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Title: Shadowrun Anarchy remastered
Post by: Mirage on (23:35:29/01-10-18)
Hey all, long time runner, first time caller.

My friends and I have played long enough that the first weapon damage codes have power AND staging! SR has come a long way since 1st Ed, and I can get by most of it. Our table has come back to it and is now playing Anarchy which I have mixed feelings about. Almost all of my reluctance (the dramatic nerfing of magic, limits on the # of skills, all rolls being opposed, partially finished rules in most of the book, poor editing & organization) can be overcome by embracing the incredible simplicity and hack-ability. We've been talking over changes to the system, bitching about the difficulty of finding stuff, and trying to figure out what to do about it. I think we are working on re-hashing the book, and polishing the rules.

Catalyst, if you somehow end up reading this you did a great thing in simplifying SR. I doubt that we would have come back to the game due to the increasing complexity of the game. It's been the smoothest, most invested the whole Table has been in a long time. Thanks for that.

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Title: Re: Shadowrun Anarchy remastered
Post by: Mr Johnson on (17:40:20/01-24-18)
We should really start a respository of various conversion from different editions to Anarchy.  And rules hacks, we're probably starting to use our drain rules for the first time this week.   
Title: Re: Shadowrun Anarchy remastered
Post by: AJCarrington on (18:51:29/01-24-18)
If you want to get some threads going, Iím happy to pin them for all to see.
Title: Re: Shadowrun Anarchy remastered
Post by: Masterti on (00:52:44/04-23-18)
We would like to co-invent. And share your opinion about the debate that has been debated now.