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Title: Lake Vostok
Post by: Sichr on <02-05-12/1544:51>
So. Nobody hears from the stationed scientists for 7 days now (20120205). There is lot of options for anyone with imagination of RPG player. Im really interrested what is going on the camp, so if you can find any news, Ill be glad if we can share those here :)

For those who need some info to get started:

LAtest news ???
Title: Re: Lake Vostok
Post by: Black on <02-05-12/1612:47>
Nice article.  An interesting mix of actual fact and then references to the Thing, complete with photos of the actual site and pics taken from the movie.  Your right, you could take this entire article and hand it out to your team and go from there.

Hope the research team is ok.