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Title: Date Night ( IC )
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Mon.  Dec. 1   20:00

@ Marco  It's taken three weeks and some serious jing to get into this club. But it's the new "In" scene and Marco wants to impress this client, she's new, and as a low level manager with an Az corp. she's the highest paid, highest placed client he's had so far. She, and the client he's bringing here Wed. are the two he's really working on right now so that he can really improve his contact list. He's confident he really looks good right now, the new outfit he splurged on is the latest style in the Arc. And once he steps into the club he knew he was right to spend the jing. The decor is lunar themed and is sleek, clean, and even smells good. The AR overlay is really good, and the staff is dressed as aliens, but sleek, not campy. He has no trouble showing Lela, his client tonight, a good time, and he's impressed with the acoustics, as well as the drinks menu. A success job indeed, he thinks to himself the next morning as he leaves her place.

Wed. Dec 3
Your comm goes goes off while you're getting coffee that afternoon, and you start to answer it with a professional smile, carefully cultivated to appear genuine, and then it freezes as you see who it's from, her, the daemoness, damn. >>Marco, I'm interested in The Stardust. You're taking a client there tonight.<< How she knows that Marco doesn't know, he's swept his apartment, changed his comm three times and swept all his clothes for bugs, the daemon calls him and makes him dance to her tune whenever she wants. >>I'm very interested in it. Who's really in charge of what. Not just the names on the adverts. This should be right up your alley. It's a new club and getting in with the management as a pro wanting to build up a high dollar client list should be easy for you. Just keep doing what you're doing, and make nice, get to know a few of the more upscale party-goers that are there. Yes there are party drugs there, but keep your eye out for any that are being offered by the house. Don't ask about it at all, just keep doing what you're doing, have a good time, make nice, and give me every iota of info you find. I've transferred 4k nuyen into your account to make you look like a serious player. and I'll contact you Thurs morning to find out what you've been able to learn. Don't spend the nuyen in one place. You're buying in, not buying out.<<

@ Blackhat  The Yak are angry. Nakagawa has disappeared, and they're guessing it was from here. She'd been spending every night here for the last two weeks. And was starting to display some unusual traits. Mr Wakasiri had actually sent a crew to bring her in when she hadn't answered her comm. And a member of the Yak wasn't allowed to not answer their comm, and a lieutenant, even a minor one like Nakagawa, was not allowed to disappear without a serious response from the Yak. And he was here as part of that response. To hack into the system to learn whatever secrets he could and find out if they were indeed responsible for taking her. And then his comm is hacked. Hacked because it's a private number running silent. WHO THE HELL! >>Blackhat, you've played both sides very well. But it's only a matter of time before Kasumi finds, or manufactures, data that you were part of RH and you're a dead man. But, I can help you. Give me every bit of info you can find on this club and I can make you disappear completely from the Yak's radar, you'd look like you were dead to them, and I'd give you a new, clean SIN and 10k. <<   
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"Yes, demoness it goes without saying... I will do what as you say, thanks for the pocket money." He hang up comlink, no hint of anger or distress in his voice - bees and butterflies.
“Damn! every time this daemon is asking for a favor I want to shoot something. Devil knows why I like that bitch... But she has her uses... My client will be especially pleased tonight”. 

He picked up his Ares Crusader, it was the latest model modified with some extra shock pads for recoil compensation. It was his favorite gun and a great therapeutic tool for anger control. He got dressed and took the elevator down, heading for the local shooting range that was just a short walk from his apartment.

He channeled his negative energies into shooting cardboard targets. These were augmented in AR  to look like the demoness with manually added demon horns and tail. It wasn’t realistic - just a hastily crafted cartoon a technical savvy friend did for him. 

Bam Bam Bam - he aimed for the heart first with a few single shots and after a while he went  for automatic bursts trying to keep the little machine pistol balanced under the recoil. He felt better after emptying a couple of magazines...

At that rate, by the time I get some leverage over the demoness I’ll be a professional marksman. He thought.  With his newly gained tranquility, came acceptance. She is not unreasonable - with that kind of money I could book a VIP booth and I wont feel poor in there.  I can just get my client any goodie that joint has to offer.

Once back at his apartment he poured himself a glhoop of red wine and made that call. Trying to sound as charming as possible... He called Tammie, the gorgeous elven hostess. He recently managed to sweet talk her into letting him book regular tables at short notice, for a reasonable fee.

Well... hello Tammie.

Yes... what do you want Mr. Black -  I am working. Is it about your table for tonight?... don’t tell me you too are cancelling on me. I trusted you!’

‘No Tammie - on the contrary I liked the club so much I want a VIP booth this time.’

An Upgrade? Sweetie... there is no way you are getting an upgrade - you simply cannot afford it.’

‘Look Tammie... you did me a favor that time- I do you a favor this time. I got this important date tonight... You book me that table and I commit for a 1k minimum spending probably a lot more. You guys just keep the temptations coming, everything you have to offer we’re interested.  I’ll wire 1k in advance and will cover the rest of the bill at the end of the night. Don’t worry I am good for it. 

I don't know... are you sure I can trust you Marco? My bosses will kill me if it is a ruse.

This is your chance to bring a serious roller... Imagine how happy your bosses will be when we start regularly spending that kind of money at your joint. When the client *You* brought in is investing this kind of money... think commissions think promotion.

‘Marco, I didn't know you had, *that* kind of money... I’ll be right back with you with an answer.

He hoped she will go for it. After all, he only spent a couple of hundreds the last time. This time he planned to spend more than ten times as much. Dr. Kawagishi is up for a serious treat... a lot more than his investment...

Dr. Kawagishi was a DocWagon middle manager, and had a strange appetite for excessive entertainment.  I think he went into medicine just so he can learn about drugs, thought Marco. He then spent a couple of hours running on his treadmill followed by a long bath, that prepared his body and mind for a night of corruption.
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It was on a cold winter day that I found myself in Snohomish near the Salish border, outside a place called The Stardust. Mr. Wakshira, my current employer, had had one of his acquaintances arrange the invitation and the ride so there would be no link to the Kanaga-gumi if anyone went looking.

Walking up to the door I displayed my invitation as a public ARO to the bouncers, and tipped my black fedora to them as I walked in. One of them nodded back and pointed to the "Check All Weapons" ARO flashing beside the door. "Big guys" I thought to myself. "Place like this probably needs them, what with everyone flocking out here to see what all the fuss is about."

As I entered the lobby I shook off my lined coat and handed it to the attendant. I then slowly opened my suit jacket in full view of the security guards to make sure they saw me remove the machine pistol from its holster in a non-threatening manner. With my PAN in broadcast mode it took a mere thought to eject the clip from the weapon, and I slipped the clip full of gel rounds into the holster on my back as I placed the now empty weapon onto the counter. "Won't be needing this in here from the looks of things" I smiled at the girl behind the counter.

At first glance the place looked good, and I set my sights on the bar as soon as I I was inside. I sat down in an empty seat with a good view of the room and addressed the bartender. "Pack of Saratogas and two fingers of Jameson. Neat, please." I was about to start casing the Matrix security of the joint when my burner link buzzed in my pocket. "The hell... no one has this number" I thought as I swiped the call into my AR view. Whoever was on the other end had been careful enough to have hidden themselves. "Not for long, my friend." I smiled inwardly as I loaded up my Watcher protocols and accepted the call.

Commcode blocked: >>Blackhat, you've played both sides very well. But it's only a matter of time before Kasumi finds, or manufactures, data that you were part of RH and you're a dead man.<<

Between the intimate knowledge of my operations this person had and the skill at which they'd hidden their icon, all I could do was wait for them to continue to avoid tipping my hand. Confirming that my headware had configured itself correctly, I turned off my AR transfer filters and began sifting through the data flowing back and forth around me.

Commcode blocked: >>But, I can help you. Give me every bit of info you can find on this club and I can make you disappear completely from the Yak's radar, you'd look like you were dead to them, and I'd give you a new, clean SIN and 10k.<<

Whoever was on the other end were good, but not good enough. The Matrix here was solid, and I managed to wrestle the callers commcode from the brilliant data streams that enveloped me in AR. I considered what was being offered while I tagged the commcode with a "Broker" label, making special note of this persons knowledge of recent events before deciding to play it safe in case someone was listening. 10,000¥ and a fake SIN would go a long way to get me out from under the Yakuza, but how reliable was this person when it came to making someone appear dead. For all I knew, they could just actually kill me when it was all over. "No, better to try to negotiate" I thought to myself.

BlackHat: >>It seems that someone has been feeding you bad intel, as I am quite sure I know nothing about any duplicitous activity. Your sources were correct about one thing, however; my debt to a certain... organization... is substantial. That being said, my work takes on many different forms and in this case it seems our interests may be aligned. Your offer is interesting but ultimately inadequate, as had I wanted to get away from anyone I would quite simply have left already. So, it seems we find ourselves in a predicament. You want something from me, and I might be prepared to give it to you for the right price. The question is, how strong is your desire?<<

The bartender had returned with the cigarettes and my drink while I was sending my mental commands, and as I leaned back in my chair waiting for a response I took a sip and fished a disposable lighter out of my pockets.
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@ Blackhat  >>My network for intel is already substantial, as I'm sure you can tell. My offer does not need to be any larger as I already have a means of gathering data in place. But I prefer to have many sources of data. It allows me to substantiate information quickly. So the question becomes, how much do you trust Eclipse?<< Around you the music in the club changes to a more intense, driving rhythm and the AR décor changes to match it.
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As the music and the AR environment changed around me, I lit up a cigarette and took a deep, relaxing drag.

Broker: >>My network for intel is already substantial, as I'm sure you can tell. My offer does not need to be any larger as I already have a means of gathering data in place. But I prefer to have many sources of data. It allows me to substantiate information quickly. So the question becomes, how much do you trust Eclipse?<<

"Someone certainly is sure of themselves," I thought.  "But if this persons network is as good as they say, they wouldn't need me in the first place. Hmm..." I quickly glanced at the icon of my cyberdeck looking for unknown marks, satisfied that I'd found none.

BlackHat: >>I trust Eclipse about as far as I can throw her, which means not at all. But I know her, and I can handle her, if I have to. Strangers, even well informed ones, who cold-call people and make live-or-die offers... I am sure you must have heard the saying "Better the devil you know" at some point in time...<<

I smiled to myself at that moment, and took another drag of my cigarette. "Time to roll the dice."

BlackHat: >>You say you want this information and that your network is extensive, but if things were as you claim you would already have it. That means you have one of two wants; either you want this information quickly, or you specifically want me to get it for you. Both imply that your wants are stronger than mine, which means that for now at least I hold the upper hand. So, forget about the disappearing act and the SIN but make it 30,000¥ in certified cred, and you've got a deal.<<

With the cigarette between my index and middle fingers, I took another sip of my whiskey then tapped my smoke gently with a thumb to get rid of the excess ash.
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Marco suits up with a white suit. A really good one from some high tech fabric that interacts with the AR environment. He does his makeup with a subtle tribute to the clockwork orange. Once he is happy with his makeup he adds a black hat in order to complete his naughty look.

His logistics are carried out flawlessly.  A long auto pilot driven limousine picks him and Dr. Kawagishi to their dinner date just in time. Hello sweetie! he say with genuine excitement as the middle aged physician enters the limousine... Are you ready for the night of your life? He smiles.

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@ Blackhat   >>Nice try, I'm amused. 13k and Eclipse gets to lose face in a very well deserved scandal.<<

@ Marco  Dr. Kawagishi starts his evening with his usual drink in the limousine. Debauchery has always suited him well in his opinion. Tammie greets you at the door, the smooth smile and welcome not quite hiding the eagle eye trying to make sure you're not putting her on. You can tell she's not sure, but she does have the cred already on file, so she smiles smoothly and greets you both with the unctuous deference due a heavy hitter. It's a new and heady experience for you. Almost as good as your own personal high. The night goes well, Dr. Kawagishi engages in every pleasure his appetite calls for, and a private booth comes with a privacy ARO and some sound proofing that allow those pleasures to be enjoyed while still very much being part of the club atmosphere. There are all the usual party drugs. But as far as you can tell from his comments even the designer stuff is just some variations on the usual. Nice variations from his responses, but not more than that.
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Marco does not do drugs, not with this client, not yet... He is at work right now. Laughing at his jokes making some of his own acting all high, accessible and happy really happy. While Marco is new to this level of service, to his client it is almost casual.

He does have one benefit, Tammie being personally concerned about this gig is eyeing them from time to time... trying to make sure everything goes well. He makes a minute gesture when they make eye contact.. his face expression suddenly change and for a brief moment he sends Tammie his unhappy face. She seemed to have picked it up, as at that moment she reached for her comlink. The gesture was subtle enough so that he did not lose the momentum of the conversation... he get to use his rolling laughter just at the right part, and the two are hitting another round of Saki.

Gosh I like subtle people like Tammie... I almost do not need telepathy with this kind of attention.  He thinks to himself.
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Broker: >>Nice try, I'm amused. 13k and Eclipse gets to lose face in a very well deserved scandal.<<

"What are the odds this person has dirt on the Kanaga-gumi and would waste it to save my sorry hoop?" I wondered as I finished off the whiskey, its light floral and peppered spicy aroma pleasantly permeating my senses. I began tapping my fingers on the bar as I deliberated with myself for a split second, then composed my reply.

BlackHat: >>I am glad to be a source of entertainment to you this evening, but let us not forget that you are the one who came to me, chummer. If that is your final offer then we have nothing further to discuss.<<

I knew posing an ultimatum was a risky move, but at this point there was nothing left except to jump in with both feet. If this Broker went for what I was about to say next I would hopefully be in a perfect situation to deal with Kasumi, and I would have the coin to pay off most of what I owed the Yakuza. If they weren't amenable to making an honest deal, however. "Well, that is a worry for later..." I finished my message and sent mentally sent it hurtling into the Matrix.

BlackHat: >> That being said, I will lower my price to 20,000¥ so long as you also include any and all copies of whatever dirt you have on Eclipse, and as long as you let me deal with her my own way. She is of no use to me dead. Deal or no deal, the choice is yours.<<

While I somewhat anxiously waited for the reply, I began investigating the AR constructs of the club. "One way or another, I've got a job to do."
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@ Blackhat   >>17k and the info stays mine. After all, you haven't hacked the system yet. And by my calculations you should have been in 1min 13sec's ago. Knowledge is true power, something a decker knows all to well, and doesn't let anything stop him from getting. <<
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Broker: >>17k and the info stays mine. After all, you haven't hacked the system yet. And by my calculations you should have been in 1min 13sec's ago. Knowledge is true power, something a decker knows all to well, and doesn't let anything stop him from getting. <<

BlackHat: >>No deal. 20,000¥ is as low as I'll go, and you and I both know that is a fair asking price. Knowledge might be power, but nothing is free in this world. You know where to leave a message if you change your mind.<<

With the final statement sent I turned the burner comm off and  I issued a few system commands to my deck in order to prepare for the work ahead.

Blackhat: >>Change Operation Mode: Silent. Success<<
Blackhat: >>Load configuration: Controller. Success. Array status nominal at 1-5-5-2. Programs (Stealth | Toolbox) running on virtual machine<<

I curbed my cigarette and pocketed the stub before I quickly made my way from the bar to the restrooms. Finding an unoccupied stall proved easy enough, and I leaned back against the wall before immersing myself fully into the virtual reality known as the Matrix.

Blackhat: >>Hot-sim module engaged. All systems green.<<

As a precaution in case anyone was watching, I let myself drift into the streams of data flowing around me before settling into the the digital representation of the sky above of The Stardust.

Blackhat: >>Operation successful: Hide.<<
Blackhat: >>Load configuration: Flanker. Success. Array status nominal at 1-4-5-2. Programs (Exploit | Stealth) running on virtual machine<<

I turned my attention to the digital Stardust and got to work casing the security system of the club.
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[Dec. 3, 2075, ~3:00 PM,  O'Haggen's Clothing and Boutique, Touristville Plaza, The Barrens, Seattle]

[/b]" on, frag it, this wasn't supposed to be this hard to figure out!"[/b]

The frustrated cry of the short human, Arc, followed by a stomp of the foot and a rustle of the curtains of the changing room she was in, filled the immediate area as she revealed herself.  It was the day of the initial pull of the job the three heroes of the Barrens--Feathers, Wanderer, and Arc-- had been hired for by the ever enigmatic employer Sam Webster, and through acts of indecision and blatant procrastination, the human and the elf had realized they still needed to get clothes of taste.  They had little to go on, but enough: the Stardust was a cosmic space-themed club, though some pictures off social media hosts revealed to Arc that the dress was aesthetically less like the xenomorphic space horror she had initially envisioned....more Star Trek.

Needless to say, the two were having little luck finding something.  This time, Arc had an almost comically ill-fitting dress with Rings of Saturn motifs around the skirt, the garment swishing about her legs whilst bunching tightly around her middle.  She smacked her head, flustered, groaning as the smack of her metal right hand connected with her forehead.  "ow...any luck, omae?  Oh...nevermind.."  She took one glance at the elf, covering her mouth to hide her impending burst of laughter.  " more go or this ain't working..."

Grabbing the last item on the rack, the human disappeared into the changing room, hastily swapping out and donning the garment.  It took a bit, the girl trying to figure out how to get the thrice fragged thing on, but once she did and she glanced in her AR-enhanced mirror, she paused, tilting her head.  Titled Scion of Andromeda, the light blue dress hugged tightly and flatteringly to her figure, ending just above the knee with a slit up the left leg.  The arms were left bare, the fabric seeming to flow into the deltoid curvature, ending in a high collar and wrapping around her chest not unlike a tunic, a decorative armor piece over the left shoulder.  A flattering patch on the right side of her waist was missing, revealing bare skin between the hips and ribcage but leaving her stomach covered, a rich violet belt resting on her hips.  Knee high boots framing her calves covered her feet, and a few bracelets on each wrist completed the ensemble.  Turns out, the whole deal was meant for a party, as it was designed to interact with environs, shimmering and giving off light not unlike glowsticks.

Arc was stunned, mostly because it fit her, and then again because she didn't hate it.  "Y...mind checking on this...?"
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Yo, Doc, Marco giggled, we want something special.  He went to the Bar, looked at the Barman like he owned the place and said. Bill! (He knew the name from the AR interface), can you make us something... special...  he thoguht for a moment Yes, that space shots... the glowing ones...

Apollo 17? asked the barman.

Yes Yes, these ones,  I heard they are great!   He extend his hand with a 100 dollar bill as a tip. Have them extra strong, and keep them coming until we beg you to stop. He sent Bill his happy smile as he carried the first two shots himself.

Prior to drinking he activates the glasses - *10* - *9* - *8* - *7* - *6* - *5* - *4* -*3* -*2*- *1* liftoff cried the AR decore. Even a drinking glass is wireless... oh my  he thought to himself. The shot triggered some chemical reaction and turned into a glowing green fluid after at the 'liftoff' moment.

At the very same moment the two emptied the small glass.  It is their specialty he later said. I asked them to keep them coming... if you have the capacity for another lunar mission... We can even go over the entire Apollo program. They laughed.

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@ Blackhat As you immerse yourself in the matrix, the rush that accompanies it is a familiar caress. Soon everything else is forgotten as you manipulate the streams of data, sifting, eliminating and marking relevant information. Soon you're able to identify the clubs security systems. But, anyone can do that. You're here to identify the security that they think is unhackable. By the time you're done you've found it, but no trace of Kanagawa San is there. Well, that's something to tell the Yak at least.
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Yelena shares her friend's frustration.  In her entire life she could count the number of times she had worn a really nice dress on one hand.  Some of the clothes they had seen were just too silly and most of the rest just too.............something else.  So far the pair had been to three different shops that advertised as catering to the party crowd.  Yelena had already had a good laugh trying to imagine what sort of party.  "Arc, girls on serious drugs to think these get them laid.  But, if they are right, I have serious doubts about viability of respective races to survive with any sort of intelligent gene pool."  She cannot help but giggle at Arc's Rings of Saturn look, and more than willing to laugh at her own selection.  She is very surprised when her friend comes out of the dressing room in the last gown.  She motions with her hand for Arc to turn around in circles.  "Arc.  Is good.  Is very good.  Emphasize figure and hide at same time.  Hint of this and that.  Very nice on you.  I think rigger man would like.  Why not invite to club to escort us?  I could arrange to leave you alone for a bit while there if want."  She shake her head.  "But nothing here for Yelena.  We can try more, but might have to wear dress already own."

Leaving the store after making Arc's purchases, they go out into the mall, heading to the next shop on the list for party apparel.  Suddenly, a small shop almost hidden in a side corridor catches her eye.  Yelena takes her friend's arm and turns down the hall and into the shop.  A small oriental woman of undoubtedly great age sits on a stool near the entrance to the extremely small store.  Several racks of dresses compete with a few shelves for the available space.  The woman barely looks up from a book she is reading.  *A book!  Who reads books anymore?*  "Arc.  Yelena would like to look here for a bit." 

She walks about, touching the material and holding it up to her to look at herself in the standing mirror.  A young oriental woman comes through a beaded curtain at the rear of the shop and asks if she can be of assistance.  She and Yelena talk for a few minutes and the young woman nods and says,  "I think we have just what you are looking for."  She disappears back through the curtain, returning with a dress over her arm.  As she shakes the dress out, she says, "This is an older style, but it is simple and still very attractive when the right person wears it.  It is called a cheongsam dress and was once very common in my homeland.  Now not so much as most girls want new things.  New styles are so popular.  But this will look good on you.  Try it on." 

The woman leads Yelena through the beads to a tiny dressing room where she put the dress on.  She returns to the front of the shop to look in the mirror and get Arc's opinion.  The dress hugs and accentuates her curves, falling to mid-thigh with a slit up the left side.  Embroidered white herons decorate the front and back of the light violet dress, perfectly setting off Yelena's own snow white hair and violet eyes. Three gold clasps hold the front together, leaving small gaps that hint at the cleavage beneath.  The girl finds a fabric flower of the same light violet as the dress and puts it in Yelena's hair just behind her ear.  She admires her work and says, "Not too much of anything else.  Light makeup and some gloss for the lips will be enough.  People will wonder who you are and want you.  I have some slippers and a small clutch here that will go perfectly.  The dress was made by hand and is good quality.  It will last a long time if you treat it well.  What do you think?"

Yelena turns to Arc.  "What think?  I like it, do you?"  She turns back to the young woman, pointing to a longer style on one of the racks.  "You have this in longer version, like one over there?  I actually thinking that better for Yelena."  The woman does indeed have one of the same color and Yelena goes to the dressing room to try it on.  When she gets back to the mirror in the shop she looks at herself then smiles, nodding.  The dress still clings to and accentuates her figure, but reveals little.  It falls to the floor and the nearly waist high slit on the left side shows a lot of leg.  The sleeves go to the middle of her upper arms and the neckline is extremely demure.  "This better for Yelena.  I like very much, even more than other."

She turns to the clerk and indicates that she will take the dress, slippers, clutch, and flower.  Turning to Arc, she shakes her head and says, "Now why take all day to find one dress?  Well, are ready for club?  I call Feathers to remind him."  Yelena sends a message to their friend.  <Feathers.  Yelena.  Just a reminder we going to club.  You my date, maybe Arc too, if cannot get rigger man to go with.  Meet you at entrance at 8.  Ta.>
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Arc gave a laugh at Yelena's quip about the intelligent gene pool joke, shaking her head as she eyes herself in the sleek dress.  "take a look around, girl.  Sixth World fragged as it is anyhow...heh..". A quick change back to her street clothes and a purchase later, the two left the shop and found their way to the small oriental shop.  It was cramped for sure, and Arc had little room to move, mostly trying to get out of the way of Yelena and the younger shopkeeper.

When the cheongsam was introduced, the human tilted her head, a small smile flitting across her lips.  "Drek, that's a good one.  Suits you well.  Classic yet relevant.  Not a bad choice, babushka". She chuckled.  Over the couple weeks she had looked up a couple words in russian just for fun.  The pronunciation was terrible, but she was trying. After the purchase, the human picked up her shopping bag and left with the elf, hopping into her slick black Americar...the Scorpion was fun, but impractical for the agenda tonight.  Before starting up, she finally answered Yelena's suggestion.

"I uh...think I ain't gonna take Jaime with us.  If this club be as sketch what SW be suggesting, best not to have -too- much distraction, eh?". She winked, plugging herself into the interface as she fired up the engine.  "far as I'm concerned, I'm out with friends.  Word's been going around too, might be recognized by Barrens folk.  We will see." . Arc honestly doubted that, as her part in the whole deal was small and out of the spotlight, but you never know.  The drive was uneventful, broken only by a stop at a quick burger joint for some grub before returning home, the two needing to clean up and get ready.  The uman showered quickly, just enough to get the grime off, and the dress was on in short order, the matching purse actually strapping to her belt.  No makeup, though, so it must figure that Arc thinks the dim lighting of a club will hide the faded scars in her face...right?
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Thurs Morning Dec 4

@ Arc, Feathers, Yelena,  You receive a comm from Sam >>Please meet me at the Seamstress Union at 15:00 so that I can give you all the information I know regarding The Stardust. Ask for John.<<   

@  Marco  You receive a call from the daemoness, >>Marco, pls meet me at the Seamstress Union at 15:00, be prompt. I'm going to introduce you to several people that you will be working with. They know me as Sam. When you get there ask for John.<<     

When you arrive you're directed to the second floor, end of the hall, room on the left. When you go in you're each greeted warmly by Sam. "Thank you for coming and agreeing to look into this. This is Marco, he's already been to the club and is well known to the hostess as a pro looking to upscale his clientele at the new "In" club. It will look very natural for him to bring in new clients to the club tonight." She looks at Marco, "Marco sweetie I've taken the liberty of booking you another VIP table for tonight." Looking back at the group she continues. "I don't have much to go on yet. The similarities a few club goers are exhibiting are subtle, but once they start exhibiting them they disappear. It's what's made this so hard. There are no connections between any of them except that club and those similarities. Becoming very absent minded, a light aversion, skin becoming a bit waxy looking, and all tech around them starting to become glitchy and hard to use. I have a feeling it's the designer party drug that a very select group of club-goers get. And I think they're trying to force some kind of change in their status to Awakened. So far hacking into the club has produced zero results. It's got absolutely the worst security and the worst camera surveillance system I've ever seen That's why I've put the club under surveillance. And what I'm finding is that at the rate of one or two people a week, someone just never comes out. And now that I know what to look for, I can identify who's not coming out. That's why I'm asking you to look into this. You're faces are well known. You're hero's. People will talk to you, maybe tell you a few things about the club. Please don't ask questions, you're not trained in it. Just relax, talk to people, have fun, you've earned it after what happened, and now you have the jing to spend and so you're spending it. I've transferred an additional 2k onto your cred so that it looks like your party-goers looking to spend big now that your able. Marco will give you an ID of a few of the staff at the club." She looks toward Marco and motions him forward.
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Arc blinked as she was about to merge into traffic when the comm message from Sam blinked into her view.  Using trodes was one thing, but this rig connecting her brain directly to the Trix was another.  Every time she used it, still, it blew her away.  Glancing over at Yelena, she could tell by her look that the elf received the same thing.  Nodding, the human mentally sent off an acknowledgement whilst locating the seamstress' union.  "Fraggin' finally.  Briefing the day of, least we ain't the only slitches last minute...hope Feathers is around, I heard he moved or some drek..."

Upon entry, and making their way to the meetup, Arc tilted her head at the male figure in the room with Sam.  Get a load of this fragger...  Sticking her hands in her hoodie pockets, she adopted a widened stance, her torn cargo pants swishing a little as she eyed the two of them.  She was about to protest this withheld tidbit of info when their employer spoke up, explaining the sitch to them.

Arc's blood ran a little cold.  MORE Awakened drek?  And this time of more unnatural kind?  Frag me....   She waited for this Marco hoop to speak up, but inside she was practically seething with small dread.  The only solace she could muster was that of thinking the process through, namely how she was going to help with the work.  She could help with surveillance maybe, or help them escape if drek got hairy.  Wait, surveillance...   "Heh...I never took you to get your hands dirty, Sam.  You doing the surveillance work yourself?  Or do you have another team of so-called "hero" hoops doing work outta our sight, hm?"
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The Stardust turned out to be far less impressive in terms of Matrix security than expected. "Whoever owns this place spent a lot more money making it look good than they did securing it." I caught the reflection of my digital persona on a nearby surface and quickly wiped away the scornful look. Facial expressions just looked out of place on an avatar with no facial features.

At least the last minute had been productive. Besides cataloging the various exterior and interior cameras, locks, and sensors, I had managed to copy the last 24 hours worth of security footage with little difficulty. The operators had not even bothered with an archive function for their footage so everything ran on a 1 day loop.

As I exited the restroom with the meager paydata stored in my head, I opened up my facial recognition software and began feeding the various video files through it. After an hour or so of watching the AR displays change through a red Mars-like scene, a spaceship bridge set against a backdrop of the Milky Way, and some sort of wormhole travel, I discovered that the recordings revealed no trace of Kanagawa San.

With a sigh, I stored all of the nights intel in a protected file and then moved the file to a datachip. "No use getting sloppy just because the paydata is drek". I then powered my burner link back up and shot a quick message to my mysterious contact while picking up my coat and firearm on the way outside.

BlackHat: >>My offer still stands. If you want it, you know how to reach me<<

A last look back at the physical exterior of the Stardust told me I had seen enough. I got into the back of the Americar that would take me back towards the more civilized parts of the Barren, and into the waiting arms of the Yakuza with no leads whatsoever.

"Better to deliver bad news in person."
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At the end I did manage to feel free and have fun... Marco thinks to himself as he wakes up. He blinks a couple of times the place looks familiar... too familiar. Yes, it is his own apartment. He scans his bed, and is eased to see that he is alone.  He is happy, almost too happy as night was so much fun. He vaguely remembers the night ends with the big doctor receiving an emergency call.
 I just hope he was clear enough to use his medical skills.   He also remembers a short drink on the bar with Tammie and Bill while he pays for the table and entertainment. Tammie seemed relieved when it was over and Regina just enjoyed the fat tip he left both of them. He assured Tammie that she will see him often at the club.

When he received the message: He texted back -

Dear Shilla/Sam or Demoness -  whatever your name really is.
Thanks a lot for the money I had a great time!  It is always fun spending your money - although I must admit that it feels a bit strange to do so with some other lad. We should definitely go someplace nice soon.

 As for your very expensive club review:  We had a good time - but stay away from their space program. I vaguely remember what happens after we started with these Apollo drinks.

They also have special drugs per request that are usually served to clients that are already bored with the regular stuff. It might take a while before any of my regulars is offered this type of treatment. Although the last one is on his way there, he never refused a single party drug the entire night.

Are they dangerous by the way? - I really don’t want to lose any of my clients in the middle of a date. I’ll never forgive you if the good doc drops dead because you wanted to see what these drugs are all about.


P.S I will be there no problem.
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Yelena listens to her friend then looks at her before quietly responding.  "Yelena sorry, Arc.  Not mean to get in Arc's personal life.  It just seem that you not think much of self.  And you wrong.  You are very smart, funny, nice to be with, and very pretty.  Interested person see through grime armor and garage clothes.  Have skills and talents.  Have job and assets.  Only blind person not see and wish for relationship.  Yelena stop talking now in case you stop car and make walk home."

She waits her turn in the shower and uses up the remainder of the hot water allotment.  Stepping out of the shower she calls out, "Arc.  Still think need pay for additional hot water."  She dresses in the sleek cheongsam, forgoing any underwear at all to avoid the lines.  She applies basic make up and the lip gloss she had purchased.  She finds that adding the flower to her hair really does set off her own snow white mane and violet eyes.  Satisfied with the look, she places the gloss in her clutch, along with a credstick, her silver cigar case, and her lighter.  Stepping into the matching slippers, she moves off to find her friend.  When she sees Arc, she whistles softly, "Very nice Arc.  Very nice.  You get many stares tonight."

While riding in the car she says, "Yelena sent message to Feathers to remind.  Hope he makes it to club."  She gets the same message as Arc does and nods her head in agreement.  "Yes.  Sam leave briefing to last minute.  I work decades for gang bosses, and they just like that, too.  Keep information to last so feel important."  Once they arrive at the meeting site, she, too, is surprised to see the other Keeb with the fixer.  *Frag.  That Keeb with Sam looks nice.*  She listens to Sam talk then waits to hear from Marco. 
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The hour was 9:00 Marco started his day at the gym then the shooting range and afterwards had a nice lunch all by himself. He was a predictable fellow with fixed routines and in his way discipline.

Once again the demoness is putting me in harms way. That summarized how he felt about this meeting. He was weak and he did not like it one bit. Absurdly enough she was also the only person that showed real interest in his life. An abusive kind of interest but still. There was something comforting in the thought that she knows who he really is. That he could speak freely with her knowing that she already has all the cards. As perverted as their relationship turned up to be, it was still the most meaningful one he currently had. 

Her colleagues and friends were usually Shadowrunners some of them trained assassins, street mages,  and different kinds of technology people. He knew just what to wear to such a meeting, a dark grey suit made from armored fabric. It was brand new and he bought it after being shot at for the first time. He complemented the look with a red shirt and a large copper earring that celebrated his right elven ear.

In the Vatican, him being elf was frowned upon - some people thought that elves are the children of Lilith and are some sort of sweet talking demons, others just enjoyed the opportunity to laugh at what appeared to be over-sized, pointy ears. Many times he asked his parents *why* they choose this particular kind of education for him. They always answered with the same cryptic answer - vows must be respected. They never said more - but this little he knew.  Back in their early days they promised their first born son to the church - to be a man of god.

A decision like that is typically made under extreme conditions, but his parents never spoke about the past.  He knew this much about them:  they were not Italian like they claimed to be.  They had perfect English despite living in Rome and their Italian was mediocre at best. There was no chance in hell - that bad Italian of theirs was their mother tongue. But that was then and now was now... the feeling of imminent death always made Marco a bit nostalgic. He arrives to the meeting with a bit of dread and the excitement of meeting new people.

He did not listen much to Sam. she said that people disappear at the club - he assumed that there will be some kind of danger and his job was simply to enjoy himself with her friends. This mission seemed to be pleasant, however he assumed that it would turn out dangerous like the previous ones. Once Sam finished he talked I'll be very happy to show you good time at the club. I've grown to like it and by the size of my previous tips expect some royalty services.

He winks to Sam - he'd say something but what he has to say has no relation to the mission. She'll touch his hand if she'll wants to exchange a few thoughts, she already knows his body language very well.

After a short while he adds:
 We will go to the club tomorrow - you'll need a really good dress this place is for the rich, famous and wannabees like us. Imagine like you live in the better parts of the city with all the goodies you could imagine. We still have today tough, we're already here and it is evening someplace I am sure. I'd say lets try the drinks here. We could all use some introduction. Will make us feel more comfortable tomorrow at the club.  he smiled... Sam will treat us for  a couple of drinks, are you guys interested?  .
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@ Blackhat  Blackhat plays the few security feeds The Stardust has for Kato, the head of Mr Wakasiri's security. Whoever placed these security camera's really should be taught their job, they're placed terribly, most of what you see is staff. "Clever," "
You hear him murmer. "No permanent records and they can plausibly claim that they are making sure staff don't steal. And with most likely timeline for Kagawara entering the club is over 24hrs ago. We can not be sure they did not take her. We can only be sure she is not in the staff areas during the time indicated" He turns to you. "I will report your findings to Wakasiri-san. The club warrants more investigation if they go to these lengths to hide themselves."
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Yelena listens to her friend then looks at her before quietly responding.  "Yelena sorry, Arc.  Not mean to get in Arc's personal life.  It just seem that you not think much of self.  And you wrong.  You are very smart, funny, nice to be with, and very pretty.  Interested person see through grime armor and garage clothes.  Have skills and talents.  Have job and assets.  Only blind person not see and wish for relationship.  Yelena stop talking now in case you stop car and make walk home."

Arc lifted her right hand, the metal reflecting the sunlight filtering through the smog as she stopped her.  "It ain't that and you know it, but I appreciate the compliments.  Before this gets awkward, I thinking you be misunderstanding my point, Yelena.  This Sam slitch told us there was weird stuff going on with this club.  Given our work history, probably got hired by her because it be a tad bit sketch dangerous, so ka?  Now I don't know how I feel about Jaime other than I get chills whenever he pronounces manual transmission, but how do you think I would feel if I took him to this place and he got his hoop geeked, hm?  Yeah, that's right...Another time, mayhaps, then you can give me a better lesson~"  She let her hand drop, her light smile faded a bit, but quickly released the tension as she yelled at a jaywalking hoophead that nearly cut her off.

And now, back to the present...

We will go to the club tomorrow - you'll need a really good dress this place is for the rich, famous and wannabees like us. Imagine like you live in the better parts of the city with all the goodies you could imagine. We still have today tough, we're already here and it is evening someplace I am sure. I'd say lets try the drinks here. We could all use some introduction. Will make us feel more comfortable tomorrow at the club.  he smiled... Sam will treat us for  a couple of drinks, are you guys interested?  .

"Done"  The short stout human had her arms crossed as she looked up to the 'pretty' elf man, an eyebrow raised as a defiant smirk played on her lips, expecting a note of surprise that someone like her, who looked like some street hoop casual, could find something nice for the Stardust.  "No need to go looking for something for me at least.  I'll take the free drinks though.  That way if i have to cap a slitch, I'll fraggin' have a warning first before job goes south, amiright?  Marco, wuzzit?  There's a couple watering holes what be around these parts, know a few myself.  Just one condition"  Her voice lowered as she glanced over at Yelena and (assumedly) Feathers.  "I drive.."
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As Yelena enters the meeting room, she immediately scans it for possible exit routes and points of exposure.  She deftly takes her friend's elbow and guides her to a location that is as much out of direct line to any door or window as possible.  Her violet eyes flick across the female Sam, focusing on the new Keeb, introduced as Marco.  *Nice suit.  Must cost many nuyen.  Armored, too, I think.*  She is not an expert at reading body language, but she wonders if she can detect a bit of tension between Sam and Marco.  Standing next to Arc she listens to Sam talk then looks at Marco for his part of the briefing.  When it does not come, she shrugs her shoulders, thinking *Not unlike gang boss after all. Only give so much information.*  She smiles, although the smile does not reach the eyes that scan the room every minute or so. 

She nods at Marco's invitation.  "Yelena have dress for club.  Can go for drinks now, too.  Maybe you give rest of briefing there.  Would like know about workers and diagram of club.  Also physical security, if know."  She pulls a small silver case from a pocket and takes a thin cigar from it before offering the case to the others in the room.  Lighting up, she draws the acrid smoke in and lets it out, then adds, "You ride with us or have ride to follow Arc to bar?"
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Marcos thoughts raced, her studied his three colleagues. He knew there is not much time to establish some initial trust, without such trust things can go badly quite fast.

The human lady seemed to know the other two he thought looking at them for approval on the driving dibs. A driver definitely and a passionate one -  either she is really good, or just starting. In any case, with this kind of passion she’ll probably be really good.

The elf lady clearly had Russian roots, might imply the drink selection and social meaning of drinking- stereotypical of course but when in hurry this is the kind of thinking you can do. But what does she do? She seems to be a bit cautious - scanning the room for something either she is into security or she does not completely trust Sam. Probably a bit of both he thought. Got to watch out for this one. She may even carry a gun.

Marco had complete trust in the demon he knew. Despite his complex emotions towards her. He was still alive, that got to count to something. Also with the amount of trouble she went through to gain leverage over him he knew he was a valuable asset in her eyes. An investment probably. He is probably safe until he tries to break free. At Least he thought that way.

The human, what's his story? If he is a mage he may know that I am awakened - I am a bit more difficult to spot as I control my emotions very well but a good mage will spot me nevertheless. He discreetly tried to guess his caliber.

They claimed to have the appropriate clothes to the occasion, either they did some legwork and bought it especially or they are more flexible than their current clothing implies.  Both options are a good sign. He just hoped they’ll feel comfortable in such a place. It was after all his job was probably to make them blend in. This is why he got that pocket money to burn in Wednesday date... Oh that crazy doctor, I really hope he calls me again.
In any case, it will be helpful if they get to know his fun loving side for a little bit beforehand, in a less sensitive environment. Will also imply what kind of drunks they are - if they are the violent kind he'll have to watch out their drinking habits in the club.

He then turned to Arc, I do have some taxi service I am working with. Having the right wheels for the places I typically go is a bit too rich for my blood. However, I’d be delighted for a ride with such a passionate driver. I do have my boundaries by the way,  you’ll have to tell me your name before I get into your car. *All of you*. He giggled.  As he looked at them.
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Yelena looks at the strange Keeb with interest as she pulls on her cigar.  Smiling, she says, "Am Yelena Petrovna.  We need get to know each other.  Maybe buy vodka at bar?"

She waits for Arc and Feathers to introduce themselves then makes ready to follow them out of the room.  Before leaving she looks over to Sam and says,  "Yelena think you have something about Tsina Molovna.  Will give time to act on it?"
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Arc graciously accepted the Russian cigar from Yelena, lighting it with the motions of one who has done it several times before, taking a deep inhale before replying to the male elf.  "fair nuff Marco.  Means you ain't total drek in the trust department eh?  You can call me Arc.  Everyone else in this hood call me that."

The human wasn't sure how to size this guy up.  I mean, frag man, he GIGGLED.  Guys don't do that...well human ones at least.  Maybe it's a keeb thing, I dunno... Glancing at Sam, she gave a nod to affirm that this meet was over."Aight.  Y'all know how to reach us.  Let's fragging bounce." "

She led the way to her car, the sleek black Americar just where she left it. In most social circles, this kind of car would be considered low end of plain, but here in the Barrens, any vehicle of this quality and level of care was worth its weight in gold.  Caressing the hood as she passed it delicately, Arc unlocked the doors, letting the others fight over who sits where and whatnot.  "you pick the place, tell me where I go and drek.  If not, I recommend the Drake Pit.  It's a bit of a dive, but the booze is legit."
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The house was beginning to feel a little more like home now, a few bits from the bric-a-brac store down the road gave it a more rural feel and it felt great to know that there was milk in the fridge and that the shower was going to run warm in the morning.
He spent the day soaring out over the open fields, riding the thermals and generally just enjoying the feel of the wind across his wings with Johannes in close to benefit from the aerodynamic tow of the eddy currents trailing his sleek eagle body. Late afternoon came and the sky clouded over, killing the thermals as the reflectivity of the fields dropped. He swooped in to land and dropped the spell, changing into his clothing in the cold field as the wind whipped at his exposed skin. Grabbing a quick sandwich, he thumbed through his commlink's inbox, seeing a couple of missed messages. *Fuck*, going to be a bit late for that.
Johannes, I've got to head out for a meeting about a job. You ok to hang out here today? I'll let you know if anything requires your assistance.
He smiled and got changed into his new wardrobe of slightly more upmarket clothing and climbed on the bike, heading into town for the meet.
<<Reply to:: SW>>//Ah sorry, I was in the middle of something and only just picked up your message. I'm heading in for the meet now, I'll be as quick as I can//
The traffic wasn't too bad when you rode on two wheels and he made vastly better time than he'd planned on, though he was definitely going to be late, it would only be a few minutes instead of 20 or more if he'd taken the bus.
Hurriedly he pushed through the venue's doors and headed over to the group, now familiar after their ordeal.
Apologies for being late. What did I miss?
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Yelena looks at the strange Keeb with interest as she pulls on her cigar.  Smiling, she says, "Am Yelena Petrovna.  We need get to know each other.  Maybe buy vodka at bar?"

Marko noded, Marco Black, Indeed Vodka it is for tonight! We definitely need to drink a bottle or two before we can be comrades. 

"fair nuff Marco.  Means you ain't total drek in the trust department eh?  You can call me Arc.  Everyone else in this hood call me that."
"you pick the place, tell me where I go and drek.  If not, I recommend the Drake Pit.  It's a bit of a dive, but the booze is legit."

He answered to Arc: Lets not jump into rushed to conclusions about my drek trust. He smiled, he seemed careless and happy.  Yet, he intentionally allowed a subtle hint of bitterness into his voice. It was intended to Sam and was his own little rebellion. It was as much  bitterness as he could get away with in public. 
... Also - that Drake pit sounds awesome, I’d love to see this place. How is their Vodka? 

Arc is talking about some drinking den... I better put on a tougher face. My feminine gestures from yesterday sort of stick, and well that doctor is indeed a lovely person.  However, my kind is not accepted in these places.  Sexuality as it seemed to him will always be an issue in some places. Being a bisexual, a mage and an high end escort for the rich -  just gave the SINless so many reasons to mistreat him. From plain mockery to fear suspicion or even open hostility.

While his job and sexual orientation where his own creation and he was proud of them. Magic was forced on him since he was a little child. Separated him from a family that willingly gave him away to the claws a of a religion that disapprove anything that he really is...  Not only he lost his family to magic, he also lost his freedom to it, as this demoness sort of captured him for his talent. Forcing him into the shadows where people openly talk about ‘geeking’ mages. The worst part was that somehow, he still was catholic despite all his attempts to scorn his religion.

She did offer money... but money he could get in different more sensible ways. He thought to himself, if I am ever to fully accept my new status I need my own devil deal.  I want her to advance my career and I want to learn about my family and why they did that awful thing to me. It is either a devil deal or to break free, I just don’t know even where to start in getting the kind of leverage that will set me free.

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Yelena looks at Feathers as they all start to leave.  "You follow on new bike?  Yelena still need talk and know you better."    On the way out, she takes a small handkerchief from her pocket and wipes the doorknob, the only thing she had touched in the room.  Heading downstairs and out to the parking lot, she finishes her cigar, tapping the long ash out into a puddle of water on the pavement.  Field stripping the small cigar butt, she puts the remains into her pocket for later disposal.  Yelena will graciously let Marco ride shotgun and slips into the rear of the car for the ride to the bar.  She rides quietly, wondering what Sam had left out of the briefing.  *Bosses and Fixers always leave stuff out.  Is in their nature.  Why pay Yelena for have fun and learn of club?  Not sense.  Maybe Marco Black know.* 

Once at the bar, she waits for Feathers to pull up and offers him her arm.  She patiently goes through the bouncer's pat down, although it does seem that he takes a little extra liberty with his hands.  She looks around the room, categorizing the exits then nods to a semi-private booth at one end of the room that is out of any direct line to the doors and asks if it is available.  After sitting she nods to the cutish waitress that comes over and orders a round for the table, making hers whatever vodka they might serve here.

After the drinks arrive she turns to Marco, lowers her voice and says, "Now, tell what did not say in room.  Who is staff, what club like.  Drinks, drugs, sex, other?"
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Arc drives jumped into the car, so the front seat is not such an attraction. It takes Marco too much time to type anything on his commlink to make a meaningful conversation. He therefore just sit back and enjoys the ride.

When they arrive he opens the door to Arc and extend his hand as if this joint was a super fancy club. Thanks for the ride he say, Shall we?

After they sits: 
After the drinks arrive she turns to Marco, lowers her voice and says, "Now, tell what did not say in room.  Who is staff, what club like.  Drinks, drugs, sex, other?"[/color][/color][/color]

Marco replies with a serious look: “I never thought I will use these words so early in the night but YES! YES! YES!”. He remains silent for just a second and then let a rolling laughter out.

"Seriously now - treat tomorrow night as an investment. You come to the club dance a little bit, drink, do drugs, do sex whatever you fancy. Everything will be openly offered to you as special guests. Do your thing basically... loosen up relax and have some fun. Sometimes, the best information is just given to you once people feel comfortable enough around you. Tomorrow will be my third time in that club, and I did not make anything out of the ordinary yet. Sam insists that it continue on this path - and she wrote the book of extracting information. So I suggest we trust her and do as she says for now.

I do know these things already and I emphasis, do not do anything with this knowledge quite yet it is just to keep you in the loop. The head hostess there is a gorgeous elf named Tammie, a ginger you’ll recognise her from a mile away.  Anyhow, I overheard her talking to to other stuff about some rooms for private parties.  These rooms are probably managed by Regina that is in charge of all accommodation requests. If you decide to spend the entire night in there or decided to do something that is too explicit for a private soundproof booth she is your girl. I haven’t personally talked to her quite yet.

Tammie also mentioned that they have a basement in one of her conversations. These could explain where the missing people go before they turn up missing. Again, don’t confront her just ask her for the regular stuff - more drugs more alcohol or more companionship - with the amount of money we’re leaving there expect royalty service.

There is Bill at the bar, that make an awesome series of shots called the Apollo program. Fancy drinks with wireless glasses that does some fancy pyrotechnics - these are really good, but very strong - a speciality of the barman. They challenge you to try and drink the entire Apollo space program - backwards. So if you are up to getting hammered AND studying some history this is a good drinking option.  I never quite made it to the first flight tough these shots were too strong for my capacity. I lost track of what happens around me at Apollo 13 - so drink at your own risk.  They do have all the regular alcohol, *anything* you fancy - if they don’t have it in the menu they can send someone to fetch it for you from anywhere in the city it will just cost Sam a little extra.  Tip well - everyone, you’d be amazed how far a good tip goes in establishing a relationship. 

Finally there are their drugs, any party drug is available freely they don’t mind if you use them. They do have a *different* kind of drugs that are not on the menu, *they* have to offer *you* these drugs. So for all practical meaning forget what I just said. Do not ask for these in anyway, but if you hear anything let me know.  They’ll offer these to you when they trust you enough. In  that case either go for the chemistry experiment on your brain or collect a sample. Just make sure you can live with your life choices as these are completely unknown drugs.

Speaking of life choices - I am way too sober.  "

He pours some of the Vodka to those interested and say - *Cheers*!
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While listening to Marco talk, Yelena pulls out her cigar case and offers it around.  She lights up her own and pulls on it, looking around the room as the Keeb talks.  She shoots her first vodka and orders another, which she will nurse.  She is on the job and can use that to keep the demons at bay.  She is amused, but will not smile, at Marco's invitation to get drunk tonight as well as tomorrow at the club.  She shivers internally at the talk of drugs.  She had gotten seriously addicted to some pretty heavy drugs while in prison and it had taken her twenty years to kick those habits.  She is not willing to go there again.

Looking at Marco as he finishes, she says, "Marco.  You work Sam long time?  To Arc and me is just boss, but seems you more."  She moves on to talk about the club.  "Any security?  Men with guns?"
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"I know her for about a year... she was one of my regular clients but  turned to be...  he pauses and takes a deep breath. A different kind of client, I could say that she knows just what to say so that I make these special, often dangerous or illegal gigs for her. ‘shadow running’ I think is the street word for it.  She might be just a boss now - but you’ll never know her true nature until you try to refuse a job.  The confusing part is that i sort of admire her for holding me on this leash... she can do anything that I can do only better - it took me a long time to learn how short my leash really is. 

About the club, you will not see armed people - but they will not be far. In the better places in town it is more difficult to carry a gun. You can expect a successful club like that to pay the local police gang quite well. So if you pull that gun. that I am certain that you keep somewhere on that sweet body of yours,  you *will* be in grave danger, as well as the rest of us. That aside - you will be wearing a fancy probably unarmored dress, you seriously cannot conceal a gun. Just leave the gun in the car or at home, and think like a rich person you do not need a gun - the cops are there for people like you. You *own* them - they work for *you*.

That said,  I understand some of you may consider it unprofessional to do this kind of stuff while working - but you will be expected to indulge yourself and you *will* draw attention if you refuse all their temptations. Among all the things they offer. alcohol is probably the demon you already know. The sex or the drugs are way more addictive. So my professional advice is to get drunk today... go all in - but remember how much you had before you totally lost it.

*Never* under any circumstances go above that level - the drinks will keep coming and they will be free so you need to be careful on how quick you empty that glass of yours. This is just a friendly professional suggestion, most of my clients get completely hammered when they first experience good service. I usually keep my head relatively clear the entire night, while never refusing a refill.

Take in to account that  *No one* comes to these places just to listen to the music. Refuse their temptations and you will draw suspicion. Do not look for escape routes or wipe clean everything that you touch. Rich people do not do that - and fun is difficult to fake for a long time. Sensitive people will pick you from a mile ahead, and this Tammie girl will read you like an open book if you try. She will be *That* sensitive to your facial expressions and behavior especially since its your first time in there. "

Now hit me again, he smiles, and fill these glasses whenever they go empty.
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Yelena smokes and smiles as she listens to Marco.  "Yes.  No place in dress hide anything.  In fact, not much left to wonder about, but all is covered.  And, yes, will draw attention by not using drugs or getting drunk.  That is Yelena plan.  We supposed to be on happy time after killing Keeb mage girl.  Are new to fancy scene.  Pretend too nervous for drugged or drunk.  Yelena never get addicted to drugs again.  Prison drugs took twenty years to kick and never going back to that."  She shrugs.  "Maybe drink and can do sex if needed."  Smiling.  "Yelena like sex.  And do not clean up when supposed to be somewhere.  Clean up when not supposed to be somewhere."

She looks at Marco as she taps her cigar ash into the tray, "So Tammie is beautiful Keeb.  Know if is into sex with nervous female guests?
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Marco keeps his poker face, so these too are into ‘geeking mages’... interesting.

Oh, by all means avoid them then... I am not into drugs myself, I have a less addicting method to be high so I do not even have to fake it.  Sex and prison blends well together actually, I imagine it is the best thing to do to pass the time. How many years did you sit?

Tammie? - she will be more nervous than you... he grins. She’s new in there and is afraid of messing up.  All I got from her was a single glass of wine and the place was half empty at a late hour. It took some serious convincing to make her even add my name to the guest list, and she still refered to me as Mr. Black.
... He pauses and looked a bit distant.
Honestly, if I could just sleep with her to end up in that guest list it would have been easy. She would tottaly stick to Mr.Black even in that case tough.  He laughed.

Seriously tough...She showed no interest in this kind of tip... She is after money like the rest of them.  Perhaps if you get her  to loosen up a bit you’ll have a chance. But I think she would be more interested in *who* you are, rather than in what you look like - if she thinks you are powerful enough perhaps. She only called me Marco the night I spent big money in their joint.
 I do not know her well,  but I guess she would not mind if you tried though, as she get many offers like that. Maybe this is why she is so cold.
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Yelena's heart goes cold and her eyes hard at Marco's flippant remarks about sex and prisons.  She controls an urge to do bodily harm to her new acquaintance, even as her mind flashes back to her days, her years in prison.  She is able to control herself by the time he finishes speaking.  Smiling, she says, "Вы знаете, мало.  By talk, you never inside Russian state gulag prison.  Sex not for relax or waste away hours.  Sex was rape every day of first year just to keep living, to let any man have just so he not kill.  Then find that willing body is currency to buy things, like food, vodka, drugs, guns.  Sex was harsh and rough, many times with beatings.  Use sex to find powerful man to want bring into gang, and more sex to stay with powerful man, and more sex to find even more powerful man.  Yelena Petrovna survive ten years in gulag, much by sex and killing for powerful men.  Sex was tool, like knife or gun.  Tool for survive, not for relax."  She shrugs, still smiling.  "But you not know that so Yelena forgives.  Sex still tool, but different now.  Sex for fun and Yelena say yes or no."

In the few seconds of silence following her words, Yelena looks down to tip the ash from her cigar into the dented ashtray on the table.  Realizing that she might have said too much she looks up.  "Yelena sorry.  Go to ladies' now.  Excuse for minute."  She stands and goes to find the restroom, where she splashes cold water on her face and looks at her reflection in the single remaining mirror.  The spider web cracks in the glass stand as a mute witness to what this mirror has seen in this dingy room.  Yelena puts a real smile on her face, takes and lights another of her cigars, then returns to the table.

As she sits down she looks at Marco, "Thank for telling of club.  Now, we know too little of you.  Can tell more?"
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Marco was pleased that Yelena was furious - now I get to see if I can really trust her. If she strikes me I’ll find a way to call this thing off.  When she returned he said:
I respect you for staying alive so long! I am just 20 years old. I also respect you from not harming me.

Cheers to you Yelena Protokova!

For once, sex for me is also a currency to entertain powerful men and women. I am not into killing or raping tough - if you ask me what’s better to run or to be an escort - I’ll tell you that in both professions you serve powerful people. The latter is more fun, and you are less likely to end up dead.

I also get a little freaked up when people speak about geeking mages in front of me as I too bare this terrible curse of magic. It have shaped my entire life for the worse. My parents were from the first generation of elfs. They never said a word about their past but apparently they made a deal my freedom in exchange for something. Things were really shitty for our kind back then so I am not judging them, still it was *my* freedom they traded.

At the age of 5 they gave me up, to this awful religion. Every interaction I had was about shaping me in a certain image, controlling me making me tool to their desires. But things did not work up very well for them, they couldn’t control me. They gave up when I was 18, two years ago. For a brief period I was free as a bird - I started my own magical escort business and I seemed to be making a lot of progress in the field of exploiting magic for pleasure...  But then came your boss and things changed for the worse.

I simply cannot refuse her.  So she made me her runner toy, controlling me for my magic. Now, I try to find my place in this shadow world, where everybody seems to agree that I should be killed first. So far I have my initial luck, but unless I find my way out of this world this luck will run out someday.

Why are you guys running?
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Yelena smokes and looks carefully at Marco.  She wonders at the misuse of her name.  For a man who declared he could function well while drinking, he had made an error that would have hurt him greatly if she had been a client.  Deciding that is was a mistake she smiles at him and says, "Petrovna.  Second name is Petrovna.  And, Yelena sorry, Marco.  I not hurt you.  You did not know what said.  Prison was not happy time and your words seemed to say you thought was."  Between pulls on the cigar, she adds, "And mage girl was insane killer of many people.  Kill more if we not kill first.  Yelena not make habit of killing mages, if you worried.  But you very trusting to admit magic.  Most people hate mages.  Why tell?"

"I was like Marco's parents, first generation UGE.  Was hard.  Yelena sent to camp for freaks.  Doctors and scientists did experiments on us.  Your parents made deal to stay out of camp, maybe.  Hard on Marco, but was choice to live for your parents."  She shrugs.  "But enough of that.  How use magic for pleasure?"

"As for run?"  Is what Yelena does well.  Keeps demons in head at bay and stops drinking."
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The waitress, a pregnant, young orc girl, comes over to refill the drinks and hangs around a moment more, nervous. Finally she speaks up. Looking at Feathers she says, "You were the guy that got everyone together to kill the Smiley Face monster. And then instead of taking all the reward you helped people. Made sure everyone was taken care of. I walk home late every night. And every night I was terrified for me and the baby. And now, at least I walk a little safer. I'm naming the baby after you, because maybe neither of us would have lived to that day without you. I'm proud I got to serve you and your friends drinks, and to tell you the baby's gonna be named after you."

Feathers grows red hearing that, and says, "Well, the baby could just as easily be named after Arc or Yelena or anyone else that was there and fought hard that day. They all fought, Arc & Yelena just got out of the hospital. And Arc lost her arm to that thing. And far to many others died. Including a young orc mage girl about your age that knew exactly what she was going up against, and was terrified of it. And stood there anyway to fight with everything she had in her. I'm proud to have stood beside them." Standing up he awkwardly hugs the girl, still embarrassed.

The night continues on, the band arrives and begins playing metal synth. Not bad, and as more customers arrive they pick up the tempo and volume and begin driving the beat.
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You’d find out about it sooner or later with a simple background check. Difficult to hide when you got this ‘day job’. Every single word that I spoke this evening was magic. I got this devil tongue that gets my will despite my modest social skills. Apparently no matter what I say, it sort of have an appealing sound to it. It is also difficult to control.

Magic can make you look like, sound and taste like anyone you could possibly want to be. Different people different tastes. Some want me to look like someone specific, others want me to be taller or shorter, darker more masculine more feminine seriously every person with their own crazy stuff that goes inside.

Thoughts can also be exchanged directly without langue imagine how intense it can be when you just feel exactly what the other side feels. .You touch and you directly feel what you did... you learn to do exactly what feels good, you know what your partner wants before they realize that. There is also the brute force solution - to simply use magic as a powerful drug to induce pleasure directly.

Then there are hundreds of usages that are not directly related to pleasure, ever wanted to fly? to literally be as free as a bird? to feel the wind in your feathers, to taste the thrill of the hunt as you dive from a kilometer in order to catch a small mouse? Magic can do all these things. I could never think about hurting people with magic tough, you should have the decency to hurt people with something they can understand. Automatic fire for example.

You people seem to be quite famous, part of the good guys. cheers to that. He empties another shot.

 Anyone wants to dance with Marco ? I never danced with a hero before! He laughs as he stands up and starts moving his body to the music.
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Thurs Dec 4 @ 15:18

@ Blackhat & Ambrose  Your comm buzzes, >>My office, 17:22. Kato<< When you arrive the secretary shows you in at exactly 17:21:43. The head of Yakuza security lives his life in increments of seconds, and woe to those working under him that do not toe that line. When he looks up he nods to both of you and says, "I want the both of you to go to The Stardust tomorrow night together. I've already made the arrangements. Blackhat, you're there because you've been before. You know the layout, keep you're eyes and ears open for security that isn't electronic and on the grid. Ambrose, you're there to get something for me. A drug, the "house special". Nakagawa told me about it before she began changing. I thought nothing of it then, party drugs were well known to her, and were never a problem. Now, I'm thinking that it must be what is responsible just for that reason." He looks at both of you frowning. "You are to back each other up. Be each others distractions if needed. Ambrose, I expect a full report of exactly where to place bombs and of what kind when you return. If they did take Nakagawa they need to learn that the anger of the Yakuza is not to be taken lightly." he looks at both of you with his trademark glower. "Any questions?"
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Yelena laughs at Feather's obvious discomfort.  She points to the Howler necklace he wears.  "Feathers, is honor, like necklace.  What did was good.  Someone has to be face of us, but Arc and Yelena were killing mage girl and then blown up.  No one see that.  You were leading kill of monster, and monster was what they saw, not mage girl.  All saw you and you are hero.  Take pride in what did.  Ork girl glad you were there.  Others are too.  Maybe many babies with name of Feathers, Merlin, Lance, Mermaid, Fallon, even Bonehead.  All others who there and lived or died.  Neighborhood will remember and that good, right? 

She listens to Marco and for just a moment her nostrils flare and her mind considers the temptation of that sort of power.  The reality hits.  "No, Marco.  Not want that power.  Yelena weak and would use to hurt and kill.  Already too many dead behind me.  Besides, not skilled.  But know guns.  Talent with guns.  Yelena have limitations."

She laughs when talks about being famous, pointing to the older human.  "Feathers is famous.  Arc and Yelena just got blown up."  Her response to his invitation to dance is another laugh.  "It your ruin.  Yelena not dance in long time.  No good for sure."  She steps away from the table and moves to the rugged dance floor.  As promised, she is not a good dancer, but she can be energetic.  And she has never been self conscious and resolves to have a good time.
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Arc was surprisingly quiet during the exchange, downing the vodka with careful precision. She took a moment to confirm that she had secured Feathers' bike in sending it back to her place, letting home ride along in the back next to Yelena.  After the first round or so, the human deviated from vodka, turning instead to her favored drink: dark rum with a splash of tequila: smooth with a sweet finish.  Taking a quart, she smacked her lips before turning to the young keen, about to speak when the waitress cut her off.

Arc eyed the orkette carefully, her left hand clenching a bit but eventually relaxing.  It was moving...hard to realize just how many different walks of life were affected by the blood spirit and its mage slitch.  She forced a small smile at the mention of her arm, nodding her head in respect, but piped up once she departed.

"they all be saying true.  Either we handled this Drek or the corps glass the place and fragging geek us all to kingdom come.  I made a home here after growing up with Drek, I wasn't about to lose it, ya heard?  Instead, we handled this stuff, I lose a piece of me, and our boss lady hooks me up with this.". She lifted up her right arm to demonstrate her point.  "So yous can say I'm in a bit of a debt to do this Drek.  But hey, it seems more involved than fixing cars, eh?"

It may have been the few drinks, but the human was starting to relax.  Her head bobbed Happrovingly to the synth metal, standing up with Yelena and Marco to dance, turning to Feathers.  "Come on, old timer.  I can't dance for Drek, so you ain't gon look bad..". Mentally, she was contemplating what she may have to do the next day at the club...not sure which she would be okay with...but for now, frag it, she's drinking and having fun!
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Thurs 17:30
Yak Office

Ambrose was starting to get tired of this. He was too old for this shit, but he was too old for honest construction work too, and didn't have any legal work experience to get into management for civil engineering like he'd need. While the Yak boss lived his life in seconds, Ambrose lived his in miliseconds. Always plotting out what next. Already he's seen how the Yak office was set up and were key structural points for the building where, or could guesstimate their location.

But that would just bring even more trouble, He scratched his head, frowning slightly. He was out of most of his explosive stock, but perhaps, just perhaps he could swindle out a bit more explosives than what the deal needed. Not that he'd use them for the Yak office here. No, he had other plans if it was ever needed.. A few neurotoxins perhaps? If the Yak had any idea he'd do something, they'd be looking for explosives.

How he missed his old gang of pranksters. That Chinese firework shop was probably one of the worst ones they did, but heh, it was what brought them together. There was the time with the cherry bombs in the toilets, the west wing of Merriweather Technical University was flooded for days after that.

"Drugs, Bombs, Report. Got it." he replies simply, before standing up to look his partner over.
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The incident with the waitress was a touch embarrassing but her affection was heartwarming. Feathers found it incredibly difficult to take any praise for his altruism, to him it just made sense.
Relaxing back with his drink he joins in with the laughter and banter.
Haha, well I don't know about famous but it certainly got more difficult to buy myself a beer around here. You're right, what we did was good. It felt good too, I'm sorry for those who had to perish to achieve it but its a lot more noble-a-way to go than the usual gang wars and drug peddling that seems to claim most of the young guys around there.
He passed up the opportunity to dance at first, his knees aching from the long ride in from suburbia, his old frame not used to the riding position of a dirt bike.
The music was passable and he was just enjoying being part of something, the alcohol numbing the edges of his consciousness and helping him unwind a little.
After a couple of insistent arm tugs from Arc, he finally relented, finishing a healthy slug of vodka with a cough and a smile as he allowed himself to be dragged up to the dancefloor, his knee pain numbed from the booze.
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That orc girl that complemented that feathers guy made quite an impression on Marco, so these runners are not all bad. He felt like a huge burden was suddenly lifted from his heart, it was a dangerous feeling. But he gave into it, it was time to let his guard down and have fun. Stop playing with people emotions thinking that they either cannot control themselves or are murderers. He somewhat feared Yelena, she could have been his mother, yet she looked no older than him. Her rage outbreak was the first glimpse that he got for these early times. He felt dirty for playing that card, just to see if she will strike him, but she controlled herself.  She seemed happy, yet, she killed many people before, scary lady.

There was the music, and the band, the alcohol and the suspicion that was lifted he was energetic and did not want to stop dancing until morning. He felt happy, a different kind of happiness, he was out dancing for fun. Plain old fun, he wasn't trying to entertain anyone.  he was overdressed, way overdressed but he did not care, there were so many other reasons to provoke him. His last clear thought was about Arcs loyalty to that miserable place was... well he did not quite understood it. To him every place was a stepping stone to some other ‘better’ place.
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Yelena has fun dancing, but it is easy to see that Marco is the better dancer. She does like the way his arms feel when they touch and can tell when his attitude softens, but she also recognizes the potential danger in that.   After a few tunes she claims mercy and goes back to the table to sit and watch.  Still nursing her second vodka shot, she looks around the room to keep track of the people coming and going.  She burns through half her cigars and makes a mental note to refill it when she gets home.  When the Ork waitress comes by checking on refills, Yelena asks  if the bar serves any food and will order something to eat if it is available.  She has no plans to go beyond the second drink and will keep an eye on the others to make sure that they are alright.
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It was clear that even sober Arc had no dancing skills worthy of any ballroom, moving and bobbing not unlike the metalhead she is,  hips swaying and arms in the air, hair whipping about her in time with the strong rhythms.  Two drinks in and she was still lucid, but relaxed.  And smiling.  Genuinely smiling from having a good time, which was rare to see for anyone who hadn't known her before the whole spirit incident.  Catching he breath, she sat down with Yelena just in time for the expecting waitress to come back and take orders for food, something Arc was more than happy to pitch in for.

The Drake Pit was described as a bit of a dice because it certainly was.  Not the cleanest of establishments, the place made up for it through good service and better food and drink.  The menu consisted of most standard bar fare: nachos, street tacos, sliders, and all other stuff that tastes like the sound of arteries crying for mercy.  The human ordered the nachos and watched the ork waitress leave, thinking while downing her third drink.

" she's about 15 or 16...that's about time tusker's be putting out young like that.  Heh.  Howlers all consider me an old maid for not finding someone to slot and breed with.   Puts some irony in the term breeder eh?". The girl laughed heartily, patting Yelena's shoulder before trailing off into a sigh.  "Har... besides drinking I dunno how much fun ill be tomorrow...between drugs and sex, not sure which I'm more scared to do.  I'm not weak for that, am I Y?". It was more than clear that, while not staggering drunk, she was feeling the buzz and rambling.
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Yelena agreed with her friend's evaluation of the bar.  By 10, the place was crowded and alive with noise and people from the neighborhood.  The service was good and the prices fair for the location.  She ordered a plate of several street tacos on Arc's advice and thoroughly enjoyed them.  After hearing the short human's words, Yelena put a gentle hand on her arm and responded softly enough that only Arc could hear.  "Arc.  Tessa.  You not weak for being scared of sex or drugs.  Both very addictive if not careful.  And both are dangerous if not ready.  Yelena very scared of drugs.  You know I was heavy user for years, from prison time.  Drugs were always available if could pay price.  Yelena paid and paid.  Addict for twenty years.  Almost die several times from overuse.  Never really kick habit like drugs, always there.  Yelena Petrovna scared one use sends back to hell of addiction.  And sex is personal choice.  Do or not do.  If man or woman pressure for sex, it not good and should walk, no, run away.  Some will try get drunk or high with drugs to have sex because will is less.  Not listen to new Marco.  Not need do drugs, get drunk, or have sex for mission.  That right for him, but not Yelena, and maybe not Arc."  Yelena puts a small amount of pressure on Arc's arm.  "I be there, Arc.  I not let bad happen you.  You Yelena friend and I........................" Her voice trails off as she realizes that she may have said too much.

Sitting back she tries to observe the others, particularly Marco.  Speaking almost to herself, but loud enough that Arc can hear, she says, "Yelena wonder.  Marco say he fooled by female Sam and she have something bad on him.  I wonder why she need him so much?  He appears not made or ready for shadows.  More party man for sex and drugs.  Yelena guess he was following own advice to consume all vices available and female Sam saw advantage.  Such actions dangerous, as he now knows.  But he still advise do same actions.  Yelena not follow advice of Marco Black in this."  She laughs and looks at her friend.  "Arc and Yelena need teach him to stay alive."
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Marco did not come back from the dance floor.  Instead he stepped outside of the club reached for his comlink. He thought to himself, I do not know how these fellas can be disguised as the rich and famous in a night out. Think Marco, think they are not fully comfortable even in their own turf.  Got to soften them up a little bit

He called one of his suppliers, a high end beauty salon owner named Debi.

Debi, how are you dear?

Oh Marco, it has been a while, how are my makeup lessons?

Totally worth it Debi, you are truly the best! Look I need a favor, I need you to accept two clients for tomorrow. I am sorry for the short notice.

M... she said for tomorrow are you sure it can’t wait?

Yes he said, tomorrow noon, 12:00, I’ll pay double. I know it sucks but they really need it.

Well, okay Marco what's your plan?

Just give them your royalty treatment - I’ll come to personally thank you if they look good enough for the Stardust. You know the drill!

Okay Marco, as you wish. Try giving me some extra notice I’ll have to move up some clients for that.

Yes I am sorry, I’ll make it up for you don’t worry!

Oh... and message them to invite them. Tell them it is from Sam.  I am wiring the money now.

His next call was to Tammie, a text message:

Dear Tammie,

Tomorrow- I am coming with some actors from a future action trid - ‘Witch hunters’. Anyhow, they are a bit strange fella's professionals - but sometimes a bit too deep into character. Go easy on them - help them loosen up and have fun but do not pressure them.

Please keep their visit a secret until the movie comes out or they’ll never work with me again.
I am serious it is a really good gig for me, don’t mess it up!

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow,
‘ Marco, Black.

That should do the trick.

He returns to the table, smiling. Not fans of dancing heh? he turns to Arc. So, Arc... you’re local around here aren't you?

After a short while he mention:

By the way, just enjoy yourself tomorrow. I put too much pressure on you I am sorry.

I told Tammie you were the cast of the 'Witch hunters'  a future action trid. You are professionals, that are sometimes stuck a bit into character. It is a good cover up because 90% of these trids never reach the public anyhow.
Lets face it, it will be hard to disguise you as my regular clientele by tomorrow...  So make your best effort to blend in - but really don't mind it too much. They'll just assume you're a bit in character if you act a little bit like... well... who you really are.  He laughs.
 You do your best, and I'll just do a bit of legwork to make it more believable.

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I had been killing time in my room since delivering my report from the Stardust, listening to some old-world pianist called Stan Kenton and looking for traces of the mysterious person who had contacted me the previous night. The message from Kato was short and to the point as always.

Kato: >>My office, 17:22. Kato<<

"7 minutes and 18 seconds. Enough time for the stairs" I thought to myself as I jacked out, grabbed my suit jacket and fedora, and headed out the door. The three flights of stairs to the top of The Joke did wonders for loosening up tight muscles gained from spending too much time in full VR, and by the time I entered the office of the security chief at 17:21 sharp I was slightly out of breath. To my surprise I was not alone, as an older gentleman entered along with me and listened to Kato talk. I chuckled to myself as I noticed we were both wearing the same cut of suit. "Can't fault the man for having good taste..."

"I want the both of you to go to The Stardust tomorrow night together. I've already made the arrangements. Blackhat, you're there because you've been before. You know the layout, keep you're eyes and ears open for security that isn't electronic and on the grid. Ambrose, you're there to get something for me. A drug, the "house special". Nakagawa told me about it before she began changing. I thought nothing of it then, party drugs were well known to her, and were never a problem. Now, I'm thinking that it must be what is responsible just for that reason."

I looked over at the man Kato had addressed as Ambrose. "Demolitions expert, huh. Why is Kato sending a demo guy to get drugs? Maybe he is a user." He showed none of the obvious signs of abuse, so for all I knew he could just be in the pocket of the Yakuza. Kato was frowning at us when I turned my eyes back at the man.

"You are to back each other up. Be each others distractions if needed. Ambrose, I expect a full report of exactly where to place bombs and of what kind when you return. If they did take Nakagawa they need to learn that the anger of the Yakuza is not to be taken lightly."

With an internal sigh I nodded in understanding. "Great. Running interference for some washed-up ordnance guy who either has a habit or is in deep with the Yaks."

Kato finished his briefing with his usual stare. "Any questions?" Ambrose was the first to answer. "Drugs, Bombs, Report. Got it." When they both looked to me, I addressed Kato. "Just to clarify, we are to obtain a sample of the drugs and report back, not level the place, right? At least not tonight, anyway." After Kato confirmed his orders I turned to Ambrose and extended a hand. "Daemon O'Toole, aka BlackHat. Looks like you're on point, so you just tell me what you need. Here, scan this." With a few mental commands to my deck I created an ARO for Ambrose so he could take a look at the report I had put together for Kato. It had taken minimal effort to extrapolate on the interior and exterior footage obtained during my first outing, and the result was a high resolution floor plan complete with dimensions, the locations and types of electronic security, and annotations for everything else I had been able to see with both my meat eyes and my digital sight.

Waiting for the response, I made a mental note to run a quick Matrix search on Ambrose while en route to the Stardust. "Better safe than sorry."
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"Ambrose." he made it a point not to just give out his last name, he wasn't exactly trusting of this Blackhat guy either. However at the the same time, he realized that he was needing to  explain the reason why the Yak sent him out on a job. After all, he looked a little more like a teacher than some sort of harden criminal "Aka, Phoenix. Forgeries, Chemical, Hardware, Demolitions and custom gear. And correct, It would take a few moments to compile a list of what we'd need. This here is nearly perfect for explosives.. " he remarked pointing to the maps. Great, I'm being a babysitting to a fashion accessory. Honestly, who names themselves blackhat? Leave it to a baby faced knife ear to think that fashion is a good street name. At least he didn't name himself cry baby. I'll never understand that movie..

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Arc grew quiet, lost in thought as she swirled her rumquila in her hands, a small smile flitting onto her features.  ".....If one didn't know better, one would say you got soft, Yelena.  But I know better.  You are too kind to me, and I appreciate it.  When we do this Drek, don't worry about me.  Heh, I've been to a few thrashers in my time.  How bad can it be?  We will watch each other's back...theirs too..hehe.."". She trailed off into some chuckles as drink number three was downed, her fourth coming before too long.  Right about then was when Marco returned, saying his piece.

the human gave a shrug, lounging back in her seat.  "you got that fragging right.  Grew up in the Barrens since I lost my fam long time ago.  Raised by the Night Howlers...yeah, I know I ain't a trog, very observant of ya.  Anyhow, they kept me as a sorta pet/beatstick until I proved useful and started to drive and fix cars/blow drek up for them, then I bought my freedom.  Set up a shop at my place.  I worked damn hard to get where I am.

Eh?  ....frag it. That might actually work.  That mean we can bring our gun Drek in right?"
. She was grinning from ear to ear, her green cybereyes twinkling in the dim bar light.
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Wow it seems like its been rough, I was bitching about my childhood ... the only thing wrong with it was that I wanted to either be a human and blend in, or to be with the rest of my family. I the rest of my brothers and sisters grew up quite normally.  How did you end up running tough? you have your shop and everything, could just fix stuff and build an honest living, no?

He reach for another shot of Vodka and then stops himself. I am terribly sorry Yelena, I want to be comrade with you, but with this new plan I need to wake up early in the morning. I got to fix some things, autographs, flowers maybe... I’ll figure something out when I wake up. Don’t worry this is the stuff I regularly do. But if I take another shot, there is no way I'll wake up early enough for the shooting range. Who knows perhaps someday I will have to defend myself - and I better know how to do it, as this day may come a bit earlier than I plan if I keep associating with you guys.
He makes eye contact with Arc to make sure she is listening also.
 I booked you two up an appointment in a beauty salon, I told them to say its from Sam, but it was a moment of weakness, Lets to stick to the truth when it is not necessary to sugar coat it.  You do not have to go, but I think that you should go. They’ll spoil you so much you’ll start believing that you are rich and famous yourself. You’ll have to convince yourself that it was just a gig when you wake up after the club.
Hopefully in the same bed you planned on waking up tough.  He laughes

I’ll still leave the gun in the car tough - even in this case - you do your best to try and appear like you belong in there. If you screw up a little,  I’ll just sugar coat it for you. I bet this is why I am here anyhow. If you want to fake something I'll just take you to a private room and pretend with you - don't worry I can be a gentleman when I try to. Just don't think about it too much- you'll have my fullest and complete attention the entire night.
By the way Arc, it may be a bit rude -but I've never seen such a hand from close by. Most people in my cycles would have picked the synthetics -  can I touch your cyber hand? Will you feel it? Do you have some gadgets and tricks in there? ... he look distant for a moment, then offers his eyes are bright: Can I tell people that you got it for the part? I bet some of the scars are still fresh. he adds 
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Yelena nods as Marco explains his idea.  "Yes.  Like Arc say, might work.  Is good idea, Marco.  Yelena the trid star.  Hmmm, might need stage name?"  She gives Marco a quizzical look then smiles at him.  He might not be so bad to work with after all.  "Is very OK, Marco.  And smart to know limits.  Yelena is Russian and loves vodka, but not on job."  She raises her glass.  "This only second for Yelena, so you win."

Yelena unconsciously reaches up to touch the snow white hair that frames her face.  "Salon for hair?  OK, will try, but is new thing for Yelena."  She looks at Arc and chuckles, "Probably still no guns, Arc.  Besides, Yelena dress cannot hide gun."

With another cigar in her hand, she waves idly to the room.  "Marco like techno music?  Is fun and has good beat.  Arc's favorite.  Yelena like softer better.  Love jazz.  Man once new gave Yelena sax.  Can play a little.  Not like he played, but some.  Maybe we go quieter club some time?  One not far with open mike night.  Can listen Yelena play."
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"Metal.  I like metal, Y, which is what this stuff is, haha haha..."". She grinned, blinking and looking over Marco, cheeks flushed a bit.  One look over the human would easily tell she wasn't one to frequent a daily shower, let alone a salon.  "'re fragging're  uh, okay.". Arc took a glance at the Russian, seeing her reaction to it as well.  "trid stars getting their drek done up...sounds appropriate.  And last I checked, people did enjoy foreign action stars since the late 20th century...suits you"". She laughed merrily, nursing her fourth drink.  She was starting to feel a bit fuzzy, so she figured this would be her lucid limit

In reference to the hand, she grew quiet, a little wry grin on her face as she lifted the chrome up.  "I did get a few things installed...nothing illegal, don't worry, but it might help my job out a bit.  Yet to test it out though.  As for the scars...". She unzipped her hoodie, shrugging it off her body, her tank showing set in grease and burn stains from her work.  Her full arm was revealed in its chrome plated glory, set in around the collarbone, the various plates shifting as she moved.   "you can tell em what you want.  Go ahead and touch, I just won't feel it...this is what our boss hooked me up with, and the resultant favor that has me doing this Drek with y'all"
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Marco holds his breath as he carefully touches the cold metallic hand. First with a single finger and then as he gains confidence with his entire hand. em... it is so... powerful... so useful... too bad you cannot feel my fingers tough... sense of touch... is *fun*.
He pauses
I know nothing about machines though it is just... magic to me. He let go of her hand and finally allows some air inside. It is clear that he is excited.  it is amazing how it is both mechanical and part of your body... He looks at the scars. They seem so... painful .  Does it still hurts?  He becomes silent when Arcs mention Boss.

Totally serious about salon Arc, I think you’ll actually like it. Will make you in touch with your inner lady.  He giggles for the first time this night. Holding her chrome hand, pretending to do her nails... his face expression changes, he is completely feminine in body language as he speaks in the voice of an old lady: such beautiful nails... You’ll charm all the boys in the room.   He snaps out of it... You’ll feel so pretty when Debi is done with you. Now you also know what she is like.

He looks at Yelena:
Techno is mainly for dancing - I doubt I can listen to it without my inner demon demanding a dance. I grew up on classical music though... think  opera and the likes. Jazz makes me, feel stuff differently I like it a lot. Makes me feel like a real person...  I'd love to hear you play sometime soon...

He pauses, close his eyes and smiles. When he opens them he say.

Something *touches* me in many music styles, something deep that I cannot explain in words. Maybe it is similar to what Arc feels when she drives. Some passion,  I breathe differently and my senses are just a little bit sharper - I feel alive... There is no point in talking about it tough - I will *show* you sometime if you like.   

You should also teach me Russian, it will be amazing to learn and we’ll have our own secret language. I pick up languages quite fast you’ll be surprised...
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Arc was a bit unsteady with her arm being touched, mostly because it made what little lucid, apprehensive part of her brain was still active after the alcohol recognize the fact that it was not her flesh, yet still part of her.  She flexed and moved her digits and joints in demonstration, the springs and inner workings cooking and relaxing to give surprisingly organic movement.  She eventually let out the awkward was with a laugh, shaking her head.  " When I'm doing something it don't hurt at fragging all, hehe.  By the way..."". She lowered her voice, but couldn't hide her buzzed mirth.  "where I grew up, behaving like that would get a boot up yo hoop as a matter of principle.  Ladies don't get treated well, you could say"

Arc paused as the ork waitress returned with a serving of nachos, along with a round of waters on the house.  A nice gesture, that was for sure, and the human beamed wildly as she swayed to face her, clearing her throat before belting out in her best Or'Zet.  "you are far too kind!  Ancestor's blessings upon you and your child!". She coughed a little afterward, steadying herself with her human hand.  "Huu... think four is my limit.  Frag, I might regret this...Drek on me."
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Marco laughed, well tell me about it... As the only elf, when my classmates started having facial hair I was constantly laughed at and mocked as feminine. Eventually though...  I just embraced it, couple of years later most of my classmates fantasized about me instead of mocking me...  Funny enough, this is what set me free eventually, it was too much hassle to keep it quite. This is why I am so far from Rome. So I paid a price too...

