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Title: AAR Back in Business ***Spoiler Alert***
Post by: thalandar on <01-29-11/2040:36>
So, the old addage "no plan survives contact with the enemy" comes to mind.

To start with, everything seem great.  Max Duggan is dealt with so quickly, it didn't even cause the party to roll for intiative except the dwarf street sammie, who charged Max, broke his arm and that was that.

Toxic spirits are another matter.  As a GM I have to say I am less than impressed with Immunity to normal weapons even with Force 6 spirits and the character's without the majority of their weapons.  That being said, one troll sammie was punching a spirit to no effect and the dwarf street sammie was severely wounded (8P) and lost his right arm (ouch!).  However, the other troll with spurs dispatched the remaining spirits.

I had to skip scene 3 because the runner were more worried about rushing the dwarf to the street doc.

Scene four went better, however, the combat mage private detective had taken Tosh as a contact and caused me to back petal, skip scene 5 and rewrite scene 6 by contacting tosh and asking him about Turner.  I had Tosh set up  a meet with the runners and ADA Oaks. Oaks makes her speech, and the runner impress me by telling her they won't sell out someone they see as a fellow runner.

Entering the Ork Undergroud they meet Pip and have him contact Turner.  Pip comes back, leads them to Pirates Cove where Turner is waiting for them.  This goes badly, but not to combat, as the runners get a bad vibe from Turner, realizing he has double crossed and kidnapped Fiona.  They strike a deal with the ADA to set up Truner, arrange to pay a ransom her Fiona and set up the meet at an abandon pier at the Tacoma Docks.

It is here we have to stop for the night.
Title: Re: AAR Back in Business ***Spoiler Alert***
Post by: thalandar on <01-29-11/2043:16>

The characters' impressed me.  I had to do some quick thinking to keep the story running.  Problem is, they have Fiona's notes, but don't really know Turner has the stone.