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Title: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: rungok on <01-07-19/1057:53>
Hi everyone!

I was trying to make a character based off an idea I had, but I haven't made a Shadowrun character in a while, so I kinda need some help to make sure the character is still effective.

I wanted to build a runner who was once an Oni Adept who had been kidnapped and made into a Bunraku Doll because of her exotic appearance, and was freed a few years ago. She is supposed to be an adept, but also has some cyberware (I'm under the impression that you NEED some kind of headware in order to slot Personasoft, but I am having a hard time figuring out what I *have* to do). I know that any 'ware reduces a runner's essence and therefore their magic rating, so what can I do so that she's still useful as a Face and Combat character? (I wanted to have her be really attractive and socially impressive, but also have some fun magic boosting her strength so she had the might like Oni of myth).

We're going to be using priority creation, and standard starting Karma/Nuyen. I have access to the following books (but haven't read them all, since it's a lot of text):
SR5 Core, Bullets and Bandages, Chrome Flesh, Cutting Aces, Forbidden Arcana, Hard Targets, Rigger 5.0, Run Faster, and Complete Trog.

Suggestions for what priority to take, and what 'ware and powers to take would be great. I *feel* like I should just go with killing hands/critical strike, and focus on unarmed alongside the high charisma that Oni get, but... I have just enough doubts that I'm second-guessing. Enough to go to here for help, obviously! :)
Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: Jack_Spade on <01-07-19/1522:54>
That's a pretty tall order: Oni = High Metatype, Cyberware = Money, Magic, Social and Combat = High Attributes as well as at least moderate skills.

For a Bunraku puppet you only need a persona fix BTL (which can be used with trodes, so no cyber necessary) and a data filter. Problem is, that afaik data filters haven't been statted in 5e. A low tech approach would be modified cyberears, eyes and olfactory boosters, so your senses can be overwritten, preventing you from remembering the client.

In 4e a Data Filter cost 0.2 essence had 12 AVA and was 2,500

For an Oni, you need at least Metatype C, but you are better of with B. Your build would look like this:

Money E
Magic D
Skills C
Meta B
Attributes A

You spend 1 Point of Essence on the Datafilter and a Datajack, leaving you with 5 points of Magic for Adept powers
You won't have much money to play with as half of it will be spend on that not particular useful bit of cyberware. (Ask your GM if you can get it for free)

Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: rungok on <01-07-19/1752:50>
Hmm... That is tricky. Should I abandon the adept side of things? I'm wanting to stick to the original concept.
Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: Jack_Spade on <01-08-19/0254:32>
No, the adept side does the heavy lifting. You just have to decide what other cyber you want to have in this build and how much of the in debt quality you can stomach
Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: rungok on <01-08-19/0355:03>
I would want her to have the datajack/datafilter for the personasoft, and then reflex booster (since I'm told it's more efficient than the adept power), and maybe something cosmetic to show she'd been modded for customers at the parlor.

How useful would skillchips be? I'm not very familiar with their use, but the idea she could jack in some skills relevant to the run they are about to do seems something an ex-puppet would be willing to do.
Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: DigitalZombie on <01-08-19/0701:31>
A resources ( for skill jacks etc)
B oni
C attributes
D magic
E skills ( take 3 good ones, the rest is from skill wires)

Rating 3 skill jack/wires is 0,9 essence and 90k nuyen ( according to chrome flesh, in CRB it would be 0,6 essence and 120k nuyen)
This gives you access to up to rating 3 knowsoft/lingua soft and active softs.
A normal datajack 0,1 essence gives you  the ability to run p-fixes.

Regarding initiative boosters, if you go with A for resources I think boosted reflexes would be a waste, you loose a whole point of magic- and having rea+int +2d6 might not be enough initiative if you want to be a combat character also (depending on your table).

Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: DigitalZombie on <01-10-19/1713:02>
What part of the adept side is it that interests you?
Most of what adepts can, warez can handle as well.
Strength boosting would be easier with muscle augmentation bioware or  cyberlimbs than adept powers. (Although I think cyber limbs might not fir ypur concept).
You could also go the "burnout way" take adept as priority D, put no special points into it, load up on warez, and then buy your magic up to 1 or 2 with karma.
In that case you could easily jam in some more stuff like:
Data jack for p-fixes
Skill jack and skill wires ( you would most likely have to put your skills at "E")
Gastric neuro stimulator......
Muscle augmentation (for that oni stength)
Muscle toner (for some limberness)
Tailored pheromones (for the face/bunrako part)
Vocal range expander (face/bunrako part)
Troll reduction 1??? Would technically raise your cha max by 1, I guess it could be used to make her more exotic monster girl instead of more vanilla human looking.
Retractable claws
Some initiative boosters.

Now you wouldnt be able to fit all that in and still have room for adept powers, or even even cash.

Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: rungok on <01-11-19/1704:27>
I liked the character being stronger/more powerful than she looked that being an adept brought. I wanted her to look attractive and slender, but could juggle dudes if inclined. Or break a door into flinders with her fist.

 I could completely forgo it if I could find another way to build it.
Title: Re: Need help with building - Oni Adept/light cyberware.
Post by: DigitalZombie on <01-13-19/1504:52>
As jack Spade already said the Adept side would normally do the heavy lifting, thanks to its nice 5 powers points.

But IF you decide to either go adept light or mundane here are some nice thing for you.

Tailored pheromones 3  93k nuyen and 0,6 essence (+3 to social rolls and limits)
Muscle toner 2 64k nuyen and 0,4 essence (+2 agility)
Muscle aug 2 62k nuyen and 0,4 essence (+2 strength)
Bone density 3 15k nuyen and 0,9 essence (+3 dmg resist and +2 physical dmg in melee)
Data jack 1k nuyen and 0,1 essence
Troll reduction 1 15k nuyen and 0,2 essence ( RAw raises you charisma to 2-8, dunno if you can put starting attributes points in it though, I would imagine it would be up to the GM)
Skill jack 3 30k nuyen and 0,3 essence (can run knowledge and lingua software up to rating 3)
Skill wire 3 60k nuyen and 0,3 essence (can run active skills up to rating 3)

Total of 3,2 essence (you still need some initiative boosters though)
And 340k nuyen so you have 110k for initiative and skill softs, etc.
You could increase some of the ratings on muscle aug, toner or skilljacks/wires by going used. You could also drop some ratings if its too much essence.

Now a high end bunraku "employee" might be fitted with skilljacks and loads of lingua soft, to cater to clients all over the world. But I think very few would be fitted with skill wires, as thats very expensive.

General beauty alterations could easily fall under "troll reduction" so that would be fitting, if she didnt already have that before getting abducted.

Now this package here requires resources A
So maybe B for attributes
C for Oni (no edge or magic points though :/)
D for adept ( essence loss will bring you down to 0, you would have to buy it back up again, ask your GM on how he would handle that. Some would go with a cost of 5 for the first point of magic and 10 for the second, while others would rule you have burned out, or rule a higher cost)
E skills ... thats 18 skill points  maybe unarmed and negotiation as 2 of the 3 high ones. Other skills would have to be bought with karma or run on skillsofts.

You could easily swap E and D, would give you 4 more skill points, but mundane.