That said most people would have changed to fit in. In my case, I just changed everyone else in my image... Imagine 30 teenagers living together for most their life - studying just one thing. Virtually no contact with the outside world.  But then suddenly, one of them becomes charismatic, seductive and difficult to resist. It was too much power, too quickly and I was out of control - a total jerk.  I ended up fooling around with most of them. Including children of some very powerful people. This is why I moved to this city.

But I tell you what, if there is an inner lady in Marco, there may be a lady in Arc. Maybe you just suppressed her in order to survive in this neighborhood... Maybe not, you’ll never know unless you try.

After a short while.

4 is not bad actually Arc, is this your first time? You could probably drink more after a proper meal. It is important to know your limit. I drink a lot several times a week so, for me after 3 I just add one hour of sleep per drink. If I didn't have legwork tomorrow, I could probably reach 6-7 before I lose control. But then again, I am not exactly a beacon of self control even when sober. He laughed.
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The night wears on, The band is a popular one in this bar and each of the three heroes is bought several more drinks and is invited to dance by half the bar it seems. Even Yelena is asked to dance by some of the orcs as a matter of priniciple, and when they find out she's got no prejudices against orcs, she doesn't sit down for more than a drink all night. Feathers learned his lesson about orc girls after the last time in a bar and is a bit more circumspect. At least he was until he had a few more drinks. Soon, it's closing time and Arc is forced to rely on the car on auto to get them all home. Well everyone except Feathers, he got a ride well before closing time, it just wasn't for home.
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The old man's hands were surprisingly supple for someone his age. Firm grip, too. I met his eyes as he introduced himself.

"Ambrose. Aka, Phoenix. Forgeries, Chemical, Harware, Demolitions and custom gear. And correct, It would take a few moments to compile a list of what we'd need. This here is nearly perfect for explosives.. "

I nodded along as he studied the plans for a moment, then turned back to Kato. "If that is all, Kato-San, we will take our leave."

The elevator ride down to the ground floor was uneventful, the usual chitchat of relative strangers forced together by circumstance. As we reached the bar I nodded at Noah, one of the regular bartenders, and headed for the booth in the back.

I reached into my suit jacket and triggered my white noise generator. If talk about explosives were involved ed, I wanted as few people to know as possible, even the yaks who were responsible. "So, security at the club is pretty low-end. We could sneak some serious ordnance past the scanners with minimal effort, but since this is more of a hand to hand I say we go in light, make the buy, and get back here as instructed."

The music accompanying the burlesque on stage was classic last century, not uncommon for this place on the lighter nights. The girls looked good in their sparkly outfits, and I enjoyed the view as we talked.
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[~10:00 AM, Friday, Arc's Home (presumably), The Barrens, Seattle]

The rest of the night was more or less a blur for Arc.  It was certainly far from her first time consuming alcohol, and likely not the last, but it was the first time that she drank so much and partied so hard.  It was...odd, being revered and regarded so highly, and it may have gone to her head as she partied on.  The last thing she can recollect is dropping Marco off somewhere of his choosing before setting the car to take them home...

The morning sun filtering in through the bedroom window is what slowly stirred the human to life, causing her to groan and roll over in her bed.  She was half-dressed, her jeans flopped on the other side of her pillow as she was tangled in her bedsheet, hair a wild mess on her head.  Smacking her dry lips, she let off another groan as her AR clock chirped the time as her vision booted up.  "...oh frag me..."  She uttered, head swimming a little as she blearily tried to recall the previous night.

She remembered the dancing, the local band playing tracks in tribute ( to the "heroes" of the night.  She vaguely remembers Feathers uproarously leaving the bar with someone that wasn't them, long before the bar closed down.  Jokes were made about the "old time breeder" by the orks in the bar, maybe even a couple bets placed as for how many fractures would incur.  Arc recalled Yelena having a very social time, the human not getting much further opportunity to chat.  Just as well, the human found herself beset on by a small group of young male orks, each flirting in the way typical to their culture: boasting, aggressive jostling of each other, and general peacockery.  Dancing, drinking, enjoyment, the night seemed to never ended...

The blips of ARO messages pending brought Arc out of her reverie, the stout girl shifting and groaning as she propped herself up with her cyberarm, bringing herself to a seated position, hair hanging over her face as she went over the messages she missed from sleeping in.

<<Hello, this is Debi from the Golden Swan Salon & Beautique.  This call is to remind you of your 12:00 PM appointment on Friday, as set by our mutual acquaintance Sam.  We hope to see you there>>

<<Hoi, my main slitch, had a bangin' time last nite @ the PIT!  You be a good breeder and hit me up again, I'll show you what a REAL bangin' time is, ya heard?  Holler>>

<<Yo, girl, you got real HUZ for a breeder doin' what you did.  You ever in a bind, or need a trog to cover your hoop, you know where to reach me.>>

<<Never seen a girl take her drank that well.  You party hard, and that arm of yours is totes metal.  Wouldn't mind seeing you again.  My treat>>

"...Heh..hehahaha...ow...hahaha..."  She flopped on the back of the bed, covering her eyes with both hands and rubbing her temples, trying to clear her head.  Without opening her eyes, she grabbed her pillow with her cyberarm and flung it to where Yelena's cot was.  "Hoi...I didn't lose you to some gentleman what got your slot in a buzz, did I?"
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A bar? Are you even old enough to drink kid?  Moving to sit down at he bar with the kid, he watches as he pulls the little toy out. "I have no idea what you're talking going on about. Never once did he say anything about that. We're just suppose to make sure that structural points are properly protected. Wouldn't want any accidents to happen would we? Besides that, I've got to find this house special of theirs. It shouldn't be like any others."

Sitting back in the bar, he raises a finger to bring over a Waiter or Waitress. He wasn't picky. "House rum and cola." The old man was a bit of a cheapskate from the sounds of it, despite his more fancy coat and suit.
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"Good to see we're on the same page. You seemed a little short with Kato, and since I would like to stay in one piece past tomorrow night I just wanted to make sure you were not going to go all Hand of Five on me and firebomb the joint."

I fished a Saratoga out of my inside pocket and lit it, cupping the filter end between thumb and index finger as I inhaled the smoke and held it for a second.

"What is the game plan" I asked as I released my breath. " If I will be watching your back, I'd like to know how you plan to approach the locals to get your hands on some of this house special stuff."

I waived the waitress away with a shake of my head as she took Ambroses drink order.
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Ambrose stares for a moment raising a brow at that. "Why would you even think that?" his question was simple and short to point. "Expending any more effort to explain I understood would take approximately fourteen to fifteen and a half seconds. With an average number of times I'd have to speak with him in this manner being anywhere from two, to three times a month, I'd be looking at spending Five-point-Six to Nine-point=three extra minutes on pointless talk. In the end the only thing that is important is saying one understood and then completing the job."

Once his order comes in, he gently lifts it and and takes a sip. "While some of your age wouldn't be so punctual, I'm nearing the end of my life, so Its important to make every millisecond count. Even so, I'm not some baby faced hooligain who thinks he's top drek because he can put a bit of dry ice in a soda bottle. Honestly though, with the maps you've provided it wouldn't be hard to plan on how to stop an accident, though I'll need to see my locations in person. "
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Yelena does enjoy the night, somewhat to her surprise.  She finds that she does not have to be a good dancer, or even a passable dancer to dance with the denizens of the bar.  She has no racial prejudices and remembers working closely with Orks and Trolls.  This gives her a chance to practice her Or'zet and she takes full advantage of it.  She will accept any drink offered but will casually set it down to talk to someone then move away as if she had forgotten it.  The chances are very good that someone will pick it up and drink it and she stays to her two-drink limit.  The object is to have fun and meet some of the people here, and she accomplishes both.

Her 'link clock goes off early and she rises quietly so as not to disturb Arc.  Throwing some clothes on, she goes out for stretching exercises and then tunes in a local jazz station for her early morning conditioning run.  She uses the exercise to get her muscles toned and to learn the neighborhood.  Even the early morning gangers seem to know the Keeb with the white hair and violet eyes and she is rarely bothered.  She finishes her run at a soycaf stand that serves a decent blend and picks up two go-cups.  She swaps channels to get the early news feed as she heads back to the garage.  She quickly showers and goes to the room she shares with Arc.  Putting one cup on her friend's bed table, she grabs her weapons case and carries it to the bed. 

Sitting naked on the bed Yelena opens the case and removes the weapons, carefully dismantling and cleaning them, to include removing all the rounds from the magazines.  She lovingly inspects each part before reassembling each weapon and replacing the rounds in the clips.  She has finished the two pistols but is still working on the rifle when her internal clock tells her that Arc's alarm is about to go off.  She watches as her friend goes through the first symptoms of a hang over.  Her feelings are more of concern than anything else and she can recall many nights when she would be lost in drink and drugs. 

She deftly catches the pillow that Arc tosses her way and laughs.  "No.  Arc not lose Yelena to some Ork who wanted slot her.  Not sure that there any there that really wanted try because they were all too interested you."  She tosses the pillow back at Arc.  You have good moves on floor, Arc.  Should go out more.  Maybe show Yelena how to dance.  Arc get message from Debi?  Meet noon.  Can take?  And coffee by bed.  Large and black."

By this time Yelena has finished reassembling the rifle.  Taking a dark cloth from beside her she ties it around her head to conceal her eyes.  Lowering her hands to her sides, she clicks her internal stop watch and races through disassembly and reassembly of the rifle.  Removing the blindfold, she says.  "Almost three seconds faster today, Arc.  Fingers almost back normal."  She fishes a cigar from the case near her and lights up before sipping at the still-hot soycaf. 
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Marco did not go home from the meet, the hour was late - he had a couple of drinks danced a little bit and stayed more than he wanted. But he managed to pass yet another day... another day without giving in to his inner demons. The drop off was church for him, his regular one.

Confession? asked the priest, and for a moment Marco was tempted to use this opportunity to explicitly describe with great details some of  his more sensual nights trying to seduce the poor priest. It took him about a second of silent - the alcohol and the happiness almost seduced him.  “No, same as usual, I am just here to pray. You are relentless for keep asking me that every time I walk in here.”

Marco never confessed, nor did he attend any religious event since he left Rome. He wasn’t sure if he was a believer but praying seemed to help him not acting like a jerk, abusing his magic to take advantage of others. In the shadows he felt that it can keep him alive. Few people knew that part in his life as he only ever visited church when it was almost empty.

On his knees by the cross, he spent about half an hour in silent. He donated 100 bucks to the charity box and went home walking. It was half an hour walk and it was cold. He felt relieved to be in a part of town where walking alone at night is not heroic feat.

Texting Sam on the way.
Dear Sam,

I invited two of my friends, Arc and Yelena for a makeover at Debi’s Salon. They are
the cast of a new trid called witch hunter. I'll appreciate it if you can help me create some initial buzz around them. Some flowers, or autographs at public places - you know the drill.


He was not hacker type but he did not want to confess his plan in any electronic media. He was sure Sam was bright enough to connect the dots. Knowing what she asked him to do.

He did not have time for shooting range in the morning, he spent the entire morning organizing a few interruptions at Debi’s salon for the two young trid stars. He booked them for a late lunch at a very fancy restaurant. Asking them to text the runners before saying it is complimentary by the production.

He then  made a couple of calls to his in between jobs friends, and offered them some pocket money if they disturb the runners with autograph requests, flowers or chocolates during the day. His highest paying challenge was a selfi with feathers and he was willing to pay as much as 20 dollars.  He planned it like a game, and he figured out they would probably compete with each other who achieves more goals in the list.

The rest of his hours he spent listening to classical music. He had an appointment on the same Salon at 13:30, and planned to go shopping for yet another good suit. He could not afford to be seen there wearing the same outfit twice in the same week. Especially if he was to pass as a high roller.
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>> Yeah. I'm on the way. Thanks.

Stahl cut the connection and rose from his bed. It was still dark and Stahl took extra precautions to avoid waking Heidi. She'd only just fallen asleep and Stahl himself had only managed to get a couple hours of sleep before Hendrick messaged him. The young elf shuffled his way across the dirty floor, pausing to glance at the relatively new crib resting near the entrance to the kitchen. Thankfully, she was still sleeping. After an entire afternoon of yelling and crying Stahl supposed he would be tired too.

Stahl managed to make it to the small bathroom, flicking the switch on the wall upwards and causing dim light to cover the room. Stahl peered into the dirty mirror with a squint, inspecting himself. The young, energetic elf he was a couple of years ago was gone. He looked, above all, exhausted. With a short frown, Stahl prepared himself for the day's events. Showering, Stahl took a moment to plan on how he was going to handle this particular problem. Hendrick had informed him of Reiner falling off the wagon again. Stahl couldn't blame him considering the trio's circumstances but regardless felt hostile towards the young human for tying him up like this. It wasn't exactly easy to find work or take care of people you care about when you're constantly looking for your drugged up friend in some seedy bar or alley.

Stepping out of the shower, Stahl dressed in a simple white shirt and a dark green jacket along with a casual pair of slacks. The sun was just now coming in through the small windows spread out through Stahl's apartment and Stahl made a mental note to unlock the door for Abigail as he strapped his holster to his waist. Doing a quick check of his weapon, he slid it into his holster along with his trusty knife. Debating on whether or not to grab something to eat before leaving, the tell-tale sign of Heidi broke the peaceful silence of the apartment.

"Waaaaaaah!" Heidi wailed, now standing up in her crib. Stahl quickly made his way over, attempting to be cheerful. "Good morning, you." Reaching down to pick the surprisingly angry child up into his arms, Stahl made his way past into the kitchen in a valiant attempt to search for food. Heidi, meanwhile, had thankfully stopped crying. She seemed more interested in Stahl's slicked back platinum hair, pulling and grabbing at it with little regard for Stahl's comfort. Wincing, Stahl attempted to negotiate a peace treaty with the restless two and a half year old, "Hey, hey, hey-" Stahl attempted, re-directing the infant's attention with a well-placed snap of his fingers. At this moment, thankfully, Stahl's door opened and in stepped the middle-aged lifesaver known as Abigail Cross. She was his landlord and more often than not his babysitter. While she could be a pain to deal with, her hours were flexible and she had a way with kids that Stahl simply didn't have.

"Helllllooo! Oh, give her here Erik. Did she sleep well? Did you feed her? Why is her face red? Was she crying? Oh, give her here, come now!" Abigail crowed, her surprisingly large bag of what Stahl assumed to be baby supplies trailing behind her. Stahl handed Heidi over and thankfully the girl was pleased to see Abigail. Stahl echoed that sentiment as he greeted the woman. "Good morning, Abigail. She slept well, ate, cried. I was just about to make breakfast-" Abigail cut him off abruptly, waving her free hand as she coo'd and proceeded her usual routine of baby-talk. "Oh, I'll handle that. You get going. We both know you're very busy trying to find work in order to pay me. Run along, we'll be fine here. You should really clean this place up. It's disgraceful." Stahl trailed off as the woman berated his admittedly poor living situation. The money he had saved up was slowly draining away and it showed. "Alright, alright. You know how to reach me if there's any problem. I should be back in a couple of hours. Thanks again, Abigail." The thanks was heartfelt, perhaps a bit more then Stahl intended, but without Abigail Stahl dreaded his prospects in this place. Leaving the daughter of Maxwell Frei alone all day filled him with a sense of dread and he knew it was something the late Maxwell simply wouldn't do.

As he stepped out the door he inspected the general area to ensure it was free of the usual loiterers - ganger scum, squatters, druggies and the like. Apparently pleased by the lack of those types of characters around, Stahl began walking down the uneven street towards some of Reiner's usual hangouts. Hendrick had tipped him off about some sort of fancy, ritzy club he had seen Reiner at last. Stahl supposed he would start there, though he was unsure on whether or not a club like that would be open during the day. He didn't even know the name of the place, only the rough location. Why couldn't Hendrick do this again? Stahl thought as he paced down the street. Hendrick had seemingly made a few friends since the trio had moved here from the Allied German States and Stahl just assumed he had a demanding work schedule. Regardless, Stahl had to find Reiner before Reiner found the wrong end of an alley. After all, Maxwell would have done it. The young elf continued down the road, aiming to find the fancy new club and with it, his friend.

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Arc couldn't help but give a laugh, clearing her throat and stretching as she fought through the headache starting to creep over her senses.  "Wiz.  You was the only one doubting your recovery, Omae.  Keep it up."". Fumbling for her pack of Marlboros, the girl picked up the coffee graciously, sipping the hit beverage between puffs.  "Haa, much appreciated...breakfast of fragging champs, eh?". Smirking, she shook her head in mild disbelief over how crazy the night was.  Well if I'm here, that means I didn't slot with anyone...I think... Lifting her head up, she sent over a copy of the texts she received.  "just think a couple months back, a trog woulda as likely be finna beating my hoop than chasing it.  Drek."

"Anyhoozle, yeah, I can get us there.  If I'm alive I can drive, remember that Omae...ah..."
. She finally turned and quickly turned back, having forgotten how comfortable the Russian was in her skin.  "Dunno what's more crazy, how insane last night was or knowing tonight gonna be just as much or"

Arc took her time getting around, popping in the shower for a quick cold rinse to wake her up, shivering as she toweled off and dressed, saving the dress for after their appointment...though she was certain Yelena would argue against that and brought the dress out anyway.  Gingerly, she looked over her unkempt self in the mirror, gently touching the faint scars still around her eyes.

<<Hoi, can't remember if I said this, but a thanks for doing us the solid of getting us all gentrified n Drek.  Owe ya.  Holler>>
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@ Marco  >>You're an idiot. You're letting the jumped up image of the club and the money I gave you to spend go to your head. Those three are there precisely because they are The Barrens own homegrown heroes. And that club, despite the image someone has poured a lot of money into creating, is IN The Barrens. They know them. They trust them, They love them. And because of that, they'll talk to them. They'll tell them more, offer them more, then they will anyone else. The bouncer, the parking lot attendant, the cleaning lady, they all see more than they say. And trust me, nothing moves in or out of that club without one of the gangs private stamp of approval, and half a dozen gangs know and trust their faces. So, by all means create a buzz, but not over some wannabe actors, but over the real heroes who've now made good, rags-to-riches because they saved everyone. Sure, give them a bit of spit shine, everyone loves to see their heroes looking like a trid hero. But don't change them. I need them the way they are.<<
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@ Arc & Yelena  Arc still has a bit of a headache by the time they make it to Debi's, but at least it's tolerable. And Debi's Salon makes her feel as out of place as rust on a brand new engine. Even Yelena feels a bit out of place as she's never splurged on the full salon treatment before. The men who used her in the past were either more concerned that she really was female, or that she was doing everything in her power to please them. This is a very different experience than the simple no frills cut she's always had. And to say that Arc & Yelena are a completely different experience for Debi is an understatement. Even with all her years of experience with, "all kinds", Debi more than once let's slip disapproval over Arc & Yelena's hair, nails and utter lack of makeup savvy. Arc in particular must have her hair shampood three times to get all the grease out, but when she's done the two don't even recognize themselves in the mirror.
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@ Stahl  You check the usual haunts. With the usual propositions and offers. Reiner is in none of the usual places. And before long Hendrick calls him. >>I went threw his stuff. Hacked his computer. I'm certain he went to the Stardust 2 days ago, and that's where he disappeared from.<<
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@ Phoenix & Blackhat  The waitress comes over smiling. "I always knew I'd be serving the two of you either together, or competing over the same woman. Both of you always so spiffed up & proper all the time."  She places each of your favorite drinks on the table before you. "Nychella owes me a drink now! She bet you two wouldn't be able to be in the same room together on accounta you two being like as two peas in a pod." She beams at the both of you and then waddles off to collect her winnings.
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When Marco got the message from Arc.
He texted back:

Dear Arc,
I really enjoyed your company that night.  You seem to be so popular over there star of the party. I am looking forward to seeing you tonight,

(in bad Or'zet):
trogs interested in slotting Arc and drek. Not interested in whipping or hitting... we similar drek you and I.

When the Demoness’ message arrived marco laughed so much, it took him a minute to reply back. He felt so happy so peaceful he even liked her at that particular moment and could totally visualize her anger.

Dear Demoness,

I am sorry if I messed up - I truly tried to please you.
I improvised something with the information I had.
I will do a quick fix - perheaps spin it into a small documentary about their efforts. They'll get their buzz people like
being famous, trust me it is a common fantasy.   I hoped the illusion of some extra fame will smooth things up - if you notice the movie name you’ll see that it could also pass as documentary... That is they'll come as themselfs, maybe we can actually do the documentary and make some cash on the side... I don't know... but let me spin it back for you. 
I also booked them some fancy lunch - I think they'll enjoy it. Some real food for a change, they just got out of hospital - I bet it is a drop in the sea.  I am also curious if anyone completes my selfi with feathers challenge.

We should talk more, I am a bit lost without you.

Sincerely yours,
Idiot Marco.

He continued to his appointment at Debi's and then to buy a suit and get ready to the club.

On his way he sends a little message to Yelena and Arc. He thinks they are just finished at Debi's.

Dear pretty girls!

I miss you already!

Demoness don't like trid star idea, but she still okay with making some buzz around you.
So... enjoy the rest of the day I planned for you - you have a reservation for a fancy lunch. My favoriate place, let me know if you like it. But be careful it is an expensive habit.  They got real Italian food, not soy based  generic drek- actual food with fresh vegtables... I hope you like.

P.S if some of my drinking buds make buzz asking for autographs or giving you flowers or drek just enjoy it.
Treat them nicely, most of them could use some extra pocket money... things are a bit rough for them so I really did not want to cancel them now... besides if I do cancel, I'll have to pay for their drinks next time we go out.


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Feathers pushed hard against the brick wall, his stomach contents making a break for the weak glow of the streetlight from the dark internal compartment of his stomach.
His "lady"friend had long since scarpered, the first retches and coughs putting paid to any plans she had of scratching an itch tonight.
He tried to flag a cab, but his woozy stagger had put off the drivers of the few manned cars still on the roads and the queue for the auto-cabs was massive. Knackered and regretting all the vodka, he slumped on the kerb, chucking up the last few chunks of dinner and vodka into the stale smelling drain.
A few revellers left the club and patted him on the back, laughing and joking at seeing the old boy suffer after a heavy night's drinking with the young bloods.
He woke up feeling like death, no idea how he got home and still fully dressed. A massive crick in his neck painfully resolved itself as he rolled onto his back, an off-colour drool/vomit trail remained on the newly cleaned sheets from where his head had planted itself.
He forced himself to focus on the clock as the daylight streamed painfully into his eyes.
Too fucking early, and I'm too fucking old for this shit...
He dragged his sorry ass into the shower and dragged a disposable razor across his thick grey stubble as he tried to wash out the night's sins.
His knees had flared up, painful and swollen to touch his mind flashed back to the dancefloor and he groaned as he remembered agreeing to get up and "pull some moves".
He remembered the woman, well kind of, remembered her big hands, her inquisitive big hands and groaned even harder, dry retching at his own stupidity.
I bet those guys think I'm a right old tosser. Come on Tunstall, get your shit together.
Finished in the shower, he popped a batch of anti-inflammatories, painkillers and aspirin and headed down stairs to line his stomach with some caffeine and something stodgy to eat, hoping it'd take the taste of arab's jock-strap out of his mouth.
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Stahl's mood was quickly souring after his latest message from Hendrick. Nobody had seen Reiner anywhere in his usual hangouts and the tiny voice at the back of Stahl's mind kept insisting something was wrong. Sure, Reiner had fallen off the wagon before, but he eventually showed up either at Stahl's place or at least one of his usual bars. Stahl quickly changed his direction, heading straight for the Stardust club after finding out it's location. He wasn't one to waste time, though without a vehicle it took him much longer to locate the club.

Stahl inspected the outside of the club with a wary eye. He doubted he was dressed appropriately for the ritzy club, but he wasn't about to double back and change his clothes. Stahl loitered across the street, keeping an eye on the club in an effort to get a general layout and feel for the place while also idly shooting a message to Abigail.

>>Abigail, it's me. How's everything there? I might be later than I thought. Got a few errands to run.
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@ Phoenix & Blackhat  The waitress comes over smiling. "I always knew I'd be serving the two of you either together, or competing over the same woman. Both of you always so spiffed up & proper all the time."  She places each of your favorite drinks on the table before you. "Nychella owes me a drink now! She bet you two wouldn't be able to be in the same room together on accounta you two being like as two peas in a pod." She beams at the both of you and then waddles off to collect her winnings.

"Thank you my dear." he replies, and before she goes, "tell me, does this place have a real jukebox? Something where you can actually feel the music?"

Once she answers, he thanks her, and then looks to the White Noise generator. Honestly, Kids these days. shaking his head. "Look, Are you trying to hide something?"
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To say the experience was an odd one for Arc would have been putting things VERY mildly, the whole salon appointment going by in a small blur.  The shampoo burned a little at her scalp, and the digging and cleaning care along her hands and her feet (oh gods, her feet!) made her recall all the beatings she had endured in her adolescence...almost in a positive light.  The human held her tongue during the painful parts or during Debi's multitude of chidings, opting to simply mutter quiet profanities in Or'Zet so no one would understand her.

Finally, when all was finished, the two were brought before a mirror to take in their appearance.  "...the frag...that can't be us..."  The human was barely recognizable for the grungy mechanic girl she was, her face cleaned up and makeup applied, masking her scars while applying a light blush to her cheeks.  Eyeshadow and liner made her green eyes pop, and a light, subtly red lipstick was applied.  The hair was even more dramatic: completely clean and muss-free, a light wave applied to it.  The length was not shortened much, remaining just above shoulder-length, a single small braid framing her face while the rest was held back with a headband.  Part of her wondered if this kind of drek was what she woulda looked like had her parents not up and died.  Giving a polite smile and thanks, she waited for the two to be outside before speaking to the Russian.  "Holy mother of drek, do we look corp-type...we walk through our hood like this, we gon get mugged...wha?"

She was barely able to finish her sentence before a couple stopped them on the sidewalk, their excited faces denoting they recognized the pair.  A couple flowers and autographs later, the two were left in mild bewilderment of their famed status, regardless whether it was manufactured or not.  The lunch date was just as jarring as the salon appointment as well, the clean plateware and cutlery a sharp contrast to the usual soypaste and fast food Arc was used to.  The food was out of this world: a fresh garden salad with all the fixings, followed by a chicken fettucine slathered in a rich alfredo sauce.  The flavors danced upon the girl's tongue, practically ruining her for the low quality food she was used to.

The rest of the afternoon went in a mild haze, but a quick stop at home and the two were getting ready for the night.  Changing into her dress, Arc started to feel a flutter of nervousness.  They were revered, celebrated, pampered...and it felt off.  So different from what she was used to being--the bottom of the barrel--and a look of worry was on her flatteringly made up face.  As she struggled to remember how her dress went on, she practically stumbled before bringing up a point to the elf.  "...I'm bringing my stuff in a bag in the car...I got this feeling.  This is way out in left field, omae, and I think if I ain't careful, I'ma frag it up and we needin some powpow on the quick.  Wiz?  I'm hittin' up the boys to see what the plan is in getting there.  You still going with the plan that Feathers be your date, babushka?"  She winked, mentally pulling up her ARO and firing off at the speed of thought.

<<If yo job was to build up fraggin' hype, I think it worked.  Drek, man, this is way weird.  Anyhow, you bringing us into this place?  We can pick you up wherever, just give us enough time to get there, wiz?>>

<<Still alive, pops?  Don't feel bad, I'm still shaking it off too.  Won't ask about that Trina gal, yo biz is yo biz.  Need a lift to the Stardust?  I can swing by.  Holla>>

Rubbing her head, she downed some water with a small gasp to shake off what she could of her hangover.  "Drek..aight...ready as I will be.."  She stood a little awkwardly in her sleek dress, turning to check over Yelena.  "..wiz...that drek fits you like a fraggin' glove..."
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I let my eyes linger on the waitress as she walked away. "Cute," I thought to myself. "I should have played the "I'm just taking granddad out for a night out" card... Oh well, maybe later". When Ambrose asked for a "jukebox" I actually had to look up the word to know what the frag he was talking about. "Jeez, how old is this guy anyway," I wondered.

His question surprised me. "Hide? Not particularly." I leaned back in my seat and took a drag on the cigarette. "Using a generator can be pretty obvious in and of itself. But I for one don't feel like having random people potentially overhearing conversations about bombs and the illegal drug buys, even in a place like this." The grin on my face grew a little colder. "Especially in a place like this. I would have expected you to be a cautious man if you have survived to become a veteran in this game. Maybe you're just lucky..."

I flicked the ash off of my smoke into the ashtray on the table and smiled. "Anyway, pops, how about we talk business instead of banter. What's the plan; more specifically, what do you need from me? If you just want me to watch your back like Kato said, I have got other business to attend to and we can just meet up at the Stardust tomorrow. If you have got something else in mind, I would appreciate knowing beforehand so I can avoid the the veritable clue-by-four hitting my right while we are in the middle of things."
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"Yes, I'm far more cautious." he remarks, shaking his head. "First off, at least you know that its like a beacon. If it was a cone of silence perhaps more useful. But it makes noise.. Something else that does is the local jukebox." Groaning a little, "Of cours the problem with that is most places use virtual music these days, rather than subjecting everyone to a good round of whatever you pick. With facial recognition, they can see the words we form with our mouths, something most will switch over to once they start hearing the buzzing noises of the white noise generator. "

taking a look to his drink, he stares at it for a moment, examining it. He hums softly, before picking it up and figuring how heavy the drink is with just a touch.

"You haven't told me what you do. Other than provide maps. So I wouldn't know what I could use you for. However, you could probably more easily get a few items with that baby face yof yours.  Since we're going in to inspect for potential accident sites, we need a bit of gear to seem more official. I can spend the night working on a few badges, and inspection permits. Since we both happen to have the same taste in clothing, we should use that to our advantage."
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"Sounds like a plan. And I am a man of many talents, my learned friend. You cook up the permits and gear, and I will make sure they have a record of an upcoming inspection in their systems."

Curbing the cigarette butt on the ashtray, and stroked my chin as I went on. "So, what are we going in as? City Health Inspectors? Pest Control? Fire Insurance? Metroplex Architechtural Office? Let me know and I will dig around for some details. Knowing the name of supervisors and the like is always useful, just in case someone at the club happens to have an uncle somewhere."

"Oh, and as for lip readers, I am sure you have noticed where my hand is when I talk." As if to make a point, I tapped my nose with an index finger while the rest of my hand rested on my chin, obscuring the lower half of my face from the side and front.
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Marcos day was busy, Debi was a bit upset by the clients he sent her last minute.

Where did ya pick these ones...  in the Barrens?! They were so neglected, especially that human... she seemed new to the concept of Shampoo. So much dirt... so much!

Actually you are just right, in the Barrens.

Oh dear... you shouldn’t go there it is dangerous out there. Can’t trust people with this kind of hair.

You are right, Debi. It is a favor for that Shilla girl I told you about.

Oh that one... stay away from that one... she is not good for you!

Well Debi, ... he took a long breath... letting go of the air slowly... I tried to stay away... but in the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants.

There was some truth to Marco's words, but he would never tell Debi the half of it. She would probably call the police if she heard he was doing anything illegal. Her entire moral campus is narrowed to the way people maintain hair.  Marco is trustworthy because he keep it clean.  Arc is probably a criminal because she do not. There was no point in even trying to convince her otherwise.  His session was a lot shorter, 20 minutes and she was done, just maintenance. 

He paid her handsomely and went to buy a suit, the process was enjoyable as the shop already had his dimensions so all he did was to pick the fabric he wanted. It took a lot of AR modeling - but eventually he decided to pick black... he felt that that color make him appear a bit older and more masculine.

He then bought a case of his favorite wine, Rossi di Bianchi. It was a cheap red wine, relatively reasonable to the taste. Marco liked it because it was made in his parents winery. It was as close as he could feel to his family.  He took it to his regular drinking place, a small joint named Joy.

It was evening and most of his buddies were already there waiting for him.
Look guys you did so good... I am sorry I cannot drink today - but I brought this case of complimentary wine - like I do every friday... so I wish you a lovely evening.

oh... common Marco...  not even a single one? common just a single bottle before you go. Then the mass cried Marco! Marco! Marco! to encourage him to open a bottle. After a short while he replied... Okay okay! but just one you hear!... and I only do it to avoid the riot.

With a glass of wine in his hand he drew a table on a blackboard and listed every completed achievement to the appropriate name. 134 dollars were split between eight different people to achieve the requested buzz. The process was cheerful, and a lot more money exchanged hands as people gambled on who will win the contest.

He then texted Arc
Dear Arc:

About ride - you can pick me up from Joy (coordinates attached) or I can book my regular limousine to pick you guys up.  Limo has no rigger interface tough...  Also consider that if you do bring a gun - limousine is not dedicated to us, it just cycle from client to client and is available to us at the requested hours.

They decided to start the cairokee night a bit early - as most of the regulars came to see who wins Marco’s challenges anyhow. Marco had time for just several songs before it was time to prepare for the club. He showered at a friends appartment that was just next door to Joy... dressed up and applied some subtle cosmetics to get just that look that he was after.
He was ready to party! 

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Yelena looks at the messages that Arc sent over.  "You popular, Arc.  I not get any like this.  Probably you well known in area already and Yelena still stranger."  She breaks down the rifle into its storage components and puts the pieces in the padded slots of the case.  She gets off the bed and dresses when Arc goes in for her shower.  When her friend returns, Yelena looks at her dress and says.  "Hair at noon, maybe lunch somewhere.  Should have time come back to dress, yes?  But think take dress so woman know what Yelena wear to club."

Yelena is extremely uncomfortable in the salon.  This is not her style and she can tell that it is not Arc's either.  She almost throws in the towel several times, especially when the old sourpuss chides her about her hair, nails and make up, but grits her teeth and stays.  She lets Debi look at the dress so she can match the colors for her make up.  She asked that her hair be left straight and Debi finally acquiesced, but added some highlights and a violet ribbon at the end.  The entire effect was perfect...........if one wanted to look like this.  Yelena looked in the mirror and did have a hard time seeing herself.  She thanked Debi for her hard work and picked up her dress before leaving the salon.  When the two were outside, she replied to Arc's statement.  "Yes.  Get fragging mugged.  This not Yelena." 

The autographs and flowers were going a bit too far, in Yelena's opinion, but she was as gracious as possible.  The restaurant was far better than anything Yelena had ever been in before.  Sure, she had seen some nice places, but from the outside.  Halfway through the heavenly meal she turns to Arc, "OK.  If clothes and make up come with food, Yelena put up with Debi.  Marco get much money from female Sam for this.  Look.  Menu not even say what cost is." 

Finally home, they rush into the garage to avoid being seen by the people in the neighborhood.  Yelena notes the slight struggle Arc has with the dress and comes over to help her friend.  Fastening the back up, she says.  "Here, Arc.  Let Yelena help.  There, now look in mirror."  She stands behind her short friend and looks over her shoulder.  She smiles broadly.  "All men look you tonight, Arc.  Not see Yelena.  You beautiful.  Have many want take you home."  She stands behind the human for a few seconds longer then goes to put her own dress on.  Slipping it on over her naked body she runs a hand down her figure.  She smiles at Arc's remark.  "Yes.  Like glove.  Not room inside for anything but Yelena."  She finishes off with the violet flower in her hair at the left ear and admires the effect.  "Maybe never see Yelena like this again."

She touches up her lip gloss and goes to the side of her bed, where she steps into the slippers and picks up her weapons case and the small clutch.  When Arc get the message from Marco she says, "Tell him we pick up.  What good his car if cannot keep weapons?  If ready let's go knock dead."
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"The story? Now thats the hard part. I wouldn't know which one to do for this job.. I've not been there. But usually goveremental ones tend to.. not be too usable. However if we can make them believe enough, we could get a few bribes if they believe our cover story. "

He doesn't touch his rum and coke. The waitress scared him just a little too much to drink it, quite possibly she's working for someone else as she didn't even comment about the noise maker.
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Arc couldn't resist a little smirk at Yelena's comment, crossing her arms and leaning on one hip, shaking her head a little.  "Pfft.  Don't deny it.  You just as likely be finna wearing that drew to score some hoop if ya wanted it.  Besides that, you hots the know how about it.  Fifty nuyen tells you I'm gonna be awkward as Drek."". She winked, adjusting her dress until it was comfortable, reading the message from Marco.  yeah frag that.  Just asking for trouble..

Before they left, Arc took a moment to pack a ready bag, stuffing her guns, kits, and a few pipe bombs, just in case.  Lastly, she grabbed one of each of her drones, popping open the compartment in her arm and stowing them inside, making sure they were very much offline.  "There we go...frag if that's weird though..."

<<Sounds wiz, but wouldn't make a drek of sense.  People know I fix cars, and know how much I enjoy my ride.  My car shouldn't clash with your high and mighty atmosphere.  Pick you up soon.

Turning to the elf, Arc gave a little smile and nodded.  "well, let's not waste all this Drek, eh?  Time to go play Corp-class for a night...". And with that, they departed, hopping into Arc's car and zooming off to pick up their passengers.  The human was jacked into the interface, but remained in AR to continue conversing.  She knew the objective was to be natural, but some unease still lingered.  "Y...a likely is it Sam has more than one player in this it a hunch..."
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Responding Arcs message, Marco texts the following.

Dear Arc

Your car is great, totally love it. It shows that you handle it with care... it is almost part of you. Wouldn’t dream of separating a rigger from her wheels.  I wish I knew how to drive... it seems really fun.
P.S I can’t get that band from yesterday out of my head they were freaking awesome!
Do you remember their name?... its all a bit foggy for me.

Yours Truly,
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The chime of the commlink dragged Feathers out of his half-slumber as he sipped at a soycaf and tried to get some breakfast down his neck. He voice commanded the commlink to dump the message up onto the AR wallpaper and dictated a reply.
<<Reply to:: Arc>>//Barely. Feel like a horse shat in my mouth and a troll jumped on my head. What the hell were we drinking? A lift would be great, no way I'd pass a breathalyser this morning. So that was her name, don't worry about it. I was too old, too stupid and too vomity to make that big of a mistake. I barely remember it anyway. I'm up and about so I'm ready when you are.
Johannes fussed and messed about, concerned about Feather's state but too inexperienced in this plane to realise just how self-inflicted Feathers malaise was.
Don't worry about me, I'll be fine. Its just a headache. Why don't you get out of the house today eh? Go for a fly and a bit of an explore. I'll call if I need you.
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It was pretty amazing how easy it was for Arc to respond to messages now that she has a direct link to the Matrix with her control rig, sending stuff out with merely a thought.  While out and about, eating, driving, it barely took from her concentration to reply to the messages as they came.

<<That, chummer, is what happens when a place dint water the booze down first.  Ts why the frogs love it so much.  Anyhow, sorry to hear of the hangbang, but I can sympathize: shaking off a head hurt now.  Anyway, Y and I got hooked up to get prettier up for the high class scene, so I can pick you up between 4 and 5?  Don't feel bad if you can't recognize us, haha haha.  See you l8r

<<Ah, enjoyed that stuff, huh?  Band was called Access Denied...tribute band for this lowtime Ruski band called Hammerforce.  You like them, I suggest checking out Vision Divine.  More of a cosmic feel but it's good drek.  Anyhow, pick you up a little after 5
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Fri Dec 5th

It had definitely been a day for the history books. Arc & Yelena had been stopped and photographed and autographed and "Pls, just a selfie!" all afternoon. There'd even been a local trid crew stop by for a short interview with them, even if the interviewer had seemed to concentrate more on her own appearance than on any intelligent questions about what had happened. Finally it was time to get ready, and then to leave for the club. One thing about all the hoopla, it hadn't left much time for worry. Still, it was hard not to worry.

The drive was fairly uneventful. Traffic was heavy, but at least it was moving and soon enough they were there. A couple of orc bouncers were on guard and as you all approach the doorway one of them elbows the other and points at your group. "Hey, Arc baby, I knew you couldn't resist me!" He grins and opens his arms. "You shoulda told me you were coming. I coulda made some special arrangements!" He grins and winks broadly. "I knew we were meant to share a special kinda connection when we met last night." Arc vaguely recognizes him as one of the guys she met last night. Well, maybe, truth to tell there were a lot of guys, and it had been a lot of liquor.
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When Arc pulled her back Sedan to pick Marco his authentic reaction was "WOW... you gals look amazing!"
He knew they had it in them, he could picture it that night - but still he was surprised just how changed they looked.
Demoness will kill me...  he thought.
He looked at feathers, smiling... you did not seem the type for salon, but I’ll hook you up too next time if you like. To Arc and Yelena: I see that you had the discipline to stick with Debi until the end... Definitely worth it if you ask me. I am sorry about her attitude she sees the world a bit differently than us.   Did you enjoy your lunch date?  I usually go there after a run, this food is pure happiness to me.

Marco looked plain, his suit was plain black and he wore a nice white shirt that fit his torso like a glove. He looked okay, but nothing out of the ordinary. However, to those at the club enjoying the AR setting Marco’s suit made him appear a bit taller, a bit wider and a bit stronger. His entire clothing played with subtle manipulation of colors to make him look just a little bit *more*.

The equivalence between outside and inside of the club was similar to the before Photoshop/ after Photoshop.  If you enjoyed the AR, Marco simply looked amazing, just as if he was taken out of some fashion journal. His body language was masculine, he used just enough cosmetics to give his face a more rigid look, with an almost invisible touch. He wore green contacts that made his eyes slightly glow in the dark.

His voice tone had this authoritative feeling that somewhat compelled people to do what he said. He was the same person, but his body language, voice texture and general appearance were so different than yesterday that he felt like someone else entirely. When he entered the party he greeted Tammie saying:  “well hello gorgeous", kissing her hand.  The cold and distant hostess blushed and giggled, she barely had enough air to respond with ‘hello Marco’.
It wasn’t just the look of him, it was something else, something that was almost supernatural. It was the first time that week that Marco unleashed the full force of his devil tongue. The feeling was addictive and difficult to control, He felt spectacular and omnipotent. He held the hand of Yelena as a hostess escorted them to their VIP booth. "You look amazing...I know it must be awkward for you, I’ll do what I can so you feel comfortable. Everybody deserves stardust, even if it is just for one night."
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Stahl's brief conversation with Abigail was enough to put his mind at ease. Though he knew he probably shouldn't call and check up every twenty minutes, he felt better doing so. The last hour or so of loitering across the street from the Stardust was nothing special. Stahl saw nothing that denoted the place as being much different from other poncy clubs in the area and this put him at ease, somewhat. Reiner had probably just passed out in one of the rooms, or something like that. It wouldn't be the first time. Stahl had noticed nothing unusual about the outside of the club besides what appeared to be a couple of high-profile guests being dropped off. Stahl quickly moved to cross the street, perhaps aiming to use the group's arrival to slip inside.
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The attention given by the "fans", and then by Marco, was enough to keep Arc feeling uneasy about the whole thing.  She tried her best to focus on the driving and the whole objective at hand: be natural, find out what you can.  She made a note to have her cybereyes record everything she picks up for later, as it might help.  Especially if I lose control like last night...frag man...  Gulping, she slowed down as they approached the Stardust, parking the car until everyone got out, upon which she sent the car's autopilot to find a parking place and lock up.

The crowd and line on the approach was loud, the energy in the air excited, and it was all weird territory for the short human.  So this is high class social stuff huh...weird...  Her thoughts were interrupted by the booming voice of the ork bouncer who recognized her.  Oh, DREK!  That guy was at the Pit last night...what's his name...oh frag, he was one of the forward ones with delusions.  oh frag me  In her mind, she had to find a way to get her inside and avoid this trog's advances that would look natural and avoid further catcalls from this one.  She glanced over to Marco, but he already was holding hands with Yelena, and Feathers was on the opposite side.  So, she had to think fast.

Her eyes turned the other way, as they were other patrons seeking entry along with them.  Without thinking twice, the short human grabbed the arm of one, the man (Stahl) lurched by the grip of her cyberarm to her side.  "Be cool, 100 nuyen if you play along" was all she muttered before she put on a bright smile to the ork.  "Aww, y'know if I knew you was aworkin' here i mighta considered it.  But, alas, tonight ain't your lucky night.  Perhaps next time, hm?"
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Yelena might never have spent much time in a place like the Stardust, but she does know how to walk the walk.  Moreover, she is comfortable in her skin and has had lots of experience mingling with people from different social classes.  Before she gets out of the car, she turns to her friend, "Arc.  Take deep breath.  All people here put clothes on like Arc and Yelena.  One leg or arm at time.  Trust in self." 

She gets out of the car and looks at the building exterior.  Despite what she had said to Arc, she was a bit unsure of herself here.  She shakes her head and laughs before hooking her arm with Feathers.  "Let's go boys.  Off for relax and fun."  She is impressed with the way Marco is handling the situation and how smooth he is with the hostess.  She hold out her hand to the Keeb woman.  "Hello, Tammie.  Is Yelena.  I hear much good you from Marco.  Where we sit?  You will help if need, yes?"

Yelena is surprised that Arc has so readily picked up a strange Keeb.  The man is not dressed for the club and she wonders how he got in.  She looks around the club as they are led to their table.  The dress she chose is deliberately not of the same style as the rest of the glitterati are wearing, but she knows she wears it very well, and her walk is designed to get attention.  She smiles at everyone and nods to anyone trying to get her attention.  Once seated, she looks at the stranger and holds out her hand.  "Hello.  Is Yelena.  You friend of Arc?"
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The crowd appeared more energetic as Stahl grew closer, slipping his way through the throngs of people as best he could.  Unlike the large majority of clubbers near the entrance, Stahl didn't seem particularly excited to be there.  The under-dressed elf took a short glance around near the club entrance, mentally noting the two rather large and boisterous looking orcs manning the doors.  The trio he had spotted exiting the vehicle earlier were now just in front of him.  Upon closer inspection, Stahl realized they may not have been the best group to follow.  They were certainly getting quite a bit of attention, something the elf had hoped to avoid.  The woman in front of him was currently being chatted up by one of the bouncers. Stahl could see why - even with a cyber arm, the woman out-classed at least half of the other woman waiting to get into the club.  With a quick glance over his shoulder, Stahl swore he caught a couple of jealous glances directed towards the woman.  Must be the high rollers. Stahl thought, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he waited for an opportunity to get inside. Stahl took a few moments to sneak a few glances at the last two members of what he thought was a trio.

His heart skipped a beat as his gaze centered on the female elf hanging onto the arm of the other well-dressed elf. Time seemed to slow down and for half a second Stahl stared into a hauntingly familiar face. As quickly as it happened, it ended. Stahl felt a force tugging him forward. He hardly registered the low voice offering him payment and the rough grip of the cyber-arm on his own before he snapped out of it and plastered a large grin onto his usually solemn face. "Sorry girlie, I had a call. You know how busy I am." he announces loudly, not-so-subtlety inspecting the loud orc up-and-down in the typical defensive boyfriend manner. "Gonna' let us in, pal? I'm lookin' to drop some nuyen on the good stuff, y'know?" Stahl spoke in the manner of what could be considered a cocky street kid who had just a bit too much wealth. He ended his statement there, not intending to provoke the large orc. After all, he was trying to get into the club, not get into a fight.

It seemingly worked, as the large orc waved the small group through with a displeased frown. Stahl let out a breath, making a point to inspect the interior of the club as he walked along with the woman. He lowered his voice, his usual neutral tone returning "I appreciate it. Doubt he would have let me in." He continued playing the part, walking along with the woman and listening to her responses, if any, while sitting with the group as they finally arrive at a nice table. He feels the gaze of the familiar elf woman as he sits in his seat, offering a polite smile as he moves to shake her hand.
"Hello.  Is Yelena.  You friend of Arc?"

"I'm Stahl. Ah, no, we've just met." He offers his introduction to all seated at the table, his earlier manner of speaking gone.

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Frankly, Arc is surprised that half-brained idea of hers even worked.  The elf man played along splendidly, and even needed a way into the club to boot!  Mentally grinning at her stroke of combined luck and genius, the human wrapped her arm around the man's, tilting her head a little with a polite smile to the bouncer as they were let in.  Upon entry, and meeting Tammie, she was floored by how Marco handled himself in these circles, and even more so as Yelena adopted her own persona, working the looks and the stares as if some kind of performance.  And if the human didn't know better, the Russian seemed to be enjoying it.  Taking her advice, she took a breath and turned to the man as they were led through the club to a table.

"Guess we both needed a hand, huh?  Appreciation recipro'ed, chummer.  Name's Arc.  Feel free to join us."  She casually used her street name, though likely it carried a reputation now, being involved in saving the Barrens from its recent peril, but she thought none of it as they all sat down as a group at the table, Yelena offering her hand.  Arc's cheeks flushed a little pink at the realization that he basically was her cop out, but she shrugged and smirked widely.

"What can I say?  Needed a fraggin' excuse to get m'hoop clear of whatsisname.  Works out too.  Hoi, you're not looking to score a free partay, are yeh?"  The human trailed off, glancing sidelong and tracing the man's gaze to Yelena, head tilting a bit in curiosity.

As for refreshments or whatever, Arc started to pull up the ARO menu, mentally swooning a bit at the pricing of the service, but then remembered the pocket money Sam had given them...oh boy...Pace yourself, girly...let the escort boy run that show, just do yo thang...
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Seeing the situation at the door Marco realizes that Arc must still feels like a pet. Why is the guard so explicit with her... he shouldn't feel comfortable speaking like that to her,  she makes herself too accessible. She does have some resolve... but instead of talking him up she picks some other guy as if the only way she could possibly refuse his attention is waving some other guy in front of him. It was a bit strange, the young girl was popular, in her own turf they all liked her, yet no one appreciated her... Marco assumed that she still feels like a pet or a what was the word she used yesterday... beatstick.
Marco felt odd... he never anticipated her being so threatened by the same attention she seemed to be enjoying so much yesterday. Infact, Yelena was watching her all night trying to make sure she wasn’t enjoying herself too much. The two must share some special connection. He felt it - but was not sure what connected them.

He addressed Arc’s new date:
Name is Marco and the pretty lady here is Yelena, this is Feathers.  He shook his hand with confident. It is awesome that you made it in here with us... by all means do join us! I 

Tammie!... Get our friend a suit! He sized him up... size B will do. .

The table was already packed with what Marco felt were their favorite drinks thanks to some prep calls he made. There was also a nervous waitress, that constantly tried to establish eye contact in order to see if they wanted anything. She was dressed like a blue Deva.  Marco poured some Vodka for Yelena, and what he hoped was the Rum Arc drunk that night. Feathers did not seem to be picky about drinks so he just invited a large variety of them for him. For himself he poured a glass of good quality red wine.

He played with his glass a little bit, smelled it and when his foreplay was finished. He said:
I hope I got drinks right... just get yourself something else if I did not.  he said as he raised his glass. *Cheers* he said, and took a sip. It was a small one.

He whispered to Yelena :  - His face showed no clue as to what it was about.
Do you still want to sleep with Tammie?
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Marco then contacts Arc, saying: I thought you liked 'WhatshisName' you two seemed to be dancing quite a bit yesterday... shouldn't let him talk to you like that tough.
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Yelena laughs softly, "Fragging brilliant, Arc."  She looks at the strangely dressed Keeb.  "Guess with us now."   Scanning the AROs scattered about the club's interior, she finds the directions to the public restrooms, and the exits.  At the table, she smiles and takes Stahl's hand as Marco makes the introduction.  "Nice to meet.  Thank for help Arc."  As Marco poured out the vodka, she pulls the small silver case from her clutch and offers the cigars to the others at the table before taking one and lighting up.  She pulls the acrid smoke in and lets it out, relishing the flavor.  She holds the cigar with her left hand and reaches out for the vodka in the shot glass.  Holding her drink up to the others she says, "Nostrovya!"  Downing the shot in a single gulp she relishes the fire it causes as it wends its way from mouth to stomach, where it stays on fire for some time.  She smiles as she places the shot glass upside down on the table and pulls at her cigar.  She looks at the obviously nervous waitress.  "Very good and thank you.  You pick good vodka.  Yelena pleased."

Yelena is surprised when Marco leans over to whisper in her ear.  She considers the question carefully then whispers back, "Yelena interested, yes.  But not if pay or coerce.  Must want Yelena.  And not for now.  Later.  Cannot forget reason here."  She sits back against the soft seat, smoking her cigar while looking around.  "Will others come if sit here or should move about?"
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Marco watched himself, like he watched Arc driving, he was inside his body... he agreed to where she was taking him but was not in complete control. Sure he could fight his charm, struggle to keep it contained - but he was exhausted from doing so. Yesterday took all his restraint, he struggled all night not to be too charming.

Tammie was not his type, she was breath taking indeed - but their relationship revolved around a power struggle.  It took him three weeks to gain access to the club because he was not confident enough to go directly to the one making decisions -to her.

He talked to more accessible mid level employees, asking for favors placing a couple of bribes. The previous time he went to the club he used money as a weapon, throwing it around in piles, it was unexpected and gained him the advantage.  But that tactic he could not continue for long, and will not be unexpected for long.   If he wanted that VIP table for the future he need to get it because of his personality, not his money. He felt that after the impression he did tonight she will book him that VIP table when he asks. Infact, if he was charming enough - any table he sits in will become a VIP table.

Tammie had more inside than she let people know... she probably did not have to consult with anyone to give him that table. Not returning a replay was her own power struggle, he’s not calling to verify was his own. She was a player, like he was. Both of them used  every social interaction trying to define the relationship, trying to get advantage.  He  felt that he was a bit ahead. For tonight at least - she was caught off guard as he acted in an unexpected way. Suddenly confident, almost rude and for tonight she was working for him.

After a short pause, he answered Yelena;

Well, think of this table as the Olympus, people will come to entertain you here... but no one will dare to just approach you for a casual chat. We should go dancing, or go to the ‘holodeck’ if we want casual social interaction. But do stick here for a short while, just being seen at this table will effect most people in the club.
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Yelena looked at Marco while she finished her cigar, then gathered her clutch and stood up.  "Yelena not sure Sam want this.  Will go along, but not happy.  Now need use loo."  She nodded to the others and went off, following the ARO that lead to the ladies room.  Once inside she nodded to the attendant and went to one of the posh sinks.  Leaning back slightly with her butt against the counter, she took a cigar from her case and lit it.  She pulled several times, thinking of Sam and the mission.  *Why Sam find Yelena?  Had to look hard.  Yelena dead three times and no real trail.  No record exist after prison riot and even if did, Yelena died in river in Moskva.  How he find and why?  Yelena not important to anyone.  Good skill, yes, but others with good skill.  Yelena kill many times; for self, for Nikko, for Vory, for gangs.  But not explain why Sam want find.  Sam is too secret.  Not sure Sam good Yelena, and not sure Marco not stooge for Sam.  Too easy.  Too much money.  Too much big idea.  Frag Sam  Like all boss; not tell all.*  She finishes the small cigar and tips the ash into the sink before washing it down and field stripping the butt without really thinking about it.  Putting the paper end into her clutch, she asks the price of the small alcohol hand wipes and buys several, then places several nuyen into the small tip tray next to the attendant.  She opens one of the packets, removing the wipe and using it to wipe down the faucet handle she had touched.  She smiles at the attendant and leaves the restroom, using the wipe to clean the surface of the handles on both sides of the door.

Instead of going back to the table, she decides to wander a bit, going from room to room.  This really is so very far from what she is used to that she is not comfortable here.  The dress is great and she knows she looks good in it, and the hair, the make up, the accessories all add to the ruse.  They all say that the woman is not Yelena.  Still, it is only for the one night.  Right?  She snorts, as if.  She avoids the main room where the others are sitting at the table and circulates, trying to make the contacts that Sam is paying them for. 
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Say minimum get maximal effectiveness - could Demoness anticipate that her runners won’t go along with a night out in a fancy club?  Yelena seemed to be itching to start working. He did not know how long she’ll play along if at all.  Demoness was a lot different, patient and careful. She frequently booked Marco for several months before she made her move. She probably did a lot of legwork and only made her finishing move when she had enough leverage to ensure compliance. If Marco was more of an adventurous type and enjoyed this new profession he would have never find out about her leverage.

He was already too similar to a runner, he hated it. He had many buddies but no friends - no one that he really trusted. Part of it was thanks to Demoness that introduced him to a degree of illegality, where he started doing things he could not talk about. But really - everyone betrayed his trust, his parents, his bishop, Demoness... his life were just one betrayal after another.  But he never burned bridges, he kept in touch with his bishop, he worked for Demoness and he did what he could to stick with his parents.  That despite wanting all of them dead from time to time.

Yesterday was different, for a moment he forgot that they were runners and it was a job, for one night he was out with friends where he had nothing to hide from - well just for one night. He figured that he must have pushed them a bit too far with glamour, he hoped that they see it as a positive experience after all. He found it odd that a runner will be that neglected - I mean sure you grew up in the barrens but you are more than a street scum. You make serious money... you should be able to go to fancy clubs, eat real food and enjoy life. Instead, most runners spent their money on fancy expensive equipment - they were after *more* power... in a never ending pursuit to be better missing the very essence of life.

Marco was not going to let Demoness pay him money... money is a mechanism of control.  He already burned anything that she paid him on lifestyle, fancy restaurants and donations. In fact, his last job paid enough money to establish a small soap kitchen - while many runners where after power - Marco wanted to escape it - he was too young and too trusting to handle the powerful beings that were attracted to power. This is why he wanted to learn to be like Demoness.

That thought, he just continued drinking and making a pleasant chat, enjoying the music thinking about that Access Denied band. He was determined not to try and do anything practical to advance demoness goals - just like she asked him ... let them come to you. Just be a high roller and eventually they offer their special stuff. Besides, for him it wasn’t so difficult to obey an order to have fun - in fact, he was partying before he left to the club.
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"Guess we both needed a hand, huh?  Appreciation recipro'ed, chummer.  Name's Arc.  Feel free to join us."
Stahl nodded once in a polite manner, responding. "Good to meet you, Arc."  Stahl wasn't entirely expecting that sort of street accent, though he was pleasantly surprised by the woman's attitude. Her use of a street name was also rather curious, though Stahl had other things to worry about. He decides against ordering any drink, instead chatting with and meeting the rest of the group at the table. His gaze lingered on Feathers for a few moments, his brows furrowing lightly. Where have I seen him before?

Hoi, you're not looking to score a free partay, are yeh?"

"I'm afraid not. I'm actually looking for a friend of mine."
Stahl's expression turned a bit more serious as he kept this information limited to Arc, though imagined it wouldn't be too hard to overhear. "Short, dark hair. Human. Sort of skinny. Green eyes, usually wearing a black suit with a green pin on it. I don't know how often you come here, but.." Stahl trails off, looking to Arc in a vain hope she'll know something about Reiner. Stahl had not yet caught any glimpse of his friend which was especially concerning since Reiner was usually the loudest and drunkest person at these kinds of places.

Stahl smiled towards Marco, nodding his head. "I really appreciate it. Good to meet you too." Stahl wasn't about to turn down a suit. He stuck out like a sore thumb in this place. Had he not entered with this group, he had no doubt in his mind he'd be asked to leave. Stahl accepted Yelena's hand, the accent she had throwing him off again. It seems he had severely misjudged this group. With a short sigh one thought slipped into his mind: She looks just like her. Quickly shaking the thought from his mind, Stahl did his best to look like he belonged there.
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Marco finally established eye contact with the blue deva shaped waitress. We’ll have four steaks, medium well. Please do not return until they are ready.. He watches the waitress leave and then takes another sip from his wine and say.  Good, their kitchen only has room for three steaks so it will take her some time to return. Keep your glass full and laugh when I laugh.

He poured some red wine into Stahl's glass. It is awesome wine from Portugal. Called port wine - 20% alcohol so be careful...  but by all means keep that glass of yours full and your face cheerful despite what I am about to say.  He laughs, his laughter is deep and loud - and it seems so genuine it makes you want to laugh as well.

Marco takes a sip of wine, and speaks his hands move as if he is excited - his tone of voice and his body language are as if he is talking about some very vulgar, very explicit sexual joke but the actual content of the words is entirely different.

You are in great danger Sthal. You are extremely lucky to have found your way into our table. Let me guess, your friend was a loud dude right? a party lover?... well here is the deal he is not the only one missing. He laughs... it takes him around 20 seconds to get his breath back. his laughter his so contagious, you feel the urge to laugh as well.

He continue, again there is no relation with the excitement he moves his hands in and his facial expression to his lips. At what day did he visit the club? I was here twice previously perhaps I have seen him. Don't ask no one here nothing tonight because you are in over your head. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to a friend of mine that may be willing to show you surveillance footage of the club so we can try to find your friend. You see... this club is not what it seems to be - and if you stick your head into the rabbit hole unprepared you might fall inside.   He laughs.

 If you managed to pay attention to both his words and the joke, you could actually understand both of them. As if his body language hand movements, facial expressions and pitch of voice were enough to tell the joke even without words.
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Arc gave a little sigh at Narco's comment, mentally firing him a text to avoid having to speak on the situation.

@Marco:  It wasn't serious last night.  I barely remember him.  Besides that, needs to be on my terms.

There was one key difference between how Arc feels at the Stardust than at the Pit: the Pit was familiar ground, streetpeeps of that which she grew up around.  She was comfortable there, and just having fun.  The fact she was also wasted up to here might have helped with that.  Here at the Stardust though, she was in a class unknown to her.  Nonetheless, she reminded herself she was supposed to be having fun, and picked up a shot glass of the rum, downing it with the others.  She held the dark liquor on her tongue for a moment, letting it burn While the amalgamation of flavors and notes danced on her taste buds: hint of cinnamon, fire, and ooh was that cocoa?  Gulping, she let out her breath in a small sigh. 

Listening to the stranger, now known as Stahl, the human gave a little nod as her stomach warmed to the booze.  "I don't.  First time here.  Believe it or not, I don't normally earn this kind of pay, haha.  Got lucky with some stuff, so to say.  I'll keep an eye out...ah". She noted Yelena had left to find a restroom, sitting back and furrowing a little, for a brief moment before she made her smile return.  She laughed and chatted for a bit, seeing the crowd ebb and flow around them, the music however muted filtering in.  Marco dropping the bomb was a surprise, but if living under a gang taught her one thing, if was to play along, and she laughed with him, her green cybereyes glancing at Stahl to confirm that Marco wasn't trying to pull a fast one.

"Thinking of hitting the floor in a bit...anyone care to join?  Feathers, I ain't gonna force you this time, I already owe ya for before..."
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Sure thing Arc, you do not have to ask me twice... Shell we? He look at feathers and Stahl   ... You guys are coming? On the way Marco texts Arc I know dear...was just teasing you a bit. You don’t need a date to stand up to him - just do it. The balance changed now you are the powerful one..
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@ Yelena  As you're leaving the restroom your stopped by a waitress. She looks at you and says, "Hi, I just wanted to say Thank You" for killing that thing. I saw you on the trid today or I wouldn't have recognized you, but my brother was in White Serenity and was one of the first people killed by Smiley.

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Stahl's expression hardens as Marco speaks. While he doesn't laugh along as Arc does, he offers a thin smile when the man is finished speaking, staring for a moment to assess the man's intentions. After a short breath, he takes a small sip of his freshly-poured wine. When Marco finishes laughing, Stahl answers simply, "I don't know specific days, only that this is his new favorite joint. Could have been anywhere between a month ago and yesterday." Stahl opted not to take the elf's closing comment, or any of the other information he revealed, as a veiled threat. There was certainly something odd about this group but Stahl didn't feel as though they were the danger relating to this place. He found himself intrigued by Marco's words, despite knowing he shouldn't get himself involved. He continued, nodding his head to Marco in an appreciative manner while spouting off a decent fake-laugh for any observers, "I think I would very much like to meet this friend of yours, Marco."

Stahl would remain silent for a moment after, pondering both Arc and Marco's words. He shakes his head lightly as Arc heads off to the dancefloor. "I'm more of a nice dinner and trid sort of guy. I'll stay." Stahl nods politely to Feathers before taking a few moments to sip from his wine glass, seemingly deep in thought.
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Marco descreetly text the following message to Demoness. 


I know we agreed that I don’t get to add my friends .

I know we agreed that I don’t just tell random strangers.

This stranger that Arc picked up had a story so insane that I decided to trust him and warn him before he get himsel 'missing' and our opertunity is lost.  Having an ally that is genuinely interested in someone can also shed more light on the entire situation. The opportunities I saw were too great to ignore so I decided to pick bold over careful.

P.S he came so under dressed that he obviously did not have an intelligent plan and was in over his head... I was genuinely afraid for his life.

I hope you won’t actually kill me this time - and please contact him ASAP if you think it is worth it - before we lose that opertunity. I warned him in a way that could also pass as a joke, so I am not sure how seriously he took my word. He did give me his com frequency tough.

I am going to dance a little - just in case this is the last opertunity to do so.

Idiot or Brilliant Marco
(depends on your perspective).

Attached Stahl's comlink frequency - please contact him.

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Yelena is genuinely glad to see someone that is apparently not on Marco's payroll.  "You welcome.  Many helped.  Yelena just one.  But you welcome.  What name?  Is Yelena."  She smiles and stays with the girl, exchanging small talk about the Barrens before shifting the topic.  "So what club like? Yelena not been in place like this before.  What can do?"
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With a nod, Arc smiled at Stahl before departing fro. the table with Marco.  She felt bad for Feathers, leaving him with Stahl without so much as a warning, but Marco was right: she had to get herself out there to try to get any info.  Luckily, it wasn't hard to pull up Stahl's link and rip the commcode, allowing the human to send a message, along with one to the currently missing Yelena.

@Stahl:  pulled your code.  Null sweat.  I'll keep an eye out for your friend.>>

@Yelena:  putting myself out there and hitting the dance floor w/Marco.  My date might be discretely aware drek is going on.  Best I act natural and do the Drek I did last night eh?  Everything okay, omae?"

And with that, she led the way to the dance floor.  Cosmic electric grooves were blasting through the Matrix, lights and some smoke filtering through the throng of swaying bodies.  Arc's dress kicked in its AR features, dazzling shooting stars and other astral effects leaping across the fabric as she started to Bob and sway, finding the rhythm.  The warmth of the run tickled her insides but nowhere near to the point of inebriation, a wide smile on the dolled up human's face as she mingled with the crowd.  She was seen.
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Yelena keeps talking to the waitress as she responds to Arc.  @Arc:  Yelena chat up waitress.  Ask her what can do in club.
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@ Yelena  The waitress looks at you and smiles, a bit relieved. "My name is Nova. I'm not even joking, it really is." She laughs,  "The club is great! You can do just about anything really. It's already set up for so much Matrix stuff that you can have/do/be just anybody. There are private rooms where you can do anything. Tammie or Regina make sure everyone is having fun."

@ Marco  You receive a comm from your daemoness >>I'll check him out.<<
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Marco takes Arc to dance the music today is latino style, and Arc quickly discovers that her partner is skilled in the art of salsa. He spin her, bend her and lead so well that she intuitively learn the moves... sort off. Marco does his best to make her feel special, feminine and smoking hot. He treats her as if she is the the only woman on the dance floor, and every time she get a move wrong he improvise something around it, to keep her from feeling awkward.  After a couple of songs the scenery changes, everything become red as mars.

Marco reluctantly tell Arc:  I am enjoying you so much but we better mingle a little bit. I am going to the Bar, feel free to share around some of the moves I showed you, and give me a buzz if you need anything. With your DNI it is the closest thing to telepathy. Great dress by the way... I love how you throw stars around where ever you go. 

Marco then leaves and sits at the Bar... So Bill - what’s going on around here? has anyone completed the space program challenge yet? he then orders another glass of his favorite port wine and signals one of the waitresses to fetch Arc some of her Rum. Thinking that she would probably need it to loosen up a bit.

attached: Salsa room music
My baby girl loves it ;)[/spoiler]
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Stahl shot a quick reply back to Arc, seemingly not bothered by the fact she managed to rip the comm code from his cheap comm-link. Either he was used to it or he just didn't mind, especially considering she said she'd keep an eye out for Reiner.

@Arc: Appreciate it. His name's Reiner in case you find anything. Break a leg out there.

Stahl opted to stay at the table with Feathers in silence. It seemed he had stumbled into something bigger than just a missing friend. The atmosphere in the club was ecstatic with the large amount of people dancing and drinking all around. Stahl scanned the crowd for a familiar face, though he didn't exactly have his hopes up. He nursed his drink for a short moment, thinking over what Marco had said. It was strange to relay that information to him, though Stahl supposed it was a good thing. He didn't exactly have any leads. Stahl sat in silence along with Feathers, idly pondering his situation.
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Yelena talks with Nova for a few minutes before the girl has to get back to work.  Smiling and moving her hips to the beat of the Latin music, she moves past a few of the rooms, not seeing much out of the ordinary.  Once back in the main room she sees Feathers and Stahl sitting at the table and goes that way.  She moves to stand in front of Stahl and smiles at him as she offers her hand.  "Yelena not good dancer but Stahl want try?"
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Stahl peers up to Yelena, in the middle of sipping his drink. He offers a brief smile before shrugging his shoulders and standing, taking the offered hand. "Why not. It's been awhile." He moves to follow Yelena onto the dance floor. Seemingly a bit uncomfortable in the large crowd, Stahl nevertheless loosens up, aiming to dance along casually with Yelena. He couldn't help but notice how similar she looked to Elyse - though the accent threw off the illusion thankfully. Stahl didn't want to dance with a dead woman. Considering the day's event, Stahl put in a solid effort to enjoy himself, even if for a couple of moments.
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To say Arc was swept away by the dance would be a mild understatement, the elf leading her through steps she didn't I ow her short body could do.  Sure, she stumbled a bit, especially with the small heels her boots sported, but it felt natural and flawless throughout.  It was definitely catching the crowd's attention, and just. like that Marco said his farewells for now.  "Thanks, chummer.  Take a pic, who knows if I'll wear it again."". With a. Grin, she let him leave as the music turned to a slower, more hypnotic tone with electronic themes. the crowd turning into a sea of conversation and motion.

The human joined in, no longer worried after getting the assurances and updates from her friends and partners here.  Even as a waitress came by with her drink, she picked it up without skipping a beat, holding and balancing the liquid carefully while sipping from it.  To the casual eye, she was simply a young adult having a good timea, wearing something much more valuable than her street mechanic reputation would suggest.
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The crowd was definitely having a good time and the waitresses were busy weaving in and out with drinks and party drugs. The heroes were approached by a number of people for handshakes and selfies. Several people bought them drinks and drugs, "A little something to celebrate with" they'd generally say. But only a few seemed to know who they really were. Most just seemed to have overheard, "I saw you on the trid today!" and just wanted to be part the crowd taking pics with the movie stars. The ARO's throughout the club constantly changed from one exciting venue to another, supernova, aliens, shooting stars, primordial pop and the list kept on and as the crowd grew more inebriated and hopped up the music kept driving them on. But, there must be a glitch in the computer program, because there was an area of static and darkness in the pattern. Oh wait, it's ok, management seems to be on it, several bouncers were with Tammie and the glitch moved off the floor and towards the private rooms and then disappeared.
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  "Thanks, chummer.  Take a pic, who knows if I'll wear it again."". With a.
Marco was not sure if she meant it literally, but since he really wanted a picture with her he asked a nice lady to take their picture with his comlink.

The way to the bar was long - he did not want to stop dancing it was in his blood. Luckily his timing was perfect and the song he picked was the last for this session. There was something about this night that was different - it was fun to just dance with Arc without the pressure to impress her - just honest fun.

He enjoyed it so much he had to stop himself, he kept reminding himself that it is just for one night, and after that she’ll return to be that tough mechanic girl from the Barrens. He’ll return to be a strange guy that enjoys giggling sometimes and is considered a freak in the Barrens.
But tonight was strange, he was a manly man, and she was a lady. Was that all just pretend? 
He did not listen very closely to Bill - Eventually, when he figured out whats really on his mind he smsed Arc.

Dear  Arc:

Would you like to do Salsa again sometime soon?
I know it is not metal but it will be a shame to let this nice dress of yours gather dust.


He then spotted Yelena and Sthal dancing - there was something funny to this picture. He wasn't sure why... until a moment later it hit him... I just ordered four steaks just for feathers... poor fellow.
He laughed.
SMS to the party:
Dear Arc, Yelena, Sthal - if you are hungry poor feathers is probably served four high quality steaks just about now... They are the real deal, not that crappy soy based replacements.

He then picked up guest at the bar, she looked a bit familiar but he could not place her. Hey... he said how about a dance? He used their common dance in order to get close to Tammie and her bouncers, perhaps overhearing a little bit about what they are talking about.
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After a few steps it was readily apparent that neither Yelena nor Stahl could really dance well.  She laughs and leans closer.  Yelena not very good.  Sorry.  What about just hold Yelena."  She puts her arms close around the male Keeb and moves in to plaster her form to his.  They dance with a rhythm all their own and she is a bit lost in the music and the closeness.  Someone in the crowd feels her butt through the dress and she does not seem to mind. It could be Stahl or some random stranger, but it feels good that someone wants to feel her up.  After two dances she lifts her head a bit and says, "So tell Yelena about you.  Where from and what do?"

After a few more dances and hopefully some words from her dance partner, she sighs, "Well, back to work, Stahl.  Thank for dance.  Yelena must mingle.  Maybe more later if want."  She moves closer to the edge of the dance floor so as to be more available.  She smiles at all the people who bring her drinks or other things.  The drinks she takes and conveniently puts on a small table to her side before returning to a conversation with someone.  She guides the person chatting her up to the next table over, conveniently forgetting her drink.  The drugs she slips into her clutch.

When she gets the message from Marco about the steak she can hear her stomach growling.  Laughing, she moves over to her table and sits with Feathers to enjoy a really good steak.  She has not had a real one in years and thoroughly enjoys the flavor.  She pours another shot of vodka, her second of the night, and slugs it down, placing the glass upside down on the table with the first one.  She asks the waitress for some iced water.
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Stahl smiled briefly as Yelena spoke, realizing that the pair of them were certainly rather poor at dancing compared to some of the other people on the dance floor. Stahl replied to Yelena sheepishly, waving a hand briefly. "Don't worry about it. I'm not much better." It seemed Stahl's dancing skills fit in better with the slower tempo and he doesn't object to Yelena moving in closer. The uncanny feeling Stahl got every time he looked at Yelena returned and his vision was plagued with thoughts from the past. He once again shook it off as Yelena spoke again. After a short pause, he replies evenly, keeping his answers short and sweet and perhaps purposely vague, "I'm from Germany. The capital, to be precise." Stahl pauses for a moment and a flicker of what could be doubt flashes across his face. "I suppose I don't do much of anything right now. Work's been hard to find." Stahl would end it at that, clearly uncomfortable about speaking on himself.

As Yelena gets back to work, Stahl says his goodbyes and eventually meets back up with the elf at the table, eyeing the steak hungrily. He couldn't remember the last time he had honest, cooked food. He sat, using any available silverware to eat the steak in a decidedly posh manner. He'd remain quiet for the most part, opting to listen in to the others talk. Stahl realized, with some amount of surprise, that he was actually enjoying himself. The entire event was rather spontaneous but this group seemed to be made up of good people. Soon after these thoughts Stahl was hit with a pang of guilt. After all, he'd come here to look for Reiner, not party. He continued eating, nevertheless, his expression dour and solemn despite the club's energy.
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Ambrose sighed as he didn't get a response from the kid. "Well.. Just think on it." he remarks, shaking his head as he stood, and moved off out of the bar. He was fortunate enough to get the maps of the place, and honestly could plot the bombs out with just those alone. It wouldn't have been hard, but in this job he's learned one thing. Undersell yourself more.

While the Yak knew his demolitions and pickpocketing, they weren't really brought into the knowledge of what else he could do. If it was about sixty years ago or so, he could be in some truck cooking meth with a dead beat druggy. Now the chemical compounds are different, a lot different. Somethings effect trolls, some effect awaken, somethings are digital drugs.

Moving around to a few shops here and there, he began a shopping list of gear he needed, wanted to have in order to properly do this. The first was the papers he needed to make the fake IDs, While he had some at his place, it was at his place. Besides that it was getting a little tinged from unuse, and he needed to make sure he had a fresh stock.

Then to the convenience store to pick up a few packs of cheap cigarettes, he wasn't of a smoker, actually quite the opposite, but one thing he found was just how usable one of these were if you pulled out a few and replaced with a small micro camera or Micro-microphone. Of course there was also removing the tabacco and putting a small fire cracker within then stuffing the tobacco back in. If done carefully enough,  none would be the wiser of the explosive within.

Along with the packs, he bought a few decent lighters. These were probably even better for hidden surveillance gear, as few people take them apart when they are emptied out.

He moved all over town so he could be there the next day, Collecting a few minicameras, minimics, things to hide them.

Along with that he finally got that update to his car's software, adding a rating 2 pilot program.

Returning home he begins to sit down and stare at his desk. What could he use for his story? While he pondered this he began taking apart the first lighter to install a microcamera into it.

Criminal Knowledge ( 8d6t5 1
Disguise the Lighter ( 10d6t5 3
Sprawl Life ( 6d6t5 2

Bought 4 packs of Cigarettes 5Y each 20Y
Bought  6 Lighters at 10Y Each, for 60Y
Bought 4 Micro Cameras at 100Y Each for 400Y
Bought 6 Micro Microphones at 100Y Each for 600Y
Bought rating 2 Auto Pilot at 500 per rating, for 1000Y

Total cost 2080Y

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Ambrose works for several hours, slowly, carefully, methodically. And when he's done the ordinary looking cigarettes are tools for his trade and each one will serve his needs.
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Marco goes back to the table, he looks happy and it is not the port wine. He sits and eagerly eats his steak… they are decent… definitely not exquisite tough, if Sam pays enough I’ll take you to a place with good meat. They'll do their work in enabling a night of drinking tough.

He looks distant for a short while and then speaks with great passion in his words.
This careful and in control thing does not work for us tonight…. we should indulge ourselves so we get offered their really cool attractions.  We need to be paitient -  I am going to start with the Apollo missions and I am going to drink the entire program- Or pass out trying to!
then I am going to dance like a devil and when my legs are tired I'll go to chill out in that hot tub on the roof… this my night plan. I think that it will be super effective, and we’ll have some fun in the process. I bet Arc can just record everything she sees and I can browse my memories when I am sober -  I can even help you remember if you let me.

After a short while he adds in a serious voice.

The people that see the true nature of this places are the ones that party the hardest, not the ones that carefully control how much they drink.  he orders the entire Appolo program in intervals of 5 minutes between drink to drink.  Be punctual. he tells the waitress, it appears that it is very important to him.

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Yelena stays close to Stahl as he talks, stroking his back with an arm.  She perks up a bit when he says he is from Germany.  "Deutschland?  Jelena wurde Deutschland.  Mehrere Städte, sind Kapital."  She pauses but his answers do not express much.  Sensing that Stahl is uncertain, she stops asking questions and puts her head back against his chest and lets the music take her away.  When she reluctantly breaks from Stahl to mingle she spends a few moments to check on Arc.  Her friend seems to be having a great time so she leaves her alone to begin mixing.

When Stahl joins them at the table, Yelena motions for him to dig into one of the steaks.  She notices his hesitation and the expression on his face.  "Stahl miss friend?  Yelena know how feel.  Hope you find." 

She smiles at Marco when he comes back to the table.  Laughing, she says, "Marco know fun.  Yelena not know how let loose.  Very uncomfortable  Marco say tub on roof?  That where Yelena go and maybe meet with other people there."  She picks up one of the bottles of vodka and several shot glasses and heads for the stairs to the rooftop garden and hot tub.  A sign at the top of the stairs warns the patrons that the pool is a bathing suit optional area.  The paved path leads through a decorative garden, complete with small trees and she follows it to a large open patio.  A full bar sits on one side, artfully blending into the vegetation and several chaise lounges circle the bubbling hot tub in the center of the expanse.  She gasps when she sees the size of the pool.  *Is like huge boiling pot.*  Yelena greets the three women and five men that are already in the tub.  There is a pile of large fluffy towels on a rack near the tub and Yelena goes to get one.  She places her bottle and glasses on the patio surface in reach of the tub then she strips the cheongsam off and slips into the bubbling water, not particularly caring if they notice her tattoos.  After all, they might be conversation starters.   She offers the others a drink as she pours herself a shot. 
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"Stahl miss friend?  Yelena know how feel.  Hope you find." 

"Danke. Viel Spaß." Stahl offered, somewhat still lost in his thoughts. Between meeting this new group and searching for Reiner, Stahl had a lot of thinking to do. He silently finished his steak, glancing around the club. Seems like I've enjoyed myself too much. Stahl shot a short glance around the less-populated parts of the club in an effort to maybe spot something odd. Not finding anything out of the unusual, Stahl realized he wasn't just going to get lucky and find out some random clue about his friend. With a somewhat crestfallen sigh he stood from the table, bidding anyone still there a good night, before moving to exit the club swiftly. On his way out, Stahl thought to himself, Looks like I'll just have to wait for Marco's friend. May as well ask around some more. Shortly after leaving the building, Stahl shot a short message to Arc.

>>@Arc: Heading out. Thanks for the help. Contact me if you find anything. Stop by my apartment sometime - I need to repay you for helping me get in. Bring whoever. No need for fancy dresses this time. After shooting Arc his address, Stahl began the long walk home. He wasn't too worried about handing his address out to the group. They seemed friendly enough and if they had information regarding Reiner he definitely had to make them his friends. It was getting rather late by this point. Stahl thought perhaps he might have stayed out a bit too late - Abigail wasn't going to be happy. With a short frown Stahl realized how old that made him sound. He was hardly in his twenties. For a brief moment Stahl longed to be back in Hannover. It hadn't even been that long since he left, and Stahl felt like he was a completely different person. He shook these thoughts off. Stahl debated stopping to pick something up for the babysitter, instead deciding to head straight back. He stuffed his hands into his coat as he swiftly walked down the darkening sidewalk.
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Sat @ 03:00
@ Arc  The music is infectious and you're having a good time despite you're earlier misgivings. The number of guys wanting to dance with you is very large, and you're earlier clumsiness is soon swept away. You eventually find yourself at the bar cuddled up against a very good looking human who signals one of the bartenders, an orc, to bring you a fresh drink. "I know a great little place we can go to after this. Someplace quieter, where we can enjoy each others company a bit more." His smile is warm and engaging and he gazes up and down your figure appreciatively. The orc glances at you and says, "I'm glad to meet Arc." and in Or'Zet, "Joyboy is branching out." with a look towards your 'admirer'.

@ Yelena  The party on the roof admires your figure and accepts the drinks. And once you're in you can see that bathing suits would be unexpected in here. They're friendly and one of them passes you some Bliss. "It doesn't go as well with Vodka as it does the Twin Sun Twilight but it'll still help your enjoyment. And I would definitely enjoy getting to know your tats a lot better." He grins at you lasciviously. A woman smiles at you all, "Although nothing beats the Starlight. Once you guys get over playing with the usual offerings and spend enough money the club will offer you their special." she says with the air of someone tantalizing you to sin. He responds, "I'm sure we'll all get around to it. Places like this make their money y keeping you coming. So they've always got to offer something new. But noting beats having someone new. RIght?" He says reaching an arm around Yelena and pulling her into him. The water is the perfect temperature as is his skin and his hand roves suggestively, teasingly, as his lips stroke her neck.

@ Marco  You're in demand tonight as the women and a few men via for your attention. It's not hard to keep the drinks coming as someone is always willing to pay for them in order to dance with you, and one good looking keeb leans in after a dance. "I've got a private room. You can enjoy a far larger variety of the pleasures this club has to offer back there with me. Very nice moves by the way." his voice drops a notch and his arm slides around your back with a subtle pressure pulling you towards him.

