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Title: Errors in Character Archetypes
Post by: Zar on <04-04-14/1329:26>
I had some time so I decided to work up the Street Samurai on paper.

These are the results.  Feel free to check my work or pick another Archetype and work that out.   I left out a lot of details so if you are confused check out p112.

Street Samurai
Metatype C, Attributes-B, Magic E, Skills D, Resources A

Qualities 4+10+10-15-5=4 Karma
Karma to Nuyen? = 21*2000=42,000 (11 karma too much according to p.94)

                                     Cybereyes: 10000+1000+1500+1500+4000+2000=20,000
      Dermal Plating 2 (alpha):  7200
      Cyberarm:  15,000+40000+30000+4800+1000=90,800
      Cyberarm:  15,000+40000+30000+3000+5000+6000=99,000
      Enhanced Art: 24,000
      Platelet Factories: 17,000
      Reflex Recorder: 14000*4=56,000
      Synaptic Booster: 190,000
      Synthacardium: 30,000

      TOTAL:  534,000

Harley: 12,000

Earbuds: 1,700
Fake Sins: (10000+24000)*4=136,000???
Comm: 3,000
Jammer: 800
Lined Coat: 900+750+750+750=3,150
Medkit: 1,500
Micro-Trans: 100
Lifestyle: 15,000
Patches:  5*150+1000=1,750
White Noise Gen: 300

Katana: 1,000
Sword: 500
Ares LF: 1,250+15+200=1,465
Ares Pred: 725+15+1200=1,940
HK-227: 730+15+800=1,545
FN HAR=1500+15+1200+1500=4,215
Valiant: 5800+5800+15+800=12,415
Genades: 300

Grand total of 738,100 in Augmentations and Equipment.   If I assume all 21 extra karma was turned into 42000 there is 246,100 nuyen left over unaccounted for. 

I suggest the removal of both the Cyberarms, the reduction of the number of Fake Sins to 1, and perhaps buy back Spurs.
Title: Re: Errors in Character Archetypes
Post by: Michael Chandra on <04-04-14/1349:14>
The errors are known and being worked on, and one of the users has also reverse-engineered the Archetypes with possible solutions & Missions-legal solutions here: