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Title: Cues & Dispositions question
Post by: SINlessSlacker on <11-16-16/1239:59>
Am I correct in understanding that Cues & Dispositions have no mechanical effect and are just for getting into character?

Has anyone toyed with the idea of applying some kind of rule to encourage use of them? Perhaps with Plot point rewards or something?
Title: Re: Cues & Dispositions question
Post by: Stoneglobe on <11-16-16/1314:41>
I haven't actually run Anarchy yet but I would reward good use of a character's ques and dispositions during the course of the game with bonus karma for roleplaying. Especially if the player actually made things harder for themselves or the group by following them. On the flip side trying to use them to just be antagonistic and cause strife within the group would quickly result in the player being asked to leave and not welcomed back.

If a player did something phenomenal during a scene related to their ques and dispositions then I might award a bonus plot point as well.

Generally I always encourage my players to have a character they feel comfortable actually role playing, it does mean that I tend to end up with the same characters regardless of the character or game that is being played but I think this is fairly normal for most players and GMs.

If someone actually goes outside of their comfort zone and takes on a very different character and tries to role play that I'm also much more lenient in my awards for RP at the end of the game as I find that this encourages players to experiment with something new and different.
Title: Re: Cues & Dispositions question
Post by: Gingivitis on <11-16-16/1324:28>
I understand tags, dispositions, and cues as having roleplaying benefits and meta-mechanical benefits.  Page 35 talks about earning Plot Points for "particularly good Narrations" and I take this to mean staying in character, using cues, enhancing the excitement, etc.

I give Plot Points to my players for all of those as long as they have meaning.  Just because someone says, "I'd buy THAT for a dollar!" all the time, doesn't mean they are getting a Plot Point for it.

I have also started using a rule where, if NONE of the players play a Plot Point during the Turn, I get one at the end of the Turn anyways.  That way they cannot meta-starve the GM and it encourages creative use.
Title: Re: Cues & Dispositions question
Post by: SINlessSlacker on <11-16-16/1332:14>
I think I'm going to run them like Burning Wheel's Beliefs and Instincts.

Title: Re: Cues & Dispositions question
Post by: imaginaari on <11-16-16/1649:41>
Yeah, no real mechanical effects besides the fact that they can help with building "particularly good Narrations" that should be rewarded. I think porting the Keys from TSOY/Lady Blackbird would probably be the best fit if you're looking for more structurised ruleset.