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Title: SRM02-10 Twist and Insult
Post by: Flatline on <09-11-10/1509:59>
I have a question about the start of this mission as it says that the team already have made a run for Kirillov but the mission before is for Wuxing. How have you solved this issue? As I am running this series of missions for the same group each time we play. Have I just missed something or is it just a miss in the mission?

Title: Re: SRM02-10 Twist and Insult
Post by: Casazil on <09-11-10/1556:02>
have you run them all in order?

If so maybe a mission before was the one it speaks of.

If not you may have missed it.

Lastly as it has been awhile there may be the idea you ran for them but didn't know it??
Title: Re: SRM02-10 Twist and Insult
Post by: Wraith235 on <09-12-10/1126:14>
if thats your only issue then you have it easy .... by the time I got here my entire group had had it with the Vory .... nuff said
Title: Re: SRM02-10 Twist and Insult
Post by: Flatline on <09-13-10/1023:58>
Well they arnt really on a good foot with them either, but most of the bad things with the vory have been solved as the main agitator against the russians died to a blood spirit last mission.
Title: Re: SRM02-10 Twist and Insult
Post by: Deacon on <09-21-10/2007:48>
The year 2 Missions were not released in order.  It is conceivable that 02-10 was released after  a later module in which the characters did the previous mission.  Annoying, yes, but sometimes unavoidable.

Title: Re: SRM02-10 Twist and Insult
Post by: Wailer on <11-25-10/2245:46>
Twist and Insult starts "In Media Res" - Like when an action movie starts right in the middle of gruesome firefight or chaotic chase scene. The previous Vory job referred to in the opening isn't referring to a previous adventure, it's referring to something the happened off-screen.

While it may take a little explaining or coaxing to get your pcs to understand or work with you, it's a great way to get a group of strange players together as a team (such as in a convention situation) without going by the overused: Each of your fixers calls you, each of you show up at the meet, each of you agree and take this job.

In execution, you may have to work with the players a bit and the first question out of their mouths will assuredly be, "Fine, ok. How much did I get paid then?" but it also allows the open option of the pc's choice to act however they wish in this run. One thing that I've done to both introduce characters and reinforce the fact that they've worked (at least once) as a team (even if it was off screen) was to open up the table to a once-around story/recap of the job they just pulled. Like that old campfire game where a person starts a story, then it continues on the next person, etc.

- Ban/'Wailer'