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Title: knockdown & dragout
Post by: wylie on (18:15:00/10-01-11)
knockdown & dragout
these two interesting guys in Smugglers have one flaw..... I don't know where to use them

any suggestions?
Title: Re: knockdown & dragout
Post by: Bull on (22:25:49/10-01-11)
Wherever you feel like?

They're a holdover from an earlier draft that the writer and I kind of forgot about.  The original meetings cene in earlier drafts was at an undefined matrix club...  A RL location, but the meet was virtual.  We decided to make the Virtual Underworld 93 from the boards here idea "official" and use that.

VU93 is still a virtual representation of the real U93, so if GMs want, they can have teh runners go there and access the virtual meet-space locally, and Knockdown & Dragout can hassle them there.

Ideally,. we'd have converted the two into a pair of hackers hanging out at UV93 to cause problems, so the players could have an optional matrix fight.

Title: Re: knockdown & dragout
Post by: wylie on (16:29:38/10-02-11)

the background helps alot, and gives me ideas I can use them for