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Title: Regeneration thoughts
Post by: Mirage_668 on <04-04-20/0134:37>
Late nights, no sleep and this whole mess gives me too much time too think...

Been thinking about regeneration allot lately... More of an above game thought, less impact on
game play... Thinking about it from a biological perspective, it stands too reason regeneration
would make the beings with it... essentially immortal. Of course catastrophic damage according to
the game will kill them, but even this "lesser" form of regeneration would render disease and old
age essentially powerless.

Assuming the cells regenerate with no telomere damage, assuming the cells activate telomerase
production like cancer cells do, then it stands to reason a shapreshifter or other regenerating
being could conceivably regenerate more or less forever.
Title: Re: Regeneration thoughts
Post by: Mirage_668 on <04-06-20/0224:16>
Title: Re: Regeneration thoughts
Post by: cantrip on <04-11-20/1852:50>
My thoughts would be that most regenerating creatures will still age (unless they have immunity to aging) - eventually their regenerative systems will become less efficient and begin to break down or outright fail.

Also, I've always viewed regeneration in a couple of different ways - classic vampire regen-->back to original state, kind of a reboot. And others that regenerate leaving scars and scar tissue - perhaps shifters or shedim. More of flavor for our game. To make it more realistic, you could have them regenerate back to their 'normal' state unless they were struck/affected by something than is an allergen to them. Having that annoying vamp hunting you  because you gave it a permanent scar on it's pretty, pretty face with your wooden flechette ammo....priceless! ;D
Title: Re: Regeneration thoughts
Post by: Reaver on <05-08-20/1458:33>
You may be overthinking it a bit...

While my knowledge of biochemistry is limited, as is my medical knowledge, I do know there are several species of marine and reptile life that have amazing regenerative abilities. Star Fish can regrow severed limbs, and the severed limbs can even regrow into other Star Fish! There are several species of Reptiles (Geckos?) That can sever, then regrew their own tails.. (to feed it to predators as it makes a get away!)

Of course, in some cases of regeneration, we are talking about a super natural ability... so who knows? Maybe the Vamps and Ghouls really do live forever? But Shifters do have a lifespan (as noted in their descriptions).... So maybe its both, depending on the source of the regeneration?

If the regeneration ability comes from a biological background, then you're limited to a cellular lifespan?
Which also makes sense, in a perverse way :P After all, cellular aging is also part of cellular growth, which in turn is part of cellular reproduction... If your cells never truly aged, then they wouldn't mature, reach the point of cellular division, and eventually die after "X" divisions... They would just remain the same SINGULAR cell they started off as....


Is it just the beer talking??? <After THIS many days in QC/LC its hard to tell> 
Title: Re: Regeneration thoughts
Post by: terror13 on <05-09-20/1857:09>
Immunity to aging is already a thing in the game, so no.

Also there is a lot of science behind it but superregeneration, depending on the creatures body, could and most likely would ACCELERATE aging, not the other way around.