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Title: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on (10:29:29/04-07-16)
Please post your questions (and ONLY your questions) below.  Please refrain from speculation, arguments, or discussions in this thread. If you want to discuss something, start a new thread.  I want this thread to remain a useful link for later reference.  You can always link discussions in your post.

When referencing a rule or section of the book, please give me a book and page reference.

Please try and keep your questions to relevant FAQ materials and not Errata related when possible though we know the paths cross.
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on (08:22:32/04-12-16)
I've decided to add comments into your posts when we've addressed an issue.  The comments are bold with my initials at the end.  To keep the thread clean, I've deleted additional posts related to a topic which has been addressed.
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Herr Brackhaus on (07:01:54/04-14-16)
Since the Biospike from Hard Targets (page 185) is specifically mentioned in the latest FAQ; shouldn't this have an AP value? Granted, unlike (presumably metallic) cyberspurs the bone spur is completely undetectable to normal scanners as it is bioware, but it's described as a "sharp, dense bone spike" and it is availability 14F with a 20,000¥ cost (28,000¥ unless you feel like taking 2P every time you deploy it). Seems like an oversight is all, even if it's damage does stack with bone density augmentation to a point (hah!).
This falls within the realm of errata, therefore the FAQ committee feels it needs to addressed there and not in the SRM FAQ.  Until errata is released it does not have an AP for SRM.  rr

The GM chapter doesn't mention if any tools are required for Locksmith tests. For example, defeating a keypad maglock requires a Lockpick + Agility [Physical] (Maglock Rating x 2, 1 Combat Turn) extended test to open the case as per page 359 ; do you need at least a lockpick set or maybe even a Locksmith Tool Kit to be able to do this?
See the Build & Repair table on page 146 of SR5 for penalties related to tool use (or non-use).  Tool kits to remove the casing can be found  on pg. 443, SR5.  It is our opinion that you need the proper tool for the job, otherwise you'll suffer penalties for not having it.  rr

I've noticed that some missions don't seem to use these rules, instead simply stating something like "a Locksmith + Agility [Physical] (3) Test opens the door" (SRM06-01 page 11); this runs counter to the extended test normally required, and actually ends up making lockpicking harder. For example: A Rating 3 maglock with a keypad would require a threshold 6 extended test as per core, which means that even a character with a bare minimum lockpick skill and agility (assume agility 3 and locksmith 3) could open it in 3 combat turns, and then bypass it in another 3 combat turns on average. That same character will have a much harder time getting 3 hits on a single roll, so while this method is faster it's also internally inconsistent, as other locks (even in the same mission) are simply mentioned as being of a certain rating.

Are GMs free to use the core rules when situations like this come up, if time allows?

This is intentional.  Convention play is limited to roughly 3.5 hours depending on the convention.  To speed things up, simple tests are written into the Missions to allow GMs to move quickly.  If the GM has time to run through the extended tests, they are free to do so.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: FasterN8 on (11:56:03/04-21-16)
The FAQ explains that TKE is affected by working for the people....

The new reputation rules (which are awesome BTW) also use "total karma earned" (SR5 pg 368) to calculate the Street Cred from Karma (SCK).

I just want to make sure we're using the right numbers for calculating the availability adjustment for reputation becasue Working for the People seems to make magical types get a much better availability mod than the character who really need it (gear and cyber types).

Is Working for the People supposed to affect street cred?  (and therefore availability?)

Yes, it does.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Herr Brackhaus on (17:25:07/04-23-16)
Question on concealment specifically for Missions:
Does an Assault Rifle with a collapsed Folding Stock count as an Assault Rifle (+6) or a Bullpup Assault Rifle (+4) for the purposes of concealment?

This is an errata question, but in our opinion it would be -1 (to match Hard Targets stock removal).rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Kiirnodel on (01:24:02/04-24-16)
And since the goal is for this to be about questions, not discussions, I will add a question of my own.

Initiatory discounts, how are they rounded? The default is to round up, but which part do we round? The types of discounts are listed as: Base Price - 10%, so my gut is to round the final price back up. But I could see some people rounding the discount amount up instead (resulting in a larger discount).

