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Title: SR5 Missions...
Post by: Kevin Corrie on <06-30-14/1000:44>
So I started coordinating organized play back in December when Chasin'  the Wind released. Everything that had been said so far indicated that the SR5 Missions would be coming out in a timely fashion. I'm beginning to get extremely frustrated as our groups are only playing once a month and as of this coming Thursday they will have only played two missions from season 5 at all and have been playing the Sprawl Wilds. Personally this is getting ridiculous and my players are starting to agree with me. We are now 7 months into the season since the first was released and are showing two missions to play with. Everything I've been reading on the forums indicated that Origins would be a big drop for us, but all that has come out of it is announced books and Run & Gun and Firing Line. I'm not trying to sound ungrateful as Shadowrun has been my favorite tabletop game for the last 10 years or so, but my interest is dwindling rapidly in organized play for Shadowrun and I just wanted to know if anyone had any information regarding whether or not this is going to happen. Also I understand that the current coordinator is having some issues, but we have had next to no information to work with. Unfortunately, many of my players were active in the fourth season of Missions and have played many of the fourth season missions, meaning that the FL and SW runs are becoming less and less of a stall for them. If at the beginning of August we haven't seen a mission we're probably going to have to start cancelling the organized play at the local gaming store, which is something I really don't want to happen. Can anyone shed some light on what is going on?
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Post by: Kincaid on <06-30-14/1026:37>
This has been pretty thoroughly covered in this forum.  There are 17 (or maybe more, now that we're post-Origins) Missions-legal things, not counting unpublished CMPs, out there for players to do.  Bull had to handle some non-game related stuff, which delayed publishing a bit but by all accounts, things are getting back on track.
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Post by: DWC on <06-30-14/1457:40>
There are only 17 things if you include all the retreads of Season 4, which the OP stated that the local playerbase had already played.  If you're looking for new Missions content, you're pretty much out of luck unless you are a Demo Team agent and have access to all the draft versions for Season 5.
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Post by: Bull on <06-30-14/1524:47>
We're working on it.  Mission 5-3 is in Jason's hands for final approval and waiting on art.  The first Prime Mission (Holy shit!) is in for final approval and has the art mostly done.  Mission 5-4 is in final editing and the art notes are in our art director's hands.  5-5 is almost to that stage.  5-6 needs one more serious editing/writing/draft pass.  5-7 (or 5B-01, or whatever we call it, still up in the air) through 5-12/5B-06 have authors assigned and are in the writing stage.

So stuff is coming.  Just, slow.  Both Jason and our art director are on vacation right now, and we're smack in the middle of the big summer convention season.  Plus we're pushing past a slowdown with the main SR line as well, with Run & Gun and STolen Souls about to hit stores, Street Grimoire about to be released in PDF, and Run Faster being worked on, as well as a number of other projects.  And sadly, with our limited staff, the main line takes precedence over Missions...  :(

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Post by: Bull on <06-30-14/1527:44>
But to address the initial complaint, this is all on me, and I apologize.  I had some health issues that sidelined me for the better part of 3 months, and that completely and utterly derailed everything and set us even further back, since by the time I was able to get back into it we had to scramble to start getting stuff together for the Conventions (8 new CMPs, plus trying to get further Missions together for the cons).

It's a huge mess that is all my fault though. :(
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Post by: biotech66 on <06-30-14/1903:01>
Bull, drek happens!  Now we move forward!
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Post by: Namikaze on <06-30-14/1905:01>
Bull, drek happens!  Now we move forward!

Bulldrek happens!
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Post by: Gleeful on <06-30-14/2152:08>
Or sign up to be a demo agent!
Title: Re: SR5 Missions...
Post by: Vertigo916 "Patches" on <07-01-14/1102:54>

Atm you can buy 10 mission from drive threw RPG.

If you have only been running Sprawl Wilds then you can still get 4 from firing line and 2 "single missions".

The link above has a list of the modules (the planned and the released) the released ones have a link to their right that takes you straight to Drivethrew RPG.