vote
Friday   18-Jan   1800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Friday   18-Jan   TBD   Shadowrun Panel
Saturday   19-Jan   0800   Welcome to the Sixth World
Saturday   19-Jan   0800   SRM04-08 Brothers United
Saturday   19-Jan   0800   CMP 2010-04 Humanitarian Aid
Saturday   19-Jan   1300   Welcome to the Sixth World
Saturday   19-Jan   1300   SRM04-06 Hard Target
Saturday   19-Jan   1300   SRM04-10 Romero and Juliette
Saturday   19-Jan   1800   Turf War Terror:  A Shadowrun LARP
Sunday   20-Jan   1000   SRM04-07 Burn
Sunday   20-Jan   1000   SRM04-09 Assassin Nation
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <12-17-12/1441:59>
Just a little over four weeks left until Ohayocon!  We still have plenty of seats available at our different events!  Head on over to the above links and prepare for some fun!
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <12-24-12/0735:24>
Looking for a last minute Christmas gift for that Shadowrunner in your family?  Why not get them a badge for Ohayocon 2013 (  They can use that badge to play any of the Shadowrun events being run there.  Check out to see what is being run and to pre-register for events.
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <12-31-12/0910:36>
Only 18 days left until Ohayocon!  We still have seats left for pre-registration, so please hurry on over to the links above to reserve your spot!

As an FYI, we do have outstanding CDT Agents willing to run pick up games if all the events fill up...but it's best to pre-reg as soon as possible.
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <01-09-13/0941:10>
Shadowrun fans, we have a mere 9 days left until Ohayocon.  Pre-registration will remain open until 17 Jan 2013 @ 0800.  Hurry on over to reserve your seat at one of our SRMs/CMPs and the Shadowrun LARP...or if you're not familiar with Shadowrun, we do have Welcome to the Sixth World events available.

If you see that an event is full, have no fear, we have an excellent group of CDT SR Agents willing to run pick up games.

Thanks and look forward to seeing ya'll there!
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <01-18-13/0617:47>
If you're planning on coming out this weekend, we have been scheduled to run in the McKinley room.  Hope to see you there!
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: BadMug on <01-21-13/0323:20>
I just wanted to say that Ohayocon was my first time gaming in a convention setting and how much of an absolute blast it was.    It was really fantastic to get to see how other people operated, and to get to experience some absolutely great GMs!   I am relatively new to the game, and this lot was more than helpful in aiding me in getting a better grasp on game play, offering some suggestions on karma expenditure (Edge was a great choice!), and suggesting gear.   

I really hope to see them all again next year at 2014 and It'll be hard for me to -not- go to origins, just as an excuse to get another weekend of running in.   


Thanks for coming and It was great to game with you all!
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: DWC on <01-21-13/2222:46>
Welcome to the Shadowrun Convention community.  Glad you had a great time!
Title: Re: Ohaycon 2013
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on <01-24-13/0755:03>

I am really glad that you enjoyed yourself!  I know the CDT Agents that ran Missions had a great time as well!

Thank you for coming out and just to ease your mind, we wii definitely be there next year!  The Shadowrun fans made it a huge success and Ohayocon definitely sees the value of having us there in force.

They were so impressed by the turn out that we should be able to add Battetech and Leviathans next year without any issues!

Thanks for supporting the CDT and Shadowrun!

Yes, come to Origins!