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Title: [FA] Getting rich with reagents
Post by: Jack_Spade on <05-10-17/1652:29>
I was just browsing Shadow Spells and noticed a handy little table at its end:

Raw, per dram,  AVAIL , 20
Refined, AVAIL 6, 350
Radical, AVAIL 8, 4,500
Orichalum, AVAIL 12, 140,000

Forbidden Arcana updated that with the chart on p.187

The prices and availability for Refined and Radical went way down, but there is no new price for Orichalcum mentioned, so the SS one still stands.

Buying Tainted Radical Reagents costs 500/dram at an Availability of 8.
You need 30 dram Radical for one dram Orichalcum (But you probably want to drag those a few times through your crucible to raise the quality at least to baseline)
So for 15000 investment and a months of work you can now create 140000 worth Orichalcum.
You'll still need someone to take that stuff for more than 15%, but that's what your face and/or loyal talismonger contacts are for.

The Alembic and Athanor (p.193 FA) that you'll want to use is a prime candidate to be the target of an Analyse Device spell (preferably quickened) to push your skill check if you don't want to invest to heavily in the alchemy skill.