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Title: Back in action
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Ragnar was born in Connecticut in the year 2020. He was brought into the world as a Dwarf, with the name of Seth O'Connor. Not long after he was born, his parents decided to take him to live in Renraku Arcology in Seattle. At the age of 10, in 2030, a mad woman decked out with cyberware, gunned down nearly everyone on the floor his parents worked and lived on. This woman's name was Lillian. He had survived, making his way through rubble and escaping before the entire floor had exploded. From here, Seth made his way to Europe, stowing away on board a cargo ship and taking the name Ragnar. After landing, he was found by a gang known as the Knights, who taught him how to fight.

Years passed, and he left the Knights to become a Runner. It is now the year 2078, and after a few months of taking a break from his job, Ragnar returns to the blood-slicked streets...

* * *

Rain had been hammering the past few hours. Ragnar walked down the packed street, wearing his black trench coat over his blue thin hoodie for extra warmth. He reached up and rubbed his bare chin, of which he had shaved for the first time in twenty years just yesterday, and it felt refreshing.  He stopped and turned his head, looking at a street vender nearby, and walked over.

He pulled out some nuyen and handed it to the vender, whom handed him a hotdog, which would be good, he needed meat and protein in him where he was going. About ten minutes ago, some woman had handed him an envelope, and he was supposed to take it to somebody in a bar. His first mission in a long while, well, not really. He had just delivered a package to a person some hours ago when it had first started pouring out, and he had lost a lot of blood but was bandaged and back on his feet.

The bar was known as The Sister. Alas, before the Dwarf could cross the street to it, the entire thing exploded. Shards of glass and debris flew out into the street, and bodies fell. People ran screaming. A large van rumbled on from around the corner. Ragnar growled, and reached into his coat, pulling out his combat axe. It was brand new, and he had been saving up a while for it. He ran as fast as his legs could take him and he brought the axe blade into the side of the van as it passed him. The Dwarf was carried away, his hood flying from his face and water smacked him again and again. He knew he should have brought his sunglasses today, but then again, it was grim and gray out all day.

The van carried him along, and he heard sirens not far behind. Grumbling to himself, Ragnar pulled himself along the shaft of his axe and reach forwards and grabbed onto the handle of the passenger door, and pulled it open. The Elf within was startled, and pulled a knife from his belt and slashed at Ragnar. The blade bit into the Dwarf's chin but only scratched it. Using all of his great strength, Ragnar leaped from his position, ripping the axe free and burrying it in the roof over the door, and kicked the Elf in. "POINTY-EARED BASTARD!" He roared, knocking him into the driver. Good, he thought, since he pulled a knife on him the obviously they had something to do with The Sister blowing up. This thought stopped as they drove into oncoming traffic, and as the Elf collected himself and started wrestling with Ragnar in the passenger seat, the Dwarf driver brought the van back into their own lane and continued onwards.

Ragnar punched the Elf in the face, spraying blood and a tooth from his jaws, and then took his own knife from him and cut his safety belt and after bashing his knee with the butt of his axe, pushed him out of the van. The driver pulled a pistol from the side compartment and aimed it at him. The first shot flew passed, outside the open window and hit a parked bike, toppling it over.

Ragnar snarled and grabbed the pistol and the driver shot a few bullets out the front windshield, badly cracking the glass. While not paying attention, the van crashed through the guard rail, and went into the canal running through the city. Water began to gush in through the cracked and the open door. Ragnar punched his axe through the Dwarf driver's unarmored stomach, ending him, and with that swam out. As he did, the back of the van opened and a wiry human pushed out and made his way to the surface with the elegance of a serpent. Ragnar sneered and followed, axe in-hand.

Once he broke the surface, he saw the man, drenched and dripping, running up a small beach towards a gate. Ragnar climbed the beach, the rain beginning to subside, and followed after him, pulling out his Ares Predator.
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The rain was a soft patter, and it was at least easier to see now. The escapee wore a t-shirt and jeans. Ragnar followed after him as fast as he could, turning down an alleyway. The boy jumped a fence. Ragnar sliced right through the metal, and as he came out on the opposite side, he brought up his gun, and shot the kid in the leg. The boy fell, screaming and clutching his leg. As Ragnar approached slowly, he could see the kid was crying, tears streaming from his reddened eyes. "Why'd ya do it?" He asked.

