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Title: VisionQuest (and Lake Louise in general)
Post by: Beta on <03-18-16/1056:44>
Back in the day, Big D had a simsense theme park at Lake Louise, called VisionQuest.  He bequeathed it to Holly Brighton (the reporter who did the original interview of him in 2012 -- I don't know how old she was at the time, but in 2075 she would not be younger than 85 and could be a fair bit older, so may or may not still be living).

Has there been any news of either VisionQuest or Holly Brighton since his will?  (or for that matter, the centaurs who apparently live around Lake Louise?).  With Simsense becoming more broadly available, I’d think that the original purpose of the theme park would be somewhat obsolete, but that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have evolved new attractions to keep up with the times … or it could now be a rundown shell of its former self.  (Lake Louise is spectacularly gorgeous, so I’d expect there to continue to be a certain amount of tourist trade, whether or not people went there for VisionQuest in particular)
Title: Re: VisionQuest (and Lake Louise in general)
Post by: Crimsondude on <03-18-16/1202:06>
VQ was briefly mentioned in Clutch. Brighton still rules over the public parts of the Lake Louise lair like a queen.