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Title: Ally Spirits
Post by: Chalkarts on <01-19-20/2335:01>
When creating a character, what exactly do I need to do in order to have an ally spirit?
It doesn't have to be big and powerful, its more for watching and surveillance.
Title: Re: Ally Spirits
Post by: Michael Chandra on <01-20-20/0051:13>
In SR5, you have to know the ritual for summoning one, and be ready to pay a lot of karma. (8xForce + extra for extra skills, such as Counterspelling and Spellcasting). Furthermore, one must first have initiated into the school of Invocation to be able to learn the Ally Conjuration ritual, so unless your GM allows initiating in chargen, you can't get an ally spirit in chargen. On the bright side, you could use Familiar as Ordeal.