"T-the Elf was gonna kill me if I didn't help! Honest!!" The boy backed up against the brick wall, mud covering his backside and arms. Ragnar snarled again.

"Okay. Why didn't ya stop for me?" He asked, tilting his head to the side.

"You slaughtered the driver and threw the damn Elf out the car! I'm scared out of my damned mind!" The Dwarf nodded.

"Good." He leaned in. "The Elf was behind this, I am guessing?" The boy nodded slowly. "Ah, should've known. I dislike Elves. Dunno why, I just do. A lot. Why'd he blow up that bar? And right before I was supposed to meet a contact there..." The boy looked up, curling into a ball.

"T-the Elf said someone was on their way to meet somebody, and we had to blow it up to send a message to them..." He was quivering. Sirens could be heard in the distance. Lone Star was on it's way, and had heard the gunshot.

"Damn..." He looked back to the boy. "What'd they need you for anyways? You're a child..."

"T-they made me set the charges... At gunpoint, and then they said I'd be able to j-join their team..."

"What team!? This is what I need to know??" The sirens grew louder. The boy looked up at him.

"I... I dunno the name of their team, I know that the Elf was speaking to somebody named Mr Shun." Ragnar nodded, and pulled some pain pills from his inner coat pocket and tossed it at the boy, along with some nuyen.

"Don't do this crap again, and please stay in school. We don't need more crap on the streets..." The Dwarf turned, sheathing the axe on his back and holstering his pistol, and jogged out of the alleyway a few minutes before the security forces could arrive.

* * *

Within ten minutes he found himself back out on a busy city street. He sighed. Mr Shun? He'd never heard of that name in his damn life. He opened the door to his apartment complex, and entered his apartment, tossing his trench coat over a chair next to the door and unfastening his gun belt, throwing it over said chair. He pulled off his fitted hoodie and was in a blood-stained t-shirt. He took it off and tossed it in the hamper, cursing the holes made by the bullets, and then scratched at the bandage that was wrapped around his muscular waist. "Damn thing itches..." He said.

Ragnar pulled the envelope from the coat, and looked it over. It was a white envelope. An address was written in the corner of it. "I'll be damned." He breathed, looking closer. His vision was still a bit hazy. The woman who had given him the thing didn't tell him to look at it, even, just to deliver it. Well, that contact was dead and gone now, and so it seemed it was up to him.

Mr D.
205, Chinatown, NY

He'd find this guy and deliver the package to him. He, of course, would do it in the morning. New York Megaplex was a very long way away.
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Nice noir feel to the story.

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Nice noir feel to the story.


Thanks, tis what I was going for. Anyways,

Ragnar stepped out of Penn Station, in only some green pants, sneakers and a t-shirt, carrying his bag of equipment on his back. It was quite hot on this day. He wiped sweat from his forehead, and peered around. Everyone was so much taller than he was. It was only a bit frustrating, as he joined the throng of people, and made his way to Chinatown. He passed so many things, though he lived in a city, so it was not too strange to him. He even passed a few muggings, though they were not his problem.

It was six o'clock when he reached his destination, opening the door, he entered a Chinese restaurant where locals sat at a bar and ate their food, talking among themselves. The Dwarf wandered in, past a large troll with two curled horns, slurping at some noodles. He sat at the bar and asked for Mr D. and then ordered some spare ribs with rice. Within a few minutes, a Chinese man in a business suit walked out, looking the Dwarf over. "Yes?" Ragnar looked up at him.

"I've got mail for you, sir." The man motioned for Ragnar to follow him, and they walked into the back rooms, into a large office full of oriental paintings, with a statue of a large dragon constructed out of jade in the center. Mr. D. told Ragnar to sit at a seat before the desk, to which he did, and the businessman sat behind the desk, folding his hands.

"Well?" He asked, as a waitress walked in, and placed Ragnar's meal before him. He smiled at her.

"Thanks miss." She nodded and walked out, and Ragnar turned back to him. "What's your full name?" The man smiled.

"Daio Dewei." He breathed again, somewhat impatient. "What is this mail?" Ragnar set his bag down on the floor, and reached in.

"I was supposed to deliver it to a guy in Seattle, but there were some complications and the place I was meeting him was destroyed intentionally by some guy named Mr. Shun." Daio's eyes widened.