Example: First couple of initiations, assuming we've joined the Ash Union and manage to perform an Ordeal every time (for some extra fun).

Initiation 1: Base 13 karma. w/ 20% discount -> 13 - 20% (2.6) = 10.4 (rounded up) so 11

Initiation 2: Base 16 karma. w/ 20% discount -> 16 - 20% (3.2) = 12.8 (rounded up) so 13

Initiation 3: Base 19 karma. w/ 20% discount -> 19 - 20% (3.8) = 15.2 (rounded up) so 16

Obviously it is only ever going to be a difference of 1 karma (rounded up/down) but it can add up...

Final number after calculations are made is rounded up...not the discount.  The easiest way to resolve this is just take the base price and multiply by 0.9, 0.8, or 0.7 and round up (10%/20%/30% discounts).  I've deleted the incorrect interpretation.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Herr Brackhaus on (17:31:32/04-24-16)
I do have to question why removing the stock on a rifle sized weapon reduces recoil compensation when it does not provide any recoil compensation in the first place. Take the AK-97 or Colt M23; both have 0 recoil compensation from the factory, and both would reduce recoil compensation by one if the Stock Removal modification (Hard Targets page 182) was added. And yet going by RAW you could add a Folding Stock modification (Run & Gun page 51) and gain 1 recoil compensation.

This is an errata question.  Though I have my own thoughts and ideas, this one won't be covered in the SRM FAQ.  rr

I'd also like to get some clarification on why the Sling is not usable with a shock pad and/or folding stock; the German edition of the rule book has removed the sling from the table on page 53 of Run & Gun. I believe the table entry is a holdover from SR4 where the sling did actually provide recoil compensation.

This is an errata question.  Though I have my own thoughts and ideas, this one won't be covered in the SRM FAQ.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: KarmaInferno on (18:27:51/04-27-16)
Reposted from the other thread:

The Metasapient section from Run Faster seems to be missing the entire rules chapter. There's a section with lore and background info, a chart, and.... that's it.

Previous editions had a few limiters placed to limit the increased power levels of these characters. Increased lifestyle and gear costs, a forbiddance on cyber, bio, and other similar augmentations, automatic Distinctive Style negative quality, social modifiers, etc.

Should Prime Runner metasapient characters be built assuming these were deliberately removed in the new edition?


Yes rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Herr Brackhaus on (16:02:08/05-05-16)
1a. What kind of tools, if any, are needed in Missions to be able to use the Locksmith actions mentioned on pages 359 and 360?

None? A Lockpick Set (page 448)? A Locksmith Tool Kit (page 443)? Both?

Lockpick set for mechanical locks, Locksmith Tool Kit for maglocks.  rr

This came up in another thread, and while it's easily houseruled it would be good to know what the Missions requirement is.

1b. Furthermore, can maglocks other than keypads and card readers be bypassed as per the keypad entries, or must biometric, facial recognition, and voice recognition scanners be bypassed using only the relevant methods in each section? I.e. does rewiring the lock internals only apply where mentioned?

They can only be bypassed using the methods described in SR5, pgs. 359-360.  rr

2. Can both micro-transceivers and commlinks communicate without Matrix access?

The entry for micro-transceivers state that they can communicate with other micro-transceivers and commlinks, and that Matrix access only extends the normal 1km range to worldwide. The commlink entry does state that it has phone, radio, and wireless capabilities.

If commlinks can communicate with other commlinks without Matrix access, what is the purpose of micro-transceivers? And for that matter, what is the range of commlink to commlink communication without Matrix connectivity?
Yes, unless they are being jammed or there is too much Noise.  We'll say 1KM as well for commlink to commlink.  Purpose of micro-transceivers?  Well, that's not really an SRM FAQ question.  IMO, if you have a subvocal mic and earbuds linked to your commlink you have a set up which acts just like a micro-transceiver. rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: dlinch on (16:58:11/05-05-16)
FAQ 0.4 is out!! Woot!

Awesome. Thanks for all the hard work on it Sinthalix and the rest of the team.

