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Title: Gone Long Gone
Post by: Chance on <08-27-14/1954:47>
Curious what The Founder's Magic and a Edge ratings should be. Clearly a typo and I know I will massage it once my group gets here regardless, but would like to know what it should be.
Title: Re: Gone Long Gone
Post by: Kincaid on <08-27-14/2014:46>
His Initiate Grade is 2 and his Spellcasting pool is 12 dice, so 6 or 7 seems reasonable for his Magic.  I suspect the value listed under his Magic is supposed to be his Edge.
Title: Re: Gone Long Gone
Post by: Hobbes on <08-01-15/1405:18>
Default Background count in the CZ is 2.

[spoiler]But the Gang hideout where the background count is specifically talked up is 1.  And the lab that gets two paragraphs of description has a background count of 2.  Same as the street outside....?  What the heck?  [/spoiler]
Title: Re: Gone Long Gone
Post by: firebug on <07-06-16/2051:24>
I just looked into this mission, hence the necromancy.  And, I really need to know too.  Three MAG? 12 Edge?  I thought I had finally found a prewritten run that actually mechanically made sense.  It did better than most though and is coherent at least.

I mean...  I suppose that is the only way someone would be able to go toe-to-toe with that troll mage on the astral, despite only initiating twice.