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Title: SRM 04-00 - Back in Business - Play Report & Spoiler
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Shadowrun Play Report
4-00 Back in Business

Six Players
Face (Veteran Player)
Infiltrator (Veteran Player)
Marine (Fairly new)
Street Samurai (Pregen, new)
Weapon Specialist (Pregen, new)
Sprawl Ganger (Pregen, new)

Time: 4 hour slot

Setup: I was brand new to Shadowrun, so I knew running a mission would be a challenge.  Two of the players were veterans and helped the other four with questions.  Since I knew that play would be interrupted, I chose not to run any of the Push the Envelope sections.

I skipped most of the first scene with the rock concert.  Since I knew I was not going to Push the Envelope, it didn't make sense to go into any detail.

The second scene with McCallister was mostly short.  The Face did most of the talking and got the max for negotiation.  I chose to reveal that the missing person (Fiona) was supposed to arrive last night on a flight from Istanbul.  McCallister had no confirmation that the missing person had arrived and if so which hotel the missing person was staying at.  McCallister also reveals that the client, Moreau, only cares about the fate of the missing girl.

I chose not to have Nazaire confront the group after leaving McCallister; I knew that the investigation into Fiona's disappearance would either alert Nazaire or lead the players to him as a possible source of information.

The Face contacted Moreau for more information, but I chose to have Moreau not know whether or not Fiona made it through Seattle International.  The Face also asked if Fiona was on any medications.  I chose to have Moreau reveal that Fiona was taking a legal prescription for Diazepam.

The Sprawl Ganger asked his BTL Dealer if there was any push for Diazepam.  The roll was a fail and I decided that the result was that there was no push.

The Weapon Specialist used his Arabic military connections to determine Fiona's travel.  I chose to reveal that there is no direct flight from Istanbul to Seattle, and that his military contact had done a search on Fiona herself at Vegas and found a strange rock.  The contact had Fiona and the strange rock continue on to Seattle, thus confirming that Fiona did arrive in Seattle.

The Infiltrator then used his contacts to determine if Fiona was meeting with anyone to sell the artifact.  I chose to reveal that she was supposed to meet with Nazaire.  The Face contacted the Atlantean Foundation and arranged a meet.

The Face met with Nazaire.  In exchange for obtaining the artifact, I chose to have Nazaire reveal that he was supposed to meet with Fiona at her hotel (Mulvihill) to discuss the artifact.  Further, Nazaire offered money for the artifact.  The Face negotiated up the price.

The Face contacted Tosh Athack to determine if there was anything strange about the hotel.  I chose to have Tosh reveal that there have been no violent crimes reported at the hotel for the last few years.

For infiltrating the hotel, the Infiltrator donned an invisibility suit while the Face demanded the clerk to take him up to Fiona's room.  The roll (amazingly) succeeded, so I chose to have the hotel security team escort the Face to the door of the room.  The Face knocked and (of course) no one answered.  The security team held the Face at a distance while four of the security team checked the room.  While the door was open the invisible Infiltrator snuck in and quietly communicated that fact to the Face.  The security team informed the Face that Fiona was not present.

Meanwhile, the other players waited in the lobby.  Another security team questioned their legitimacy in being there.  The Marine used her knowledge of military command structure to intimidate the security team and they backed off.

The Infiltrator found Fiona's journal and obtained information about the Morel Stone.  The Infiltrator then quietly left the room.

The Face questioned the security team regarding Fiona's departure.  I chose to reveal that Fiona left earlier that morning in a taxi.

The Sprawl Ganger checked with the taxis outside of the hotel to see if there were any gang members.  I chose to reveal that they were, and the Sprawl Ganger used his knowledge of gangs to find out that a taxi dropped Fiona off with Captain Jack Turner near the main entrance to the Ork Underground.  The taxi driver also stated he was surprised that Captain Jack Turner was still alive after being shot up years ago.

The Face contacted Tosh to get information on Jack.  I chose to have Tosh reveal that there are no current warrants on Jack because the system has him labelled as deceased.  Getting the system updated would take a few days.