"Shun? No..." Ragnar pulled it out to offer it to him.

"Yep, I got the guys who did it th- What?" Daio was staring into space, sweat beading his brow. A man in black clutched the waitress, with a wakazashi to her throat. She was crying. The man did not speak, he just simply stared coldy at Ragnar. Ragnar sneered. "Heyoooo we got us a weeaboooooooo~!" He said, calling out the ancient insult to the man, and setting the envelope back down in his bag. He turned his gaze back to Daio. "You got any way of getting out of here?" He asked, reaching back into his bag. Daio nodded. "Alright, as soon as I take my hand out of this bag, I want you to grab it- the bag, and run like hell.... I got my comm number inside, so contact me once you get someplace safe." Daio nodded and Ragnar pulled out his Ares Predator, turned, and blasted the man in the knee. The woman screamed and ran behind the jade dragon. Ragnar stood, and Daio took the woman and the bag and charged through a hidden door behind the desk.

The Dwarf walked over to the crippled man, swearing in Japanese. "You watch too much cartoons, bud." Of course, he was only joking to carry his way through this stressful situation, he was a huge animation fan when he was younger. He pointed his gun at the assassin. "Any more of you guys in here?" The ninja cursed at him, and Ragnar tilted his head, bent down, and picked up the shortsword. "Alrighty." He stabbed the ninja in the throat. Leaving the office, a second ninja ran down the hall at him, and the Dwarf barley had time to pull his head out of the corridor as bullets streamed past. Ragnar blindfired, hoping that at least one bullet hit its mark. His dreamed came true with a howl. Ragnar grinned evilly, and ran out into the hall, into the main dining area. Another ninja jumped at him, and the Dwarf brought up the shortsword, clashing with the assassin. The Dwarf had more upper-body strength, and was able to push back the ninja and blast him a few times in the chest. Another ran at him, and before the assassin could swing, Ragnar cut him across the chest, and then stabbed him through the back as the ninja had passed him, and he fell.

Looking around, Ragnar could see bodies of the patrons that were here before, most at the bar where their faces were in their meals, and bent down to pick up a tiny spent grenade. He sniffed it, and pulled his face back in disgust. "Poison gas." He tossed the thing, and looked around, tossing the wakazashi to the side as well, and stuffing his pistol in the back on his pants. Nothing else seemed to be here, so he walked into the back room, grabbed his spare ribs and rice, walked to the front counter, six nuyen next to the register, and left out the door, munching away at the food as he went.

* * *

It was eight o'clock when he got the call from Daio. The businessman ordered him to meet him in one of the arcologies in the north end of the city, giving him the address, and hanging up, not even saying goodbye. Ragnar sneered, and continued down the sidewalk full of people, hoping that it did not rain. His coat was in that bag.

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Nice story!! The writing gets confusing at times but not enough to spoil anything: loved it!
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I try. :P This is my first little fanfic after a two month break heheh. Not trying very hard, I am just bored and missed Shadowrun so I decided why not continue the adventures of my character.  ;D

The elevator was ten feet wide, full of people. It started whining, and after a rumble, it began to move upward. Ragnar watched the immense city beyond the glass as he ascended with these people. He was somewhat sad, as he missed seeing stars in the sky, but the untold thousands of lights coming from the city would have to do for now.

An Orc bumped into him as the elevator made its first stop. He stumbled forwards as several people squeezed out and a few more entered. The Dwarf did not reach his floor until a half hour later, and he was barley able to push out into the wooden oak corridor, due to his size. He took a breather, and started down the hall, and followed the address sent to his cyberware.

The door was immense, to him anyways, made out of red wood, with golden hinges. He knocked, and an Elf girl opened it. "Welcome." She said, gesturing for him to enter. He nodded and stepped in. Daio was standing before a wide window overlooking the city. He turned as he heard Ragnar enter and nodded to him. "Is everything alright, Dwarf?" He asked.

"Yes, everything is fine. Yes. I'm not new to this, don't worry." He was about to spit into a plant, but realized this was a high-class place. He instead joined Daio at the window, once again gazing out at the vast megaplex. "They followed me to your restaurant. They want those things bad."

"And that is why they are not going to get them." He said, crossing his arms. "Those 'things' are codes, for hacking into my corporation's... Everything. Bank, security, data files. Everything." Ragnar looked up at him.

