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Title: SRM 04-10: Romero & Julliette Now Available!
Post by: Bull on <09-17-12/1706:02>

Blood and Vengeance

A missing shadowrunner. An artifact with mysterious, blood-fed powers. And astral beings with horrible grudges. All of these elements—and more—are coming together to give shadowrunners a long day and a longer night, as they move from trying to find what has been lost to struggling for their survival. And with what they’re up against, survival would be a very notable accomplishment.

Whether you have played previous Missions in Season Four or are just now diving into this plotline, SRM 04-10: Romero and Juliette provides a test for any group of shadowrunners while also increasing the intensity of the hunt for artifacts in Seattle. This one will give runners a story to tell over the next round of drinks, as long as they an stay alive long enough to buy one.

SRM 04-10: Romero and Juliette is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Available now on the CGL Blattleshop ( and DriveThru RPG (!