The Sprawl Ganger used his gang connections to arrange a meet with the Skraachas in the Ork Underground so that the party could obtain a guide to Jack.  Since this bypassed the main entrance to the underground, I chose to move the Reality Hackers across the street from the cafe that the Skraacha meet was scheduled.  The meet took place in a diner in a large tunnel area.

The Sprawl Ganger negotiated with the Skraachas to obtain information about Jack and get a guide.  I chose to have the Skraacha cutout reveal that Jack has been supplying the Reality Hackers with weapons.  The Skraacha cutout offered to provide a guide to the dock area in return for any and all weapons in Jack's warehouse and on any corpses.  The guide would in way assist with the fighting.

As the party was about to exit, I had the blast doors close on both ends of the tunnels.  The party then heard the Reality Hackers scream "It's a Skraacha trap!" while locking and loading their weapons.  The Skraacha then scream "It's a Reality Hacker trap!".  I informed the party that there are innocent civilians who could get killed in the cross-fire.  The Marine argued to just kill them all, but the party deferred to the Face's promises of resolving this without bloodshed.

The Face first spoke to the Skraachas and promised them that it was a police tactic to just try to get the two gangs to kill each other.  This was a high difficulty, and the Face succeeded.  The Face then spoke with the Reality Hackers to convince them that the Skraacha were too dumb to know how to properly operate electronics for the blast doors.  Again, this was high difficulty and the Face succeeded.

The Infiltrator attempted to open the blast doors on his own and failed.  Knight Errant then broke through and detained the Infiltrator and the Face.  I then had one of Tosh's hackers explore the blast door and reveal that Jack was responsible.  DA Oaks then expedites an arrest warrant for Jack and through Tosh offers a deal for Jack alive.  The Face negotiated up and succeeded.

The party continued on to Jack's warehouse.  Since they didn't have any real magic support, I chose to remove the two fire spirits and leave the two watcher spirits observing the outside.  The Face used his assensing skill to spot the watcher spirits and succeeded.

The Infiltrator donned his invisibility suit and snuck past the watcher spirits.  He then used a device to peek into the building and get a general idea of the opposition.  I had taken out the two fire spirits and neglected to add more bad guys, so there were only six bad guys in there.  None of them were Jack, but there were stairs leading up to the second floor.

The Face contacted Tosh and requested that Tosh and his men get to Jack's boat.

I modified the warhouse layout so that there was a bay door on the front for loading supplies.  The Face, Street Samurai, and Sprawl Ganger knocked on the front door to request an audience with Jack.  While the guards were distracted, the Infiltrator snuck in through the back door and went into position to open the bay door.  The Infiltrator noted that the lead guard picked up a yellow key before heading upstairs, and also noted that the lead guard put it back on a hanger before returning to the front door.

When the guard returned to the three outside, he asked the Face why he wanted to meet with Jack.  The Face responded "the stone", to which the lead guard shut the door while his buddies locked and loaded.  The Infiltrator then activated the bay door, exposing four the guards to the sniper rifles of the Marine and the Weapon Specialist.

Combat began.  The initiative of the guards was better than anyone expected, so the Infiltrator immediately ran away to the stairs and grabbed the key.  The Street Samurai blew one of the guards away before being shot full of holes from two other guards.  The Face was really lucky and only took one hit.  After that the Marine and the Weapon Specialist took out three guards with their rifles while the Sprawl Ganger swung a bat on another guard's head.  The fight was over.  The Street Samurai was barely alive.

Meanwhile, the Infiltrator tried to sneak into Jack's room and failed; Jack detected him.  Inside the room was a black coffin.  Jack explained that Fiona was hooked up into a hot sim VR.  Forcibly removing Fiona from the coffin would result in massive damage from Black IC.

The Infiltrator and the Face negotiated a deal in which Jack would hand over the remote control to the coffin, and the Face (alone) would escort Jack to his boat.  Once at the boat, Jack would retrieve the stone from the hiding place on the boat and hand it over to the Face.  The Face would then let Jack go.

The plan almost fell apart when Jack noticed something strange about the boat, but the Face was able to con him into believing it was just his imagination.  Once at the boat, Tosh apprehended Jack.  Tosh also handed over the stone to the Face.

Everyone got paid and all promises were kept.