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Title: Limits and Mentor Spirits
Post by: mbisber on <02-18-19/1658:04>
Inherent Limits, Physical, Mental, and Social, are based upon Attributes, p.47.

However, the paragraph goes on to say that 'occasionally, runners might find ways to extend or even blow by their limits...'. Edge is one. Wireless Medkits is another.

Does the 'general bonus' for a Mentor Spirit qualify as a way to extend the Limit, and by +2 in most cases?
Title: Re: Limits and Mentor Spirits
Post by: Kiirnodel on <02-18-19/1736:51>
No, the bonus from Mentor is toward your dice pool for the indicated task.

Other things that increase limit though are: smartlink, personalized grip (for weapons), teamwork, and qualities (the indomitable quality, I think)

EDIT to add: That is not a exhaustive list, just some examples.
Title: Re: Limits and Mentor Spirits
Post by: Michael Chandra on <02-19-19/0122:05>
(Also: Reagents, fancy clothes, vision/audio enhancement, etc.)

Yeah, Mentors specifically give dice bonuses.