Question on the ruling concerning "schools":
Is it possible to be in multiple "schools" at once? For example, I initiate in the Invocation school and learn the Ally Conjuration ritual. Once I do that, I now have access to Govi. For my next initiation, I want to learn Masking. Can I Initiate into the Unseen Arts even though I am already in the Invocation "school"? Do I still have access to Govi once I initiate into the Unseen Arts "school"?

Most definitely!  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Kiirnodel on (07:16:06/05-06-16)
Aaaand some more questions for you.

First of all, Biocompatibility states the following:
Quote from: Chrome Flesh page 54
In game terms, the Essence cost of implants of the particular chosen type are reduced by ten percent, rounded down to the tenth. This rebate is cumulative with the reduction offered by the chosen ’ware’s grade, if any (e.g., the reduction for alphaware of 0.8 is reduced by ten percent, or 0.08, to become 0.72, and is rounded down to 0.7).
Question: This has a significant effect on Used Grade, which normally has an Essence cost modifier of 1.25; "the reduction for used ware of 1.25 is reduced by ten perecent, or 0.125, to become 1.125, and is rounded down to 1.1". Is this correct?
This part has been answered in ver 0.4.  we are rounding two decimal places.  rr

This has been added to discussion topics

Based on the ruling placed in ver 0.4 it actually brings up another question.
First of all, I just want to take a quick moment to point out that the Biocompatibility quality says that it reduces the Essence cost of implants, but then the example talks about the interaction with Alphaware and does the rounding there, which is where one of the primary interpretations for this quality came from. I believe it went something like this:
Grademultipliermult. w/ Biocompatibility
Using that kind of table explained the terminology use of rounding to the nearest tenth, and allowed the rest of the math involving the actual 'ware to be done as it always was. If we are going to be using a multiplier on the 'ware and not the grade multiplier I suggest the terminology in the FAQ also mention to ignore the example in the quality description.

Now, I understand what has been done for Missions use, and I completely understand the clarification, but like I said before it does bring up one more issue. The quality is cumulative with the reduction from grade, in which case, should it be applied concurrently or simultaneously? Or in other words should we determine the discount from the quality based on the original essence cost or the cost after the ware discount has been applied? If we use the Cat's Eye example, adding in an Alphaware discount: Cat's Eye is 0.1 Essence, with Alphaware it multiplies the cost by 0.8 to an Essence cost of 0.08. If we have Biocompatibility, does it reduce the cost by 10% of 0.1 (0.01 reduction), or 10% of 0.08 (0.008 reduction). And if it is the latter, is the reduction amount rounded down? or the final cost? Basically, should the final cost of Alpha Cat's Eye with Biocompatibility be 0.07, or 0.08?

This issue is a bit bigger than the rounding issue that I mentioned with initiation discounts, particularly if we go into larger 'ware, like Wired Reflexes. Take an example with Wired Reflexes 2 (Base Essence Cost: 3)
Also, while we're on the topic, I would guess that the Adapsin Geneware would work in the same way as whatever direction this goes in?

This would be applied consecutively, e.g you purchase Alpha Wired Reflexes 2.  This has an essence cost to the average Joe of 2.4 Essence.  You then plug it into Biocompatibility guy.  He then takes 10% off of that 2.4 making it 2.16 for Biocompatibility guy.  Adapsin acts the same.  As for rounding, Essence is rounded to the second decimal place (hundredths.)  SRMFAQC
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: KarmaInferno on (07:47:04/05-07-16)
If a Valkyrie Module is allowed for size Large or larger drones, why not a rigger cocoon? They are pretty much the same size.


The SRM FAQ Committee decided to not allow it.  SRMFAQC
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Herr Brackhaus on (14:00:08/05-07-16)
Question: Can a magician choose who is affected by his AoE spells?
Reference this thread ( for full details, but here's the gist of it:
Spells like Hot Potato and Foreboding (Street Grimoire page 112) specifically calls out that they affect all targets in the AoE. Some assume this means that a magician casting an AoE spell can decide who is affected, with some limitations (i.e. a fireball is a fireball, but direct combat spells and most other schools). Spell Shaping seems to do this already perform this function, though, so opinions are split in terms of whether the Street Grimoire entries are just superfluous or if they set the specific rules that override general ones. Clarification on how this is to be handled in Missions would be appreciated.

