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Title: About control rig for triggers
Post by: skullleader855 on <08-24-15/0109:21>
If i am using a comlink to control my drones would it just be one drone i could control or could i have more then one and is there some where that has stuff for i could build my own drones
Title: Re: About control rig for triggers
Post by: Whiskeyjack on <08-24-15/0727:23>
Control rigs have nothing to do with whether you're using a commlink or an RCC. Control rigs only deal with jumping in.

If you have a commlink and not an RCC, you need to (1) pay for a copy of an autosofts per drone (RCCs let you share one autosofts across multiple drones that can use it; and (2) issue a command to each drone individually as a distinct action (an RCC lets you send the same command to multiple drones for one action).
Title: Re: About control rig for triggers
Post by: Top Dog on <08-24-15/0758:10>
Yup. RCC's are good for drones, but commlinks can do the same basic functionality. There's no real limit, on RCC or commlink, on how many drones you can have active at the same time on autopilot (though there are certainly practical limits).

There are no hard and fast rules on building your own drones. There's some breadcrumbs (the skills exist), but really that's something you'd have to work out with your GM. It'd be difficult, though - you need to build the mechanical body, craft the electronic hardware, and write the software.
Title: Re: About control rig for triggers
Post by: Rooks on <08-25-15/0033:01>
But then theres remote operations? isnt that controlling it directly through AR using your Logic Reaction and your own skills?
Title: Re: About control rig for triggers
Post by: Top Dog on <08-25-15/0312:25>
Yes, there's that too (well, you can do it through VR too, and it's not just Logic and Reaction - but essentially yes). You can do that with both a commlink and RCC too.
Title: Re: About control rig for triggers
Post by: ProfGast on <08-25-15/0444:49>
Quick Summary:
There are four (4) general means for a rigger to control a vehicle/drone.
4) Autopilot.  You send a command (usually over the matrix) and order your drone's dog-brain (or agent if you installed one) to complete an action to the best of its ability.
3) Manual.  This normally refers to Vehicles only.  This refers to taking the physical controls and operating them, like steering wheel for cars etc.  Use that meat-body to operate that heavy machinery!  Suffice to say, this does NOT require a commlink OR an RCC, but is unlikely to be possible for most drones.  Most.
2) Remote.  This refers to operating the vehicle or drone…. remotely.  You use the Matrix (VR or AR are both possible!) and control your Vehicle or Drone using a Commlink or an RCC.  As noted in other posts, you primarily use mental attributes during remote operation for stuff like Gunnery.  It also sets your [Data Processing] stat as one of your potential limits for operations.
1) Rigging.  This is also referred to as "Jumping In" it causes your consciousness to become one with the machine.  This requires a Control Rig implant as well as going into VR (Hot or Cold.)  It also requires your vehicle/drone to have a rigger interface (standard in drones, must be bought in vehicles.)  The upside is you get a bonus to dice pools due to rigging (+2 base, +X for control Rig rating and possibly +2 for hot sim!)  The downside is when your vehicle takes damage, you get 1/2 of the damage as biofeedback just like you were hit too.

Last note is that the lower the number that I put next to the method, the higher the priority in resolution.  So unless you cut out the vehicle's recieving circuits, both Remote Control and Rigging override Manual Control.   All methods override Autopilot.
Title: Re: About control rig for triggers
Post by: skullleader855 on <08-25-15/0507:49>
Cool thank you all i have not played shadowrun for years love 5th but its a pain with some of the new stuff