"Good thing we have them here, then, eh? Mission accomplished? Can you give me some money for the ride back to Seattle, please?" Ragnar asked politely.

"I'm afraid it's not that easy. They'll be here sometime soon, which is why I've prepared a chopper on the roof. We're going far, far away. To the Canton Confederation. We'll be a lot more safer there. Get your things, Dwarf, they're on the table over there." He said, pointing. Ragnar looked over to see his hoodie, and bag of gear sitting upon a glass table nearby. He wandered over and picked everything up. Next thing he knew he was on the roof with Daio. Before he boarded the helicopter, he looked to the businessman and said; "Excuse me, but why am I coming?"

"Because, 'Ragnar', I will need a body guard." He spoke no more. Ragnar raised a brow.

"What was with the emphasis on my name?" He asked, climbing into his seat and buckling himself in. Daio chuckled.

"Ragnar is one of the silliest names I have ever heard, why did you choose it? Why not use the name given to you at birth? Was it not enough? You are obviously American, and a name like that is just barbaric..." The chopper began to lift off of the helipad. Ragnar snorted.

"Because those who gave me my birth-name were dead, and I didn't really choose it myself, the people who raised me gave it to me, I only chose to keep it. I still use my old name for important things, but, Ragnar is merely a codename, and a nickname." The helicopter started off into the night. An explosion brought their attention downward, to where the entire Dewei suite lie in flames, the helipad snapped off and slid down the side of the arcology, leaving sparks, flames, and wreckage in its wake.

"They are here. Pilot," Daio started, "Take us to my tanker, we will refuel there, and continue onwards towards China."

"Yes sir." The pilot replied. Ragnar rubbed his chin, growing some stubble.

"Damn." He said, it felt so nice to not have a beard.
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Ragnar rushed up the sand dune, and looked back at the wreckage. They had been shot down not five minutes ago, and he was the only survivor, though he had lots of shrapnel buried within his leg, and he was limping and bleeding like no tomorrow. He tossed his coat away, and turned back towards the vast desert stretching out before him. Up above, the plane that had shot them down was pulling around for another look at the wreckage. Ragnar cursed, and did what he thought was best. He jumped into the sand dune. It was kind of cold underneath the sand, and the sand within his newly-grown beard was uncomfortable in the extreme.

As the muffled noises of the jet fighter-plane disappeared into the far-off distance, Ragnar pulled himself from the desert sands and shook himself off. He dropped his bag, axe, and pistol onto the ground, and opened his bag. Using some tweezers, he pulled out every piece of shrapnel, and then rubbed ointment onto all wounds and tightly bandaged them. The Dwarf looked around. He was in the Middle-east, from what he could tell, he was in Dasht-e Kavir.

He picked up his things, and began his march eastward. He didn't know what he was doing, but he had to reach China, the Canton Confederation. He heard the noise return, and hit the sand, kicking up enough to lightly cover him. He watched as the plane landed nearby the crash-site, and a group of men and Elves dismounted the fighter. Ragnar was out of their range, he stood and bounded across the desert. He'd have to run into some sort of civilization eventually.

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The Dwarf moved across the desert sands, eventually stripping himself of his shirt and moving around in naught but his pants, which were filling with sweat. Twice he had to sleep in the dunes, and once in a cave, of which nearly killed him when he came face to face with scorpions. Eventually he had found his way all the way into Afganistan, where he came to the city of Herāt. It was nighttime by the time he had reached the outskirts, and the city was brightly lit up like a torch amongst the shadows of a darkend cave that was the world around him. Ragnar nearly collapsed when he entered the city gates. He gasped, and heaved. He had not traveled so much in a long, long time. The Dwarf stood, and dusted himself off as the townspeople looked over at him. He nodded at them, an angry look on his face. He was pissed at this disgusting and sweaty beard.

The first thing he did was go to the nearest convenience store and bought a razor and some shaving cream, and then made his way to an old run-down hotel, where he proceeded to shave the hairy monster off of his face. That was when he heard the knock at his door. He knicked himself, and cursed. At last, the last of the hairs had come off, and he washed the blade and tossed it into his bag, and went to open the door. There stood an Elf, armored in body armor, wearing some kind of steampunkish vest under it. He had long brown hair, and wore goggles over his eyes,  which Ragnar supposed were to protect against the desert, and he wished to death that he had those. "What?" He asked, picking up a bottle of water he had bought and guzzling from it. The Elf walked into the room and closed the door behind him. 