SR5, pg. 281:  All targets in the area of effect that you can see, friend and foe alike, are valid targets for the spell. The only way to not hit someone in your A0E is to not be able to see them or using Spell Shaping.  rr

Thanks! A lot of us totally missed that...
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: ScytheKnight on (19:46:52/05-10-16)
I just noticed that when you where discussing the micro-transceiver/comlink issue earlier you mentioned Jamming effecting said communications. AFAIK there's never been anything official for SR5 or Missions stating at what level of Noise a Matrix Device flat out stops getting Matrix Bonuses, much less anything that prevents communications. Could it be possible to look into some Missions official Jamming rules?

If the Device Rating does not exceed the Noise Rating, it will lose it wireless functionality while suffering from the Noise Rating. (Wireless Bonuses, pg. 421, SR5) rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Sadrazam on (11:18:09/06-03-16)
According to the most recent FAQ (v0.4, p. 42): Availability test must be made against the desired Force of focus to be improved. will cost the difference in nuyen between the old and new focus, plus 20% for the talismonger’s time and  materials.

So, let's say my shaman has a Force 4 power focus, and wishes his talismonger to improve it to Force 5 (Availability 20).  The difference in nuyen is 18,000, plus 20% makes it 21,600.  My shaman's Street Cred is enough to bring that availability down to 18, but the talismonger only has 12 dice with which to buy hits (3) on her Negotiation Test.  In the CRB (p. 418), it says:

...for every additional twenty-five percent of the item's value you are willing to pay, you get an additional die on the Negotiation test.

So how do these two rules intersect?  Can I buy additional dice for my talismonger at 5,400 (25% of the 21,600) each, or do I have to pay 25% of a full cost Force 5 power focus (90,000) at 22,500 per die?

25% of the full cost per die, not the difference.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Herr Brackhaus on (05:47:54/06-04-16)
Sadrazam's question applies to upgrading 'ware and decks/RCCs, too, by the way. I.e. what is the cost of extra dice for negotiation based on, the cost of the upgrade, or the original item cost.

25% of the full cost (original cost) per die, not the cost of the upgrade. rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: kyoto kid on (01:58:28/07-02-16) Hard Targets, Under MIsc. Gear, chart on P. 187. it lists Monotip Arrows as having a price of 30¥ times rating.  This seems a tad on the expensive side for an arrow that only confers a -2 to AP.

While I understand that this may be more of an errata situation, I was encouraged to bring this concern up here by one of the senior members on these forums who responded to the thread that I posted on the topic.

It is the opinion of the SRM FAQ Committee that the price is correct.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: El Diablo on (08:15:01/07-14-16)
What 'bout using Edge for initiation? If it's possible for binding Spirits and Nine Paths To Enlightenment, why not to initiate?

Initiation is strictly a downtime activity and Edge may not be used for it.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Peco on (17:20:02/08-02-16)
I have a question regarding negative qualities, it is written in the missions FAQ that you can select as many negative qualities as you want, but they will not give you additional karma beyond the 25 limit in chargen, so, when you pick qualities beyond this limit, do they have their negative and positive effects normally?

I refer to the Consumate professional negative (The assasin's primer, pg. 17) that has an advantange (A +2 dice pool bonus on social test with employers) and a disadvantage (you divide by 20 your karma when calculating your street cred, instead of by 10), would both apply? or if you get for example, In debt, will you get the money (and the beatings) even if you add it beyond your negative qualities karma limit?


Please note the FAQ says you may take additional qualities for "roleplay purposes".  There are no advantages or disadvantages you gain for taking the quality.  They are just to add additional flavor to your character.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Bedrevin on (22:31:22/08-13-16)
       what are the threshholds for weapon modifications? In rigger 5 all of the threshholds for installing vehicle modifications are listed next to the modification, but there are no threshholds listed in the core rulebook or run and gun. In my group both the groups rigger and I have armorer skill and we would like to be able to modify our own weapons so we would like to know how hard that would be.

