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Title: December Game Day - Las Vegas, Nevada
Post by: snowfrost571 on (22:57:25/11-24-11)

We will be holding our monthly (free!) Game Day at a new location on December 10: The Emergency Arts Building.  Jeremy Olson will be running the Shadowrun Mission 04-02 Extraction.  To reserve a seat (and get directions), please go to

We will have other games as well: Hellas, LFR, and plenty of board games!

Title: Re: December Game Day - Las Vegas, Nevada
Post by: fewmaster jay on (18:11:54/12-06-11)
2pm is the Start time for SRM 04-02 Extraction. I usually try to get in one mission at our local Game Day. If there is overflow I will run another right afterwards.

Any questions feel free to message me.

Jeremy Olson
"Fewmaster Jay"
Catalyst Demo Team/Shadowrun Field Agent #462
Viva Las Vegas