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Title: Anarchy Threats
Post by: Gingivitis on <10-13-16/0217:57>
I thought I would share these PDFs I put together for my Anarchy games.  I have made some adjustments but maybe you will find it useful or inspiring. ( Old. ( New!

Anarchy Threats
- Reformatted each entry (where possible) to list number of dice rather than Skill + Attribute.  So if it says 8, roll 8.
- Standardized some Shadow Amp phrasing.
- Renamed Vehicle Weapons to Gunnery (for space and clarity); and Piloting (Ground) or Piloting (Other) to Pilot Ground and Pilot Other (so you can add a specialization without double parenthesis).
- Used kla060365's re-balanced Assault Rifle and Machine Guns (that gives meaning to SMGs)
- Added bookmarks and hyperlinks for easy search.

- Similar to Professional Ratings, I needed a way to measure the threat level each NPC would pose. These are somewhat loose levels based on Attributes + Skills + Shadow Amps.
- Thug Level (<28), Gang Level (28), Street Runner (38), Prime Runner (48), Terror (>48)
- Added options for Mooks who use only one Condition Monitor (like SR5 Grunts), and Mains who gain Positive Qualities.

- Separated NPCs into categories such as: Critters, Corporate, Magic (including Spirits), Matrix, Military, Security, Shadow, Street. This might determine what Knowledge Skills or Contacts might apply.
- Each category has about 4 entries.

Expanded Entries
- Added Boston Lockdown Head Cases (Shambler, Rager, Manipulator, Hidden), Barghest, Enemy Shaman, Enemy Technomancer, Vehicles (APC and Light-Assault Copter), Rent-a-Cop (HTR), Corporate Security (Elite), generic runners (Company Man, Street Sam, Pistol Adept, Razor, Combat Medic), Wiz-Ganger, Enemy Drone (Mini)
- Added options for Enemy Mage, Lesser Spirits, Blood Spirits, Toxic Spirits, Shadow Spirits, IC, Sprites (new version), Ganger types, and Gun Emplacements.

Re-Balanced Entries
- Tried to get each entry closer to a certain Threat Level by adding/subtracting Attributes, Skills, or Shadow Amps.
- Rebuilt Sprites to closer match IC mechanics with Spirit power levels.
- Rebuilt Enemy Drones. Drones are vehicles with Armor only. Flying now forces a reroll when attacked but takes extra damage when hit. Audio Analyzer just interprets voice commands.
- Balanced Enemy Drone weapon options. Small Drones can no longer take out an entire team of Prime Runners.
- Rebuilt Spirits with non-combat options (that can be taken in lieu of combat options).

New Version
- I kept the old version in case people liked it better but I now use this newer one.
- Re-re-balanced Spirits: dropped Armor for the most part on Spirits (except Earth, Beast); Reorganized critter powers to always include the non-combat power and a choice of combat options.
- Re-re-balanced Sprites: dropped Firewall in favor of using LOG + LOG for defense like a Technomancer.  Bumped LOG to 6.
- Added a option on Corporate Security to use the unused 4 Shadow Amp Points for Corporate Security for specific AAA megacorps.  For instance Ares might have better guns, NeoNET might have Matrix capabilities, Evo might have more cyberware, etc.  Mix it up.

I hope you enjoy and that these inspire more!  And if you think this is good, throw a link to it (thanks kla!)
Title: Re: Anarchy Threats
Post by: grauetheorie on <10-13-16/0533:05>
Great list. Thank you very much.

I looked in detail at the CDF threats as I am running a Boston campaign. I like the shadow amps very much. But I might add Regeneration and Immunity to Weapons in my campaign. Is there a reason why the attributes of the head cases are in some cases so just 1 or 6?
Title: Re: Anarchy Threats
Post by: waspeyelad on <10-13-16/1023:08>
Impressive work, more drek to throw at my runners!
The entries we had on the core book are good, but more is always better when it comes to enemies and npcs.
Title: Re: Anarchy Threats
Post by: Gingivitis on <10-13-16/1218:35>
Thanks.  For the Head Cases, I tried to do 2 things: keep their SAs to no more than 3 and make them as standard human (3s across the board) with what might happen to their brains with the nanites, some got super dumb and some got super smart.  Might drop the hidden down to 5 Logic and Charisma...

The regen is a good idea. I might just give that to "named" npcs. I think I would definitely add immunity for the Head Case Marines.
Title: Re: Anarchy Threats
Post by: Gingivitis on <10-21-16/2206:30>
Updated again.  Includes more re-balance and suggestions from users here! Thanks everyone!
Title: Re: Anarchy Threats
Post by: Gingivitis on <03-11-17/2211:08>
Updated again with a New Version (but I kept the old).

The new version has some fundamental changes to Spirits.  For the most part I removed Armor from spirits.  This makes them very different from Vehicles and mitigates their utter invulnerability.  I also included the non-combat powers as base Amps and gave options for the combat spirit powers.  This required adjustments to some powers to make the choice more thought-worthy.

I have run a few sessions with this and it is working better.
Title: Re: Anarchy Threats
Post by: Shadowjack on <03-12-17/0016:44>
I like your work although I think it would be better if the skill section didn't show dice pools instead of skill ranks. It's just a bit odd to me as I find myself doing the math anyway :)