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Title: Holsters for Thrown Weapons
Post by: Iron Serpent Prince on <06-23-17/1427:26>
Can the holsters hold more than one thrown weapon?

It seams a bit excessive to have to spend 275 nuyen per 25 nuyen shuriken / throwing knife for a concealed qucik draw holster, or even 175 nuyen for "just" a quickdraw holster.
Title: Re: Holsters for Thrown Weapons
Post by: UnLimiTeD on <06-24-17/0405:41>
I believe this is more of a rules question, unless you believe it not exactly mentioning such would be a grave oversight from the authors.
Not sure this is stated anywhere. I would assume you'd be able to stack multiple in a holster, but it is a quickdraw holster. How many would you need to draw that quickly? You can ready a handful.
Title: Re: Holsters for Thrown Weapons
Post by: Kiirnodel on <06-24-17/0503:58>
You can ready up to half Agility(round up) with one action. So we're looking at an absolute maximum of readying 7 throwing weapons at once (and that's assuming an exceptional attribute with genetic optimization and +4 augmentation on an Elf. That caps out at a total of 13 I think.

The much more reasonable range is 3-5 tops. I would probably be ok with saying a holster could hold up to 10 or so of a particular throwing weapon (depending on the weapon).

Definitely more of a rules question than a dire need for errata. Might be useful to include it in a redraft though.
Title: Re: Holsters for Thrown Weapons
Post by: Iron Serpent Prince on <06-24-17/1240:55>
"Dire need for an errata?"  No, not really.

But with the inclusion of the Rapid Draw Adept Power (pg 173, Street Grimoire) it does open up the area of a "properly holstered" weapon.

While it appears to be generally hand waved that any weapon can be properly holstered for free...  A Thrown Weapon Adept would be interested in getting the concealed and / or quick draw options.  And it gets worse when you expand from the shuriken / throwing knife arena into grenades, javelins, throwing syringes, mono-bolas, etc....