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Title: Technomancers and a head jammer
Post by: Walks Through Walls on <09-04-10/1659:58>
Here is a question that I have been thinking about and have an adventure idea that it impacts so would like to hear people's input.

Does a headjammer effect a technomancer's ability to connect to the matrix?
Title: Re: Technomancers and a head jammer
Post by: agustaaquila on <09-04-10/2226:07>
Well, the head jammer is just like a regular jammer, except a localized effect.  So if a TM has the ECCM complex form, greater than the jammer rating, there should be no problem.  The TM would just edit out the interference.  However, if the ECCM rating is lower, than there will be problems as no connections are possible.  I would also penalize any attempts to thread an ECCM form to defeat this, as there is static in their head.
Title: Re: Technomancers and a head jammer
Post by: Catadmin on <09-05-10/1503:19>
Yes. Give the usual rules for jamming, a headjammer can work on a Techno. Heck, even a regular jammer can work on a TM.

For some reason, I thought the Techno had to have a data jack in order for a headjammer to be used, but I can't find anything in the rule books that says headjammers are only usable through data jacks. So my thoughts might just be related to the way someone once described the headjammer in a game.