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Title: Custom Shadowrun Character Sheets for d/l
Post by: voydangel on <09-09-10/2316:20>
This is the SR4A character sheet I made. Not sure where else to post it. So I'm just going to do it here.

The intent of the pages should be self explanatory, but just in case...
Page 1 is to be used for any/every character.
Page 2 is for a quick and dirty single sheet (double sided) character sheet.
Page 3 is for non-mundane characters (awakened and technomancers).
Page 4 is for riggers.
Pages 5 & 6 are an "extended version" of page 2 for people that want to have a more detailed sheet.

Please feel free to download and print for your personal and/or gaming groups use. Here are the links:
Voyds SR20A Character Sheet v2.0 - Black & White (
Voyds SR20A Character Sheet v2.0 - Color (

I do take requests for new pages or changes if someone has a particular need for a specific character or a good suggestion, etc.
However, I would like to retain full copyright and distribution rights for this as I am a freelance graphic designer and layout guy.
So please, do not change these sheets and then redistribute them without my permission.
Title: Re: My Shadowrun Character Sheets
Post by: Juxtamon on <09-10-10/1049:18>
Pretty nice.  Tidy setup.
  The only ANYthing I might have to critically say anything about is the lumping-equally of the 'lifted', 'memory' et al just beneath the main attributes, which might fool the eye into confusing the main stats, or make it not-as-easy to quick-scan for those derived values.  But I understand the nature of boxes like that, and the values would be notated in different format than the single-number stats, potentially, so no biggie.  That's just a vis-design thing.

   But like I said, VERY tidy sheets, with enough room for pretty much anybody's big stacks of anything - skills, drones, spells...and anything you don't use can be usurped for room for more gear!

Title: Re: My Shadowrun Character Sheets
Post by: voydangel on <09-10-10/1206:03>
Thanks for the input Jux. =)

I had actually tried to place those derived attrib's elsewhere, but it just didn't seem to flow nearly as well, or fit as well either. I still go back in and tweak them every once in a while, so maybe something will come to me later down the road.

Any other feedback is welcome and appreciated.
Title: Re: My Shadowrun Character Sheets
Post by: Irian on <09-10-10/1211:54>
What I am missing the most is a possibility to fill it out using my computer :-)
Title: Re: My Shadowrun Character Sheets
Post by: voydangel on <09-10-10/1313:10>
That is something I have been toying with. Unfortunately it's a bit of a pain in the butt. But if I ever make the time and get it done, I will most certainly post the results.