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Title: Overwatch Score
Post by: Inquisitor on <05-07-20/1854:24>
Deckers for reseting their OS can reboot their cyberdecks. Technomancers need to reboot their living persona right ?? What about sprites OS ?? How to lower ir reboot them ?? Only registring or spending all tasks ??
Title: Re: Overwatch Score
Post by: Xenon on <05-08-20/0205:28>
When it comes to OS specifically you actually have a few options when it comes to your unregistered sprite (besides registering it);

Having said that, your unregistered sprite is only used for a shorter period of time (typically only some hours). If you plan on using it for a longer period of time you have to register it. This will also reset its OS.

You can also spend one of it's tasks to re-register already registered sprite if you want to add more tasks to it (and/or if you wish to reset it's OS again).
Title: Re: Overwatch Score
Post by: Michael Chandra on <05-08-20/0959:56>
Once the OS clock starts ticking on a Sprite, they cannot just reboot for it. So better make it count.
Title: Re: Overwatch Score
Post by: Xenon on <05-08-20/1501:52>
Note that OS doesn't really 'tick' (the same as it did in previous edition).

Only time OS score 'tick' (in this edition) is for the duration it choose to maintain user or admin access - and even then only if it gained it via brute force (rather than via probe+backdoor entry).

Unregistered sprites in this edition instead simply vanish after rating x 2 hours (no matter if they have OS and no matter if you are threading cleaner or static veil on them). Only thing that can be used to prevent this is by registering them.