"We've got to leave." He said, unslinging an AK-97 from his shoulder. "You have a weapon?" Ragnar walked over to his bag in the corner, picking up the Ares predator and clipping the holster onto his belt, and picking up his axe, and turned back to the Elf.

"Alrighty, Elf, what now? Is it those guys who downed our chopper?" The Elf nodded.

"Yes, it is, somehow, they had followed you. And me. We're in the same boat, basically. I've got to get you to China. Bloody Hell, though. These guys want those damn codes. Bad." He checked his magazine. "Alrighty, you're gonna stay close to me. It's about 2 AM. Hopefully there's a helicopter or something at the airport that we can jack... Ya ready...?" He asked, pulling his goggles up to his forehead, revealing his brown eyes. Ragnar nodded.

"As I'll ever be... Let's get a move on, then!" He hefted his axe.

"I'm Vermillion, by the way." And he opened the door and slid out into the hallway. Ragnar grinned, another person with a nickname. Cool.
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Adam Mata sat in his seat, jacked into his console. His hair was thin, nearly all of it had fallen out due to undernourishment. His body was pale, and some of his veins showed blue through his paste-white skin in the dark room, the only light shimmering from the glowing screen before him. Then he heard the gunshots outside, and exactly at that moment, he saw the detailed plans of the deadly plague these terrorists were carrying. No. He'd be a hero, that'd show his parents. He'd be a hero to them!

Adam unplugged himself and stood, nearly falling as he burst out the door into the dusty hall, full of smoke. He stood, in nothing but underpants as the Elf and Dwarf came by. Ragnar stopped before the disgusting man. "Hey uh... You need some food buddy?"

"Ragnar, we need to leave." Vermillion said, checking his gun's ammunition. "Damn, I'm out." He dropped the gun and drew a bow from his back, and slammed an arrow onto the string.

"I'm not even going to say anything." The Dwarf responded. He looked up at the man. "Kid, uh, dude. Come on, you need food, I've got some.." He pulled a sandwich from the convenience store out and tossed it to him. Adam took it and began to chew, right through the plastic wrap. "Right..." Ragnar turned and followed Vermillion out into the street. Adam coughed and decided to follow them. What other choice did he have besides remain here, in this crappy town? Wait... The plague! He had to warn them! He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

The street outside was a mess as armored troopers blockaded the street, opening fire on the three of them as they ran across to an alleyway. Ragnar nearly fell. Adam did fall, and Ragnar ran back and dragged him on. Vermillion fired an arrow into the mess of soldiers, felling one.

The trio continued to the airport, where a single chopper sat. "It's a news chopper." Vermillion said quietly, "We can use this. Everyone in." He jumped into the pilot seat, Ragnar in the passenger seat and Adam in the copilot seat, and he instantly plugged himself into the machine. The rotors began to spin and the vehicle lifted off of the ground into the night sky.

"Here's the deal, we're not headed for China. Those are the baddies."

"What?" Ragnar asked, leaning forward.

"Yup. They were going to unleash some disease on the populace, and we'd be at ground-zero. We're taking this thing to Italy. I've friends there that can help... And maybe our friend here can get help too, his look is pretty gross if you agree, Ragnar."

"Oh I do..." Adam sat, blinking. He could hear them. He had to return fully.
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They had stopped outside Venice, at an old warehouse. The rotors of the helicopter slowed to a stop and the human, Elf and Dwarf stepped out into the crisp morning air. Below the mountain they had a clear view of Venice and the ocean to the south. Ragnar cracked his neck, and turned to the warehouse. "What's this place?"

"It's my home. We'll be safe here." He opened the door and a brick smashed the window to Ragnar's left. Adam cowered in the corner. "Damn, sorry about that..." Vermillion said, ushering them inside the building. "That's our Crazy Dwarf, he doesn't like strangers much." The lights came on, and Ragnar could see the hideout in all its glory. A few pool tables and arcade machines filled the room, with some cafe tables spread out. A terminal and computer next to some stairs, and then there was the maddened, bald Dwarf chained up behind a counter. Behind him were all sorts of weapons. "This is our quartermaster, Crazy Dwarf. Pool found him mugged in the city, and, well, brought him here. He's good handling weapons... Can't really tell ya much, though."

