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Title: (Chrome Flesh) Nanohive questions
Post by: Beta on <03-15-19/1219:58>
In Chrome Flesh, it says that a hard nanohive can re-program hard nanites already in the body to another form, and it can store the recipe for up to [rating] types of hard nanites.  Very cool, but it leaves some questions:
- Cost and availability for the recipe?  I’d think that a recipe might be cheaper than just buying each type of nanites, but clearly it shouldn’t be free (otherwise nobody would buy anything but the cheapest kind with a rating 2 hive, and copy them over to what they wanted).  Lacking any other info I’ll stick with the cost and price of just buying a nanite dose, but I wonder if there was supposed to be something there which got cut.
- time to re-program?  (using relatively cludgy body networks to talk to all of the nanites, it seems like it shouldn't be near-instant, but I didn't notice a time specified)

Now, the answers to these questions become a lot less interesting once you notice that the heading on the table on page 150 is incorrect, and that table is the soft nanites (not hard nanites as listed) -- most of the most interesting options are soft.  But hey, hard nanohives can be installed using 2 capacity instead of using essence, so hard nanite systems can be run for zero essence, so even if the benefits are pretty niche it is something I could see playing with at some point.
Title: Re: (Chrome Flesh) Nanohive questions
Post by: DigitalZombie on <03-15-19/1523:37>
How I read it.

Buy a rating 2 hard nanohive 24k
It can now hold programming for 2 separate hard nanoware systems (systems in rating).

You now buy rating 2 implant medic for your control rig 2 system for 19k4 nuyen(20% of 97k)

And you buy control rig boosters rating 2 for 12k nuyen.

Your nano system now has 2 separate modes either implant medic or control rig boosters.
The nanohive can only run one mode at a time, but you can reprogram it to either 2 when needed.
I believe switching from control rig boosters to implant medic would take 1 minute. Page 146 "using nanoware".

Now this in general means that the costs of nanoware and especially it availability would mean that its currently not super relevant for many runners. Unless you houserule it a bit.