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Title: Seattle???
Post by: sinbroker on <10-21-13/0612:02>
are you guys thinking about attending one of the seattle area conventions??

rustycon 31 mid january 


Norwescon (late march)

Title: Re: Seattle???
Post by: samiam on <10-23-13/1930:23>
Possibly.  I put in an inquiry to RustyCon.  Norwescon is not yet accepting them.  If CDT puts in out a call for GM's for Seattle Cons I'll head up that way when my schedule permits (I'm Portland-based).
Title: Re: Seattle???
Post by: Kingbrendarr on <12-02-13/0954:08>
traditionally norwescon runs games that people offer to run. So if you offer it let the players know you are running it too.
 If you are still looking to GM I will be putting out a call for dragonflight when it comes around in august. 
Title: Re: Seattle???
Post by: samiam on <12-02-13/1619:57>
I had reached out to RustyCon but my schedule will now not accommodate that one and likely not Norwescon either.  I'll keep an eye out for Dragonflight when it rolls around.