"WARRGHGHH!!" The Dwarf exclaimed, throwing his chained and shackled arms up into the air. Ragnar rubbed his chin.

"Right... What about our friend here?" He pointed a thumb at Adam. Vermillion looked to the bedraggled man in his underpants.

"Uhm... Right... Right this way, sir..." He led the man downstairs, where there were bedrooms, an armory, a garage, and a wardrobe. Adam slowly got dressed in some jeans, a purple dress shirt, and a fur coat. Later, they went into Venice, to do some 'shopping'. Adam got prosthetic hair, and after a long meal at a canal-side cafe, spoke.

"Right... Sorry... I've been a hikkikimori for a while now..." He sipped water. "What's going on with you peeps?" He asked, grinning with his yellow teeth. Ragnar opened his mouth to speak but Vermillion was faster.

"We are hiding from a corp." He folded his hands together on the glass table. "We have a package containing a deadly virus, which we have hidden in a safe at the warehouse. My boss, Pool, is in Africa right now. It is our duty to protect it. We're the only ones there now." He sat back, relaxing. "Ragnar, this Dwarf here, has come all the way from Seattle, in America, to bring it to China."

"I still don't understand.. This was a set up?" He scratched his head.

"Yes." Vermillion nodded to him. "A big bad set up..." He said, sipping some tea. "We've got to get back to the house. Crazy will... Go crazy if left alone too long." He chuckled to himself, standing. "But.. Who are you? Why did you follow us?" He asked Adam. Adam stood as well.

"Boredom. Gunfire going off in my building, street. Didn't wanna stay." He shrugged. They cudda found me out... I'll be better off with you two criminals." He smiled again. They took a boat back to shore, and wandered back to the safehouse. Adam ran his fingers through his new black hair. He had stolen a great deal of money during his stays on the matrix, so this was pocket change.

The safehouse did not change at all. Vermillion activated the sentry turrets outside and the security systems. An hour later, they were all in bed, asleep.
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The safehouse was perfectly silhouetted against the dusk sky. Lillian stepped out of her truck and tossed the electronic ciggy to the grassy ground. She wore a harlequin jumpsuit, over which she wore a tactical vest. Smiling, she walked to the back of the truck and pulled out the mini-nuke given to her by her Johnson. She activated it and tossed it, then grabbed up her minigun and slapped in a belt of ammo.

The nuke went off, blowing half of the safehouse to hell. She began to laugh, her artificial fangs nearly vibrating as the sound echoed across the valley. The fires spread quickly. Crazy Dwarf was the first one awake, ever-vigilant. He picked up his rifle and opened fire, screaming at the woman. The bullets bounced off of the ground and the turrets, which were now disabled. Lillian walked across the burning ground, and opened fire with her gun. The bullets sprayed Crazy across the wall.

Ragnar bounded up the steps, wearing nothing but his beltless pants, which were sagging. He was groggy from the rude awakening. Following him were Vermillion and Adam, carrying weapons and also in nightwear. The Dwarf locked eyes with her, and they instantly knew one another. "Bitch..." He pulled up his axe and charged. She tossed the gun at him with superhuman strength and the weapon landed upon the Dwarf and knocked him down. She ripped out a pistol and blasted Adam down in a second. Vermillion stood, a sword in his hand.

"Who are you? What do you want?" He asked.

"The virus. It needs to go off in Hong Kong, sweety knifey." Vermillion scowled, but kept his cool.

"So be it." He tossed his sword at her, and the blade stabbed her in the arm. Vermillion charged down the stairs of the ruined, burning building, and ran into the safe where the package was being held. He picked it up, closed his eyes, and slammed it down. Lillian laughed as she entered the room, and a wet gas sprayed directly into Vermillion's face. The room filled with it. Her laughter grew louder and louder. Then darkness.

* * *

Ragnar awoke, and police were everywhere. "Hello." He heard a voice. It was an orc, who had cuffed him. "Take him to the boat, he's going away, has a lot of questioning to do. Was carrying an illegal virus across the world. They nearly unleashed it on Venice, maybe all of Italy!" He could not hear who was speaking to who. It was pitch black. He wanted more sleep.

And sleep he did.