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Title: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: gazer on <04-09-14/0432:25>
so i want to bounce a few ideas off you lovely people.

the basic idea is that one of the corps in an attempt to clear out Chicago of its bug problem resurrect/discovers/finds in an urn in a forgotten temple some spider eggs that just so happens to be mad about eating bug spirits. now the main problem with this is that one of the spices of parra critter spiders is related to  Portia (genus) now these spiders are smart, sentient and eat other spiders so there main goal is to make sure there prey has plenty of prey.

so my main questions are what kinds of runs can i make for my group, deploying them would be one and the spiders will be giving them runs after a month or two when they figure out the matrix so plenty of sabotage but i am not sure of what exactly . also what corp would come up with this kind of plan ? any idea would be welcome as i am still in the brainstorming phase     
Title: Re: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: martinchaen on <04-09-14/1149:16>
Ares has a strong connection to bug spirits, and have even tried weaponizing them. It was also an Ares Firewatch team that caused the Cermac blast to begin with, essentially laying the groundwork for the liberation of the Chicago Containment Zone (at least to some degree).

Other potentials are the always opportunistic Aztechnology; they're into blood magic and who knows what else, so why not bug spirits.

That being said, any corp will do; they're all motivated by greed, so if there's something to gain they'll be taking their chances. Horizon is always looking for good PR, and cleaning up Chicago would be a massive publicity stunt. Evo is on the lookout for new gains in their major market of biotechnology. MCT and Renraku probably have interest in the corporate offices and research labs of other corps in Chicago, and S-K goes where the money is.

If I was doing a campaign like that in Chicago, I would probably focus on a few things. Recovery ops of information from the corps own offices (could be as simple as getting in, grabbing the optical chips/data terms that are still there, and fighting your way out); sabotage runs against [Humanis/The Horde/any other NPC faction the corp might have an issue with]; seek-and-destroy runs against specific bug spirit hives (this could be dangerous as all hell, so perhaps recon missions to start with.
Title: Re: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: Poindexter on <04-09-14/1323:50>
Ok, im a spider spirit who understands the physical world and the matrix and all that. I'm looking to eat insect spirits as my main goal. i'm gonna hire shadowrunners to do stuff for me. What am I gonna hire them to DO?

1- datasteal/sabotage against pesticide plants/research facilities. Don't want them poisoning my food now.
2- clear out and keep clear a remote, isolated, urban location to lay egg sacs in. guarding these hatcheries could be another job. furthermore, if these spiders ever work at cross purposes, i could be hiring runners to clear out someone elses hatchery, to use for my own.
3- stardard ole theft of magical artifacts

i like this idea, so it'll probably keep bouncin pon round in my head. I'll post more as i think of em.
Title: Re: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: gazer on <04-10-14/0159:40>
first off thank you martinchaen and Poindexter your stuff is golden, i am thinking the spiders are going to be dual natured critters not spirits as adding more spirits to the mix would be a PR nightmare if handled wrong. and not only is this a publicity stunt it is a rushed one as another corp or lone star are about to bring in a large cleanup team and that is why the Portia jumping spider is deployed with the rest, they are the only sentient spiders and they are smart as in logic 9 is average for them.

i do like both your runs. my plan so far is to run shadowrun_missions_chasin_the_wind_(5a-01) to stat with then a run to deploy the spiders or one lot of them. there will be some filler where i can do some character plot  then they will start doing missions for the  Portia jumping spiders they will start out Innocent enough like some matrix upgrades maybe stealing a drone prototype or two. escalating to destroying shipments and sabotage against pesticide plants. until they complete there final goal witch is to wake up all the bugs in the city and get them to spread out into the wilds were the other spiders will follow ensuring the there food will be there for generations as the Portia jumping spider mainly eat other spiders and as the dust settles and all stock prices of corps involved has taken a hit before leaving the city a small coup will take up as many contracts as it can and rebuild the city to there liking 
Title: Re: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: SirValeq on <04-10-14/0448:30>
Your spiders might want to create cults of their own (with shamans and weak-willed followers) to act as intermediates and help with their search for food or its containment.
Title: Re: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: gazer on <04-10-14/0513:11>
i was honestly thinking they would bio-drone people then slap some used cyberware and bam expendable shock troopers
Title: Re: campaign idea (spiders)
Post by: Poindexter on <04-10-14/1108:44>
i was honestly thinking they would bio-drone people then slap some used cyberware and bam expendable shock troopers
then cortex bombs are in vogue this year, i think.