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Title: deck protectors
Post by: DarkSpade on <03-25-16/1304:32>
Cards have started to get worn and it's clear I need to invest in some deck protectors.  I may just go with clear, but I'd like to find something more fitting for the shadowrun world.  Anyone found any graphic sleeves they're fond of?
Title: Re: deck protectors
Post by: The Tekwych on <03-25-16/1533:05>
Consider the Android Art Sleeves ( by FFG. They are from the Cyberpunk card game Android: Netrunner.
Title: Re: deck protectors
Post by: HalloweenJackAU on <12-01-16/0104:58>
I went with matte clear sleeves so all of the cards could be protected and I could still see which deck they belong to
Title: Re: deck protectors
Post by: Dancer on <03-03-17/1703:19>
Honestly, I'd love to see some official Shadowrun ones. I'd probably end up using them on my Netrunner decks, too.