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Title: Assault on an Aztech Pyramid
Post by: FatalVendetta on <02-23-17/0208:56>
So in the Campaign I'm running, a players daughter who is a 3 year old Awakened was kidnapped by Aztech to use in an experiment. Now her father is planning a pink mohawk style assault on their pyramid to get her back. What level of difficulty should the security be, given that I dont want the characters to straight up die in the initial assault? Any other tips on managing the scale of combat of this magnitude.

My party has 5-7 players, running the standard character builds from 5e. Please help.
Title: Re: Assault on an Aztech Pyramid
Post by: Kiirnodel on <02-23-17/0402:24>
You probably want to post this in the Gamemaster's Lounge section. This is meant for the Shadowrun Missions Living Campaign.