The guidance for thresholds for modifications found in SR5 core and Run & Gun is found on page 51, Run & Gun.  The thresholds for modifications found in Hard Targets are listed in that book.  I'll bring it up in the SRM Committee to see if we want to clarify it for SRMs. rr

SRM FAQ ver 0.7 will include thresholds and intervals for modifications found in Run & Gun.  rr

        also if I were to assist the rigger in the extended test to modify a weapon or vehicle how would that contribute to the extended test since we would have to buy successes.

Assisting with buying hits:  you would buy your hits and the rigger would add those dice to his dice pool before buying hits.  You then subtract a die, buy hits, rigger adds those dice to his dice pool before buying hits (subtracting one from his dice pool for extended tests).  Once you're down to three dice, you can't assist. rr

        lastly when buying successes in an extended test why do you get one success for every 4 dice when statistically you should get one for every 3 dice?

SR5 says 4 to 1 when buying hits, so that's what we use...sorry I don't have a better answer.  rr

       Thank you
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Raven2049 on (10:35:08/08-17-16)
Question on Drone Upgrades in Rigger 5

Specifically Armor: Are we paying for the difference in armor, or are we paying for the total end amount of armor? the wording in the Armor section states "Cost equals the upgraded Armor multiplied by the drone’s Body, then multiplied by 200." But the Example shows total amount "Increasing to an Armor of 15 on a Body 3 drone would cost (15 x 3) x 200, or 45 x 200, or 9,000 nuyen." Which is correct?

EX: Upgrading a Roto-Drone to Armor 16 from Armor 8: Am i paying total cost: (4 x 16) x 200 to equal 12,800?

The above is correct for SRM.  rr

or am i paying the upgraded armor cost: [4 x (16 - 8)]  x 200 to equal 6,400?

This is probably a question for the Errata team as well, and as such i will post there.

Also, if you are purchasing upgrades for your drone, specifically in the case of Sensors and Pilot Programs, is this a situation where you pull the old one out and put a new one in? so you can get 20-30% of the value of the part being pulled out by selling it back? or is this more of a case of "expansion" where you add to existing capabilities? which could imply that you are upgrading the armor as in my 2nd example above. Leading back to that example as well, if it is a matter of complete replacement, do we get 20-30% of the value of the armor being sold back if we are doing the "total cost" example?

For both questions, you pay total cost and do not receive anything back via a selling back scenario.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Lochabar on (17:10:09/09-06-16)
Magical Skills for Mundanes

In Street Grimoire (pg 126, "Arcana and the Mundane") it states "Arcana is the only magic skill not tied to the Magic attribute. As such, the gamemaster can optionally allow a mundane to acquire this skill to represent their limited understanding of the arcane documentation available to anyone.".

This statement is incorrect because there are three magical skills not linked to the magic attribute (core rulebook p142); Arcana (Logic), Assensing (Intuition), and Astral Combat (Willpower).

Following the logic that one non-magic-linked skill can be taken by mundanes, it follows that a mundane may also optionally be allowed to take points in Assensing and Astral Combat as well. Is this correct? (which is unlikely I know)

Or should the Street Grimoire statement be something like "Arcana is the only magic skill not tied to the Magic attribute that can be taken by mundanes."

For Shadowrun Missions, Arcana is the only skill listed under Magical Skills, pgs. 142-143, SR5 a mundane may take.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Falconer on (14:11:35/09-10-16)
Transfering karma between characters.  This comes up especifically with non-mages trying to get spells quickened on them.

Quickening requires the mage to spend karma to make the spell permanent while sustaining it.  To my knowledge there is no way for anyone to spend anyone else's karma to power their own abilities.   The only item I'm aware of and I'm not even sure it's in 5th ed anymore is a ritual requiring the presence of a free spirits formula to give/pay it karma.  Using the expedient of the cash for karma is limited by the FAQ rules limiting monetary between characters to small amounts and the calender.

Is it permissible for a character without quickening to pay karma to a contact/another player to cast and quicken magic?

