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Title: Commlinks and You
Post by: LonePaladin on <02-25-11/1335:49>
Okay, so we've got wireless networks practically everywhere. Commlinks are ubiquitous, and augmented reality is considered ordinary. The question arises, though, of just what do you need to get all this? Here are some of the layouts I see, looking through the main book:
One issue I've encountered, though, is someone wanting an implanted commlink with no other devices that can provide output. No cybereyes, no glasses with image link, nothing. While a standard commlink can be used via its built-in display, how would someone use an internal commlink if they intentionally avoid any of these other devices?
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: Dakka on <02-25-11/1346:07>
My group has always played AR gloves are optional.  They provide extra information about AROs but are not required to interact with the Matrix.  Only Image Link is required, it lets you do things with eye movements.  Of course, most of us also have a Simrig which is a form of Direct Neural Interface.  Your friend with the implanted commlink would need a DNI and could only use the Matrix in VR mode, without an Image Link of some kind he is cut off from AR.
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: LonePaladin on <02-25-11/1347:53>
Yeah, I'm gonna point this out to him. He's making a hacker who specifically stays away from using VR whenever possible, despite having a hot-sim-enabled implanted commlink.
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: CanRay on <02-25-11/1521:16>
AR Gloves makes things work fast and loose, but you can use manual controls that come with the CommLink in a slower fashion.  Like having a keyboard for a BlackBerry, but still being able to use the pad that's built into it.

At least, that's how I've played it.
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: FastJack on <02-25-11/1609:13>
Don't forget the Feedback Clothing option (SR4A, p. 326).
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: Henker on <02-25-11/1629:21>
Maybe I am wrong but I have alway assumed that cyber-comlinks has DNI interface which make cyber eyes/ears not mandatory...
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: LonePaladin on <02-25-11/1710:12>
Yes, an implanted commlink would include DNI by default. The question is, if someone gets one of these, and intentionally avoids getting anything with an image/sound link, then are they limiting themselves to full VR to even use it? Do they get any output at all from it in normal use?
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: Dakka on <02-25-11/1733:42>
If he is opposed to Cybereyes its possible to get Image Link implanted directly into your cornea.  It costs .1 essence and 500 nuyen, but it comes with any Cybereyes system and a rating 1 is also 500 nuyen.  If he wants to keep his eyes for whatever reason, you can go this route.
Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: raggedhalo on <02-28-11/0512:32>
If you have DNI and a sim module with your commlink, you don't need an image link, audio link, AR gloves or anything like that.

Page 219-220, SR4A
The easiest way to get your AR fix is through simsense. You need
a direct neural interface—either via installed implanted commlink,
implanted sim module, a datajack, or a trode net—along with a sim
module for your commlink to interpret the signals and feed you the
data. Simsense feeds take AR a step further because they can also relay
emotions, though services that relay full emotive sim are rare and
sometimes illegal or downright disturbing: advertising spam is bad
enough, but do you really want to feel it?
Control and manipulation of the AR interface can be accomplished
with a variety of means. Input devices include vocal commands
into a microphone, AR gloves, micro-laser eye trackers in glasses, or
even mental commands through direct neural interface. When all else
fails, the rudimentary controls on the commlink itself can be used.

Title: Re: Commlinks and You
Post by: LonePaladin on <02-28-11/1055:11>
Ah! A sim module trumps all the other gadgets. Got it.