@ Stahl  The air is cold, and it's no time of night to be walking in The Barrens. Stahl decides he'd better get a taxi and one of the bouncers hails on for him. On the ride home he receives a comm, >>You're persona non-grata in your own country. But it remains to be seen if that makes you a hindrance or an asset to me. I am willing to show you the few photos I have of the missing to see if one of them is your friend and then we can discuss the possibility of you joining my crew. Meet me at The Skeleton at 09:00.Sam<<
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After what seemed to be her second drink, Arc was definitely much more relaxed on the dance floor, her lack of knowledge of how to dance giving way to a natural moving of the body.  Ever she kept her eyes recording, in case there was something she missed that she may have so much as glanced at, for looking through later.  She picked up Yelena's trick about how to handle three drinks, though from all the offerings, she could have easiliy imbibed a full drink's worth or more.

Reading the messages from Marco, her smile seemed to falter a bit, but only for a brief moment.  Marco, what are you up to...  Stahl's seemed a bit less suggestive, which helped her relax a bit more as she finished her glass of rum, mentally sending her replies.

<<I'll think about that offer.  Stahl can have my steak.  Think I'm getting somewhere.  Saw Tammie take a glitch somewhere, but couldn't follow.  Drones won't do drek with this much noise.

<<Null sweat, chummer.  I might take you up on that.  Be safe

It wasn't long after that into the late hours of the night that Arc found herself at the bar next to the man...who the bartender identified as Joyboy.  The human couldn't help but feel pleasantly surprised by the fact that only a few weeks ago, staying up this late would have  resulted in pain where her eye implants would begin burning from extended use.  That is gone, and now she is having a wild night as part of a job.  As the ork tender handed her a new drink, a dark whiskey neat in a glass, the little human responded back in Or'Zet.  "Joyboy, huh?  The frag you mean branching out?  Thanks for the drink, Ancestor's blessings."  Tilting her head, she sipped the strong whiskey as she turned to the human, a smirk on her face.  She was feeling the warm glow of the alcohol by now, getting a bit giggly.

"Picked up the language growing up.  You wouldn't be the first to think it odd, hahaha"  She took another pull, leaning up against the man before glancing up at him.  "..Quieter, huh?  I think I can be a bit more amenible to ain't gonna whisk me away to some bunraku drek, right?  I'll break ya for that.." She winked, laughing and patting his chest, nodding her head.  "Aight...lead the way.."  Recalling through her buzz that private rooms could easily be where stuff is going on they might be interested in.  She sent a message to Yelena as a safety measure.

<<Some gentleman Joyboy is taking me someplace private.  Seems innocent enough...for this place @ least.  Little nervous, but hoping I learn drek.  Will call if need help? :)
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@ Arc The bartender replies, "Ancestor's Blessings" and in Or'Zet, "Grifter, smart enough to know his face won't last forever."
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Finally finished with his work, and satisfied he can pick up a rather lot of info, he spends the night at home so he could be able to be rested the next day. Thoughts buzz through his head as he sleeps, plans for the new day.

Waking up, he eighed, looking at the ceiling. Another day, another dollar. Well, the job wasn't going to get finished with him staying here. Sitting up he began to stretch the fatigue ouf of his body, joints popping as moved. Everything creaked, popped and crackled on the old man.

The place probably did have metal scanners at the door. What place wouldn't? Especially one that looked rather fancy like this. Slipping into clean clothing, he began putting on his suit again, the heavy coat over his shoulders. It was great he lived up here in Seattle where it was quite a bit cooler than some place like Arizona where wearing this heavy coat would be.. heavy.

A few hours to go for the reservation he had, He was very much a preparer. He didn't like going into situations without having backup plans, but now that he was by himself, unless the fashion accessory finally got back to him on things, He was going to have to go in without one. If nothing else, he spent the time before, looking at the maps that he did get for the bomb placements, and what kind of bombs would be needed. He did however go just slightly over the amount actually needed. Not too much in case the Yak did it themselves, but enough he could pocket a bit of boom. The club however was a little different from his normal targets, too many people in a small space.

Now was the time, at long last, to enter into the club. HE didn't bring any weapons with him, at least none that could be counted as one. His cigarettes, lighters and normal outfits.

He looked around, trying to find what he'd need to do for his job, Thats right, there is a party here for some local monster hunters or something. It probably wasn't anywhere near as bad as the media said, they do like to embellish things. HE didn't want to spend any nuyen, but he knew the importance of course to look like he wasn't just there for a job. He examined his reservation a few times to see if it allowed for any sort of "business expenses" he could do.

[spoiler] Perception ( 10d6t5 4 [/spoiler]
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Post by: ismilealot on <03-28-15/1411:39>
@ Ambrose  You receive a comm message just as you're leaving for the club. >>Blackhat will not be joining you. He had some most unfortunate friendships. Kato<< The credstick that's was delivered to you this morning is good for 300 nuyen. Ok for two, not generous but enough for drinks and tips. But, very generous for Ambrose with Blackhat out of the picture.

When you get to the club the AR display is in it's Jupiter Ascending phase. Spectacular, and the music is rising in tempo. Ambrose is a bit out of place with this young crowd, especially since he's not displaying any AR enhancements at the moment,
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@ Arc The bartender replies, "Ancestor's Blessings" and in Or'Zet, "Grifter, smart enough to know his face won't last forever."

"Ayup, definitely not his usual then.  Ah well, thanks for the tip.  Here's one of my own"  A quick mental command authorized a deposit of 60 nuyen to the tender in appreciation of the warning.
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Post by: Mercy Merchant on <03-28-15/1459:05>
Yelena accepts the little capsule and looks at it, knowing what will happen if she breaks it and inhales the forbidden pleasures hidden inside.  It has been years since she was this close to her drug of choice.  Well, this and kamikaze.  She recalled different highs and different thrills.  The kamikaze had made her feel invincible and the bliss had been her means of escape.  She had never even realized she was addicted, much less how addicted she was.  It did not take long for her to be so very reliant on the drugs that she would do anything to get them.  Sex and killing were the common coin in prison and she was very proficient at using both to get her fixes. 

In the partial second it took for her to relive this, she felt herself sliding back into the pit it had taken twenty years to crawl out of.  The capsule in her hand proved to be too much.  Breaking it open under her nose, she allowed the heady, wonderful stuff to enter her body, suffusing to every part of her sensory group.  Smiling she looks at the man who had given her the drug, "Thank much.  Yelena like much.  And may tell of tattoos, but might not like what hear."  She also smiles at the woman,  "And what this special?  You have?"  Her look promises a tantalizing sin of its own, if the woman wants to accept the offer.

She is amused by Arc's message.  <Arc.  Yelena.  Not likely innocent this place.  Go with eyes open.  Have fun.  Call if need and Yelena be there.  Friend always.>

Yelena does nothing to resist the man as he pulls her to him.  She momentarily closes her eyes as his fingers roam across her body.  She opens them as he kisses her neck and, looking at the friendly woman, motions with an arm for her to join them.  She will let herself completely feel the moment and all the joy it can bring.  Her body leaps at the remembered joys of the drug coursing through her.  So long, so very long between hits and yet everything is remembered as if her last capsule was just hours ago.
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Having sort of wrote the book about temptation, Marco would never make it easy. He thinks that it does not matter how good you look - the best way to kill a desire is to completely satisfy it. Give them what they want and they are yours for a day, leave them begging for more and they are yours forever.

Marco gives a blank look to his partner, in just the right time he charges him and gives him a hot, sensual and passionate deep french kiss. I am sorry sweetie, there is really nothing you could possibly offer me. I like your smell and I would totally devour you some other night. I have experienced all vices in existence... I got bored with most of them. Either you shake that sweet body of yours, or stop wasting my time.

He continue dancing, giving in to the music and having fun. He does not wait to see what that keeb will do.
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Ambrose moved towards the bar, sitting down, where he pulled out his first lighter and a pack of cigarettes. He had everything running on silent, sans his com-link and SIN, if this place was one of those types of places where you needed to broad cast that.

"Rum and cola, well drink." he ordered. He wasn't about to spend much of that credstick, not yet. He didn't even know how much it might cost him to get the drug in the first place, but to keep up appearances he needed to at least get a drink. Watching from the bar, he begins scanning the crowed to see just who look like the kind for needing something stronger or different than normal street drugs.

[spoiler]Perception ( 10d6t5 6[/spoiler]
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@ Ambrose  The bartender brings you your drink and sizes you up to see what kind of service to give you. And then just gives you a non-committal, "There you go chummer." You sip it and it's a good quality rum at least. As you scan the crowd it's quickly obvious that it's not a matter of who's likely to take the drugs. It's a matter of how much & what kind. Thinking back to the conversation with Kato yesterday you remember him saying Nakagawa had a history of use with party drugs and they weren't a problem. So you know your not looking for the usual offering. As you look around you see a small party of 5 that seems to be getting a lot of attention. Ah, those must be the heroes. As you sip and study the crowd over the next hour it becomes obvious that there is nothing offered on the floor by the waitresses that's out of the ordinary. But, that is definitely not true of the private tables. if you're going to lift the drug you'll need an in, Assuming you can spot which one is THE one.

@ Marco  Immediately when you turn a girl moves in to dance with you. But the keeb won't be shaken off just quite so easily and he's back for the next dance,
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Seeing that keeb again... he is relentless Marco thinks. Yet - a private room and just having sex is too casual... I am having fun and getting tons of attention. It is way better than sex. After all -  this night is my night off...

Marco smiles at that keeb. Name is Black... and you?. He will not let the chat go past names. Not yet. He dances and enjoy the keeb and the music.
After the song is over, Marco will stick with the keeb if he does not try to speak to him. (otherwise he turns for new parthner).
After a couple of more songs:
"So...  why should I go with you to that place?"

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Stahl exited the cab in front of his dingy apartment. He noticed the light in his front window was still on and he took this to mean Abigail was still there. Stahl was thankful, though he imagined he was about to receive a stern lecture. After turning the key into the rather shoddy lock, Stahl entered his apartment quietly. He glanced around slowly, looking for Abigail and Heidi. The apartment was quiet and Stahl took this as a sign the sitter had managed to get the kid to bed. The soft rattle of what Stahl assumed to be silverware echoed from the kitchen and Stahl wasted no time in making his way over there. Abigail stood in the middle of the kitchen, organizing and re-arranging the variety of old plates and silverware Stahl had collected. She didn't look any worse for wear and Stahl hoped Heidi didn't give the older woman such a hard time. He took a short moment to glance down into the crib and was pleased to see the child passed out in a comfortable position. Abigail really was good with kids.

"Keep it down. She's tired. Your kitchen is atrocious." Abigail chided him, waving a fork in the elf's direction.

"Sorry I'm late. Met with a few people about work and it ran on later than I thought it would." Stahl offered a genuine apologetic look, moving about to pack up most of Abigail's things for her. Abigail moved to help, collecting most of the assorted child-goods and blankets among other things. She spoke, sounding tired. "You're fine, you're fine. Making me stay up this late. An old lady like me." Stahl began to apologize again but the older woman cut him off,  "Oh, I won't be available in a couple of days. Need to travel and meet my good-for-nothing sister. I'm sure you'll find a replacement for a day or two. Anyway - have a good night." Abigail turns to the sleeping Heidi, baby-talking quietly, "You have a good night too, dearie." She laughs quietly to herself, aiming to leave after waving over her shoulder to Stahl.

Stahl closes the door quietly behind the woman, ensuring the lock is set before he takes a moment to unwind from the day's events. While he didn't exactly find Reiner, he was closer than he was yesterday. He had a good feeling about this group of people. What he assumed to be a group of ritzy celebrities turned out to be something else entirely. Moving to his small room, Stahl removes his weapons from his jacket and places them on the small table in the front of his bed. Sitting on the edge, he proceeds to disassemble his Predator and secure the strap on his knife sheath. He then places them on his nightstand, well within reach. A habit Maxwell made sure to enforce into him since day one.

Falling backwards onto the (admittedly not comfortable) bed, Stahl stared up at the roof and reached a hand over into one of the nightstand's drawers, setting his alarm an hour earlier while he was at it. He booted up a small PDA, fingers tapping on the interface idly. A picture of six men popped up. The group appeared to be posing with a variety of firearms in front of a few ruined buildings. The dark room was illuminated by the glow of the PDA and soon Stahl switched to another picture of a light-haired elf woman. Stahl stared for a couple of minutes before the PDA flicked off, coating the room in darkness.

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Yelena sits back against the edge of the hot tub, basking in the heat of the water and the aftermath of the sensual experience with her two companions.  All three were panting heavily, with the man practically comatose in exhaustion.  The woman is still snuggling, stroking Yelena's side.  In the euphoria of the Bliss that still rushes through her body, Yelena does not even care that her antics, as well as the whole of her body, had been on clear display for the other people in the large tub.  The woman next to her had told her that her name was Bella.  Whether or not that was her real name is unimportant.  What is important is that she seems to have knowledge of special house drugs.  Yelena leans over to kiss the woman again and whispers, "Again?"
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Ambrose sighed, as he contemplated his options. He wasn't really one who could flow into a crowd and infiltrate into groups. His tongue while not lead, was far from silver, beyond that he didn't know anyone here, and was quite outside his game. In the old days you could flash a stack of cash, and those with things to sell would come to you. Just how were kids doing it these days? There doesn't seem to be anyone here selling the drug, certainly not the waitress. But no one else either for that matter. Except maybe these.. heroes.

He groaned a little, That is what he could have done, he could have been a reporter for the Daily Occult, that would have been probably one of the better ways of going about this. Getting up he began to move towards the group, pulling out an AR pad and pencil.

"Greetings, I hear you're the heroes who brought down the monster. I'm Hastur of the Daily Occult, and I've been doing a piece on magical monstrosities, and would like your input on it."

Well.. That was weak. But it was a start at least.
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Feathers looked up, a bit pleased and embarrassed at all the notoriety he was suddenly getting. He stands and shakes 'Hastur's' hand. "Pleased to meet you. Mike Turnstall, I was part of the group that took down the creature that the called 'The Smiley Face Killer' I even wrote an article for The Daily Occult once, although that was years ago. What do you want to know?" He smiles and talks to Ambrose at length about the experience answering the questions Ambrose is able to think up. Sitting at the table Ambrose is able to see the 'VIP treatment' up close as he's included in the drinks and attentive treatment. While he's conducting the interview several people stop to get pictures taken with 'Feathers'. Ambrose is grateful for the interruptions as it usually gives him time to have a much better look around. The waitress is very amenable to getting Ambrose whatever he wants.
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Ambrose blinks, well that isn't good is it? Someone who knows of the Daily Occult. While Ambrose knows a bit of the occult, its a very limited field of study for him, well, will just have to try to pull things from those movies he watched long ago. Of course his Mike fella is probably old enough to know about that himself as well.

"Well, does anyone know what it was?"  he asks, stalling for time as he begins to look around.

Perception ( 10d6t5 3
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The party drugs offered here are slightly different than what's offered to the majority of the guests. The packaging is certainly better anyway. And if watching another table is any indication most of them involve several steps and several drugs. The Daily Occult ruse is at least getting him closer to his goal.
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As Marco was dancing his thoughts raced... on the one hand he really wanted to go to that private room but on the other hand he did not want to be randomly picked, used and tossed away.  He therefore decided that while he will do his best to seduce the mystery Keeb, he is going to stay on the dance floor. He’ll use all his charm in order to get a date before they go together to party at some private room later this week.

He then tought about the past... He remembered now an alternate reality where a reporter appeared as they were having their steaks. The reporter did not let Feathers eat and kept asking questions. When Marco got Arc’s text - he quickly offered her steak to the reporter. saying It is made from a real cow you should try it.

After a delicious steak Marco tried to chat up the reporter: You are a bit of a night person aren’t you... do you happen to mix pleasures with work? They got this great series of drinks called the Apollo space program, care to drink with me?

[spoiler]Marco tried to remember what that reporter answered. Although it happened in the past it felt as if it did not yet happen. He hoped that chasing this memory will not lead him to a conclusion that he is in fact his own grandpa. [/spoiler]
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Ambrose blinked, his eyes moving to the steak pushed over to him, this put him into a state of quandary, trying to think if he should.. or if he shouldn't eat the steak brought before him. Would it be rude to eat it? Or not to eat it? It had been a while since he did something like this.. and seems that possibly... something. Something wasn't right.

Someone is loaded..He hadn't had real cow since.. well long before he could even remember. But now one was before him in edible form.. "Ah, thank you very much." he remarks with a nod, deciding to accept the steak. Later as the question is asked,  "I might possibly be interested in drinking with such fine heroes as yourselves. Not every day do you mean monster slayers." 
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It didn't take a keen observer to deduce that Arc was feeling pretty awesome by this point of the night, laughing and grinning in her social interactions leading up to her invitation to a private room from Joyboy.  Her apprehensions of how people would treat her were gone with her judgment, leaving her to be able to enjoy the night like any young person her age.  Fear, lack of confidence and such were but a distant haze.  Without a thought, the girl spent her time between thoughts to fire off random messages, sharing how she was feeling.

@ Yelena:  hells to the yeah, omae!  Man, I dunno what we was thinking, these Corp flunkies are TIGHt!!  Don't get j to too much teiuvbf.  Pace.

@Marco:  Yknow what?  Frag it ill take you up in that dance man.  Why the he'll not I like how it looks.  And why shouldn't I have a good time hm?  Just no funny vixnaz aight?

@Feathers:  just wanna say man.  You aight. I sees a street kid in teh heart and you cool.  Don't stop bein awesome ya heard?

@Stahl:  Ah FRAAAAG man, I was supposed ta ask if you wanted a ride or not.  It's cold out there homie and I could slender my ride.  Whups.  Don't fresze!

[Spoiler]any typos in the messages were intentional.  Enjoy :)[/spoiler]
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The night had been a bit weird for Feathers, shit music and loud bars seemed to be becoming a bit of a regular occurrence since they'd finished the beast off, but he'd be lying if he said he felt comfortable in this environment and with this many eyes on him. He felt like he fitted in more than ever now that his last paycheck had allowed him to upgrade his wardrobe somewhat, but his grey hair and wrinkled face shone through relentlessly, even if he did have a close shave and haircut recently.
Ambrose was good to talk to, appearing interested in Feathers' nostalgia and recollection of happier years and once again, he found himself really enjoying everyone's company.
Well, everyone but the persistent reporter. He seemed genuine but all Feathers wanted to do was eat the damn steak, have a glass of wine and puff on his deepweed-loaded pipe, but it was a tirade of question after question.
Eventually Marco saved his skin, a gracious assist shut the reporter up long enough for Feathers to make his excuses and nip to the gents, stopping on the way back at the bar to grab a glass of white wine and stoke his pipe with a dose of deepweed. He'd not seen anyone else using but there were enough pill-heads dancing around like idiots that he couldn't see it being a problem.
He pushed through the busy crowd and returned to the table, nodding in thanks to Marco as the reporter turned his attention to the others.
Arc seemed pretty vacant as the night wore on, clearly over-enjoying herself somewhat. He kept an eye on her, not wanting her to come to any harm at the hands of the scumbags that waited for pristine opportunities like she would be seen as in her current state.
//::Smiley face:: Ha, You couldn't be further from the truth. Feel like a fish out of water here but thanks for the "big-up" yo! ::Smiley face:://
He didn't have a clue what the "street kid" response should be to that so he just made a daft joke of it, smiling at her and finishing the last of the wine.
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@ Ambrose  The steaks gave Ambrose an excuse to wrap up the 'interview'. He'd long ago run out of questions from the trids and had just been asking 'Feathers' to clarify this statement or that statement and his opinion on that theory now that he'd faced the beast. Tucking into the steak made him glad he'd come. Wow was it amazing. The beef was almost melting in his mouth and the au jous had been infused with a port that complimented it perfectly. He didn't know who'd flavored the Moroccan Quinoa and smoked vegetables but he could almost die happy right here at the table. But all good things come to an end, and his came close to the end of dinner when a distinctly Asian face was giving him a long look from a few tables down. It was an abrupt reminder that the Yak have an extremely long reach and he definitely could not afford to botch this job. They'd probably had already killed Blackhat and he couldn't afford to be expendable or he might find himself counted as a 'loose end' in that business even they were the ones that had paired the two of them in the first place. He'd seen enough to know that VIP tables got every wish handed to them, maybe that was the way to go.
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Post by: gilga on <03-31-15/0752:22>

Marco and Ambrose, started drinking and making casual conversation.
After a couple of drinks when both were slightly light headed Marco told the reporter: "Honestly, man you are not that good of a reporter…" he then laughed and added "but I like you nevertheless" …

 shortly after and a couple of more drinks later. Marco said:
"by the way, I think that Asian dude is interested in us… he seems to avoid eye contact but keeps looking to our direction.  He creeps me out so I am going to dance a little bit to preserve that buzz I have."
He left the table and went to the dance floor.
.... back to the present:

Marco texts Arc:
Dear Arc,

I promise I will do no ‘funny vixnaz’ if I do it - tell me and I’ll stop. by the way, what exactly did I just promised? You seem happy! I bet you’ll have tons of fun tonight.
It will be nice to have a partner I can be honest with.

Yours truly,
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Ambrose groaned slightly, as the Asian was pointed out. Really? he thought to himself.  This local group must be completely inept. Honestly, if you're going to send men here to watch me, you could have sent men here to do your own bloody work.

The Asian might not even at all be anyway connected with the Yaks, but Ambrose wasn't going to take that chance in his way of thinking. Or rather, he was rather willing to believe the group was rather inept to begin with. Then a single thought came to him. They're going to kill me. it was a simple, solitary thought, but it was the realization he came to. After he got the drug, they were going to kill him. And why shouldn't they? He wasn't going to be valuable to them after he finished the job after all. In fact he might be detrimental to them, as he would be freed to be hired as a mechanic for hire by any other gang. There was only one solution to the issue, and that would be to become valuable alive, long enough for him to come up with the plan to kill them all.

But how to kill them? That was an issue of course. Bombs would be traceable back to him. Perhaps drugs? If he could get his hands on a system that would allow him to aerosol a drug, he could possibly set up something that would induce a psychosomatic episode within the yaks, driving them to the state of paranoia that would cause them to destroy themselves. 

Excuse me miss, but do you have anything real good? I've got dosh to pay for it myself. he'd ask the waitress when she was near.
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@ Ambrose  The waitress smiles at you, "Of course sir. We have everything available. What kind of a high are you looking for?"
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"Well, two rounds of the house special. I've heard good things for it.. Could you give one of them to that cute looking asian fellow over there? I want something that would blow his brains out its so good." The old man responds, before handing her a lighter, being rather careful to not let the possible Yak see. "Here, and let him use my lighter, I've got my number on it so he could call me for a good time if he likes the buzz. Can you hook a lonely old man up?"
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@ Ambrose  She smiles, "We've got a good variety of house specials. We have an alchemist whose a genius."  "And it sounds like your wanting our 'Very Private Pleasure'."She winks at you conspiratorially, "If that doesn't get him to call you, then he's a dud in the sack."

She moves away then and comes back with two missile shaped containers each about the size of your thumb. She says, "It comes apart in 3 places, the first stage is a cream you rub in, the second stage you hold on your tongue and the third stage is lit and inhaled as you're letting stage two dissolve. It's just that simple, and you won't need any other tip, trick or toy, it is just that good. Your cred stick's already been charged so that you and your future partner can just enjoy." She hands one to you and then moves off to the Asian fellow. You see her pause and explain the drug to him.
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"You're a wonderful lady, fabulous. Give my compliments to the chef." He held the rocket in his hand for a bit.. Then with flick it was gone, Just in case that guy wasn't a Yak, it was important to have a back up. Rather pleased with himself at the moment he turned to feathers. "Thanks for the meal and letting me use your table for the moment Chummer. Be on the look out for for Yaks."

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@ Ambrose  You do learn the name of several of the "house specials" but you can't be sure any of them are what you're after.

@ Yelena  The woman smiles at you and kissing you deeply pops open another Bliss between the two of you so that you can both inhale. The drug rockets through your body, still high from the first hit. The surge makes the pleasure so intense between the two of you that for a very long time the pleasure between you all is the only thing that matters. Yelena knows somewhere in her mind that she is shared by all of them, just as she shares all of them, it's been far to long since the pleasure was this good, this intense.

@ Arc  The human, whose name you learn is Bob, ushers you into the private room, and proceeds to lavish you with attention. He appears to be fascinated by your descriptions of engines and the different difficult repairs that you've done. And as little bit by little bit, your hard childhood comes up, he orders champagne saying, "You deserve only the finest things. The things you should have had all along. You're beautiful Arc, inside and out, and only a fool would fail to see that. I know I've never felt like this about anyone before." He kisses you then, and keeps kissing you, slowly beginning to explore as he listens to you, and your bodies response.

@ Marco  The keeb whose been dancing with you promises you more pleasures, "Everything this club has to offer is available to me. And it could be available to you." he says, stroking you suggestively. "And as pleasurable as your company is, the pleasures I can have in there are so much more. Perhaps another time you can join us." He says, and then smiles and moves off to a group of three young male elves that you now see have approached you both from behind you. They grin at you, eyeing you appreciatively, and then move off to the private room.

@ Stahl  You finally get some sleep after some tossing and turning wondering about this contact that you're supposed to meet in the morning. And thankfully your small charge sleeps too. She still doesn't sleep all the way through the night regularly, and when she does she wakes up early. Stahl doesn't get much sleep, but it's more than a lot of nights. And at least he'll get a chance to get her fed and dressed before he has to go.

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Ambrose sighed. This place had too many house specials, Far too many of them. If nothing else he learned that the one he got was only one in a plethora of specials.. but more so, he learned something else. An Alchemist was responsible for these drugs. Really? Who uses alchemists to make drugs? A flick of his hand again and the little rocket appeared in it.

Now it was possible he learned if Feathers was a mage or not, and if he did.. "Look, I'll be frank with you. I'm not a reporter.. I'm investigating a particular drug that this place has to offer.. as it does some very bad things." Well, not a total lie at all.Actually pretty spot on with the truth. "Is this thing awakened?" he asks holding up the rocket. of drugs.
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Marco replied: "So there is nothing you can offer me tonight - you are full of words and may have access to some exquisite things and a fancy private room - but you still know nothing about *real* pleasures. Still no hard feelings..." he holds his hand for a brief moment... closes his eyes and takes a big breath. It seems as if Marco is trying to memorize his skin pattern and smell.

When he opens his eyes he say... "Some other time". He then nods at the three elves and say: "Have fun tonight, thanks for the dances". He grins, he is confident and proud of himself.

he turnes away and goes to the Bar thinking to himself.

Not even a name? I do not swinging that way, not even for Demoness. I will have to find some other way to get her drug sample. I am paying the consequences for raw, uncontrolled desire every single day of my life, I am not going to that dark and miserable place ever again.  Yet, I may still be ahead because these ‘have it all’ rich people always desire what they can’t have.

Marco then orders a glass of water at the Bar and asks Bill:  ”What is the story of these creepy elfs?... they act like they own this place”.
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Yelena feels the power of the drug that flows through her.  The largest part of her revels in the pleasure and the intensity the drug allows her to experience and she wonders why she ever left it.  The smaller part of her knows exactly why she left it and hates herself for falling back into the clutches of the drug.  In prison, Bliss was called Blue Tsarina because the small capsules were blue in color and the feeling they provided made one feel like they owned the world.  At this point she recognizes she is in trouble but does not care; no, more than that; she wants more of it.  She wants to feel everything the drug offers.  She lets herself fully succumb to the demands of the drug, to the sensual pleasures of living, to the desires of the men and the woman sharing the tub and the joyful exhilaration of arousal and satisfaction. 

But even still, enough of Yelena remains herself.  The drug does not make you forget who you are, it just helps you forget your troubles and heightens your pleasures.  At some moment she finds herself once again embracing the woman who had said her name was Bella.  Enjoying what the man behind her is doing, she does her very best to pleasure the woman in front of her.  She looks into her eyes and whispers, "Yelena and Bella good together.  You good friend to share Blue Tsarina, share Bliss with Yelena.  Earlier said Starlight is best?  How Yelena get?  Have money if need pay extra."
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A sober Arc would have been repulsed by the idea of a kiss.  A sober Arc would have flinched in response to being touchedm. Luckily for "Bob", Arc was not sober.  In her eager attempt to impress those experienced in the work of Running, the young human had overestimated her ability to hold her liquor, and as such was responding well to the touches and attention the man was giving her.  Drinking the champagne, she laughed and arched her back a bit, pushing him a little to get his attention.  Her speech slurred a little, but was still pretty clear, the girl using her hands to gesticulate her point.

"Hold up a minute.  I gotta..I gotta be real wit ya...sshsh... I gots ta say this drek.  A week ago? Shoulda died.  Bam.  End of story.  Made me...Made me realize that I dunno how long I gots left before I goes and dies.  So I promise to me I promise to you...I wanna live like no tomorrow.  You used to this kinda life, Bob.  How can a girl like me.make the most outta tonight hm?"  she giggled, falling into his embrace once again, only part of her mind screaming at her for carelessness.
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The deepweed had kicked in and feathers slipped loosely into astral sight, enjoying the vapid blur of emotion and life around him. The emotions of the table ebbed and flowed between drug induced bliss and sharp concern and feathers had to focus hard when mention of a yakuza overwatch came up in conversation.
He glanced nervously as the yak's aura before taking the drug off ambrose and studying it carefully
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@ Marco  Bill looks at you and says, "I'd have thought you'd be interested. That's Cinan Mistishsa, his mum is the second heir of one of the Ele Arandur in the Tir. Cinan is supposed to be studying for his boards. He's to start with a firm here." Bill looks at you, "But I doubt he's met a vice he didn't like. He and his biddies are here most nights"

@ Yelena  Bella's head is thrown back, her body arched against you, her hands exploring and pleasuring, even as she's being explored and pleasured. She moans and shudders with climax and goes limp against the guy behind her, held up more by the two of you than by her own power. She smiles, and then gently strokes your skin. "The house will offer it to you when you've been here enough. They're cagey with it, saving it to help bring people back." She opens her eyes then and smiles at you, "Trust me, it's worth coming back for. And there are enough pleasures to enjoy in the meantime." Her hand caresses you, even as her hips shift against the man behind her.

@ Arc  Bob smiles again, "I love your attitude Arc. You're not hiding from anything. You're absolutely right, we should enjoy every moment. Grab life with both hands and wake up every moment determined to do it again. We should have everything we want."  He moves then against you. And every touch, every kiss brings such an intensity of pleasure, it's as good as any drug. When you wake up in the morning it's to find that you've charged a number of things to your name in this room. You very vaguely remember telling Bob you wanted him to have the world, and authorizing the purchases. It takes awhile to find your dress, there's no finding your undies. But, at least you won't have to comm anyone for clothes.

@ Feathers  The Asian guys aura is dark, dangerous, and bound. But more fascinating is the little rocket in your hand. It does indeed bear the unique signature of magic. It's really quite a fascinating study. As you delve into the nature of the magic it bears the unique signature of a very sensual ensnarement. And unless you're mother is a pygmy goat, it's design is to both enhance the drugs effectiveness and addiction potential. You're impressed, this is a very difficult bit of magic. But why? The cost and skill to do this isn't warranted for this drug. So, the question remains, Why? And as you study it further, you see a more subtle magic infused, it's an enhancement alright, but, it's designed to enhance the users strength and endurance. This is the type of magic forbidden in professional sports. And there are so many guards, wards, and mages assigned to assense for it that it's generally not used there. So why is it here? In this little rocket of a pleasure drug?

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The following morning led to Arc waking up, and from the looks of it waking up alone in the private room.  Her eyes fluttered as she groaned, trying to check the time as she booted up her vision.  8:00 AM...frag me...nnh..  The human shivered as the sheets passed over her nude form upon her rising, brief fleeting images of the previous night's memories filtering through her brain as she shook off the fuzziness.  She licked her lips, downing a nearby glass of water as she felt the workings of another hangover..but not so severe this time.  Huh.

Stretching, she pulled up her credstick granted her by Sam for spending at the club.   [color]/Current Balance: 000 Nuyen/[/color]   "Hm....Drek, I'd never spend that much..did I..nnh..really lavish that hoop like that?"  She frowned, the memories still a bit fuzzy.  Either way, she could have a look through her eye's recordings to confirm everything.  No harm done..except...  her cheeks tinged pink at what had happened, the girl instinctively pulling the sheet up to cover herself, looking for her dress.  There it was, draped over a chair haphazardly, that and her boots the only garments she still had.  "....Frag it, hope everyone got home okay..."  She pouted a little as she stretched, her body still aching and burning a little from the night of passion as she got up and went to grab her dress, firing off several messages to those who may need an update, the human regretting she was unsuccessful in acquiring results.

<<Hey, omae....sorry for the lack of ride.  I kinda...lost track of time?  Ehe...if you need a lift home I'll swing by...need to figure out what we got...

<<Well, I'm a terrible chauffeur.  Sorry, man.  Hope I didn't screw yo hoop with my disappearing act.  Next time I'll leave a set of "keys" for everyone just in case...if we have to do a next time?

<<...I dunno how you live this life.  It's great, but...oh man, not what I was expecting.  Jaysus, I didn't even go home.  You manage to bail alright?  Need to recover, but I'll see what i picked up...

With that, her haired mussed and dress covering her form, the human Arc proceeded to try to exit...her "walk of shame" as it were...
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Stahl awoke to the sounds of crying in the other room. He still wasn't used to it. Stumbling out of bed, Stahl quickly scrambled into some clothing and checked the time. Thankfully it wasn't too late, though he still had some time before Abigail showed up. Squinting, he read the message he missed from Arc and shot back a slow reply. @Arc::> "Don't worry about it. Got a cab. Going anywhere at nine? Curious." Stahl sent the message, turning to exit his small room. Heidi was definitely awake and not pleased to be trapped within her crib. Stahl quickly moved to the kitchen and threw open a few cabinets, searching for some delicious baby food to quell the furious child. Finding some after a short search, Stahl took a moment to unscrew the dingy metal cap and fetch a (relatively) clean spoon from one of the drawers. Finally prepared, Stahl booted a plastic chair towards the crib as he placed the food onto the ground momentarily. Heidi, seemingly happy she was getting some attention, waved her hands towards Stahl in what Stahl could only assume to be some sort of secret code language that meant she wanted to get out of the crib.

Lifting the child out of the oppressive crib, Stahl plopped down onto the chair and carefully reached his free hand down to recover the food. The child didn't make this easy as she bounced about energetically in an effort to escape. Managing to succeed, Stahl quickly scooped out a small bit of what was supposed to be applesauce and the girl quickly chomped down on the spoon. With minimal fuss, Stahl secured a few moments of quiet and took a moment to think about what he was supposed to do today. He had a decent amount of time before he had to set off so he wasn't worried about being late. Abigail was on schedule to show up in a short while. Stahl couldn't shake the feeling something odd was going on, but as far as he could tell everything was going fine so far. Stahl briefly pondered on what he should bring to the meeting as he sat there feeding Heidi in the relative dimness of his apartment.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid.
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Shortly upon her exiting the room, the overcast but bright light almost blinded her as she adjusted, grabbing her stuff and holding it to her as she shut the door behind her.  As she took a step, her comm blinked, indicating she had a message, which she then pulled up.

@Arc::> "Don't worry about it. Got a cab. Going anywhere at nine? Curious."

<<So far, nowhere, but I'll admit I'm a bit of a mess.  Think I got a little carried away, ehe...why, you needing a lift somewhere or summat?

She glanced at her clock and groaned a little.  She could swing by home for a change and run a pickup if he was in the Barrens...just.  It was Sunday, so traffic wouldn't be too bad in the morning... ah well.  Guess we'll have to see what happens...feel like I owe the guy, couldn't find his friend anyplace...frag it
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Marco replies to Bill: “Guys like that gets their way too easily... He did not even see a reason to introduce himself, as if vices alone are a good temptation... If I want to go with somone, and I don’t care if he is the king of Ireland, that someone has to really want me".
Marco orders a bottle of his favorite wine, tips bill handsomely and ask him to text him when the royal gang are hanging around at the club again.

Marco then calls his favorite limousine service and asks for a limousine to take him home.

Ciao sono Marco, voglio ordinare un limousine.
Si Si... stesso posto.
Si, in an ora come sempre.
Chiamami 10 minuti prima di  arrivare.

Time to relax a bit in the hot tub. In this hour the hot tub usually becomes a big orgy,  but that only means that no one will give me further attention and I can sit in peace, drink my wine and watch the city view.  

He asked the limousine handler to call him 10 minutes before the it arrives- that way he’ll have some time to get dressed and go down..

He text,

Dear Arc Feathers and Yelena
it is getting a bit late... and I danced a lot. I plan to go home soon, but first I’d like to visit the hot tub for some good air and city view. I called a limo, and it is scheduled to arrive in an hour.
Let me know if you need a ride and I will give you a buzz 10 minutes before. 

I am going there to relax a little bit. Feel free to join if you want but be advised this place is a bit sleazy at this hour... even for me.

Best regards,

Just like a clock, Marco thought to himself he danced exactly as much as he liked, and he was super predictable playing the script he defined to himself as he intended. Drinks, Dancing, Hot tub, and Home.

Creepy royal elf gang seems dangerous - who knows perhaps they are the ones that make people go missing.  These kind of people would definately think they can get away with it.

Beside, 5 is a crowed. Marco did not like to share nor did he like to be shared.  He wanted his entire attention to be focused on a single person. The most intense pleasure he knew was using the mind link spell with someone he loved and trusted.  The high bandwidth of thoughts, sensual feelings and emotions crossing from side to side was nothing but amazing. This is the kind of behavior that formed strong emotional attachments between Marco and his regular clients. He could not imagine such intimacy between more than two people, so he drew the line at orgies... atleast for now.

He was ready for the hot tub - he undressed and tried to spot some quiet place where he can  just sit and enjoy the view without being bothered.
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@ Feathers  As you think about the possible elements that would need to go into this the list is fairly long, but you can eliminate some just on rarity and cost. But that still leaves a little over a dozen elements. The magic though that's another story. The magic to build strength and endurance is of the shamanic tradition, and has legitimate uses in rehab medicine. The practitioner could very easily have learned it legitimately. The seductive elements though are another story, those are only quasi-legal in the pleasure industry, and the two elements together? Not many mages would have had the abilities for both. And with it being a difficult mixture in a very highly developed narcotic? That can't be to many mages or alchemists. Hmmm, Who do I know that would know who this could be? Feathers thinks about all of his friends and acquaintances in the biz.

@ Marco  Bill pockets the tip with an ease of practice that could rival sleight of hand, "Sure thing." Marco leaves knowing that the game with that particular group has yet to be played. And he's not sure yet if he wants to play it. Going upstairs to the hot tub he strips and finds the water temperature is perfect as usual. And the view in & out of the tub is good. Yelena? Marco sees her enjoying herself with a bit of Bliss and some company and knows he's not the only one to take pleasure in a few vices.
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The roof was relatively empty, and except for several groups having sex it was a good place to chill out. The music along with the high sexual tension made this place an ideal place to conclude another day.  After a night like this Marco’s next date is expected to find him a bit more passionate than usual.

As Marco was about to leave, he could not miss his new friend. The always in control, super careful Yelena, in a position that does not indicate a lot of self control at all. He grinned... she seemed to be enjoying herself and there was nothing wrong about it. Everybody needs to get laid, and preferably several times a week.

There was however something a bit wrong in that image... something in the eyes of the participants, they seemed to be completely unaware of their surrounding as if they are in some sort of trance. Probably bliss he thought to himself, and that also did not disturb him at all, most of his clients did drugs and they were positive people after all. Marco himself avoided drugs because, he couldn’t afford to do drugs so often in his profession.

Still, something bothered him in the picture in front of him... it took him several moments to understand what it was... That other night, Yelena said somthing about 20 years fighting addictions.  He now remembered commenting on that story saying that he is only alive for 20 years. Yes... it was clear for him - she jump started her own drug problem for who knows how many years... if she would have met Marco half a year ago he’d be the one offering her the drug and abusing her for it. Still why does he care so much?

Then it hit him, fuck... I am responsible... I messed her up. Even when I do try to act professional - I mess up... I just outsourced the temptation to others.  I pressured her to relax and have fun... I took her off balance with good food, saloon and autographs. I guess for some people when they let their guard down they just go all in.

Since I do this stuff almost every day I have my defense mechanisms... I plan my night in advance and try not to deviate from it. She will hate me for waking her up from her sweet little fantasy - but who knows how much of that thing she did already. It is better to have a clean cut   He picked a dress that he hoped was Yelena’s and went all in to her little party.

He did not say a thing, there was no point in talking to these people... they were barely aware to their surrounding.  He went there, lifted Yelena on his shoulder and took her to the limo. It somehow worked, his move was so quick and unexpected that her partners looked around in confusion trying to figure out what just happened.  By the time they did figure it out, Marco and Yelena were already half way down. Marco was almost certain that they will continue without her. 
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<<So far, nowhere, but I'll admit I'm a bit of a mess.  Think I got a little carried away, ehe...why, you needing a lift somewhere or summat?

Stahl responded shortly, thinking for a moment. @Arc>> - Yeah, actually. I'd really appreciate it. Beats walking around everywhere. It's at some place called The Skeleton. Shouldn't take long.

Taking a quick look at the time, Stahl began to worry. Abigail hadn't shown up yet and it was getting close to the time for him to head off. Stahl shook his head. Abigail wasn't due gone for another two days, she would definitely show up. Stahl idly washes dishes and watched Heidi crawl about as time passed ever so slowly. He couldn't help but think about what would be discussed at this meeting. No doubt it would have something to do with what Marco had said the other night. Stahl just hoped everything went according to plan. It usually didn't.
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Wow, this is some really really dangerous stuff. Whatever you do, don't take this. You'll be hooked after one hit. Some serious magical and alchemical talent went into this, it is not to be trifled with.
He cycled through his contacts in his mind, settling on contacting Nbungu once they were at a more sociable hour of the day. It was within his skills, but making drugs was well outside of his moral compass, or so Feathers had assumed...
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"I see.. And that isn't the only kind they have here. Honesty, I would not be surprised if they had some sort of drug they use to kidnap people."

Well, now there's a reason to blow this place sky high. Of course that won't get the drugs off the street. The Yaks may be inefficient, dumb  and.. Nah they did kill the fashion accessory after all. He carefully palms his mirror, and uses it to look back at the Yak he gave the drug to see what was happening. And if that Yak got the lighter, if he was saying anything at all on his comm feed.
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@ Ambrose  The Yak was taking out a cigarette and lighting it. Ambrose caught, "this call." And then for several long minutes those were the only intelligible words. It was definitely Asian, maybe Japanese, he couldn't be sure. What he was sure of was that the eyes watching him never waivered.
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Ambrose sighed. This was the last time he was dealing with non-english speaking types without a protocol droid. "You wouldn't happen to know someone who speak yak. do you?"
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Ambrose sighs as he gets a text message. "Sorry to cut this short, but i have someone else to speak to." And with that, he takes the drug rocket to head towards the Yak office again
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@ Ambrose  'Office hours' are long past. But the Yak head of security can always be reached by an operative and Ambrose's call to report finds him responding on the first ring. Kato is curt as always, >>Report<< ,is the only thing he says and is then silent, waiting.
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@Arc>> - Yeah, actually. I'd really appreciate it. Beats walking around everywhere. It's at some place called The Skeleton. Shouldn't take long.

Arc couldn't help but flinch a little as she saw the name of the Skeleton flash in her AR display.  The memories of what took place there, and what followed, still burned fresh in the human's mind.  Granted, mornings weren't a time big on gang was a rule that most Howlers weren't awake before noon... it still bore some curiosity.  What are you up to there...  As she rounded a corner to approach home, she sent one more reply to the elf.

<<I know the place.  Didn't take you for a shady gang deal type.  Whatevs, it's null sheen.  I'll pick you up in about 25

As she pulled in, the human couldn't help but notice her disheveled appearance: a little frizz and stray hairs dotted her head, and her makeup was a bit smeared.  As she got out, she darted in and grabbed a quick, slightly warm shower to clean herself off.  She checked, and couldn't find Yelena anywhere.  Weird...she's a tough girl though.  Bet she's meeting up with Feathers or Marco for coffee.  She'll message me if needed...  Shaking off her slight headache, she quickly toweled off and got dressed, slipping into a familiar tanktop, her armored vest, and a hoodie, slipping her pistol into a holster at the small of her back.  Old habits and all that.  Tying her hair back into a hasty ponytail, Arc grabbed a mealbar for a quick bite and was back out, heading over to the address provided to her...
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@ Ambrose  'Office hours' are long past. But the Yak head of security can always be reached by an operative and Ambrose's call to report finds him responding on the first ring. Kato is curt as always, >>Report<< ,is the only thing he says and is then silent, waiting.

Ambrose mentally face palms. Seriously, these Yak have office hours? How is he suppose to actually give them information at all? "Sound file, Magic, Building Plans." is all he says, before sending the files towards Kato.
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Yelena did not seem to mind Marco’s move very much, after her initial protest she did anything she could to try and get him in the sack. She was extremely difficult to resist, a rare combination of a young body along with the refinement of age and experience. She knew just where to touch and how to do so. Infact, Marco was not sure that she recognised him at all. Perhaps in her eyes he was some mystery man taking her for a night full of even wilder vices.

Marco did manage to bring her to his apartment and keep his pants on. In a moment of weakness however, he carried her to his room, kissing her deeply. He then placed her on his bed, took his pants off and leaned over her accepting her embrace. He noticed his cross as he was madly kissing her and the religious symbol gave him just a brief moment of clarity. “this is not why I brought her in here...” He left Yelena on his bed, stood up and rushed out of the room. He then quickly locked the door and tossed the key inside.

He regretted that choice almost immediately, but a locked door between them gave him more clarity. “I must leave this place, or I’ll break that door trying to get into that room. Where would I go? my commlink is in that room along with my pants”. He took some clothes from the laundry and left, he did not know where to go, but for once in his lifetime he wanted to do what he felt was right.

Drunk, with dirty pants and a fancy shirt he entered the church.

Confession? asked the priest.

Marco sighed - "seriously? he keeps provoking me, I could make him regret ever becoming a priest. I can introduce him to such pleasures that his all life would feel like a terrible waste. "
He was going to that confession chamber and planned to do his worst to that priest.
His lips however did not agree, and said:

"As usual, I only came here to pray"

Somehow compelled by his own declaration he went praying, he wasn’t silent - he was madly speaking to Jesus. He was angry... "why is it so difficult for me?" he said out loud. He almost cried. Unlike most times in the church, this time Jesus was smiling at him. In fact, in his mind he even heard him answering him.

"You are pathetic!" he said

It wasn’t the first time, his ex mentor spirit mocked him like that, so Marco was not surprised.

Succubus, talk to me directly! do not mock my religious beliefs.

A beautiful naked women appeared between Marco and the cross, she spoke in his mind with a terrible voice:


"Agrat bat Mahalt"... Marco said reluctantly - he said her name merely as a soft whisper, and saying it  somehow gave her power over him. He was going to seduce that priest he just could not resist her temptation. Marco was on his way to that confession chamber when she provoked him further.

I will mock whatever I want - I *made* you, I gave you demon tongue. I made you what you are. You cannot turn your back to me - I own you!

Marco’s face turned red, he was clearly angry. It was unusual about him because he had full control over his facial expression. Spontaneous emotions rarely got to the level of explicit facial expressions. He rushed towards her and said out loudly, he did not care that to an outside viewer he appeared as a mad man.

"You made me what *YOU* are! You pushed me into abusing people.
You took away my entire social circle drowned me in a pool of uncontrolled passion. You made everything in your power so that I’ll have no choice but to serve your destructive will. "

she replied in her mind - she seemed to enjoy his anger.
I am pure temptation, pure freedom. I am happiness - there is nothing else. You will never be happy without me. Tell me that you are happy and I will leave you forever.

Marco could not say that, he could not lie to her, he said loudly.

No I am miserable - but *YOU* made me this way. His eyes became wet, he was angry, he wanted to throw stuff at her, but he knew that it would just go through her and will hit the alter. If the priest tolerated him speaking like a mad man in the middle of the night - throwing stuff would get him kicked out for sure. He restrained himself.

I did not make you miserable - you did! you started using your brain instead of trusting your inner desires. YOU CHANGED! 

At this point Marco was able to replay with a soft whisper.

I did not just change, I became better, stronger and mastered the art of anticipation. You still have a lot to learn about passion Agrat. You only see one side of the coin. Spontaneous and random, uncontrolled emotions. You make people burn for a short while and finish them off. I can make them burn their entire life. You make them miserable while I can make them happy!

Why do I care what they feel? Humanity are my toys... they could have been your toys as well - but you turned your back on what you really are.

You can not understand anticipation.  We do not have patience like you do. Our desire is not just a single moment, it starts with hope and anticipation, and the longer we wait the better that single moment is. You have infinite patience - you are immortal and therefore you will never know real pleasure.


Marco remained silent, he ignored her. After a short while he whispered- I will not talk to you unless you stop using that awful voice. He felt like he was gaining momentum. .

The elf girl literally begged you to exploit her, she told you about her weaknesses, you did not use it. She then got handsy, she was naked and high and she wanted you to use her ... and You?... you refused?! Do you still think that you are you a priest?

Marco answered with a thought, he felt stronger he did not need to move his lips this time.

I will never be a priest thanks to you... but I will control *my* powers - I will seduce whomever I want, whenever I want and however I want.
Shortly after Marco thought with the same scary internal voice, he knew it was him but he felt like he was possessed. 

Marco was terrified, he never knew he wanted this... but why did he say that?
The lady was offended, angry - although her body was nothing but a mask it showed clear signs of anger. She tried to say something but Marco stopped her.

BEGONE SUCCUBUS! he commanded.

Just like that the succubus disappeared. Exhausted, Marco collapsed right there where he stood. A couple of hours later, the priest woke him up. Marco noticed that he was covered with a blanket.

You better go now son...  there is a choir practice soon and you are in no shape to be seen in public.

Still hangovered, still a bit shaken and somewhat terrified of what he has inside he got up and walked home. It was already 7:30,  a nice day - but a bad start for him. He wanted to sleep and hated the world. He hoped to be there when Yelena wakes up, he imagined that waking up naked in a locked room can be a bit creepy. Even if the key is somewhere on the floor. 
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Yelena wakes from a sleep to find she is naked on a strange bed in a room she does not immediately recognize.  She lies on the bed and lets her eyes focus on the room around her.  Moving her head she sees a vanity table next to a full-sized closet on one wall.  The door to the attached bathroom is open and the one leading out of the bedroom is closed.  The wall opposite the bed has a number of pictures hanging on it, but she cannot make them out from where she is.  A quick check of her cybered commlink confirms that it is 6:30 AM Saturday morning. *Frag.  Yelena let self go in big way.  Forgot how fragging good Bliss feels.  And what does to me.*  She closes her eyes and replays the memories of the previous night.  She basks in the memories of the extremely pleasurable sensual experience in the hot tub.  Bella, Georg, and the other two men she thinks were named Phil and Roberto had proven to be attentive and demanding lovers.  It has been a long time since she has had such fun in pursuit of pure sexual enjoyment.  The big disappointment has to be that she has fallen back into the clutches of Bliss.  It had taken so much work and so many years to get clean and free of the drek and then to just lose it in an instant of carelessness.  She HAD been cured.  And yet just holding the small blue capsule in her hand had proven to be more than sufficient temptation to send her tumbling back into the abyss of addiction again.  The recognition that she is so weak sends tears from her eyes. 

Yelena shakes her head.  *Yelena ashamed of weakness, but can do again.  Start now.*  She sits up to get a better look around the spacious bedroom.  It is much larger than the space she shares with Arc, and much neater.  It is perhaps too neat, as if no one really lives here.  Stepping to the plush carpet on the floor she goes to the closet and opens the twin doors, almost gasping at the array of clothing hanging from the rods and hooks.  She reaches out a hand to caress the variety of materials.  No rags here; she recognizes several of the labels as from top-tier designers.  Something about the clothes nags her for a few moments before it hits her; there are clothes for both men and women in the closet and there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from.  The shoes neatly placed in the hanging rack on one wall of the large closet are also of different sizes and styles and clearly made for both men and women.  Confused, Yelena closes the closet and next looks at the vanity table.  The supply and variety of beauty products visible would do a theater dressing room, or perhaps even the salon where she and Arc had been tortured, proud.  She catches a look at herself in the fancy mirror on the table and has to choke back a laugh.  *Frag.  Yelena look monster.  Where beautiful woman hide?*  Sitting, she looks over some of the bottles and selects a product for removing makeup.  Yelena takes some wipes and uses the stuff in the jar to clean her face, trying to be as sparing as possible.  She does not want to know what this one jar cost, but it must be expensive and she wants to use only as much as is needed.

Yelena stands and looks about the room, seeing for the first time what had been over her head as she lay on the bed.  On the wall is a large poster advertising “Confessions”, apparently a high-end magical custom escort service; one that promised “We can meet your desires if you can dream them.”  She puts the comm code into her ‘link.  The poster stands in direct contradiction to the large wooden cross hanging just below it and the religious books, to include an old bible, that sit on a small shelf below the cross.  She shakes her head, *Marco very strange man.*  Turning from the bed, she spies a set of keys on the floor and new memories jump back at her.  She remembers Marco hauling her from the hot tub and carrying her naked down the stairs and out of the club to a waiting limo.  Smiling, she recalls her attempts to separate the strange man from his trousers during the ride and how he had managed to keep them on.  Marco had needed to slip some nuyen to the doorman of this building to get him to look the other way as he brought a naked woman through the lobby to the elevator.  More to the point, she remembers that she did eventually get his pants off on the bed in this room and that his kisses had been full of passion and lust.  Things had begun to get pretty hot when he had bolted upright, swore in Italian, and fled the room, locking the door and tossing the keys in before shutting it. 

She moves over and picks up the keys.  Standing, she looks for somewhere to put them and decides that a small tray on the long dresser against the remaining wall will do.  Her cheongsam from the night before is folded on the dresser, her slippers on top, along with her clutch.  She opens the small bag, noticing that the cred stick, cigar case, and lighter are still in there.  She absently reaches for the case and lighter, but stops.  *Yelena not know if Marco wants smoke in house.*  She puts the clutch back and begins to open the drawers of the dresser, noticing the same motif as in the closet.  Women’s and men’s clothing, to include underwear, in different sizes all neatly stored in the drawers.  Stepping back, Yelena next looks over the pictures on the wall.  They all appear to be of a Keeb family, apparently a happy one if the faces in the pictures portray the real situation.  There is a progression of photos that seem to cover the time from the birth of a little boy to until he was about five or six.  Then nothing, as if the family had just gone away.  Yelena wonders if this is Marco’s family and if they perhaps had died except for him.  The open bathroom door reminds her that she reeks of smoke, sweat, and sex.  She goes into the small room and checks to see what his hot water ration is and is quite surprised that a ration card is not posted.  She opens the glassed door and begins running the water, letting it get hot as she looks to make sure that there is soap and shampoo available.  The hot water feels great, soothing her aches away.  *Yelena not have such sexual exercise in long time.*  Laughing at herself, she washes her body and her snowy tresses to a squeaky clean.  She dries off with the softest towel she has ever used and spies a clean robe hanging from the door.  Putting it on, she revels in the luxuriousness of it against her skin.

She pads on bare feet into the bedroom and across to the door leading out.  Unlocking it, she carefully opens the door and looks into the next room to be sure that Marco is not sleeping on a couch.  Finding the room unoccupied, she enters what has to be the living room.  She looks about and spies a small dining area and kitchen off to one side.  She also sees what must be the door out of the apartment and a door to another room.  A quick look about the living room and kitchen reveals that Marco likes his kitchen retro as there are very few truly modern conveniences.  The sole exception seems to be a fancy coffee maker that has Yelena yearning for a hot cup, but she has no idea how to work the machine.  Once in the kitchen she spies a small wine storage cooler.  She recognizes some of the labels as rather common and inexpensive, but some of the labels seem to be of a nicer vintage and certainly quite expensive.  Back in the living room Yelena finds a rather extensive library of real books.  *Who the frag reads real books?*  Many are religious texts, but a number cover such eclectic subjects as art, music, wines, and philosophy.  She then spies the controls to a music system and turns it on, pleasantly surprised by the sophistication of the sound system.  She scans through the music selection and settles on some soft jazz.  The remaining door is locked and Yelena resists using the keys.  *If Marco wants lock something Yelena not open.*  She goes to the glass doors she had seen in the dining area and sees that they open onto a small balcony patio.  Opening the doors she steps out and looks over the railing at the ground that must be ten or eleven floors below.  The view of the Seattle sprawl is amazing from here.  There must be hidden speakers somewhere because she can hear the music clearly out here.  She pulls up one of the chaise lounges on the balcony and sits on it, enjoying the view and the sound of jazz. 

She is still sitting there when the text comes in from Arc.  She sends a quick response, <Arc.  Yelena.  Arc not worry.  Yelena safe.  Went Marco for talk.  Tell all later.  Can pick Yelena up later?  Will call.  Can use cab if busy.>  She decides to stay a bit; after all, Marco fled without his keys and might have trouble explaining to the management what happened and why he needs someone to come up and unlock the door.  Listening to the sounds of jazz, she tries to put together what little she knows of the man who lives here.

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The soft sound of Jazz music that was not fully muted by the walls, welcomed Marco as he arrived back to his home. He was a mess, he did not even want to look at the mirror in the elevator. Non-matching clothes, bad hair, exhaustion in addition he was tired and hungry.

Yelena must be still in, and awake. With a small hesitation he knocks on the door. Saying “Morning Yelena, My keys are with you I am afraid”.

Yelena breaks her reverie at the sound of Marco’s voice.  She gets up from the chaise and moves into the living room, calling out.  “Yelena coming.”  She unlocks the door and steps aside to let him in.

Marco smiles, he did not know that he was capable of such feat at his condition, but the situation of him being greeted by Yelena in his robe at his own apartment was a bit strange, then again, it was a strange night.

“Morning, I see you already found your way to the shower. Did you discover my coffee machine yet?... I could definitely use some coffee before I hit that shower myself, do you want some?”

She shuts the door behind Marco after he enters the apartment, looking at him.  “Yes, Yelena like coffee.  Not know your machine.”  She looks wistful, “Marco have Russian coffee?” 

Yet another disappointment, he thinks to himself and answers. “No I drink Italian coffee and I live here alone so just Italian for now... I’ll get your kind if you ever visit me here, under normal circumstances”  He walks to the machine in the kitchen and makes some coffee, he then browse the refrigerator for a couple of apples.  Not the classical coffee and pastry but will do for today.
He moves to the balcony shortly after with the apples in one hand and two glasses of coffee in the other. places them and tosses Yelena an apple. “They are really good, I hope you like...”.

Yelena nods and smiles, “Italian good.  Yelena like.  Yelena in Italy three months many years ago.  Working.”  She follows Marco into his kitchen and looks over his shoulder as he peers into the refrigerator, gasping as she sees the food.  “Marco have fragging real food?  Not soy drek?  Yelena impressed.”

She goes out to the balcony with him after the coffee is done and sits on the chaise.  She catches the apple and bites into it.  “Yelena not have real apple in long time.  Thank you.”  She sips at the coffee and gives him an appreciative look.  “Can talk Yelena?  Sorry I borrowed robe and used hot water.”

Marco replies:
“Don’t be, somethings are better when shared. Demo... aham, Sam pays for it anyhow I try to only spend her money on stuff I could do without. Otherwise I will never be free” He says and then drinks some of his coffee, the high caffeine content the company and the good air,  makes the day bearable. The apple is delicious.  He adds, “Didn’t you had real food yesterday?  I sent you and Arc to my favorite Italian restaurant yesterday. I wanted to join you, but I was afraid to finish all our pocket money before we even reach the club.”

“Why want free of Sam?”  Yelena waves her hand at the apartment.  “Much money.  Good boss to Yelena so far.  Is monster boss in disguise?”  She takes another bite of the apple, “Yes.  Yelena had real food yesterday.  But whole day was not real so not really enjoy food.  This day is real so enjoy apple and coffee.”  She looks carefully at the man near her.  “Why Marco leave?  Yelena make afraid?”  She passes a hand in front of her chest.  “Marco see tattoos and not want Yelena any more?”

Marco replies: “The apartment is paid by my well... day job. Sam pays for all the little extra’s that makes it more pleasant. She is not that bad really, she saw an opportunity and seized it. I would have done the same until not long ago. Many people are like that, I just expected more from her“.
He then adds: “Sorry about yesterday, I probably overdid it, wanted you to have a fun day and feel super hot and comfortable at night.” ... “ about last night... “ he sigh ”I wanted you very much, still do... I just did not want you like that... About tats they make you what you are, they are part of your past - but I am more interested in your future. I do not find them repulsive or anything if thats what you mean.”

Yelena laughs, “Yelena feel very special yesterday.  But was only for day and Yelena knows it not real.  Yelena like that, but not her.  Too many years in gangs and prison to be like that.”  She finishes the apple and puts the core on the small table between them and takes up her coffee again.  She takes a few sips while appraising the man, “Marco right about tats.  Tell story of prison for Yelena.  Life hard but Yelena want look future. too, not past.  But long ago past is why Sam find Yelena and why hire me.  Yelena want know more of this Sam who is both man and woman.  Like Marco?  Man and woman?  Magic or other?”

Marco struggles to hide his surprise. “Sam is like that? I only know her female form.” He sighs, “Apparently while she knows a lot about me I know nothing about her. Still I could have been captured by some darker force.” ... “About me? I have some demon blood in me. I can change my appearance not only male or female but also to the form of animals. I also enjoy both sexes but thats a different story. “  
“... How did Sam find you because of your past... what did she do?”

“Sam came Yelena as man.  Hired me kill mage of Smiley Face monster.  Made love to Yelena as man.  Yelena not know how Sam found.  He just find.  Knows much of Yelena and made pact to give something Yelena dearly want as pay.  So take job and kill mage.”  She shrugs,  “Sam also come hospital as man, then later as woman look like demon.  Even horns and tail.  Much knowledge.  Much influence.  Tell doctor save Yelena when doctor want let die.  Yelena owe Sam.”

Yelena smiles when Marco talks about his sexuality.  “Why different story?  Is Marco story so is good part.  Besides, Yelena like both sexes.  Marco have skill.  Yelena only know to kill people.  Not like change form.  Would help Yelena much to do that.”

Marco laughs when he hears Yelena mention Sam as a demon...  “I call her Demoness because she is evil. Seduced me into her shadowy world to be part of a plan I cannot understand. Kept her leverage hidden until I wanted out... It is the killing that made me discovered the true nature of our relationship. It was greed that captured me in the first place. I am skilled with a gun, but I never killed anyone. I only used the stick and shots a couple of times.... I know that there is great evil inside of me, I am not sure what I will become if I cross that line. I don’t know if I will be able to stop. I hope that I have a choice in there, this is what keeps me going”.

“I use my shape changing powers merely for pleasure... I really enjoy fishing, flying like a bird, hunting or swimming like a dolphin or a seal - you should come with me some time... it is unlike anything you can experience in human form. Each body feels different.”

“Now if you excuse me, I think I’ll hit the shower myself and switch into something clean.... I look awful right now and probably smell that way as well. I won’t be long and we can have some real breakfast afterwards.”
Marco gets up and goes to the shower, not considering that his shower robe is taken.

Yelena leans forward, “All people have evil inside. Most never use.   Yelena very evil person.  Much use talent to kill innocent people.  Many people.”  She shrugs, “Some were bad, yes, and deserved die.  But many did not.  Yelena fight inner ghosts for many years.  Not pleasant.  So Yelena tell Marco not slip across line.”

Her eyes light up.  “Marco make Yelena change?  Would like.”

Yelena sits back and watches Marco leave the balcony for the shower.  She waits two minutes then stands and goes into the bedroom where she slips out of the robe, placing it across the bed.  She can hear the water running as she quietly opens the door to the bathroom and slips in.  Opening the shower door she steps in and takes the bar of soap from Marco.  “Yelena wash Marco back.”  She glances down before looking up with a smile, “And front.  See what comes up to talk about.”  She soaps his back then turns him around to do his front.  As her hand lathers him she turns her face up to be kissed, if he has the inclination.

Marco is a bit surprised, but Yelena seems to have her mind set. She makes it so natural, and somehow she enters his personal space so he just enjoys her touch, silently. As she turns her head he softly says as he approaches her lips  “don’t be scared...” and he casts the mindlink spell, sharing with her his full spectrum of sensual feelings as he deeply and passionately kiss her. A short while later he thinks at her “is it okay with you?”

Yelena is momentarily caught off guard by the mind link.  This is new and she gasps as she shares the sensuality of the experience.  She loses herself in the kisses, returning as much as she gets and wonders if she heard his question with her mind or her ears.  She murmurs in response, “Yes.  Yelena like.  Yelena want.  Marco turn water off and take Yelena bed.  Breakfast later.”

Marco turns off the water, and thinks “just don’t let go or we lose the link...” he hugs her and carry her to his bedroom, thinking “You are actually the first one I brought in here.”  He gently places her on the bed and lies next to her, stroking her lips and body with a single finger, enjoying her pleasure using the link to map her body. He places her hand on his chest, and let her feel his pulse as he shares his anticipation with her. “Take it slow, everything is more intense like this”, he thinks.

Yelena shares the experience and the emotions with Marco, enjoying the full play of this extra feeling enabled by the spell.  It is hard for her to keep things slow, as she is normally a very energetic lover, but she accepts that Marco knows best.  At least for her first time.  Afterwards, she lies next him, quivering as much as he is.  Placing a hand on his chest she says, “Yelena sex never better.  Yelena like again some time.”  She rolls away a few inches, allowing her hand to leave his chest and break the link.  “Some rest then shower more.”

She mentally thumbs her commlink.  <Arc.  Yelena.  Damn.  Yelena lose time.  Now almost 10:30 AM.  Can pick up at noon?  Wait.>  She looks over at Marco.  “Yelena telling Arc to come at noon.  What is address?”  She goes back to Arc, <Address sending.  Let Yelena know if cannot come.>  After she sends the message, Yelena moves back to snuggle with Marco.

Marco looks into Yelena’s eyes and whispers “WOW”, still struggling  to keep his breath.  His eyes becomes heavy and he quickly descend into a deep sleep.  His last memory before falling asleep was the warmth of her soft body against his chest.
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@ Ambrose  You receive a reply from Kato, >>Interesting. It should be easy for you to obtain the other "house specials". Just make sure they do not know that it is on our behalf. I'm further authorizing 3,000 nuyen to obtain the other drugs, and have secured you a reservation for Sunday and Monday night. My informant tells me that you met friends there last night. I think that if possible it would be best to continue to meet friends and seem to be there to enjoy everything the club has to offer. The ploy of buying him the drug for an introduction would seem natural in that atmosphere. And remember, I have authorized the cred for our purposes, not your own. I expect results. Any questions?<<

@ Stahl  The time comes for you to leave and Arc promised to pick you up. You've left a bit of fudge time for the pick-up since you really don't know her and know if she'll be prompt. But it's time to leave and as soon as you grab your things in case Abigail is late there she is. Bringing in her "bag for the baby" she looks at you. "That's way to much cologne you're wearing." She states frowning at you in disapproval. "You smell like a French whorehouse. And it is not good for Heidi's little lungs to have to breathe all of that." Heidi, hearing "Abba's" voice comes toddling at a run from the other room and then bursts into tears. Abigail frowns at you again. "Has she been fed?" she says in an almost accusatory tone. And hearing your assent she says, "Well at least you've gotten better about that. Likely she's gassy then. You really should find out what's best for a toddlers digestion." she scoops Heidi up with a smile that transforms her face as she looks at her, "Hey there Abba's cutie beauty. How's my girl? Do you want Abba to read you a story?" Heidi's tears are instantly transformed into a sunny smile and she hugs Abigail and says, "Puss-in-Boots!" It was her new favorite evidently. Abigail takes her to the couch and sits down, rummaging in her bag, it seems you've been forgotten.
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Stahl shut the door behind himself, sniffing once. He didn't think he was wearing too much cologne. Oh well. Adjusting his jacket briefly, Stahl did a double check of his gear before making his way down to the street. Raising a hand in silent greeting towards Arc, Stahl opted to take a seat up front. He greeted the woman cordially, taking care to buckle up. "Morning. Sorry for the sudden text. Walking around here isn't exactly the best pastime." The young elf would turn, offering a wry smile before taking a moment to inspect the inside of the vehicle while listening to Arc's response.

Stahl hoped the meeting would be uneventful. Whoever had contacted him had done their homework and Stahl hoped that's all they did. He supposed it wouldn't be too hard to find info on him. There's not much you can't get with a bit of digging these days. Chief above all, Stahl was worried his mysterious contact would use his situation overseas as grounds to blackmail him. Stahl really couldn't afford that, especially with Reiner missing and Heidi getting older. Just thinking about it made him fidget uncomfortably in the seat of Arc's vehicle. If his situation could be compared to a chess game Stahl supposed he'd have to choose his opening moves carefully. The last thing he wanted was to be doing wet-work for some unknown benefactor. Granted, he could use the money.

Stahl was impressed at Arc's ability to clean up. Despite what Stahl thought to be Arc partying hard last night, she seemed rested and recovered as she drove. Then again, Stahl couldn't really tell. Maybe she just looked different in the daytime - everyone looks different at a club after all. Upon basic inspection Stahl looks more or less the same as he did last night at the club. Besides what looked like a normal brown jacket and a small black backpack Stahl wasn't really wearing anything interesting. His wardrobe was boring, almost mimicking the stoic gaze on his face. His platinum-blonde hair was freshly slicked back and his teal eyes had small bags under them - no doubt the product of late nights with Heidi.

Stahl peered outside the window, watching the buildings pass by. After a moment of silence, Stahl inquired to Arc passively, "You helped kill the Smiley-guy, didn't you?" He'd shoot her a glance, his usual passive gaze not hiding his curious look. While he knew about the killings, the elf didn't really keep up-to-date with the case. He wasn't necessarily pushing for information, more like poking Arc about the subject to see if she even wanted to discuss it. Stahl found himself curious about the ordeal, reading and hearing about it all around the place. A short glance to Arc's cyber-arm made Stahl regret his question instantly. Thinking to himself, he mentally sighed. Maybe she lost it before whatever happened. Maybe she didn't even 'lose' it. Bought it, maybe.

Stahl decided he wasn't going to ask anymore questions.
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"Right.. because I can use three thousand nuyen for so much personal stuff" he muses out loud to himself, his and moving to rub the bridge of his nose. He remembers back when he had some of his own mafia going himself.. Where they this annoying? Or is it just kids these days?

<<None>> he replies back, quick, and clean. Now was time to start figuring out how he'd get back at the yak. He'd want a way that he could be absolved of blame, and that it could possibly point to someone else, as he went home thinking about it. IT was too late today.. but tomorrow, he was going to go and collect a few more items for his surveillance network.
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Sat Dec. 6  13:00

@ Arc, Yelena, Marco & Feathers  >>I'd like your impressions of the club and a review of the people you met there. Arc, your recordings of the club would be especially valuable. If you could send them to me as a file please I would appreciate it. I'm also hoping to speak with all of you as a group tomorrow morning after I've had time to review your impressions and crosscheck some data regarding the club that I've found. I'm also working on a party there in your honor hosted by Isabella Smith-Apellido. She's enjoys being in the spotlight with the new trend or hot topic.<<   
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Sat. Dec. 6, 8:45-9:00

Arc had eased up as soon as she pulled up to Stahl's apartment complex, the sight of a familiar environment a welcome thing for the girl. As the usual local courtesy, she remained in her car after parking right on time, letting him come out to her.  When the male elf revealed himself, the young human was partaking of a smoke, the cigarette hanging on her lips as the smoke puffed out her open driver's window.

She was a dramatically more casual sight than her overdone getup at the club the night prior, her clothes showing signs of extended use and wear.  Her hoodie was damp around the collar and shoulders as her ponytailed hair was still wet from the shower.  Her makeup was gone, revealing the faint scarring around her eyes as well as the signs of sleep deprivation.  But again, a sense of calm as it seemed driving was therapeutic to her.

"Null sweat, ain't no need to explain that Drek to me.  I grew up on these streets, ya heard?". She cast a wink and a wicked grin as she took off, swerving and weaving through traffic.  Unlike what one would expect a Barrens car to be like, this sedan looked and even sounded in very good condition, denoting a high, almost affectionate level of care. Only thing out of the ordinary was the freshly installed rigger interface right by the steering wheel.

The Skeleton was not too far, and they were about five minutes out when the elf dropped the question about the Smiley Face killer.  The human girl gave some pause, her cyberarm  tightening on the wheel as she fought down the memories before taking a breath, her voice surprisingly quiet, almost tender.  " Yeah...set up the sensor network to help pinpoint the blood mage and her spirit responsible and took her down.  Lotsa people died.. I shoulda died too.  Guess you could say I got lucky, with lots of strings attached."". She indicated her arm at this time, her green cybereyes glancing to him at a stoplight.  "Guess I wasn't meant for a normal UCAS life, eh?"

"Anyhow, here we are.  I know this place well: territory of the Night Howlers.  Nasty bunch.  Shouldn't have much presence this early, but still.  I can cover your back if you want...I ain't got anywhere to be for a bit anyhow."
. With that, Arc wheeled the car to park in front of the club, her mind fletti g through her memories of the place, waiting for the elf to make a move.
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" Yeah...set up the sensor network to help pinpoint the blood mage and her spirit responsible and took her down.  Lotsa people died.. I shoulda died too.  Guess you could say I got lucky, with lots of strings attached."". She indicated her arm at this time, her green cybereyes glancing to him at a stoplight.  "Guess I wasn't meant for a normal UCAS life, eh?"

Stahl offered a short smile, responding, "I guess not." He leaves it at that, content with the answer. The thought of a blood mage troubled Stahl. He was rather ignorant in the ways of magic and the thought of some rogue mage preying on people off the street made his skin crawl. He understood why the clubbers had treated the group with such adoration now, stopping a blood mage isn't something that happens everyday.

"Anyhow, here we are.  I know this place well: territory of the Night Howlers.  Nasty bunch.  Shouldn't have much presence this early, but still.  I can cover your back if you want...I ain't got anywhere to be for a bit anyhow."[/b]. With that, Arc wheeled the car to park in front of the club, her mind fletti g through her memories of the place, waiting for the elf to make a move.

Stahl took a look around the area. It was definitely gang territory. The elf scratched his cheek idly, mulling over Arc's offer. Eventually, he speaks up, removing his seat-belt and preparing to exit the vehicle. "I'd owe you another favor. I owe you about two now. Doubt I'd make a convincing gang member anyway. It's up to you, but I wouldn't mind the backup." Stahl offers Arc a grateful glance, checking the inside of his coat briefly before exiting the vehicle. After a short look around to try and locate the entrance to the Skeleton, Stahl pauses to see if Arc follows before moving for the entrance. He looks visibly cautious and a bit tense throughout the whole ordeal.
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Arc herself had waited a moment, eyes fixated on Stahl as the elf exited the vehicle as if scanning him.  Sniffing once, she gave a sigh and hopped out of the car, shutting the door with a light slam and locking up, the short human quietly chuckling as she caught up to him.  "Man, you need me more than you fraggin' know.  Relax, chummer.  You be givin' off one scent right about now, and that is prey.  Be cool, be confident, you gon' be aight."

With that assurance, the human girl led the way into the club.   It was different coming here in the morning...not a usual time to be at a club, especially one like this.  But hey, it meant things were pretty quiet--assumedly--and that they had no trouble getting in.  "You go ahead and find whoever the frag it is you meetin'.  I'll find a place to hole up within sight of you, but just holla if you need me directly, aight?"  With that, Arc separated from the young keeb, finding the bar and hopping onto a stool, one eye kept on Stahl at all times.
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Sat. Dec. 6, 8:30

Having a day between times he's to go and try and get the drugs, Ambrose decides to make use of his time in other departments. First off he needed to expand his ability to gain Intel, a few stealth tags to try and see where everyone is, sighing softly, he wonders if there is someway he could get someone to do some of that fancy computer stuff, someone he could trust perhaps?

The first trip was to a few local dumpsters, looking for supplies, particularly things like empty paint cans, fullish paint cans, and other random items.. He'll Mcgiver something together.

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@ Stahl   The bar is almost empty when you go in and when you ask the bartender he gives you a curt nod and tells you,
  "Upstairs, second door oun your right." Going upstairs  you find the door open and a lanky human steps forward and shakes your hand. "Hello, I'm Sam. Pleased to meet you. Marco tells me you're missing your friend. I admit I've been doing some surveillance there. But, before I show you the images I need to know. What do you intend to do with this information? "

@ Ambrose  You hunt for several hours before you find what your looking for, but at last you're home with your ragged bounty. Spreading it all out before you, you get to work.

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Arc blinks as Stahl makes his way upstairs, frowning a bit as she wasn't asked to follow.  "Think I can get a coffee or somethin, Mack?"  She waved curtly to the tender, passing her personal credstick to pay for it in advance.  The human's youthful curiosity got the better of her, and the opportunity to learn more about this new stranger and his mysterious meeting was too good to pass up. 

While the tender's back was turned, the girl glanced her eyes to her cyberarm, lifting up the sleeve and giving the impression of a flex.  A quiet shhhnk was heard as her drone bay activated, launching a small Fly-Spy into the air.  Her AR blinked online as the drone's HUD went into effect.  A few quick mental commands, and the tiny drone whizzed off up the stairs, its sensors scanning for the room and hovering just above the door, the human girl trying to listen in as she pulled her sleeve back down.
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Stahl had remained mostly quiet since exiting Arc's car. The advice she had given him was good and he really should have followed it, but he couldn't. Thoughts entered his mind and he couldn't ignore them. If someone like the person he was about to meet could dig up information on him, who else could? This bar's pretty empty. Could be a string operation. Agents ready behind the counters, tables, corners- No. It'd be stupid to start thinking like that again. It's been a long time. Stahl took a short breath and nodded at Arc's promise of backup. He calmed himself as the bartender pointed him up towards his fateful meeting. Stahl entered the room carefully, inspecting the general area for the briefest of moments before moving forward to accept the offered handshake.

"Hello, I'm Sam. Pleased to meet you. Marco tells me you're missing your friend. I admit I've been doing some surveillance there. But, before I show you the images I need to know. What do you intend to do with this information? "

Stahl stared at the man for a short moment before answering, stepping back and crossing his arms abrasively. "I'd be surprised if you didn't know who my friend was. You found out who I was easily enough." The elf spoke clearly and never took his eyes off the man. The conversation was moving into the tense realm as Stahl made no effort to hide his general discomfort with the entire situation. Instead of answering the question, Stahl asked one of his own. "Does it matter?" The elf clearly wasn't in the best of moods, though he made no outward sign of turning violent. Stahl paced lightly from the left to the right.
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@ Stahl  Sam remains still, refusing to be baited, his arms loosely at his sides. "Yes, it does." he answers. His eyes never leave your face as he waits calmly for your answer.  As Stahl looks around he sees no evidence of weaponry on him, or in the room. Not that that mattered as Stahl knew full well. He'd hidden weapons for more than one op himself.
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Stahl didn't know whether to be impressed or worried that Sam didn't take the bait. He clearly not some two-bit information dealer. In all honesty Stahl figured this man wasn't an information dealer at all - probably something much more sophisticated. Visibly relaxing, the elf replied to the man's question as simply as he could. "I just want to find my friend. We've know each other awhile and I owe him. I'm sure if you had the time to dig up information on me you have some on him as well." Stahl pauses, considering. "Information always has a price and i'm willing to bet you plan on making me pay that price one way or another." The elf relaxed his posture, awaiting the man's reply.
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@ Stahl  Sam looks at you, his gaze level. "Information has a price. And so does friendship. But, some prices are to high. If your friend was involved in a group of high level drug dealers that took him because he stole the money and the stash and tried to get away, what price would you be willing to pay to get your friend back?" he tells you with a slightly raised eyebrow and a small lift to his chin. And then before you can answer he says, "If your friend was in the wrong crew and got in way over his head because he's a dumb fuck and they're making him do a job where he's got a good chance of dying in order to pay off a debt. What price are you willing to pay then?" He looks at you waiting for your answer.
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Stahl's jaw clenches briefly before, moving to the right a bit as Sam speaks. "I'm not willing to give up everything for the guy. He's got a history of being unreliable." Stahl moves closer to Sam, lowering his voice and clearly attempting to run the man through a few tests. "What if I told you I want to get him back to put a bullet inside him myself? Hide him in some ditch where nobody but the rats would ever find him?" Stahl, at this point, might even look a bit menacing as he finishes his little speech. "I'm here to offer my services. What else do you want?" The elf backs up, staring Sam down much in the same way Sam was staring him down. Despite his harsh words, Stahl doubted he could do it. Reiner was a pain in his ass and more than a liability, but he was still in Maxwell's squad and one of the few people Stahl could trust nowadays. A little voice in the back of Stahl's mind said he might just regret that sentiment down the road.
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@ Stahl  Sam looks at you, the right hand corner of his mouth quirking up in the ghost of a grin, "I'd say you need lessons in lying. If you really hated him that much your first two sentence wouldn't have been, 'Not willing to give up everything. And a history of being unreliable. Those sentences tell me you're frustrated with him and have looked for him before. But, the fact that you're here, and more than willing to pay the price, again, and to tell whatever lie you have to to try and get the information tells me you'll get pretty damn close to hell's gates for him" He smiles at you then, "Yes, I will expect paid for the info if you're friend is in my surveillance video. And the price may get very close to hell's gates." Saying that he looks at you, "Are you ready?" At your answering nod he activates the video. It plays for well over an hour. Finally you see the heroes from last night enter and Arc grab onto your arm. He's not there, you're relieved even if that means you've got to keep looking. You look Sam straight in the eye. "My friend isn't there. And I'm not sure I'd have wanted as close to those gates as I think you're going to end up getting." He looks a bit disappointed, but he shakes your hand. "Ok, good luck on your search." You walk out of there feeling a bit freer.

@ Arc  The fly spy only gets a flash of Stahl going into a room, and what looks to be a man greeting him before the door closes. You can hear voices, but some of the noises coming from other rooms are louder and you're not really able to make out more than a few words here and there. But, it's not long before Arc is greeted. And Bo-Peep starts talking to her about fixing up his bike for more speed. When Stahl finally leaves Arc gets a brief 3/4 view of a tall, lanky man.
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As Marco was enveloped in a warm and fuzzy feeling, for a brief moment his mind was blank and he was happy. There was nothing else in his mind. That fuzzy vibe did not last for long, as Marco dives into a deep sleep. He enters a strange and lucid dream. He feels as if some other entity is reaching out for him. In the Dream that entity looked just like a Rabbit doll, but he somehow felt that it was a regular client of him. The one he referred to as Lady. He also sort of knew that he was a black rabbit doll in this dream.

White Rabbit: Blackie? Are you with me?

Black Rabbit: Lady... I am always with you.

White Rabbit: Do you know who I am?

Black Rabbit: You are Lady...

The white rabbit doll turned away from him and run, he tried to run after it but it disappeared into a hole in the ground. He knew the white rabbit as his regular client nicked Lady... but that reply did not seem to satisfy the white rabbit.

Why is he dreaming about her... and why as a rabbit doll? There was something odd about this one. She was not interested in vices, not sex, no drugs hardly anything. All she wanted to do is talk to him, they would meet someplace discreet and speak about magic, about music or art for hours. They sometimes went to social events parties and all - but he never knew why did she hire him.

