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Title: Mental spirit
Post by: tanithlord on <06-06-11/1324:11>
Mental spirit

I was looking for some help on summering spirits. My mental is the phoenix so would that mean that my other spirits will appear as a phoenix or other animals.

Also where are the rules for setting up a magic lodge.

As you can tell Iím new at this and Iím trying to collate ides to GM a games


Title: Re: Mental spirit
Post by: Blond Goth Girl on <06-06-11/1653:49>
There are several magic companion books that go with the different versions of SR.  All are a worthwhile investment as long as you get the one that matches your version of SR and I am thrifty about books.  There are rules in them and the main book.

Since my group are highly magical, I put it to the players who in turn go to google and require something representing their totem/tradition/PC: herbs, crystals, and some other items.
Title: Re: Mental spirit
Post by: Wasabi on <06-06-11/1713:30>
Your 'Tradition' determines which types of spirits you can summon. Your outlook on life determines what they look like. Its possible a phoenix could be a Hermetic mage who likes the symbolism or something else that 'makes sense' - as subjective as that is. It may be reaching to say you are a Shintoist who pictures your spirits as flaming birds. The cosmetics are up to you but should be at least a little plausible. A Druid Tradition mage who summons an Earth Elemental could have it look like an animated Stonehenge stone while a Shintoist could have it look like a swirl of sand... that sort of thing. Mechanically they are all 100% identical, its the cosmetics that vary.

As to what is *permitted*: The Traditions located in Digital Grimoire, Street Magic, and Shadowrun 4 Anniversary Edition (also called "SR4A") are all allowed in Missions. I'm not aware of others but if there are someone PLEASE reply with where they are! :-)

Hope that helps.
Title: Re: Mental spirit
Post by: KarmaInferno on <06-07-11/0020:57>
Just clarifying: Is this for a home Shadowrun game, or for the Shadowrun Missions campaign?

Cos it makes a difference.