No, the quickening character (another player) must pay the karma to quicken it.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Kiirnodel on (06:23:09/12-22-16)
Ritual Spellcasting faces similar opposition to what Binding a spirit has (Opposed by double Force). Can we use the same sort of rules as are allowed for Binding? That is, allowed to attempt the roll as normal, rather than forced to buy hits.

Ritual Spellcasting is also designed to be done with a group using Teamwork Test mechanics. Would it be possible to hire ritual assistants? Low-skill ritual assistants wouldn't require much training to be helpful, and don't need to have learned the ritual being performed. For example, a fresh-faced magician with a dice pool of only 8 in ritual spellcasting (3-4 ranks plus 4-5 magic) could buy 2 hits on the assisting teamwork test and get paid for sitting around for a few hours helping out (no other experience necessary). I wouldn't expect this to necessarily be cheap labor, it is fairly unique and does come with a certain amount of risk (taking drain). But that risk isn't much more than a talismonger making a focus, and that requires much more training to avoid the risk of burning out your magic caused by a crit glitch...

Hiring a ritual assistant could be a set number of bought hits (similar to hiring a mechanic to modify gear), with a cost based on the Force of the ritual being performed (to account for risk).

The SRM FAQ Committee decided that this will not be allowed.  We recommend you work with fellow players if you wish to conduct Ritual Spellcasting with a group.  rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Kiirnodel on (16:59:00/02-15-17)
The SRM FAQ Committee decided that this will not be allowed.  We recommend you work with fellow players if you wish to conduct Ritual Spellcasting with a group.  rr

Just to be clear, you're disallowing the "hiring NPCs" part of what I suggested, right? It was a shot in the dark, sort of hoping for the magical equivalent of hiring a mechanic to help me modify my gear.

Correct, rr

How about the first part, are we allowed to roll out some Ritual Spellcasting at the table like Binding? Being Forced to buy hits makes some of the options almost as impossible as Binding is.

Yes, rr
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Hobbes on (20:06:02/04-19-17)
Way qualities, cost double after Character Generation?  Count against 25 point positive quality limit at the start?  Answered previously and Hobbes search-fu is off?

Way qualities are treated like other qualities with regards to your question. - DO
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Hargrim on (02:58:42/04-20-17)
As this question was raised at my table I'd like to ask for clarification:

How exactly Power Foci work? It says:

They are very powerful foci that temporarily increase your effective Magic rating. That means they add to your Sorcery, Conjuring, and Enchanting dice pools, along with any other test where Magic is involved.

Do Power Foci add to your Magic rating or they add to just what is on that list?

The first interpretation would make it very powerful, for example, summoning Force 7+ spirits with just Stun drain you can sleep off during mission run in riggers car.

The first sentence, 'adds to your effective magic rating' might seem open to interpretation but the second sentence clarifies the intent.  It adds to Dice Pools of Magic-related Tests, it does not actually increase your Magic Rating.  A Magician with a Magic Rating 6 and Power Focus Rating 1 will still suffer Physical Drain from summoning a Force 7 Spirit. -DO
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Teutonic Overlord on (06:26:44/04-20-17)
Please note, until a new SRM Developer is designated and determines how they are going to handle the SRM FAQ, I'm going to lock this thread.  The current SRM FAQ Committee is considered "disbanded" for now.

Please feel free to pose questions in this forum and I or other listed members will provide answers to questions based upon our previous rulings.
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Jayde Moon on (14:47:33/09-28-17)
With the release of Chicago SRM FAQ 1.4, I'm also reopening this thread.

All rules for using this topic remain in effect.
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: Stainless Steel Devil Rat on (16:02:34/12-31-17)
I asked about whether addiction to Hot Sim is tested for here ( but it seems this is the appropriate place to have asked.
Title: Re: Questions for the SRM FAQ Committee
Post by: techwiz78 on (23:35:08/02-05-18)
If this happens to still be going, in the FAQ Bloody Business is under the "The following Shadowrun Adventures are not intended for Shadowrun Missions play" section. That leaves it a little ambiguous as to whether we can use the Body Sculpt adept power at the end of the book, and some clarification on that would be very helpful.