 She was his age and yet seemed to be an established mage that mastered many disciplines. How she achieved so much so early - he couldn’t even begin to know. She was charming and had a silver tongue of her own and was also rich. She even had money to throw on a special soup kitchen project. Infact she was now in the middle of purchasing the real estate for that project. They planned to partner up in that and Marco already donated some money toward that aim.
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Yelena wakes up as her internal clock nudges her at the prescribed time of 11:25.  Her arm is languidly curled about the torso of her unexpected lover.  Slowly, so as not to wake him, she moves her arm and sits up in the large and very comfortable bed.  She sits with her back to the wall and brings her knees to her chin, wrapping her arms around them.  She gazes at the Keeb next to her, letting her eyes roam over every exposed inch of him.  Her mind, a bit clearer with greater time from the last dose of Bliss, goes over the evening before and then this morning.  She has experienced nothing like what he had done to her with that link.  Sharing has never been a strong point for Yelena and it had been a bit uncomfortable at first, but that had changed when she just let go and participated.  Every shared feeling and emotion and experience had just made the sex so much better than anything she had ever had before.  She shakes her head, *Yelena not get soft.  Cannot allow tie to slow reaction or thought.*

Yelena shakes her head and drags her eyes from the temptations of the man.  She silently gets out of bed, feeling the softness of the carpet on her toes as she pads to the bathroom.  After using the toilet, she turns on the water in the shower and climbs in to soak and wash Marco off her body.  Unfortunately, it is much harder to wash the man from her mind, and that makes her a bit uncomfortable.
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Late... headache, Marco reaches over and feels the empty post where Yelena just was. She did not seem to be the type that forms emotional attachments, yet here she was the first one to reach his private room instead of an hotel room. Marco had patterns, predefined scripts clear limits. In a way - this is what helped him let go and enjoy the night. One of this patterns was "never take anyone to your room".

Yesterday was different, he was in control until he saw her high on bliss. It has been a roller coaster ever since. For a client he would have booked a hotel room, but Yelena threw him off balance. But why? She felt unlike any other... mysterious, skilled in the art, probably a lot more experienced than him... Yet it felt as if he was leading her, showing her who he really is, who she really is. She is probably used to walking away the day after never looking back.  He wanted her,  but he was not sure that there can be an happy ending for this particular story.

Time to wake up! He thought and clapped his hands; It was a smart home system installed over 50 years ago, oddly enough it was still working and the primitive trick indeed opened the windows.
Everything looked different as sunlight flooded the room, Marco quickly ordered the room putting it back to normal. He then put on some casual clothes, and picked some clothes that seemed to be similar in size for Yelena.  He left them neatly on the now organized bed.

He could hear the water running, she is still in here.
He took a look at his com link:
<<...I dunno how you live this life.  It's great, but...oh man, not what I was expecting.  Jaysus, I didn't even go home.  You manage to bail alright?  Need to recover, but I'll see what i picked up...

He replied:

Dear Arc,

Last night indeed was intense - and I am glad you enjoyed it. It was a bit too much fun -for me too, not all my nights are like that.  I am good though,  I just booked a taxi. 

What do you feel about lunch and a bit of planning? I can cook at my place or you can pick a nice spot. I have a feeling that we’ll need to see that club again soon.

Yours truly,

@Marco{Marina} << Hey Blackie, did you miss me? I know you did. We should meet soon to discuss soup kitchen give me a buzz when you can.
Kisses, your lady M. >>

Dear Lady,

Of Course I missed you.  I am a bit busy but will call you as my schedule clears out.
It is great hearing from you.

Yours truly,
Replying to her reminded him about his crazy dream last night. That darn dream again... have I seen these toy rabbits before? Never mind that, time for some real breakfast.

His next stop was the kitchen, he took a bunch of vegetables out and skillfully turned them into a rich salad. In parallel he was able to make a nice omelette, and a couple of toasts. He hoped that along with some cheese it would be a good way to start the day.   Food was a big passion for Marco and touching the ingredients himself was a lot more satisfying than anything that ever came out of a machine. It made little economic sense - but he liked it that way.
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Yelena stood under the hot water in the shower and luxuriated in the feel of it on her skin.  Never had she really been able to use hot water without worrying about rationing.  She recalls many, many times when the shower water would suddenly go cold, and even more times when there was no hot water to begin with.  Or showers.  She steps out and towels off, enjoying the feel of the soft material.  She wipes the fogged mirror and looks at herself, thinking.  *Shhh.  Life not for Yelena.  Hot water, soft towels, nice clothes.  Marco wake up one morning and not want Yelena.  So much blood on hands.  Too much death.  Marco like pleasure of beautiful girl, drink, sex.  Yelena drink to forget not for fun.  And was beautiful only one day after torture in salon place.  Too much different.* 

She looks at the sink and sees only the one tooth brush.  *Hmmm.  Marco not have regular girl here.*  She puts toothpaste on a finger and gives her teeth as good a cleaning as she can.  After all, at 64 one cannot be too careful with one's teeth and so far hers are all originals.  After running a brush through her snowy mane Yelena leaves the bathroom.  The morning light pours through the windows, along with a cooling breeze.  She sees that Marco has made the bed and left some clothes out for her.  She holds them up and nods her head when it seems that they will fit.  Putting the clothes back on the bed, she shrugs into the soft robe and goes to the dresser to pick up her clutch and put it in one of the oversize pockets.  She walks to the door and opens it, her nose telling her that someone is cooking. 

Walking into the living room she goes to the sound system and hits the button to restart the jazz loop, then goes to the kitchen.  She sees Marco and waves her hand across the robe.  "Good morning.  Marco not mind Yelena wear robe and listen jazz?"  Her eyes widen a bit when she sees that Marco is cooking real food.  "Marco cook real food?  Why Marco not married?"
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@ Arc  The fly spy only gets a flash of Stahl going into a room, and what looks to be a man greeting him before the door closes. You can hear voices, but some of the noises coming from other rooms are louder and you're not really able to make out more than a few words here and there. But, it's not long before Arc is greeted. And Bo-Peep starts talking to her about fixing up his bike for more speed. When Stahl finally leaves Arc gets a brief 3/4 view of a tall, lanky man.

Sipping her soycaf idly, Arc gave a bit of a shrug at the results of her snooping.  Gut instinct failed me there.  Figures.  Just a guy doing another deal or whatever  She was distracted for the moment by the ork Bo-Peep approaching her: a rather lanky male with strikingly curly, bristly hair, hence the moniker.  "Hoi...your cred good for it this time, Bo?  Y'all know how I feel about freebies.  Anyhow, the garage be outta commish for a little while, man.  Gotta refit summa mah tools to keep m'self in working order, ya heard?"  She gave a nod, affirming confidently that she had the final say on what she worked on, and returned to her soycaf.

Then she noticed the glance of the man, and realized she left the Fly-Spy snooping on them!  Drek, please don't get noticed..  Entering the commands, she instructed the bug to flit away, down the hall and out the window, maintaining a decent altitude above her car until instructed otherwise.
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Marco’s eyes light as he sees Yelena, Morning! ... Jazz is awesome feel free to put some.

Why am I not married?... maybe its because I like a keeb three times my age...
He get close to her and adds. that travels light and kills people for living...
Once close to her, he extends his hands for a hug and a kiss.

I made breakfast for two, I figured it takes a bit more than an apple to satisfy your hunger. I know I could eat some more.
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Warning bells go off as Marco moves closer.  All of her well honed defenses go on-line, yet she finds herself allowing the strange Keeb to enfold her in an embrace.  His arms feel good around her and his lips feel good on hers.  Good?  No, better than good.  Then, like battling against a tide, some part of her concern trickles up to her consciousness.  *Yelena Petrovna!  Too much too soon.  Still on job.*  She manages to reluctantly pull away from the embrace.  Looking at Marco, she laughs and says.  "Marco smooth.  But not know Yelena three days ago.  So not real answer to question.  Yelena can wait for answer.  Food smell good."  She looks around the room and says.  "Was thinking Arc.  Maybe ask to lunch so can talk job?  Feathers, too.  Maybe strange Keeb looking for friend?"
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Marco set the table and sits down... I am one step ahead of you... I just texted Arc about meeting for lunch and planning for work. About strange keeb... you mean Sthal, I already took a risk trusting him, I will not reveal anything more unless Sam approves him. I try to learn how to be professional and then someone like that comes and I just can’t bring myself to shut up and let him burn for his recklessness.

A few moments later:

It pains me to think about you entering that terrible place again... It will be full of bliss and I am not sure pleasing Sam is worth the risk.

There may be some other way to learn about the club from the outside,  I kissed some prince from Tir yesterday. Apparently, he offered some private room full of vices but did not even care to introduce himself... I was just a piece of meat for him.  I’ll ask Sam to background check him to see how dangerous he is. From what Bill tells me he rarely refuses vices so I thought about offering some vices of my own far away from that awful place and see what I can learn from him.
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Yelena smiles.  "Thank for thinking faster Yelena.  Also thank for caring.  Yelena is big girl and knew risks.  Not as able to give Bliss pass, but can recover.  Woman in tub with Yelena called Bella.  I have comm code.  Think she know about drug.  Called it Starlight.  Bella tell Yelena that club use it for people that think of leaving club, but need to be big spenders first.  If need go back, Yelena will.  Might need help withdraw from Bliss later, after job.  And Yelena not do for Sam alone.  People go missing from club and maybe Yelena help."  Even saying that surprises Yelena a bit.  Always out for herself in the past, it is a new feeling to be thinking of others.  Maybe Arc is rubbing off a bit, but it feels good all the same.
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Feathers calls Sam when he reaches his home. >>Sam, I hate to bail on you, but, after being in that club I realized I can't do this. I need the money, but, I can't do this.<< Sam pauses a moment and says, >>I understand, this life isn't for everyone and I appreciate you letting me know upfront.<<
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Marco looks into her eyes saying: Maybe you are a hero Yelena Petrovna. after a short pause.

People are suffering all over the world, there is darkness wherever you look. I’d save the people I like. I get the feeling that you are connected to the barrens somehow. I really appreciate it,  still you said it took 20 years to shake that drug and the temptations in that club brought your past back to you.

He sighs...
Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of temptation - it is life itself. Still it is also a destructive force. Temptation need to be balanced and controlled... I am not sure it can be done, but I lost my mentor succubus when I started to feel that way. She took with her a part of myself. Something is missing ever since - and I am not sure that I can be both happy and not evil. 

Here is your reason for why I am not married... I wasn't the man I am now, half a year ago. I was in a dark place where I’d be the one to offer you bliss shortly after you told me you fought it for so long. I never had any real connection with anyone. My parents gave me up, I abused all my friends and was expelled from my homeland. Then I met Sam and she took advantage of me. I think that she could easily justify this kind of behaviour because the man she captured used his talent to hurt people. To make them burn... 

He than adds:
I use my escort service to make people happy... at least other people can be happy until I find my place in the world.
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Yelena smiles.  "Yelena not hero.  Did mage for pay.  Sam pay club job."  She shrugs as she takes a bite and chews.  "Not sure connected anywhere.  No home.  No friends 'til now.  And happy is for each person.  Only Marco decide Marco happy.  All have evil inside.  Yelena let evil control many years.  Maybe working on that."

She eats her breakfast while Marco explains why he is not married.  "Yelena think Marco wrong about tempting.  Never control or not know difference.  Same good and evil.  Must know difference.  Yelena also think Marco wrong about Sam.  Think Sam good.  Hire to kill Smiley-Face mage and find missing people.  Yelena think Sam help people and help Marco.  Only look evil because Marco look at Sam wrong.  Not take advantage but help Marco learn about self."  Yelena laughs and adds, "Sam probably help Yelena learn about self, too.  Yelena not see until now." 

Yelena sits back in the chair after finishing.  She leans forward a bit and the robe gaps to show an inviting bit of cleavage.  She puts her hand in the pocket of the robe.  "Yelena can smoke here or not?  So Marco tell Yelena if too personal?  Only one brush for teeth in bathroom.  Marco does not have regular girl here?
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Money? this is an illusion. Money does not really exist - everything you do you have to get paid, because you are not rich. This is the way of the world - it does not make your deeds any smaller because Sam paid you to do them. Almost everyone has to do something for money - and most of them are not playing heros and geeking evil mages.

In response to Yelena talking about Sam and happiness:

I was happy when my life were nothing but a moment, no past no future - just a single moment after another. I did not feel like a person, I felt like a force of nature. I did not respect anyone  - I was temptation itself. When I was expelled from my homeland, I was also denied a confession... a very uncatholic thing and the decision was made very high up in the hierarchy of the church. I was angry at first - but after the anger left I was wondering why don’t they just play along - they forgive everyone for everything... why not me?  It made me see my entire life in a different way,  I did not like it. It made me unhappy... it made me feel pain.  I was no longer a moment, and no longer happy.

In a way, it was my doing entirely... The good bishop tried to combat my mentor succubus and failed every time. She shaped my talent in her image, she shaped my personality in her image. No ritual, no psychological trick nothing worked... I did not want to change.  I could not be contained, and they decided to let me go. A simple unexpected action lead to a chain of events that in time lead me to change my ways.

About Sam I hope you are right, I do not like to think bad stuff on people and I both like and hate her. I know that she broke my trust, and that some things cannot be fixed. I like her, but once you cross a certain line the relationship can never truly recover. Good people just don’t play this way.
Shortly after:

Yes, I only had guests in here, not lovers. I have these patterns that help me survive, and one of them is no matter what happens during the night - if you go home you do so alone. Then there was you... the first time that I broke my own rule. Maybe just surviving wasn’t enough for me anymore.

He smiles when Yelena brings out smoking,

 I leave that decision to you. 
He leans toward her.  If you want to be a guest in my home, please go to the balcony as I do not smoke. This is what my guests do.
He then hold her hand, touching it gently.
If you desire to be more than a guest in my house, then light your cigarette and feel at home.

You do not have to decide now - but do know that the offer is there. It seems that both of us are fighting our past - and in a way, perhaps something real can be built on this base. If I believe in controlling temptation - I can believe in being attached to the women you want to become.
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Yelena shakes her head and laughs.  "Money only illusion to people who have.  To others money is way eat, sleep, live.  Is real."  She listens carefully as Marco talks about not bringing people here.  "Yelena sorry Marco break own rule.  Not mean to.  Have to say Marco sex was best sex Yelena ever had.  Maybe not all from link.  Yelena want Marco without link and that important.  Yelena want Marco now."

Yelena feels a small jolt as Marco touches her hand.  She looks into his eyes as she clenches her fingers to hold onto him, not letting go for several seconds before she smiles and stands, releasing his hand.  "Was good breakfast.  Yelena thank Marco.  Now Yelena help clean from cooking.  Marco wash or dry?"  She moves to the sink and helps wash, dry, and put away the dishes and cooking implements used in the meal.  The space is not so large and there are a few unavoidable instances of bumping into one another.  The activity is accompanied with laughter and probably a bit of water is flicked at one or the other of the two.

When everything is done in the kitchen, Yelena takes the clutch from the pocket of the robe.  "Better as guest to start.  Yelena go balcony."  She takes a few steps and stops.  Not looking at him, she softly says, "Yelena not know what woman she be.  Marco might need take what Yelena is."  She goes to the balcony and steps into the clear midday air, shivering just a bit and pulling the warm robe a bit closer to ward off the slight winter chill.  She sits on the chaise, removes a cigar from her case, and lights it, thinking about Marco.  The offer to be something other than a sometime guest had been unexpected.  Very unexpected.  She mulls over every sentence for the fourth time and has to admit to herself that she detects no hidden motive behind the words.  She looks back through the glass doors while taking drags on the acrid cigar.  *Yelena could like place.  Money.  Hot water.  Nice clothes.  Not old Yelena, but can be new Yelena.  Maybe.  Could be one day, two days, three days then Marco tired of Yelena.  Like all others.*  But Yelena feels that something is different this time.  Even after just one morning.  There is SOMETHING different.  Maybe two partial souls coming together.  Maybe not.

She has expertly held the cigar ash to the end and flicks it off into the void beyond the balcony.  She makes up her mind and nods, turning to the door and going back inside.  Moving through the apartment to the bedroom, she removes the robe and hangs it back on the bathroom door, then dresses in the clothes Marco had laid out.
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Dec 6th Sometime later

Ambrose has been getting busy, after spending a few hours scavenging for supplies in dumpsters, he then went around to various locations around his home outside of the city proper. In this, he was actually quite lucky, as he gathered supplies, including a pine tree for the upcoming consumer appreciation day.

Carefully using the handful of various glass bulbs he found, he gently rubs away small spot of paint in the bulb inserting one of the microcameras he had gotten earlier with straw filled with gunpowder and small rocks. Not enough to really do any damage, only a bullet's worth of powder, but enough to destroy the camera if someone was to have discovered it.

The hardest thing of all was trying to figure out what to do with the partridge in a pear tree.
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@ Arc  Stahl comes down the stairs looking relieved, and when he spots Arc his chin lifts and he comes close, "He wasn't there. Thanks for the ride. I know you've got other things to do and it was kind of you to make time for me to try and help me find my friend." The ride back to his place is uneventful and he tells Arc a little it about Heidi and Abigail. And if Reiner isn't among the kidnapped that this group is looking for, well then at least he won't have to worry so much about who he could get to babysit her when Abigail had to go to her sisters.

The afternoon wears on and you receive the comm from Sam.
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Yelena shakes her head and laughs.  "Money only illusion to people who have.  To others money is way eat, sleep, live.  Is real."  She listens carefully as Marco talks about not bringing people here.  "Yelena sorry Marco break own rule.  Not mean to.  Have to say Marco sex was best sex Yelena ever had.  Maybe not all from link.  Yelena want Marco without link and that important.  Yelena want Marco now."

Nothing in my apartment is what it seems to be, I renovated the place myself just to get the contract. It was a mess when I got it, the previous tenant totally destroyed it. Friends helped me piece it together. They got me good prices on stuff a few favors and barters and eventually I managed to make it a home.    I pay for everything on a monthly base. The wines and coffee machine are rentals... I pay per use.  My lavish lifestyle is paid for by clients. I am no richer than you or Arc, I do not own a car and I doubt that landlord of mine will think twice before throwing me into the street if I am late on the payments.

I also don’t try to be rich, once I pay for expenses, I keep only a small amount in my balance and donate the rest to charity. Sam pays me fairly even if I never negotiate with her.  After a good run I usually donate more. I am not a rich man at all, I come from a rich family tough and perhaps this is why I wanted to live these life in the first place. Makes me feel connected to them somehow.

He is a bit embarrassed when Yelena speaks about best sex. He thinks: It indeed was amazing, but Yelena have seen a lot. Perhaps she is saying something about herself rather than complimenting me. Maybe it is because we connected emotionally.

Don’t be sorry... you are not *people* to me. The link is indeed fun... We can also do without... Perhaps we we can go to a nice jazz club tonight? you said that you play the sax... how about someplace with an open stage...?

  She takes a few steps and stops.  Not looking at him, she softly says, "Yelena not know what woman she be.  Marco might need take what Yelena is."

He follows her to the balcony silent... after a short while he finally speaks. What you were until recently is someone on the run, a survivor... someone that does not look back when she moves on. That person cannot form a real connection with me or with anyone else for that matter. Don’t change for me but you owe yourself more than that.

He looks at the city view from the balcony he seems to enjoy himself. It is such a nice day... when we’re not working I will show you the city from a bird view, it is amazing.

When Yelena exist his room he study her for a short while... It fits quite nice... suits you better than it suits me, I want you to have it.

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Yelena Listens carefully to all Marco says without adding comment.  When he offers her the clothes she looks at him, picking her words carefully.  "Clothes belong Marco.  Yelena accept as gift and thank."  After a short pause, she continues.  "Marco very nice.  Very different.  Yelena interested living here with Marco, but after finish job.  Maybe Marco not want Yelena after.  Most do not.  Longest lover except sax man two weeks.  Yelena has too much death.  Too many past bodies.  Sometimes wake at night from dreams.  Sometimes drink much to forget.  All together is too much for lovers.  Ask Yelena leave.  Maybe Marco ask Yelena leave.  Maybe not.  Marco want take chance?"

Yelena waves her hand at the room.  "Yelena not need wealth.  Only drink, gamble away.  Yelena not need.  Not know what need.  But know what want."  She will step up to Marco and unless he pulls back she will kiss him with such passion that if he is normal he will remember the kiss for some time.  Pulling back after what could be minutes, she will look up at him and smile.  "Yelena like Marco kiss.  We go jazz club if like.  Yelena play there before.  After finish come here.  Yelena show Marco what is like without drugs and without link.  Promise not disappoint.  Hope Marco walls not thin.
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Yelena Listens carefully to all Marco says without adding comment.  When he offers her the clothes she looks at him, picking her words carefully.  "Clothes belong Marco.  Yelena accept as gift and thank."  After a short pause, she continues.  "Marco very nice.  Very different.  Yelena interested living here with Marco, but after finish job.  Maybe Marco not want Yelena after.  Most do not.  Longest lover except sax man two weeks.  Yelena has too much death.  Too many past bodies.  Sometimes wake at night from dreams.  Sometimes drink much to forget.  All together is too much for lovers.  Ask Yelena leave.  Maybe Marco ask Yelena leave.  Maybe not.  Marco want take chance?"

As Yelena talk Marco just look at her - she is a mystery to him. Strong and weak, confident and unconfident. Unlike everyone he ever dated... Marco does not even understand why he wants her after she confessed to being raped, killing innocents and having drinking, gambling and drugs problems... She has such a long history behind her that he cannot even begin to understand what she has been through. He does not care about any of that - she needs him, he understands that by now. Somehow that simple fact is more significant to him that anything else. No one needed him in the past - most people were even better without him. Some of them wanted him for all the wrong reasons.  He just look at her, charmed.

Yelena waves her hand at the room.  "Yelena not need wealth.  Only drink, gamble away.  Yelena not need.  Not know what need.  But know what want."  She will step up to Marco and unless he pulls back she will kiss him with such passion that if he is normal he will remember the kiss for some time.  Pulling back after what could be minutes, she will look up at him and smile.  "Yelena like Marco kiss.  We go jazz club if like.  Yelena play there before.  After finish come here.  Yelena show Marco what is like without drugs and without link.  Promise not disappoint.  Hope Marco walls not thin.[/color][/color][/color]

Most people are attracted to wealth, most people would be repulsed by the image of him renovating the place himself like a poor wageslave. He appears rich, but he appears many things. His train of thoughts is cut when Yelena kisses him. He is a moment again, there is nothing else in the world. He is happy, he feels that in her own way his old mentor is smiling at him. 

Once he finally catches his breath again, he just looks into Yelena's eyes. There is no need for a mindlink spell to say that Marco expects it very much, he is blushed, clearly excited and he is silent. He crushes on the couch in the living room. When he finally speaks he say, I anticipate it very much, I will never forget you.
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@ Arc  Stahl comes down the stairs looking relieved, and when he spots Arc his chin lifts and he comes close, "He wasn't there. Thanks for the ride. I know you've got other things to do and it was kind of you to make time for me to try and help me find my friend." The ride back to his place is uneventful and he tells Arc a little it about Heidi and Abigail. And if Reiner isn't among the kidnapped that this group is looking for, well then at least he won't have to worry so much about who he could get to babysit her when Abigail had to go to her sisters.

The afternoon wears on and you receive the comm from Sam.

Arc gave a nod at the confirmation of the news that there was no news, giving a shrug.  "Tough breaks, chummer.  If I hear any more I'll let ya know, aight?"  Upon exiting, she commanded the Fly-Spy back to her, having it land on her shoulder as she entered the car, the human deactivating and pocketing the drone with casual grace.

As predicted, there wasn't much said, but Arc did seem to take some interest in his home life, so there was a plus for Stahl at least.  The human was surprised that the man had a daughter he was essentially raising on his own...and from what little she could make of him, he wasn't home too much trying to work and stuff.  She frowned a little at that, mostly because the whole deal gave her a slight pang of loss, that brief hidden instance where she misses her own family  that she regretfully cannot remember much of.  Followed closely was the thought of raising a child in the Barrens, and that such a situation was more than common, for as much as you want to be there to raise young, the bills need to be paid.  Hells, I probably couldn't do better...  As they pulled up to Stahl's apartment, Arc wanted to say something.  "..I know it ain't my place, cuz it's your kid and all that.  But if you gon' do me a solid?  Make sure she knows who you are and drek.  Do that, and we'll call it even how's bout?"  With a faint smile, the girl saluted with her cyberarm before zooming off, her commlink blipping up the messages from Yelena and Marco.  Hmm...

@Yelena, Marco {Arc}>>
<<Well, seems like we all had some similar ideas.  You guys didn't get into much trouble, I hope?  Frag it, Touristville is hoopla I guess. Ping me the location, and I'll get there...I'll guess around 2:00 PM?  Sorry for the wait, had to drop off someone what needed a ride.  Job's done though.


After many, many moments of near-misses, waiting for cars to move, and LOTS of Or'Zet curses she didn't even know she know, Arc was nearing the location that was shared with her for the lunch date.  That's when Sam's message hit, and the human froze.  She...He...whatever...wants to meet us tomorrow, and then soon go BACK into that place?  Frag, I'm young, but I don't think I could go in there without doing something I would regret..again...drek, man   As she pulled up to a place to park, she composed a reply to Sam.

<<Give me a little time to compile the footage into a file, and you'll have it in a few hours for review.  Maybe by morning you'll find what ya need>>

With that, she slammed the door, locked up, and started to look for her friends, following the general direction Marco gave.
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Yelena smiles at Marco.  "Marco still smooth react that way.  Nice.  Arc here soon.  She like metal music.  Marco have on system?"  She moves to the sound system controls and surfs for something metallic and puts it on.  She turns to Marco, "Now Marco have two women in room.  Yelena corrupting Marco."  Yelena begins moving to the metal beat, losing herself in the ebb and flow of the music.  Eyes closed, she moves quite sensuously, even provocatively.  There is no thought in the movement, just rhythm and beat.

Soon a soft buzz from the doorman informs them that Arc is in the building and Marco gives the OK to send her up.  Yelena opens the door when she rings the bell and pulls her inside, smiling broadly.  She gives her friend a hug and says, "Oh Arc.  Yelena glad you alright.  Have much to tell.  No answer from Feathers to come, so hope alright.
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Marco say: Sure thing there is this band Arc recommended me the day we met... Vision Divine.  I downloaded all their albums along with that Access Denied band that we already enjoyed. Put that new one on... 

He laughs when Yelena suggest that she corrupt him. I do not know what you have in plan for Arc... but I was refering to my bedroom as a private place. I have people in here all the time. He thinks to himself, what is the relationship between these two? They seem to be very close.

For a short while, Marco observes her with a smile. He is fascinated she seems so free, so happy... and   *so seductive* - the little succubus . He thinks to himself as he notice some of her more provocative moves.  When Sam buzzes him, he can barely focus long enough to replay her.. he does not want do so, but his responsible voice tells him to that the more time that Sam has for the background check he needs the more informed he'll be. 

Dear Demoness

I kissed a strange keeb named Cinan Mistishasa... apparently some Tir prince... not the Irish one, the one in America... I am terrible in geography i think it is Tir Trairngire. He offered a private room that I declined gracefully. Guys like him can have anything they want, so the obvious thing to get their attention was not to be too accessible. I have a feeling it will keep him intrigued. You thought me patience so lets see if this works for us.

Speaking of things that you taught me:
Can you background check this guy? I believe that he has access to anything in this club, including that drug you were interested in. Heck he may be rich enough to think that he can also get away with making people missing.  I can go down that rabbit hole for you... but if I do I need be well prepared.

Yours Truly,

Marco is glad that this message was already mostly written...  In fact, he stopped writing it when he saw Yelena in that hot tub to begin with. He could have never completed it with her dancing like this in his living room. Before he thinks about it, he is dancing close to her in a manner that is definitely not appropriate for a catholic priest.

He is a little bit nervous when Arc enters but he do not let anything get to the face... Welcome, he say - we really dig your music.
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The last thing Arc expected to hear as she approached the apartment in the snazzy looking complex was her own style of music, though once she recognized the powerful, almost ethereal rhythms as the music she recommended to Marco it all made sense.  She let out a little oof of surprise as she was pulled into the hug, grinning and embracing the Russian keeb happily.  Turning to the both of them, she scratched her head.  "Glad you're digging them.  Honestly, didn't think Italian metal existed, but whatevs.  As for much to tell, yeah seems like it..Feathers said he hitched a cab home last night, the coot's as likely still sleeping it off, har."".

The short human laughed, sticking her hands in her pockets, looking very much like her natural self, if not a little sleep deprived.  "Frag it if this isn't a wiz pad you manage this on Barrens pay?"". She sniffed the air, smirking wickedly as she joked, though it was clear it was innocent: "You two been keepin outtat trouble I hope?  I heard how keebs can be...heh...anyhow!  Someone said something about lunch?  I been on the go since waking up today". She rubbed her hands together, surveying with mild wonder what she considered the lap of luxury.
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Yelena takes Arc's jacket and hangs it in the small closet near the door, then takes her by the hand, leading her to the small counter separating the kitchen from the living room.  Perching on one of the bar stools there, she motions to another.  "Arc have sit.  Marco good cook.  Can all talk while prepares lunch.  Arc get message from Sam?  Something party tomorrow.  Honor heroes.  Yelena not get invite yet.  Arc get?"

Yelena will shake her head slightly if Arc pulls her cigarettes out, motioning to the balcony through the glass doors.  "Yelena first.  Met woman named Bella.  Might be same woman for party.  Might not.  We had party in tub with men.  Much vodka.  Much fun.  Then she talk of drug "Starlight".  Tell Yelena club offer to special clients to keep interested in club.  Have comm code, can call.  Maybe get to know and she tell more of drug."  She shrugs.  "What happened Arc?"
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Italian metal?!  Marco giggles a little bit - I am from Italy but I wouldn't call myself an Italian. Long story short, they didn't let me out much -  barely saw sunlight just during lunch time - study the rest of the day. It was awful and I hated that... I was probably the worst mage in my class. I still have no idea about most of the stuff they tried to teach me back then. I feel like that building that was my home, could have been anywhere in the world really... they also spoke just English because most of the students were foreign. My Italian is so so because I stopped hearing it at the age of 5, I work on it tough.

Marco grins as Arc  seem impressed by the decor... I did a lot of work myself with help of friends. I got good prices, and I negotiate carefully what I need, a lot of the stuff here is bartered for other goods that I could easily provide. Mainly entertainment - that I am good in providing.  My day job also helps a little bit.

When he looks at how Yelena snatches Arc, he grins - we are happy today... I hope you are hungry. I am going to make some Spaghetti. Fresh onions, tomatoes, basil and garlic with some Italian sausage and Parmesan cheese. Delicious, yet basic - it will take a while but it is worth the wait.  He enters the kitchen and starts preparing the dish. He seems to enjoying himself working with the food while slightly dancing to the rhythm.


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Dec 6th 13:00

Feathers is watering his herb garden. It's afternoon already, late night partying taking it's toll he'd overslept, but he needs time to think and watering the garden and plucking a few weeds gives him time and clarity that few other activities do. Flying is better, but he sometimes gets lost in it and right now he needs to plan what he's going to do to make a living and keep this place. Hmmmm, a winter garden needs more protection than this. Perhaps a way to catch and reflect more of the sun, along with a bit of insulation and I could start harvesting in 6-8 weeks. he thinks. Working with Merlin has made him seriously consider teaching. The money is bound to be far less than I would have made with Sam. But, I'd live longer that's for damn sure. he thinks to himself. Schools were on break right now. But he could apply and maybe get on, even if only part-time, somewhere. That plan made, Feathers goes back into the house for one of natures true delights, a hot cup of tea. When suddenly, he's hit hard on the back of his head. He's got only a moment before he blacks out, and in that moment instinct and habit form one single action. He opens his comm and calls for help, and the call is placed to the last person he called. >>Help, he unnh<<

Sam gets the call and runs a program to cross-check location through several different algorithms and then makes a call of his own. >>Ghost, I need you to check this address. Belongs to a mage by the name of Turnstall. Find out what's not there. Usual fee plus 25% if I get a full report in less than four hours.<< That done Sam turns his concentration back on sifting through data, running programs and scheming.
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Arc couldn't help but smile from Yelena's and Marco's infectious cheer, shrugging off her armor vest as well, the glint of the Night Howlers insignia on the back reflecting the sunlight for a brief moment.  Copping a squat, she listened with curiosity to the others.  All the while, she was multitasking in AR, pulling up the recorded video footage of the previous night and compiling it into a sendable format.  Because of the...nature of her mental state the Night before, and to save time, she just included all footage from the moment she entered to when she left.

"...onion, garlic, basil, wuzzat?  Oh. DREK.  You're talking real food Drek?!  Man, you lying to us keeb, ain't no way you hots real food.". Truly a product of her generation, it was likely more clear than ever that the typical Barrens young adult would know only of the soy and krill-based processed foods and sweets, never even dream of anything, yknow...real.  "now this I gotta see..."

Turning to the Russian, the human felt her cheeks redden as she recounted her experience.  " for me, dance floor was a continual machine of energy and entertainment.  I spotted a glitch in the AR system, but couldn't follow up on it and Drek...maybe if I had my RCC might a snuck a peek.  later on I spent some time with this drekker name.of Joyboy.  Total playa known at the club for helping rich celeb hoops like us spend our jing.  Think I gotta dead end, he just helped me get drunk...I think.  I kinda admit, I dont rmemeber much about last night to a certain pint, aha...". She trailed off, not sure how much she wanted to share, but if Yelena and Marco were as experienced in the ways of people as believed, it would not be a stretch to connect the dots...
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Maro talk to Arc as he skillfully cut tomatoes, fry the onion and turn it all into a nice looking sauce.
You touched a point I feel very strongly about, what’s wrong in this world is that highly processed soy based food is cheap while simple plain, not processed food is expensive. There is no special reason for that other than genetically engineered soy that is more efficient to grow.
Do not believe corporate propaganda - it is not good for you... it is only good to their bottom line.  Many things you can grow yourself for free with a bit of water, sunlight  and some compost...  They won’t let you know that, hardly any knowledge softs about it. This is the kind of stuff you can learn only from real books.

Understand that books were created before the mega's took over the world, they also have knowledge that corps would not approve. Created before the mega’s took control over the entire knowledge databases. We forget the basic things in life....We still have fancy gadgets latest in technology... DNI a standard... A sleep regulator... no problem... fresh tomatoes - thats a luxury. I just don’t get this outside world.

The one thing I liked about my early life is that we always had a garden to grow food in. Either my parents that had grapes, or the monastery that grew its own food out of some religious ideal of humility. Growing all your food is sometimes a bit tricky,  but you can significantly improve your diet with gardening. Did you know that 60 years ago people lived into their 80’s and 90’s ?  Real books contain real knowledge -  knowledge softs only contain cooperate versions of knowledge. You can use what's written there, but some important stuff is left out on purpose. Books however, were created in a time where knowledge was more free and was happily shared.

A bit later, slightly interfering to the conversation with Yelena.
You gotta be careful with these... some of these people have silver tongues... these can make you do stuff... he winks at Arc and smile half to himself.
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Yelena listens to Arc and understands that her friend is leaving out details, but she does not push.  She reaches out a hand to touch Arc's arm and says, "Arc right.  People not friends there.  Only want us spend money.  More money, more drink, more drugs.  Yelena not used to that life."  She takes advantage of Marco turning away for a minute and puts pressure on Arc's arm, looking her in the eyes.  She softly says, "Yelena need Arc help.  Was Bliss at tub party.  Yelena not strong enough and use.  Now want more.  And more.  Yelena may need more to find Starlight drug.  Will need help after to get clean again.  Not pretty.  Not nice.  Arc help Yelena?"
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It was certainly a valiant effort on Marco's part to explain healthy eating, and to her credit she did try to understand where the male elf was coming from, but the whole concept of someone growing their own natural food was beyond Arc's reckoning.  Arc, who has spent her whole life in the Seattle metropolis and sprawl, had only seen what could be passed as countryside in the trids let alone felt natural, fertile earth beneath her feat.  She gave a little smirk, shaking her head with a sigh.

"I kinda doubt 80-90, but whateva helps ya sleep.  Next y'know you'll be tellin' me I should eat dandelions next, eh?  Haa...around the people I grew up, if you hit 40, you were an ancient relic to defy the fate this jungle we call home has for us.  By all rights, you were expected to be working and living indie by 15, and my 21 year old hoop is an over-the-hill old maid in a trog's eyes.  If the violence of the Sprawl don't kill you, it's the KE oppression, the corp garbage vats, the debt cleaners, or the smog if you're lucky.  Last I checked, that don't leave a lot of time to be fretting over grub.  But hey, I'll give it a shot, you do seem accustomed to the niceties secreted away in the high-classers."  If it sounded like a backhanded compliment it probably was, but the short human was probably like that when talked down too like some kid.

She paused after Yelena said her piece, her mind reeling a bit at the news.  Bliss...frag  to hell...  She's seen more than her share of Blissheads in the Barrens: those folk who were focused solely on their next hit, not caring about any other aspect, even survival.  Hell, Bliss had a hand in the death of a small child killed by Ol' Smiley, her babysitter too Blissed out to do her job.  The human visibly tensed her jaw, her hand reaching up to cover the other's, easing it slowly off her as she gave a small nod.   Her next action might have been odd, but now felt more natural: she sent Yelena a message coded with her voice, her mouth remaining shut.

<<Yelena: Neither of us be used to this, omae.  You think I normally drink till I'm passed out, go to a private room with a guy, and wake up in the morning?  This job is a fraggin' test, just not what we used to.  We gotta survive, Y.  I will fragging tie your slot to a chair and string you up with shockers to clean you out if I hafta.  I ain't finna lose a roomie right after getting one, ya heard?>>

The message was interrupted as the human sniffed the air, smelling the cooking and roasting of the food Marco was preparing, forcing her stomach to rumble a bit.  "Woah..."
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Yelena smiles at Arc's words of assurance.  She remembers the last time she had quit and managed to stay clean.  It had been hard, almost too hard, and there had been no one to help her.  She had been a mess for several weeks as she fought the urges and finally won.  Well, apparentlyshe had not truly won, only managing to keep the drug at bay until last night.  It had just seemed so natural, so normal to crack the little blue capsule and take the hit.  *At least not Big K.  Kamikaze much worse get clean.*

Shuddering, she smiles at Arc and focuses on what Marco is cooking.  "Mmmmm.  Smell good Marco.  Yelena bet taste good.  So what we do now about drug?  Go back in daytime?  Wait party invite?  Call Sam?".
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Marco sighs I am done with preparations, but it will be a bit longer before it is ready. ....When Yelena mention work, he is suddenly serious. The happy and careless smile disappear almost immidiently and his voice takes a more serious texture.

We should get some astral recon on this place so we know how dangerous it is to use magic in there. It will also teach us about the nature of these guys... Magical security is something we should report Sam. It is very unusual for a club to ward everything. I can summon a minor demon to help us with that... I couldn’t do it myself yesterday because I am blind for a mage.

... he thinks a little bit and adds:

Another good option will be to try and snoop around, and see what's going on. I also have a spell for that - but in that case it takes either luck or great skill to discover stuff... I’d prefer technology for that task. I have a directional microphone we can place. It is not as good as being inside but it can pass a wall maybe two so lets hope we get lucky with it.

He then smiles at Yelena:
If we go during the day we should definitely take guns... I sort of feel brave about walking unarmed in that place after what Arc just told us.

He goes to his room for a short while, and bring back a bag, a an Ares Crusader machine pistol, and a leather jacket, helmet and glasses.  He neatly place the equipment on the floor. The jacket is the only thing I have that is apropriate to wear in the Barrens.  I hope it is not an overkill. He finally say.
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Yelena smiles and nods.  "Marco do magic seeing of club?  Man of talents.  Yelena like that."  She watches as Marco pulls things out of the bag.  "Oh.  Marco have Ares gun.  Crusader.  Ares make best guns.  Yelena not use Crusader, but is good gun."  She walks over to the pile and points at the Crusader.  "Yelena look?"

She bends over to pick up the gun, turning it over in her hands to get the feel of it.  As she puts it back down she says, "Good gun.  Feel right."  She turns to look at Arc.  "Arc.  Yelena leave gun case Arc car when go club.  Still there or need go garage?"
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About the Ares Crusader:  it is the largest one that I could possibly conceal in the elevator. My neighbors won’t appreciate arms. He laughs.

He then say:
Let’s summon the demon before we eat, that way we may have some interesting company. Marco close his eyes for a couple of seconds, he seems concentrated. When he opens them a demon materialize right in front of him. 

The demon looks like a metahuman, he is about the size of a troll and has dark red skin and  a demonic tail. His eyes are bright red, and his head is decorated with a pair of long white horns. He wears a black business suit,  a white shirt and a bow tie.  He is very muscular, and appears attractive despite his obvious demonic features.

Every other student in my class summon angels... Every time I summoned anything it looked like a demon and my mentors banished it without even talking first.  He thinks to himself.

Thank you for coming to our aid noble demon, for your enjoyment I made Spaghetti. I dedicated a lot of effort into making it. You are welcome to dine with us. My name is Marco, and these are Arc and Yelena. What is your name? 

The demon respond with a deep and low voice. I am Asmodeus.

It was expected... any demon Marco ever summoned, at any force level was named Asmodeus. Somehow none of them knew about each other, but they claimed all to be the same demon.

Marco say: Well Asmodeus... have a sit... First we eat, and we’ll get to work. Food is one of the important pleasures of this world... We are happy to share it with you.   
The demon sits, and Marco begins serving the spaghetti. Bon Appetit!. He say.
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Yelena chuckles at the thought of Marco's neighbors and what they might think of his gun.  She returns to Arc's side when Marco says he is going to summon a demon.  The creature that appears is frightening, but the clothes the demon is wearing softens the appearance.  Her hand reflexively grasps Arc's arm as her eyes instinctively go to where she had put the Crusader down.  Fortunately for all concerned, she knows that the gun is unloaded.  Her dealings with various truly horrible people in many gangs allows her to calm down quickly, accepting that this creature not a threat.  Still, she has never seen a summoned creature of this, or any other kind, from so close.  Its apparent friendliness, or lack of hostility is better, could be a ruse, so Yelena will remain vigilant.  She calculates the time it would take her to get to the Crusader and load it if that became necessary.

She sits at the table when Marco invites them to, watching the demon with interest.  Just the fact that she is so close to this..........demonic ally is a bit disconcerting, but Marco seems to have it under control.  Her estimation of Marco's talents certainly increases a lot with this demonstration.   She begins eating the food before her and his value goes up another notch.  She looks at him closely as she eats.  *Excellent lover.  Excellent cook.  Skilled mage.  Nice man.  Why Marco not married or at least with girl full time?  What wrong Yelena not see?  Must be careful.  Too easy fall for man then find out monster.*  After a few bites she says, "Very good meal.  Marco good cook.  Thank you for share."

She looks at the demon, still somewhat incongruously eating a meal with them.  "So.  Can we talk with you or just Marco?"
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Arc was once again reminded that Marco was a mojo slinger of sorts, which put her just a wee bit at unease, mostly due to her experience and lack of knowledge about them.  But that was turned aside when the Crusader was revealed, the human giving a little smirk and picking it up after Yelena was done with it.  "Eh...not a bad piece.  Found the smartsofts to be a wee bit buggy, and the frame doesn't do much for the kick of repeated fire.  Still, a decent piece, you chose good.  After this job, bring it to me sometime, I'll fix it up nice."  She grinned, glad to be talking about something in her element.  For your go-kit, this definitely will make you look less like a fraggin' squish, which is vital in the Barrens, ya heard?  Biggest thing is just how you present y'self.  You act like prey, you gon' get nommed like prey."

"As for recon, if you got the mage stuff going down, I think I can handle a bit on the tech side.  Check this drek out.."  Lifting her cyberarm up, she clenched her hand into a fist, as if flexing, reaching across with her other hand to catch a pair of drones that popped out: a Kanmushi bug and a Fly-Spy.  "It's a lot easier to use with my RCC, so I'll wanna be someplace outta sight when I go diggin, eh?  Ah..."

When the demon was summoned, it took everything for Arc to not bolt out the door.  As Yelena gripped her arm, she sent her a message.  Marco was right:  this DNI stuff was pretty much telepathy.  <<Yelena--your go-bag is in the car.  Mine too, but my Pred is with me.>>  She eyed the figure up and down, a little wary as they took their seat at the table.  Eh, what the hell...a fraggin' succubus hired us, brought Marco to us, why shouldn't I be fraggin' surprised...  Shrugging, she picked up a fork, picking at the spaghetti hesitantly before taking a bite.  Her eyes widened at the explosion of flavors and the texture, something actually different from the overprocessed foods her body was used to.  "...frag me seven ways to Sunday...  She muttered in wonder of the taste, digging in whilst listening to the impending conversation.
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Yelena looks at the drones that Arc has displayed.  "Rigger friend in Denver was fan of drones.  Arc like so far?  Yelena protect when not in body."
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@ Arc, Yelena, Marco  The devil looks at you all in turn. Measuring. And then it becomes a red mist that swirls through the meal and then the apartment. Marco feels his hair stand on end when it swirls around him, and he hears a whisper. "Two services. I am not bought by a meal." It is clearly waiting.

@ Arc  >>File sent. Downloaded.<< Arc's comm acknowledges the file transfer and receipt to Sam. Well, it's away. she thinks. She colors at the memory of just what was on there, but done is done.

@ Ambrose  The afternoon has been spent quite profitably. And when Ambrose stands back and looks at his handiwork. It's with the pride of any new father. One  last touch,  Ambrose thinks to himself,

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Marco nods at Arc when she offers to fix his gun. I appreciate it... while I know how to use it, I actually have no idea how it works... He is especially impressed when the little drones pop out of Arcs hand. He smiles... It is fascinating.

Then during the dinner Marco say to the demon. Please, Asmodeus ... do understand. You may not know me personally,  but you are all I know is you, during all my short life.

I brought you here for a single service, not two. What I know how to do myself I prefer to do myself. But you can look into the astral world and I can’t.  This is why I ask you to visit a place and let me know what it looks like from the astral world.  Give me a detailed report about anything magical, or awaken in there.. and please if you do not enjoy my cooking and our company you are free to leave right away. I only brought you a bit early because I wanted to make your visit to the physical world a pleasant one. But I can be all business if you prefer it like that.
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The demon listens to your description and directions of where you want it to go and then is away in a mist of red that fades in a moment.
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Yelena is surprised and a bit discomfited by the response and disappearance of the summoned demon spirit.  After a moment of quiet where she tries to get her thoughts together, she points to the demon's plate.  "It seem demon not want.  Yelena have?  Is very good.  Not want waste."
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Marco sighs... and say: I am terribly sorry. Asmodeus is not always this impatient. I can never begin to understand him.

He looks a bit distant...he thinks:
He’ll do what I asked, then he’ll go back to where he came from. The next one I’ll summon will also be called Asmodeus, and will probably be completely different and deny all knowledge of this one. Providing he cannot lie to me... I cannot even begin to understand what answers my calls.

He smiles at Yelena: Sure feel free... the food will not be this good tomorrow.
To Arc...  this will cover the magic part for now.
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Yelena shrugs her shoulders.  "Marco not be sorry.  Yelena think demon magic was good.  Yelena impressed Marco can do."  She digs into the second plate of spaghetti with gusto.  Waving a fork, she says, "Is very good Marco.  Yelena not eat like this in long time.  Maybe never.  Thank you."

Yelena finishes her meal and takes her dishes into the kitchen to begin washing up.  She notices a small console on the counter.  Looking at it closely, she sees that it is a remote for the sound system.  Looking over her shoulder at Arc, she uses the console to restart the metal track that had run to conclusion during lunch.  She moves her hips to the beat as she starts the water and adds soap.  As expected, Arc is moving her head and tapping the table.  Yelena motions with her head, "Arc.  Come help.  After clean can talk about what do tonight."
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After the demon passed, Arc was absently chewing on the food.  Delicious as it was, her mind was focused on that video log she sent to Sam, her cheeks visibly reddened at the thought.  Well, too late for regrets, I guess.  Drek  Her mind was snapped back when Yelena grabbed the demon spirit's plate of spaghetti, causing her to snort.  "Keebs having seconds, now you're just messing with me, Y..."  She winked, shoving down another mouthful and chewing happily, finishing the plate just in time for Yelena to invite the human over to wash up.  "Ah, what...oh, this ain't disposable...aight, cool.  I'll give the frag a shot."  Bobbing her head, she picked up the plate and headed to the kitchen, following the Russian's lead.

"As for tonight...I dunno about you, but after last night, I could use a trid and sleep night.  We gotta meet up with Sam in the morning, and she ain't exactly paying us for extra recon, ya heard?"  She picked her voice up, enough for Marco to hear.  "I'll let my toys loose next time we at the club, maybe they be small enough to slip into places without notice.  Find a reason to have my RCC and stuffs if I can get away with it.  But for now...this breeder be needin' a step back, you feel me?"
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Yelena nods to the music as she helps Arc with the dishes.  "Yelena relax, too.  Go small club with open mike.  Play sax jazz and relax..  Yelena there several times since come Seattle.  Nice crowd Saturday nights.  Like jazz."  As she straightens back up after putting the last plate away she says, "So when meeting tomorrow?  And where?  Same place as before?  Yelena send message Sam to ask.  Now need smoke." 

Yelena moves through the glass doors onto the patio balcony and looks over the railing at the Sprawl.  She takes a cigar from her case and lights it while she mentally thumbs her commlink.  <Sam.  Yelena.  Thank for party last night.  Yelena had much fun.  Maybe too much fun.  Met woman named Bella who might know of drug named Starlight that is house very special drug.  Only give special guests.  When and where meet tomorrow?>  After sending off the message, she stands leaning against the railing.  She offers a cigar to Arc if she comes out, but otherwise remains lost in thought for a bit.  She finishes the cigar with the ash intact and flicks it off over the rail.  Having come to a decision, she pulls up the code for Bella and sends a short text.  <Bella.  Is Yelena.  From tub party last night.  Want thank for sharing you.  Long time since Yelena has that much fun and you best part.  Bella tell Yelena call if want so am calling.  Love to see again if like.  Club place or other place does not matter.  Give ring back if interested.>

After the smoke and call, Yelena finds Marco.  "Yelena thank Marco for all.  Special salon.  Special time party.  Much more special time after party.  Cook real food.  Yelena go home for rest.  Meet club later.  Here is ARO for address.  Yelena there at six to practice.  Open mike at eight.  Come earlier maybe eat?  Club food not Marco food, but is good."   Yelena runs a finger down his shirt before adding.  "And Yelena show Marco great time after if still interested."
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Sat.  Dec. 6  14:00
@ Arc Yelena, Marco  You receive a message from Sam.  >>The meeting will be at the same place as before at 09:00. I've been working on a party in your honor at the club and it looks like we'll be able to hold it on Monday. Isabella is well known there and is a customer they're very interested in keeping. I've got some plans for recon and want to be able to discuss them with you.<<

@ Ambrose  You receive a message on one of your 'business lines'. >>You don't know me, but a dwarf by the name of Hrock recommended you to me for your specialty skills. I have a job where I need quite a lot of flash and boom, but very little damage and no lives lost. Hrock tells me you can not only do that but give me pink, fluffy unicorns to boot. I need the job done and set to go off with a remote switch on Monday evening, which means you'll have tomorrow & Monday to do some surveillance and set everything up. I'm willing to pay the usual fee +1000 for the rush. If you're interested meet me at the Seamstress Union at 15:00. Ask for John.<<

@ Marco  Asmodeus returns  The prison is well warded and most of the creatures there are bonded slaves.
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To Arc... as you wish - I was thinking now will be more quiet than in the evening but we could all use a bit of rest. Sam probably did most of the legwork herself anyhow.

After lunch Marco joins Arc and Yelena at the balcony with 3 glasses of coffee. They have some nice time with a casual talk.

When Arc and Yelena were about to leave he say:
I am looking forward to hearing you play... club food for dinner sounds great. He then embraces her and leans for a kiss.

He finds it a bit odd that Yelena thinks he’ll have a change of heart so soon, but he do not gives it much thought. He has a busy day in front of him. The apartment does feel a bit empty once they leave though he admits. From two guests and an impatient demon to being alone.

The apartment is suddenly quiet, Marco tidy up a little bit and then sends a message to Lady. 

Dear Lady,

Sorry for being so busy... You know how it is sometimes.
I am free now... until around 18:00.
Do you want to see properties soon? 


He then unlocks the door to his ruined magical lodge, looking at the destruction he previously caused. He feels bad about what he did. It is sad that it had to end that way, he thinks. He tidy up a little bit in there, throwing some of the decaying reagents to the garbage. The place still looks terrible, but at least the floor is now free.

Marco sends a brief report to Sam:


I sent one of my demons to the club and he said that they got some serious
magical defenses the place is a magical fort. I believe it is very unusual for a club.
He even called the place "prison" and said that there are many bounded slaves in there.

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@ Marco  It's almost an hour before she replies. >>Yes. Meet me at the Vatican at 19:30.<< The Vatican was a former church. Now it was a homeless shelter and soup kitchen. That wasn't it's real name of course. She'd nicknamed it that after a vandal had broken in and graffitied the walls, saying it had been masterfully done by a new Michaelangelo.
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Marco replies: 19:30 is a bit tight. Can we do earlier?
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Yelena returns Marco's kiss and leaves with Arc.  She is quiet in the elevator and gives a nod to the doorman as they leave the building.  Once in the car and on the way, she turns to Arc.  "So.  Arc OK after night or want talk?"  She listens if Arc wants to talk, but otherwise remains quiet.  At the garage, Yelena removes her go-bag from the car and takes it to a work bench, where she carefully strips and cleans the weapons.  When she is done she strips down to underwear and dons a long tee shirt before laying down on the bed to grab a bit of sleep, setting her internal clock for 4:30.

She wakes when the clock goes off, laying still for a moment to scan the room with her senses.  Sitting up in her bed she turns to Arc, who is watching a trid of some kind, and says, "Yelena not want interrupt, but going small club.  Meet Marco for dinner then Yelena play sax.  Yelena go home Marco after so not wait up.  Is not problem?"  She looks at her friend and adds, Arc want come club?  Jazz music, not metal, but still good.  Not fancy but nice place to meet and talk.  Can come if like.  Show Arc part of Yelena's world."  She gets up and puts something on that will go with the setting of the club.  Grabbing her sax she smiles and laughs as she holds up the keys to the Scorpion as a temptation.  "Yelena let Arc drive if want come."
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Arc was silent as the pair departed, the human girl reading Sam's message as she caught the kiss out of the corner ofher eye.  She bit her lip, frowning a little but remaining silent.  When the Russian asked her the question, it wasn't for two blocks until she responded.

"I'd be lying out my hoop if I said I was okay after last night.  man, I just got all swept up in the hoopla, in the fun of it all.  Part of me felt like I might a turned out this way if it hadn't been for, yknow, losing parents and Drek.  And I ain't gonna hide it.  I slotted some fragger that I dunno and likely won't ever know.  A bullet I can be ready for, hell by now a fireball won't sway me.  It's this Drek now that I wonder what it'll make me before this is through..."". She trailed off, a mixture of pissed at herself and upset over the lack of control.  There was not much more chatter before they went home, the little human plopping herself down in front of the grid viewer.

A few hours later, she was still there, watching an old pre-Trix action flick called the Punisher.  It amazed Arc how real they made the stuff looked given the complete lack of computer or AR enhancement, and the gritty atmosphere felt at home to her.  She perked up at Yelena and her request, shrugging a little but finally putting the pieces together. 

"Aight, I'll go, but I ain't dressin up or nothin'.  Ain't drinking either, I'm good for a bit, haa..."". She flicked out a smoke and deftly lit it, grabbing her jacket.  "so how long you been slotting the keeb, hm?"
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Ambrose blinks, as he continues working on his current project, slowing down a little bit more. Reading the message, he thinks to himself, Finally someone who knows a little of whats up when trying to get a job done. He wasn't going to abandon the yak job, but a bit of long haul and he'd be able to do both jobs fairly easily.

installing the camera in the partridge's head was the last little touch, before he cleaned himself off, washing away the scent of chemicals bubbling and brewing for a batch of improvised explosives. He was going to deck someones halls, perhaps. Or he'd just set them off in the woods. Was always a tough choice sometimes.

Finally getting cleaned, he headed out to the cleaners, arriving exactly 14.59. "I'm Looking for John"
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Yelena lets Arc be quiet during the ride home, believing that the best she can offer right now is companionship and silence.

But as the pair are getting ready to roll the bike out of the garage she puts a hand on Arc's arm  "Arc, wait.  Have time for short chat if want.  Arc friend more important than club or Marco or Sam."  She pulls one of her thin cigars from her case and lights it, trying to get a grip on her next words.  "Yelena not good at friend thing so please listen.  Only try help.  Yelena not know Arc life much, but know was bad.  Yelena life much bad too.  Different bad but still bad.  Yelena know what lose control is.  Many years in hole of drugs.  Many man rape or demand sex for trade for drugs.  Yelena in bad place in mind.  Not like self.  Hate self.  Then Yelena get clean of drugs and learn secret.  Yelena control body.  Yelena decide when have sex.  Things happen, but sex good when you want it.  Never let man take sex unless want give.  But if want then go all in.  No regret.  No punish self."

Yelena smiles a bit ruefully.  "Yelena lose control when offered Bliss.  Probably will again if offered.  Maybe need for job.  Then try clean out with Arc help.  But Yelena know risk and go all in.  Now Marco.  Yelena have sex Marco today.  After Bliss effect go away.  Good sex.  Plan on Marco sex tonight after club.  Go Marco home in cab.  He very talented lover.  Kind, nice, exciting."  She shrugs.  "Not know how long Marco want Yelena.  Most Yelena lovers only want for a few days then say leave.  Not expect more from him.  Might be different.  Not know."

Yelena pauses as she finishes her cigar and flicks the ash from the tip before tearing up the butt.  Then she looks closely at Arc.  "Arc OK with Yelena?  Not want trouble because of Marco."
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Arc paused, her flesh hand gripping the handle of the Scorpion to hold it steady while the Russian spoke her. piece, listening intently and watching with unblinking cybereyes, the deep greens not wavering once.  Her mind spun a bit, and the open talk of the subject matter brought color to her face.  She didn't understand why for a moment, as jokes of that nature were all too common around her growing up, but she figured it was because of how it wasn't a laughing matter, but a serious one of the heart.  She waited for the question before responding, giving a little sigh.

"tch... lack of control.  Seems to be the theme of what we gotta do to get this Drek done.  Aight.  You think we can do this, and that's all I need.  As for Marco..". The human formed her words carefully.  "If y'all slotting his hoop and that's what you want, I won't get in the way of yo Vrukan, ya hear?  I only hesitate because I gotta hard fragging time reading him.  He seems to love everyone.  Hell, yesterday he asked my hoop out dancing again sometime.  There's a belief about non-trogs: rare to find one who pairs off by heart alone.  Call me protective but I won't get in ya way."

She gave her customary grin before swinging a leg over the bike, kicking the engine to life before reaching for her access port.  "we cool, Yelena.  You gotta hurt me directly to change that.  Just don't expect me to stick around if any third wheel Drek comes about, aight?".  When the elf was aboard, Arc plugged herself in, pulling up her AR driving UI before speeding off, following Yelena's direction.
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Yelena climbs on the bike and places her arms around Arc as she lays her head against her friend's back.  Something about the human was so comfortable and she instinctively knows that she can trust her new friend.  Even considering what that level of trust might mean was disconcerting and a bit scary.  Less than a couple of weeks earlier she had been working for the Ancients and was on watch at a meeting that Arc had been a part of.  At the time she had been told to kill the human if she looked to be a danger and Yelena could not have been gladder that she had not had to.  She chuckles a bit to herself as she thinks of the intersections of fate and how someone can affect another person.  If Sam had not hired her to kill the Keeb mage, she would have simply left Seattle and never really got to know her friend.

Yelena notices the ease with which Arc glides through the traffic.  Certainly, here is a true professional.  What they had scarped together as a team had opened a whole vista to Arc.  She is able to see some bit of the true potential she has inside her, perhaps for the first time.  her self confidence and self worth had jumped considerably.  For all intents and purposes, the Scorp really belongs to Arc and Yelena is only allowed to take it out after receiving the sort of talk a concerned father would give to the boy who dared to ask his daughter out.  The truly odd thing is that Yelena is comfortable with the arrangement.  There is an attachment growing between the Keeb assassin and the human rigger that defies common sense.  Yelena smiles as she considers the reasons she does not try to seduce Arc.  One, she is her friend she does not know how the human would react.  Losing that friendship would be a devastating blow.  Second, see the first reason.

After Arc pulls up to the small club, Yelena climbs off the Scorpion and grabs her sax.  She waits for her friend to secure the bike and walks with her to the door, stepping through into the sultry dimness within.  She exchanges nods with the man at the door.  In French accented with her Russian she greets him and introduces Henri to Arc.  The man bows over the human's hand and in English, offers to take them both to a special table.  Yelena switches back to English and tells Henri that she is expecting another Keeb to show up and gives Marco's name and description to him.  Henri promises to watch for him and guides them into the room.  The dim interior holds about fifteen small tables with several semi-private booths line the walls.  Yelena slips Henri something and he takes the women to one of the side booths.  After seating them, he says, "Vodka for my friend Yelena, but what for you, mademoiselle?"

After taking Arc's order, he quietly vanishes.  There is already a three man group playing soft jazz on the smallish stage.  The soft melodies of the sax and piano mix with the snare drums.  As Yelena and Arc wait for their drinks a huge troll emerges from a side hallway and looks around.  This guy looks like he could give any of the Howlers a run for being the ugliest and meanest looking trog alive.  He looks around and sniffs, almost as if her were tracking a scent.  His smile is about as horrible as the rest of him, always assuming, of course, that he was really smiling.  He makes his way to where Yelena and Arc are sitting and bends over.  His cultured tones are so completely at odds with his appearance that the uninitiated are taken completely by surprise.  "Yelena Petrovna.  You have been missing from here and missed as well.  My drums just do not sound the same when you are not on stage with me.  I hope that you are here to play tonight?  Louie is here for piano and Gil on horn, but it has not been the same without you."  The huge troll looks at Arc and holds out a giant hand.  "Pardon my lack of manners.  Say, I recognize you.  Arc, right?  Got a garage not too far from here?  Hey, you must be the girl that helped save the Barrens.  Welcome to Josie's House of Jazz.  I'm Josie, and before you get the inclination to ask, don't ask.  Unless you want to hear a truly long story because I have no way to shorten it.  But if you stick around after the show, maybe I can tell you part of it."  He smiles at both of you and looks over to where Henri is back standing at the door.  "Hey, Henri.  Drinks for these two on me.  And anything else they want, too."  He turns back to the table and says, "About ten and then some practice, eh, Yelena?  And nice to meet you, Arc.  Any friend of Yelena is welcome here and you being a true hero is a real bonus for the club.  I hope that you like jazz, because you will hear some great stuff tonight."  Saying that, the mountain turns and moves through the other tables, stopping at one or another to wish the patrons a good evening.

Yelena chuckles, "Josie story really, really, really long.  Not sure much true, but makes good tell.  Arc should listen to it.  I need to go practice a bit.  Order lamb rack for three, unless you not like lamb.  Best meal in house.  Is soy, but taste like lamb.  Not Marco food, but place makes up for it.  I be back in thirty to eat.  Get me more vodka, please."  Yelena smiles at her friend, grabs her sax, and goes off through the hallway the troll had come through.
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Matco showers and orders a cab and texts lady.
 19:30 is too late for me, I am going to see properties alone now. At 19:30 I’ll have a dinner date (a real date...), I really like that one and I don’t want to mess it up. I’ll try and find some time to meet tomorrow evening perhaps we can discuss it over a glass of wine.

He wore his leather jacket and most casual clothes, his concealed Crusader, and a few magazines just in case. After how Arc pictured the Barrens they suddenly appears like a dark and dangerous place, but Marco does not see the Barrens like that, he look at that place and all he sees is potential for good. The Barrens should be completely reformed, places like that should not exist.

He is not afraid of anyone in the street, he may not have god on his side but powerful demons answer his calls. He is also skilled with a gun. His greatest asset however is a super natural self confidence. Sure there are big  trogs in there - but so far he could have talked his way out of most troubles.  When he talks well enough, there is no need for demons or guns.

Marco had a purpose, he did not come to this world to just mingle with the rich and famous. Despite gallons of selfishness, he has the cross. Somewhere inside there still is the vow of poverty that he took. He never managed to fulfill it ... what was the point in being poor in a world that circles around money, around power. The richer you are the larger your impact when you use that money for good.

A soup kitchen was a big step towards being poor. It will challenge him, give him significant financial responsibility and he’ll have to work hard and bring in more money. This means fancier clothes, better social skills and richer clients. Still a single soup kitchen cannot reform the Barrens. Marco understands that. However, it can show kindness and give hope to people that have none.  For Marco it is also a fight for his own soul. He can never fix what he previously broke. He made a joke out of everything sacred to the church. It reached a point where no one even believed that he was genuinely christian. His life can be long and he believes that he can be a different man from now on.

Marco browse vacant places for sale, he already knows the list from previous visits. He feels where the Mana is bad, like Lady asked. For some obscure reason she insists of legally buying a place rather than squat one.  Where does this kind of money comes from he has no idea. Yet, he somehow trusts her, and some of the really terrible places he sees are not that expensive.

When the hour becomes late he goes to the address Yelena gave him.. House of Jazz... this is going to be an interesting night. He enters the place and say to the doorman that he is here to join friends. It is a bit after 19:00 when he enters the club.
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Henri recognized Marco from the description given to him by Yelena.  His English is accented by French as he says, "Welcome to the house of Jazz, Monsieur.  I believe that you must be Marco.  Please follow me to your table.  The ladies are already waiting and I believe that you are just in time for dinner.  Our special rack of lamb was ordered for all three of you.  I know that you will enjoy it."  Marco is led into the dimly lit room to one of the booths lining the far wall.  Soothing sounds of soft jazz are provided by the four-man group that came on about twenty minutes earlier.  As he guides Marco to the table, Henri asks him what he will be drinking.

As Marco arrives, a waiter is putting several platters of food on the table where Yelena and Arc are sitting.  Yelena's face lights up with a smile as she sees Marco approaching.  She slides out of the booth and motions for Marco to sit between the two women.  The atmosphere is cozy but not too cozy.  There is plenty of room at the table for all three to talk, but they do not have to speak loudly to be heard, either.  Yelena says, "Yelena talk Arc to come.  Good food and good music.  Hope Marco like lamb.  Cook here does good.  Is special of house.  Yelena has some time to eat then goes to stage."  The three will dig into the meal and both Marco and Arc realize that the preparation and flavoring are excellent.  After about a half hour of small talk and eating, Yelena rises to go to the stage for her set.  She whispers to Arc and Marco, "Not be too mad if not like."

Yelena walks to the stage as the four men step down to applause.  A huge Troll walks through the tables and climbs onto the stage, followed by a stocky Dwarf and an Ork.  Yelena is the last to move onto the stage.  The Troll sits his massive frame behind a large set of drums, the Dwarf takes a trumpet from a rack as the Ork sits behind the piano.  Yelena picks up her sax and all four take a minute to get set.  From behind the drums, the low bass rumble of the Troll announces that Josie's group is back together after a short hiatus of their sax player.  At some unseen signal, the four begin playing.  The tones are melodic and mesh well.  This is soft jazz as it was meant to be played.  Each person in the group gets a chance to showcase his or her instrument in various solo pieces, but they all make great music together.  They mix up the pacing and the beat, but stay within the confines of jazz.  The two hour set goes by far too quickly and Yelena takes center stage for the last solo.  She plays what was his song, then their song, and now her song with all the heart and soul she can put into it.  The sax wails at times, almost causing the hairs to rise from the neck.  In all that she does well, this is the best thing she does and it shows in the passion and heart put into it.  As the final notes fade away there is silence for almost a minute before the house applauds.  Yelena bows to the tables then turns to bring her band mates to the fore, where all take a well-deserved bow. 

Yelena puts the sax on the stage rack and makes her way to the table where her friends wait.  She smiles at them as she sits down and tosses back a shot of vodka that had suddenly and mysteriously appeared on the table.  She looks at both of them and says, "Hope liked.  Group good form tonight.  Play well."
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Marco greets Henry... Pleasure to meet you. He is happy to see Yelena, and Arc. Hey! I am sorry for being a little bit late it was a crazy day for me. He then looks at the food:  The food smells great... indeed I am just in time, I hope you did not wait up for long!

To the waiter... wine for me,  something red with a strong body that blends well with the food.
During dinner he tries to form conversation with Arc. How are you doing ? Recovered from last night a little bit? he smiles at her.

After a short while he adds:  I wanted to ask you something earlier but you seemed a bit distant... Can I ask you a bit about the Barrens?

If Arc is interested Marco will tell her that he and Lady are trying to find a spot to buy in the Barrens. They plan to run a soup kitchen. He'll say,  that they are looking for a spot where great evil was present recently. He will suggest that the locals are more likely to trust one of their own and ask for her help in negotiations and locating the right spot. There is a lot Marco is not aware to in the Barrens like gang territories and stuff.

... Later when Josie’s group goes on stage, Stands up and extends his hand to Arc... He looks at Arc and asks: Want to dance?... I bet Yelena will enjoy having us in her line of sight...  Besides... If you have regrets from yesterday... I hope they do not include our special dance.  . He smiles at her.
nice jazz competition with couple dancing;)
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@ Arc & Yelena  It's a wonderful evening. Arc and Yelena's popularity is still in full force as Henri tells them that their meals have been paid for by two of the other patrons. And several different drinks arrive throughout the evening courtesy of other guests. But, it is not polite applause that Yelena receives, after she plays but genuine appreciation for the soul she put into her music. After seeing to a few details Josie joins them at the table. Kissing Yelena affectionately on both cheeks he says, "It has been to long mon cherie, you must quit your day job and come play with me full time. Your heart and soul belong to this! Not whatever crude task you do to earn cred!" He's all smiles as he sits down and introduces himself to Marco. He is amusing company and all to soon the club is closing.

@ Marco  You are already at the club when you receive her reply. >>Sorry I wasn't able to respond earlier. I was unexpectedly delayed. I will see you, and the properties, soon. Have fun on your date.<<

@ Ambrose  When you ask for John the bartender waves you upstairs. You're definitely expected, as you arrive at the landing a door opens up and a tall, lanky individual greets you. "Thank you for coming on such short notice. Please, have a seat." he gestures to the table off to the side.
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To say that Arc was a bit surprised about how Josie's House of Jazz turned out to be would have been a bit of an understatement.  With the Barrens address, the human had figured it would turn out to be some kinda dive like she was used to.  She shyly nodded to Henri as they were let in, eyes blinking as she looked around in small wonder.  It wasn't cheap or dirty by any means, yet didn't give off that air of superiority like at the Stardust.  Refined...drek, I didn't think places like this could hold a spot around here...  She was even more taken aback by meeting Josie himself, his smooth deep tones not matching the guttural look he gave off at first glance.   Arc muttered a "nice to meetcha too"  To the troll before they sat, ordering a soda for herself, for once finding herself not wanting any alcohol for a night.

After ordering the lamb as per Yelena's request and a moment of silence to herself, Marco arrived just as the Russian returned from practice.  She gave a little nod of recognition as she scooched over a bit while the meal arrived.  In regards to how she was feeling, she casually deflected the question away, directing the small talk between the two elves on their date.  When Yelena stepped up again to go warm up, she listened to Marco's query about her neighborhood, nodding a bit in small understanding.

"I don't handle talks that well, but I can get you some pointers.  You ain't gon' find a place round here that ain't territory of some gang or another.  If it ain't the Ancients, it's the Howlers, or Halloweeners, or Turnpikes, to name a few.  And it shifts too.  Basically, you gon' need to keep on toes and make sure whateva gang is in control is on yo good side, ya heard?  As for a place of...wuzzatusay...great evil drek?"  She paused a bit, thinking to the battle against the blood spirit.  So much death...  She pulled up her AR map, sending the keeb a location.  "This place was where the Barrens rallied against the Smiley fragger.  Lotta geeked there.  Sounds apropo eh?"

She was cut off as the group Yelena was in came on.  The definitely didn't evoke the same emotions Arc felt when listening to her metal.  With her music, it was powerful, giving her strength, confidence, a primal surge of identity, if one will.  This, however, the notes that wailed and sang into the air....passion, vulnerability, love.  It reminded the human that jazz was also called soul music, and this music was certainly an extension of that thought.  She smiled a bit, leaning back and sipping her drink as Marco invited her to dance.  She paused, colors flaring on her cheeks as she wondered his angle.  "...I got regrets, but the beef ain't with you.  I'll dance, but that's just it.  Am I clear?"  This might have perplexed the keeb, but to Arc it was necessary to make that distinction: in Howler culture, dancing with another's vrukan was grounds for a fight.  Regardless of Yelena's feelings or level of comfort with the idea, Arc wasn't about to step on bounds.  So, taking his hand, in her worn jeans and tank, she joined the elf on the floor.

To say the human's step was awkward would have been a mild understatement, but by some miracle Marco was able to make it work, weaving and moving to the beats, directing the short girl in the subtle intricacies of jazz dancing.  Her green eyes caught Yelena's briefly during a solo, showing a bit of enjoyment as she relaxed a bit, letting herself get swept up into the movement and the music.  And just like that, it was over, the two were back at their seat, and Arc was having a smoke if no waitstaff objected.  When Yelena returned, she shoved the shot of vodka to the older woman.  "Frag, I thought you played good when we met...dayum..."

She was interrupted as Josie joined them, the human scooching over to the edge of the booth to allow seating room.  She smiled as they all chatted up, especially the troll, who seemed all too happy to talk whenever he had the opportunity.  "Man, I gotta say, you got nice digs here, Josie.  Hella wiz.  Kept it indie of the local hoopla too."  She was referring to gang influence, but that may have been missed.  And who cared, it was a night of stress easing, wearing on until it was near last call.  Grabbing her jacket, she took one last swig of soda.  "Well...I guess this is my queue, eh?"
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Yelena looks at Arc and smiles, "Arc look have fun dance.  Jazz not metal, but can feel soul if play right."  She moves a bit as Josie comes over to join them.  She feels herself flush at his sincere compliments.  "Yelena might call bluff then Josie stuck Yelena.  Say, met Ork can drum.  Is good.  Not jazz, but good.  Name Duckdown.  Josie know?"  The large Troll smiles and nods.  "Josie does indeed know of him.  I have some of his stuff in my sound system for a different mood. That trog got hauled over some coals not of his making, and I heard he got hung out to dry by his label."  He shakes his massive head then adds,  "You know him you tell him to come see Josie."  Yelena tells him that Arc knows the Ork much better and Josie turns to her.  "I still got a few irons in the fire from my days in the biz and I still have some folks out there that owe me favors.  Have your boy contact me and I will see what I can do for him.  No promises, but it can't hurt." 

Josie gives a deep rumble that must be a laugh when Arc talks about the place.  "Pardon my language, but damn straight I keep it free of the local troubles.  Got four Ancients and a couple Howlers in here now, but they cause no trouble.  Sort of like neutral ground.  Even Keebs and trogs can agree to like jazz.  So I hear that you got some link to the Howlers yourself, Arc.  That would be a story to put to some jazz or blues."  Josie seems to like Arc and they engage in small talk for quite a while.  All too soon it is time to close up.  Josie excuses himself and leaves the booth.  He turns to the table and says, "It was a real pleasure having you here tonight.  Meant what I said, Yelena.  Got a place in the house band ever you want to leave off your day gig.  Marco, you move like a breeze on the dance floor.  Could teach some folks how to dance.  And Arc, got to admit you got to this old trog.  Got to admire a woman who drinks nothing but soda and juice all night.  Strong woman.  Come back some time and I will tell you the whole Josie story.  Seriously though, all of you are welcome any time."

After Josie moves off to help Henri push the stragglers out the door, the group leaves for the parking lot.  Yelena moves close to Arc.  "Arc good friend.  Thank for come.  Hope had better time than old trids.  Marco take Yelena home cab.  Arc not wait up.  We meet at Sam at nine."  She leans over and gives Arc a big hug before taking Marco's hand and waiting for him to call a cab.
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Joise was a pleasant influence... “You guys are awesome... Pure emotion... I enjoyed it very much”

Dancing was a passion for Marco, something he was deprived from in his early life.  For a moment he could imagine more simple life, no clients no shadow running just dancing. It was a fantasy but just thinking about it made him smile. Also the idea that Yelena could one day just play Jazz for living seemed a lot less grim than killing people and then drinking to forget. Yet these are fantasies, and shortly after the club closes. Marco thanks Josie for a pleasant evening and say his goodbyes to Arc.

The taxi arrives quickly, Marco opens the door for Yelena and joins her shortly after. When he joins he look into her eyes, smiling: “We should do that again some time... I had so much fun. Your music can make angels cry.’’ He holds her hand and asks: “was there ever a wedding ring on one of these fingers?... that person that taught you to use the Sax... he was a lover... wasn't he?”
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Yelena smiles as she pats the sax case next to her in the cab.  "Yes.  Yelena like that.  Is dream to play all time.  No more killing.  But is only fantasy."  She goes deathly silent for a minute when he asks about the sax man.  Then she nods.  "Yelena not talk much of sax man.  Met in Oslo, Norway.  Yelena working London gang.  After finish take two week rest.  Hear music never hear before.  Was man playing sax in café.  Was something different.  Go back four nights and he see Yelena.  We talk.  We drink.  We make love.  Yelena stay five years.  Sax man was famous.  Lived UCAS and other places.  Many people know.  Married.  Two daughters.  One son.  Wife have sex other men, but sax man love enough to not care.  Then wife love best friend.  Betrayal too much.  Sax man go Europe and end in Oslo.  Live there twenty years.  Still love wife.  No divorce.  No ring Yelena.  Sometimes Yelena almost make forget wife, but not quite."

"Sax man teach Yelena forgive.  Teach love.  Teach sax.  Teach greatest song.  His song.  All love. hope, betrayal, misery, forgiveness in one song.  Teach Yelena and Yelena make it both song.  Play together in club.  Forget killing.  Not forget demons because demons refuse to go away.  Yelena drink and forget for a while.  Sax man help Yelena get clean of drugs.  Bliss and Kamikaze ruled Yelena life for years.  Sax man help get free.  Then he die.  One day just stop living.  Yelena find in chair at window.  Sax on bed.  Picture of wife in hand."   Yelena lowers her head and tears fall from her eyes.  "Was picture of wife.  Not Yelena.  At end he think of her."  She pauses without trying to stem the tears, then continues.  "Yelena bury sax man in Oslo.  Take some money.  Take sax.  Take guns.  Go back to killing.  All Yelena knows is sax and killing.  Not much for sixty-four fragging years, is it?" 

She looks up again and swipes at the tears.  "Sorry.  But Marco ask.  Answer is no for ring and yes for lover.  Still hurt he loved drek of wife more than Yelena.  Still, Yelena learned much from sax man.  Was mostly happy five years."
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Marco listens carefully to Yelena... "You are still alive at 64, while holding one of the most dangerous professions in the world. Do not under estimate yourself - your kind of quality is extremely rare. You know what you can do, and more importantly you know what you can’t do. This knowledge is what kept you alive all these years...   " He hugs her and softly whisperers... "Your sax lover, might have given her his last moments, but he gave you his last years. I am not sure it was you he betrayed... "

When he finally let go of her, he adds:  "But this is all long gone, and here we are now... The world cannot survive for a single day without hope and so can’t we.  Everyone I ever loved betrayed me, including my own parents. Yet here I am, back on my feet trying to open my heart to you... "

There is so much more Marco wants to say, but he don't. He just look at her, holding her hand and trying to guess where the night is going from here. He then say... "if you need some time alone... I am okay with that, I can wait."  He looks into her eyes and after a short silence adds: "I will never expect you to forget him... even if we spend together many years...  I am thankful ... his love kept you alive until last night. "
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Yelena pulls back and looks at the Keeb next to her.  "Marco still want Yelena?  Not need tell lie of years to get sex.  Yelena used to days then lover ask leave.  Have problems.  Drink much. Smoke much. Now drug.  Yelena much trouble.  But not want be alone now.  Sax man dead, gone.  Marco alive, here."  She reaches out a hand and places it on his chest over his heart.  She whispers, "Marco alive."  With that she leans into him and starts kissing him, giving him a hint of the passion she has.

When they get to the apartment building, the cabbie gives a couple of "Ahems" then just lets the meter run until they break from the kiss.  The pair go into the building, nodding to the doorman.  Once upstairs, Yelena barely gives Marco time to secure the door before she is on him.  Pushing him against the door she gives him a taste of the coming night.  While not particularly strong, her sheer sensuous physicality and passion are clearly a force.  She is like a tigress as she removes enough of her and Marco's clothing to get at him.  She is insatiable in her lovemaking and no room except the locked one is missed in her effort to claim something of this man who has sparked a desire long hidden behind a veneer of self doubt and self scorn.  There is no magic spell, no link, just passion.  The buried demons stay hidden as they are afraid of their fate should they try to interrupt her.  She has no time for demons tonight, only for Yelena and Marco.  Marco is an incredibly talented lover and she lets him know that over and over.  How they ended up in the bed is a mystery, but she takes advantage of that, letting her passion pour through her and onto Marco.  Finally she collapses on top of him, sweating and panting, her head on his chest.  She strokes his face and murmurs, "Yelena keep promise.  Show Marco good time." 

She rolls off and lays next to her lover, allowing one arm to stay across his chest.  She remembers to set her clock before dropping off to sleep.
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The speed that it all happened, that the night moved from tears to passion was a mystery to Marco. He was very passionate and  very attentive to her and did his best to keep up. She indeed was a very energetic lover and he gave her his complete attention.  When she fell asleep exhausted he kept stroking her hair gently and thought to himself. “ Still she do not believe me...Sex is amazing but it is not all...  If by some miracle she can be saved from her terrible fate - there is hope for me... for everyone else... I will follow her to the gates of hell and carry her sorry ass back to this world if I have to... There is also the possibility that I will just fall to that dark place together with her... a likely possibility given my history... but even in that case at least she won’t be there alone. ”

If religion ever taught him anything it was belief... Belief that despite anything she told him she could one day be happy... That her demons will let her be and that she can live a normal life. Belief that the same could apply to him, that no matter what happened before... as long as they are still breathing it is never too late.  He kept stroking her hair until he fell asleep himself. Tranquility, it was another careless moment. Like many he had before - this time it, however, it felt different.
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Arc was definitely more cheery as they left the club, even swapping commcodes with Josie before doing so ("From the sounds of it, we both got stories to tell.  We can swap em sometime, null sweat") and again expressed her appreciation of the performance and the treatment to the two keebs.  As the human hugged Yelena, she couldn't help but whisper to her "Now don't go breaking drek.  See ya tomorrow" with a little snigger.  As she hopped onto the bike, she glanced over to watch the pair ride off in the cab, heaving a little sigh as she jacked in and rode home.

It surprised Arc how much she had grown accustomed to sharing her living space, as the silence that greeted her upon arriving home left her with a little sense of loneliness.  A feeling she didn't really recognize that much, having not had genuine friendships outside her abusive gang relations.  Frowning a bit, she turned on the trid and wound down with a quick martial arts flick, stripping down and plopping onto the couch before eventually drifting off to sleep.

While a full night's sleep was in store for the little human, it by no means was a peaceful one.  She dreamed vividly, her senses assaulted by a myriad of images, rapidly shifting from one scene to the next. 
Dancing at the jazz club, the sounds echoing in her head. 
The meeting before hunting the blood spirit, scent of pizza and dread heavy in the air. 
A wild night of drunken passion and regret. 
The first engine she ever fixed, the hot smell of oil and metal. 
An eagle, soaring overhead and disappearing in the horizon. 
A small child, babbling cheerily and reaching out for her arms in embrace. 
A chase on motorbikes, adrenaline pumping. 
A fire. Consuming everything she knew and loved around her While she burned...

With the last one, she awoke with a start to her alarm, telling her to get ready for the meet up.  Her chest rode and fell heavily as she steadied herself, a little bewildered and confused.  Still wondering about it. She absently dressed in her street attire, tank, jeans, and jacket, pistol at her lower back.  Grabbing the car, she zoomed off for the seamstress's union, arriving right on time much to her luck.  "Hoi again.  Is John in?". She asked casually, lifting her arms up as if the front desk might recognize her.
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"Indeed." Ambrose replied, sitting down and looking to get a good look at this 'John' fellow.
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The internal buzz of the commlink alarm brings Yelena awake from a deep sleep.  A sleep that for the first time in years had not been interrupted by her hidden demons.  Turning her head, she looks at the Keeb sleeping next to her.  This man is different; she can feel that.  Certainly his bed skills were better than those of anyone else she had ever bedded before, but it was more than that.  She had talked about the sax man and told things about herself that she had not told others.  Yelena barely knew him, but felt like he had been with her for a long time. 

