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Title: Two questions in one.
Post by: xangpow on <08-15-15/2030:18>
So I suggested that we play The Client mission. Now just to clarify to finish the game we have to complete all seven rounds, with one round being all four players have taken there turn. Correct?

A question that comes up quite often is "Can we trade cards?" I often say no because there isn't any real point to it. Everyone pretty much has everyone's hand. I am just looking for some official ruling on this.

Title: Re: Two questions in one.
Post by: TheIrish on <08-15-15/2304:37>
One round equals the number of players which is all 4 players in your case.  Though you don't have to kill all the Obstacles, you just need to keep the client alive till the end of round 7

You can't trade cards, and according to the rules you are even meant to keep your cards hidden.  You starting hands are quite similar but as you buy cards that they can really change.

Here is a play through of The Client mission with some of the designers

Title: Re: Two questions in one.
Post by: xangpow on <08-16-15/0815:26>
Cool. Thanks for all the information and the video.  ;D