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Title: Finding the SR books in UK
Post by: Mr T on <04-15-15/1545:34>
Hi all,

Just started roleplaying again after many years off and want to get back into SR. Ive bought the core rules but im having real problems finding any UK/Euro stockists of the newer 5ed books.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? Also is the Augentation book a reprint as i can find a version but it has a different cover to the one on this site.

Thanks in advance.

Title: Re: Finding the SR books in UK
Post by: AJCarrington on <04-15-15/1637:49>
Hey Toby, welcome to the Forums!

I'm hoping that some of your fellow UK-based members might chime in, but I was able to do a quick search and came up with Grim Tree Games ( as a possible online source for you...they seem to have a pretty good selection of current SR titles.

Regarding Augmentation, pretty sure that you're looking at one of the 4e printings (no equivalent released for 5e).
Title: Re: Finding the SR books in UK
Post by: Pixie on <04-15-15/2315:04>
Hey there Toby!

Whereabouts in the UK are you?  You might have a gaming store closer to you than you realize.  I know there's an adage that "Travelling 100 miles in the UK is like travelling 1 hour in the US," but there might still be some surprise.
Title: Re: Finding the SR books in UK
Post by: Sterling on <04-16-15/0257:58>
Hi Toby

As you can probably tell from my username and avatar (and the fact I can spell correctly  :P) I'm also in the UK.

The attached link will take you to Esdevium Games' website and their directory of all the FLGS that they supply: (

If you really are too far to conveniently travel then I can recommend Grim Tree Games (see the post above for the link), they have often had books and other supplements available that I couldn't get hold of locally.

edited to add: Failing all of that then there is always <shudder> Amazon.

Title: Re: Finding the SR books in UK
Post by: farothel on <04-16-15/0940:32>
And in London there's the Ork's Nest (you can look it up on the matrix).  they have a lot of roleplay books, including at that time (it's been a while since I visited them as I'm not from the UK) 4th edition.  So I assume they will now have 5th, and if not, they should be able to order them.