Yelena recalled the tempestuous events of the early morning and winced a bit.  She had simply let all of her emotions run wild with Marco, and the Keeb had participated fully.  He had proven to be a complete match for her sensuality and desires.  There had been no hesitation in him and it seems that he had desired her just as much as she needed him.  She grimaced when she remembered being so entwined in each in each other that they had barely noticed the pair of lamps that crashed to the ground.  All in all the experience had released a lot of emotion.

Even now, looking at Marco brought desire to her and she felt her body reacting to his nearness.  Not able to resist him, Yelena runs her hand down the length of his body then covers his body with hers, kissing him awake and making love to him.  Not the frenetic action of earlier, but a deep, soul searing passion that sweeps away years of cobwebs within her.  At this moment and in this place there are only two people in the world.  The hurt of the sax man's loss and seeming betrayal is pushed off to a hidden corner, as is every other hurt.  From her position above Marco, tears well up and spill from her eyes to fall onto his chest, the tears signaling a release from a self-imposed bondage years in the making.  Her slow but emotional movements are perfectly timed to those of the awakened body beneath her.  Her passion reaches previously unexplored heights and the explosive release of.......of......of everything is the most unexpected and most desirable sensation she has ever felt.  Such force cannot be easily contained and her body reacts with spasms of joy as she gives voice to a primal noise that has no connection with any recognized language. 

Yelena collapses on top of Marco, sobbing into his chest, her body quivering uncontrollably.  It takes several minutes for her to regain any semblance of control and she uses the time to cover Marco's chest and face with kisses.  Finally barely able to speak, she whispers, "Never before.  Maybe never again.  Best ever.  Marco best lover Yelena ever have.  Yelena needed Marco."
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Softness... warmness and warm kisses. He embraces the feeling as he floats someplace between alertness and sleep. For a moment it all seems like a dream... a very sensual dream.
He opens his eyes, and Yelena’s face is the first thing that he sees. “Good morning” he whispers, she is already making love for him and his body responds. Intuitively he moves in complete sync with her, looking at her with affection.

She seems different... for a rare moment she is no longer running. Marco is excited... he is aware of every tiny facial expression every minute movement in her body, and each new height furthers his excitement until eventually he too let go. He never knew he could enjoy it like that. No fancy technique, no magic, just emotion... Kind of like Jazz.  He gently strokes her back until she catches her breath again. Her eyes are wet... he wipe a tear away from her cheek and say “I am not going anywhere... I need you too”...

Shortly after reality kicks in, they do not have much time until they need to arrive at the meeting. "I’ll make us some quick sandwiches with omelette for the way we should get going soon". He puts on a pair boxers and watches the mayhem in the apartment as he walks to the kitchen.  Despite being a very organized person, somehow every displaced item brings back happy sensual memories. “It will take some time to re organize the place". He thinks to himself... when he  see's the broken lamps near the bar he sighs, but he quickly broom out any remains to prevent an accident.

He begins his work at the kitchen with some toast bread, cutting onion and champignon mushrooms. He then mix it all with 3 eggs and fry it quickly. It only take 3-4 minutes until there are two nicely looking sandwiches waiting for them for the road. He books a taxi, and heads to the shower.
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Yelena lays in the bed for a minute after Marco leaves it to get breakfast started.  She puts her hand in the spot he vacated, feeling the warmth of his body there and wonders why she has to go anywhere and do anything.  Cannot life be like this?  She fantasizes for a moment then realizes that this can probably never be.  She is a killer of people, more, she is paid to kill people.  Her body count indicates that she is quite good at her job.  She has no business dreaming of a different life.  Marco might be different, but he is still likely to ask her to leave after a few days.  Idyllic bliss is hard to maintain and Yelena is not the type to settle down, a lifetime of moving bears that out.  Still, what if..............

Shaking her head, Yelena gets out of bed and takes a quick shower.  She searches through the dresser for underwear and a tee shirt that fit, remembering that her shirt from the evening before had suffered a bit and is now missing at least two buttons.  She slips the tee on and pads out to the ruined living room to put her pants on.  Marco is nearly finished with the breakfast sandwiches and she smiles at him.  "Yelena sorry about rooms.  Much mess."  She starts to clean up and notices that two lamps are missing.  She reddens as she remembers again that she had kicked them to the floor in her passion.  "Yelena very sorry for lamps.  Will buy new.  And breakfast smell good."

Yelena continues straightening up when Marco goes for his shower.  She has the sandwiches packed and is ready to go when he emerges from the bedroom.  As they leave the room and head to the elevator, she tentatively wraps her arm through his and walks close to him, almost surprised when he does not flinch or move away.  She allows herself another fleeting  what if..............

In the elevator, Yelena stands close to Marco, reaching down to hold his hand.  She is quiet in the taxi, not really saying much until they arrive at the meeting address.  "Yelena thank Marco.  Was best night ever.  Not know if can do all again, but Marco want try sometime?"  They arrive at the site about fifteen minutes early, just in time to see Arc disappear into the building.  She does not see Feather's new bike and hopes that he is not too late.  They enter the building just behind Arc and join her as she heads to the meeting.  She gives her friend a huge hug and walks upstairs with her and Marco.
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"Yelena very sorry for lamps.  Will buy new.  And breakfast smell good."


Marco gives her a naughty smile... "It may be a blur to you but I vividly remember holding you against that bar and madly kissing you when the lamps fell". While speaking  he approaches Yelena, gently pushes her to the bar and kiss her briefly.
"You do not need to pay for the lamps, its okay I’ll find some new after job is done. "
... He then whispers "Last night... and this morning were both amazing experiences... You are a remarkable woman."

He showers quickly and get dressed, from his experience from yesterday he need nothing too fancy again. “I am going to need some more casual clothes...”.

"Yelena thank Marco.  Was best night ever.  Not know if can do all again, but Marco want try sometime?"  [/color][/color][/color][/color]
Marco smiles at her, he quietly say: “of course... I’ll be happy to see you again. Maybe tonight or after the party in monday... I really enjoyed you at the club and we should also do that again... I want to take you to my regular drinking place when we have some time.”

When they arrive he warmly greets Arc... “Great too see you I hope you had a good night... I really enjoyed dancing with you yesterday... We’re getting good together and should definitely definitely dance again.”
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@ Ambrose  The room is spotlessly clean and almost barren in it's austerity. John is tall and lanky, and his clothing is completely nondescript, designed to fit into a variety of situations and be forgotten. Ambrose should know, he's mastered the art of that particular fashion aesthetic himself. And when he steps forward John greets him with a polished, professional voice. "Pleased to meet you. Thank you for coming on such short notice." He calls up an ARO map that appears between the two of you. "The job I need done is here in the Barrens on the Salishe-Sidhe border. It's an old warehouse located right here on this street corner." He points to several places in quick succession each one enlarging temporarily in response to his command gestures. Ambrose immediately recognizes the area. It's less than a block from the Stardust, and there is only an empty lot between it and the club. This job just got a bit easier. There won't be any extra travel time involved to factor into his plans. John continues "As I said in my message I'll want a lot of flash, and a very loud bang, preferably several. I'm also thinking a small fire on the outside of the building on this wall." He points to the side of the building facing the club. "Something large enough to be seen and burn for 10-12 minutes. He points to the side of the building facing the club. "I'll need it set to a remote switch that I'll want to control. The warehouse does do a bit of legitimate business but most of it's workers are gone by 18:00 and the explosion will happen well after that so it should be easy to prevent loss of life. The biggest problem will be preventing anyone from seeing you set the charges given the relatively short amount of time before I need them." He looks at you. "I'm sure you have a few questions, but my biggest question is can you handle the job?"
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"On the matter of handling a task like this, its really about how much you can pay. Not for me personally, but for the supplies needed. Do you have any personal for more technological things? If so I would suggest having a song to go along with it, Overture 1829 is a bit cliche, but for good reason. Being its more near the holidays, Might I suggest Wizards in Winter, or for a bit more avaunt guard, Ava Maria. Or we could go with irony with Silent Night. Any particular reason you're blowing up this particular warehouse?  That tends to help with setting the proper song, and light show."
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@ Ambrose  John looks at you and an eyebrow quirks up. "Hrock told me you were a professional. He didn't tell me you had a flair for the dramatic. I'll remember that in case I need it. An artistic touch can send a far better message than a bomb alone in some cases. But, in this case I want it to look like oversight or the perfect storm of unlucky coincidences. And while I do have a financial reason for wanting this particular building torched. You & I are both better off pretending it's a gang problem.
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"Mearly a misunderstanding of what was meant by a lot of flash. For this matter, I would need to know what the warehouse is for. While I can clearly look myself, it benefits both of us to have a rather mutual sharing of information. If we want to make it look like something just simply went wrong, this would be the frist thing.  If we want it to look like someone else, that would be something else entirely. "

Ambrose explained his position.
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@ Ambrose  Sam looked at Ambrose and smiled. "The warehouse manufactures egg crates and packing popcorn. And it under the erstwhile protection of the Halloweeners since this is on the edge of their territory. I want the explosions to be in White Chapel colors. They've been making a few noises lately and will easily be believed as the culprits. The most important part of this is the timing, which I will have no control over. It's why I need the explosion to occur by a remote detonator. So that when the explosion is needed, is when the explosion happens."
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"White Chapel Huh? I might know a few of them that do a bit of the bombing work. Even with that, what I'll need now is the explosives. I can make some, but that takes time, a luxury you don't have right now. The sooner I can get those, the sooner I can get them to look like what you want. The problem after that is to get the burn going as long as you want it to go. For that, I'll need some gasoline. The packing peanuts at the place should be sufficient enough for me to work with that."
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@ Ambrose. Sam looks at you, "So how much are we talking, and what will that buy me?"
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"Well a few gallons. Too much and I can't possibly carry it inside.  as for the bombs, the more boom you want, the more amount of bombs you want. But again.. too much and I can't carry it inside. I don't know the lay out of the building, but two or three pounds of plastic should blow fairly nicely. Not enough though really to do a whole lot of damage though."
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@ Ambrose. So what are you going to use to detonate them and what are you going to use as a switch to give me my control? Sam asks you. The look on his face expects answers.
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"Well considering that we're trying to mimic a street-gang here, using the more common fertilizer type explosives along with plastic is probably the best bet as far as boom goes. I don't know a whole lot about White Chapel however, so I couldn't say how crude their bombs are suppose to be, However a couple of holiday decorations would probably fit right in. As for detonator, the easiest one is a commlink. I'll send you the code to activate them." 
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Yelena takes Arc by the arm as they ascend the stairs.  She bumps against her friend and says, "So, what did really think Josie and club?  You seemed hitting off well with him.  Josie seems nice.  Yelena meet soon after come Seattle for job.  Always look for club to do sax in and find ARO for Josie club.  Yelena think Josie like Arc.  Not normal he stay at table so long to talk.  And Yelena see Josie look Arc.  Maybe Arc have new boyfriend?  Could do worse."
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@ Ambrose  That should be cheap and almost impossible to track down. And if you think you can get it there in sufficient quantities to do the job I need I'll defer to your judgment. As I said, usual fee 1/2 up-front & the remainder, including your bonus when I get the detonator.
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Yelena takes Arc by the arm as they ascend the stairs.  She bumps against her friend and says, "So, what did really think Josie and club?  You seemed hitting off well with him.  Josie seems nice.  Yelena meet soon after come Seattle for job.  Always look for club to do sax in and find ARO for Josie club.  Yelena think Josie like Arc.  Not normal he stay at table so long to talk.  And Yelena see Josie look Arc.  Maybe Arc have new boyfriend?  Could do worse."

Arc gave a little smirk as she heard Yelena and Marco entered the building behind her, turning and returning the Russian elf's embrace before her arm was taken, leading her towards the stairs.  She couldn't help but react to the grab with a little flinch, but it didn't seem voluntary: likely just conditioning from her past.  Smiling, she nodded to Marco's invitation to dance again.  "Maybe after all this drek be done and in the past, eh?  Don't wanna lose my cool and drek when things get hot and fraggy"  Trailing off, she listened to Yelena talk about Josie.  Her cheeks reddened again.   Chalk it up to inexperience, but she hadn't considered the big troll in that way.

Clearing her throat, she brought her voice low for the older lady.  "The club was cool.  Josie was pretty wiz, too.  I like how he gives no drek about the hoopla the street gangs all be about, ya know?  Boyfriend, though?  How old is the trog, hm?"  She dropped her voice further into a whisper, craning up on her tiptoes so Yelena could hear.  "..besides that, what if drek got mad serious yo?  Ya think I'd stand a chance poppin out a tiny troll, huh?  Think about it.."  She might have been joking...maybe...then again, it might have been missed by the keebs that trog culture usually saw procreation and relationships as mutually inclusive entities.  Oh well.  Regardless, they were running out of staircase anyway, and unless they paused, their meeting would happen soon.
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Yelena immediately notices her friend's reaction to taking her arm and lets go, whispering "Sorry.  Yelena forget."  She laughs loudly and shakes her head.  "Yelena not think that bit.  Arc right.  Just think of and laugh.  But Yelena still think Josie good friend to Arc maybe.  Not know how old and Yelena forget Arc bad times with trogs.  But think Josie better friend than Howler trogs." 

She pauses as they reach the top of the stairs and looks at her friend.  "Arc hear from Feathers?  Thought would be here but not see new bike outside.  Not answer invite club last night either.  Yelena worried."
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"Oh, don't get me wrong, I ain't got no beef finding myself cozying up to a trog or whateva.  Howlers are drek, but trogs make more sense to me than da squishes, us feel me?  I'd either wanna be sure I want that...". She dropped low again, blushing and chuckling.  ...or hella drunk apparently...""

She trailed off at the question regarding Feathers, the human admittedly haven't given the old man much thought.  "Eh...I know he ain't one to ignore comms, but the Stardust was definitely a bigger thing for the breeder than for us.  I wouldn't be fragging surprised if that wiz be sleepin it off still..."
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Yelena laughs again.  "Yelena so Blissed that night.  Marco drag out so not sniff more."  She looks over to where Marco is standing.  "Marco is Yelena hero.  Take more Bliss if he not drag away.  Not notice Feathers."  She looks back to the human.  "Yelena want come home tonight.  Is OK?  Maybe Yelena and Arc just watch old trids and eat pizza?"
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Silently climbing the stairs Marco paid attention to Yelena and Arc's interaction. Something was there... They are so different these two...yet they are so close....  Arc does not seem comfortable with her sexuality or with most social interactions that Marco imagined. Yelena seemed to be at ease as long as it was all “professional” once emotions were involved she was very unsecured. So different yet so similar.

If Josie was particularly interested Maco didn't notice it... Arc was so popular in the Barrens she could date most of the single guys in there if she wanted. Somehow though he was curious to see who will finally get to her... But before all that was a mission, Feathers was out and the demon description of the club was disturbing at best. Again, danger follows Sam and her cursed money... The one thing that bothered him the most was that he seemed to be filling the magical role in the group... yet there was so much he lacked in that department. He was not sure he was the right person for such role.
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Sunday, Dec 7th

@ Marco, Yelena & Arc  The door opens when you're still three steps from it. And Sam is standing there waiting for you. "Thank you for being so prompt. I have quite a bit to tell you. Please, take a seat." He stops and waits for everyone to be seated comfortably and you notice coffee and pastries waiting for you on the table. "First, Feathers is missing. He sent me a call for help late yesterday afternoon. I've had his home investigated while you slept. The investigation was complicated by his recent move, he hasn't had time to really settle in and establish habits and tell-tale signs for the investigator to work with. But, what I can tell you is that the job was professional in nature. They took nothing but Feathers and a large dagger. I can also tell you that they left his foci. They also went out of their way to make it look like he never went home Saturday night. They even wiped his comm record, no easy task. So, that tells me that they hired very expensive skills for this job, not just neat and paranoid muscle. And since the last thing Feathers did that could be considered a threat to someone with money was ID some drugs, I have to assume he was taken for what he might know. And it tells me that the people we're dealing with are, smart and paranoid." He pauses for a moment to look around the group. "I've formed a very rough plan to try and find Feathers, if he's at the club. It rely's on distraction and Marco's abilities to mimic anybody. I need you two" he looks at Arc & Yelena, to be the belles at a ball given in your honor on Monday. I've arranged for an explosion to happen then. And when it does. I want you to make sure that everyone's attention is focused on that explosion. Toast it, make up a dance in it's honor, shoot fireworks off. Whatever it takes, and whatever would have the staff running around dancing to your tune. Marco, You'll go separately, study the security personnel there, and when the explosion happens, take the place of one of the security personnel and get into the basement and find if that's where they keep the people they kidnap. I suspect not, but I need to be sure." He pauses again, "And as upsetting as I know this information is for you Arc and Yelena, I need all three of you to focus and tell me everything you noticed and felt at the club and the impressions it gave you. That's something surveillance camera's can't give. I also want your feedback and ideas about the plan to look for Feathers and the other hostages. You know your own skills and needs far better than I do, and if you have a better plan, or even just a different plan I want to hear it." He stops then, looking at all three of you expectantly,
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Marco first take a sit, he thinks about eating some of the pastries but decides against it. If Sam insists that they sit there is a reason. He listen carefully to his words. He is still confused that Shilla is Sam and is a guy... she seems better than him in disguises.

When Sam talks about Feathers his thoughts run... but why Feathers?  A warded club, then they expend so many resources to extract Feathers... out of them all they picked him. In a way Feathers intimidates them. But why him?  Feathers must have done something that exposed his talent... He must be a Mage... otherwise why him... he could see their magical nature and they already suspect us.

When Marco speaks he say: “When you look into the void... the void looks back into you. This is no time to be discreet... Feathers is a Mage isn't he?...  I wonder just how he ID'ed these drugs... maybe some sort of magic? Because people that know a lot of drugs come to the club all the time...  I think they use alchemy... It explains it all... people take their drug samples all the time... but the thing is with alchemy by the time the drug gets out of the club and reaches a lab or an expert - it already lost its magical potency... This is how they keep their professional secrets...  Very smart of them!

 But Feathers - he managed to see their drugs inside the club - I bet they only give their magic drugs to mundanes - somehow it reached feathers hands and it was a disaster he was probably too drunk to understand how close he was.“

Without waiting for an explanation he continues

You see... The club has no serious physical security but it has plenty of magical security. While this security did not stop him from getting the special drug - it spotted Feathers and the drug together - this is why they were so nervous.

This is exactly what the club security is for - to prevent a mage from being offered anything special. I think that these people weren't hired to kidnap Feathers... not at all - they were the last layer of security - if a mage is offered the drug they geek him...  Expensive skills are not hastily recruited. The people that took Feathers were waiting for the magical security to fail for quite a while... 

I bet they only offer their  special drug to mundanes after being assensed - so someone must have unexpectedly given the drug to Feathers. Maybe one of the ladies that wanted to dance with him.
This is where they got sloppy - they kidnapped him - so they approved that what he discovered was important. They should have waited to see if he understands what he saw... if he does anything risky but they got stressed and showed their hand. They were afraid that his knowledge would leak.

I could guess their plan because these guys are paranoid... but they made a mistake - they just told us a lot about themselves.

... He take a look at Yelena and then at Arc, they seem upset. He pours them a glass of water and say... “Where are my manners... I am so sorry I must be more scared than I thought.” He pours them a glass of water and asks:" Are you okay?" nothing in his body language indicates fear, but Marco is afraid. If his little conspiracy theory is true than he is also at risk.

He takes a deep breath and add: “I understand my part... My aura is difficult to read, I trained for years in controlling my emotions and body functions. But I may be exposed as a mage if I do magic... Perhaps  if I am fast enough... but it scares me... I can try mundane disguises - less impressive but invisible in the astral.  I do not want that *THING* to look into me.”

A moment later he realize there is quite a lot of time until Monday- and the other side have professionals with them.
“The thing is... I am not sure how we should behave until the party... we may be at danger...  so I am not sure how we should behave. Disappearing feels safe, but doing absolutely nothing unusual is more stealthy. Do you guys have any experience regarding that? I am totally lost here.”

Unlike previous times, he did not feel like he wanted to run away. Somehow being emotionally involved meant he wanted to stick around and do his best so that Yelena and Arc makes it back in one piece. Was he becoming a shadow runner? The thought of it scared him even more than being kidnapped like Feathers.
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@ Ambrose  That should be cheap and almost impossible to track down. And if you think you can get it there in sufficient quantities to do the job I need I'll defer to your judgment. As I said, usual fee 1/2 up-front & the remainder, including your bonus when I get the detonator.

Ambrose nods and takes his leave. As he does, he fires off a message to Frank Castille, his arms dealer. <<Here to order. Three pupu platers, a side of hot chille cheese fries. Beer pong table set, and the hottest chimechangas you've got.>>
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Sat. Dec 6 late afternoon

The cred transfer to Ambrose complete and Ambrose safely gone Sam gets back to what he was doing. Going through all the data from the security camera's and reading through reports from his inquiries. Ghost's report does not come in at the four hour mark and even that bit of knowledge tells him something. The data package from Arc's eyes comes in in the afternoon and Sam sets it aside for after dinner when he can run a facial detection program that's currently busy with the security camera feeds. When he finally runs it, sipping a coffee, he almost chokes. Ambrose! Sitting at the damn table with them all!  And by his lip movements saying something about an interview and reporter! The HELL! If he'd only known he'd have grilled the fragger when he had him! And now he's either hired the most dangerous person to do the job, a guy working for the other side, or, the guy that may hold the key to Feathers disappearance. What did he tell him? Sam reviewed the conversation again, looking for tell-tale signs that Ambrose knew exactly who he was. Hmmmm, nothing that he could see, and he hadn't told him anything in particular. He'd made it seem as though it was a financially motivated hit of the warehouse. And Ambrose hadn't seemed all that concerned for the club. Well, he'd keep an eye on Mr Ambrose that was certain.
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Arc could feel her blood freeze as the meeting commenced and Sam's current form shared the updates on what was going on without them, all thoughts and merriment from the prior conversation dashed away with the big revelation: Feathers was hit.  Kidnapped probably, killed maybe, but missing definitely.  And a professional job too?  Frag us sideways to Snohomish and back..  The color drained from her cheeks as her understanding drifted from their missing, older friend to the fact that they might be suspect too, and might be targeted...

Panick struck her for a brief moment, anyone sitting next to the human seeing it on her face.  Her breath stopped in her chest, her real hand gripping her pant leg with white knuckles as her mind raced.  But this was all over as quickly as it came as she started thinking, approaching it like she would a car.  This is a new wreck...just wheeled in..let's diagnose the drek..okay...  She didn't respond to Marco's offering of water, but after a few minutes, processing all the info was shared, Arc finally spoke up.

"So we do know a few things.  One, our reps.  Barrens folk talk alot, so they know the three of us be heroes in this drek.  Feathers as an outreached hand for the downtrodden, myself as an indie mechanic with street blood, and Yelena as a foreigner who gave a drekton and is now one of us.  You can bet your hoop the Stardust know that.  Two, our night there.  Doesn't take a decent security setup to trace what we all did, and that was separate and never regroup for the rest of the night.  I'm willing to bet that Feathers did that drek you guys be talking about after we separated...and if they wiped his comm history, then they probably looked, and saw he didn't contact any of us about drek.  So they ain't got reason to think we know about the mojo drek."

"So on that bent, I'd say until tomorrow night, let's not give them reason to think we know wassup.  Business as usual and all that jazz."
  She cleared her throat a bit, straightening up and sitting back, turning to their employer and grabbing a cup of coffee.  "As for the club, I saw a lot of partying.  Likely mojo sec be the best thing in all that chaos I guess to figure out what's what.  Lots of people there to have fun and help people have fun.  Other than that, I saw some glitching in the AR overlay for a bit, but couldn't dig further...Sam, with my mental state that night, you'd probably have better luck finding stuff through the vid feed I sent ya."

"As for the plan, I've got a couple bugs I can have slipping through to check stuff out.  Might help Marco look around for drek as needed if I link the feed to him.  I think if I can loop it through my link, I can loop commands through my RCC left in my ride and to the drones.  A little noisy, but carrying that in the club will be just stupid.  I can help that way, since I'm assuming you weren't intending me to rig up the explosion."
  She winked, leaning back and tapping her cheek a couple times.  "Drawing attention and running a party may work, plus I can be obnoxiously loud if needed.  Especially with a bit of the drank, ya heard?  You got no worries, and I'm assuming that this person hosting the shindig's gonna give us a call today.  They might be tracing our comms now, so make the full monty show, right?  Another thought..."  She paused for a bit, biting her lip.  "If they do give that house spec to mundies for the very reason that wiz's can see it, it might as likely be Yelena or I will be offered the drek during the party.  Depending on how much control we can show, it may just as likely be one ends up with it in our system...our choice or otherwise.  This will be tight...guessing more dangerous the more time we spend than we need to."

She straightened up, looking to the three of them quizzically.  "What?  Street girl can't think of stuff or som-somethin'?"
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Marco face Arc and listens carefully, when she is done he say: "You are right... i bet we should change nothing. Just act normal... as scary as that sounds."
To himself... "what a professional."

He adds, looking excited at Arc.

"...a small drone will make me safer. I do not interact that easily with machines so having a small drone with me will keep us in control... you will be able to know if something bad happens without me typing something explicitly. Heck it may make physically sneaking to the basement a backup plan. Or  it can help by alerting me before someone approaches me. "
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Yelena takes a seat next to Arc and smiles at Sam as she listens to his story, taking in and absorbing all he says.  As he mentions Feather's disappearance, she notes the slight stiffening in her friend and from the corner of her eye she catches the white-knuckle grip of the short human.  Remembering the reaction her earlier grab had elicited, she very carefully touches Arc as she mentally thumbs open her commlink.  <Hey.  Yelena here for Arc.  We find Feathers.  We find others.>  Beyond that, she sits impassively as first Marco then Arc say their piece.  Even though she is listening, part of her mind is already focusing on the mission.  It is different from what she has done in the past.  As yet there is no clear target to focus on, but the people behind this sort of operation cannot remain behind the curtain of anonymity forever.  Mistakes will be made and Yelena will then have targets for her considerable skill.  People will die.  Sam is completely aware of what Yelena is and what she can do and he would not have brought her into this without believing, without knowing, that people will die. 

Yelena removes a thin cigar from her case which she leaves open on the table in case anyone else wants one of the acrid Russian-Turkish blends.  Lighting it, she takes a few drags to help order her thoughts then looks at the others before saying, "Yelena ignore Arc comment.  Yelena know Arc smart with many good ideas.  New toys is good idea.  Yelena think targets made mistakes.  First take too many too fast.  People wonder.  Second take Feathers.  He know something.  They take to silence.  But taking tell us almost all he knows.  Mage security see him do something and can only be magic seeing of drugs or magic seeing of captives.  We know even if Feathers not tell us.  We know they scared.  We know on right track.  A little more rattle and know targets.  Then targets die."

Yelena pauses to take a couple of drags, expertly keeping the cigar ash intact.  Looking at Sam, she continues.  Yelena saw some and learned some.  Meet woman name Bella at tub on roof.  She and other man had Bliss and give to Yelena.  Bella talk of starlight drug.  Is special drug club only give to spenders to keep coming back.  Yelena think she special guest and club give starlight drug to her.  Is same Bella as Isabella giving party?  If same Yelena already friend and can get closer.  She very much into girl-girl sex and Yelena very good at it.  Probably give more Bliss at party.  Yelena take.  Arc try stay from take.  Very bad and Yelena need Arc help after to clean up.  Get information."

Yelena finishes the cigar and finally taps the ash off before stripping the butt end.  "Targets made other mistake.  Maybe worst.  Not believe Feathers' reputation.  Arc know Merlin?  Arc tell Merlin about Feathers we get magic ally, maybe more than one.  Feathers has magic friends who can help.  And Sarge make honorary Howler.  Howlers not like men who take Feathers.  Can tell about feathers and maybe Howlers help when need.  Barrens not just one person.  Barrens much people.  Come together for Smiley face Monster.  Come together for Feathers and stop drug men.  Club place bad."

She looks directly at Sam.  "Is party for more looking or for stopping drug men?  If stopping, Yelena want gun.  Any idea to get gun inside for Yelena find?  If party for more looking, Yelena do that without gun.  For party, bell of ball means dress up again?  More torture salon?  If at club, party not tux and tie.  Yelena know dress want but need makeup like before.  Can happen tomorrow?  And need more money for spend at club."

Yelena shifts her attention back to her friend.  "Arc arm hide gun?"
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Marco looks at Yelena when she start talking about girl-on-girl sex and taking more bliss he thinks to himself - “what is she thinking... she’ll say anything for another shot of Bliss. This is going to be a difficult road”.  When he finally speaks... he say... “Might I suggest a plan that does not include sex at the club.”... “ I mean - no offense Sam” he gives Sam a look with a minute facial expression as if seeking his conformation and then continues: . “Right now... drug research is of minor importance... our priority should be to find Feathers - hopefully he knows something important enough and perhaps finding him will solve the drug research issues”
Back at Yelena - “We might need your special skills ... I also know how to get your gun into the club... The hot tub is a serious security problem a flying drone can discreeotly land in there... A spirit if we can not get a suitable drone. I bet they do not keep Camera’s on the roof as their patrons are not dressed and won’t feel comfortable.  A small gun is preferable tough... how do you feel about my Crusader?”
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Yelena looks at the Keeb and for a few moments that is all it is, just a look.  No emotion.  Then she smiles.  "Yelena thank Marco.  Yelena rather never sniff Bliss again.  But is Yelena weakness.  Knowing can make useful.  Can get close Bella to get starlight drug.  Yelena believe find drug find Feathers.  Find others.  And Marco maybe not think sex as tool.  As weapon.  But is tool and weapon Yelena can use."

She pauses to flip another cigar from the case on the table and light it.  "Yelena think Marco wrong about cameras.  Not open to notice, but hide.  And club almost certainly does have at tub.  Yelena sure club men have looked Yelena and tub party many times for checking.  Yelena see man stand in shadows near tree.  He watch party but not join.  Think watch Bella."  She laughs.  "Watch Yelena too.  But mostly Bella.  Think club man.  Watch who close to.  Who friends are.  Maybe offer starlight drug to Bella good friends.  Yelena try be Bella friend.  Yelena carry Arc drone and plant on Bella clothes and drone go where Bella go so Arc see and hear.  Arc drone like insect so not seen."

Yelena smokes a bit, looking around the table.  "Yelena not sure about gun.  Drone good idea, but Arc not have big drone.  But spirit bring.  Club has magic defense and spirit maybe seen, but can use explosion diversion to come club and put gun on roof.  Is bushes near towel place.  Hide gun there.  Crusader good.  Is Ares.  Yelena like Predator more.  Yelena and Arc get party to roof.  Then big explosion.  Yelena get gun."

As she finishes her second cigar, she tips the ash and strips the butt, almost as a reflex action.  Looking at Sam, she adds, "Marco send demon spirit to look club.  Demon talk about bound slaves and a prison.  Could be bound spirits to protect or might be prisoners.  Maybe drug and prisoners in same place.  Use explosion to get Howlers and Merlin to attack club.  Yelena think club men come get Bella.  Not want her tell of drug so take.  Arc use drone I put on Bella clothes to see where go.  We follow.  Find drug.  Find Feathers.  Kill drug men."

She looks around again.  "Is Yelena plan.  Barrens people protect Barrens.  Plan good or bad?"
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@ Ambrose  Frank's reply back is prompt, and unexpectedly bad. >>Food inspectors shut the restaurant down. Something about rats. I can get you your order. It's just going to have to come from a restaurant out of town and so it'll take a little longer, and they don't have the chimichangas. But their chilies rellenos are even better in my opinion. And cheaper, but their kinda on the small side so you'll need probably half again as many in order to feel full. But if they don't let you know they're there it's 'cause you're already dead. Let me know if that's ok or if you want to change your order.<<
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@ Arc, Yelena & Marco  Sam looks at the three of you. "So far I'm liking the ideas. It seems as though you're individual abilities are far more complimentary than I had imagined." He pauses then, looking stern. "But, I think right now it's very important that we not tip our hand. The club needs to only think of you as Barrens street rats made good. And suddenly flush with cash & fame looking to party hard after your close brush with death. If Feathers and the others aren't down there we'll need people, and especially staff, to see you as friends so that they share info with you. After all, there's a trail there somewhere. We just need to find it." He looks at you Marco, "And that was good thinking sending the spirit for recon. It got you very good intell, and a very good use of inferential logic all of you. But, don't get glued to any idea yet. Keep an open mind, and more importantly an open commlink." He smiles then, trying to make light of a simple and important safety tip. "And now to our next subject. I need you to tell me about this guy. He was at your table last night and spoke to Feathers." He calls up an image then, and you all recognize the reporter from that witchy magazine Feathers was talking to.
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To Yelena: "You obviously been doing this kind of work longer than me... 
I trust your judgement... Sam is going through plenty of logistics to send us into the basement - we need you clear headed and dressed at that moment..."

Just the thought of Yelena doing more bliss and sleeping around in another tub orgy makes Marco a bit protective. He knows this feeling is out of place and with his day job he really is in no place to critique...  He is well aware that she can get much with her sexuality - but some things  are the refuge of the desperate. He knows about himself that he would not sleep around for a mission unless the options to get the job done pants on were inferior.

He tries to keep poker face about his emotions as apparently Arc is the only one he did not sleep with in that room and he does not want an emotional drama.

To Sam:
"Yes... I remember this guy. He kept talking to Feathers as if he was interviewing him. I had to offer that guy a steak so that Feathers can have some quiet time and enjoy the club.

... I do not think he is a reporter though the hour was very odd for an interview, and his questions were obviously improvised. There was an Asian guy that was looking at him... It did not seem sexual it made me uneasy."

He thinks for a second and continues...

"Actually, that uneasy feeling made me go dancing a little earlier than I planned... What goes afterwards you already know - if you watched the feed from Arc’s eyes... I bet our dance made you a bit dizzy as me and Arc did some serious spinning over there. "
He smiles at Arc when he say that.
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Arc's expression notably soured as the idea of bringing the Howlers into the plan was brought up, the human sipping her coffee while her memories fumed.  Particularly since Merlin was brought prominently into the idea, whom was one of the list the human had for those trogs who treated her especially rough while she was part of the gang.  Thankfully, she didn't have to protest it, as Sam beat her to the punch, reminding them that their objective at this point was to identify, not eradicate just yet.  It's like a chess game...cept we just the fragging pieces and Sam's the player.  Drek  Sighing, she gave a shrug and shook her head, lifting her cyberarm to Yelena.

"I ain't set up to smuggle no piece in this baby, omae.  Besides, doubtful I could find a spot to fit a compartment without it lookin' all bulky and obvious.  Y'all right about the drone smuggling part.  I'd need a bigger one, and we don't got the time nor cred to make it happen.  Top of that hoopla, dropping a piece onto a populated roof ain't gonna go unnoticed anyhow.  Best if we find another option or just don't slip one in at all, ya hear me?"

Nodding her head, she turned back to Sam in regards to the next question, head tilted quizzically as she scanned the picture while Marco said his piece.  "hrm...I dunno...I admit I was already out on the floor when that dude showed up.  Older dude by the look of it, and I"d rule him out of any gang affiliation too...cut of his suit tells me he ain't Barrens-born...likely from cross town or outside Seattle?  Other than that, I really dunno...sorry"

After a little while, the human piped up a small query.  "So, y'all prolly know more of this drek than I do, but uh...after we get this invite, we supposed to get new shiny outfits again?"
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@ Ambrose  Frank's reply back is prompt, and unexpectedly bad. >>Food inspectors shut the restaurant down. Something about rats. I can get you your order. It's just going to have to come from a restaurant out of town and so it'll take a little longer, and they don't have the chimichangas. But their chilies rellenos are even better in my opinion. And cheaper, but their kinda on the small side so you'll need probably half again as many in order to feel full. But if they don't let you know they're there it's 'cause you're already dead. Let me know if that's ok or if you want to change your order.<<

<<How about the unlimited chorioz, with two howling ninies, and three red screamers? And an extra large bucket of Greasy's gravy fries. Two bags of gummieworms, and one teddy?>>
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@ Ambrose  >>Can do omae. Everything 'cept the teddy, you want that you need to talk to your girl and hope it comes in AR so's it's no impediment to the deed wiz. I can have it all for you Monday early, say 11:00. This way you've got it in time for lunch. It'll be a little extra for the travel time but shouldn't be much more than 5%. Meet me at that soup kitchen near the glass house.<<
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Yelena listens to Sam and smiles.  "Yelena understand.  Party and show money.  Make friends staff and clients.  Is Isabella important to make friend?"  She nods as Arc explains about the arm.  "Was thought only.  Have to think for later."

She looks closely at the picture but shakes her head.  "Yelena barely see man.  He take Feathers?"

After Arc asks her question, Yelena laughs.  "Is good question.  Not good wear same dress twice.  Need buy another to show money.  How much Sam give for new clothes.  And maybe torture salon?"
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@ Yelena, Arc & Marco  Sam's lips quirk as he raises an eyebrow at Marco, "Torture salon? I see you've been making friends and influencing people into the good life Marco." he laughs then. "But I personally have never understood how that much pain can be considered a day of 'pampering yourself'." He studies you then. "I'll have dresses sent over to you both. I have a source where I can get them quite a bit cheaper. And I'll authorize another thousand into each of your accounts. But, no more. If we can't find out what they're really after with these drugs I think it might pay you to be seen as having gone through your cred. An easy truth, he paused, "and be willing to be corrupted for your next job. I'm hoping your fame gets you noticed by whoever's in charge of this and that they approach you hoping you'll be above suspicion as their mules. pausing again, he measured his next words, And I need you all to remember that the hostages are not our primary mission. We're after the head of the snake. Because whatever they're after, you can guarantee there'll be more disappearances. And if all we do is rescue Feathers and a few others, we'll just tip our hand and who ever' is behind this will just kill us and move their operations. So yes Yelena, make friends with Bella, and yes, sex is a tool and a weapon. Something my young idealist," he nods at Marco, "chooses not to recognize. So use every tool you are good with."

Arc, you get a comm, >>And Arc, I very much appreciate you sending me the entire feed. That took a commitment to the truth even above your own pride. And I can understand that it probably embarrassed the hell out of you. But now, we use it as a another tool in our hand.<<

He pauses then, "On second thought, no to the 1000 in your account Arc. I'm sure someone in that club knows you spent the night with a grifter. And if they can wipe Feathers comm, you can bet they'll check your cred, and for our purposes, you dead flat busted is far, far, better. So now lets gets to the meat and bones of this plan. Any questions?"
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“That demon... Everything makes perfect sense... lay low, sleep with Bella take drugs... don’t rescue Feathers... Yet everything is so wrong - get hooked even more on Bliss, let Feathers die to preserve cover... risked being kidnapped yourself to preserve cover”

Who is Sam working for? What hidden interest his words serve.

He address Sam: “You seem eager to look down the basement otherwise you wouldn't go into all that trouble of blowing out a building in the middle of the party.”

He adds: “I can cast a high force spell on a minor spirit and have it take down all the wards in that club almost simultaneously... Spirits travel very fast in the astral, and on impact with a ward the spell is likely to win.  It will take them some time to put all the wards in place, their mage will know the wards were taken down,  but it will be difficult to connect that to me."

"Now what will happen when the ward is down?... they will need to move stuff around and do so quickly... The sensitive stuff will need to leave this basement before anything sees it.

We already know they do not function well under pressure.  They may make more mistakes. Arc will look like the perfect candidate for some work- addicted to living it big but with an empty wallet maybe even an outstanding bill in the club of couple of hundreds dollars a bill she cannot pay. She is local, she is famous and she won't be searched. Additionally she has some money problems that can be exploited.

She has a chance to be *invited* to the basement... After all they will need to move fast - and the perfect mark is just sitting there in the bar trying to keep ordering expensive drinks.

If she does get in the basement she can leave a small part of her behind... a micro drone for later usage... maybe turned offline to be activated automatically in the morning after

Now the thing is - if you just blow up a building next to them... *and* take down their wards at the same time... it will be a viewed as a threat. Not a rescue operation.  They have enemies - they'll think it is one of their enemies. They are likely to view it is an aggressive message to show them how vulnerable they are.

... He finally adds:
"It may also help Feathers reach us from the Astral if he is there... You need to understand that I might be in bad shape after casting like this, it will take a while before I regain my health..."
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The reply to Sam's comm came from Arc just as quickly as she received it, the mental keyboard typing up in a flurry and sending.

<<@Sam: Thanks for understanding.  Figured with my mental state at the time, better to send everything in case I can't remember seeing something.  That being said, realizing I may have to do that again.  Hope there's no regrets, eh? :)>>

She sent that just in time to listen to Marco's idea to change the plan, causing Arc to give pause.  With each word, her mind raced as she tried to connect the dots.  Now why target the adjoining's not part of the club at all..  Pulling up the city map, she traced a few lines based on stuff she knew: gang turfs.  There, there was the pattern.  Arc gave a little grin at the subtlety of it all, clearing her throat before Marco would continue.

"That might be a good plan, but it does raise some serious fraggin' risk.  One, if what you say is true, that will effectively remove your role in the operation once drek hits the fan.  Two, Being a man down the the rest of us likely slotted up in certain ways to keep appearances, you can bet your hoop investigation will be hard to pull off.  Three, taking down the wards will look like a direct attack and connecting the explosion.  Sam, correct me if I'm wrong, but that wasn't the intent."

"The way I sees it, this bada-boom is meant to look like an outside co-incidence to draw attention AWAY from the Starlight.  Howler's used to do stunts like this about a decade ago against the Trapangs.  Sam, gotta hand it to you, you gotta set of Huz to be pissing off the Halloweeners with this.  Either way, mine and Yelena's job is gonna be, in our positive buzz of energy we will got goings on by the time, to opportunisitcally hype up the accident and basically cause a fraggin' scene.  That's when you go in with my case I can't help, I'll show you how to work them: point and click, fraggin' easy....and take a peek."

"Sam is right: as drek as it is to say.  We won't stop them by busting out anyone locked down, Feathers or no.  We'll rouse a party, cause a scene, and work their interest to hiring us on for somesuch."
  Arc took a breath, nodding about the cred.  "It fits.  Looks like my part's gonna be the slot who, like all young slitches who got quick money, burned through it all quick but ain't ready to go back?  If my rep is as big as y'all say it is, it shouldn't be hard to find a few hoops to buy me drek and party on.  Get the cred flowing, which will draw any attention from them I'd frag.  I'll put on the show, no sweat"  She took a few more breaths, settling in and sipping her coffee.  "That's my piece.  What's the plan, bossman?"
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"Oh well we can sneak into the basement...
To do that I'll need pictures of as many employees as possible, audio will also be helpful.
If we find someone of my general body structure I may be able to impersonate him without any fancy mojo. I can change my facial features and a dash of cosmetics, a wig maybe and different cloths and I'll be good to go. I'll go to the toilet as one person and exist as another.
Then I'll do the same to revert back to myself. Overall the time spent in there will be reasonable and will not raise too much suspicion. "

After a short pause he say:
"Mojo is dangerous and addictive... I do not like using it. I only suggested the other plan because if our ruse is caught - I'll be lucky to exist unhurt - and I am not sure any of us can go back to that club again.

The other one indeed leave me bleeding, but it can be done long before we
enter the club. So that any trace of mojo is long gone from my aura. So both plans have their risks... I understand that."
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Yelena sat back in the chair and listened to the conversations.  She nods in agreement to Sam's concept, waiting for the others to say their peace.  "Yelena think Sam and Arc right.  Go see.  Go hear.  Work Bella for friend.  Is Yelena broke?  Or just Arc?  Can go for double try.  Arc desperate for money.  Yelena desperate for friend.  Treat explosion as part of party.  Have fun.  Maybe drug.  Probably sex."  She finally hears what Sam was saying and looks at her friend, saying in a very serious tone,  "Man hurt Arc?  Yelena need kill man?"
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@ Arc, Yelena, & Marco  Sam looks at you all. "I think it's much smarter to have three different motivations. That way at least one of you gets noticed and possibly hired."
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To Marco, Arc gave a few nods in understanding to his reasoning for an alternative.  "I read ya, chummer.  I ain't saying the risk ain't there, but the original plan is drawing attention away from where you gon' be.  A direct hit on their drek will just as likely spook them into closing up shop, and we don't need that.  Besides, with my bug helping ya, should be null sweat.  As for the pics...". She paused, glancing to Sam.  "Between the two of us, we should be able to compile a list to select from eh?"

Finishing her coffee, she set it down and straightened up when Helena made the query about her getting hurt.  Neh?  Hoi, girly, ain't no one hurting me.  A grifter is some hoop who flatters and pleases other people to get them to spend money.  Likely a contract hire for the club, and I know that by morning my feedstock was cleaned out.  Just as likely he won't be bothering me again, but from the sound of it, I'll be for plenty of hoops to buy me drinks and stuff.". Arc gave a little pause, thinking about what Sam said to Helena about what tools could be used to gain the influence they needed, reddening a little.  "  ...might have to spend a night with one of em too, I dunno."
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Marco nodded at Arc. “Okay... I’ll stick to the script. You can send me a file and I’ll do the required preparation before the party.” ...
He address Arc: “please, at least you... keep your dress on that night. Trust me I can be very seductive when I want to be...”
He makes a short pause and smiles at Arc flirtatiously. Then he returns to his serious face.
“it is power I agree...  a weapon, the ability to ignite lust in someone, to play them like that grifter played you is good to have...
But just because you have a power does not mean you have to use it all the time. If Yelena is going with Bella, I consider her down for that day, no matter what happens to you or me at that night all we got is each other. ”

To Yelena: Marco sends you a concerned look and say:  “Bella will give you more Bliss and you will have a wonderful time with her... in a private room or again in that hot tub. Your judgement will be compromised and you’ll need us to make sure you do not get into too many troubles.”

To Sam: “We are a team, we can’t just have everyone doing her own thing. This club is a dangerous place and somebody need to keep cool and provide some backup if things go up too far.
We do not know why they took Feathers we have just speculations and guessing games..."

To all of them:
"We did not mention the possibility that they interrogated him and that he told them exactly what we are doing in that club...

They obviously have access to magic - and some mages can steal memories from people minds, so Feathers might have been compromised even without telling them anything.  This is an extreme situation - we cannot continue with our plan as if nothing happened.

But if they know what we are doing in there... I wouldn't play the redundancy card. We need to extract Feathers as soon as possible. Find out what he told them and re-evaluate our situation."

He pauses and, then looks at Arc and Sam:
" I agree on no heroics as we have no extraction plan, we know too little to do one. I think that having some of us compromised before we know just how much they know may be reckless... ”  
After a short pause:
 “You taught me patience Sam... I suggest we follow your own advice... At least we should  test the water a little bit before we jump all in.”
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@ Arc, Marco & Yelena  Sam looks at you and says, "I'm going to send the file with all the employess and a few facts on each of them from what we've been able to learn from all the surveillance footage. Barrens SINless don't exactly advertise. You should be able to pick several possible candidates Marco as the club employs several elves in various positions. And you're right Marco. We do need to act as though they know everything you know. And I'm going to be moving immediately after this meeting. I'll send a little bird to tell you where the next meeting is. And my new comm code is on these comm's. There's one for each of you." He hands Marco a gold cross on a chain with an opal at it's center and Yelena a torc style necklace with an amethyst dangle. "Arc, yours is the most useful as it can also be used to upload up to 16G of data. And it can send out a single burst of noise that'll interrupt a single for up to 3 seconds, but that really eats the battery so use it very sparingly. It fits in one of your drone slots." He hands Arc a bullet shaped object that just barely fits in the slot. ""Make sure you use your regular comms for ordinary communications and these for anything you need private or sent to me as they'll automatically send a copy of everything you say or send to me.  I've already programmed each of your numbers into them. And Arc, your body is your own. Don't do anything that you're not comfortable with with someone you don't actually want. Yelena is comfortable using her body that way. Marco makes that decision for himself all the time. And you contribute everything you need to contribute in your cool head and ability to work the problem. Now if that's all the questions I'll let you all go."
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Marco nods to Sam, and says his farewell to Arc and Yelena. “I have some previous commitments for now.” On the way out he texts lady
 <<Properites now... I got a great tip from Arc... can you meet me in a couple of hours?... we can do Vatican as you asked.  >>

Sundays were a difficult day to Marco, it was the day he had to write to his parents. His library was funded by the Vatican and used as discreet manner to transfer messages. Despite all the advancement in encryption and the progress of technology the Vatican does not trust technological means. Delicate messages like those from agents in the field are always hand written. In a world with a brain machine interface there is not much use of real paper, many people are not skilled with writing. The code is not very complex, it is based on the fact that the vatican has a virtual matrix room with exact copy of every one of their operatives library.

When Marco writes the letter he picks the letters from the different books in the library, and write the coordinates in the library instead of the letter. Even spaces has their coordinates, the code is then inserted to a book and Marco picks a book from the library and ship the note with the book. The reply from the Vatican reach him encoded in the same manner during the next sunday. The letters are delivered by a delivery roto-drone, that is small enough to land in his balcony.

Marco have already written a confession letter detailing his life and career decisions since he left the Vatican. Every week he wants to send that letter but instead writes a totally bogus letter. This sunday is no different.

Mom, Dad and “little” Carla.

The good news is that I am still alive.
I cannot share much of what I am doing but I am seeing the world and enjoying my work very much.
I discovered a new bowling club that I also really like something very fancy, and I take my friends there a lot. I believe they have some unusual way to bring the ball back to you after you drop the pins... perhaps they managed to do so magically. I met there an unusual girl that I like a lot and I hope that it become serious between us.

How are you? I wish I could see you and I miss you terribly... Especially you Carla.
 It is a shame that I couldn't grow up closer to you.


Please send me the book “Seven deadly sins” an original if you can get it approved.
Thank you very much...
P.S: I can’t say that I am a good catholic, but I am not as bad as you remember me.

Another week, another lie and another sin. Thought Marco as he placed the book on the small rotodrone. He picked the book on the drone and placed it in his library.
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Yelena nods and picks up her cigar case from the table.  "Yelena thank Sam for money and dress.  Have comm code for Bella from tub.  Should Yelena use to call Bella on own and set up meet for maybe lunch?  Might get to know better.  Otherwise go home Arc and wait dress."
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Seeing as he wasn't going to get the teddy like he needed to, he decided to put in a rush order to the vermont teddy bear company to pick up one of their bears. Placing it on rush delivery, he gets it the next day. This here.. This was the piece of resistance he was going to use.

It wasn't going to be that hard to set up, upon getting it, he replaced the cloth nose with a tougher resin one, and began working his detonator into it. Thats right, He's always had a bit of flare when it came to one of his many job titles, hence why he does have a legal license to put on pyrotechnic shows, though the explosives there are often very well tracked and sometimes quite difficult to find some punk rock group who wants an old man like him to put on their show.

The Operation of the detona-bear was rather easy. First pull out the nose, then turning it to the side would arm it. Pushing the nose back in would detonate the bomb it was ready to do.
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"Works for me.  I'll wait for the drek to arrive and to get that invite then.  Thanks bosslady"bosslady". With a nod and a wry smile, Arc stood up, pocketing the commlink bullet and waiting for Helena and Marco before departing.  When the male keeb declared he had plans, she gave a nod.  "Null sweat, don't let us keep you.""

In the car, Arc grew a bit quiet as the Russian joined her.  It was a while before she spoke.  " I the only one getting a feeling that we gon' be getting into some heavy drek in the next few days?". She shrugged, shaking her head a few times as they rounded a corner.  "In with you though.  Pizza and a night in sound pretty dragging good at this point.  Say...didn't Sam promise us SINs in the event these hoops be asking us to do some work?  Can't remember...ah well."
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@ Marco  She responds back in under 15 min's.>>I can meet you at 6:15. But, not at the Vatican, at Jacob's Ladder.<< The ladder she's speaking of is an old fire escape ladder that's on the side of an abandoned and mostly decimated apartment building on the upper east side. The last three stories are completely gone, and the ladder is a skeleton leaning into the sky. When you get there she is waiting. Dainty and elegant at first glance. But the confidence of her movements and the set of her jaw tell even the casual observer of the steel in her frame. Once she gets to you she kisses you on both cheeks and hands you a woven paper tube. "It's a Chines Puzzle." she says. "You put the forefinger of each hand in it and pull." as you follow instructions it tightens on your fingers, but, when you try and pull out, it tightens even more. It only takes a moment to figure out that the weave is made so that the more you pull the tighter it gets, and so to escape you have to relax." She smiles as you figure out the toy and says, "So tell me about the properties of the properties you have found. The next few hours go by quickly as you show her the different properties.
@ Yelena  Sam looks at you and says, "Yes, I think that's an angle worth pursuing." and  nods, satisfied.
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Yelena nods and reaches over to pick up the commlink, noticing how pretty it is.  She smiles at Sam, "Yelena thank Sam.  Amethyst good color match hair."  She carefully uses the edge of her tee shirt to wipe the back of the chair, the door knob, and anything else she had touched before leaving the room.  Once in the car she shakes her head at her friend's comment.  "No.  Arc right.  Yelena feel it too.  Feel odd not work with guns.  New experience."  She pauses and thinks for a minute then says, "Yelena call Bella.  She maybe not take call, but try." 

Yelena mentally thumbs her commlink on and searches for the comm code she had stored there at the tub party.  Finding it, she sends a text.  <Bella.  Yelena.  We meet at club hot tub.  Yelena enjoy Bella very much.  Would you want to meet for lunch?  You pick place and time.>

After she sent the message she looked across the seat at her human friend.  "Yelena say things to Arc?  Yelena feel Arc is friend.  Something say best friend even for know for short time.  Yelena talk friend Arc even if not want hear.  Sam right about sex.  Is choice of Arc, not of other person.  Never do if not want.  Sex part of Yelena life long time.  Use for fun, for relax, and for work.  For Yelena is tool.  Arc not Yelena.  Sex can hurt.  Yelena not want Arc hurt.  Yelena not want Tessa hurt.  Understand?"
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Arc remained silent for a few moments after the elf said her piece, her jaw set and cheeks red a little bit.  Eventually. She gave a nod of agreement.  "...yeah, I get ya.  Don't worry. I won't do nothin' that I don't wanna do.  I'll play the hooked on the high life bit tomorrow like planned.  No worries.  Yelena, I feel it too, we definite chummers by this point". The human paused a but as her real name was uttered...something she had grown accustomed to never hearing.  "Yeah, call her if you need to.  Borrow the car if you want.  Might make us look like a high roller even more, heh.  Don't worry bout me, ill stay in and be good ". She winked as they pulled up to her garage, the human expertlyparking the car and unplugging herself.

Thinking about it, and the potential that she will be spending the day by herself, surprisingly left Arc a little sad.  Frowning. She tried to think of how to pass the time, settling on sending a comm to that Latino therapist Jaime who taught her how to use her rig.

<<Hoi, how you been?  Hey, I've been having some trouble sending commands through my rig to my console.  Seems a bit buggy, and I know you the expert. Heh.  Wanna meet up at my place?  Address is attached, lemme know>>
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Marco climbed to the top level of the leader, despite controlling the levitate spell. It was a long climb but the view was definitely worth it, and indeed it was an interesting but rather unusual place for a meeting. The climbing made the view better... as if you earned it.

“It is always pleasant with you Lady. You look good.” He embraces her warmly. Her presence was a joyful breeze in his somewhat horrible day.
“I brought some wine I like and some good cheese to compliment it... I know we’re on business mode but if we’re meeting in such a romantic place we should at least have a glass of wine... it is a casual wine but I kind of like it.”  It was a bottle of Rossi di Bianchi from his family winery. 
Marco was surprised as his fingers were caught in the tube... “You could have just said you were hungry” he laughed. It took him some time struggling to solve the puzzle and finish his glass of wine.   “Nice puzzle... “  he said.   “Made me think about my troubles a bit... thank you” .
“Properties of the properties...” He grinned... He highlighted a dot on her AR map. “There is this place over there... the one that Arc recommended... a place where the Smiley mage was killed recently. A toxic mage, perhaps as it is fresh it may be a bargain.  I am not sure about background count in there... I admit I barely understand the concept... I just feel it.”
The rest of the evening went nicely despite the horrible decor.
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@ Arc  Jaime responds  >>If you can promise a few cold beers to go with that console I can promise to be over. Is 18:30 ok?<<

@ Marco  The Lady looks at each of the properties via satellite and street map view and settles on three of them to look at physically. In the end a property that was an old prison is what she settles on saying. "The background count is high. But, everything that mage Feathers and his group has done to bring people together, and having a monument to the fallen is also making it a place of hope, and in the end, the evil isn't ancient and continuous enough to win here." She's says things like that sometimes. Things that make you wonder at her life. But, she shares what she shares and not one droplet more. Later, when you get home and put away your clothes you find the Chinese Puzzle again and it makes you smile. She rarely gives you gifts. But, when she does they are like this, small paper toys made for children.

@ Yelena  Bella answers, >>I'm booked solid for the next three days. But perhaps we can meet for more Thurs, which does not mean I don't intend to meet you at the party. Looking forward to showing you a few more of my talents and seeing a few more of yours.<<
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Arc received the reply from Jaime just as she was locking the car up, the flash of text across her vision eliciting a notable smirk.  She was surprised by the accepted offer: after all, it was a blatantly drek excuse to invite someone over, and anyone who's known Arc for just a little bit would know tech doesn't just "get buggy" with her.  Shutting the garage, the human fired off a reply.

<<Null sweat, man.  I'll have a couple sixers chillin' for us.  Pizza too.  See ya soon>>

Turning to Yelena, the girl shrugged off her jacket and threw it over the couch, slumping as she took a seat.  "Ah, man...go ahead and throw on whatever you want, omae.  Oh, that rigger dude Jaime from the hospital is coming by tonight.  I invited him.  Is that cool with you?  If not, I don't think it'd be sweat to cancel on em."". She eyed Yelena abit, gauging her response and wondering if she had made plans with Bella already...
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Yelena laughs.  "Yelena fine with Jaime come by.  Bella busy so Yelena not going her.  Is third wheel?  Yelena can leave if want private.  Otherwise all watch trids and eat pizza.  But Yelena go ride bike if want me leave you with handsome rigger man."  She swings her gun case from beneath the bed and heads to the door to the garage.  "Yelena lonely for guns.  Go clean."  Smiling, she adds, Yelena leave clothes on.  Come join while wait for rigger.  Arc and Yelena talk and tell jokes."

Yelena goes into the garage and begins the laborious process of cleaning her beloved guns.  If Arc comes out she will trade jokes and stories with her friend.
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Marco enters his home and goes straight to shower. He is pleased to find the toy as he strips.
It is a long kind of shower full of thoughts... About that horrible meeting with Sam, about Yelena and Bella... He was worried for her... or was a bit jealous... maybe a bit of both. She seemed eager to continue from where she left.  Arc may also lose it that night, he might be completely alone in that club. At least he’ll have a small commlink cross with him. It felt weird to carry a cross he had not carried one since he moved to UCAS.

Somehow the lover of every vice is the one to keep his pants on. Who would have believed it? These nights of passion, the Jazz club the Metal music before that, and Lady that just bought an abandoned prison... it was functional as it already had a dining room and a kitchen... it was much bigger than what a soup kitchen needed to be...  while most of the prison was destroyed in a prison riot in the 50's. It still had more than a few cells intact and several other halls including the old armory building, that had thick walls and a large and massive metal door. Perhaps also an homeless shelter? or did she have some secondary usage for the spot.

Sam... Who is Sam? he/she... what was the deal with that. While Marco could also change his form and even had an alter ego as the human girl Marta.  Some of his clients liked her better, she was sexual, loud and always said exactly what she thought. Her best perk was that she did not have to exist the morning after. Despite that, she was just a fun skin to wear - a mask. Marco spent 90% of the time in his own skin. He met clients as himself and everything was open, no matter how odd their fantasy person was Marco could do it with a combination of mundane and magical methods.

But he knew where he ended and the masks begin. Sam was different... what is his true skin? Was anything he shared with that elder German lady a lie said to gain his trust? Have Shilla Schmidt ever existed? Does Sam exist outside their meetings?
Who is this person? He toyed with the idea of sending a spirit to assense him. He wasn't like that. It sounded creepy to him. Something Sam would have done if it is within his power... to gain leverage. But such a radical transformation has to be magical.

Is Sam my future? Walking the shadows my own skin will become too dangerous to wear and I’ll have to invent mask after mask after mask until nobody knows who I truly am? How can I get out of this terrible fate. There were simply not enough hot water in the entire building to finish this line of thoughts so Marco gave up and left the shower after 40 minutes.

He felt like flying... roaming over the  city free as a bird. Might be nice to share... he thought.  He messaged Yelena: <<... Hey Y, want to see the city from a bird view? M>> He settled in his living room with a bottle of wine and some soft Jazz.  He scheduled clients for Tuesday, and Thursday. Notifying Sam his schedule. He also asked him:<< Sam... is there any news on the royal keeb background check?>>
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@ Ambrose  The afternoon almost gone if Ambrose is going to study the warehouse where he'll need to lay the bombs in the last of the daylight he'll need to get a move on.

@ Marco  You receive a file from the daemoness on Cinan Mistishsa, in it is a short biography of Cinan detailing his education, hobbies, friends and favorite haunts. You find that you and Cinan have much in common. reprimands for several acts are almost identical wording to your reprimands in places, and it allows you to read between some of the lines and guess many of his early sins. Still, where he differs is that he was also an exceptionally gifted and exceptionally competitive student and as likely earned a spot at his university, even if money and influence did play a part in keeping him in. Even university have their sticking points.
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Arc redeemed a bit at the offering of Yelena to leave, but she did give pause.  In the back of her head, she wasn't sure if that would even happen.  I mean, yeah, I think I'd be okay with it, but was that why I called?  I dunno.... Lifting her head, she sat up straight.  "Hah...I think you'll have to be the judge of that drek, omae.  Haven't a fraggin clue". Winking up to her, the human placed an order for pizza on the Trix--local stuff, fairly decent quality--before joining with the elf in the garage.

"Man, you gonna wear the parts down, how much you clean those pieces, girly.". She teased, poking her arm before grabbing some tools and setting up beside the Scorpion.  "But hey, who am I to judge, eh?". The story swapping and jokes were a pleasant way to pass the time as the human tuned up the Scorpion'a engine, addressing afew rattles and arrhythmatic rotations of the pistons.  It was actually quite surprising, how welcome it was to just spend an afternoon shooting drek after the past few days of chaos and vice.

Before they knew it, the late afternoon was rolling in, the time flying by for the two ladies, the early evening sun filtering in through the garage windows.
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Yelena smiles and nods.  "Yeah, Arc is one to talk.  So,Yelena play by ear.  If Arc want alone time with rigger man tell Yelena about bad sound in bike and Yelena go ride to check it out."  The afternoon is indeed pleasant.  The two girls talk and work while telling stories and swapping music and before long it is nearly time for Jaime to show up.  She has not just had a day to do nearly nothing in a long time and the sensation is surprisingly nice.
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Arc gave a small smirk at the tease, nodding at the plan to see how things played out.  The afternoon seemed to play out a little slower for the human then the elf, likely, as Arc often caught herself checking the time more often than usual.  Finally though, 18:30 rolled around, the pizza was ready, hot, and sitting on the counter, and on cue Jaime came ringing up on the door.  Much to Yelena's amusement, likely, the ring caused the little human to slip on a wrench, twist, causing a cry and a clattering of the tool falling to the floor.  Grumbling, she picked herself up and hastily put the tools away, dusting off and removing her goggles, darting to the door.  "Jaime, was about ready to call a fraggin' search party.  Come on in, take a load off, eh?  Dinner first, then I'll bust my rig out and see what can be done, aight?"  All smiles, Arc ushered him in, beckoning him to a seat on the couch while she grabbed a beer, popping the top off with a deft thwack from her cyberhand before handing it to him and sitting down.

"Sounds good to me, Arc.  After all, this is your home, and I am but a guest.  Thank you for the beer.  Yelena, nice to see you recovered so well also.  You are joining us then, yes?"

It was strange, but Arc felt a bit at ease with his cheery demeanor, eliciting laughter as dinner was served.  The trio shot drek, laughed, shared stories (one in particular of a time Jaime caught a student using a micro-skimmer to peer in on other people unnoticed.  Tsk tsk).  Before too long, the pizza was gone, at least half the beers were drank, and the topic of the rigger console issue was nigh inevitable.  Clearing her throat after a heavy laugh, Arc piped up.  "ah, that just reminded me...Yelena, did that engine noise ever die down on your Scorp?  I haven't taken it out on a test yet, thought you mighta checked it out..."
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Yelena enjoys the company of the rigger and he was good company through the laughter, pizza, and beer.  Yelena's taste does not run to beer so she nurses just the one.  She notices Arc's little bits of confusion and uncertainty, smiling to herself and doing her best to make her good friend comfortable with the handsome rigger.  When Arc gives the agreed-on cue, Yelena stands and shakes her head seriously.  "Frag.  Yelena forget.  Sorry, Arc.  Go do it now, OK?"  "She turns to the rigger and says, "Sorry Jaime.  Yelena should really test bike." 

Yelena goes off to the bedroom and changes into clothes more suited for riding the bike.  She tucks the Preditor at her back, grabs up her helmet, and returns to the pair of humans to say goodnight.  "Yelena take for long drive on highway to test noise.  Be back late.  Arc not wait up.  Maybe find motel on road and stay night.  Yelena send message."

As she opens the door and begins to roll the bike out she looks over her shoulder at the rigger.  "Nice see Jaime again.  Come by other time again."

Yelena rolls the bike out of the garage and fires it up.  Gods she loves the sound.  Contrary to the ruse, the bike purred to life with the deep roar associated with the perfect operation of the superb road machine.  Arc took very good care of the Scorp and it showed.  Giving a last look at the closing garage door and the couple inside she hoped that Arc would find happiness in the arms of the handsome man.  In her opinion, no one deserved it more.  Mounting the bike, she cruised into the street and through the twisting avenues of the Barrens, heading to the highway leading away from the sprawl.  Once on the highway she gunned the powerful engine and pushed the bike into a high speed.  She stayed legal as she was not interested in attracting any trouble, but only barely legal. 

The drive gives Yelena the opportunity to examine her values and what she is doing.  For the first time in several days it is just her and her thoughts.  She is surprised that she is still in Seattle.  Not since the five years spent in Oslo so may years ago has she stayed in one place this long.  The Ancient's contract had been as interesting and challenging as any she had taken in years, but that is all it had been.  Then Sam shows up to change her life.  She had not thought of Tsina Molovna in a long, long time and seeing her in the vid brought back memories long buried.  The very offer to let Yelena know where Tsina is was enough to get her on board to assassinate the Keeb mage.  But Yelena had been completely unprepared for Arc, for Tessa.  Not since the sax man, no, to be honest, never in her life had Yelena met someone that she was more attracted to.  Arc was nearly the sheer opposite of what Yelena was in just about every aspect, so why the fragging surge in her emotions whenever the short human was near her?  Arc had asked why Yelena was always cleaning the guns and her answer had been only partially true.  Yes, the guns needed care, but the bigger reason was that Yelena needed to keep her hands and mind occupied or she would be tempted to do something with Arc.  The human had never hinted at any desire to share a sexual relationship with the Keeb who had come to realize she loved her friend.  The last thing Yelena wanted was to say or do something inappropriate with her friend and lose that friendship.  So for now it had to stay in the shadows, but she wonders how long that can last before she does something stupid.  She ponders the wisdom of staying and considers just staying on the road and going anywhere but back to a situation that could erupt in her face at any misstep or wrong word or misunderstood touch.  The call to keep moving is strong and hard to resist.  After all, moving on is so much easier than trying to make sense of her fragging emotions when it comes to her human friend.

Then there is Marco.  Marco is exciting; more exciting than anyone she had met in, well, ever.  He causes Yelena's sexual emotions to run at a peak.  She has never before experienced the highs she has with him.  She could see losing herself in the experience almost as if it had as strong a pull as Bliss or Kamikaze.  It is certainly possible that something more than sexual attraction could develop there.  That last time in his bed had been pure sensual pleasure, fueled by need and desire, and if that was any indicator, then she was heading to something deeper with him.  The difference in the relationships is that she was allowed to embroil the one partner in a sexual release but the other was stifled.

Yelena has time to ponder her relationship to the Barrens and the people living there.  Never before had she been so tempted to remain in one place on her own.  There was no "home" in her life.  There had been Oslo, but that had been illusory.  It had eventually been revealed as a false home, the man she had loved had betrayed that love by dying with his thoughts on another woman.  The dreams she had allowed herself to accumulate about love, marriage, and family had been shattered in moment of time, leaving her to wonder if she could ever love again or call anywhere home.  And now this broken and discarded place called to her.  She has seen people band together and prove stronger than any of them could possibly be individually.  Something buried so deep in Yelena's psyche that she had never thought it existed in her was now trying to emerge.  Sure, Arc was a huge part of that feeling, but all of the other people added to it, giving it a strength she is not sure that she wants to try to resist.  Home.  The very word is almost foreign to the Russian assassin, but it has a meaning now that it never did before.  But again, moving on is incredibly tempting as the easy path.

Yelena drives for an almost interminable time, going nowhere but getting there fast.  It is past eleven when she notices bright neon lights and pulls into a roadside bar between somewhere and nowhere.  The original sign had said "Barny's End Of The World Bar and Grill and Inn"  but a number of the lights had burned out and never been replaced.  After all, in a place like this what was the point?  The locals already know the place and it was not the sort of roadside stop to attract the normal family cruising the highway.  Two dozen hogs were parked in the lot already and she glides into a slot near them.  She stretches her muscles and saunters to the entrance as she removes her helmet and shakes out her wintry mane.  Two large men wearing biker jackets and many tattoos on exposed arms as big as small trees nod to her as she comes up.  Both are smoking and one offers Yelena a light as she pulls one of her cigars from her silver case.  She smiles as she accepts the flame, complimenting the bikes and accepting one in return.  Both men run their eyes down her frame, taking in the curves barely concealed by the now unzipped jacket.  Hearing loud rock music through the open door she nods to the men and enters the bar.

The inside was no better or worse than expected.  Loud rock music blared from huge speakers standing in the corners of the large room.  Several tables took up space on the wooden floor and a large pool table stood off to the left.  A pool table by the gods!  Yelena had not seen a real one in years, the new ones were all machinery and electronics and one had to find the rare dive like Barny's to even see one, much less find one being used.  Perhaps fifteen people were scattered between the tables, with another eight at the bar and three playing pool.  The go-gangers were a mix of humans, Keebs, and Orks.  Two of the five women were Orks and the others were human.  The tallest man Yelena had ever seen stood behind the bar and two women swerved through the patrons with drink and food orders, although it did seem that most of it was drinks at this time of night.  Yelena's entrance caused a momentary pause in the talk but had no effect on the music.  She could feel eyes on her as she stepped up to the bar.  Looking past the bar tender, she scanned the bottles behind the bar, a bit surprised at the selection of mid-tier alcohol.  She removed her jacket and slung it across the back of the bar stool, exposing the various tattoos on her arms and the Predator at her belt, before taking a seat. 

She asks the bartender to set her up with a ten vodka string, neat.  The near-giant's eyes widened a bit but he simply nodded and proceeded to pour out ten shots of the fiery drink and set them up in a row in front of her as she slots a cred stick into his reader.  She quickly downs the first five almost without pause, slamming the empties back on the bar upside down.  Slipping off the stool she asks for the drinks to be replaced and moves over to the area where she can watch the pool game in progress.  After watching a bit Yelena is invited to play and one of the men nods his head to the rack holding the unused cue sticks.  Walking over, she selects one and twirls it in her hand before shaking her head and replacing it.  Repeating the process two more time, she finally finds a stick that has a decent balance.  The other players watched in silence but two of the men nodded their heads in approval.  Stepping up to the group, Yelena says, "Name Yelena.  Have play before so no scam.  Friend or money game?"  One of the men laughs and says, "No reason it can't be both.  Name is Ding."  A per point wager is agreed upon and the game begins, with Yelena winning the toss for break.  The night gets off to a good start as Yelena is soundly beaten by Ding, who demonstrates a skill with the thin stick that had to be picked up somewhere else.  Yelena sends a quick note to her friend.  <Arc.  Yelena find place stay night.  Home tomorrow afternoon.  Arc no worry.  Hope Arc have fun with rigger man..> 

The game leads to others and soon Yelena is about as accepted as any of the regulars.  Between games she takes shots of the vodka and mingles with the others.  She demonstrates her Russian heritage by handling the drinks without appearing to get too drunk.  At some point in the early morning hours she gets involved in a conversation centered on tattoos and ends up removing her shirt to show her collection.  Her skimpy bra does not conceal her breasts much, but the men around her are more interested in the ink than the flesh.  She shares tales of her prison tats and is regaled by those of the gangers.  Finally, at about 3AM, she tosses back her last shot, pays the tab, and asks for one of the rooms out back.  After getting a key she turn to the hardy few that are still conscious and says, "Yelena tired drink and pool.  Any think they can tame Russian tiger welcome to try."  Twirling the room key on a finger, she picks up her shirt and jacket and moves off to the room.  Various hoots and hollers trail after her before the men realize what she had just said and there is a sound of a number of chairs being pushed back from tables as several of the gangers follow her to the room.  Entering the crappy room, Yelena is not surprised at the stale smell of cheap alcohol, sweat, and sex that lingers in the room.  She is surprised that the sheets seem to be clean, a situation that does not last long.  The early morning is consumed by a Russian Keeb assassin pleasing and being pleased by a variable number of go-gangers.  Ding and others take more that one turn at the woman who outlasts them all.  She snarls and cries out in her mother tongue, shouts out in ecstasy and releasing all of her pent up emotions in a completely neutral environment.

Yelena finally takes rest amid a pile of other exhausted bodies.  The bed is a shambles but no one had seemed to mind that most of the action had taken place on the floor or against the wall.  She wakes up at 10AM in the same pile and carefully gathers her clothes to get dressed.  Ding rouses and reaches for her but she moves his arm away.  "Yelena maybe come back some day.  Now I go home.  Thank for time."  She blows him a kiss as she leaves the room and goes out to the bar.  The same giant is still behind the counter and accepts her credstick payment to cover damages to the room.  She picks up a packet of real matches and pockets it before saying, "Bar like out of place and time. Yelena back if find it again."  The man simply nods and smiles as Yelena heads outside to her bike and mounts it for the ride home to the Barrens and Arc and Marco.  Her mind is clear; there will be no running away.

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@ Arc. The garage door isn't even halfway down before Jaime puts his arm around Arc and drops a kiss on the tip of her nose when she looks up at him. "That's a good friend." he tells her and then steps away. "But I should look atthat console before I get to distracted." He smiles then and says, "i'll need a much smaller set of tools then I are out here."
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 Marco did not dress up after the shower..He needed no clothes where he was going. He left a message for a cheap hotel across the Salish border. Room and clothes for the night. He paid and left. It took only a second before magic transformed him into a night bird. Within moments he was already flying above the city. Seattle looked amazing from a bird view. The lights glittering made even the bad places appear nice from the sky.

From downtown he proceeded over bellview crossing washington lake into the barrens. Unlike most of the city the barrens were not impressive at night. Many places did not even have electricity... once a world sized computer hub degraded into squats and corruption after the matrix crush.
But he was not about history... he was about fun... the wind, the speed, sharp senses.... it was an experience unlike any other.
He felt the adrenaline surges as the cold night wind flowed through his feathers. He dived trying to catch a mouse. He missed... it is not as easy as it looked.
He passed the border into Salish territory and landed in a small village that appeared as if it was taken out of ancient times.
His room was a small tepee tent. He got dressed and left a message to Sam with his new comlink frequency. He spent a pleasant time with the villagers around a large fire dancing and singing their traditional songs. Sleep came easily and he woke up early with the sun.
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Arc visibly redeemed at the gesture, her body instinctually stiffening at that touch but relaxing after the kiss on her nose.  Scrunching her face, she gave a smirk and opened her mouth to respond, but paused.  " Ah,, come on in...". Grabbing a box of smaller tools and her console, she led the way inside to the living room, clearing the coffee table and sitting down next to him, expertly flipping the console over to the access panel.  "I'd almost forgotten I had these tools...been getting used to my new upgrades, hehe...". Holding her cyberhand up, she tapped two fingers together, one opening up at the tip to produce a small screwdriver, which she deftly used to open up the panel.

After a bit of Jaime examining the hardware, Arc bit her lip a bit.  Her ruse was doomed and she knew it.  " Ah...frag it, I should come clean.  Y'all can see I don't got drek going wrong.  Pathetic excuse to call you, right?" She smirked sheepishly.  "So I'm gonna level with ya, hundred percent.  I asked you over because I wanted to see ya.  And without going into deets, this might be the last fragging time I can get to do so.  Work related, but I might be unavailable for quite a while.  So I figured hey, if I'm going to spend my last night as a free slitch, better make it count, right?"

It was clear she was babbling, the little mechanic out of her comfort zone, hard shell removed for the time as she tried to handle the situation best she could...right up until she was cut off by a slow, gentle kiss, her eyes fluttering shut...

The moment seemed to freeze in place before finally Arc broke away, letting out her breath in a little involuntary sigh before opening her eyes and looking up at him.  "...You...figured this all out already, didn't ya..."
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@ Arc  Jaime smiles down at you and drops several slow gentle kisses down the curve of your neck. "Well, I was glad that the attraction between us wasn't just all wishful thinking on my part. But, even if it had been I was fully prepared to let you take plenty of advantage of my skills to win you over to me one way or another." He laughs and turns to pat the console. And then pauses, frowning. "The hell?" Leaning forward and looking into the guts Arc had exposed he says, "I need a M17N95 Interrogator." When you deny owning one he jury rigs your J26 to interrogate the tiny device sitting behind the lens for the receiver. And when he does he's frowning. "You've been bugged. Someone been using this to spy on you. No telling for how long. No wonder it's 'been buggy' with the fly spy in here you'd have to be much closer and at the right angle to get it to work. How long's it been acting up?" As you furiously think back you realize you didn't even know the console had been buggy, but, it had been working fine even the day you, Feathers, Johnny, Raven and Yelena had been in here eating pizza and wondering if it was you last day on the planet. You'd been to busy to use it since then and it had been parked on a lower shelf in the garage until Yelena had needed to move it. . . . . . . Except, her friend had very little tendency to 'play house' and nothing else had been moved by her. She'd simply accepted whatever space Arc had made for her. And why would anyone bug her garage? They really couldn't even see very much of it besides the one bench and a little of the door where it'd been sitting. All it really had a good view of was, Helena! Oh no! Just then Jaime interrupts her thoughts to say, "We need to sweep the rest of the place. Although it's ridiculously easy for someone to hide these little guys." There's an angrily determined look on his face when he says that and then his eyes go unfocused as he says, "Sail, it's Blue. I need a solid. Someone's bugged my girlfriends place and I need a full sweep. . . . .  No, tonight . . . . .  Hell yes we'll sleep at my place tonight. But that doesn't mean it can wait until morning. . . . . . No . . . . . . . . NO . . . . . . . . Yes, I rigged her J26 to get a positive ID on the one I found. . . . . . . . . Don't be an ass. She's a mechanic. . . . . . . I saw her first. And the day you and that ugly mug 'o yours can steal my girl I'll fix your engine with my teeth. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . You'll meet her tonight when you get your sorry hoop outta bed and over here with a B12 scanner. And hell no you're not watching the footage. Hack your own porn. I'll have a Long Haul for you when you get here." He grins at you when he's done. "Sail's on old friend from my army days. Best damn comm troop I ever worked with and third best decker. And just in case there's a camera on us right now, lets make sure he's got something to watch." He pulls you to him then and kisses you very thoroughly his body hard against yours, although truth to tell it's not his entire body that you're focused on. But, he pulls away slightly and whispers in your ear, "We'll save the best for last when we get to my place."
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Ambrose getting together a few things goes to the warehouse to scope out the place, grumbling something about his employers and the contacts he had to get these jobs done never made it easy, expecting him to do all the legwork alone by himself. Bond never had to all the leg work himself, often that was done by other agents on the field, Miss Money Penny or a  slew of other ways of him getting the Intel he needed.

But Ambrose was in a situation where he had to go one time before to actually get a read on the floor plan layout and later on to get the bombs planted. And so go he went, taking cares to not dress in his normal business attire this time. Rather, what he had hoped to be the uniform the employees where wearing. He made sure to stick out for a little while to see a few of the employees from the distance, and if he was passable would then go into the building. It was going to be a rather quick inspection of the area, with his clipboard.

It was a rather great psychological trick, clipboards that is. They always made you look important, but not too important. Rather the kind of important where people try to avoid you, for fear that you might be some sort of evolutionist, seeing who was to get fired. The other thing of course was to always look like you're suppose to be there. Even if you're in a clown suit in the middle of a church. If you radiate the presence of suppose to be there, you  often don't get bothered by the others.

[spoiler]Disguise ( 10d6t5 2[/spoiler]
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It was funny to Arc how Jaime had expressed relief for not having to show off his talents to win her over, only to follow that up with blowing her away with his resourcefulness, solution-oriented thinking, and keen eye to detail.  It almost stymied the shock and dread that resulted from the high-shattering revelation that was just brought to light: she was being spied on.  And then it hit her, eyes going wide at the realization.  The color drained from her cheeks, romance momentarily forgotten as she tried to remember the answers to his questions.  To be true, she hadn't been using that diagnostic console much since the last repair job she did before taking down the blood could have happened at any point since then, really.  While she was in the hospital, any of the meetings with Sam, while spending time at the club.  "Frag..."  Holding her head in her hands, she shook a little until Jaime snapped her out of it, explaining what needed to happen and then proceeded with his call.

Somehow, that moment of confidence and action was all the human needed as she closed her mouth, giving a firm nod and letting him speak before rebooting her public commlink, mentally accessing the private one currently squirreled away in her arm, broadcasting a message to the group.

@Y,M,S, Encoded channel decrypt 1038501892-090 {A}>>
<<May be compromised.  Surveillance device found in home.  Blind third party performing sweep tonight.  A is safe, will be out for the night.  Y, A has your gear, do not return home.

...Awaiting instruction>>

...Honestly, she was surprised that she typed that message out so clean, without the usual street jargon, but the discovery of this bug made one thing clear to her: this job was very much one of espionage and intrigue.  Like the trids of that British hoop that gets the funky tech and gets the girl.  Frag me   The private message was sent out just in time to see Jaime finish his, her cheeks flushing at his use of words, assumedly in reference to her.  She was about to respond when he embraced her, the red in her cheeks returning as she reached up to steady herself, arms wrapping about his shoulders as she instinctively pressed against him.  Her breath caught, shivering as he whispered, the girl only nodding slightly as she lingered for a moment.  "can't fraggin' wait..."  She said with a chuckled, pulling away slightly and looking him over.  "Either way.."  She leaned up to whisper back, not wanting whoever was listening to catch all of it.  "Might need to pack a couple bags for the trip...didn't take you for a militype though, but I guess it makes sense."  She smirked, winking at him.  "This sail sounds like a drekking class act to...think he might be able to pull a trace?"  As she backed away, she blinked a couple times, looking at him.  '...girlfriend, huh?"  She smiled, admiring his confidence further.  "I'll accept the term Vruken as well."

By the time Sail--a rather lanky gent wearing street clothes, a backpack, ballcap and glasses-- arrived, Arc's car was already loaded with everything she might need.  All her drones, bombs, guns, supplies, her RCC, and clothes rested in the trunk of her car, whilst a separate bag carried as much of Yelena's gear as she could find.  Until things were figured out, she didn't want to chance being at home until this blew over.  All the while, Jaime would interject with a caress or kiss, threatening to break her concentration, but Arc's mind was already set on the solution, matching his direct thinking in an effort to impress.  "Hoi...this the guy?  Guess that means we don't gotta be here no more or we stickin' around for the results, huh?"
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@ Ambrose  The warehouse isn't particularly busy and you don't see any managerial types around. The coveralls you brought aren't to far off what the workers are wearing and you're hopeful that you won't be questioned. And it seems to work, at least at first. But, you're garnering more looks than you're comfortable with and you overhear, "..never here on weekends," and a short, stocky orc begins walking towards you.

@ Arc  Jaime lets out a short bark of laughter and says, "Vruken huh, I hadn't thought about a few tiny orcs running around us, but Henry keeps telling me I'm not getting any younger." his Or'zet is nearly perfect, at least for a human, and he uses the slang word that implies impotent that's only used between family members when they're reminding you of your familial duties. He grins down at you and pulls you close, and it's not long before you don't care that there may be more camera's. Sail comes just in time to keep the last of your clothes on and Jaime says, "Damn" Pulling back from you he says, "I'm afraid we do need to stay for the sweep. Aside from the fact that Sail needs the help, the guy's about the damn nosiest person I've ever met. An hour at your place alone and I'll know things about you that you don't even know." He goes and answers the door then and despite his words from a moment earlier he hugs Sail when he sees him. "Thanks for coming man. Like I said, I owe you." Sail takes his glasses off and steps toward you smiling. And the shock of the deepest blue eyes and one incredibly gorgeous human hits you. And you can tell he knows it. "Well, I'm pleased to meet you; After all, any girl of Jaime's is absolutely the girl for me." And then he suddenly hugs you, twirls you and bends you backwards like in one of those damn old trids of ballgowns? ballrooms? ball something or another anyway, oh drek! His face is coming towards you and his lips are puckered. Is he gonna kiss you!?!?!? But then he laughs, stands you upright and pulling back offers you his hand. "Just kidding, I couldn't help wanting to razz Jaime a bit. Pleased to meet you. I'm Tom." Smiling he holds his hand out and shakes yours firmly. It's not long before the two of them are neck deep in technical discussions. Sail has equipment with him and Jaime helps him set it all up. A few hours later the place is swept. There were no other bugs except the one on Yelena. Sail takes his leave. And Jaime takes up where you left off.
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The sun... so bright and the birds singing... It took him a minute to understand where he was. His face were colored his head ached.. heck he was still in traditional outfit. How much did he drink he does not remember... but he is alone in the tent. At least that he thinks... his Salish name given that night translate to naked bird man... appropriate he thought. But he liked their attitude to magic... it was accepted... celebrated even... their shaman used illusion magic all night just for the experience of it. Marco hardly used magic in public... he felt that it was dangerous in Seatle.

He was a bit paranoid this was the initial motivation... but he also felt accepted. It was a good location to recharge his energies. He quickly returned to his apartment same way as he left. Not before saying his goodbyes to some of the people that danced with him at night.
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Arc gave a little grin, pleasantly surprised at his use of Or'Zet.  "Haa... nice.  Product of my growing up, I guess. Hmmhmm". She blinked after the moments of passion when they were interrupted by the door knocking.  Eyes flaring wide, she made a hasty effort to redress herself before Sail waltzed in and in a literal sense swept the human off her feetm. She stared open mouthed at the suave Decker for a moment before recollecting herself, reminding her that there was a job to do.  Shaking his hand with her own chrome one, she let them work, peering curiously over their shoulders.

They were professionals; of that much she was certain.  It blew her mind the technical jargon they were using and their systematic sweep of her place.  The whole time she admired their combined skill and took mental notes of the procedure, because surely in this profession she was getting into she would need to know how to do this drek herself.She breathed a sigh of relief as the sweep finished, concluding that Helena was the only one in scrutiny.  But why.... Mentally, she sent a message out to the same group.

@Sam, Marco, Yelena decrypt 10382047-0183>>
Arc here.  Home has been fumigated.  See you all soon

Sending that out, she thanked Sail for his help, offering her repair services in the future anytime she was available.  Upon shutting the door, a grin crept to her lips as she turned to Jaime.  "Now, where were we..."


The morning light crept over Arc's face, her nose crinkling as she slowly stirred awake.  The night had been an instant and an eternity of passion all at once for the little lady, her stirring reminding herself of her aches and the warm glow she felt inside.  She couldn't remember if they had stayed at her place, or if they moved to Jaime's, but the smile she was wearing as she basked was any indication she had enjoyed the night.  Time will tell if her decision to take a vrukan now would be one to regret later, and certainly she didn't know when she would be free to see him again, but for the moment she didn't care.  All that mattered was that night, one last bit of normalcy before the coming storm.

All good dreams must be awoken eventually though, and the blip of Yelena's message from the night before was the start of that.  Groaning as she shifted her hips under the sheet, she fired off a message...on her public link, to keep appearances.

<<glad you were able to find a place to stay.  Wanna meet up for coffee somewhere before we get ready for this shindig?

With that, the human brought her hand up to rub her eyes, brushing her bedhead from her face as she sniffed the air, slowly opening her eyes to see where she was, and if she was alone...
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@ Arc  Feeling Arc stir beside him Jaime's arm tightens around her pulling her tighter to him. But the gesture is instinctive as she realizes when she cranes her head over to look at him. His face is completely slack, still asleep. It's the absolute perfect time of the day, when content and sated and very well rested Arc can just relax and just enjoy being. But, nothing lasts forever and soon she's aware that she's really got to pee. But, any little movement on her part just causes him to tighten his grip around her, once even shifting so that his leg covered her also. More movement from her would wake him and so she just layed there grinning. As she was enjoying her memories of the night and early morning she heard a hard loud knock at the door. "Jaime, Jamie, you're job called. You're late. Jaime." Beside you he stirs and at the mention of the word job, he sits bolt upright, "DREK! It's ok Mrs. C, I'm ok, my comm musta glitched, ummmh, sorry they called you." She answers through the door. "No problem honey." Jaime is dashing around the apartment rushing through his morning routine and the first thing that Arc notices is that he is meticulously neat and very well organized. Everything is in the order that he needs it, and he shuts each drawer afterwards. Even in his haste with no prep from the night before nothing is strewn about and nothing is hunted for. And as he's getting ready he says, "I'm sorry honey, this is a helluva rude wake up call. I'll make it up to you tonight." he grins at that thought. "I'm usually off at 17:00, but, I'll have to work a bit later tonight to make-up for being late. I'll call you and let you know what time." He stops and kisses you, and then kisses you again and then grins mischievously, "I've been kinda thinking this place could use a mechanics touch. Not nearly enough gears and rotors around here to really call it home." and grinning happily he heads out. "I'll program the door for you as soon as I get home." are his last words to her as he heads out.
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Yelena opens her commlink to check messages and sees that she missed a few.  Panning through them she sends replies out.

<Arc.  Yelena.  Nice hear all good at home.  Sorry missed call.  Back home maybe noon.  Lunch?>

<Marco.  Yelena.  Sorry missed message.  Love to fly sometime.  Maybe next.  Yelena back home maybe noon.  Call.>

Those out of the way, she focused on the ride.  Her internal conflicts would sort themselves out in time.  She smiled at the still vibrant memory of the previous night and early morning.  She had lost count of the number of bikers she had been with, and some of them had used her more than once.  But it had cleared her mind and given her new focus.  Complete sexual abandon could be fun once in a while; more so when the only intent was to get laid and have fun.

It is just on noon when she pulls the powerful bike to a stop at the garage and presses the button to open the door.  Pushing the Scorp into the bay, she looks around and calls out, "Arc.  Yelena home."  The warmth that gives her is an incredible feeling.  Home.
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" oh..okay then.  See ya.". Arc was barely Abe to get a word in edgewise as Jaime scrambled to get around in a way that screamed efficiency and routine.  She marvelled at the neatness in sharp contrast to the controlled chaos she had grown accustomed to since adolescence.  It was until two minutes after he had left, shutting the door and leaving her sitting up in his bed under a bedsheet, that the full weight of what he said hit her likea ton of bricks.  "...oh frag me..."". Her mind raced, trying to make sense of the complicated bundle that her life was becoming when a burning urge reminded her of more pressing needs, sending the girl darting off to the bathroom.

Relieved, Arc took her time getting dressed, her hair strewn about her head wildly as she took in Jaime's abode, wondering idly what he did for a living and how he got such a nice looking pad.  Shrugging, she slipped on her shoes and jacket, repositioned her Predator at her back, and slowly pushed the door open, trying to slink out of the building unnoticed.  Once out, the girl stopped at her car and put a hand on the hood, leaning forward and clutching her head with her other hand as she gave a groan.  Taking a breath, she fished out a smoke, placing it deftly onto her lips and lighting it, taking several pulls as she sorted out her thoughts.

Hokay... should have expected this.  Seen enough from the Howlers that this should be normal right?  No.  What are the fraggin odds I pick a man to be my vrukan who ACTUALLY understands trog life like I do?  Ahhh man, he forgot what I said about work stuff possibly taking me away for some time too.  Not to mention Yelena... I can't leave her after she just moved in.  Alright, gonna think gotta think...I can't stay with him tonight we got that thing...maybe I take him with?  No. Stupid. Bad idea.  I'm supposed to play the part of broke and desperate.  A date will be a problem with that.  Okay...maybe I split my time.  Tell him I gotta keep my place and stay there some times to keep my work up...he don't have to know I'm shadowrunning.  Probably straight and narrow, don't need that drek...

Her thoughts are distracted by the ping of Yelena's message, reminding her that she needed to head home to beat herthere.  "Aight...". Tossing the spent cigarette on the ground, she stomped out the cinders and got in her car, heading home and making it just a few minutes before the elf did.  When Yelena did arrive, the Americas was in the bay, trunk open showing both of their equipment in bags still, the human sitting on a workbench, feet dangling as she waved her over.  "Good, I could use some calming down..". The human hadn't bothered showering yet, and even if she did, if Yelena was half as good as Arc thought she could probably deduce what she had been up to.  With a short pause, Arc proceeded to share her account of what had happened in the previous night.  That a big was found that seemed to be meant for the Russian.  That Arc had taken Jaime as a vrukan, with an explanation of of it meaning a sort of bond of attraction and the main form of relationship in ork cultures.  And that now the man wanted the human girl moving in with him and how she didn't want to do that or involve him with their work.

"...and on top of that, I haven't heard from Marco since yesterday, same with Sam, our dresses ain't here, and my mind is fragging swirling.  Talk me down, Y.  What should I do?"
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Ambrose attempts to pay them no attention as they approach, turning off towards a different direction. He was suppose to be there, and that is what he was attempting to do. He'd find it utterly amazing that a business was running during any length of time with absolutely no managerial individuals.

What he was noticing was that these factory workers were far more curious than cats with a box. This trip to rush and collect the information that he needed in such a short time was clearly going to bite him in the ass.
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Checking out his commlinks was the first thing Marco did. Actually the second as the first thing was coffee.

His first reply was to Arc in the secret commlink:

“Dear Arc,

I got a bit paranoid last night so I spent the night in my happy place... I’ll forward you happy place commlink next time I go... I have some issues with trust... long story... can you check my apartment as well ?  I wouldn't even know where to begin myself.

Yours truly,
Marco. “

He then replied to Yelena:
“Dear Yelena,

No problem... I am not sure about flying in the noon... but we can meet for lunch if you like.


He then switched to the regular comlink and sent a message:

“Dear Yelena and Arc,

If you want some help with dresses or any other logistics before the party...  give me a buzz. By the way “torture Saloon” won’t be that painful now because it will just be maintenance. The first time is the most difficult.

Lunch can also be appropriate... my favorite restaurant is out of budget for today though. We can do Joy... it is a lot more modest but the food is reasonable.

Yours Truly,

That finished he showered, got dressed and packed a bag of necessities, cloths to the party a gun and some breaking and entering gear.
He went to Joy. The place only opens at noon, but they do a lot of the preparations in the mornings. Since Marco was a regular they let him in anyhow, and offered him some soyKaf that he accepted with a sigh - “My miraculous coffee machine... I miss you already.”  He spent the next couple of hours carefully examining the file and online shopping for clothes and accessories that might be appropriate. With current drone technology - it was just a couple of hours for delivery... or so the site promised.
He wasn't worried about keeping appearances as with his line of work he buys many different cloths and accessories. He also goes to Joy quite a lot even outside working hours as he is friends with the owners.
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Yelena parks the bike and goes to sit near her friend.  It was obvious to the Keep that Arc was in a state, to put it mildly.  She pulls out her silver cigar case, opens it, offering Arc one of the thin smokes before taking one for herself and lighting it up.  The bug bothers her more than she wants to say, but she will need additional information before she can do anything about it.  It seems from the description and the location that she was the person of interest and that someone had to know where she usually stood when at the bench.  That took some prior observation and intent and Yelena is not sure what to make of it yet.  Also of interest is Arc's revelation of her night in the bed of the handsome rigger.  She smiles when Arc describes the role of vrukan.  In better than passing Or'Zet she says, "Yelena know what vrukan is.  Live Trog gang several years after break from relocation camp.  Yelena happy Arc.  You deserve best, but be careful.  Vrukan not take light." 

Yelena switches back to her accented and stilted English, "Yelena warn Arc not hide life from rigger man.  Jaime maybe not like, but shadows is Arc life.  Part of Arc.  He find out sometime and be hurt.  Angry at lies.  Yelena know what feels to learn lie after years.  Better he not like now than hate later.  Maybe Jaime like Arc anyway.  Arc like if rigger keep secrets?"

"Yelena have message from Marco last night.  Marco go fly.  He be back to do his part.  But sad about dresses.  Maybe soon or have to go in what wear."  She tosses the ash of her burnt down cigar and strips the butt before standing.  She holds out a hand to the human.  "Now Yelena and Arc need shower.  Arc first.  Yelena need think."

She watches her short human friend move away to the shower.  She finally lets the regret she feels show on her face.  Now she cannot tell her friend what she feels for her.  Doing so would only be confusing and Arc needs better than that.  Arc deserves this chance at happiness.  Cursing in her mother tongue she goes outside the building, stepping away from the prying eyes of any additional bugs.  Tapping the necklace she sends a message to Sam.  Speaking softly in Russian she says,  "Sam.  Yelena has been found.  Arc's rigger friend found a bug in the garage.  The bug seems to have been set to only observe me.  Who besides you has been looking for me?"
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@ Ambrose  A human woman in a white coverall approaches you. "What's QC doing here on a Sunday?" she asks you.

@ Yelena  Sam answers you. >>I know of a few groups that might be looking for and I'm already making enquires. I'll get back to you when I know more,<<

@ Arc & Yelena  The dresses arrive, sleek and sophisticated with an elegant AR pattern.
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Arc listened to the Russian with intent, readily taking one of the cigars and sharing a smoke with her, letting the smokebwaft through the air as Yelena said her piece.  Once the line about the shower hit, they received the messages from Marco.  "Heh.. guess we were all on the same page, huh?   Aight, I'll be quick.  Thanks". Smiling gently, she offered a hug to the elf before darting off into the bathroom, the sound of the shower breaking the following silence.  Luckily, the request for a two-person water ration went through, giving each of them some time.

Biting her lip as the water ran over her skin, the human found herself in thought.  how am I gonna work this...she's right, I gotta come clean to him.  Not tonight though.  Too much riding on tonight to complicate things.... The alarm she set for her share of the water came sooner than expected, the girl hastily shutting the water and toweling off before emerging to get dressed...just in time to see the two parcels that had arrived. Seeing the contents, she whistled low.  "hoo think Marco would appreciate seeing us in these for lunch or is we waitin, hm?'
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Yelena goes inside after getting the message from Sam.  She forces the bug question away for now.  Smarter people than her are involved and she will let them work it out.  Yelena had learned decades ago that it does not pay to focus on what there is no answer for.  She answers the door to take receipt of the dresses.  Looking at the boxes it is easy to see which is hers and she mentally compliments Sam on his/her choices.  She takes the boxes into the bedroom and undresses, waiting her turn at the shower.  Her heart races a bit as her body reacts in subtle ways to see Arc emerge from the shower.  Her eyes follow the human and she bites her lip a bit she nods at her friend's comment.  "Yelena think wear regular clothes eat with Marco.  Not want get dress dirty."  She stands and takes her turn in the shower, successfully washing away the reminders of the previous night and not being quite so successful at trying to wash away her thoughts of Arc.

Once dressed, the pair head over to meet Marco.
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Nodding in agreement, she glanced back at Yelena as the elf disappeared into the shower, the human taking a few seconds to try to fix her hair into some presentable shape before donning her clothes.  Examining the dresses, she pursed her lips a bit in scrutiny.  She had for some time come to accept that dresses were never going to be flattering on her figure, but the cut of this one did seem promising.  Either way, Arc made up her mind about what to do, and composed a message to Jaime while waiting for Yelena.

<<So, don't hate me, but as much as I'd love to be with you again tonight, in not sure if it'll be possible.  As I mentioned before drek hit the turbofan last night, I've got some stuff going on that I need to focus on.  I wish I could give you deets now, but that is something I'd rather do in person.  Promise I'll make it up to you ;) but don't wait up for me, k?

With that, Yelena was out, dried, and ready to leave.  On the way, Arc couldn't help but notice the elf being a bit...distant.  maybe it was the job, but still it piqued the human's curiosity...She will have to ask after the job, because right now, a smiling Marco was waving them to a table.
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Marco warmly greets Arc and Yelena as they arrive at Joy.  There is a line at the entrance but Yelena and Arc are skipped to the end of the line as Marco quickly points them out.  It is a simple restaurant that only serves two dishes for lunch. Lasagna bolognese  or Spaghetti with cream and mushrooms. There are only 12 tables and all of them full. The place is a bit warm, and crowded but the vibe is happy. As people talk about their troubles is a mix of English Italian and some other languages.

Their table is a rear one near the storage room, and they are enclosed from 3 directions by barrels of wine and kegs of beer. Their spot is clearly improvised. The location however is attractive as it is in a cooler part of the restaurant and is relatively quiet. “So to answer your questions... no I do not eat gourmet meals every time... This is where I eat at least once a week. They do not have much variety but what they make they make well, and most of their ingredients are authentic... But it mainly depends on the season.”

Their waiter is an old Orc named Joy, he is also the owner of that small joint... “Welcome, I am Joy...  what dish are you having today?” He say with a heavy Or'zet accent. When Joy leave to fetch their orders Marco tells them that the place is called Joy because when Joy arrived in Seattle "Joy" was the only word he knew in English ... it became his name due to a misunderstanding at the immigration office. He is actually named "Joy" with no first name.
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"I'll have whatever puts fire in the heart, if you please.  Water to drink", Arc rattled off in her best Or'Zet to Joy, smiling politely at the look of surprise on the old Ork's face.  After the orders were made, the human leaned back in her seat, hands behind her head as she gave a low whistle at the surrounds.  Now that they were settled, it was noted that by Arc's appearance, it would seem as if she was /trying/ to undo the work the salon had done: not quite a rat's nest, but definitely befitting her socioeconomic status.  "Not a bad place...hella close to White Chapel turf, that may be a prob later on...ah well..."  Taking a glance around, she made sure no one was prying before leaning forward again, bringing her voice a little low.  "So we got our threads for the hoopla tonight.  Unless S decides to throw a curveball our way, I think we are still on to go to this party, ya heard?"  She gave a nod at Yelena, silently letting the elf know she knew her little part in this.  "Here's my plan: once we pass in through the sec hoopla...I'll carry a piece for them to take, it's null sweat...I'll pass out my toys to you two."  Turning to Marco, she handed him a small datastick.  "User manual on what to use.  Literally, just point and click.  Just in case some drek distracts me.  Objections?"
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"I'm not QC. I'm Frank, from the holiday cheer administration group. Have you noticed a distinct lack of Consumer Cheer within the area? Well worry not. We'll be bringing some in for you all." 

Well, he did make a number of devices after all that were disguised as various sorts of holiday based decorations. Now just to get this woman off his back so he could get back to work. But that wasn't likely to happen. Not in the slightest. He Never was much of the talker of his groups, rather he was always suppose to play more of a backrole to the others, but today he had to step up.
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Yelena nods when the waiter asks about the food.  She avoids using Or'Zet as she says, "Yelena want lasagna, please.  Marco say best ever.  Joy have vodka?  If not then wine."  She sits back and listens to her friend.  "Arc good plan.  Will work.  Just remember look not fight."

Yelena quietly eats the dinner when it arrives.  She is not a wine expert, but the Ork had produced a decent bottle to go with dinner.  She finds the food as excellent as Marco had said and tells Joy that when he comes to check on them.  Beyond that, she pretty much eats in silence.  She goes over her part in the night's events, working out her approach to Bella.
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Joy smiles at Arc and replies in Or’zet “Don’t worry... I have just the thing for you.” He skillfully takes the orders and disappears.  Apparently they do not have vodka, but he returns with a decent quality wine in a jar for the three of them.

In the meanwhile, Marco notice Arc, she seems happy, glowing even despite the fact that her hair is a mess.
“Don’t do it like that..." he say and stands behind her. Without notice he starts playing with her hair. He pulls a small comb and try to comb it a little bit. While doing so he whispers softly:
“... there is also the possibility that it was S who put the bug. S does not play by the rules. She knows awfully much on our lives and we  know awfully little about hers. Maybe need a bit more leverage on Y. “
After a short while he is done.. he say (out loud) “ if you do not comb it everyday it becomes painful. I have a feeling you might thank me in the coming days”.

I like your plan Arc... I think it will work. “They let you bring your own wine in the club - if it is something really rare. I think we should be able to hide a couple of flying eyes inside the wine bottle... while it would be a crime to waste a good wine for such a mundane need I do have some empty bottle I drunk with one of my customers...
 I sort of kept it as a souvenir but we should be able to refill it with a similar wine... something with the same texture and color...  and make sure the eyes are clean because we might end up drinking it... if they don't fit from the top we can have someone cut the bottom of the bottle."

He adds: “I've spent a couple of hours learning what I can about the employees I can impersonate without too much mojo... just as a backup... I will have a demon summoned waiting in the astral several kilometers from the club. Too far to be linked to us, but close enough to interfere within a few seconds. They move really fast in the astral world... I’ll just have to wait for sunset before I do.“

When the dishes arrive Arc gets a little of both, the food on her plate is presented artistically. Yelena’s lasagna arrives and it is delicious, some of the meat in there is even real, but after she had steaks she can’t help but notice that it was blended with replacements to cut costs down. Marco orders the same lasagna as well and seems to be enjoying  himself and his company. He thinks about chatting Yelena up but she seems distant and not very cooperative, instead he focuses most of his attention on Arc.
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@ Ambrose She looks at you in disgust. "We're working with an extruder that's 20 years out of date and a boxer that breaks down every other week and management thinks we need holiday cheer. Of allthe  damn fool nonsense ." She stomps off and calls back over her shoulder. "Don't get in our way. And don't block the fire doors!"
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Ambrose lets out a small sigh at that. Too close for his tastes on a simple job as this. Well, if he knows one thing about business, its how bad management is at figuring out what was needed and what wasn't. In either case, he was old and tired. He should have enough information now to bring in the holiday bombs, now that he knew more of what he needed, glad he was already working on them when he gets back home to sleep
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Arc blinked and remained silent, her eyes glancing to Yelena as Marco messed with her hair, as if silently expressing "the drag is this guy doing huh?".  The human listened to his insight on the surveillance bug, her mind shocked at that possible revelation.  Guess this is what it's like working in the shadows eh?. She thought to herself before Marco finished and returned to his seat.  " Ah...thanks, I guess.  Means I'll have to go and buy a comb huh?"

The food arrived, Arc thanking Joy in his mother tongue again before digging in, eating the food with gusto, getting her fill.  The male elf was right: despite the recent stress and anxiety for the coming job, Arc definitely seem to he in a better mood.  "Marco, you don't need to go out of your way with bringing wine.  Really, I got it.  Drek, man.". She smirked, tapping her cyberarm briefly to prove her point.  Turning to Yelena, she nodded about her role

"Right, and by the sound of it, you'll be the most likely pick to be slotted up for the job.  I'll keep an eyes on us to make sure you get back in one piece eh?"
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Yelena finally shakes herself back into the present company as Arc talks to her.  "Sorry.  Yelena thinking of party.  How get Bell friend.  Then maybe use Arc drone.  Yelena thank Arc.  Know friend always has back.  Yes, is good chance Yelena take Bliss and get slotted."  She shrugs, "Is part of job.  Yelena stay sober long as can."

She turns to Marco, "Should see dresses from Sam.  Very nice.  Can get to salon for fix hair after eat?"
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Marco replies: “It is up to you about a comb... you can take mine if you actually want to use it... I got many of them I never leave my apartment without one. Especially if I am not sure when I’ll be back.”
During lunch.
“I keep forgetting about the wonderful stuff you can do with your hands.” He giggled.
"Sometimes I just over complicate it, silly me..."

Shortly after he returns to his serious voice.
“But we really should have done nothing about the bug... someone we know nothing about with an interest in Yelena knows that we have found the bug. Removing the bug will have a reaction... a reaction that we cannot anticipate...
I think we should put our own places under surveillance... don’t tell anyone though.  next time someone install a new bug in there... we will outsmart them. ”

He thinks: ... I am becoming paranoid... but they may really be after us... I bet that what a paranoid person would say.  Stop thinking about it already.

To Arc:
“Yes... I’d be really happy if you keep an eye on me. I am good with masks... but some mistakes you only get to do once.” ...He look at Yelena and say with a sigh.  “I’ll also try to keep an eye on you gals, as much as I can. I think I will be free after basement gig that will only take a few minutes.”

Marco seems miserable when Yelena talks about Bella and Bliss... but he shakes it off rather quickly and his eyes light up when Yelena suggest Salon. “I can’t wait he said... i took the liberty of scheduling an appointment... I hoped you’ll say yes.”
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Yelena shakes her head after Marco talks about the bugs.  "Yelena not see how matter.  Who put in place already knew we find.  If friend of rigger can trace to owner we do something.  If not we wait.  Cannot get upset or cannot think."  She looks at Marco.  "Never bugged before?  Happen Yelena.  Part of life working for gangs.  Most so afraid Yelena talk but never do.  Job talk is off limits.  Yelena reputation is never talk."

Yelena smiles ruefully at the mention of the salon.  "Yes, we go torture place.  Need magic with hair after last night.  Much mess."

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Mon. Dec 8
@ Ambrose  After yesterday Ambrose knows exactly what kinds and numbers of bombs to place. Now if only the harpy from yesterday was off.

@ Arc, Yelena & Marco  You're greeted at the salon like old and dear friends. And Marco is right, it doesn't take nearly as long this time. But that just means the pain is over with quicker. It's still torture no matter which way you slice it.
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Arc could see the points both of them made a out how to deal with the bug, the human simply shrugging and takingn a drink.  "uah... I can ask again after all this, but I dint think we could trace.  Either way, if it is our marks, we supposed to think they know what we know they know...we know..they...ugh..."". Holding her head, she shrugged and moved on, the rest of their lunch spent in banter before they drove together to a place from Arc's nightmares: the salon

The little human was sure that the beautician nearly died of a heart attack upon seeing the two ladies enter with the few days of damage undoing much of the previous work.  Still, they were treated well, if not roughly so, and despite their best efforts, the group was done up and ready for another go with the high life.  Arc glanced at herself in a mirror, barely recognizing herself.  She was wearing a full set of makeup, covering her little scars and scuffs from work, lips a pouty red.  Her hair was clean and curled lightly, done up in a fancy up do which exposed her nickel-plated access port.  Giving quiet thanks, she glanced over at Yelena and Marco, laughing.  "Better take a picture...this be the last night you see somethin' like this..."

Before too long, the two ladies (and maybe Marco,) were at Arc's place, changing into their respective dresses.  Arc's was long and flowy, hugging her hip curves and cutting low in the back.  If not for a slip up one leg, this would have been WAY restrictive... Heaving a sigh, she took a few awkward steps.  "...welp.... no going back now..."
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Yelena shares Arc's somewhat obvious dislike of the salon.  Not that it is a horrible place, but it takes her and turns her into someone she really is not.  She has lived her life as a ganger assassin and that has rarely required her to dress up at all, and never like they have to for this drug club.  Still, it is necessary and so she puts up with it; a small part of her actually thinks that she could grow used to it if she did it more often.  The reality is that she will probably never have the money  necessary to support this lifestyle.

She shares laughs with Arc as they dress for the night.  Her own gown does not even reach to the knees, giving everyone a good look at her long legs.  She notes that she will have to be careful bending over or others will see much more than her legs.  At least the frilly sleeves of the top are long enough to cover the prison tattoos on her upper arms.  There is a good deal of cleavage exposed, though.

When Arc says to take a picture, Yelena complies and then has her friend take one of her.  In answer to Arc's exclamation, she nods in agreement.  "Yes.  No go back now.  Arc look very nice.  Very desirable."  The last bit was said with a bit of emphasis.
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Marco sighs... "nope never happened to me... seems scary". In the Salon Marco sort of enjoys it, it is physically painful indeed but in his line of work everything has to be perfect, and even to elves, perfect requires work. He is all packed for the night, but returns to his apartment.  The summoning fails and he remains with a bit of scars from the drain. "He must be very busy" he thinks.

He has just in time to get dressed and go to the club. Here goes nothing he thinks as he exist the Taxi. Arc looks great, but Yelena... she is totally stunning. He thinks as he compliment them for their appearance. "Great dresses... you both look very attractive" He say when they meet near the club.

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The laughter as they took pictures of each other, and finally the both of them together, helped put Arc at ease, right up until Yelena's comment on how Arc looked "desirable".  She paused a bit, smile barely fading as she caught it again.  Something sits funny...  she thought to herself as she tried to brush it away, a little color on her blush-stroked cheeks as she nudged the elf.  "Ya think so?  I think all eyes gon' be on you tonight anyhow.  I mean, dayum, I know some hoops what would start a turf war for a piece like ya."  She winked, obviously teasing as they departed from their place, hopping in the sleek black Americar and heading to the rendesvous point.

Upon arrival, Arc hopped out and waved over Marco, giving a little whistle at his tux.  "Glad to see you ain't relaxin'"  Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a little sticker-like thing, bringing it in her hand up and moving as if to fix his collar, sticking it behind his neck to the fabric.  "Stealth tag.  Keep it with you, my toys will know where you be, eh?"  Smirking, she nodded to the other two and took a breath.  "Okay...think it's about showtime...I made sure no one gonna be missing me tonight, so I won't be distracted.  Before we get into this, anything else we need to bring up?"
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Now that it was monday, Ambrose still had some shopping to do. That was the thing about making bombs and other such things as this. You never can just stop buying stuff. You always need more and more and more and more. And in this case, he needed more things that he could safely hide the bombs in.

IF the harpy was still working, of course you'd have to bet that he'd need to finish his cover story. He began working on forging a few papers through the night, It was a barrens place after all, and hopefully there wasn't some one who would just up and ask him what he was doing, and if there was, they wouldn't see through the ruse. He needed to hirelings for the day.. In the old days, the group of runners would work together for this, but he didn't have time. He just needed a few people who were smart enough to follow instructions, but dumb enough not to ask questions. He wasn't going to hide the bombs. No that was going to be too hard. He was going to put them right in pain sight, of course with his suppliers, hopefully he could easily get the work done he needed to make them look like other things, like glass bulbs, snow men and the like.

Speaking of snowmen, he remember seeing a department store one that could blow faux snow. Getting one of those things, and he could easily mix in some more flammable materials.
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because she is tuned to her friend, Yelena notes the very slight change in facial expression when she mentioned how desirable she is.  The Keeb mentally kicks herself.  *Frag.  Yelena going to ruin friendship.  Quit doing stupid.*  She brushes past the moment as if she did not notice.  "Fragging right, Arc.  Yelena right.  As long as all look at us is good.  Both look good."

Yelena enjoys the ride with Arc.  When they arrive at the club she waves at Marco, sizing him up.  "Marco look good.  Very handsome."  She looks at her human friend and says.  "Yelena say all remember no fight tonight.  Just look and follow plan to join."

Yelena pauses then gives Arc a hug, whispering in her ear in Or'Zet, "Arc stay safe.  Only look and convince you need money.  Yelena not explain to rigger man if something goes wrong."

She breaks the hug and nods to the others as they head into the club.
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Marco smiles at Arc, “Thank you so much” he say. His adrenaline was racing. He went with a fire elemental look. The white suit seemed to be on fire, with a delicate play of reds under the fabric.  “I’ll keep an eye for you too...”  A night out with the girls... was it? It didn’t feel like it.
And again, Yelena seemed distant, “perhaps she got cold feet?” He hugged her warmly, whispering: “You are stunning and I desire you very much... It will be okay.”
It felt like a run this time rather than a night out. Despite all the pretending... he felt at work. He did not like it one bit... and he resented the Demoness more than usual. He’d say he was over her, but these strong negative feelings kept haunting him, and he knew where there are negatives... there are positive.

 His thoughts raced to Yelena... a relationship a shadowrunner that uses sex as a weapon? could he contain it? He stopped that line of thoughts thinking.”Focus Marco!... There will always be reasons to doubt... don’t rationalize it. Your thoughts serves your desires not the other way around. ” these were almost the exact words of his ex mentor.
That thought filled Marco with purpose, his mind was clean - he knew how to behave. All the rationality faded... like his previous mentor taught him... thinking makes you weak - it is feeling that makes you strong. With all the might of his demonic tongue, a supernatural amount of self confidence he greeted everyone in their way, happily. He could not sit down... not right now the only way he could be this cheerful is if he narrowed his entire existence to a single moment... and if he may not make it out of that basement there is one thing that he needs to have no regrets...

Smiling and already shaking his body to the music he asked the girls... “Are you coming to dance?”
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Yelena snaps her head to Marco as he whispers to her.  He has said the perfect thing.  She gives him a smile that would light a dark room and takes one of his proffered arms as Arc takes the other.  They are apparently expected as there is no difficulty at the entrance.  Yelena stops at the doorman, smiles at him, and says, "Yelena Petrovna for Isabella party.  Where is, please?"

Once inside, she looks around the main room. trying to settle the exits in her mind.  When Marco asks for a dance, she tosses her snow white tresses and laughs, exuding sex appeal and confidence.  "Yes.  Yelena do one dance then find party."  She goes to the dance floor where many people are already gyrating to something very Latin.  She throws herself into the dance, wriggling her hips with ease and moving to the beat.  At times she moves close to Marko, clinging to him, feeling his body close to hers.  She becomes the beat of the music, but remains in control of it.

After the dance, she breaks from Marko's hold and looks at him closely.  "Yelena desire Marco, too."

Yelena then leaves the male Keeb on the dance floor and moves calmly to where the party is.
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"Don't worry, sis.  I'll keep my head.  For both of us". Arc whispered back to Yelena just as quickly as they hugged, the shorter human squeezing a bit as she worked out the last of her nerves.  Clearing her throat after the two elves were embracing for a time, she brushed a lock of hair from her face and locked arms with their "escort", easily passing through the line straight to the main entrance.


After being checked in, Arc watched the two head to the dance floor, seeing their chemistry dancing together, the fire and passion surely making them the center of the stage.  Meanwhile, the human had to sit back a bit whilst security checked through the clutch purse she brought with.  No weapons, thankfully, but inside did contain some makeup, her commlink, and a number of credsticks, which all needed checked for false or counterfeit code.  This was where Arc wanted then to look, as each one came up in the reader showing a balance of a big fat 0 on each.  Chuckling enbarrassedly, she flashed the bouncer an endearing smile as her stuff was handed to her.  "Thanks, hehe.  Now where did my friends go...".

She made it to the dance floor just in time for Yelena to depart from Marco, Arc taking the opportunity to join her as she gave a wink.  "Haven't lost a beat with your age, I see...wonder how many of those young pups want a piece of you after that show..". Locking arms with her, she walked with the Russian to look for the party, using the commotion through a crowded section to release one of her Fly-Spys into the air, commanding it to slink stealthily up to the top of the dance floor above Marco.  It took a second for the command to set in as it relayed from her private link to the RCC nestled in her car outside and back to the drone, but without a hitch it zoomed off.

[Spoiler]okay, so here is my tech setup so that there's no confusion on what is and isn't visible:

Private commlink is running silent, being used to handle drone commands (messages with decrypt in the title are private)
All drone commands are being relayed through the RCC (which is running Stealth and Clearsight Autosofts, also running silent), and then back to the drones.  The way I understand the stealth software is that once a drone is given a move command, it will plot its course with stealth in mind.

Other than that, that should be it![/spoiler]

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@ Ambrose  Frank calls you, >>Ambrose, I've had some trouble on the road and had to have a flat fixed. It shouldn't be to much longer. I've got your food order in an insulated bag so that it doesn't get cold on you. If you need me to meet you at the party to drop off this order just let me know.<< Damn, what else could go wrong with this job! The schedule is tight as it is and now his supplies are being held up by a security sweep. No telling how long it'll be before Frank can come out of hiding and get to him. Well, there's no help for it. He's got some stuff, he'll just have to work with what he's got and hope Frank is right about it not taking long and that the 'insulated bag' stays safely hidden. Well, he can at least hire a few guys. There's always a few guys at one of the soup kitchens trying to look good for the parole officers and earn a little cred from gainful employment.
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Ambrose pinches the bridge of his nose. Without the supplies getting to him, there was no time to do the work needed to make sure the detonator he designed was connected to them. There was no time to make sure everything didn't look like explosives. What he had amounted to nothing more than a few glassbulbs with cameras in them, and one improvised explosive in a pear tree. This was why he needed the guy giving him to bloody job to get the bloody explosives, so he could get everything set up in bloody time. But the rotter avoided that, left him with only his contact he knew wouldn't be able to do a rush order job like this, and the drek hit the air filtration device.

And so he was here, it didn't matter why he attempted to do next. Everything was going to turn up south from this point on. Pulling a cigarette from one of the packs he bought, he placed the thing in his mouth and lit it. He never smoked really, in fact he didn't even attempt to inhale and smoke this one. He just let it sit there in his mouth, wafting its sickly scent through the air.

Whelp, time to fiddle through the phone book and call up someone then to supply him with the explosives he needed to for the illegal  demoltion of the civilian factor in the middle of the town. Sending an Email to Bob's Demolitions as he drove to the soup kitchen for people who want to look good for their parole officer by being employed by the demolitionist,

<< To Bob
Hello there, and I do hope that this message finds you well. I'm in a bit of a tiff and needed a rather decent amount of explosives with radio triggers in order to perform a few jobs I've picked up around town. Perhaps we can parley a bit of cooperation between our like causes of blowing stuff up and you can supply me with explosives I need for just such a task?


Then he remembered the mafia, and decided that they could possibly be able to help him collect finish the job he took on the side.

<<Hey Kato, I took a job from this guy named John, and everything has gone south. It of course wasn't something that was going to interfere with the job you've given me, but could have actually helped. He wants a certain factory across the street of the club to blow up real nice tonight. While it would be going off, I was going to use the time to get in to the more hidden locations of the club for that drug you want. I people to help with the arming and prepping of explosives>>

He didn't like to tip his hat to them, and show that he was without explosives. Which was the whole reason for him using one of his own contacts he could trust with getting the explosives. All of this could have been avoided if that damnedable fartface would have made the purchases of explosives, someone who's contacts weren't all dead, dried up or in prison.

Finally getting to the soup kitchen, he takes a few steps in and announces "Who here is good with fireworks?"
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Yelena and Marco shared an amazing dance... it was personal and passionate... sad and optimistic in a way... at least that's how Marco felt and for a moment everything felt right, but then the girls walked away and he was left with nothing but a small flying eye to keep him company. It was necessary - yet a bit creepy at the same time. He was fascinated how these little drones sort of lived inside Arc’s hand and that her mind could just send them free.

Being awakened from birth, he had no piece of technology in his body and growing in a non technological environment he struggled with technology. Using the comlink as a phone he knew how to do... but other stuff? that seemed way over his head... point and click Arc said... but click where ? point at what... he was not sure at all that he could do it.

But these worries seemed so distant as Marco gave in to the music. It was music that taught him to shape mana. Without music mana was an abstract concept...  His mentors tried to make him ‘see’ the mana... but it never worked for him no matter how hard they insisted... "how can you see something that has no physical form?" he knew that mages can see the astral offcourse but he just did not comprehend it. Then came his hero, father Gabriel with Haydn, Mozart and the almighty Beethoven. With the help of their music he could hear the mana... it grew restless... it 'danced' with the music. Putting it back into harmonic forms, was how he casted spells. Each spell had a melody... force was like volume and the nature of the melody determined the spell. Every spell he knew was a part of some symphony.

Who can use music to kill? He refused to even imagine chords so unpleasant that they hurt people. Unfortunately, his education was focused about combat spells... it was a big deal to them.  The sound of a manaball was horrific, it was unbearable... He begged them to leave the room but they forced him to witness. Hoping that he will learn something.

He could not bring himself to compose such horrible music...  it seemed corrupt... it was evil. Instead he composed pleasant music...  They practiced on bunnies and instead of killing his bunny with a manabolt, the bunny seemed happier...more energetic and full of live. It was the first spell Marco discovered, an illusion spell that causes a strong sexual rush. Like a potent drug...  It was that incident that started his sexual exploits... the other students were fascinated by his new ability... Their curiosity quickly led him to abuse the spell. 

His former mentor Agrat was also about music... He met her while listening to Beethoven and she taught him how to merge with the music to become part of it. To mages magic was an external force... something they shape. To adepts it was something different entirely, they were part of their magic. It was impossible to determine where natural ability ended and magic started.

 To him it was like living inside a symphony... He constantly felt the pleasant music of his demonic tongue.  But hearing an internal music is one thing, and when the music was real it felt differently... His demonic tongue wanted to dance to the music...It wanted to be used. Every bit of mana danced restlessly inside his body. The odd thing about this particular night was that Marco did not fear that desire. He did not try to hold it back, he embraced it.

He was spectacular even alone and he wasn't alone for long. He danced as if it was the only thing that mattered. He merged with the party with the crowd and with his inner magic. He did not drink, he did not take any drug but he was just as intoxicated... his very essence wanted to dance. Dancing was the best of all vices to Marco... So far nobody understood just how deep his connection to music really was.
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@ Ambrose  >>I'm not sure who this is, but I sell only legally obtained fireworks. It sounds to me like you're making prank calls.<< Just then Ambrose gets two comm messages almost simultaneously. The first one is from Frank. >>I'm back on the road, food will be 2 hrs late but I will be there.<< Two hours! He was supposed to deliver the detonator at 17:00. This will push it back to 19:00. He sees the second comm is from Sam, Great. >>Ambrose, I've been in an auto accident. I can't make our meeting but I'll send someone to pick up my package. They won't be able to pick it up any earlier than 19:30 and they'll have to meet you outside on the west side of the club. They'll be sipping a pink martini. I will add 500 nuyen to your payment for the added inconvenience.<< Wow, what are the odds, looks like he'll be able to do the job and get paid a little extra. Things are looking up. Kato messages you back. >>I will have SpittingCobra meet you at the factory. You'll recognize him, He watched you the other night at the club.<< At the soup kitchen only one woman stood up. "I'm good with fireworks. Real good. I can give a Holiday Special in any style you choose."Her tats identify her as ex-Army, the engineering corp.

@ Arc, Yelena & Marco  >>I've been in an auto accident. I can't make my meeting to pick up the detonator. I need one of you to send someone to pick it up. You'll recognize him, he's the reporter with Feathers the other night. Be careful, I've no idea if he's friend or foe.  I've messaged him to meet you at 19:30 outside on the west side of the club. You'll need to be sipping a pink martini so that he knows you. Good Luck, remember, looking only!<<

The bouncer smiles and tells you. "The party is on the second level. The entire second level."
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"Great We're going to go make quite the show!" he announces. Surely this ex military person would be a great asset to Ambroses plans. "Come with me and get in the car."

And with that he heads off, hopefully with the military bomber in toe. It was going to dip in quite a bit of his funds, as apposed to his original plan, which was to hire a small group of less insightful individuals to hang a bunch of decorations up, but with how things are progressing, he was going to have to give this bomber and the explosive dealer funds.
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Yelena looks at Arc before mentally thumbing her link.  <Marco please go meet man.  Arc and Yelena are heading up to party.  Can you do?>
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Arc happened to glance back at the right moment, her lips curling into a little grin as she was about to give a nod of volunteer, but then stopped as soon as she saw the look on the Russian's face.  Marco was the most available, as the least amount of eyes would be on him.  Crestfallen for the briefest of moments (it isn't often one gets to meet a fellow enjoyer of blowing drek up), the human shakes it off and beams happily, locking arms with the elf as they ascended to the second floor, Arc lifting her free arm up to a wave whilst booming out a shout.

"Alright, now who's buying these slitches some drinks, huh?!"
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Yelena laughs at Arc's comment.  She steps away from her friend, letting her words carry a bit.  "Yes.  Yelena give money Arc yesterday.  All gone so soon?"  She holds out a hand with a credstick in it.  "Arc try make last.  Need learn manage money." 

Leaving Arc, she looks around the room for Bella. 
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Snatched from a middle of dream Marco take a short break and responds from his encrypted commlink:

<<Oh Demoness... 
What happened? Are you hurt?
You can’t be too far from here... do you need a hand?

To Yelena and Arc: << Have fun at the party...  I’ll pick the order it better be something fun... >> ... He thinks: So reporter guy is in the twist as well... he is one of Demoness’s suppliers and she can’t trust him herself - it might be a trap... or he may be coming in hot. Maybe I should wear a different skin?
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@ Ambrose  When you arrive at the factory SpittingCobra is already there. He's definitely not one to waste words, or maybe he just doesn't know that many, he takes in the sight of you, and checks out Delilah's, (the engineer), tats in one glance, and greets you with a simple, "Where do you want the bombs?" It's not going to be quite that simple of course. The factory workers are still there and you still have a couple of hours before quitting time. Still, if you're going to get this done on time you'll need every minute from now until 7:00.

@ Marco  There is no answer from the daemoness, she's never failed to answer him immediately when he was on one of her jobs. But, without knowing more details Marco can't go to her aid. Looking up to take one last look at Yelena he spots Cinan. Looks like he was invited to the party too.

@ Arc & Yelena  You see Bella heading towards you. She hears the last part of your sentence to Arc and frowns just a tiny bit, but she covers it smoothly. "Ah here are our heroes! The two that killed the Smiley Face, the Barrens monster that threatened so many! She claps her hands and the other guests follow suite with applaujse. Then she turns to Yelena and kisses both her cheeks and then her lips." she has her back turned to Arc and smiling at Yelena she says, "I have a few people I'd like you to meet." and wrapping her arm around Yelena's she takes her away. As Arc goes to the bar a young orc greets her, "You're a Howler?", he says looking at one of the tats partially exposed by her dress. "Wow, I knew they were involved, but no one ever really talks about the guys that led the fight. No wonder they were involved. The pack hunts together. Here, let me buy you a drink. I'm Gredaleh." he smiles and signals the bartender who serves you both a Centari Sunrise.
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Marco’s heart began racing... "She is not answering immediately... something bad happened... could Demoness' dedication meant that her message was the last thing she did before passing out?... what if it wasn't an accident? who can help... who can help..."

He texted Arc on encrypted comm:

<<Arc (cc: Yelena): Dear Arc... I am worried about Sam he is not responsive... We know he’s not far and that he had a car accident... can you locate Sam with that kind of information?  Perhaps search for nearby accidents or something in that matrix. I have a bad feeling that he may be in danger... I am useless with technology ... all the solutions with my skill-set that find Sam involves major mojo...>>

The next option was Cinan, according to Sam’s report he was brilliant...  Marco approached the keeb and greeted him happily. “So happy that you came!... should be one heck of a party...!” after a few pleasantries he asks... “is there somewhere private we could talk?”
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Yelena embraces Bella, returning her kiss in a manner that the other woman should know there is a promise of more if she is interested.  She casts a worried glance at Arc as she goes off with the hostess.  "Yelena thank Bella for party.  Yes, like to meet others.  Many people are here.  Bella dress very nice on you.  Yelena jealous of how you look."
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Arc let her smile falter as she gave a giggle at Yelena, picking up the credstick as if to avoid drawing attention to it (poorly) and depositing it in her clutch before Bella showed up, the eccentric woman immediately focusing her attention on Yelena and sorta casually brushing Arc off to the side.  Shrugging, she nodded to the Russian elf before meandering off to the bar.

She was sorting through Marco's texts of concern and panic as the young ork Gredalah approached her.  Blinking up, she gave a smile and nodded to him, forgetting about the blood moon tattoo on her left shoulder.  She mentally vomited with what she said next.  " In the end, the pack comes through.  Even when the one starting the hunt is some drek breeder they let go a couple years back.  Arc.  Thanks for the drink.  Take it you deal with Howlers on the ref?". Picking up the glass, she brought it to her lips before pausing, getting an idea.  "A lotta people got geeked  in that fight.  Some didn't even recover and gave ahella lot.  Hoi, barkeep! A round for the party.  A toast to the fallen!"

@Marco decrypt 130927591-0389{Arc}>>
<<Focus, man.  Don't be prey.  Sam didn't get into this kinda biz by not being able to handle a scrap, I'd figure.  Be cool, do the job, and we can worry after.
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Ambrose had simple plans for a simple job. He didn't bother changing them, sending the two with him the positions of the bombs, of course documents were set up basically for keeping the bombs all a secret from the workers. But with having to pull in people, and snakebite's annoucement of non-firework based explosives that ship has sailed and burned in the Blackwater under a sea of dragonfire.

"Just follow the documents. Though we've got to get rid of the workers, or wait for them to leave. Since things have been pushed back, we should be able to get in without much of them there."
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Arc's respond was so hostile, Marco did not even reply.
He thought to himself  " a car accident?... in a world where cars are all driven by autopilots and are linked to the matrix? how can that be...? maybe under some extreme weather conditions but there was nothing extreme here. Sam could write delayed... but he did not he wrote accident... these do not happen on themselves.

Still there is little I can do now... mojo will totally flag me and that detonator indeed need to be picked.  The mission was never important for Marco,  he does not care about strategy about big ideology. Every evil goal can have good excuses... and can even be reasoned about as good.  This is how cooperations got our trust, they promised stuff good stuff... economy growth and then overtime no economy and no growth... when you try to turn the clock back they use fear... and when fear fail you discover that they already have too much power.  This is how Sam betrayed me... but who cares about her silly missions... if she may be in trouble she needs an ally not an employee. "

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@ Marco  Cinan smiles and says, "I plan on enjoying everything at this party. Especially it's party favors. But let's dance first." and he leads you onto the dance floor.

@ Yelena  Bella laughs, "As good as I look in this dress." she slides her arm around Yelena and strokes the hollow of her hip suggestively, "I will look better out of it. And As good as you are out of your dress." and she smiles and draws Yelena close for a long and suggestive kiss, her hand slowly and sensuously stroking up Yelena's back until she's cupping Yelena's head, stroking her neck, kissing and being kissed and stroked in return, until she pulls back smiling and says, "I've taken the liberty of making a few extra party plans, and inviting a few friends that are talented at enjoying all of life's many pleasures." she introduces you around to a few tables and it's not long before Yelena is knocking back drinks. And when the waitress comes around one of the men, Yelena thinks his name is Giacomo, stops the waitress and says, "Here Yelena, I know you'll enjoy it. It's one of the Stardust's special admixtures, 'Hoyden'. You apply the cream to your neck and wrists, then the pill under your tongue and just let it dissolve, and when it's finished dissolving you pop the rocket and inhale." he smiles then and says, "And then you and I will dance."

@ Arc  Gredalah smiles approvingly at you and raises his glass in toast, "To the fallen!" and then, "Second rounds on me. To Arc and Yelena. Heroes!" And after he's raised his second glass to you he smiles and says. "I don't really have that much to do with the Howlers. But my dad is a judge and so I've learned a lot about the gangs and the culture through him. He wanted me to be educated on all of orc culture and to respect real strength, both on and off the streets." Behind you you hear, "So you're Arc." when you turn around you see what has got to be the most gorgeous man on the planet smiling down at you. "My brother's told me all about you. How you were there on your bike running down that witch with everything blowing up all around you. I'll second that toast. Drinks on me! To Arc!" soon you're surrounded by admirers. But, you also notice that the barkeeper will occasionally catch your eye and look at one or the other of them and makes a subtle sniffing motion, in it's more exaggerated form it's used quite often among the Howlers, but also adopted by many other Barrens folk to indicate something smells bad.

@ Ambrose  Standing in the parking lot with you SpittingCobra nods and then walks away into a shadow. And then he just disappears. Delilalah standing next to you nods. "Nice. One thing I really miss and couldn't manage to knick from my Army days. Oh well, I still know a few tricks." She studies the material you give her. "Holiday decorations huh, nice, make my job easier. You should have brought one of those elf hats or summat." she grins and walks away and then yelling flags down a few workers, "Oi! Oi! Any 'o you know where this drek goes? I got orders to set this stuff up and not one hoop I've talked to knows drek. I'm about ready to dump it 'cause they're not paying me any overtime for this." You watch as they stop and shake their heads and point towards the building.
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Marco follows Cinan to the dance floor and dances for several minutes with him. He prosperously look a little bit worried, but just a little bit. He uses years of training to show just that amount of worried that may serve his cause rather than the one he really feels. After about 10 minutes he say...
“As much as I love to dance with you...” Marco sigh... “There is something I need to get off my chest before I can let go...” He is silent... and shortly after he adds... “...But you came here to dance and have fun... not to help me.”. Marco turns and walks to the Bar.

He is waiting for his little commlink to buzz and every minute that passes causes his intuition that something is very wrong to be a bit more real... He hopes that Cinan will be intrigued. After all you cannot be a brilliant student without at least some computer skills... He thinks... “who read real books other than me?”. He address the bartender and orders a pink Martini... if he is going to go out with it to take the detonator he might as well have a couple of shots.
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Yelena does indeed return the kisses and strokes from Bella.  Her body is already reacting to the other woman's not-so-implied promises and she can tell that Bella is as aroused as she is.  She leans in for a whisper, "Yelena already want Bella out of dress.  Want to finish what was interrupted last time."  She has already determined that she needs to go all in for this as she lets Bella tow her from table to table and acknowledges each introduction.  She knows that she looks fragging hot in the dress and loves the way it emphasizes her natural looks.  She moves with a seductive grace that is designed to get her noticed and instill lust in those watching. When finally seated, she calls for vodka shots and quickly downs three in succession, slamming the empties upside down on the table in a row before joining the conversations at the table.

Before taking the crème and pills from the man, Yelena looks over to Bella.  "Is Ok Yelena take man for spin?  Not want if Bella claim first."  If Bella has no objection, Yelena will do as instructed with the crème and pills.  She expects some sort of drug-induced pleasure.
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Arc was thankful now mostly for Yelena's guidance and tips on how to avoid getting drunk, using those skills to look like she was downing them with the rest of the gathering party of (mostly) men seeking the human's attention, when really they were but sips as she would casually slide the glass away from her at the bar.  She caught the sniff from the bartender, her green eyes making contact with his for a brief moment, a forced exhalation from her nostrils signifying she caught his warning as she lifted for the second toast.

Arc was all smiles during the affair, nodding and smiling through the whole of it.  She noted the handsome man approaching her, holding out her hand to shake as she leaned back in her seat, crossing her legs (ech, uncomfortable...) and gingerly holding a glass in her hand, an elbow on the bar counter behind her.  Mentally, she reminded herself to keep her head, that none of these people were actually legitimately interested in her, and most importantly, she had a vrukan, and someone that mattered.  "I gotta say something though.  You say things were all wiz and cool and drek like that.  But really, my part was a small one.  That keeb right there?  If not for her, it woulda all gone to drek, I ain't gonna lie.  Yelena!  Get your pointy-eared hoop over here, these guys want to toast to your skill, girl!"  Taking another sip, she was giving the impression of loosening up, encouraging people to party hard, how everyone's got a right to do so after so many put their lives on the line to save this hood.
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Ambrose shrugs as the other two begin already moving the luggage. He was actually a bit surprised that things were working out properly, and the yaks didn't burn down his house.. yet. He was sure they would if they start to feel he's deviating too far from them.
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@ Ambrose  You get busy as well, the order from Frank has to be put together and then disguised for it to all to work and it takes all of Ambrose's concentration and skill. At least he'd been able to order mostly complete components with Sam's money. There! Finally done and the last bomb placed! Ambrose looks at the clock again. it's 19:15. Past the time he'd set for himself, but still a little wiggle room before the actual meet to transfer the detonator. Gods he wished he'd gone with his first instinct and just set this up as a comm from Sam's phone. Except, now that Sam wasn't going to even be there to personally set it off when he needed it, it was a good thing he'd opted for the artistic touch. He checked his watch again. 19:16. He needed to get out of here. Just then Delilah taps on the glass. "Oi, I've got a date tonight. I'll take my cred now, they're taking me to the bar from here." Ambrose made the transfer. Well, that was one gone. But, where was snakebite? Ambrose hadn't seen him since he'd told him to place the last bomb over 20 min's ago. Damn! Well hopefully he was already in the club watching for him and not in some shadow watching for him. 19:22! If he's going to make the meet he'd better hurry. After all he needs enough time to drive away, turn around and come back looking casual. Or maybe he'd just better go there now and hope that since it was behind the club he wouldn't be noticed.
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The hour is 7:30, it all arrived so quickly Marco grabs a pink Martini and go out for the pickup. He messaged Arc and Yelena in the encrypted channel: "If you still have your cloths on... here goes."
His eyes are looking for ambrose... the reporter that is not a very good reporter.
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Ambrose didn't like the fact that Snakebite was missing, but he had to do what he had to do. Getting back into his car, he ponders for a moment about the ex-army and the fact that only now she started to bring up that she was having a date. Shaking his head slowly he checked the car for explosives.. After all, he was just working with a yak who might have thought that it was his time to go, after a quick sweep, the amount he cared about being blowed up dropped dramatically, with the increase of effort needed on his part to make sure they yak didn't do something.

He started the car and began to drive off towards the club. In hind sight, he oatta had set things up a bit differently, based on interactions with people, he could have gotten this John fella in comflict with the yaks, while he disappeared in the sea of flames. Perhaps another time.
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@ Ambrose  Well, the car didn't blow up when he started it. And driving back down the road to the club he was still alive. Definitely a plus, maybe he will live long enough to collect the cred for this job. Hmmm, still parking spots relatively close, 19:27, he's got time to park a bit further in the shadows away from the lights and look like he's just come in.
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It was dark, not the parking lot that was lit by the neon lights but it seemed dark inside. The parking lot that was half empty at this hour as most of the guests have not yet arrived. It was early, Marco wondered if he is going to be the one blowing the warehouse and if looking in the basement was really all that important as to blow an entire building and taking peoples livelihood away... he hoped that at this time there are no people inside but perhaps there is some security or anything. Was this another trick to get more leverage? will blowing up that place hunt them like a skeleton in the closet for years to come? To be exposed when any of them tries to leave?

It is not like Sam to just improvise on a key aspect of his mysterious plan. Sam was a person of preparations, of carefully studying the problem - he was a chess player not a ping pong player. He could totally come up with some plan that involves getting more leverage for the future on his runners. Marco could not even think of pulling the detonator. He had to check it first.

 That reporter guy was a little of both... although he seemed more able to plan. He had  a good view of the entire parking lot and he could see a car entering it, perhaps it was mr. Reporter dude.  He happily walked towards the car, carrying his drink.
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Ambrose gets out of the car, picking up the teddy bear detonator. Mr Waffles was the bear's name according to the Vermont teddy bear company, A plush waffle sat on its head covered in a material that looked like syrup some sort of brown bubbly clear plastic. Hooking the bear up to AR you'd see a large number of recipes for waffles, pancakes and crepes. But today, today Mr Waffles was going to help someone make an omelet.

Ambrose approached Marco, raising a brow as he noticed the person drinking a pink something or other was the person from last night that ordered him a steak. Well,  that's probably why he was chosen at least. "Another monster to slay?" he asks as he approaches holding out the bear.
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"Monsters?" Asked Marco surprised. "Just the package... is okay... Mr. reporter...  I heard tomorrow's headlines are going to be a blast. Don't you think? "
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@ Yelena  Bella smiles and leaves you to your pleasures and you apply the drug with some enjoyable aid from Gregor and as you inhale the last component of the drug the world slows and then becomes brighter, more intense and your body is suffused with an energy makes you feel like your molten, not hot, but, more like all of you is made of light and energy, and everyone around you is part of that light and energy. You feel connected to all of them, and to everything, as if it were all part of you and it was all yours to enjoy. Gregor leads you onto the dance floor, the beat now somehow a living thing, and the music was alive, each note part of the energy you are made of, and you share it with him. You dance, sheer joy in every moment. All of life is yours to enjoy and pleasure and be pleasured by and you seize it.

@ Arc  "Looks like your friend is dancing." A young human murmers right next you. "We should join them. I'm Russ." He reaches out for your hand to invite you onto the floor.
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"Monsters?" Asked Marco surprised. "Just the package... is okay... Mr. reporter...  I heard tomorrow's headlines are going to be a blast. Don't you think? "

"Wasn't it what you guys did? Kill monsters?" he asks, before shrugging. "Twist the nose, and then push it, get a surprise for your cutie. And yes.. Its going to be some hot press." He holds the bear up for the other guy, then begins to start walking into the club.
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Arc gave a bit of a pout as Yelena seemed too focused to hear the human's invite, but was quickly dashed away by the young Russ and his own invitation to dance.  She bit her lip for a moment, looking him over as she set her drink aside, taking his hand with a smile and hopping up, letting him lead her to the floor.  "Ah, frag it.  It's a party after all.  Come on, peeps, let's not waste the tunes!"

The collection of the (seemingly primarily male) entourage gathering around Arc soon merged with the partying group focused on Yelena, turning into one large throng of swaying, dancing bodies, the lights shimmering and the bass pounding in their ears.  Arc had her arms up, moving her hips as fluidly as she could manage, focusing on no one person in particular, instead making sure everyone was focused on the fiesta and having a good time.
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"M... yes the Smilie killer this is what the party is about... I am just a party person. Thanks for the Teddy. "
 He took the Teddy... and said "Enjoy the party!" . Marco did not go back to the party instead he took a trip around the warehouse, trying to gauge its nature.  "So what do I do with you little guy?" he thought as he looked at the teddy. The chill night air cleared his head... are we doing insurance fraud? is this building somehow related to the club?

He had to know"... he first tried to verify from outside the building trying to see if it is indeed empty. Saying his goodbye's to the building...
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Yelena falls into whatever euphoria the drug mixture leads her to.  She is now committed to this course of action and is part of the living music and the molten flow of energy and light.  The joy and pleasure is akin to what Bliss provides, yet stronger.  The thought flies from one part of her mind to another that she may have to break another addiction, but she just does not care right now.  She is living purely in the moment and thriving there.
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@ Ambrose. Ambrose is walking through the parking lot heading into the club to finish his job for the Yaks. Or at least try, he still doesn't know what drug he's looking for. But before he can get close to the door and be seen by all the party goers. The three guys he's about to pass give themselves away. All of his years in a gang taught him a thing or two, and a tell-tale movement when he got close enough to them gave their intentions away. They should have just tranked him from a distance. Ambrose has a moment to act before the second one can bring his cosh around.
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Once Marco was far enough from the club, he felt safe enough for his plan.
He concentrated for a moment and a demon of fire came to his aid, he was more modest this time - summoning a lower force demon.
"Do not materialize friend he said to the fire demon ... he could sense its volatile nature - I got a treat for you today... he thought. Have you ever seen a building explode? "

Marco could feel the excitement of the demon- fire demons wanted to burn... to destroy some aspect of the world to make room for for something better.
 Blow up?... How remarkable...  said the demon, gracefully refusing to mention what he has or has not seen before.
"You owe me 3 services... Your first service is to scan this warehouse - let me know if there is anything alive or magical in there... Providing the warehouse is indeed empty from magical or living people... your second service will be to continue monitor it until it explodes. If all goes well I'll do my best to release you after the second service... But it is not a promise... I know you are eager to go back to someplace.  I will do my best to be brief. "
Summon spirit of fire (force 4) ( 12d6t5 3
spirit defense ( 4d6t5 0

3 services gained - the demon did not resist so no drain. (fire demons like to burn - lol)
I also rolled the astral sensing of the demon he got 5 intuition + 4 assensing skill.
Fire spirit assensing ( 9d6t5 5

The spirit said nothing more, but Marco could feel it scouting the large building...  He thought to himself - "lets see what Sam really tries to blow up".
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@ Marco  The demon has a bit of a sardonic look on his face when he returns. "It doesn't take much to excite you. Humanity, so easily pleased by such lesser powers. There are two of your kind in the building. They are in a small room on the far side of the building. I will watch, as you say it is my service, but there are better demonstrations by the lesser of my kind."
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To the demon: ‘Do not underestimate the task you received... Life are important and you just scanned a building full of explosives with no danger to yourself. Be proud that you help save life... Life are so important that I would have not trusted a lesser demon for the task at hand...

Thanks you for your service... but I will not let you manipulate me into a more aggressive course of action by mockery... so if you want you can help me come up with a plan that involves getting these people outside unharmed. That way you can go home earlier.  Or you can continue to play watcher until I come up with a plan... you owe me services not advice I know that, but now you have to wait until I figure out how to get these people out and what’s your role in that mission.‘

Marco text Arc and Yelena on encrypted comm:

‘First of all... I am not prey... we cannot follow a plan with blind trust when all the circumstances indicates that something has gone terribly wrong. If Sam was indeed compromised... how long do you think it will take them to get us? There are too many dangerous elements in this mission to blindly follow Sam’s overly optimistic tasks.

As for another example of why you should not blindly trust Sam, the building is not clean. I went to check that warehouse - guess what? there are people inside... There is no way in hell I am allowing two innocent people die as collateral damage just to look in a basement.

On the other hand there is no way we DONT blow that building as people may be hurt coming to work in the morning and all these explosives came from somewhere and this somewhere has our fingerprints on it...

I want you two outside of the club with me and I want you armed and clearheaded... we need to get these people out of the building before it goes down... We need them to exit calmly without touching anything and any moment of delay furthers the risk involved.
We may need to handle them as they go out  - I think they may be security and me alone with a detonator is not a good match for two pissed up security guards... That detonator should be secured and risks should be minimized our line of work is dangerous enough as it is. ‘

Okay... think Marco.. “how can we take these people out calmly without touching anything? Letting them see the demon will get them out alright - but they will run and may stumble on something... perhaps if I push the fire alarm?”
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Yelena's comm pings with the message from Marco.  Fortunately, the commlink is smarter than Yelena right now and decrypts the message, spooling it into her consciousness.  Yelena smiles as she reads the note and manages to send one back to him.  <Marco.  Yelena already too far to leave.  Know my limits and no help to you.  Must continue plan.  Marco save lives before blow up building.  Change shape something scary and men run.  Marco good man.  Deserve better than Yelena.  See later.>

Yelena sends the message and looks up at her dance partner.  Smiling, she molds her body to his and says, "Yelena like dance.  Yelena like sex.  Do you?"
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Marco was angry... he felt betrayed the plan was all going to fall apart... she should only do all these things AFTER they blow up the warehouse! not BEFORE!!!  it is freaking 19:30 we just got here...
... I guess it is part of her charm - but Yelena became a liability.
... He walks peacefully despite being angry, years of practice made him in complete control of the expression of his emotions but he is boiling inside. He is headed towards Arc's car to fetch atleast his pistol and leather jacket.  Not very stylish but will have to do just in case.

These girls won't notice that something is wrong until it bites them in the ass... they are sure that their brave Sam is invincible and always comes up with the best course of action... Everybody makes mistakes - and nobody gets to live forever in this business. This is why I want out while I am still alive dammit.

Looking into the basement never seemed so far as in that moment... "so I need to blow up the place from inside the club while sneaking to have a look at the basement... I'll be very stealthy holding a freaking teddy bear... why can't it be a freaking comlink! - or a file I can transmit to trigger it... why a freaking teddy bear?! ... is everything a joke? I am trying not to die in here.

... if I am discovered,  Arc and Yelena are going to be retaliated just as hard as me - because they know we are together... So while escaping I should also grab her gorgeous but totally defenseless body... I hope at least ARC is sober. Maybe she can fetch Yelena while I have a look...  Am I the only one that feels the danger? ... Is Yelena really that careless and light headed despite her paranoid appearance? is it really 'sex as a weapon... ? because she feels like a junkie looking to get fixed... Or maybe they think that I am some kind of Houdini ... no one have ever told me that I am that good... "
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Arc was dancing and swaying when Marco's message blipped in front of her vision, the human girl's step faltering for the slightest of moments as the news of it hit her.  Mentally, she frowned and sighed, keeping up her appearance and glancing over at Yelena, seeing her in her euphoric, drug-induced state.  Frag it all.  Told him to keep it cool  Thinking quick, she commanded the Fly-Spy up to the second floor and to lock onto Yelena's private commlink, keeping an eye on her as she kept appearances, winking at a gentleman dancing with her as she sent a message back.

@Marco decrypt 1034890-1029 {Arc}  [cc: Yelena]>>
<<Y'all ain't lecturing me.  Yelena's already in her role deep.  If we both kip out full, they WILL know drek is up.  I can't be there for you physical-like.  Just hang tight, I'll send eyes to the warehouse with ya.  Now will you just fragging calm down?

Satisfied with her response, Arc glanced over to her dancing partner, standing up straight and putting her cyberhand on his chest.  "Hoi, just wait right there, aight?  Need a quick smoke break, wiz?"  As she pushed through the throng, she brushed by Yelena, hugging her lightly and muttering "Smoke break" before heading out to a balcony with a view of the street.  Fishing into her clutch, she pulled out her lighter and a cigarette, placing it on her lips and lighting it.  Using that action, she turned her right side away from the door, launching her other Fly-Spy into the air, locking it in with Marco's signal.
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Marco replied - <<even if we follow our own plan... that is obviously null an void...  she is in her *role* way too soon. Remember... being loud? drawing attention... toss to heroes stuff like that... This is the rock and roll part... sex and drugs are to happen later in the night when we know we do not need to make a quick getaway... At least make sure she is with you until it is over... she will die if the basement gig does not go well and she is doing her thing. >>
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@ Yelena  Gregor smiles at you, "I like it more than a few ways and with talented partners, it's not enough for me to just have a partner that's willing. So tell me, what do your talents run to?" As he says that he does a ball chain step and then takes command of Yelena's body to swing her into a low dip with a half-turn.

@ Arc  The fly-spy's lock onto their signals without ant difficulty and Arc can rest easy knowing that at least that part of the plan is going smoothly. There are certainly worse things than having a cyberarm. Arc thinks as she smokes to keep up the ruse. And now that she's here she realizes she needs it for her nerves as well. She takes a deep drag and looks out over the balcony. The moon is full tonight, a hunters moon, at least a according to the Howlers. It's throwing a beautiful silver on the trees in the distance. The club is close enough to the Salish Shidhe border that she can see them. Trees don't really grow in the Barrens, the weak, scraggly few don't grow well in the pollution and soil. And Arc is amazed that these are so tall she can see them at this distance. But, she doesn't have long to admire them. A voice behind her says, "How about I buy you something a little stronger and we can dance. Afterall, I met never get to see the, 'famous celebrity' Arc, again." The voice is familiar, and when you turn it only takes you a few seconds to recognize NineLives. Wow he's gotten tall, and a little heavier than his championship hopscotch days when you last saw him, but it's him all right. One of the few humans that you know that made it out of the Barrens.

@ Marco  The demon awaits your orders but says, "Scaring humans is a job for ghosts and poltergeists. My kind terrifies and subjugates the weak. The two in the building are not weak, both have seen war, and they will be difficult to scare."
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Marco replies to the demon (just by thought) - "I said that I want them out - I did not say they have to be afraid. I am going to get my gun just in case they will be very angry... But once I do we can try and fool the fire alarm. what do you think? can you generate smoke without burning anything or triggering explosives so that the alarm will go off?" 
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@ Marco  "I can generate the smell easily. But, machines do not have senses that I can fool. You will need real smoke or fire in order to set off the alarms."
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Marco replies: Sadly I have no technical skills and I am afraid to send your full firey glory to a warehouse full of explosives... It does not take a genius to understand it is a bad move... Let's try somthing else...

Marco searches the phone number of the warehouse in his comlink... "I can probobly be convincing enough calling them... I could also get rid of that damn cross on my neck... it is bad memories."

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@ Marco  Marco doesn't have many technical skills, but fortunately this sort of search doesn't need any and it doesn't take more than a minute of inputting the search parameters for him to have the number.
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Marco calls the warehouse with his encrypted comlink:
if someone picks up he say "I have planted bombs in the building and it is going to explode- I thogught it is empty but then I spoted you two in there...  I kindly ask you to evacuate the building... it is wired up to explode soon and you deserve better than being colleteral damage on a fude you know nothing about. Try not to touch anything or you might exadently trigger the explosives. "
I rolled con to see how convincing Marco is.
Con (how convincing Marco is) ( 18d6t5 7[/spoiler]
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@ Marco A few long minutes pass and the demon tells you. They have exited.
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Marco asks the demon... "Do you want to pull the trigger?" if the demon goes for it Marco will explain how... otherwise he'll do so himself. Before like any sensible person he makes sure he is far enough and have some cover.
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Marco replied - <<even if we follow our own plan... that is obviously null an void...  she is in her *role* way too soon. Remember... being loud? drawing attention... toss to heroes stuff like that... This is the rock and roll part... sex and drugs are to happen later in the night when we know we do not need to make a quick getaway... At least make sure she is with you until it is over... she will die if the basement gig does not go well and she is doing her thing. >>
<<We can fraggin' argue about shouldashoulda all night, but it ain't doin' nothin' for us.  I got eyes on your girl, don't worry about it.  Eyes on you too.  Attached: vidfeedM.aro  Something goes down, we won't be drek caught>>

She was just able to send that, taking that long pull of the calming smoke before she was approached on the balcony, her dress accentuating her hips as she leaned forward a bit and to one side, elbows rested on the railing.

@ Arc  The fly-spy's lock onto their signals without ant difficulty and Arc can rest easy knowing that at least that part of the plan is going smoothly. There are certainly worse things than having a cyberarm. Arc thinks as she smokes to keep up the ruse. And now that she's here she realizes she needs it for her nerves as well. She takes a deep drag and looks out over the balcony. The moon is full tonight, a hunters moon, at least a according to the Howlers. It's throwing a beautiful silver on the trees in the distance. The club is close enough to the Salish Shidhe border that she can see them. Trees don't really grow in the Barrens, the weak, scraggly few don't grow well in the pollution and soil. And Arc is amazed that these are so tall she can see them at this distance. But, she doesn't have long to admire them. A voice behind her says, "How about I buy you something a little stronger and we can dance. Afterall, I met never get to see the, 'famous celebrity' Arc, again." The voice is familiar, and when you turn it only takes you a few seconds to recognize NineLives. Wow he's gotten tall, and a little heavier than his championship hopscotch days when you last saw him, but it's him all right. One of the few humans that you know that made it out of the Barrens.

Turning and straightening up, her green eyes scanned the man briefly, going a little wide at the recognition.  "Well frag me sideways, if it ain't NineLives.  Drek, seems like Seattle proper life be good to ya.  Too good, haha.  What, getting bored of the gentrification and decided to mingle with us peons, eh?  Frag man, come over here!"  Gingerly balancing her cigarette between two fingers, the human reached up to give him a hug.  Growing up with the Howlers, she didn't have many people she would consider a friend, and fewer still that weren't trogs, but NineLives was certainly one of them until he moved out in her early teens.  "Frag man, did not expect to find your hoop in here.  Come on, I think I'm good for now."  Stuffing the spent smoke after one last drag into an ashtray, Arc joined the man in returning to the party proper, pulling up both the feed on Yelena's drone (FeedY.aro) and Marco's drone (FeedM.aro) and placing them on her peripherals as she conversed.

"What kinda drink you have in mind eh?  And cut that celebrity drek.  Just because I almost get my hoop geeked and realize I needa finna live my life to the full, I'm suddenly famous?  Pfft.  And never see me again?  Maan, you know I ain't goin' nowhere.  You ain't planning on geeking this slitch, right?"  She elbowed him, obviously joking whilst at the same time looking him over.  It was kinda freaking running into an old face like that, and she wasn't leaving it to coincidence just yet...
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Ambrose didn't miss a beat, as his pheonix sense tingles from the three starting to move into circle him. Fools, the whole lot of them, of course he didn't have very many grenades himself, but he had some of the best ones. Particularly a small cylinder shaped one that falls to his feet as he begins to walk away, before breaking into a brisk walk, and with a snap of his fingers, it is detonated in the parking lot...

Ambrose stands in the center of the three men, sighing to himself. Reaching into his coat he pulls out a smoke grenade, flipping the switch to be able to throw it at his feet...
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The moment Ambrose pulls out his grenade the three rush him..
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<<We can fraggin' argue about shouldashoulda all night, but it ain't doin' nothin' for us.  I got eyes on your girl, don't worry about it.  Eyes on you too.  Attached: vidfeedM.aro  Something goes down, we won't be drek caught>>

Marco replies: To Arc and Yelena.
Dearest Arc: 
First of all thanks ... it means a lot to me.
I am terribly concerned for the two of you.
Do you really think that the warehouse is nothing but a distraction to look in basement?
It worth more than what we are making in a year  and owned by powerful people. Trust me I know how much realestates costs... I just browsed propeties in terrible shape and they still were out of my price range.

Something does not smells right... we’ll talk about it if we get to see daylight again. 
I am disappearing in a few hours. You can join if you like... I do not suggest going home or staying in the club. We need a safehouse... Sam is unresponsive - and thats means that we should assume that our cover is compremised. I  am planning to disappear and maybe try to understand where we are, whose warehouse we blew up and what happend to Sam.

Please be safe if you choose to stay in the club - You are right I am not going to tell you what to do... and I can't say we are a team just because I took you gals partying a couple of times... but for what my opinion is worth...  I strongly suggest to bail out. We do not even understand whose fingers we are stepping on.

Good luck,
be safe and I will pray for you!

P.S I am going to ditch this encrypted comlink in an hour or two so don't send me any message after 20:30. I used it to call the warehouse to get people out.


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@ Ambrose  The first thug and second thugs are hot on your heels. The third thug jumps and slides across a car hood trying to get in front of Ambrose. It doesn't quite work out the way he plans and his boot catches on the edge of the car. The action ends up slowing him down, but, he's still fast enough to end up in front of him and he grins victoriously and looks at Ambrose. "Well, that was most unfriendly. We just wanted a bit of a chat."
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Ambrose grumbles as the fates have taken his usual plan of dropping a grenade down on the ground after undoing his clippings on the inside of his coat. It was a simple plan, but he finds himself completely incapable of pulling out a grenade from inside his coat, and loses it. Plan two then, For this one he presses and holds down a button on his commlink built into his wrist armor. "Fuck it."

"Then sit." he replies. "All three of in front of me. Now. I've activated my deadman's switch, and by heaven and earth, I will take you fuckers with me. You don't get the call the shots here."
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Yelena laughs at Gregor's statement.  "Yelena just like.  Try many positions, different partners.  Men and women.  Yelena is tigress in bed.  Very energetic.  Gregor know Bella?  She is Yelena friend and like sex, too.  Want try both of us?  Probably get if want."  When he dips her, she will grab his face and raise her lips to his and shift her body a bit to better mold to him.  She chuckles, "Yelena tell that Gregor interested in Yelena.  Party place too public and Yelena not drugged enough to not care who sees sex.  And Yelena should stay near friend Bella for a bit.  but later for certain if Gregor still want Yelena."

She will return to Bella and her table after the dance, grab her evening bag and pull the cigar case and lighter from it.  She motions to the open balcony and says, "Yelena need smoke.  Go balcony for air."  She passes Arc returning to the room and stops to embrace her before going outside to get some air and smoke one of her cigars.
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@ Ambrose. "Nice bluff mate. But you don't look like the kind of crazy fragger what has a death wish eh. So how's about you come wit us nice and easy and have a nice simple chit chat wit the boss. And afterwards I buy youa drink. Show of good will."
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@ Marco  The evening is still early for party-goers and the parking lot is only about half full. Marco catches a little of the music spilling out of the front door, but on the west side of the building where he's at it's muffled and mostly just the bass. The demon remains there, waiting, and a few moments later you hear. They leave now. He says speaking of the warehouse workers.

@ Arc  NineLives smiles and says, "Nope, I'm a working man, here on biz. I may have gotten picked up by an athletic team looking for new blood. But eventually you get to old and the hoopla dies down and ya still gotta eat. But this your party, and I aint talking shop when the slitch is celebrating making good. So, drinks on me an this way you maybe don't notice your toes when we dance." Jokes about your toes aside NineLives is a superb dancer, the agility and athleticism translating well into grace on the dance floor. He's an even better dancer than Marco and soon teaches Arc a few simple steps that have feeling like she's getting this dancing drek down.

@ Yelena  "I've been invited to the after-party. We'll have all the time, and pleasures to explore there. And in the meantime, we can enjoy all the pleasures here." He twirls you and expertly places you between two women who are dancing and in a moment your body is molded to theirs and one of then opens another rocket. But it's a different color and shape from the one you just used. Her hands stroke your body intimately, rubbing in the cream as she places the second part to your lips and you drink an elixir whose icy coldness instantly chills Yelena, and then she pops the third part and breathes it in, and then kissing Yelena she blows it into her mouth, sharing it with her. The explosion is instantaneous, and Yelena's body convulses with the pleasure, molding with the other two. It's so intense she's almost limp afterwards, and definitely wants more.
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Ambrose sighed internally. It was like everything from the fates was all conspiring against him to force him down the path of being taken in by this crooks. His grenades failed from his hand, even his attempts to intimidate  these street thugs flew on by with out even so much a flinch from them.

<<SpittingCobra - Where the hell are you? Clearly you've noticed I'm not at the club by now, There is trouble in the parking lot.>>

Where the hell was the explosion? There was suppose to be an earth shattering kaboom by now. And yet, the person who was suppose to detonate the bear hadn't. If He could just get that distraction going, he might be able to escape from these guys. Calculating out the distance he could run, and where is car was currently parked, He got ready to give it a signal.

Then he remembered the lighter that he gave SpittingCobra before, and tried to mentally use his trodes to listen in on it..

"You're right. I don't have a death wish.. Hence why I'm not coming with you. Perhaps you don't know just who the hell I am you miserable piles of wasted puke. I'm The Pheonix. Do you know how many places I've burned down? Even if I kill myself today, I will come back from the fires and flame and the ashes of it all. Now, do you feel like really taking the gamble with an oldman who's already lived too long? "
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Yelena had done her best to remain apart from the drugs and the temptations, but her best was clearly not good enough.  Even after trying to clear her head by smoking on the balcony, she was brought right back into the mix and felt herself slipping further and further into the abyss.  The dead of her nightmares applauded as she fell, helping to drag her further into the mire of drugs that was offered.  Gregor had been waiting for her as she returned to the room and again swept her away onto the dance floor. 

What little resolve she still maintained told her that Marco would hate her for this and that she might even lose Arc.  *Already lose Arc to rigger man.  Could not tell her feelings for her.  She better off without Yelena.  Marco better off.  Yelena only pretend kick drugs.  Still addicted and now more.  Yelena hate self that much?*  When Gregor twirls her into the embrace of the other two women, Yelena allows her body to merge with theirs, becoming almost one form of roaming hands and lips, touching their bodies in an intimate and suggestive manner.  When she is exposed to the new drug she completely gives in to the moment.  Her body exults in the pleasures of being with these women, and she shares her emotion, giving as good as she gets from them.  If this was a bit more private, she would already be in a sea of naked bodies, lost in the pleasures of taking and receiving.  As it is, there is a last fragile bit of reason left to her and she knows that Arc's little toy is watching her and recording all for later review.  She cannot remember if the tiny drone is on her clothes or in her hair, or flying above her, but it may perhaps give the others a clue as to what is happening.  She looks up at the woman and says, "Yelena get more of that?  What called?" 
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As Arc was dancing, she allowed herself a brief moment to relax, to enjoy reminiscing with an old friend, sharing the drink and doing the dance.  Reality, however, snapped her back quickly as she read the rather resigned message from Marco, followed by noticing what was happening with Yelena.  Her heart skipped a beat as she nearly choked on her breath, Arc realizing that things were gonna spiral, and fast.   She herself was already starting to feel the slightest bit of a buzz from the alcohol she's already consumed.  As the song beat shifted, the human girl straightened up and looked up to Ninelives.

"Huu, haven't lost a fraggin step huh?  Man, haven't danced that hard in a longhoop time.  Give me a bit. Need to catch my breath, heh.". Hugging him once more, Arc made her way back to the bar to have a sit, hastily composing a message to Marco.

@Marco decrypt 0375902-0830 {Arc}>>
<<If that's how you feel you do what you fragging want.  You gonna kip out and not see this feel through, fine and frag you to the hells.  But job or no, we could use that distraction.  If you still give ANY drek about your girl, you will set that building off or I dint be able to save her.  Can you at least wrap your hoop around that!?

With that in mind, Arc gave a little sigh, visibly frowning as she looked onto the dance floor, tilting her head towards NineLives.  "...think she is in trouble?  She was closer to death than I was...might be taking my philosiphising a little hard eh?"
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Marco messaged Arc: <<That B must go down... I wrote it already it is linked to us. The D is not something that I can bring to the club without attracting attention. Someone got a little over the top with creativity.

I really like you and Y - don’t get me wrong. In your own blind and brilliant way I sort of admire your  deep connection that I can never begin to understand. I also do not know what to do about Y... I took her by force from that club the other day and I justified it to myself because when she was herself she was afraid of drugs and did not want to even be in the same room as the devil pills. This is not the case today... from her text I understand that getting hammered was about the first thing she did after our dance... She is not thinking clear... She once knew how to fake getting drunk, how to avoid drugs - she was overly catious I mocked her a little bit - now she dive into the danger heads on... she is blind - she does not see the red signes - she is addicted and will do rationalize with any excuse to get more. 

That B job already backfired - if S was compromised it was because of her destination. We are not safe... it is clear to me now. There are more and more subtle signs for that.  I am going to do what I said - and I hope you gals are ready to bail out afterwards...  Getting hammered in a club and waking up with a stranger is one thing if your cover is solid... but when they are really after you... and the rope is closing in on your neck...  it is handing yourself to the big bad wolf without a fight.

The circumstances have changed we are beaten in our own game... If we really lost San Fransisco... there is no way that our cover is still solid.

He then thought:
Okay... I need a safe house, I need to find Sam and I need someone that can help me understand who pays our bill and for what sinister goal. We have angered people way above our pay grade and none of us even knows what it is all about... It is not Sthal that got his head too deep in the rabbit hole... it is us.  Apparently my job makes me more resistant to temptations. As I am probobly the only one still sober.

That building has to go down now, and I hope that me in a leather jacket with the face of one of the elf employees making a quick push at the basement will have to do now... I will Probably play the ‘Just got here... getting dressed card’ . He went to the car and packed his clothes...

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Okay... Marco’s heart slowed down, he was in Arc’s car measuring his clothes... somehow her car felt comforting. He was in the zone.
<<Arc: Got stressed - I have it all figured out... I am new at this and my whole emotional world is rocking up side down... Your car is amazing something about it makes me feel safer already. It feels that despite your neighborhood there is no graffiti on it... not a single scratch. It inspire me. I wish I knew how to drive...>>
He felt like a soldier dressing up for a mission.  He packed his disguise clothes under one hand... he gave up the Crusader and left it in the trunk... I shoot really good but I have never actually shot a real person... a club full of people is out of my confidence level... let’s not try to be someone that you are not.

You are good company he said to the Demon...  I am a bit upset... but you saved the day.

We are mentally linked...  and that means that I can just order you to trigger the detonator without any external sign... I do not have to detonate it now... when I feel the time is ready and the place is crowded enough you detonate it.
Your job will be to trigger it it goes like that... (he mentally explain him how to do so)... afterwards just put it in the barrel over there and burn this teddy so badly that nothing will remain.  So this is the plan my demonic friend... and tonight you play the world of my missing friend Sam... So keep watching the building and the detonator and wait for my order.

 If you ever answer my call again I’d introduce you Sam is remarkable... I hope he is okay. He is my inspiration in many ways. 

<<Arc, Y - I got everything figured out... don't worry about me - your back is covered!>>

He entered the clubs with the clothes under his hand... he looked for one of the clubs employees... Private room! now move it!  he said.  He then tried to pick the first willing clubber - and sex him in that private room... someone fun... he thought...  then we go stright to the private room... no forplay.
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<<SpittingCobra - Where the hell are you? Clearly you've noticed I'm not at the club by now, There is trouble in the parking lot.>>

"You're right. I don't have a death wish.. Hence why I'm not coming with you. Perhaps you don't know just who the hell I am you miserable piles of wasted puke. I'm The Pheonix. Do you know how many places I've burned down? Even if I kill myself today, I will come back from the fires and flame and the ashes of it all. Now, do you feel like really taking the gamble with an oldman who's already lived too long? "

@ Ambrose  As Ambrose listens into the lighter he hears a most unusual conversation he's been privy to in awhile. There is the sound of glasses and metal and voices calling for foods and then clear as day. >>The zebra has landed and spits at the world. Yes . . . . . . .  . . . The pkgs ship tonight and will arrive in two days. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  .It went better than we hoped. . . . . . . Daisies eat pigs five by five.<<Clearly there is no help there.
Behind you you hear, "FRAG!" and the clear sounds of one of them running away. In front of you the thug swallows and holds up his hands says, "Oi mate, take it easy. No need to do something rash. I clearly was wrong about you not being the kind of crazy fragger what blows himself up. No need to make this unfriendly, we know when we're out matched." Behind you, you feel the shots hit the back of your head.                                                                                                             
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Arc was about ready and itching to send her virtual boot up Marco's virtual hoop when his second message came blipping up into her vision, giving the human girl pause and a bit of relief.  Okay, he's still in this.  Good

<<@Marco decrypt 0901283-0290 {Arc}>>
<<We get out of this, I'll teach you myself.  We're ready to draw attention on your go, my eyes are with you.  Please hurry though.  I don't want either of us too far gone, aight?

With that, without waiting for NineLives to give his answer, the human turned to him, putting on a bright almost silly smile of a girl who may be more than a little buzzed...after watching her own footage, it was rather easy to emulate. "Looks like they're having a fraggin' good time.  Come on, let's join them!"  Grabbing his arm, she brought him back onto the floor, working through the party to get to Yelena.  "Hoi, girly, don't be hoggin' all the party, ya heard?  Arc be needin' some celebratin' too yknow!"  Winking, she swayed with the beat, keeping an eye on the drones' views whilst swaying with the beat, trying to take stock of her elven friend's state.
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Ambrose blinks as a round goes right past his head, just barely ripping apart as a few drops of its toxic payload splatter on him. "You shouldn't have done that.." is the last thing he says as he crumples to the ground. Meanwhile, under his coat a eery song begins to play (

He didn't have much time himself as he began to fall, but still, even as his consciousness faded it was easy enough to rig the flashbang to explode in exactly 23.4 seconds from now, and activate his Partridge in a pear tree. Sadly it didn't have explosives in it.
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Yelena is sharing an extreme experience with the two women, but still retains enough control to notice Arc approaching.  She reaches out an arm to her friend and says, Arc.  Yelena have great time.  Arc should try."  She looks over at the man her friend has in tow, "Yow!  Arc has dreamy man.  Yelena get after Arc use?"

Suddenly, Yelena frowns and lets her body sag for a second.  She puts a worried look on her face and says, "Wow.  Yelena not feel well.  Maybe bad reaction drug.  Yelena need sit down."  Yelena kisses both women she is with then moves off to sit at a table, motioning for Arc to join her.
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@ Ambrose  Distantly you hear, "Frag!" and the one in front of you leaps to grab your hand and keep you from releasing the dead man's trigger."The hells, you do that for! Are you crazy! Killing him!" his hand closed tight on yours as he turns your hand up, only to see it empty. A higher pitched voice replies, "I didn't kill him! I didn't! I only put him to sleep, he can't set it off if he ain't dead!" And finding your hand empty he drops it. "It goes off if anything makes him lose his grip idiot! An your lucky he was bluffing or we'd be dead. Next time think! Now help me drag him in before we're spo. . . . . . . . . . . ." He never gets to finish that sentence.
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The Partridge in a pear tree was an additional bluff. There wasn't any explosives tied to it. Eventually there was intended to be.. but he'd figured that about 13 seconds after that had finished, they'd come back to him, as there is a loud concussive blast that hits all three of them.
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Dancing enjoying and looking for the perfect parthner Marco thinks... if I could get a sample to this drug to the balcony... I could have someone to look at it before we escape... But I cannot leave them here... I knew that I will follow Yelena to hell... but I thought we will have more time before realitiy strike us.
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Arc's cheeks flashed at Yelena's suggestive comment, glancing up briefly at NineLives before catching Yelena's drop in energy, instinctively reaching out to steady the Russian.  "Hoi, think you partying a bit hard.  Come on, take a breather". Helping her to a seat, she sat down right next to her, snapping her fingers to get some service and ordering a couple glasses of water.  She noted the flushed euphoric look on the Rove's face, the eyes glazed over, the sheen of exertion.  The frag did she take...
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The blast rouses Ambrose momentarily with the pain as it tears a small chunk from his leg and then he passes out again from it and the drug induced sleep claims him more deeply  Ambrose never sees the other club bouncers rush over, and he and the other two are grabbed. He's taken to the basement and he doesn't hear them exclaiming over his wound. "Get the med-kit! The GOOD one!" The wound is washed and dressed and then. "You can tell the boss we got him. "I think he's gonna make it, he should anyway. Tie him down just in case." It sin't long before the boss comes and listens to the whole story of how Ambrose came to be this way. "We'll let him sleep it off for now. The party upstairs is keeping things hopping and not giving me time to question him anyway. I need you guys back in your places. He's not going anywhere. And close that up. If he wakes I don't want him seeing anything."

@ Marco Marco hears the blast, but on his side of the building it's very muffled, and concentrating on the summoning spell the way he is it's unnoticed.
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@ Arc  NineLives looks at you and frowns, "Those particular drugs will still leave her in charge of herself. No ones trying to make her do anything she isn't already into. Is she your Vruk? Nice looking, and knows how to party and really enjoy herself." he turns to you and smiles, "Relax, and enjoy yourself. Word is you can afford all this now. You made good slitch. Enjoy it!"

@ Yelena  She smiles at you and says, "It's Venus Launch Code. It's way fun!" She smiles and kisses you and then moves to dance with others when Arc comes to you and pulls you out.

@ Marco  The hostess smiles at you and says, "Of course. We still have Centaurii Sunrise available. You're lucky, it's the last room left. The party has taken up most of our private rooms." She leads you to an alien jungle themed room with an AR display overlay of a nebula and a red sun rising. It isn't hard for Marco to spot someone very willing to enjoy themselves in a private room and he's got his pick of who he wants to spend an enjoyable evening with.
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Yelena looks at Arc and smiles.  "Yelena thank Arc.  Needed catch breath."  She looks up at the man with her friend.  "No.  Not Arc Vruk.  Arc not do women."  Yelena turns her head away for a moment and wipes a tear from her eye then straightens back.  She opens her mouth to say something, but is interrupted by the massive explosion across the street as the warehouse goes up.  Yelena thinks, *Good Marco.  Still on plan.*  She rises and throws her arms above her head, yelling, "Fireworks.  Look, Arc, fireworks.  Bella make fireworks for party." 

Yelena moves through the crowd of people who are focused on the explosion and fire, looking for Bella.  If she finds her, she will embrace her.  "Yelena thank Bella for fireworks.  Big noise.  Very good party."
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The question from the tall man was met with a bark of laughter from Arc, her lips grinning widely at the thought.  "Vruken?  Man, that what people be sayin?  I got a Vruk, but it ain't her.  Don't think a keeb like that be solid with that way, ya know?  'Sides that...". She got quiet for a second before joining Yelena.  "we spat at the gates of hell together.  Man, she's blood to me"

Immediately, though, her face brightened up.  "Tch, you'd 've surprised.  Seems like a blood mojo bounty runs out pretty quickly.  But hey, I ain't caring about that tonight.  Come on, sit with us, wanna know what work was deemed worthy of the great NineLives, haha". And with that, Arc joined Yelena at the table, nudging elbows with the Russian with a wink.  She missed the other's tears, but was at more ease knowing that the drugs she was on wouldn't addle her senses...though it was curious how NineLives knew that.

And then the explosion went off.  Arc's eyes went wide as she looked out the window, seeing the conflagration light up the outside environs.  "Well frag me three times and call me an easy slitch.  Now this is a party!"
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Marco smiles at the hostess and replies... “thank you sweetie for attending my ever growing desire for vices... I will think of you when I pass out with a smile on my face.  Make sure we have everything fun in there... alcohol, party uppers downers to relax for afterwards... I really want to make the ‘wow’ level tonight. “

He then texted Arc and Yelena an encrypted message << Gals... I need a phone call in half an hour to my public comlink... it will be hilarious if it is emotional and dramatic. >>
The perfect target for this night was already drunk, and a bit off due to drugs and Marco’s party senses spotted him shortly...  It was a  guy wearing the ancient flag of great Britain and speaking with a fake British accent... To top it all he was dancing in the classical music room to music from the 60’s ... of the previous centauri 60's... he seemed like the perfect partner for tonight... maybe it was his unexplained sex appeal... because eh wasn't good looking or anything.

*He is a bit out... would be the perfect cover for me... * After a couple of dances he said *Hey sugh... want to continue someplace more private?...* grabbed his hand and took him for the room, finally placing neatly the role of street cloths on an internal part of the room.

Before they enter he makes sure that the place is packed with alch
* So.. Mr. AP... you sit and relax and let Marco here take care of the magic... I am a pleaser you see... * 
What’s your poison? he asked... besides me - he giggled as he showed him the variety of party drugs on the table... Shortly after he picked his poison Marco started stripping and gave him a private dance... He said as he gave that man a private dance...  he  then pleased him with various of different methods.

If that Phone call ever arrive - Marco rush to the phone and saying...
you are  WHAT?! in an angry voice...
then continues after a short while... with a softer voice

tell me what happened... really what happened ?

Are you okay?

Okay I’ll be right there... but make it brief... I am in the middle of something.

Marco quickly dresses... this time with his street cloths. I’ll be right there with ya sugah’s Marco say as he dresses with the clothes he picked for his infiltration... It will only take a short while he say.
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Even partially lost in the moment and the drugs she is taking, Yelena is able to make the call to Marco as requested.  She pings him with her internal link and sends a frantic message, not even really sure why.  But Marco did ask, and so far it seems that all is still on track.  After the call, she turns her attention completely back to her new friends.
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Even when he knew it was a ruse, Marco was upset hearing Yelena all stressed out in the phone. He felt as if it made his work a lot easier.
[spoiler]lie to AP ( 18d6t5 9[/spoiler]

Marco’s face quickly reformed and became the face of someone else, it was not just the disguise... he walked and talked like someone else. For the time being he was the new bartender Joe the and Joe was going to get curious about the basement. If Marco is not disturbed he’ll head down the basement walking into there as if he belongs there... when he get close he’ll trigger the detonator by signalling his fiery demonic friend.
Disguise + facial sculpt ( 7d6t5 2
Enhance Disguise with impersonation ( 15d6t5 5
7 successes overall
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The explosion Sam bought and paid for goes off exactly as he wanted. A lot of flash & bang complete with gang colors on an outside wall facing the club. Ambrose genius allows the supposed fire to burn for almost ten minutes and the gang colors are prominent displayed throughout the burn. The gangers whose members were on security detailthat night are there to witness the way their rivals are spitting in their faces. War is clearly justified.
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While Marco could not see the explosion it was spectacular he knew. Almost anyone in the club rushed to the windows and balconies fascinated by the colors and the sight. Fireworks were not a common sight in the Barrens after all and that’s what people were convinced it was... for a short while at least. Disguised as Joe the new bartender he took advantage of the confusion and sneak his way to the basement. “Thanks for everything my fiery friend"  he thought...  as he went down.
He is sneaking... activating his agility boost.
attribute boost agility ( 7d6t5 1
drain resistance (vs 1) ( 6d6t5 3

not very impressive, but 1 more agility is always nice, no drain.
sneaking ( 8d6t5 4
The sneak roll turned out great - Joe cannot hope for a better chance to keep his new job...
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Noting the expressions of some of the gang associated employees, Arc allowed herself a confirming grin: whoever Sam hired for the job knew how to pull it off.  Gonna have to ask Brock if he knows anyone that can do this.  Always appreciate a fellow boom banger!. Clapping her hands together, she drew attention to the lasting flames and blasts while her mind went to work, sending Marco's drone on a follow pattern and locating him.  Luckily he kept his stealth tag on, or he would have been hard to spot!  Confirming the stealth autosoft was running, she sent it to follow closely behind Joe-Marco down into the basement, keeping an eye ahead and behind.

@Marco decrypt 104729479-0390 commcall {Arc}>>
<<Lookin wiz, barkeep.  With you.  Use my eyes to check ahead as needed.  Remember, just pointing to a spot in AR will send it there, in case I can't do it for you.  Good luck!

[Spoiler]drone stealth (-1 noise)(-2 to opposed perception) ( 7d6t5 3[/spoiler]

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@ Arc & Yelena  Many of the patrons were fascinated by the fireworks and toasts and laughter rang out to it all. But, enough of the guests were familiar with the gangs of the area to catch the significance of the colors and soon the club was abuzz with gossip about the who and why's and expected responses to come.

@ Marco  Most of the club was catching the display outside and Marco had an easy time getting to the basement. Only one person waved at him, "Hey Junior! You should catch the show outside. You won't see this again that's for sure! Maybe we should have the boss have some fireworks! It would totally be in theme. Hurry ya hoop!" Marco is only seven steps into the basement when he hears something drop behind him, "Oh no! They're onto me!" But when he turns to look it's one of Arc's tiny little fly spies. As he goes further in it's exactly what he expected to find. A basement. It's got lots of shelving and supplies with a few dedicated rooms and a couple of coolers for alcohol and perishables. It's in one of these rooms that Marco gets a shock. The reporter bomber guy! His coloring isn't great and most of the left side of his pants is burned off. But it's bandaged neatly enough anyway. Marco is under no illusions as to the care he's received though. The straps holding him down to the table tell the tale as clearly as if Ambrose had spoken.
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 Marco nods slightly in response to Arc's message, he is way too tense to text back but he understood.
when to his coworker he causally answer: 
"I’ll be right out, thanks for the tip... I love fireworks... "  as he enters the basement. He feels strangely good, he is tense, sharp all his senses are tingling he feels alive... 

He is surprised to see Mr. Reporter in there... this wasn’t supposed to be a rescue mission but Marco cannot... he just cannot leave him there thinking what is going to happen when he wakes up... also if he talks to the club people Marco will be exposed. "But how can I get him out of here without anyone noticing?" He thinks about a healing spell... but a close inspection shows that the damage to the body is not what keeping him unconscious, "besides he was stabilized already and is expected to wake up on his own... otherwise why restrain him..." a heal spell will shorten his recovery but he will still be a prisoner.   Marco has a different solution... it is risky but it might work.

He texts Arc and Yelena
<< This is Mr. Reporter dude the one that gave me the detonator... I am taking him out with me and disappearing. If they interrogated him they already know about me and maybe also you gals.  He may be kept here after an interrogation... we must find out what he had told them.

I am begging you... please please please leave this place now,  too many things have gone wrong. We’ll think about some other method to achieve our goals. Besides I am using mojo so for me... there is no other option now... I must go away... Yelena... if I won’t see you again I wanted to say that I want you more than I ever wanted a thing in my life... I am crazy about you, please be safe.  >>

 Without any ceremony Marco uses his magic and turn the demolition expert into a small hamster. A moment later, an unconscious hamster lies comfortably within the now oversized clothes of the reporter. He picks the hamster and put him in his pocket.  “There is no going back now... I used magic and I need to get out fast... my cover is worth nothing now... "  he quickly made his way back into the club and exit the basement “"Going to see the fireworks!” he say to his coworker as he heads towards the exit.

Shape Change Force 6 ( 12d6t5 5
drain resistance vs 3:
drain resistance ( 11d6t5 2
Marco takes 1 stun damage.

PS any reference to baldur's gate is intentional... Go for the eyes Boo, Go for the eyes!
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@ Marco  Your commlink isn't responding at all, but your magic works and Mr Reporter/Bomber is safely tucked away in your pocket. Once you re-enter the club the comm works without any problems or even a hint as to what was wrong. It hadn't even said "No Signal" it just hadn't worked at all.
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Arc's drone flitted and buzzed about behind Marco, the cameras and sensors taking in a wealth of info as Arc herself gave the command to run a sweep of everywhere immediately available, recording the footage to the storage space on her private 'link for safekeeping.  The command to follow Marco back out of the basement and stay with him lay ready to go as Arc mingled with the guests watching the blaze of the warehouse building sporting the White Chapel colors, joining in the speculation as befitting her known rep of being in the know on turf.

Smirking and crossing her arms under her bust, she leaned on one hip and leaned a bit towards Yelena, head tilted as Marco remained silent.  Her feed even was interrupted for a bit, though likely it was merely some lag and the footage would still be squared away for later use.  That way at least we don't have to worry about the dude missing drek  It was several moments before the comm went through, her drone confirming that he was bailing out.  Turning to Yelena slightly, her green eyes made contact with the elf's, nonverbals showing she was ready to move when they could...
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Yelena makes her way to Arc's side and leans over to whisper.  "Marco do basement?"  On her friend's nod, Yelena smiles and looks her in the eyes, saying, "And now our turn.  Next phase of plan.  If Yelena go away with friends, Arc not worry.  Arc be safe."

With that, she drops her smile and steps back from Arc as if hurt.  She shakes her head and says in a slightly louder than necessary voice, "No, Arc.  Yelena not give more money tonight.  Find other person to leach off.  Maybe tomorrow.  Tonight Yelena want have fun, not think of your money problems.  Yelena sure gang man not hurt Arc if not pay right away."  She twirls away onto the dance floor, looking for her new friends.
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Arc gave a nod to Yelena on their plan, reaching out to hug the elf briefly, letting her chrome hand trail down the other's arm for a moment.  "You be safe too. I'm just a call away. Here"Here". As she broke away, the elf would feel a small object in her hand: Arc's last drone, the kanmushi bug.  With that, the human watched Yelena depart for the floor with that hurt expression.

Arc herself flushed red in the cheeks, eyes going a bit wide as if in incredulation.  " You drekkin  with me now?  Sight, I get it.  I didn't need ya jing anyway, slitch.  Go hang with yo friends, whatever...". Pouring a bit in mock anger, she crossed her arms under her chest and turned on her heel,  facing the window once again with a look of mild worry on her face

@Marco decrypt 92749294-0180 {Arc}>>
<<Good job down there, omae.  I'll do my best to keep your girl safe, don't worry on that.  let us know how the dude is?   Stay safe, keep in touch.
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“Wow... I can’t believe it actually worked... I just walked out of the club without anyone stopping me carrying Mr. Reporter dude...” Thought Marco, he toyed for a short while with the possibility of taking Arc’s car but decided against it... it is their ride and they might be in more danger than they realize but both of them were heroes and clearly had a lot of confidence in their abilities ... they accomplished so much more than him.  “ Maybe I am just not cut from the shadow running material... I can’t even follow Sam’s orders... I keep thinking everyone are there to get me..." ... Even self awareness could not calm Marco... "but Sam is surprisingly unresponsive, Mr. Reporter guy was clearly captured shortly after talking to me... If they got to him already they are clearly not far from the rest... How can they stay so calm..."

He texted Arc and Yelena <<Good luck in there... I will try to help from distance if I can... I am worried sick...
This time it was different, he cared if they make it out or not... the thought that most runners eventually die a violent death... was not comforting in this case. He needed to think about himself, they will discover the missing reporter sooner or later... and when they do they will look for the guy that took him... Joe clearly could not do it... unless he is actually an awakened but what is the chance of that...Then who knows they may trace it to Marco.

Marco took his bag from Arc’s car. Wore his leather jacket and leather hat, he concealed his Crusader under the jacket. 
"I am walking... not running not flying... just walking like Joe would."  His naturally high agility made him a fast walker and his feet carried him towards the soon to be soup kitchen... it is just an hour walk.

“I think it is the perfect place to hide... the background count will hide my awakened nature and nobody in the club would look for the missing reporter so close”

He bought a couple of warm blankets and some street clothes on his way ... The soup kitchen was an abandoned prison... basically a fort. He could hear the background count as horrifying whispers of terror... Marco felt sick. Being awakened since birth... he felt connected to everything living... mana was life itself for him and in places where life suffered... he suffered as well. The inner voices were so loud... he could not even consider shaping a stronger melody the volume would be above his comfort zone... "What kind of awakened willingly choose to hide where he is most vulnerable? where magic does not work and even homeless people do not squat?"
He sighed
"Am I losing my mind?..."  he thought... But he had a reason... his magical powers were limited other mages may be more powerful...  "Lucky for me... other mages depend on their magic more - they use it to hurt people as a weapon... My magic does not work this way... I fire a gun for self defense.."

He settled in one of the half destroyed guard towers. He had a good view of people that may approach the place... it was the nest of a sniper... one that took many lives... Marco could feel the evil that twisted the mana of this place. He stopped concentrating and Ambrose turned into a man again... naked. He could not use the heal spell but he had the medikit should he need further medical assistant. He quickly covered him with blankets and nervously watched his surroundings... that place was so quiet that you could hear every rat moving along the debris...    The broken wall where the prisoners escaped, the exploded buildings... they told a story of the place. It was such an horrific place he wondered if people in need would be desperate enough to even approach it...  the land itself was tainted by the excessive violence. Even mundanes felt this place was no good.  It will take a lot of work to get them to come. His glasses and smartlink were active, showing him thermal and low light vision, he had a good easy to defend location, and an unconscious demolition expert to take care of...
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@ Marco  As Marco is walking through darkness in the grim reality that is the Barrens he's suddenly aware that the shadows to the left of him have come alive. Marco is very quickly surrounded by three thugs dressed in black and with white skeletons painted on their faces"Well, we be having a fine gentleman come to spend time with us tonight, I think he be wanting to spend his jing wit us an show us a good time. Or maybe he want to be showing us how well he can bleed?" Marco is treated to the sight of a wicked looking knife with a skeleton bone handle.

@ Arc  NineLives looks at you and says, "Nevermind her. You got enough peeps here wanting to buy you a drink, or whatever else tonight. And everything changes. Maybe tomorrow you'll have a few more prospects. You weren't kidding about it spending fast were you. But, the way your friend parties, she maybe the one needing jing fast, and soon."

@ Yelena  It isn't more than a moment before the hard partying crowd sweeps you up and into it. And you get offers for plenty of other pleasures. After almost an hour Bela comes to you and enjoys an AtomBang with you and the group your with. When you can both speak again she says. "Forget your friend. She's way to uptight. I've got an after-party planned that's going to be very much your style, and a few pleasures I'm sure you haven't tried yet. You can ride with me in my limo."
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Marco followed Arc's advice... do not act like prey and they'll leave you alone... they are probobly just looking for some easy money he thought...

With a serious face full of confidence Marco looks their leader straight in his eyes. He say nothing, but takes another step towards him... the short dramatic pause created expectation, and he can see the three thugs focused on him... waiting to see what he has to say.

Marco is in no hurry to speak he feels that time is in his favor, he grins... enjoy the moment and after a short while that seems forever in the tense atmosphere... He say... "I think you guys are playing way over your league... "
" I am too busy to handle you right now so I will give you choice..."

"First option.. you forget ever meeting me...

Second option..." he pauses...

"You'd *wish* you could forget ever meeting me... "

[spoiler]Intimidation Himself ( 15d6t5 6[/spoiler]
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@ Marco  The three thugs know they're outmatched and the first one says, ""We meant no harm father. We jes be playin wit you. See, no harm." they back away and melt back into the shadows. Marco is alone again.
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His face are still smiling but Marco knows that three armed thugs are probably above his skill level at such a close range. It could have been a bloody night but his demonic tongue pulled for the rescue. He was lucky... and what was that thing about their excessive use of makeup... 
maybe these were Halloweeners? the name seemed appropriate but Marco never actually handled with thugs or gangs before.  He’ll ask Arc about them... in the meanwhile he had to disappear.

The intoxicating feeling of power filled his veins... it was a new shape for his demonic tongue... Marco knew it was an illusion... he was nothing but a pawn played by greater powers... He rents his talent to the highest bidder either in the shadows or to the rich. People that wield real power can just buy people like Marco... despite the rush of potency Marco was disillusioned enough to know that this power is nothing but an illusion. It did not made the feeling any less addicting however...

He bought a couple of warm blankets and some street clothes for the reporter and himself. It was going to be a cold night and he could not risk starting a fire. The soon to be soup kitchen was an abandoned prison... a walled fort.

The background count was indeed high and he could hear it as terrifying whispers...  cries of terror... with all the astral noise he felt that forming any form of melody in this place is well above his comfort zone. Awakened since birth, Marco experienced the gift of mana as a deep connection with everything living. He believed that mana is life itself... and where the living suffered... Marco suffered. In this world, he felt such a connection is indeed a terrible gift.

... What kind of awakened willingly choose to hide where he is most vulnerable? Where magic does not work and even homeless people do not squat?... a desperate one it was. Indeed, Marco felt desperate... he could not handle a real skilled mage he had no illusions about it. If they took Feathers from the reasons he assumed...  Marco practiced magic right under their nose... they can come after him too. Sam warned him about a rescue mission, saying that it will get them killed... but Sam was unresponsive and he just couldn't leave the reporter in there.

The background count would not only disable Marco’s magic... it will take their magic as well...
unlike other mages Marco trusted his mundane skills for self preservation... he used a gun - while other mages used magic as a weapon... in a way it made sense for him.  He settled in one of the half destroyed guard towers. He had a good view of people that may approach the place... it was the nest of a sniper... one that took many lives... Marco felt the evil that twisted the mana of this place.

He turned Ambrose a man again... naked it was the limitation of the shape change spell. He could not use the heal spell in this place but he had the medikit just in case. He covered him with Warmed blankets and dressed him as much as he could. When the reporter was wrapped up good enough, Marco nervously watched his surroundings... that place was so quiet that you could hear a rat moving along the abandoned prison.

The broken wall where the prisoners escaped, the remains of explosions that took down entire buildings... they told a story of the place. A story of struggle, desperation and excessive violence... a story of despair - but with a dash of hope. It was buried deep down... but there was also hope in that place.  He wondered if the needy would in need would be desperate enough to even approach the prison... it will take a lot of work to get them to come...

His glasses and smartlink were active, showing him termal and low light vision, he had a good easy to defend location and an unconscious demolition expert to babysit.
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Yelena puts the micro drone into her long snowy tresses for the time being then moves to the dance floor, getting in deeper with the hard-partying crowd.

The Russian assassin smiles at Bella, "Yelena live long time.  Do many things.  But always willing to try new.  Yelena go after-party with Bella.  Like ride fancy car."  She will lean in and give Bella a kiss that promises much as she strokes the other woman's body. 
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Arc let out a bit of a snort at what NineLives said, lifting her arms and letting them fall as if shoving some invisible thing in front of her.  "Yeah, that's what she does.  She's blood, but crazy blood yaknow?  You're right, Nine.". She gave a nod and a grin, moving with him back to the bar.  She stretched her left arm a bit and cracked her neck.

"It's funny drek yknow, being some slitch hero or whateva.  Coulda died and been forgotten.  Now I'm here, famous, and peeps be demanding the party hard life.  Can't blame em, I like it, but if I'm gon a level with you?  I'm in deep omae.". She paused, ordering a Titan's Hammer drink at the bar, a mild look of feigned worry on her face.  "Cred from the mojo drek's gone.  Beyond that even.  You think this hardware was a fraggin' charity case?". She lifted her arm up to make her point, the chrome reflecting the dancing lights around them.

" forget it.  We here to party and have a good time.  Am I right, chummers?!"
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Yelena places the micro drone in her hair so that it can use its sensors to see and hear what is going on around her.  She is confident that Arc will be able to use the data it collects even if Yelena becomes unable to make sense of her surroundings.  She flits about in the group of hard partyers, working them.  She knows that sex and desire are weapons in her arsenal and she brings out the big guns.  Her walk and her talk are designed to attract.  Yelena is probably not the most beautiful woman in the room, but she knows that she does not have to be.  She relies on emphasizing her assets, displaying enough and concealing enough to get those near her interested.  She is sensuous and vivacious; her sexuality hinting at her availability to both men and women.  Yelena has a rare talent for listening, preferring to let others talk while she nods and makes understanding but generally noncommittal responses.  In short, Yelena lets others do the talking.  She touches a man's arm in a familiar manner, strokes the side of a woman while dancing, and gazes deeply into eyes with her own violet ones.

However, it is one thing to take drinks and put them down after sipping at them, always appearing to have one in her hand, but consuming very little, but it is so much a different thing to do the same with the drugs she is exposed to.  She can feel the exhilaration and euphoria building and knows that she will eventually succumb to the desires they promise.  She does not have to fake her enjoyment as she falls deeper and deeper into the embrace of the drugs and she knows that there are more and better ones awaiting her this night.  She has lived a life of chance and death and this is just one more adventure in the shadows for her.  Holding back would be obvious and would perhaps raise questions so she goes ahead as if this was her element.  And perhaps it is.

Her goal is twofold; first, to become one with the party, accepted as if she belongs with this group, and second, she hopes to find the one or two people that are only pretending to mingle.  She believes that there must be controllers in the crowd, those who have a responsibility to watch over various "special" people.  She expects to find them unless they are better than she is at passing drinks.  They will be the ones on the fringe of the action, always watchful, ever maneuvering to keep their charges in view.  She goes near these people so that the drone can pick up their images for later review, always doing so with one or more of her new friends and never looking directly at or talking to these minders.

She tries to keep returning to the fold; to the group of people surrounding Bella.  When possible she closes in, molding herself to the woman and kissing her with such passion that there is no doubt that she expects to end up in a bed with her before the night is through.

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@ Yelena  The party is just like old times for her. Prison with the Vory had anything and everything. Only difference was that there Yelena had had to be careful who she slept with, and often hadn't had a choice as to who she was given to. She'd learned to enjoy what she could. And had come to enjoy quite a lot, the drugs had certainly helped, removing inhibitions, and outright forcing her sometimes. But, that was better than what would happen if she hadn't cooperated. And now, everything was her choice. The partners she'd enjoyed on the balcony with Vodka and Solar Flare had certainly shared her lack of inhibitions, and one of them had certainly had some talent for her pleasures. But, Yelena still retained enough of herself to remember what she was there for. The minders were very difficult to spot. Two of them were hostesses. It was their job to make sure everyone enjoyed themselves and had everything they needed. But eventually she realized that certain people got just a bit more attention that wasn't tied to money. And Gregor, Yelena almost didn't realize he was one of the minders, as he was already Bella's friend. But after witnessing him buy drugs and assist certain people with their application, as well as help them with their enjoyment of them, Yelena came to realize that he never actually took a drug himself, and had never actually left the party for the balcony or a private room as far as Yelena was aware. When Yelena is invited to a private room it's an alien palace and she's so far gone by then she doesn't care about anything other than the moment.

@ Arc  NineLives tells her, "I know what that's like. After the Worlds Competition when I didn't win the money dried up. Went to the next up and coming star. I tried to get a few things going, tried to coach, even opened my own gym. But, without the education in business and math and drek knows what else, everything got taken from me, only I was left with all the bills and expenses. I owed money everywhere. But, I knew people. People just like me, Barrens born and bred. And say what you want about us, we're survivors. I started doing a bit of work for a guy. And now I've worked my way up to quarter-ownership of this club. And as a part of it I know I could get work for you, if you want it. Your "in" with the Howlers and other peeps in this hood can't be bought by an outsider, an your smart enough to maybe help open up other lines of communication. Even your friend might help, if you can trust her to do her part and not use during work time. You can think about it. I'm not pressuring you. But I could use you and your connections if your smart." he stops there and signals the bartender for another drink.

@ Marco & Ambrose  It's a long night. But eventually Ambrose's breathing changes. Now, he's just asleep, not doped unconscious.
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Somehow... Marco finds peace of mind that night he was beyond fear... he had some rare moments of clarity...    “I am definitely not cut up for this lifestyle... I am no hero like Yelena and Arc ... I am not professional... I am just improvising... following my urges... I control any external manifestation of my emotions... but I cannot control these urges... how was I supposed to leave that person in there...? how could I get him out without magic?... I cannot be that cold... that strategic about things...”

Several moments later a new line of thoughts come along:

“I want to live... I am life itself... but I don’t live... I am constantly afraid... I am nothing but a  terrified person... scared of my own power... I am  all alone in the world... I should just tell my family the truth about my life... stick it to anyone that used me as tool
... but why do I even want to go back?... my parents were the first to betray me!... they used me when I needed them the most... I was just a helpless child.”  He feels free to cry, without a living soul to notice the tears why surpress them... but after a short while terrible guilt overwhelms him... “I am sorry... little Carla... I left you with these terrible people... I was only thinking about myself... what have they done to you over the years? did you really have a normal live? could you? can they just give one child to the church kicking and screaming and raise the other as if nothing happened?”

I do not  even know my parents... I only know a mentor spirit that took me as a terrified child... betrayed and unloved...

"she showed me how I can manipulate the world around me. How I can affect people's emotions... To use them like my parents used me... and I was happy for a while I had not a care in the world... Agrat was the only one that was always there for me. She even kept watching my life after *I* left her... maybe the immortals do have patience that mortals just cannot understand. Maybe the world does not deserves my love."

His face were red, he never lets go... but with Sam's silent and Yelena in the lions mouth he just cannot surpress it any longer.
“I have nothing... if I mess up there is noone there to save me... one wrong turn and I am history... My life are fucked up... maybe Agrat was right all along... maybe I just cannot bare the weight of consequences... maybe there is no other option for me than being a moment... and not care about anything but my own satisfaction.”

“After all... while I have the charm to make friends with anyone in the world... I can just approach people and get them to like me and after a short while they’ll feel like we are good friends... people dream of being as charming as me their entire life...  But that’s all I have... charm... I trust noone... there is not a single person in this world that I find worthy of my trust.

"People like me as long as I am fun and cheerful... when I start being a person... they are repulsed... just like Cinan... he wanted me for a party in the middle of a night full of vices... but to just have a normal chat over a glass of bear...
That was out of the question..."

He sighed... "like Arc that enjoyed dancing with me but when I get nervous she loses her paitience for me, and even Yelena that I desire so much... she was too high to care too much what’s going on with me. If I just handed them the detonator there were two innocent victims in there... they both were focused on the mission... on following orders...  Arc could have scanned the warehouse also with her drones... it didn’t take a spirit to do so... the spirit was right to be upset... I summon an intelligent being for a job that could have been accomplished by a cheap drone.

Even now they are deep in their role ... and Jesus I wish they’ll be safe... why do I like people if I can trust noone?!... but I don’t like *people*... the entire world can vanish in flames and I wouldn’t care... I care once they have faces... I could live knowing that the reporter is in the basement without feeling the urge to save him... there is so much I can do... but being there... looking him in the eye all powerless... I could not ignore it. “

Then came the fear for Yelena and Arc and the Fear for the reporter’s life. Marco spent the rest of the hours praying for their safety,madly whispering lines from the holy bible. With his kind of education he knows it by heart by now... the bible was his book for many years... it was not until he discovered that anything he summons was considered evil by the church that he stopped reading the bible.

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@ Arc  NineLives tells her, "I know what that's like. After the Worlds Competition when I didn't win the money dried up. Went to the next up and coming star. I tried to get a few things going, tried to coach, even opened my own gym. But, without the education in business and math and drek knows what else, everything got taken from me, only I was left with all the bills and expenses. I owed money everywhere. But, I knew people. People just like me, Barrens born and bred. And say what you want about us, we're survivors. I started doing a bit of work for a guy. And now I've worked my way up to quarter-ownership of this club. And as a part of it I know I could get work for you, if you want it. Your "in" with the Howlers and other peeps in this hood can't be bought by an outsider, an your smart enough to maybe help open up other lines of communication. Even your friend might help, if you can trust her to do her part and not use during work time. You can think about it. I'm not pressuring you. But I could use you and your connections if your smart." he stops there and signals the bartender for another drink.

Arc gave pause mid-drink at this revelation, her eye giving the slightest of twitches.  Now THIS is a fraggin' coincidence.  Someone I knew owning a piece of this action?  Maybe a big enough piece of drek to be involved, I'm gonna have to watch my toes...other than that, I think I just fraggin' did the mission.  Frag me  She let her lips curl into a smile as she brought the cool drink to her lips, the Titan's Hammer living up to its name with a fiery kick at the end.  She waited a bit respond, turning her green eyes to face him.

"Well drop me out the fraggin' window.  You DID do good for yself; all I be hearing about for happenin' places points to this joint.  Drek."   Pausing, she looked him over once more.  "'re serious..."  she paused again, closing her eyes and turning back towards the bar, showing vulnerability.  "...You must see something in me I don't.  Remember what Lupo said: I'm just some ugly ass breeder wit' a wrench.  I'm a mechanic and a driver mostly, but you're right: I'm a Barrens girl, and I know some drek.  I may take you up on that offer, eh?  As for my friend...she's hella useful and probably could use the jing, hehe.  You got my word she'll be clean...I'll chain her to a chair and shock her clean if I gotta, ya catch my drift?"  She lifted her glass up to tap it with his.  "Give me a couple days to figure my hoop out and I'll give ya an answer.  How can a slitch like me reach ya, hmm Nine?"  Grinning, she took the opportunity to rework her drones, sending them both back to the car when Marco was bailing, depositing and deactivating them safely inside.  Checking on yelena, Arc was relieved that the elf set the bug up to view everything, the human storing the footage on her private link.

@Yelena decrypt 098302198-0290 {Arc}>>
<<Omae, I fraggin' did it.  I got an in.  For both of us.  I'm feeling the vibe to bail pretty soon, need to know if you're coming with me.  If not, I want you to promise me something.  You fraggin' stay safe and alive, aight?
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Yelena identifies the minders and moves on without focusing on them any longer than she does any other person.  Gregor was almost a surprise, but his actions were revealing to someone looking for just those actions.  He was very smooth, an extremely good pusher.  So far he was all talk and promise and Yelena wonders if he will even actually participate in the after-party event or continue as he is. After all, it is reasonable to believe that anyone who goes to this next party will be so drugged or drunk, or both, that they would never even realize that he had not really jumped in.

Yelena spots a young couple near the edge of the smallish crowd and watches them.  They do not seem to really be enjoying themselves, even though they have drinks in their hands and smile at those near them when they talk.  Their nervousness stands out and marks them as new to this sort of life.  Yelena watches as they turn down at least three opportunities for drugs  She goes to them and introduces herself.  They both look a bit nervous, but the man cannot resist looking at Yelena as she moves close to them.  "Good evening.  Am Yelena Petrovna.  I love dress you wearing."

The young woman smiles and the man says, "Yelena?  You are the reason for the party.  We just moved to Seattle, but have already heard about what went on down here.  I am not sure that I could have done what you did.  Um, sorry.  We are the Broadbents.  I am Jim and this is my wife Nancy.  It is a pleasure to meet you."

Yelena notices that the man cannot help himself as he looks at the exposed part of her cleavage.  She can almost hear him wondering what the rest of her body looks like.  His wife seems to notice where his eyes are focused as well and opens her mouth to say something when Yelena moves closer and leans over to kiss her.  Not just a kiss on the cheek; this kiss is full of promise and wonder.  Nancy's eye fly wide open in surprise and shock and she cannot seem to decide to move away or stay.  Yelena breaks the kiss and smiles at her as she takes her hand and leads her onto the dance floor.  The other woman hesitates then follows, clearly unsure of what she is feeling and experiencing.  Yelena sweeps some of those inhibitions away as she embraces the woman and begins to dance.  Nancy is clearly unused to this sort of experience and is a bit stiff at first, but thaws as Yelena touches her here and kisses her there.  She gasps when the Keeb suggestively touches her breasts the first time and Yelena knows she has her when she tentatively returns a kiss.  By the end of the fourth dance Nancy is clinging to Yelena's curves.  The pair are approached by one of the waitresses, but Yelena motions her off before looking back into Nancy's eyes.  "Nancy not need drugs to enjoy life.  Yelena show."

Yelena works the other woman, using all of her tools to relax her.  Before long, Nancy finds herself aroused in spite of herself, losing herself in the deep violet eyes of the Keeb dancing with her.  She finds an attraction between them that surprises her and she does not resist at all when Yelena takes her hand and leads her from the dance floor.  They pass by her husband and Yelena touches his arm and motions for him to follow them.  Yelena leads them to one of the private rooms and takes the woman into her arms once inside.  Nancy gives only token resistance, finally relaxing and letting Yelena introduce her to this sort of passion, opening her eyes to a new experience.  Before long the two women are naked and Yelena is guiding Nancy through an introduction to female seduction and play.  The surprise on Nancy's face and the moans that erupt from her throat when Yelena brings her to release are priceless.  Yelena gives her a chance to recover a bit and looks over at Jim, who has been watching this with a look of amazement.  She motions to him and says, "Why have clothes on.  Jim need invite to slot Yelena?"

The man fumbles getting his clothes off and his wife and Yelena rise to assist him.  His arousal is very evident and Yelena takes charge of helping him with that.  Before long the three of them are tangled in a pile on the floor, eventually sorting themselves out as Jim finds release inside Yelena while his wife lets the Russian see to her newly expanded needs.  The three take a break on the floor, panting, before getting dressed again.  Yelena notes a small tear in the other woman's very expensive dress.  "Oh, Yelena sorry for rip."

"I'm not," replied the woman. "It was worth whatever it will cost me to have it fixed."  She looks at her husband before going back to Yelena.  "I would like to do this again with you.  Here is my comm code.  Give me a ring some time.  Please."

Yelena takes the code and adds it to her internal list.  She kisses the woman and then her husband, "Yelena like very much.  Will call."

After getting her clothes back on and straightened as much as possible , Yelena leaves the pair and returns to the party floor.  She notes the message from her friend and sends one back.  <Arc.  Yelena drunk and drugged so will stay and play out my part of plan.  Am going party after party.  Will be safe.  Yelena want Arc stay safe so watch man you with.  Yelena got bad vibe from him earlier.  Saw him talk with Gregor.  Gregor is club minder and maybe not nice man.>  Yelena realizes that she is drugged and that she may be heading alone into danger and does not have the comfort of her guns at her side and decides to add a small codicil to her note.  <Just in case.  Listen, if drek happens and Yelena not get home, want Arc know.  Want Arc know Yelena happy she find rigger man.  But sad Arc not find Yelena.  Yelena in love Arc, but still happy you find man you deserve.  Yelena only trouble for Arc.  But wanted Arc know.  Ciao.>

After sending the message she looks for Bella and goes to her.  "Good.  Yelena find Bella.  Have been wanting you all night and almost ready to take you here on floor with people all around.  Think club mind?"
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@ Marco  Everything you've done since you left me has been teaching you about your power. Teaching you a little of just how good it can be when you allow yourself to fully embrace what you are. You should not hold back when you pleasure people. Make them pleasure you, make them pant to fulfill your every desire. They will burn for you and you will exult and they will want you all the more. You learned a false god and a false set of rules. There is only now, only the pleasures that we can give to each other. Can you with all your false teachings say that people giving and receiving pleasure is wrong. That to enjoy every single sensation is wrong? To stop someone from hurting you simply with words is wrong. No, never. It is wrong to impose a system of beliefs that shame and degrade for any reason that doesn't cause unwanted harm. I gifted you with the power to explore and be everything you want to be. And that power gives pleasure, not pain, and yet you spat in my face and called it wrong because of a degrading and shameful set of teachings. Stop being a fool and embrace everything you are and experience every pleasure and the power of everything you can be. Agrat's form changed throughout her speech, becoming every sensual senuous sensation Marco had ever experienced as she slid around his every sense. And then she became more, and showed him power he hadn't even dared to imagine as she filled him with her essence.

@ Yelena  Bella smiles at you and says, "No, they don't. But let's make this a private party" and she and about ten of the hardest partiers in the group head out. It's only a few minutes ride. And when you get out there's a sub-orbital craft waiting for you all. Bella reaches out to you and says. "Yelena, I'd like you to meet my husband." He reaches for you and kisses you deeply while molding your body to his and then looks down at his wife. "Everything is ready. We can launch and enjoy the real party." The drinking and drugs continue even as you're launching and even before the green light to unbuckle is given people are far to far gone to care, and as Yelena is shared by Bella, her husband and another keeb she finds that the additional gravity of the launch combined with his powerful thrust and the SuperNova is like nothing she's ever had before. She's screaming and moaning and fighting for more, and they give it to her as she gives everything. Yelena is shuddering again and again lost in the pleasure, and she is definitely not in control anymore. The night goes on, pleasure and pain and pleasure and an incredible array of sensations from weightlessness and the drugs and then re-entry and thrust after powerful drug intensified thrust as she was shared by three men. You barely hear Bella say, "My Stardust.", and you only know it's a drug you want, but when you turn you can't find her, locked in the embrace of so many, and then Yelena's body peaks again and again and again, taken once more by the embrace of SuperNova and the men she's with and she's lost in it all.

@ Arc   NineLives smiles at you and says, "No worries slitch. You think about it and let me know. My comm is ST27387TA44118. And since I'm here to party and enjoy the fact that a Barrens slitch made good I think I'm going to have a little LaunchCode, and I see one of my favorite girls over there. I'll catch you later. Don't be shy about calling for lunch or summat. I still know where The Skeleton is." With that he leaves and Arc is invited to dance and is plied with drinks and a few other offers.
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Arc nodded and grinned as she copied down the commcode and logged it away.  "Uh-huh, I know how it is.  You take it easy, Nine.". Waving him off, the human's smile faded as she watched him go, still a little surprised that one of her old friends might be wrapped up in this drek.  The frown increased as Yelena's message hit her with the full gravity of its contents, her cheeks growing red at the revelation.  Distracting herself with a quick pull of her drink she fired off one hasty and final reply for the night.

@Yelena, you ARE coming home alive and in one piece after this, and I'm accepting nothing less.  You owe me a chat at LEAST.  Be safe and send me a pub comm when you're free.  I'll make sure you got a ride.

Satisfied with that, the little human returned her attention to the party, giving off the effect she was having a good time.  She brushed the feed of her bug on Yelena to the far peripherals...that much activity shouldn't have unwanted observation...the night wore on, and by 23:00, Arc had lost count of how many dances, toasts, and retellings of the "glorious battle" had occurred, but by then her bug had sent her an out of range notification, indicating Yelena had departed for her after party with Bella..and it was time for her to depart.

"Aight slitches, it's been real.  Y'all don't stop being awesome.  PEACE!". Blowing a kiss and a finger to the crowd, Arc departed from the Stardust with a bit of a buzz going, hoopping into her car and letting the autopilot take the wheel.  During the drive, though, all the mirth and joy faded, the human a whirl of emotions and concerns as she processed everything that happened, what is going to happen, and what of her life is affected by it...which is a good deal.  Marco is drek knows where now with that demoguy reporter whatever, and who knows if he will be seen again on this job chain.  Yelena is way in the deep end with the drugs and stuff, but Arc knows she is a survivor like her, and that it would take a fragging ton to off her.  Plus what she told me.... And then there was her life, her home, business, and...

It was uncertain if she intended for it or not, but when the car pulled to a stop Arc found Herself not at her garage, but rather at the apartment complex where Jaime lived.  ...yeah.  this needs to go down.. It was late...past 11, almost midnight even, but she hoped he would be home and awake.  Vruk's share a bond sacred to the orks... steadying her breath, Arc steeled herself as she stepped out of the car in her nice dress and makeup, grabbing one of her bags from the trunk and making her way to his door.  She couldn't remember if he had a datajack on him, but it was a safe bet.  No commlinks, no bugs...a direct connection and she could tell him what he needed to know about Arc...what she got into, what it means.

" No secrets..." she whispered as she got to his door, her right cyberarm lifting up and gently knocking twice...

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Agrat was spectacular... she touched him like no mortal ever did. The sensual feeling was unique unlike anything he had ever experienced. She was never as generous with her essence, the desires and emotions were so pure that they could not easily be captured by words. They were a gentle music, a soft embrace, a sweet taste, an happy thought, sexual excitement, love, a sense of achievement of climax... his body and mind... his emotions and logical thought have all cried her name...  yearning and longing her presence...

It was overwhelming and even terrifying but he wanted more... and she gave him more and more...  he was screaming and his mind was screaming... This kind of pleasure could not easily be contained or restrained... it could not be bounded or shaped... there was no taming this beast.  She made love to him... at least this was Marco’s best metaphor...he was enjoying her... for the first time not as a blind follower but as a friend,  a partner or maybe even a lover.

United with her essence he saw more of Agrats true form than he ever did... She was ancient... as old as creation... way older than the church... She had many names...There was indeed no evil in her existence... She filled the entire world with lust and without her... Life could not continue... Somehow, despite being all these things, she was also a person, a lover... someone he could hold, touch, talk to... she could be scorned, offended hurt... and she was by most people... but Marco knew that he hurt her a lot more being so close to begin with.

... Everybody used him... could she be different? the one loyal to his nature? 
Her presence was too much... his body and mind could not bare it any longer, so good that everything else went pale.  He was exhausted and was sinking quickly into the best sleep he ever had... Marco is awed by the show of force... as the environment was uncomfortable to say the least. He could barely think but he tried to convey his message before totally losing himself to sleep.
“I love you! It was not  the lies of the church... I wasn’t brainwashed... I left because there is something more to pleasure...  Eventually I can teach you something new about it... about your own nature...
You know everything about every kind of pleasure, but you only see the details and miss the big picture... Your grace motivates humanity... you are offended that many religions consider you evil... I hurt you... I am sorry... I never understood that you could be hurt... That a force of nature is also a person that can love and hate... Between all the details there is something you miss... Something about your own nature that is hidden from you. I stopped following you because you do not need me as a follower... you need a partner... and I will share it when I understand what it is.”
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Yelena gives in to the urges of the drugs and her companions and she becomes a willing partner in the orgy in the sky.  She is an accomplished lover of men and women and uses all of her skill and the experience gained from forty-seven years of sex to please and be pleased.  And it appears that she is not alone in her search for pleasure here; all of the partiers and the new man, Bella's husband are involved in the sensuous mingling of flesh and bodily fluids.  There is no lack of partners for those that want more.  When Bella moves off to others, Yelena focuses as much as possible on the woman's husband.  She may not be in complete control of her body any longer, but there is some instinctual reasoning that she needs to be close to this couple and the husband may be her way in.  She offers him every part of herself to use.  The number of partners she satisfies is lost in the pleasure of the night.  Quantity does not matter, only the quality of the sex, and she is giving the best she knows how to anyone that shows an interest.  She will ask if the flight crew are off limits and will show the pretty stewardess her appreciation if allowed.

All parties must end at some point, and so does this one.  Yelena remembers nothing of the actual descent except that the sex seems to be better as the group re-enters the atmosphere, and the almost frenzied last couplings as the pilot announces the imminent landing of the craft.  Once on the ground, she thanks her host and his wife and waits to see if she will be given a ride or will have to call for one.
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@ Arc  Jaime answers the door before Arc has a chance to knock twice. "Hi honey I didn't know your . . . . . .' His jaw drops at seeing Arc in her finery. "Wow." He pulls her inside and she finds herself up against the door as he kisses her lips, her jaw, her throat, his hands working her dress up as his pants drop to the ground. "If you can't tell I'm glad you're home." he says as he kisses her ear. And he cups her ass in his hands and lifts her up against him molding her into his body as he shows her just how glad he is that she's home. It doesn't take more than one kiss before Arc is meeting him with a fire she didn't even know she had in her. But the stress and fear and adrenaline she's been keeping in check all night explode out in a passion that has her taking every inch of him for herself, riding him even as she's the one suspended by his hips against the door. A tiny part of her tells her that she needs to talk to him first, that this will just make it harder. But that tiny voice can just be damned. He was her Vruk, and she was going to have him, all of him, and now. The next few hours bear proof of that determination on more than a few surfaces and Arc finds out she was paying a bit more attention to Yelena's party thn she thought when she introduces a few more positions. Hours later when her passion is spent and the throbbing between her legs has her fairly certain she isn't going to be able to walk for awhile Jaime picks her up and carries her back to the bed and kisses the top of her head as he molds her into his body once again. But this time it's gentle, intimate and loving and he says, "You were definitely worth waiting up for sweetheart." He cuddles her up against his chest and strokes her back and soon begins the even breathing that signals sleep.

@ Yelena  As you're leaving the vessel Gregor turns to you and says, "I've got the limo for the ride back to the club if you'd like a ride."
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As everyone leaves the plane, Yelena turns to Bella and her husband.  "Was very good party.  Thank for asking; Yelena enjoy both of you very much.  Can do again sometime?  Call Yelena if want and I come meet you."  She gives both a very suggestive kiss.  As Bella turns to see to another guest, Yelena whispers to the husband as she strokes his side.  "You feel very good inside Yelena.  Call for me any time if want some more."

Yelena looks at Gregor and nods, noting that she is the only other person that does not have transportation.  "Yelena thank for ride.  Still feel drugs.  Was all so empowering.  Like can conquer world.  Almost like Kamikaze, but not have such bad time coming down."  She looks down at her dress and grimaces, holding up one arm where the fancy stitching has been torn.  "Yelena look mess."

She lets Gregor help her into the limo and sits back against the plushness.  She pulls a cigar from her purse and offers him one. Lighting up, she takes the opportunity to examine the man.  He seems so.............normal..........for a pusher and a minder, but Yelena is convinced that is an act performed by a gifted man.  Yelena is pretty sure that he was along at the after-party for club business, probably to keep tabs on Bella and her husband.  Bella has spoken several times of the special club drug and Gregor would be just the person at the club to be providing her with an occasional fix.  That he was also able to worm his way into the mix of people at the party would make him an exceptionally talented and perhaps dangerous man.  "So, Gregor know Yelena is Hero of Barrens.  But Yelena know nothing about Gregor.  Can tell Yelena anything about self?"
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Marco wakes up with the sun, he looks at Ambrose that begins to move... "Good morning mr. reporter... Ï am Marco... how do you call yourself?

... Do you know where you are?" Marco explains him, the events from his point of view including the hamster part.

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The next morning's rays filtering into the bedroom were what eventually caused the sleeping Arc to stir, the little human groaning as she rolled over to deflect the offending light.  Her body aches, slightly stiff after the night, but still she managed to give a little smirk with her eyes closed as she recalled the previous night.  Frag it man, I did not expect things to go down that way...huu. Stretching her body, she eventually tossed the sheets aside as her eyes opened, taking in the surroundings. Catching herself in a mirror, she let out a cringing laugh at the sight: her hair completely undone and haphazardly laying on her head, half covering her face, makeup smeared and messy, some left on the pillow even.  Calling it a lost cause, she left it all as was as she turned to find Jaime...Only he seemed to have already awoken.

hmm.... Sitting up slowly, Arc groaned again as her body responded to the aching and the fatigue she had accumulated.  Taking her time, she sniffed at the air and caught a whiff of something outside the door: food.  Smirking, the little stout human slowly stepped up off the bed and strode our into the kitchen, brushing her hair from her face as she saw a breakfast laid out on the table.  "Ahh, ya shouldn't of..heh.."". Blushing a tad, Arc took a seat in front of the food, flaming around to look for her vrukan whilst her thoughts sorted out her business..

Marco is off the hook I know.  If he wants to contact us fine.  Yelena will message me once she is free I know that.  And Sam...if Sam is okay, he she whatever will likely find us first.  So really, I'm off the hook with that.. Just leaves Mr one thing...

Lifting her head up, the human sat back casually when Jaime did show himself, the human smirking a bit on instinct as she sighted him.  The smile eventually faded though as her guilt and apprehension took hold in the end.  "Hoi, dude...I gotta tell you something...I gotta be real, and I know there's a shot you may not like it, but I may be into some drek, and I cant leave ya in the dark on it..'. She took a deep breath, and over the meal proceeded to divulge everything that had happened.  She started with the battle that hospitalized her, and how she got to have all the new hardware she had picked up, and how that led to employment to square that debt.  She continued onto the deal with the Stardust, and what she's had to do for this job, assuring that it was by no means her legit desires anything g that went down there.  "...and right now?  I don't know what.  Next steps seem a little fuzzy ya know?"
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There was children playing in the park throwing water-balloons while parents laughed in the background. It was a joyful day, the sun was shining, birds chirping, all in all a rather pleasant day. It was a special day for Timothy, who turned seven this day, playing with his friends Jessica and Adam. He'd sent an invite to Jacob, a friend of his who had just lost their pet cat, though Jacob didn't show up. In fact Jacob was always a bit distant ever since Jessica was around Timothy, shying away often, even canceling plans they had together. But The kids never thought anything of it..

K̶̡̛̛̬̼͙͉͙̙͚̖̥̟͓̬͙̤̯̞̻͖͚̽̈́ͯ͒̐̐̒ͬ͆̑ͣ̋͌ͪ̈́͂ͫͫ̉į̵̷̰͈͎̘͕̱̣̻̗̜͚̞̫͎͔̱̼͒̉ͬ̋̂ͮ͗̍͆ͭ͞l̋̓ͯͦ͢͏̟͚̪̯̦̙̬̤̤̼͎̘͈̭̥ͅļ̵̠̳̮̞̆ͦ̀͂̃̑ͮ͂̂ͬͣ̌͢͝ ͎͓̮̎ͪ̀ͮ̎́̂̐̆̋̑̕͡h̶̡̙̝̻̝̱͖̘̘̖͔̠͐̂͌̓͑ͤ̓̎̃̋ͨͥ̃ͦ̕͘͢ͅe͑ͨͥͯ̀͂͊̕҉̜̪͈̼͓̘̞r̷̷͚̝͇̜͚̈́̅̄͗̾̌̅ͩ̒ͮ̋ͩ͡.̶̸̷̯͚͇͉̻͓̪͍͇̟̝͚̤̘̽͂ͩ͌̉̂̓͗͂̇̈̓͌ͭ̆͐́́̚.̸̮͖͇̼̦͙̙̹̘͔̟̝͖͈͚͉̬͙ͭ̅ͧ͌͗́͝͡.̴͛ͭ̏̄̅̂ͯ̿̌̑̀̆̋̓ͮ͏͈̪͕̳̘̣̜̱̫̺̀ ̡̒͋͛̔͋̄̾͛̇̿͟͡͏̟̖̟̘̳͕̹̭̝̥͇͕̰̟̱͝ȃ̌̊ͪ̌ͮ͂͒͡͞҉̘̘͚̞̹̭͉̪̪̤̟̗͈n̴̴͕̣̟͕͓̝͎̱̯̞̗̭̲͎̟̬̪̠̾̾̇ͩ͊̓̆ͩ̏ͪͮ͌͂̀ͩ͋ͥ̀͜͜ͅd̷̶̩̟͍̼͈̝̻̫̙̠̰̣͍ͯ͆́ͥ͐̾̑̔̔ͬ ̨͕̝̟̖͓̜̥̈ͨͪͬ̊̂ͭ͋̃̄́̚͞͠hͤ͂ͪͫ̄ͨ̂̏ͩ̓̈ͫ͒̍ͭͣ̎̇͜͞͏̮̟̳̱̬͔ͅe̵̴̢͈͖̪̬͍̞̣͚̩̤̻̾̃ͬͩ̂ͥ̃̆͑̾ͫ̏ͧ̀̀͠ ̸̛̥̳̻̮̟͖̩̲͔̜̊ͧ̔̀͐ͧ͞͡w͍̠̪̦͚̒ͬͣͩ͌ͣ̎ͣ̎̌ͫͪ̎̚̚̕͜ͅi̢̛̗͓͚͓̫̟̦͙̖͐͂̐̃̋̂ͪ̅ͣ̒ͨ́͘ͅl̴̸͇͇̫̠̦̞̤̰̝̓ͨ͊̅̈̕͘l̵̘͕̰̣̦̼̬̺̩̩͇̹̭̪͈͎͚ͦ̇ͪͤ̀͒̃̔͂͡ ̨̛͉̹͖̘̜̒̒ͯͯͫ͋̐͒̂͜n̴̍̓͋̃̆ͨ͋͊ͤͥͧ͞͏̛͔͙͔̹̺̪̻̰̖͇̱̫̜͡o̴͇͉͎̲̭̺͕̮͕͍ͥ̌͐͑͗́͜͢ͅͅţ̥̬̞̝̳̞̥͈͇͇̬̳̙̣̘̑̓͗̒ͥͮ̈́͗͘͘͢i̘̠͍͍̗̹̪̟̪̩̲͕̠͔̖̤̹͉ͬ̈͗̂̚͟c̶͔̖͖͈̆ͦ̒̉̓̃̄ͩ̂ͦ͛ͩ̈́̽͑̑̈͢͜ę̧̘̝̝͎̃͆͊ͬͤ͛̔̓̍̎̏̆̄̈̓ͤ̽͑̚̕͘ ͍͖͍̣̈̀ͮͮ̓̌ͭ̈͛ͦ̍͗̒͑ͫ̓́̃̃̀͡y̦̲̝̦̻̼̘̼̮͚̜ͤ͒ͬͨ͆ͥ͋ͫ̇͑ͪͣ̓ͨ͡o͐ͬ̏̈̎́̌ͦͯ̂̆ͪ̍ͨ̽̚҉̴̡̱͎͚̖͉͠ų̩̭̬̹̣̩͖̮̭̱͈͔̱̭̤͓̥ͫ͑͒̋̋̾ͬ̏͢ ̡̟͓͚̤͍̤͇̝̳̪͍̳̠͉̉ͥ͂̾͑͌͌̓͒ͫͣ̈̉ͣ͑͌ͅȃ̷̧̨͈͍̻̣̯̞͇̟̹̘͍̱̦̞̙͎̖̫ͯͯ͑̌̒̉ͨg̉͛ͯ̓ͬ͐̈́̊ͪ͌ͥ̓̈́͐̈́͡͏̯͕͈̜͙̰͎͔͕̤̙̹͉̫̯̬̜̕a̶̧̛͈̭͓͚̝̻̥̱̬̮̭͇̟͚̖̫̰͍ͧͣ̾̏̓̃͛̍ͬ̓͆̉̽̋̆̌͆ͥͧ͟͡i̷̸̹̹̞̲͖̻͍͕̮̲̤̾̽͊̔ͪ̎̆ͯ̽̀͠͝n̸̢̺̮͓͖̭̙̗̎̈́̄͗͊̒̉ͨ́͜.̏̍̃ͦͪ͂͆ͥ̋̊̈̅͛̀҉̶̵̳̜̞͙̲͙̻̭̮̣̺̟͇̰͝.̧̆͛ͨ̈ͦ̈́ͨͤͨ̍̂ͯ̂ͮͤ́̋҉̷̬̗͉͙.̢͉̹̠̙͎̝̥̪͙̘̱͔̤ͤ̓̽ͤͨͬ͐ͥ̀ ͖̗͙̤͖͔͇͇̣̮̠̜͆̐ͩ̓͆ͤͬ̃͋ͫ͐̆͑ͣͧ͘͞ͅ

...Jessica laid in the ground with bloodstained pipe running through her.. blood pooling.. Screaming. He did noticed... but why.. why.. those eyes.. we are friends.. Why do you look at me.. with hate?

Jacob sharpened a length of pvc pipe.. He'll make him see.. but he didn't.. the bitch! she's still cursed him..

Screaming.. More screaming.. Timothy choking on his on blood.. blood pouring like a beautiful water fall..

They all betrayed me. All of them..

W̸͙̲̠̙̞͗͒̐̀͒ͮ̏̂ͫͣ̍͂̀̎̓̿̐͛̏͟͝͝h̨̞̹̠̜̗̲̝̟̹͍̰̺͍͕̳͉̉͌̊͛͑́͢͢ͅy̴̧̧̯̼̟̱̙͎̣̳̙͎͍̯͎ͣ̌͊͂̆͂̈́͋̓̂͞͞ ̬̼̲̲̳͉͈̻̘̠̩̼̣̝̹ͥͬ̽̓́̽̉̊̃̑̓̎ͩ̇̀̎͗͟n̷̅͂̌ͪͦ́ͮͪ͐̌҉̸͇̫̜̬̘̠͕͚͇͈̰̳̗̗̣̦͇̝͘o̽̏͊̊͆̓͐̓̎͒̋ͮͤͬ͗ͮ҉̸͇͈̯̬͓͍͢t̸ͤ̽ͤ̓̄̄҉̷͕̥̩̜̣̫͙͓̙͕͔̥̦̜̥͍͉͟ͅ ̴̛̥̻̱̰̹͉̳̼͙͓̮̘͙̥̫̰̖͛ͩͨͫ̇̿ͮ̃́ͤ̏̌̔͂͑ͤ͘͝͡k͑̑̑͑̽ͫ̒͐̔̌̊̐̈͒ͮ̚҉̷̘̮̪͙͕͉͍̳̺͓̮͍͟ị̶̛̖͎͚̘̲̭͉̋̀͋ͯ̑̂͛̄̒̃ͨ̎̚̕͘͜ͅͅl̴̸͈͎̩̞͔̱̣͈̑̔̅͑͊ͪ͢l̎̈̽́̅̿̐̃͂̈́҉̶̨̤͖͍̙̙͡ ̴̨͓̼͉͎̳̳̯̲̰͉̣̤̾͊̉́̉̔ͬ̀̀ͥ͋́̊̈̋ͩͥͭ͠͞tͮ̀͂҉̰͉͔̼͎̼̻͍̙͓̼̻͖̩͕͈͡h̭̘̺̙͙̫͈̖̻̰̱̳͇̞̫̮͙̋̇̐͐̇̐͐̉̌̀̓̆͊͑̀̕͟͜͠e̴ͮͫͪ͛̎͒ͥ͗̒͌ͧͩͬ̓͠͝͞҉̼̫̜̤͖͉͔̦͙͉m̸̨̞̱̰͔̣͕̲̪̹̳ͫ͂ͨ̅ͨ̾͆͒̄ͬ̍͒́̕͢͡ ̵̱͚̭̠̜͓̯̝̊̅̉̃ͦͪ̓͌ͩ̀a̸̡ͬ̿̊͆̄͋̎̂ͤͩͤ̏̓̊̈ͩ͜͏̣̰̘̪̪̤̲̦͈͈ͅļ̧̛̬̦̤̰͔̗̬̙̦̻͙ͪ̌ͫ̓̒ͮͧ̚͠l̛̘͔̦̖̮̮̬͓̥ͧ̓̒ͥ͐̏̓ͭ̉ͫ͊̿̊͗ͫ̇ͭ̐̕̕͢.̢̯̱̰̖̼̝̞̲̤̳͓͕̠̪̦̉̊̍ͮ͐͗ͭ̏̎͑ͧ̍̇̈́ͪ̂ͦ.̱̤̹̣̻̫͍̯̰̳̤̹͚̩̪̍̍̒̈́̓̇̀͜ͅ ̵̲̠͇͎̦̮̱̱̞͔͍̪̹̟̗̓͋ͥ͂͝i̶̴͉̯̘͔̮̦̬̙̣͉̗͔͕̜͔̘͐̾̉ͧ̌̓͒͘͜f̷̼̠̺̤̩͖̠̘̟͓̠̬̰̗̜̹̱ͫͣ͒ͧ̿͌̎ͥ̾͗͘͝ ̷̴̛̙͈̙̖͚͙̬̜̠̙̘̺̜͍͇̣̥͍̓͌̏͆̋ͮ̀̋ͮ̾̉̍̂ͪ̊ͬ̓͒ͫ͝t̶̷̶̷̜̦̳̝̜͚̟̟̞͓̤̲̺̱̦̖͉͚̝ͮͣ̒ͪ͐ͯͫͭ̍̄ḧ̡̨̰͈͈̪̱̟͔́̑̓͊̐͌̇̉̅̐͘̕ê̞͓̠̪̝̦̬̣̪̯̫̜̩̯͔͕̟͊̉ͨͭ̂ͣ̍́̚̕ͅy̷̯͈̳̠̝͕̣̞̤̠̥̱͕͕̮͂̃̄̆̓̓̿ͯ̄̿̋̓̓͑ͩͫ̀̌͘ ̲̻̠̠̭̹̪͚̻̻̭͕̥͇͙̮͙̹̌ͪ̃̓̓͂ͣ̉̈̇̐̀ͨ͟b̛̻̮̱̖̼̱͈͍̣͐͆ͯͤ̂̈́͌̂̈̀͑ͣ̐͢͞e̦̫̳͍̫̦̟͉̘̮͖͍͙͚̳ͦͤͭ́̒̈́͐ͨ̂͢͝ͅţ̷̛̞̠̺͎͕̥͕̤̝̜͔̟̳ͬͬͤ͐̐̓͋͐̾ͨ̍͌̋̌͘͡ṛ̛̲̜̰̖̉̾̒̅ͨͤͪͪ̃͒̄́͠ͅā̡̦͇̝͕̣ͧ͒̅̽̔̓ͫͭ͊͐̿ͯ̓̑ͩ̿̚͘͟͢y̰̲̪͎̻̣̲͓͚̘̰ͮ̓͒̒ͭ̑͛̄ͫ͢͞͡ ̶̸̴̫̻͇̺̯͊͛ͫͣ̂̎͆̈́̔͢y̸͓͔͔͓͈̰͙̘̯͇̦ͬ̐̐ͪ͝o̧̼̫̱̠̪̗̥̭͕̮̘̫͖̠̥̱ͩ̎ͮ̆ͫ̒́̚͜͡uͨ̅́͌̄ͨ̄͐ͥͯͧ͌̒͌̊̋͏̸̗̙͖͈̞̪̥͔̪ͅ.̡̺̪̤̱̯̰̖̳̘̘̥̩̭͈̘̣͂̃̿̇́́ͅ.̨̛̖͕̘̙̫ͬ́̏͂̊́̚͘ ̷̨̡̢̪̳̘͈̬̤͔̫̖͚̗͎̪͙̪ͭ̅̀̀̉̋ͯͤͮ͌ͮ̓ͯ̃ͪͥ̇̚͟t̷̵̗̤̫̯̪͔͚̲̱͕̃ͧͬͯͨ̃ͥ͂̾͐ͩͬͨͬ̑̚͢͢ͅh͓͙̖̹͕̰̣̠̘͌ͤ̄̓ͨ͊̚̚͘͠e̷͒̓ͨ͑̃̽̈́҉̪̟ͅy̛̛̺̳̲̼̻̣̺͇̼̞̼͇̙͍̼ͨͫ̿̃ͩͦ̎ͤ̑̇̓͆ͣ̚͟ ̭͙͚̭̟͚ͤ̾͂̏̍ͩ͛ͯ͒̿́͘͠͝d̢̓̉̈ͪͮ͑̃ͮ҉̯͍̙͓̹͎̰̻̪̦̖͙̻̙̲͓̬̺͘ǫ̗̯̩͔͙̌̇̽̄ͨ͛̾̀ͤ͠ͅn̵̨͓͇̩̜̹̄ͮͫ̍ͧ̓͊̇̄͑̏ͯ̀ͮ̃ͩͨ'̴͗̏͒̔͑̓̈ͯ͗ͨͣͮ̆͑̚͏̧̻̻͕̘͈̫̮͔̺̀ͅẗͤͣͭ͑ͦ̆͋̌ͮ̃̂͏̟̬̬̬͉̟̖͚̳̭̖͖͎͕̗͙̣ ̡̱̦̺̞͖̩̭̮̓̃͛̒͑̐ͤ̋̅̒ͮ͌̈̉̆̉̇͜͞h̵̢͖͍͎̖͙͙̪̺̫̏ͩ̔̚͠a̡͈̳͔̰̙͇ͯͤ͆͗̔́́͞͡v̲̹̝̼̖͎̰͖̫̙̙̲̍ͯͣ̀͝è̬͎̘͈͉͎̤͔̻̝̩͇̣ͪ͊̑̌́̄̈́ͧ̓̄ͬ̋̆͒̊ͮ̀ͅ ̧̛̙̳͔̝̭̾͑̔̇ͪͤͧ̊ͪ̉͊ͯ̀ͭ͂̿̐̔͋͡ţͤ̾͌̐҉҉̨͉̟͍͖̜͖̠̟̱͖̥̬͈̬̪̰̦͈͢h̷̵̶̼̺̥̭͓̗̬̳͉̥͖͙͌ͤ͊̀̍̐͋̆͛ͪͧͩ̊̎̐ͫ́̂̚͘͞ͅe̶̸͓͖̻͚̯̥̱̖͇̘͍͚̩͇̪͔̗͕͒̉̇͂̂̐̕̕ ͎̝͇̠̻͔̪̹̰̰̣̩̰̪̹̲͐͑̀̃ͤ͊̂͐̈́ͤ́͟͝ͅr̴̛̛̬̼̼̰̮̩̳̘̯̜͍͆ͨ̅ͧͣ́ͣ͐̆̆̅ͤ̊͒͋̊̇̀̚͝i̴̛̩̫̰̝̼̯͙ͭͥͭ͒ͩ͜͜͡g̷̵͇̙̦͙̬̼̥͓̠̳͖̬̥̪̖ͩ̀͂ͤ̇͒̔̎̃̍̉͆̚͢͜͠h̶̵͚̻͓̙̹̱͖̜ͭ̈ͬͥ̒͜͜͠t̨̟̞̪̫̭̘͙͇͍̮̠̤ͪ̓͗ͭ̏̇ͪ́͂ͣ̍̋͛͌̑̾̅̀͞ ̧͓̩̬̹̬͉͎̱̅͐̓̾͊ͭ͂ͫ͑̐̊̆̓̆ͧ͒ͨ́̚t͇͇͕͍͐ͮͯ̀̀̌̃͑̋̅̌̀̚͡o̾̆̋̎҉̢̳̗̙̫̮̠͇̱̭͕͇͠ͅͅ ̴̨̫̮͍̦̰ͬ͊ͯ̇ͨͪ̿̓̍́l̵̨̡͖͖̰̰ͬ̇ͭ̆̀͐ͧ̏ͤ͂̌͒͂͐̄͐ͦ͊͞ị̵̟̙̱̱̻͕̈͗̄͒̌͑͐̅͋̈̎̆ͣ̐̆̎́ṽ̈̇̒͏̺̤̖̭̪͓̟̼̣̩̗̜̞̤͎̣͡e̡ͫ̾̈͛̊́̂ͥ̐̚͡҉͏̮̪͍̱̬̘.̡̘̥̯̱̗̪̬̻̣̙͎͙̗̙̩͚͙͉̾̉ͤ̀͛ͩ̌̔͐͌̉̍̄ͭ̇͗̚͠͞.̧̢̪͍̱̺͔̘̮̱̪͇͉̲̫̞̬̜̺̏̀͛ͩ̅̃́̀̈́̄ͣ̕͟͞

A co-worker laid in her bed late one night, her flesh tinged blue and slightly bloated from the drugs I had given her.. She deserved it.. she dared to reject me.. and instead went with Robert. Robert! He'll have his next.

I couldn't get to him.. not yet.. not yet.. these bars.. they won't hold me.. they can't hold me.. I'll show them.. the world.. The world betrayed me.. No one has the right to live...

This is but one of the many voices Ambrose could hear in the ruined out prisons he found himself now in. The Unconscious old man, bombarded by the raw negativity emotions in the place, his own dark feeling welling up within him... images of Kato... That rotten piece of drek.. Spittingcobra leaving him there to get attacked by the three laughing goons... John giving him that mission.. Only one thought continued to well up within his mind, of all those who betrayed him, or fell through, or assaulted him...

B͇͚̙ͣ̆u̗͙͇ͯ͊ͯͫͬ̉ͥ͢r̢̳̩͓̻͙̽ñ̩̠̮̭̗̠ͦͣͤͬͣ͊ ̻̝̹̮̞̫ͭ̀̍ͤ͢ẗ̫̩ͭ̈́̐̍̀h̰̫̣͚̼̝ͤ̽ͭ͂̃͛̑e҉̝̝̬̩͔m̲̥̏͡ ̘̲͙͇̝̾̓ͤ̿a̻͚̝̝̞̥̘ͩ͘l̮̱̫̟̔̈͆ͦͭl̛̲͔̭̝̓ͯ͆

Ambrose slowly awakens, chuckling at first.. then giggling then full blown laughing loudly though the halls. "Burn them.. Burn them all.. Everyone gets coal.."
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"Easy there cowboy..." Said Marco in asoft voice. "You had a rough night... Do you remember what happened to you?" He handles him a bottle of water.

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Ambrose sits with his hand on his face, slowly looking over to Marco without turning his head. "Why of course I know John. All I did was detonate a little explosive on myself.. And was struck by something in the back of my head. Why would a few little.. were is my coat? Who's cloths are these! Where is my bloody coat?!"
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Marco patiently answers: “I found you unconscious in the basement of the club... right after I blew up the warehouse... I could not bring the coat with me... it was too big to carry unnoticed... these are random street clothes I picked at some vending machine. I think that your coat is still at that basement. was there anything of value in that coat?”
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"Is there anything valuable in there? Of course there was something valuable in there! Additional bombs, glow sticks, tool kits, nitro glycerian, couple of sticks of tnt.. No wait. Those last two weren't there. My commlink! I'm going to go get it back.."

He says swinging around to his feet, stumbling slightly as his leg wound shocks him for a moment, but still he's back onto his feet stumbling around. Mumbling.. "Bottles.. bottles.. I need bottles, gasoline, canvas and Styrofoam. That'll burn them."
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Marco is surprised: "You barely made it out alive and now you want to go back in there?... this is the vengence speaking... You will be killed if they spot you in there again... Especially after that warehouse blew up... the chatter in the club was gang war or somthing... I think they can trace it to you... Sam is also missing... Do you recognize me?...
He sighes....

 Perheaps you should sit down a little bit more... you were out for several hours. 
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@ Arc  Jaime listens first in admiration, then surprise, then shock and finally anger. But he sits still and listens all the way to the end and once she's finally finished he lights into her in perfect Or'zet, (funny, his accent got way better the moment he got angry.). "That had better be the last lie you ever tell me. You are my Vrukhan. That means something. And it had better mean whatever it is we're in, we're in it together. And if I can't trust you to be straight with me and know, know, that I have your back, and that you have mine, we're done. I don't ever, ever, want to have to lie to our children about their mommy coming home soon because I don't know where their mommy is or even if she's coming home because I don't know jack about where their mommy actually is or what she's doing. Understood

@ Yelena  Bella's husband kisses her back as he lifts her skirt to stroke her between her thighs. "I'm sure we will have other opportunities." and then he bites her neck before he turns to his wife and puts his arm around her. She smiles at him and then grabs the hand he was stroking Yelena with and sucks his finger while he laughs down at her. They leave then and the last of Bella's clothing is off before the car door closes.

Gregor smiles at Yelena as they enter the car and he lazily kisses Yelena down the side of her neck as his thumb circles her nipple and he accepts one of the acrid cigarettes, "Russian." he says as he lights it, "An unusual choice, there are so many better ones out there, especially for what you must pay to get these." He leans back his hand still lazily exploring Yelena, but the touch is casual, almost soothing for all it's intimacy with her body. After a moment he says, "I'm a lawyer by trade, but I like to think my true profession is enjoying myself." He turns to you and looks into your eyes, smiling, "I think we have that in common." He leans back for another long lazy drag of the cigarette, "But all I really know about you is that you were in the right place at the right time to get off a lucky shot. So what do you really do?"
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Yelena rather enjoys the way Gregor's thumb and finger are stimulating her nipple and lets him know with a smile.  She sits back and lets his hands idly explore her.  *He must have something on his mind as he has already explored this body pretty fully.*  When he asks about the cigar, she laughs and shrugs.  "Is vice of Yelena to like smoke of home.  Yes, cost is much, but for Yelena is worth it.  Is strange that Gregor knows is Russian.  Not many people do.  Most just turn up nose at bad smell and laugh at Yelena for smoke them.  Some try but most hack and throw away.  But Gregor not do so.  Yelena impressed."

After a couple minutes of the casual intimacy, she looks at him and says, "Yelena enjoy this much.  Think Gregor is better lover than pretend to be.  Want take Yelena home for love and talk?  Not need drug to have Yelena."

Yelena listens to him, shakes her head as she smiles, then says.  "No.  Yelena not think what Gregor want her to think.  Yelena might believe that Gregor is lawyer trained, but he is not lawyer for trade.  Not real trade.  Yelena see too many people like Gregor in long life to believe that.  No, Gregor something else as well.  Yelena not sure yet what, but is something else hidden.  So Yelena tell something and maybe Gregor tell something; she is not lucky person in right place for lucky shot at Keeb mage.  Shot was not luck.  Yelena not need luck for shot.  You ask what Yelena really do and Yelena tells that she kills people because paid to.  I very good at my work."
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@ Yelena  Gregor's head snaps around at that, looking at her first in shock and then his eyes narrow slightly sizing her up. Abruptly he says, "Driver, Salish-Sidhe Oath's First Step." the car turns to his command. "Mind if I test that statement out?" he says. Yelena doesn't have to search her memory for the reference, it's an elven shooting range, very tough course, with a variety of targets under some very difficult conditions. It's supposedly made more for bow and arrow. But Yelena happens to know that the elves aren't nearly as glued to the ancient weapon as they would have others believe and it's got a course tough enough to graduate crack shots even while moving on difficult terrain. He pulls you to him then. "Funnily enough I'm finding the thought of you as an assassin is a turn on." he smiles and says as his lips begin a sensuous dance across your breasts, "And I think I need to redeem myself as a lover in your eyes if you really think I'm better than I pretend."
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Marco descreetly texts Arc in the encrypted comlink... somehow he did not quite got rid of it yet. It does not look like a commlink so it seems suitable.

Dear Arc...
They did somthing to Mr. reporter dude... He is okay... he made it through the night... but he became insane...   I am not sure I can contain him without violence... He does not even seem to recodnize me or notice my pressense.  You stil have my RFID tag so you know where we are. Are you free with the car? We need to hide him until he regain his sainity...  if he keep shouting like a madman... our current location is not descreet enough.
if he returns to the club like he plans they will definately kill him...

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Yelena nods when Gregor gives the driver the new destination.  "And like that Yelena prove right.  Gregor command club limousine and have access to special Keeb shooting range without long waiting time.  See?  Gregor much more than lawyer by trade.  But OK.  Yelena take challenge.  Yelena much good, so will do well even after night of drug and sex.  But Yelena do better when sober."

Yelena smiles to herself as Gregor begins kissing her and pulls his head to her breasts.  His hands pull her nearly ruined gown above her hips and she gasps as he penetrates her and she begins moving in response to his thrusts, matching his every move.  "Yes.  Gregor should redeem as lover.  No more pretend sex.  Yelena give Gregor real sex and expect same back."  She approaches the animalistic in her lovemaking, raking his back with her hands and biting at his neck.  She rolls him over so she can assume a position of control for a bit before yielding once again to him and allowing him to be in control if he wants.  She screams out in passion as she explodes and expects that he will do the same as he releases into her.  Anything less would be.........less........and disappointing.

A panting Yelena gathers her mess of a dress about her as the limousine pulls into the parking lot of the shooting range.  Exiting the car, she is all business.  After Gregor introduces her to the staff on duty she requests and gets a set of clothes appropriate for the range then goes to the armory.  She runs her hands along the weapons and is not even tempted by a super rare and costly Barrett Arms 122 and she disdains the Ranger Arms SM-5, before stopping on the Ares Desert Strike.  Taking it from the rack, Yelena takes it over to the table and turns to the pistol racks, quickly identifying and selecting the Ares Predator V.  She quickly strips both weapons, taking the time to get the feel for the various parts, even smelling them, before reassembling the guns.  Yelena personally looks at and touches every round that she slides into the stack of magazines she has selected for both weapons, then belts on the holster for the Predator and takes up the Desert Strike, adding the spare magazines to the various clips on the utility belt.  Her violet eyes are bright in anticipation and she looks up at Gregor,  "Yelena ready.  When start?"

The Keeb in charge of the range briefs Yelena on what is to happen and makes sure that she knows the safety considerations and the signals for cease fire.  When he is sure that she understands, The Range Master indicates that she is clear to begin the course.  Yelena goes to where Gregor is standing, gives him a kiss and says, "Now we see, yes?  Yelena do good then Gregor buy Yelena breakfast and talk."

Yelena steps onto the range and signals the Range Master that she is ready.  Holding what she considers to be the best sniper rifle ever made, she steps onto the course and begins hunting her targets.  The first part of the course is easiest, with fixed firing positions and relatively stationary targets that pop into view.  She settles her breathing and calls on the talents that have stood her in good stead since that day when they all broke out of Camp 14 and she killed her first man.  She had been ten and the rifle was longer than she was tall, but Nikko had let her keep it and she had used it several times that day and many more times in the years that followed.  She had learned to become one with the weapon and today is no different; the Keeb with this rifle in her hands is no longer Yelena Pretrovna, she IS the rifle.  In this place, in this form of her life, no ghosts from the past can threaten her, no drug can control her, no man or woman is her master.  She has moved to a different level of consciousness, sending little messengers of death at her targets.  With an instinct born of years of experience, the rifle knows as each round leaves the barrel if it will be a good shot or not and sends a second messenger if the first will not do the job.  The rifle moves from target to target through the course, engaging the moving targets with the same intensity as the still ones, becoming the pistol on occasion as range and conditions demand.  It, too, is an extension of the being others know as Yelena Petrovna. and is as effective at sending its messengers of death as its larger cousin. 

[spoiler]Shooting at targets:  Target Shooting ( 17d6t5 9
  Perception test:  7d6  = Perception Test ( 7d6t5 3
  Gymnastics test:  6d6+2d6 for drugs = 8d6  =  Gymnastics ( 8d6t5 4
  Shooting Test:  17d6 - 2d6 for drugs = 15d6  =  Shooting at -2d6 ( 15d6t5 8
  Shooting Test:  17d6  =  Shooting Test ( 17d6t5 6[/spoiler]
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During the tirade, Arc's jaw was set hard, her gaze lowered slightly as her hands clenched into fists.  He was completely right...She should have told him from the beginning.  Regardless of how much it would have out him at risk, she had no right to keep that from him.  Her feeling of fear had returned, her instincts and history telling her to dodge what was being inflicted on her.  But, she held firm.  She knew he was right: she should not have waited, that was dumb.  But she couldn't change what had happened. And she'll be damned if she loses her first Vrukan this way, so when he barked out the last word her right hand came thumping down on the table.

"...You have the truth.  Fear ruled my actions and brought my shadowed words.  Not fear of what you think, but fear of risking you.  You have your life together, and not many Barrens hoops can day that..."". She stood up and stepped over to him, cradling her left hand firmly around the back of the man's head and bringing her forehead to his, a sign of earnest.  "I have you now.  I am your Vruken, as you are mine.  From here on out, you have the full me.  If you cannot handle that, say it now"

She paused, her chest rising and falling from the flurry of released emotion, already feeling the weight in the pit of her stomach lifting...he seemed hurt that he wasn't trusted, but relieved she had confessed.  He knows he's bonded with a fresh shadowrunner...tch, can't say that everyday...". Standing there in her vulnerable state she looked up at him, letting her hand fall ever so slowly as she allowed her smirk.  "already thinking on kids huh?  Man, you fast for a breeder". She trailed off, clearly teasing in attempting to lighten the mood, momentarily distracted by Marco's text.

@Marco {Arc}>>
<<I'd be shouting too if I found out I got turned into a hamster and lost my stuff.  Heh.  Here, take my keys, and get yourself someplace safe.  If you can't think of something, take him to my garage and tie him to an engine block or something

work is never done...

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"Of course I know who you are, John. Though you've changed your face a few times apparently. Or you're just a lacky. Do not take me for a fool. I'm not the fool who left my commlink behind there. Do you have any idea at all? No Doubtful. Absolutely doubtful. So the whole warehouse blew? All the more reason to burn them all.. That would be the failures of the yaks, Particularly Spitting cobra. I'd show you so you can hire some other lacky, but some idiot left my commlink behind! Fool of a Took!"
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@ Arc  Jaime stands up and takes her into his arms and leans forward his forehead touching hers, "Ride or die girl. You're my Vrukhan." he kisses her then and says, "I never make the same mistake twice. I called off work today." he grins at her. "You up for a little morning sex?" It's sweeter this morning than it was last night. Last night was an explosion, this morning, well this morning is lovemaking and Arc realizes just how sharp that distinction is. Afterwards as she's laying there in his arms he says, "Oh! I called Henry to tell him we'll be by tonight. You ready to meet my brother and sister?"
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@ Yelena  Gregor is impressed, and obviously in great shape, he kept up with you the entire run and isn't even winded. When your done he says "Wow." he frowns and looks you up and down thoughtfully. "I'm not prone to pillow confessions. I need to talk to someone. But, I may have a job for you. Give me your comm and I'll contact you if I do. And no, I'm not giving you mine. If I have a job, I'll contact you, that's the only deal I'm prepared to offer right now."
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Yelena nods.  "Am impressed.  Gregor keep up.  Much too good for lawyer man, but Yelena call you that.  For now.  Yelena good, yes?"  She gives him her com code.  "Yelena can live with that.  Know how system work.  Am worker, not boss."  She lifts the rifle and points to the range armory.  "Yelena clean.  Might take while so Gregor can leave in fancy car.  Yelena get ride back on own and Gregor off hook for breakfast this time.  Maybe see again and can buy then."

She will close in and give Gregor a brief kiss then turn to go into the armory without looking back.  Inside, she spends a long time working on her weapons, which gives her time to think.  After turning in her weapons and changing back into her nearly ruined dress, she will go to see the Range Master.  "Thank for letting Yelena Petrovna use weapons and range.  Very nice here.  Can get member so come back to practice?  Or is closed?"

After finishing her business with the Range Master, Yelena goes to sit out front and think.  Her internal clock tells her that it is nearly 1100.  She considers her options at this point.  *The last message from Marco was that he was tossing his com.  Arc may have gone home with one of any contacts she made at the club.  I will wait until noon and give her a call to see if she can pick me up.  I can hope that she is not still angry with me for my message.*    She sits on the front stoop of the range building and meditates, setting her clock for noon in case she falls asleep.  When the chime goes off, she mentally thumbs her com on and sends Arc a message.  <Arc.  Is Yelena.  If not too mad, can come to Salish-Sidhe Oath's First Step to get Yelena?  Address on link.  If Arc too mad or too busy, Yelena get home different way.  Yelena hope Arc safe.  We need talk.>
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If there was any apprehension left, the events of the morning following the confession were sure to dash it away from Arc's mind.  As she lay there, a hand on the man's chest, she listed lazily next to him as he proposed the question of meeting his family.  "...You sure that's a good idea?  Last I checked, most breeders be not too keen on trig relation styles.  Still, I wouldn't mind.  Never had actual sibs m'self.."". She trailed off, letting out a happy sigh.  Actual good in her life, that was odd, but a good odd.

And then her shadows reached outward reminding her of reality as Yelena's message popped up in her vision.  As she read it, she shifted against the man, a little frown on her face as she tried to work out how to balance this...besides that, the we need to talk was important.

"Vruk... before we get into all this, I gotta deal with somethin.  You remember Yelena?  Well she was working the club too, from a different angle.  Got strung up on drek knows what and spent time with a lotta sketch peeps.  I just got word she is free and needs pickup.  That's not all though.  She confessed to me last night she desires me.". Her next words were followed quickly after.

"Before you get ideas, don't.  Funky as it is, I don't swing that way, and you and me are solid tight.  I'd just toss it aside, but she is my sruiken kal, my blood sister, and the first person I could really call family.  I need to deal with this.  Other than this though my job is pretty much done for now.  I'd love to meet your sibs... do you mind coming along to pick this keeb up?"

Yelena.  Sit tight, I'm trying to work something out.  Glad you're ok>>
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Marco splashes the water bottle at Ambrose... "Shut up about the stupid comlink already... you were hurt... you were bonded... you were freaking tossed in a basement for future torture... There is no way they just left your comlink on you in case you needed anything... I saved your freaking life... I will certainly not let you do  a suicide mission for a fashon accessory and  a comlink... certianly not for the other terrible things you just carry on yourself...  and about your coat... I will definately not risk my life for a freaking fashon item.

You are alive... insane but alive and anything that you had there can be replaed... You obviously like stuff... that's good because I bet you should get paid for the Boom -  but alas there is a problem... our mutual employer is missing... Do you remember me?... you gave me the detonator... you disguised as a reporter and I gave you a steak a day before... my name is Marco, not Johan... You were captured shortly after you made that drop... we were exposed.  I do not recall  any cobra... a hamster maybe... do you remember anything about a little hamster?

He stands towards him and consider how to restrain him, Marco is amazed that the crazy person next to him is actually some sort of shadowrunner... but he figures that the ability to briliantly blow up stuff makes up for a lot of shortcoming...
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"Wait.. you're not my employer? Well it doesn't matter. Do you have an idea what is in that commlink, you blasted fool. I'll give you a hint. Your face for one! What we talked about.. Information!"

He shook his head, "They should burn.. All of them burn. Like they did here.. The club, the yaks, the more... I need bottles. Bottles and cloth.. something to burn."
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Yelena nods as Arc's response comes in and sends out a quick note that she will be waiting at the range building.  *At least she does not sound like she wants to kill me......yet.*  She sits on the stoop, picking at the ruined dress.  She notes that the amount of cleavage exposed is a bit more than the dress designers had in mind and pulls some of the torn cloth together to try to be a bit more modest.  After the third arrival stares at her for longer than she likes, Yelena stands and walks to the concealment of a large tree near the parking lot.  The circumstances are rather humorous and she laughs a bit at herself.  She goes quiet and starts thinking of all that transpired at the club and afterwards.  She lifts her head and closes her eyes to bring things into focus, slowing everything down to a slow motion as she considers all the angles.  After a few minutes, she sends another message off to her best, and maybe only, friend. 

<Arc.  Is Yelena again.  Can Arc download data from drone or have already done?  Need check time at range.  Look at man Yelena with.  Yelena think this is dangerous man.  Very dangerous.  Tell why when Arc get here.  Maybe Arc start look for man in matrix.  Look for ID and location?  Might be important.>
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"Okay... we're getting somewhere... your comlink can be everywhere by now... and we'll have to live with them knowing 'stuff''... I am not sure either of us should set foot inn that club... not without some serious ruse or massive force... not without some coheirant plan. You will get yourself killed if you try it at your state... and what do you plan to do? go to their lost and founds?

They know quite a lot aleady with our mutual employer being unresponsive... he reported an accident very close to the drop... on the way to meet you and then you are grabbed right after the drop... I am lucky I did not return to the club or I too would have ended up in that basement. They *KNOW* okay... I wouldn't set foot into that place... I thought about trying to find some nerd in the University of Seattle that can help us try and scan the news, police reports and social media hoping we learn anything about a nearby accident.  ...lets pick up some burmer links on the way.

Don't go to the club... they WILL kill you on sight... they are all looking for you by now trying to figure out how you disappeared from that basement without anyone noticing... right trhough the party.... "
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"Wait a second! "Say Marco with excitment "I know someone!"

He calls Dr. Kawagishi... a mid level docWagon manager... he does not text but actually call... if the doctor will pick up Marco will try to convince him to see if there was a car accident yesterday that matches the time of Sam's message... working at DocWagon he might have access to that information... Marco will promess him some 'good time' in return.

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"Who ever said I'd set foot inside the club? I told you... they will burn. Sink them down.. Sink them." He begins stumbling through the door again, trying to find a way out of this negative emotion background counted prison thing place they were in.
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Marco say: "Come... let me buy you some breakfest... this place makes me sick. " as he packs his bag adding... you'll feel better once you had somthing to eat.
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@ Marco & Ambrose  The early morning cold has your breath fogging the air around you. And the weak sunlight cutting through the smog showing the obscenities and desperations of the graffitied walls make Marco sad. And remind him that he is in gang territory almost unarmed and trying to keep a crazy person safe. But, the thought of breakfast has his stomach grumbling, it's been far to long since he's eaten, and even crazy people need to eat. Right? Ambrose's stops ranting from his wound for a moment and stares at Marco, his mention of something so mundane and trivial as breakfast shocks him for a moment. And once it does the pain from his wound makes itself clear, the throbbing pain is so bad he's forced to sit down. When he does he sees the ligature marks on his wrists and remembers Marco's words, 'bonded' not bonded, bound! And waiting to be tortured, of that he was certain, it's why he'd taken the nearly fatal risk of setting off the flashbang in the first place. He needs to plan, to organize, to regroup! And then his stomach grumbles loudly. Well, maybe breakfast wouldn't be such a bad idea.

@ Marco  Dr Kawagishi answers Marco's call, "Marco, a pleasure to hear your voice. I was going to call you. I have a very boring dinner in a week that I need to attend. I was thinking that it would be more bearable if I could count on your company afterwards. And in exchange for a favor I'd say the price was right, so let me look into the matter and I'll get back to you later today."

@ Arc  Jaime lets out a short bark of laughter, "Ha! My brother Henry is an orc! He and my sister became vruks about 5 years ago. Which I guess technically makes him my brother-in-law. But, growing up I spent way more time at Henry's than I did at my own. My folks struggled, both worked two jobs just to keep me & my sister in a house outside of the Barrens. But Henry's folks were different. His dad's an engineer and Henry's mom was able to stay home with them. And Henry's brilliant, an engineer like his dad, but he's worked himself up to a mid-level manager position with a firm that designs prosthetics. I met him when I was walking home from school one day and saw a bunch of kids picking on this little bitty orc runt. They were starting to punch him and kick him and the kid was roaring and trying hard to fight back but they had him pinned. I charged in an bloodied a few noses and it broke up. I took him home and we started talking. Turned out they were beating him up because he'd shown them up in calculus that afternoon. I didn't believe him and when I got him home, and his mom'd made sure he was ok I challenged him to do my geometry homework. The kid just looked at me like I was about stupid, popped open my PAd and had 32 problems done in 11 minutes 13 seconds. I started walking him home everyday and he started helping me with my homework. And Henry's mom would make sure I ate. Eventually he and I just became brothers. So yeah, if you're sruiken kal needs picked up at any time of the day or night, we go get her." He gets up and starts getting dressed as he explains the last part and he throws you a t-shirt of his. "You might wanna wear this instead. With the dress you had on last night I don't blame her for desiring you." He grins at you when you put it on, "Henry's right. Nothings sexier than seeing your woman in your shirt."

@ Yelena  The range master looks at you and pauses his lips pursed to the side studying you. He finally says, "It's a private club. But for someone who's never been formally trained you have a tremendous amount of talent. I'm going to give you a 3 month temporary membership. I'd be interested in seeing you here and seeing what else you can do."
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Arc listened with her jaw almost dropping at the story, surprised to find someone with such a...positive experience to gain the influences in style so similar to her own.  "well with all that everything just makes sense. Heh...prosthetics Huh?  Good to know, means I can have a few conversation starters ahah".  The human lifted her cyberarm up to prove her point, laughing merrily as she caught his shirt. Holding it up, she smelled at the dark red fabric before dressing herself, using the clothes in the go bag she brought in to supplement the outfit.  The shirt was huge lengthwise, reaching halfway down her thighs, but her stout physique filled it out pleasantly as she tried to make some sense of her hair, eventually settling on tying it back into some wild ponytail

"It's comfy and soft...I might just steal it". She stuck her tongue out before turning and grabbing her stuff.  "...Thanks.  for all this.  It means a lot to me". She smiled again, softly embracing the man before heading out.

Luckily, it had been a few hours since she handed the virtual keys to Marco for his use, as now the black Americar sat right where she remembered it.  At least we will be able to give Yelena a change of clothes. Letting Jaime in, Arc hopped into the driver's seat and started the engine, just then getting the elf's message.  "...hmm..seems she wants a background check on some hoop she thinks be sketch.  Guess her job went well eh?"

Yelena, you're out of range for me to get a clear download.  I'll pick it up when I see ya.  Heading to you now

The drive to the firing range in the Salish region was fairly uneventful as far as Arc was concerned, the human enjoying the ride with Jaime to converse and to also show off her car and her skill with it, throwing some speed and flair into the turns.  Before they knew it, they were pulling up to the shooting range, and Arc gave a ping to Yelena's commlink to alert her.
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"Thanks Sweetie!... it is so sexy that you know this kind of things... I was completely lost without you." answer Marco, "I’ll be delighted to see you again..." The good doctor was memorable... it was not common that one of his clients leave in the middle of date... but he had access to DocWagon feeds, police alerts and who knows what else. It might have been important.  He definitely needed the good doctor on a more personal basis and taking the relationship to a more favor based atmosphere was definitely a positive development.

Sometimes, people say that things look better in the morning... Well they obviously never visited the prison. The merciless beams of light  fill the prison and the surrounding neighborhood exposing them in their real ugliness. There were blood stains on the walls and the entire prison was depressing... it is going to need a lot of renovation to become livable, but Marco could imagine him establishing a safe house in one of the buildings. Some place low profile but well equipped with the necessities he need to disappear from the grid. A commlink, some dried food blankets and clothes.  He never completely understood that shadow running are more than an harmless trip on the wrong side of the law... Trying to keep discreet deep into gang territory with a mad middle aged man that was about to be tortured and killed were kind of a wakeup call for Marco. He knew this much about himself... he will be more careful in the future... if he make it out alive.

Existing the prison there were prostitutes already high on whatever it is they could afford... drug dealers and homeless people... he looked terrible... still in Joe’s cloths, his hair was a mess he would not dare to be seen like this in public in regular circumstances.  However he was properly dressed to the place.  He pretended he belonged there... why not really... he was a fighter a survivor, he lived years without trusting a living soul... and even prospered on his own.
That neighborhood indeed seemed dangerous and Marco questioned his judgement for choosing to embrace it. Eventually, they found a small diner, the owner was armed with a shotgun on his back and had no noticeable gang tatoos or physicial marks.  Security seemed tight as the waitress was also armored and armed with a pistol. Marco felt silly with his concealed machine pistol. They seemed to care very little about gun regulations, licences and appearances... if any they tried to appear armed, dangerous and menacing.

 "I’ll have the pancakes..." he ordered and looked at Ambrose hinting that he’ll order as well, "and a coffee. "By now Marco was disillusioned, he knew that his pancakes were almost identical in composition to his coffee... as of all things that came out of a food processor with an autocook... He did not care much about it right now.  The people Marco thought were poor were a lot richer than the people that lived in the Barrens.

His mind wondered as he waited for his food in silence.
Agrat... that was new... he could still feel her inside him.  He felt embarrassed about their love scene in the middle of the night... But the reporter was probably unconsciousness.  If he did hear him whispering words of passion into the night... He did not say much about it. There are many theories about Mentor spirits, some say they are part of you... inner voices ideals... To Marco Agrat was real, realer than people he met.

The book he ordered from the Vatican should give him some of the christian perception of her son, Asmedeus. It finally hit him... she was his magical patron, like it or not he could do the extraordinary things that he did because of his supernatural connection with the demonic world. This is why father Gabriel taught him in a different way than the rest of his class. This is why he could not share anything about his magical experience. But if Gabriel understood his real nature why wasn’t he kicked from the Vatican long ago... why wasn’t he killed. Tolerating such heresy was uncharacteristic to say the least... their teachings said that the spawn of Satan must be purged from the earth. "How come I am still alive? My classmates were all taught to exterminate mages like me."

Marco sat in silence looking at the reporter... after a short while he said... "do I get a name, a street name or an handle for saving your life?..." He sighed " I can keep referring to you Boo or mister reporter dude... I guess it can work as well if you do not want to tell me anything about yourself. "

"I can also do somthing about this terrible wound on your leg... but we'll have to do so someplace descreet.'
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Ambrose isn't sure how he got roped into getting breakfast with this stooge of Johns, It took a while, but he began to realize where he was, He still wasn't going to let it go. He didn't have a commlink. Which meant he didn't have access to his money, home, car, gadgets, nothing. All the work he went through with the turks down the drain because the fates seemed to conspire against him, forcing him now in a situation where he was the only bum who didn't have on even an armored clothing. He was dressed in brownish beige, and pond scum.

And it wasn't like he could even attempt to get out of the place where he was most likely to get shot, as he didn't have a sin to broadcast anymore. Not like this. This fool of a took thinks he had saved Ambrose's life, when in reality, a simple fact that Ambrose knew too well, he just delayed the inevitable. If the club didn't burn, there was no way he could ever go home in peace.

Now he was here, in breakfast place. He needed a knife or fork or some other tool. Preferably something metal. Something plastic could help. And he needed a bloody commlink, and something decent to wear. Fashion accessory his foot. That coat was more than a fashion accesssory. A black hat is a fashion accessory. A long coat is a tool, a weapon, a home. There was lots more he could do with the coat.. and whats more was both the coat and his cloths were tailored specifically for his profession. Of course the Took wouldn't ever understand that, the need to keep things hidden. Look at him there, looking so smug right now. I know he's good at hiding it, he's that kind of person after all.

First off the, every bomb needed fuel, Sugar used to be a good fuel. Not the best for making the biggest boom, but it does have its uses for some light weight explosives. Calories where important, even if it was something in food. Mixed with a bit of alcohol or gasoline. Well Gasoline and Styrofoam for anti-personal explosives. Sinking the building was going to be harder without some good plastics but for now..

"Coffee, and Lots of sugar." he hoped it was real sugar, then at least he'd have that starting to go for him. "What is in a name? As of currently, I don't have anything to it, but whatever. Phoenix. Your employer should have told you that much at least before he hired you to take his fall. Though I admit that Spittingcobra and the army wrench probably screwed with something on my plans. And if you can fix my leg, fine. There is more important things than my leg though. I need equipment, and as far as I'm concerned you work for your employer, and your employer owes me."
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Yelena is sitting with her back to a large tree on the perimeter of the parking lot, smoking one of her cigars when she notices the familiar Americar and gets the comm ping from Arc.  Standing, she finishes her cigar and field strips the butt as she waves to the car and steps onto the pavement.  Her eyes take in that there is a passenger in the front seat and wonders if Marco is with her friend before recognizing Jamie.  Yelena looks a bit more used than a cheap whore as she walks to the car; her fine evening gown is tattered and in disarray.  Her left sleeve had torn at the shoulder so she had ripped both arms off; the front gaped, exposing more than a significant amount of her cleavage; the hem was torn and frayed, with strips hanging down.  Her snowy tresses were a mess, too.  All in all, the effect was almost laughable.

Arc pops the trunk of the car as Yelena approaches and the Keeb roots in her go-bag for some jeans and a tee shirt.  Shutting the trunk, she goes to the car and slides into the rear seat, where she slides her ruined dress over her head.  "Yelena thank Arc for come get.  Hello Jamie.  How is rigger man life?  Thank for come."  Yelena is a bit too tired to care if Jamie looks over the seat as she strips in the car and wriggles into her jeans before slipping the tee over her head.  She pulls the micro drone from its location on her head and hands it over the seat to her friend.  "Here, Arc.  Drone took much pictures of party.  Then later party.  Then this morning.  Yelena still coming down from drugs and vodka.  Much drugs.  And need shower.  Smell of sex and sweat and smoke."  Yelena chuckles and smiles before adding,  "Much of all three."

Yelena leans over the center console of the car.  "OK.  Yelena is large gorilla in room so talk first.  Arc best friend Yelena ever have.  Yelena look for love and hope to find, but does not in years of try.  Then meet Arc and all change.  Yelena love Arc and would have been Vruk for all life if was good for Arc.  But Arc not love Yelena same way, but does love Jamie.  Arc has rigger man as Vruk and Arc is happy.  So Yelena happy too.  Is true.  Yelena happy for Arc.  And for rigger man.  Yelena not.......Yelena not........Oh frag it.  Yelena tired."  She sits back in the rear seat and shuts her eyes, trying to keep the tears from escaping. 
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"Besides. I didn't set the place to explode. You must be mistaken, I never make mistakes like that." Ambrose says to Marco after having sip of coffee stuff. "A little fire, but mostly contained to the yard. Thank you for saving my life."  sip. He looks out the window. "Nevermind about the whole bit about me chasing your employer through you and what not, I'll get my own way through." Amazing what a little cup of joe could do for a tired beated, battered, scared man, but alas, he could go somewhere else and start again. That would be easier than attempting to take out the Club before they torch his home to the ground. From this day forward, Ambrose was dead.. And someone new would take his place. Perhaps Steve. Ambrose did like the name a bit.
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Marco devoured his pancakes as if they were a gorme meal. The coffee was a little more difficult to go down but he did an effort to extend his hand and drink a little bit.

"Coffee, and Lots of sugar." he hoped it was real sugar, then at least he'd have that starting to go for him. "What is in a name? As of currently, I don't have anything to it, but whatever. Phoenix. Your employer should have told you that much at least before he hired you to take his fall. Though I admit that Spittingcobra and the army wrench probably screwed with something on my plans. And if you can fix my leg, fine. There is more important things than my leg though. I need equipment, and as far as I'm concerned you work for your employer, and your employer owes me."

Marco smiles to Ambrose.. “You are correct...Since a rose by any other name would still smell sweet... my analogue is be... what do you smell like mr. Phoenix.... or in other words... what can you do.” He laugh.

"There is no need to involve Sam in the jynx, I’d be happy to help you with what I can. I have an unfinished business with these people... they took Feathers that mage you were interviewing... they took him shortly after you disappeared... I was actually looking for him when I went to the basement... I want them to pay as much as you do... trust me on this one. "

"Besides. I didn't set the place to explode. You must be mistaken, I never make mistakes like that." Ambrose says to Marco after having sip of coffee stuff. "A little fire, but mostly contained to the yard. Thank you for saving my life."  sip. He looks out the window. "Nevermind about the whole bit about me chasing your employer through you and what not, I'll get my own way through." Amazing what a little cup of joe could do for a tired beated, battered, scared man, but alas, he could go somewhere else and start again. That would be easier than attempting to take out the Club before they torch his home to the ground. From this day forward, Ambrose was dead.. And someone new would take his place. Perhaps Steve. Ambrose did like the name a bit.

"I am actually very much interested in chasing him... I have reasons to believe that he was already compromised when he texted me to meet you.  My only clue is that he said car accident... who has car accidents these days? I haven’t heard from him ever since. Since you were jumped shortly after the delivery and the Johnson disappeared shortly before the delivery I think that somebody got to him... even before the delivery... I am trying to follow the breadcrumbs right now... figuring out where he might be... but I do not have many leads he is a very discreet person, changes his skin every time... I don’t even know what his real skin looks like.”

"You definately need new stuff... I tell you what... Arc’s car is already waiting for us outside she lives not far from here... Let's give my friend Jimmy things a visit... I think I can get you a cheap comlink a credstick and some basic equipment... perhaps even a new jacket. Pay me back when we get paid how about it? My friends should be back soon perhaps we can come up with a plan together... I’d assure you that once I find my missing colleagues I’d be more than happy to wipe that terrible place from the face of the earth.”

"I’ll fix your leg in the car it will only take a second... I just don’t like to do so in public...”

Marco finished his coffee... paid and left for the car. “Thanks for the service" he said to the waitress as he tipped her nicely.
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“That would be good. Some new gear would be great. And I don’t need to make them pay.. I need them off my back. I’ll help you get your employer back if you come up with a plan.” Ambrose remarks to marco as he walks after him. Even with that leg wound, he doesn’t seem to be particularly bothered by it, while a normal person would no doubt be limping along after the man. Adepts where great like that. And soon the events of the prison were not even a distant memory, but something completely forgotten by the old man, who’s mind was focused on the newest issue. Was that coffee? The packets of sugar were left on the table as well.
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As soon as they enter the car Marco set his hands on Ambrose leg... he is hamming just a little bit as the wound begins to close... "Not perfect... but alas... this is what I can do for you ...  what's left of the wound can only heal naturally over time. "

Now to the fun stuff... I can probably spare about 1k dollars for some equipment... IHe drives them to Jimmy's pizza shop... as they enter he asks seriously... "I'd like to buy a jaguar cage" . A middle aged Italian man say... "Well come behind the desk..." ... under a small carpet there is trap door, with a ladder... as they descend they reach a large basement packed with shelves on shelves of both legal and llegal goods... in one of the corrners sits an old italian man and paints.

Marco whispers... “that person over there is Jimmy... he has many items... he is also a good forger... although he prefers the word artist. He keep saying that any fool can be lucky to paint the Mona Lisa once... but a good artist can paint her every day... oh and do not raise your voice... if there is one thing that freaks him out it is loud speakers... I do not know exactly what you need but help yourself... “   

Heal Ambrose ( 12d6t5 2

Marco has 1100 nuyen - (or dollars) along with the 1k Sam gave him for the night minus what he spant in his very brief stay at the club... So I need Smiles GM call on how much Money Marco has left... he is willing to keep 200 nuyen for some pocket money and give the rest to Ambrose so he can have some baisc equipment. 
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Yelena is sitting with her back to a large tree on the perimeter of the parking lot, smoking one of her cigars when she notices the familiar Americar and gets the comm ping from Arc.  Standing, she finishes her cigar and field strips the butt as she waves to the car and steps onto the pavement.  Her eyes take in that there is a passenger in the front seat and wonders if Marco is with her friend before recognizing Jamie.  Yelena looks a bit more used than a cheap whore as she walks to the car; her fine evening gown is tattered and in disarray.  Her left sleeve had torn at the shoulder so she had ripped both arms off; the front gaped, exposing more than a significant amount of her cleavage; the hem was torn and frayed, with strips hanging down.  Her snowy tresses were a mess, too.  All in all, the effect was almost laughable.

Arc pops the trunk of the car as Yelena approaches and the Keeb roots in her go-bag for some jeans and a tee shirt.  Shutting the trunk, she goes to the car and slides into the rear seat, where she slides her ruined dress over her head.  "Yelena thank Arc for come get.  Hello Jamie.  How is rigger man life?  Thank for come."  Yelena is a bit too tired to care if Jamie looks over the seat as she strips in the car and wriggles into her jeans before slipping the tee over her head.  She pulls the micro drone from its location on her head and hands it over the seat to her friend.  "Here, Arc.  Drone took much pictures of party.  Then later party.  Then this morning.  Yelena still coming down from drugs and vodka.  Much drugs.  And need shower.  Smell of sex and sweat and smoke."  Yelena chuckles and smiles before adding,  "Much of all three."

Yelena leans over the center console of the car.  "OK.  Yelena is large gorilla in room so talk first.  Arc best friend Yelena ever have.  Yelena look for love and hope to find, but does not in years of try.  Then meet Arc and all change.  Yelena love Arc and would have been Vruk for all life if was good for Arc.  But Arc not love Yelena same way, but does love Jamie.  Arc has rigger man as Vruk and Arc is happy.  So Yelena happy too.  Is true.  Yelena happy for Arc.  And for rigger man.  Yelena not.......Yelena not........Oh frag it.  Yelena tired."  She sits back in the rear seat and shuts her eyes, trying to keep the tears from escaping.

Arc would be bold-faced lying if she said her eyes didn't go wide upon seeing the battered keeb's appearance as she pulled up to a stop, jaw hanging open slightly in surprise as she popped the trunk to give her access to her things.  Glancing back briefly, she nodded to the thanks with a soft smile before turning back forward, letting her change as she pulled out of the parking lot and back on the road, heading back for the Barrens.  Grabbing the bug with her cyberhand, she nodded again as the bug activated, crawling up her arm and into its home compartment.  The stream in information, photos, and video flashed across her vision as she transferred it to the private commlink's storage, choosing not to review the footage now...not the best time.

Then Yelena spoke up about her confession, and how she felt.  In the rear view mirror, Arc could see the look of pain and distress in the elf's tired eyes, how she was holding back her reactions, not wanting to offend anyone or anything like that.  The human frowned, giving her a moment of pause whilst she herself thought quicklky, trying to work out how to respond to the elf.  Turning her head to Jaime, she locked eyes with him for a moment, and that seemed to be all that she needed for inspiration, a little smirk on her face as she softly spoke out in Or'Zet.  "Ride or die, eh?"  What happened next would likely cause alarm to anyone not familiar with modern automobile technology...

Mentally flipping the Americar into autopilot, the click of Arc's seatbelt could be heard as she sprang into action, bringing her feet close to the seat as she kicked her right leg up.  Planting the foot at the corner of the seat, her left kicked out as she twisted, right cyberhand grabbing the back of the seat and pulling herself up and forward.  She squeezed between the two seats before coming to a rest in front of Yelena, forehead to forehead, her jean-clad hoop sticking up in the air with a knee on the center console, her left hand holding the Russian by the shirt collar.   Her words were direct and bold, practically carrying an Or'Zet accent if that were even possible.

"Recognize what you're feeling!  You try to hide that drek, you're gonna tear yourself to frag all, and I never knew you to be that selfish.  So I don't wanna get in a slitch's panties, what of it?  When you say love, you mean legit heart-energy love, or did you just want me to be some main frag squeeze?  If it's the second, then yeah you'll be disappointed.  But I know it ain't.  What you call love is a one hundred percent legit BOND we have, Y!  You are loved, and you just refuse to let yourself see what you got, girl!  We rode into battle together, we spat in the faces of death together, we SAVED OUR HOME together!"  She gritted her teeth, eyes seeming alight with some hidden fire as her voice calmed.

"You are my sruiken kal, Yelena.  You know what that means.  It maybe ain't what you were expecting, but it's still what we share, and I'll be damned if I lose the first legit family I've had since losing my ma and pa in that fire.  So when I say don't hold back, I mean it.  Now, what have you to say about that?"  She lingered there for a moment, the car still zooming down the highway road as she stood there between the seats.
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Yelena sits and absorbs the words from her friend.  Unable to stop the tears, she lets them flow down her face in tiny streams, making no effort to curb them or wipe them away.  She nods, keeping her forehead pressed to Arc's.  "Yes.  Arc and Yelena did those.  Yelena is ass.  Feel sorry for self and jealous of rigger man.  Yelena hurt inside.  Angry at self for not good enough for Arc.  But Arc right.  Belong with Vruk rigger man, not Yelena.  But Arc know what means sruiken kal?  Bond stronger than Vruk.  Vruk can leave when want but blood sister forever.  Think hard before say.  Mean what say as no going back.  Not take light." 

"So rigger man move in and Yelena move out?  Garage not big enough for three."
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Arc stayed there as Yelena spoke and shed her tears, the human relieved that she was getting somewhere.  Lifting her head up slowly, she turned and glanced over to Jaime, gauging his reactions before speaking further.  " It was never a question of you being good enough, omae.  You just locked your hoop in another spot in my heart.  You forget what I told you about me.". Arc realized some of this info would be news to he learn about it as well.

"Remember what happened after I lost my fam and eyes to the fire?  Howlers took me in.  It was drek, ibeas treated like drek, but they were tuskers to the bone and I was raised by them.  one of the few if not only breeders to be in the pack.  I may be human, but by style and manner I click more like a trog than anything else.  that's a part of me I embrrace, even now that I'm out of their leash.  That's why I took a Vrukhan, and I know exactly what I mean when I call you sruiken kal, and of everyone I've known in my short fragging existence, you've more than earned that place in my life.  You can't get rid of me that easy."

She gave a grin, nodding in affirmation before finally letting go of the elf, skipping back into her seat and taking a breath.  "Just Remember to feel what you feel and take no shame in it.". Flipping the autopilot off, Arc then took the wheel.  "As for living sitch... I haven't figured that out yet.  I fo sho need that garage, but I cannot kick you out.  Let's not worry about it..Let's get you cleaned up and fed, how's that,?"
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Yelena nods as Arc returns to her seat.  *Sruiken kal is doable.  Not the love I was looking for, but a stronger bond does not exist.  I have something now that I have never had before.*  She moves closer to the center console and nods.  "Food good.  Then Yelena shower.  Then we look drone data.  Sam missing.  Yelena think club men have.  Same as Feathers.  We need find."

"Yelena sad Marco run.  Maybe not runner after all.  Yelena miss."

Yelena sits back in the seat and drifts off as Arc drives.  She feels safe knowing that Arc has her back and she can afford to finally rest.
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Ambrose didn't know anything about the emotional angst the others who'd eventually be joining him and marco are feeling. He didn't care either. "Right then, well lets make this easy. I just need a basic commlink to start off with, after that I can get to my stuff again." It was a rather easy thing to do after all. Buying a 100 nuyen commlink from the guy gave him the ability to broadcast again. The ability to access things again. After all, this was the year 2075 where everyone's life was pretty much on these little devices.

"There, now that I have this, lets get out of the barrens. I need to acquire a better commlink, and some clothing." he takes a moment to get a 100 nuyen cred stick and pass it back to Marco. Again, this was life in the 7050s. As long as you could get to your bank account, purchasing things was easy enough. He makes a note that next time to set something up with his devices to detonate when someone attempts to hack into them.
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Marco grins... “mr. reporter please... we did not come here just for a burner comlink...
just get what you need and I’ll try to fetch you a good price. They have lot of stuff on shelves and can also try and get for you the hard to find stuff. “ We’re already here... let’s do some shopping.

Once Ambrose makes up his mind about what he wants Marco will help him get a good price. Marco will buy a couple of burnerers for himself.
Negotiation - for shopping with Ambrose ( 15d6t5 5
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Marco watches Jimmy paints fascinated... it seems like some painting of Van Gogh as Ambrose compiles his equipment list.

“It is good" he say... better than the original.”

“Oh... Marco you are too kind... this is just practicing... I’ll make 10 more before I am confident enough of using it... “

When Ambrose is done Marco grins at Jimmy... “comon... I brought you a new customer and placed a big order... give us a fair price”.

When they leave Marco takes the car back to Arc’s. The car automatically enters a garage. Filled with multiple workbenches and tools Marco has no idea what they are for... a strong smell of engine grease is present.

"Hello? Arc... I brought the car back..." He say... he is surpised that nobody seem to be at home.
Marco thinks to himself... “So this is where the magic happens...” In addition to the car there is now also a bike that Marco eximines with curiosity... “seems dangerous... and exciting.” he thinks, it seems to be well designed... a big bike with a lot of pressense. The bike is decorated with silver chromes, mettalic red and black parts. On the sides there is a big logo, a black scorpion.  Marco gently touches it with aww... trying to imagine Arc riding it. It is clean and is obviously been treated with care.

He finds a relatively clean spot on the floor and place a blanket on it.
Texting Arc and Yelena... <<I brought the reporter to Arc’s garage for now... I think some coffee did good to him.  when can you meet? Is it okay to crush there for a short while we both had a long night...>>
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Yelena is drowsing.  She pulls up the text from Marco and reads it again with a slight smile.  She whispers more to herself than anyone else.  "So Marco maybe not run after all.  Is good."   Yelena closes her eyes again and tries to figure out why her heart had skipped a slight beat when she got Marco's text.
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~~Earlier that Day~~

As Arc was getting dressed, Marco's text came up on her AR vision.  Hmm.... Seeing as how most of Yelena's and her own valuables and expensive gear were in the trunk of the car, it didn't seem like a big risk.  Besides that, Marco didn't seem like the sketch type.  The "reporter" he was a with maybe will notice a few bits and tools on the workbenches consistent with a demolitions kit, but Arc was not thinking of that at the time.  Mentally pulling out a message, she sent it out before pulling her jeans up over her hips.

@Marco {Arc}>>
<<yeah go ahead.  Please send the car here.  My Vruk and I need it to pick up your girl.  Meet up at my place soonish

~~Back to the Present~~

Nodding, Arc rounded a corner and turned off the highway, turning her head towards Jaime.  "Guess you get to meet the whole team today.  Last chance to back out". She winked, finding a place to grab a bite.  Looks like chinichangas were the consensus for what sounded good today...nothing like the fineries they got to experience earlier, but hot and filling grub nonetheless.  After that, it was a simple drive back to her garage, her black Americar gliding effortlessly into park.  Hopping out, the human stretched her arms, chuckling as how the sleeves of the man's shirt flopped around loosely.  "Now where did they get off to..."
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@ Marco & Ambrose  Jimmy keeps a loose eye on you as you choose things. "That suit you got right there is a used. Pockets on it are a bit smaller and you can see where it's already been taken in at the hem. As tall as you are it's gonna be a bit short at the hem and sleeves. I got a new one that's a darker color that'll fit you better I think once it's hemmed for you." He continues in that vein throughout your shopping trip. "If you buy that by the case I can offer you a bit of a discount." and "Mitsuhama came out with a much better version of that about a 5 months ago, Do you want that instead?" Once Marco starts negotiating the price the old man really warms up to his subject. You can tell he loves the game. Finally, once the price is agreed on he says, "I don't think anyone would give you this good a price on everything Marco, and who else would have everything you need like this. You owe Jimmy for the kind of price I give you on all this I think. I give everyone prices like these I be outta business." He continues in this vein until you're safely out the door.

@ Arc & Yelena  The chimichangas were spicy enough to have you sweating and the cola was a bit to sweet but with the beans and the menudo you are soon full, and feeling better, The drive back is friendly Jaime turning back to Yelena and saying, "I can't fault your taste in my girl." he grins at Arc and the rest of the drive continues to make small talk, but as you near the garage he says, "Garage is a good place to raise kids. But, I was thinking of having you to myself a bit, at least at first, and having you move in with me." he looks at Arc, his expression a mix of love, hope, determination and uncertainty. And when you look at him you realize one thing for sure, you may be new to this whole relationship thing, but Jaime's got one lousy poker face.
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Marco loved bartering with an expert. Jimmy did that all day and made him feel as if he got a great price... but he could twist it in a way that made it a favor. Marco did not mind it one bit, but he admired the skill. It was nice to negotiate with a pro and favors built stable professional relationships... Marco definitely need more contacts - he got a reminder just how limited his contact list really is when he tried to find Sam and the only one he could call was a client he barely knew... he’d never ask a favor this early in the relationship it was a gamble, but it seemed to have work and the need was great.

.... Present at Arcs:

Marco has a knack for new languages he picked up Or’zet a couple of days ago. He knows just a little bit... it was a strange language and he clearly did not have the vocal capacity for accurate pronunciation of its words. The language seemed to require tusks, he was amazed how Arc could do it so well.  He could picture a couple of trogs mentioning the word and it was a big deal. Vurk... short for Vurkart? a boyfriend, but when did she pick a Vurk? That girl did not waste any time... A few days ago she seemed insecured... a bit scared of what might happen in exposure to the vices of the club - and in the meanwhile she took a commitment... she is not dating - she has a Vurk... Maybe the way to truely understand Arc was to think about her as a trog despite her human shape... he grinned.  Marco was fascinated by Trogs and their culture... They live fast, waste no time on bullshit and are never alone... you can never have a problem just with one trog... eth was the word he thought but he wasn’t sure how to pronounce it.

He texted back:
<<Arc, Yelena- I am so happy for you... don’t worry we won’t touch a thing... it is your ereth after all... I am so happy you both are okay... I prayed for you. Sending the car now. Thanks again for hospitality>>

He placed some blankets on the floor and said: “Please be respectful Phoenix, my friend will arrive soon... I think we both need some rest.” He said as he lay on the floor and enveloped himself in the blanket. There was this dream he had that was bothering him... Agrats essence gave him clarity there was some repressed memory that struggle to come out. Marco could feel that... There was something familiar in the prison - he was someplace with a similar background count before... this was why he felt safe in there. But how could that be? When did he have a chance to expirinece background counts?
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Ambrose shrugged. "Right then. I'll be. When do they get here anyways?" he asked simply, working on adjusting his new coat and making sure it was set to fit him properly, as well as the mirror weave being intact. That was one of the most important thing for a demolitionist, making sure you could have your bombs at the ready, but enough protection around them that no hacker could possibly dream of  hacking it.

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Arc couldn't help but smirk widely at Jaime's earnest antics, his look not unlike one would expect from a puppy wanting a treat or some loving.  "Pfft, beg a little more, why dontcha...". Chuckling, the girl glanced back at Yelena, who seemed to be sitting contentedly after their meal, chatting calmly.  "I get what you mean, so unless my Sruiken has any arguments, I ain't gonna be getting rid of the garage.  I spent too much time and blood building it up just so it gets redone by the next hoop.  I'll keep my payments on it.  Yelena, consider it your home still.  I'll still be by for work reasons...maybe a girl's night or some drek...but it ain't going nowhere."

A careful look would note a slight tinge of pink on the girl's face at the mention of raising kids, but it was quickly dashed as they arrived.  Seeing the garage occupied, Arc deftly brought the car to a stop at the curb just outside, killing the engine before hopping out, seeing a tall and lanky fellow pacing about in a longcoat.  Eyebrow raised, she led the trio over the threshold, her green cybereyes visibly sizing up.  "Figuring you must be the boombadda our boss hired to put on that light show.  Piece of fraggin' art, by the way.  My compliments.  Name's Arc, this is my place"
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@ Marco  You receive a call from Dr Kamagishiri, >>Hello Marco, I checked into that accident for you. It seems there was an accident yesterday around 16:40 on the Salish-Sidhe border. A commercial vehicle hit a deer and caused something of a pile-up. Seven vehicles altogether. Nine people treated at the scene. Three hospitalized, two already downgraded and one in ICU. One fatality but KE hasn't released the name yet. There was only one other accident reported during the time frame you requested and that was a single vehicle who's autopilot malfunctioned and missed a turn, car skidded and slid down an embankment. Safety protocols stopped it and the passenger was released after being checked out. Hope this helps. And I'm looking forward to seeing you again.<<
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Yelena remains mostly quiet during the ride home.  The stop at the food joint was welcome indeed and she thoroughly enjoyed the chimis, although the soda was less appetizing.  From her seat in the rear of the car, she could see Arc and Jamie sneaking looks at each other and realized that, for now at least, they had what she had never had in her life.  The last remnants of jealousy and bitterness melted away and she settled down in the seat, calm and relaxed at last. 

As the car reaches the garage, Yelena leans forward and taps her friend.  "Arc can open trunk when stop?  Yelena get bag."  She slips out the door as the car stops and goes to the trunk, taking her go bag and weapons case.  Walking into the garage, Yelena sees the tall man who must be the reporter.  She spares a look at the man as she walks past him, her eyes looking about for Marco, who she finds emerging from a pile of blankets on the floor.  She pauses for a moment and shakes her head at Marco, saying, "Silly Keeb.  Could have used bed for sleep.  Yelena need shower and bet Marco does too.  Want share? Yelena need talk Keeb to Keeb."

Yelena goes into the living area, depositing her case and bag on her bed before stripping out of her clothes and moving to the shower.  She is hoping that Marco is still interested enough to want to talk to her and perhaps he will follow her into the shower.
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Torn from a dream Marco see the girls entering the garage. There’s Arc and her Vurk and Yelena... He smiles... "she looks terrible... but she is alive" That's all that is important right now. It was not obvious after last night - someone got awfully close to their cover. "A bed?" He thinks... "in what world is that appropriate." he was a bit rude to crush there to begin with but he was so tired. “Sure could use a shower... got a full day ahead of us...” He follows Yelena to the shower. Just to passionately kiss her once they are alone. “I was so worried ...” He say.
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Yelena returns Marco's kiss then turns on the hot water and waits for Marco to get undressed.  As the water finally gets warm she points to a meter on the wall.  "Hot water rationed here.  Only this amount for Yelena, so not waste time in shower."  Once in the shower, Yelena will get wet and move aside to lather up and let Marco get under the water.  She laughs and says, "Not like Marco place." 

After she has soaped up she reaches down and fondles Marco's growing erection.  "So Marco still happy see Yelena?  Yelena happy see Marco, too.  I put this down for now and Yelena talk Marco.  Important talk.  First have question.  What kind relation Marco want with Yelena?  Just sex?  More than sex?  What?"
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Marco strips and enters the shower... “a time limited shower” he thinks... “thats new... I guess everything moves faster in here” He let some water wash him before he talks to Yelena “Don’t confuse me with definitions... I want you. I want you for sex, I want you for romance, I want your friendship and I want to share my life with you.”
He sighs:
"I don’t want anybody in this world just for sex...  Sex is  a manifestation of my emotions. Emotions take many shapes and forms... they spin our world... they can even be music." 
After a short pause he embraces her and whispers:
  “What is the matter... is something bothering you?”
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Yelena lets her body mold to Marco's for a few moments.  "Yes.  Yelena bothered.  Mostly by Yelena.  And Marco, too.  Yelena look for love for very long time.  Think find once but was lie.  Yelena not even sure how know if love.  Almost lose friend.  Maybe lose Marco.  Yelena much confused."

"And Yelena think different about sex than Marco.  To Yelena is tool.  Is weapon.  And is also way to relax and have fun.  Yelena want sex with Marco.  Want it a lot.  But want more than sex.  Want share, but Yelena afraid scare Marco away.  Yelena very bad Keeb.  Much blood behind me, much innocent blood.  Yelena fight, curse, drink, smoke, and gamble.  Like sex with sometimes more than one person.  Yelena frightened of nightmares that make wake up with screams.  Yelena kill people for money.  All are reasons Marco should leave shower, dress, and leave Yelena.  Marco want leave?"
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"You hurt people and kill them... so you see everything in life as a weapon or as a tool... and you are right... everything can be used as a weapon as a tool. Do not fool yourself, not everything should be used that way. There is a price to be paid every time you kill someone and every time you distance yourself from your emotions to use sex as a mean for an end.

Some things in life are not to be used as tools, or at least not as first option tool. I paid a great price for using sex like you do. I wanted to relax, I wanted to be satisfied I had this hunger inside me I did not care about the consequences. I slept with with many of my classmates people that I shared my life with for 13 years... they all enjoyed me... a lot more than they like to admit - none of them remained my friend - I was rock bottom for them, a failure. So much sex and nothing real... not a single friend. Perhaps it is the same for you... you use people with sex, you let them use you... there is no meeting there it can be anyone. You just distance yourself from what you are until your emotions are numb and the physical pleasures are all that is left.

And all you can do by talking to me is to convince me that I am not a wise man and that there are more sensible desires than you. I do not love from my brain... I am not wise my thoughts are enslaved for my desires and my desires need no justification. I want you and that’s it.”
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Yelena's eyes go a bit wide at Marco's words.  She nods, "Yes.  Yelena see many things as tools and weapons.  And Yelena live that way.  No friends, no love, just jobs and short time lovers.  No ties and no home.  Yele........................"

She is interrupted by the chime of the timer and gives a yelp as the water turns almost immediately into shards of ice.  She quickly pulls Marco from the shower, laughing as she leads him back into the living area after grabbing towels.  Drying off, she watches Marco and considers what he has said.  "So Marco give Yelena chance?  Yelena want chance with Marco."

But now Yelena tired.  Much tired.  Need nap then maybe talk.  Get decent with clothes or climb in bed  Marco choice."  Yelena send a message to her human friend.  <Arc.  Is Yelena.  Much need nap so going bed.  Too much drugs and drink and sex.  Shower is yours if need.  Yelena under covers in few seconds, so can even bring rigger man to share shower if want.  Tell reporter man to sleep and we talk when wake up.  Yelena know from trying that old couch is much comfortable so reporter man can sleep there for now.  What think?>
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Marco is surprised when the ice cold shower arrive, he loses his breath it is so cold that his skin hurts and he is clearly not used to that kind of treatment... they didn't even reach soap or shampoo parts. A shower for Marco is 20-40 minutes depending on the number of thoughts... when Yelena said a quick shower he thought 10 minutes maybe 15... two minutes was... well refreshing. Despite everything his face remain smiling... in a way he find it amusing.

"Yes, I will give *us* a chance... but you have to promise me one thing".  He say with a grave serious voice... "next time we discuss our relationship in the shower... we do so in my apartment. "

He laughes.

"It is okay... I understand that you need the sleep, but I cannot sleep now... I need to find my missing friend before his tracks grow cold. Sam haven’t responded to my text for 12 hours now. I need to understand what happened yesterday. Just waiting for orders does not work for me... Sam is an open wound in my soul but he is still my friend... I loved him... I must know what happened. "

He get dressed and joins the rest: “That was awfully short for a shower but very refreshing. I am a new man... Let me comb my hair a little bit and I can even be seen in public again.” He pulls a small comb from his pocket and talk as he tries to make something from his hair.

"A friend of mine checked accident reports and indeed there was an accident that suits Sam’s message and general area. An autopilot malfunction, a single person hospitalized and released by now. I think it may be Sam... and if he had his liberty he probably went underground. "
After a short pause:

"I have two ideas of what to do... I know a place where he might be, and we can also try visiting the hospital and sweet talking them into letting us look at the examination reports." He was thinking about the apartment of Shilla Shmidt he knew that appartment very well and the place seemed like a lot more than a safehouse. It was expensive, well maintained and fully equipped... if the lanky male sam needed to hide... why not disguise himself as a rich middle aged German woman? Then he felt again the pain of betrayal.... after all this time and not even a real name or a real face... he gave him everything.
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Yelena nods to Marco and climbs into her bed, pulling the cover up to her chin.  She watches Marco get dressed and part of her really wishes that he were crawling in next to her.  The narrow bed would have meant sleeping close.  She murmurs to him as he prepares to leave.  "Sam give all special commlink just for him.  Maybe use to see if answers?"  She is asleep by the time he leaves the room, and will stay that way for several hours unless awakened sooner.
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Marco smiles... "It is not that simple... go to sleep we'll talk in the evening".
He thinks:
"I sent the last message and Sam is always 100% responsive during runs. I never waited for more than 5 minutes for a reply no matter how trivial or unimportant my question was. There was  no way he could miss a question on a dedicated comlink.   By not reponding Sam told me a lot. Somthing is wrong - but if I keep sending messages I'll just tip whomever has that comlink now that I am actively looking for Sam.

Also, taking the detonator was a trap - club people knew something about it as they jumped Phoenix right after making the drop. So these are two evidence that tell me that somthing is very wrong.  In the worst case? I acted foolish and Sam played some cruel practical joke on me... and the attack on Phoenix was totally random... This won't be the first time that I am called an idiot by Sam. But idiot or not... either Sam contacts us in a few hours and I shouldn't message him again - or I find some concrete evidence that something is wrong."
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Whilst the two elves departed from the garage to clean up the grime from the previous night, and with the reporter/demolitionist seeming hesitant to respond, Arc busied herself by being a bit of  a proper host.  Nodding in a way of excusing herself, she grabbed her go-bags and set them down on one of the workbenches, coincidentally close to her sprawled out demolitions kit, before darting off to her kitchen.  She returned a short moment later, a six-pack of beer in her hand as she lifted it up, tossing one to Jaime and offering one to the older gentleman.  "Make y'self at home.  Don't worry, place has been swept, no bugs.  And I ain't gonna look like you been to hell and back, chummer.  I know the feel.  Cop a squat, we'll wait for the others, and figure sumsomethin' out, eh?"

Grinning, the short human must have looked a sight, her hair messy and thrown back in a sloppy ponytail and wearing a crimson men's t-shirt with a scuffed pair of jeans.  Still, she seemed to be fairly at ease, grabbing a beer for herself and popping off the top with a flick of her cyberhand whilst hopping up onto a bench.  When Marco did arrive, she waved him over.

"Oh come on, omae, you look fine.  Hey, don't think you've met this hoop.  This be my Vruk, Jaime.  He's cool with what we're saying, so be chill.  Anything you say to me can be said to him.  That being said, we should get a plan together...we'll fill Yelena in after she's had rest, drek knows the keeb needs it."

Arc listened to Marco's musings and suggestions, frowning a bit as she scratched her head, sipping on her drink while she thought it out.  "hmm...we fo sho certain Sam was in that identity at the time of the accident?  Dunno about you, but I've seen our boss in two different shapes, so no telling how many there are....unless we ran into him...her, whatever...directly, any digging we finna do at a hospital might be dead. think you know a place?  How far will it be?   Might be our best bet to poke around..."

As she trailed off, she remembered what Yelena asked her to do, pulling up a picture of Gregor that her bug had taken, starting her commlink's search engines ticking to find any info on the dude.

[spoiler]Searching on this Gregor lawyer fella.  Computer (Matrix Search) ( 7d6t5 4[/spoiler]
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"Well then you might be interested to know this.. I had a rather sizable number of bugs I had in my coat. If they pulled any of them out, then we'll start getting some pictures or audio. If you know the matrix.. here you go." he says opening up links in AR to gather the information his different things were giving him. Heck, there was even a minicamera in his coat itself. Not to mention the car's sensors that were available too.

"If I move my car.. they'll follow it most likely. So the my plan is to find a warehouse we can rig up with gas grenades and some sort of toxin."
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@ Arc  A search for Gregor gives a long bio, Graduated Summa Cum Laude Ohio State University, Graduated Law School Magna Cum Laude Widener University. Partner at Webster, Webster, Otiluk and Cohan. Specialized in criminal defense. Retired five years ago currently living in Seattle. The bio goes on to list several major cases that Gregor headed the defense for.

@ Ambrose  The feeds for your bugs are interesting. Most of them show a room in what is probably still the club, and one man's face keeps popping up, he seems to be giving orders.
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Arc perked up at the piping up of the currently unnamed older gentleman, noting the funny accent.  A Brit, if I remember.  Frag, this little group got the whole world tour drek goin', don't it..  Smirking and giving a knowing glance to Jaime, the human turned to the Brit and activated the links mentally, using the multifeed program she had previously used going against the blood spirit and mage duo to pull up all the screens at once and passing them onto a trid projector in the garage for public view.  "Right up my alley, omae.  Expect some noise and lag, but this'll do in a pinch."

She frowned a bit at his idea for what to do sounded like a trap setup for the people who have his stuff.  Maybe lethal.  "...I'm still nervous that a fraggin' revenge job be making these hoops close up.  Then we'll never know where those kidnappers gon' go with the missing peeps and their mojo-inducing drug drek.  Toxins aren't easy to find in this hood, wanting to knock them out or geek these hoops?  Cuz if it's the latter, some bleach and fertilizer could do your job in a sure that's what you wanna do?"  Her head gears were turning with an ease not unlike her vehicle engines, the human girl finding herself leaning a bit against Jaime as she concentrated and multitasked.  With the feed up and the search results in, she gave a nod and pursed her lips. 

"Well, Yelena's lead is, very clean.  This guy knows how to keep his drek some consiglihoozy drek.  We'll take a look...and hello...who might this be..."  Freezing one of the camera feeds, she snapped an image of the order-giving face, cross referencing it with pictures her drones took from the night before...looking for a match.

...might take some time...
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He wasn't looking for revenge, and honestly would be rather disappointed with people narrowmindedness won the whole subject. He wanted his car back, that much was certain, hence why he was using gas grenades, but they had another purpose.

"Gas them. If I wanted to kill them, I'd use bottles filled with gasoline and Styrofoam. Perhaps we should just leave it there, pack up and go somewhere else. I hear china is great this time of year."
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The stereotype of dry British humor and sarcasm must have been more than just a joke, at least that's what Arc was now led to believe.  Rolling her eyes a bit, she had half her attention on the man, but more than enough to give a response.  "Gas and styrofoam?  One hell of a bbq...dirty, but it gets the job done.  I woulda snagged up some fertilizer with salt and lemon juice, laced with plenty of wood nails in a pipe myself.  But hey, what can a slitch do, right?"['/b]  Smirking, she shook her head a bit at the china comment.

"Nuh-uh.  I ain't running away from my home.  You want your ride back?  Fine.  But like I said, you gon' have a time finding nades in this short notice unless you got some connection, mista.  You got some knockout cocktail in mind?  If not, give me a sec...gotta think..."
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"Its simple.. If they don't follow the car, there's nothing to worry about. If they do.. then we gas them." he shrugs before waving a hand. "Nevermind, probably isn't worth the effort."
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With a breath, Arc paused her image searching long enough to pinch her brow.  Is he senile?  Misunderstandings, oh boy...  Sipping her beer, the short stout girl cleared her throat before speaking, making sure her words were calm, level, and least, for her.

"Hoi.  I'll ask again, because I totally get your plan, omae.  The question isn't whether or not to gas in the opportunity...the question is what kind of gas?"  Arc's familiar grin returned as she realized his plan a bit more.  "Of course...that's assuming they can even catch the car...if one were to hand me the keys..."

To emphasize her point, she turned her head to the side and lifted up her ponytail, showing the chromeplated datajack embedded at the base of her skull, the circuitry spreading from it denoting a control rig.  "Cars and bike are...kinda my thing, yanno?"
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Marco say to Arc.
“It is okay I trust your judgment.”  He shakes the hand of Jamie and say “Nice to meet you, Jamie I am Marco. “
He grabs a beer and say “ I am sorry, we do not meet under happier circumstances, should definitely go out sometime and celebrate you guys.”

To Arc:
“I know almost for sure that Sam won’t be in the hospital, and I may be skilled enough to give enough details without describing him. I think that Sam should appear in the same identity that he met Phoenix. He obviously wields magical capabilities and should know better than doing such transformation in public. But some details can be helpful for us:

How did he leave the hospital? using what vechile? did someone came to pick him up? who?
If we get to see a face or the car we may have further clues to persue. His medical file may also have important stuff for ID. Was he sepoused to check out or did he do it against the doctors judgements... how bad was it.  So I like the hospital because we know that a wounded from an autopilot malfunction accident that matches our timeline was hospitalized for a short time and released already... so it is a place where Sam probably was”

"The apartment is not very far... it is in the better part of town tough. Better than my neighborhood also." He marks the location on the map.

"I think we should definitely do both leads. "

He adress Phoenix, “right now they know you disappeared but they do not know that you are alive... if you move that car expect them looking for you a lot more aggressively... I get how you feel tough...”
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Marco ads: "If you are going to move the car... you should do it when cars leave the parking lot... late at night when people finish their party and go home... but I wouldn't follow your car just place some tracking device on it."

Marco is a bit terrified from the aggressive tactics suggested... He hope that they stir down from the whole gassing people plan. He wish to distant himself as far from the club as possible now.
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Ambrose shrugs. "like I said.. too much effort. No doubt if we find this Sam it'll be the same thing since they're involved with the club as well. I think taking a trip to anyplace but here is probally the better way to go. Cut losses and cut out."  He'd have a lot more colorful plans, but he just didn't feel up to it anymore. He could see the fear and terror in Marcos's eyes every time the club is mentioned.. and really even when any action is taken, that would be anywhere within 100km of the place.

One could just sit under the sword of domiciles for the rest of their life. Or perhaps, one could man up a bit and take the bloody thing down, or just leave.
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Marco say: "We should do the hospital... The apartment can be scanned with one of Arc's drones. If the drone fail we can use demons...
Let's try to take the car late at night when people are leaving the club. If we are lucky enough and we get actual people that follow it we should subdo them somehow. There is much they can tell me..."

He sits down... drinking a bit from his beer.  He feels like crying... so much have happend, but he cannot be weak no yet. He takes a deep breath... then another one trying to relex. After a short while he say: "Do you still have a reporter card Phoenix? "
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"Nope. That was in my coat." he replies with a matter afactly manner. "And we didn't get any kits for forgeries or disguises. I can work with somethings, but its typically best to have a proper kit."
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Arc grumbled a little. Whats this hoop's deal?  I'm offering genuine interest in health and he's already trying to convince giving up.  Ugh.  He must be hard of hearing..or not listening...whatever. Listening to Marco, she resumed her image scan before piping in her feedback.

"It's probably a good idea to wait on...Phoenix, was it?...Phoenix's car until the evening anyhow.  Odds are better that way.  Getting a Fly-Spy out to that apartment won't be an far we talking?  I'd rather set myself up within ten kilos if I can.  Still think the hospital's a bust...but if you think you can get drek out, Marco, I'll back you up.  Least I could do after ya stuck through last night"
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Ambrose wasn't really attempting to convince them to just give up, rather he sees a particular double standard here. Him getting his car back was a fool hardy mission that would get the club all mad. But somehow, finding their stuff, this sam and the like, no that was perfectly fine. His methods were designed to cut away at the big beast, find chinks in their armor, poke and prod away.

If he was really all about revenge, he'd go after the yaks first. Oh right the yaks. "It may interest you that the yakuza has some interest in this." he remarks, playing the the data from his recordings for them all. "And I think you mean in the morning. Its a night club. They're typically partying at night.. And if they've got a tracker, thats why we take it to some place away from where you eat. Don't shit were you eat. By the way... We probably should leave here. Who knows how much they know.. and if you've been using this place for a while, they probably already know."
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@ Arc  The feeds from Ambrose's drones download and begin to replay their info, They're busy going through his coat and pulling out the cigarettes, lighters and the grenades. And while the position of the hidden cam is generally lousy for any kind of good image, it does manage to pick up some unfamiliar tat's and the conversation around it. >>The reporter almost blew his leg off trying to get away from us boss. We got him in the first basement. We patched him up and tied him down. But he'll be out cold for at least 6hrs. Skinny here had an itchy trigger finger and tranq'd 'im. Although if I'd known how much hardware he was packing I'dve done it as soon as we spotted him. Jeez mutha, we're lucky he didn't pop any of these.<<

Suddenly the air was split with Yelena's screams.
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Yelena sleeps.  The drugs and alcohol she had poured into her body needed to be given the time to work their way out of her system.  She would later have to deal with any long-term effects of the drugs and try to wean herself away from them, but for now it was enough to simply let them finish coursing through her body.  So Yelena sleeps.  At some point the dreams come.  Most simply flit through her mind and are gone before they can be imprinted on her memory, but one stays. 

A field of green grass, manicured and well tended.  Yelena is sitting on the grass.  Looking about, she notices that the grass is a quiet, open glen amid a sea of trees that surrounds it.  The sun is shining and a cool breeze ruffles her dress and hair.  She is comfortable here and, as is often the way with dreams, does not even really wonder how she came to be here.  It just is.  Movement.  She is aware of movement in the trees at the edge of the glen and then a young human girl steps onto her small spot of grass.  The girl is picking some of the flowers that have appeared and is looking at the ground as if seeking a special type of flower.  The girl stops suddenly and looks up at Yelena, smiling.  She speaks in the somewhat peculiar Russian dialect common to the myriad of small villages and towns that dot the Siberian landscape.  "I am first today, but not last."  As she turns to fully face Yelena, the girl exposes the entirety of her face and Yelena sees the disfiguring mark high on the left temple that is a bullet entry wound.  "I have been six years old for fifty-two years.  Since you sent one of your bullets into my head and killed me.  I was playing with my brother in our yard.  He should be coming along shortly.  Ah, here is he."  A small boy of perhaps four or five steps out of the trees.  His chest is marred by a huge rending of flesh that indicates an exit wound.  The entry point for the bullet would have been the boy's back.  There is additional movement in the trees as more people step into the glen and move toward Yelena. 

Soon there is a circle of dead and mangled bodies standing about her as the bodies of those she has slain stream from the forest.  All are speaking at once of how their lives were cut short by the Keeb in the middle of the circle.  And, even though they were all talking at once, Yelena could make out each voice as it challenged, judged, and condemned her.  The first little girl will break the circle and step forward, lifting her arms and saying, "You are remembered and unforgiven.  You will never be free of us, never be at peace.  You are doomed to destroy.  You will bring about the deaths of those you care about as you step through your life.  You cannot do otherwise."

There is movement in the throng surrounding Yelena and she sees the crowd parting, the bodies moving apart as if to avoid touching whatever is making its way toward her.  The edge of the circle twists and a young Keeb girl steps into the glen, moving to stand near the first girl.  Yelena sees the neat entry wounds in the Elven girl's chest over where her heart would have been.  Although she never really got a good look at her at the time, Yelena knows this to be the shade of the mage she had killed in the Barrens.  The girl says, "No.  There is redemption.  This assassin took my life and in doing so spared others from the predatory thing I had become.  For that she has earned relief from some of you."  The Keeb moves and touches several of the gathered shades, and each one she touches takes on the look of someone released from a chore.  Their faces grow calm and the hate fades from their eyes and suddenly they are gone.  The vacancies are quickly filled from the ranks of those behind them and the small girl in the center of the circle with  Yelena snarls.  "Never!!!  She will never be free and you are not welcome here."

The girl will focus an outpouring of hatred at the young Keeb who motions with her hand, saying.  "I am still a mage, powerful even into death.  By yourself you have no power to defeat me.  I say this woman has the ability to heal herself and it is so.  You have simply been hiding that from her because of your hatred."  Looking at Yelena, she adds, "I cannot remain her long.  The fury of those who hate you for their untimely end at your hand is too great even for me.  You can clear the field of death if you want, but the trip will be arduous and long, for there are many deaths to atone for.  Or you can live your extremely long life in torment, always afraid to sleep, lost in the taking of innocent lives."

The first girl channels pure hatred into a ball-like energy mass and hurls it at the Keeb, and others begin to follow her lead, slinging bolts of hatred and fury at the girl.  Most bounce harmlessly off whatever shield the girl has constructed about herself, but the sheer amount of hate directed at her eventually takes its toll on even that strength.  The girl smiles at Yelena one more time.  She mouths a silent "thank you" and vanishes.  The first girl turns to Yelena, "You will never be able to be free of us.  Never.  Now, what was I going to do?  Oh yes, I remember."  The girl smiles cruelly and reaches out a hand to touch Yelena.  The touch releases pain and horror onto Yelena and as more from the circle reach out to touch her, she can no longer hold back the screams of primal anguish that escape her lips.

She wakes, screaming at the horrors she has created.  She is sitting up in her narrow bed in the room she shares with her friend.  The sheet is gathered about her waist, exposing her upper body, but she does not notice.  The shades of her victims laugh as they torture her.  One scream leads to another as Yelena tries to force them away, knowing that they will fade if she can but fully rouse from her sleep.

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Marco rushes to Yelena’s bed, with his gun out loaded with stick and shots. His heart is racing... he was about to tell Arc that he’ll never bail on a friend... that despite not caring one bit about the big picture... he’ll never bail on her or Yelena. The scream signaled that the time of talking was over and the time for running and shooting arrived.
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Yelena is sitting in the bed, sheet at her waist and her hands over her eyes.  Her screams fade as she wakes fully, but she knows from experience that the images of the shades will remain for a few minutes longer.  She is shaking in the aftermath of the terrors she has unleashed on herself and tears stream from her eyes.
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A bit puzzled his emotions already pushed to their limits... The lover, the killer laying naked in bed terrified... At her level of sleepiness it could not have been another attack... an assassin would not scar this woman... if any death offer some sort of a release.  Marco, embraces her, still holding his pistol. "We’ll figure it out", he whispers... "you will not be in pain forever".
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Arc gave a little nod in recognition, but replied to the British man flatly.  "I can stay someplace. But not till I know the rest of y'all is safe.  I'm trying to make this all work.  Bad news? They've picked through your drek.  Good news? They don't seem to know you're gone yet.  Might be a bit more helpful that w..."

The screamed from the bedroom interrupted the human, her eyes going wide as she darted, following closely behind Marco to see the half-nude Russian sobbing there.  She hesitated, for just a moment, before approaching, gently pushing Marco's gun out of the way, drawing the sheets to cover the vulnerable elf.  "It's over, Y...we got ya"
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Ambrose jumps with a start as he hears the blood curdling screams of a banshee.. Or the woman in the next room. Never could tell. "Bloody Cheese and Rice!"

He might have been feeling crazy before, but that has faded, and likely wouldn't ever be touched upon again. But these people where were a different brand of crazy. First off was the missing feathers. None of them seemed overly concerned about him. Just this Sam. One of them was afraid of the club and visably shaken every time its brought up. A Coward perhaps. A coward that saved his life, sure, but still is a coward. Another person who apparently screams at the top of her lungs for no real apparent reason. At best it was a one off nightmare or maybe she stubbed her toe, still quite the over reaction. At worse however, and most likely.. A crazy sodding bastard. The last one seemed about the only one who'd have  themselves straight.

In all honesty, there was not a single reason he should really stay and help them out with anything. Especially if he wasn't going to get anything more out of it. He'd already given them things, information.  Everything from the lighter and cigarette box feeds, his old coat's feed (This would also include all the times he's talked to people like John and Kato), the maps of the club, the previous packets of data, even information on SpittingCobra, the Army Wench, Blackhat, and Kato that he knows.

He's even given them a way to reduce the number of enemies, and get his car back. All that was left to do was fashion up a new coat, something he was taking the time to do at this moment, sewing data cables into the lining, so that all his grenades, and devices in the coat could be hardwired into his trodes. Made things easier and simpler even, and most importantly allowed him to directly activate the grenades under his coat, as the mirrorweave would make it pretty dang difficult for even a hardened hacker to hack his nades.
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"Well that was enough drama for the morning... we still have the noon and very late at night" said Marco, "lets go to the hospital."

I do not know the distance from Shilla Shmidt's apartment to the hospital. (Smiles? )
On the way out Marco asks Ambrose, "Say... you were the last one to speak to the Mage Feathers before he was taken... any chance you tell me what was it you discussed that made them take him out of us all...?"
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"The drugs they serve there are alchemical creations with a powerful spell caster behind them. And its about time one of you spoke up about him, Ever since I've been here, its been Sam this, and sam that.  I was beginning to wonder about you lot. And well, I'm grateful you've helped get me set up and out of there, but don't expect me to go running in to help you lot out if you get into trouble." He lets the comment sit there for a moment, so he could watch how they take that news. "I don't mean that of course in a cold heartless way. Quite the opposite actually.. My skills are not for front line support. I can rig stuff up to blow, but I do that in the background. Doing too much in the foreground, and well, I get captured. My skills are more suited to draw them out.. and take them out enmass."
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"The drugs they serve there are alchemical creations with a powerful spell caster behind them. And its about time one of you spoke up about him, Ever since I've been here, its been Sam this, and sam that.  I was beginning to wonder about you lot. And well, I'm grateful you've helped get me set up and out of there, but don't expect me to go running in to help you lot out if you get into trouble." He lets the comment sit there for a moment, so he could watch how they take that news. "I don't mean that of course in a cold heartless way. Quite the opposite actually.. My skills are not for front line support. I can rig stuff up to blow, but I do that in the background. Doing too much in the foreground, and well, I get captured. My skills are more suited to draw them out.. and take them out enmass."

"That actually makes a lot of sense... it explain how the club preserves their secrets... by the time drug samples reach examination the alchemical properties are gone.
The thing is, Sam was the brain behind this operation. He was the one looking into Feathers disappearance and this whole gig is his own chess game.

The game does not seem to go out very well, first Feathers, than Sam, than you get jumped... too many indicators that we are not as stealthy as we think, and to answer your question I have a very good reason to fear the club... especially after what you just told me.

Feathers exposed his magical nature by examining the drugs and within a very short while he was taken. How do you think I got your hoop out of that basement?  I guessed that Feathers did something magical in the club, and so did I... He was a skilled mage, a capable shadowrunner and they got him... I am new to both shadowrunning and magic - so if they managed to take him they can just as well take me. I tried to keep everything mundane, the disguise the tools I used.. . but then I saw you in there and I just could not leave knowing that you are there...  "

He then adds:

"It's okay man...  everybody has different skills. Lets hope we won't need any muscle for the next hours, because our muscle is sleeping in her bed right now".
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"With proper planning my skills can be.. well, quite useful. I told the other person who was here, but she didn't seem really all that intrested in the fact the Yaks are, last I heard, up against the group. I'd be careful about trusting people who wake up screaming with guns. . I've watched enough triods to know that its a bad idea. Someone gets shot. Oh and don't jumpscare jumpy people who have guns either."

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@ Yelena  Arc and Marco manage to wake her up in moments. And as soon as she realizes that she's had a nightmare and they'd come rushing she was ashamed of such weakness. She'd warned them, but still she was ashamed. Until she managed to look up in order to reassure them, to laugh it off, to do something other than sit there shaking and sobbing. And then she saw their faces. Faces filled with love, with understanding, with concern, faces without judgement. And as Arc held her, murmering, "It's ok Y, we got 'ya." Yelena clung to her, Sruiken Kal, blood sister, no closer bond than first blood to an orc, and that's what Arc had named her. And Marco, Marco who was already so much more than just another lover it had scared her, Marco was kneeling down and enfolding them both. And then Yelena felt another cover gently lifted and used to cover her back where Jaime had knelt down on the bed and covered her and encircled them as well. And Yelena began crying again. Crying much harder, her whole body racked with sobs so hard she shook them all. Only these were different. These were tears her heart could not contain, as a little more of it opened, and was healed. Tears of love because finally, finally, it had found a home.
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@ Arc, Marco & Ambrose  Once Yelena is back to sleep Arc and Marco breathe a sigh of relief. Arc gets back to work downloading the feeds as she has quite a lot to go through from the last 18hrs worth of data from them all. The crosscheck on the boss-man in the vids shows that it's an accountant employed by the club. Only, this particular accountant seems way under-employed once she cross-checks him. He's got a Masters in Business Administration from Washington State, a little legal trouble in his past, cleared up by Webster, Webster, Otiluk & Cohen just a little over 5 yrs ago. Then Bob, one of the club managers comes into view. "Crosscheck on the reporter shows that he wasn't ever employed by the mage mag or any other magazine or news service. So whatever he was it wasn't a reporter. So far trying to cross-check him is coming up empty. So I'm guessing he's a cop. Record scrubbed off the grid. If you've got his comm that may be our best bet in finding out who he's connected to and if he's told anyone what he knows about the drugs. Anyone know how he got here?" unintelligible responses. "Well check the security cams, they work outside at least, see if we can find his vehicle. This is the second time he's been here so see if you can find the footage from the first time if you can't find it from this one. But find it. We need to know who he's working with and get to them first." They keep going through your things until every pocket is emptied, then, "Take this stuff down to the third basement. I want it secured. No way I want this guy getting to his stuff. That'll stop him even if he's got it wireless." The feeds go wonky as everything is gathered and wrapped. You hear the noise and music from the club's main dance floor. Marco recognizes one of the tunes he danced to last night. And then everything goes quiet, and then dead.
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"And well, there you have it. They've got a faraday cage on the third basement. Which means that is the place they want to protect most. Honestly.. that is just too many basements." he shakes his head, pulling up the blue prints again on the building, with the modifications he's made on setting up explosions, and begins working on an idea of where the basements were through what he saw in the feed, and his own knowledge of building plans.

[spoiler]Building Plans knowledge ( 8d6t5 1[/spoiler]
But alas, he needs more input on it.
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Once Arc was certain that Yelena was settled, she stood up and slowly ushered everyone out, leaving her to her rest.  Once in the garage, she explained why.  "Mine and her jobs besides distraction for Marco were to play the roles of local heroes and celebs, and hopefully getting an in with the club.  The idea was that doing so would get us closer enough to figure out where they were taking those hoops what disappeared and why they using mojo-inducing drug drek.  I was checking the play her part, that keeb over one night downed their full Apollo program, at least 3 hits of their aphrodisiac cream, and one hit of some drug their hostess called Stardust or some fragging stuff like that.  Among other things, I think that would lay anyone out."  Nodding in affirmation, she turned to Phoenix and held out her hand.

"Respect to your profession.  Once this drek is over, remind me to talk shop with ya.  I've been known to make a baddaboom myself every now and then..."  And with that, she turned to her information dredging, sifting through for good stuff.  "Hello..."  She focused in on the feed of Bob, bringing it up on the projector.

"So they think you're a cop.  They got your comm...and are looking for your car.  How far is it?  If you pass me the key-mark, I can get it out of there risk...they won't catch me"  Nodding her head, she turned to the basement as the feed went dead.  "Drek...three"  Recalling the layout of the building and the the relative shape, she tried to visualize where such a basement would be placed....

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"Well, its basically right in their parking lot. Next time, I should put a car bomb in it." he muses, and then shakes his head. "Some hacker probably would detonate it. Meanwhile keep an eye on the feed that Spitting Cobra has.. He's one of the yaks, but its all audio. I could make more of those devices easily enough.. And we could send in a bunch of junkies carrying them to be none the wiser as well.. I'm sure a few lighters will get left behind."

"Check the time stamp on when they were looking for my car, because its been a while since tehy said that."
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Marco nods when Arc speaks, he feels no need for explanation, so he goes for a joke to lighten the move: "In our line of work we trust in god" , he makes a money counting gesture and laughs.